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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 19, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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spot for american history, the roll call of the states which makes it official is the traditional part of a convention and there were whispers all day that there may be a little trouble during this one. a few state walkouts. we'll see if the trump whips have whipped the crowd into shape. >> the convention we all sort of make fun of and sort of love, which is the great state of, state name, that in part derives from what we are about to see. the roll call takes a long time. it goes i think alphabetical. one of the states we are watching for in terms of causing a r, ckus is colorado. even if colorado or other states don't cause drama, this is a short of pageant of party fervor and state pride that is for civics dorks not exactly a sacrament but one of the things
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we look forward to. >> it's right up there. jacob soboroff is in the delegation that will be designed in order to put donald trump over the top, his home state of new york. >> reporter: chris collins right there, we are in the front row, in front of the new york home delegation of the presumptive nominee, soon to be the official nominee of the republican party. as for the protests, we were expecting and watching out for them, we don't expect them to look anything like last night. we heard from kendal unruh in the colorado delegation that they are not intending necessarily to do any sort of protest tonight, nor is virginia, home of ken cuccinelli, the former attorney general of virginia who so memorably threw his credentials on the floor last night in disgust over the lack of adoption or the lack of throwing out the rules of this year's convention. one thing to watch is states with unbound delegates. you will remember when we were on the air from pennsylvania, the 54 unbound delegates in that
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state, if anybody is going to gum up the process, it's states that have a large amount of unbound delegates, delegates who can vote for whomever they want. if someone wants to challenge the number of delegates from those states, they can tell the chair and it would have to be counted individually. that's the form of protest that would come tonight from states that would do any form of protest, essentially jt to slow down the vote and publicly embarrass donald trump by saying members of our state delegation don't support donald trump and the numbers that were recorded. the number we are looking for tonight, as you remember from the past six months, 1,237 delegates. by our count at the end of the june 7 primaries, trump had 1,541. we will watch closely for the protests and watch the new york delegation closely where we expect donald trump to be ceremonially and officially put into the nomination by members of the donald trump family. >> ben ginsberg, formerly counsel of the rnc, so in other words, a guy used to watching this process from a very
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different vantage point is instead tonight watching it for us. ben, just a quick word from you, what should we watch for here, especially anything beyond the norm? >> -- one of the floor whips had the countdown right in front of me. they have got the second by second count. if this isn't done by 7:40, it's because of the last gasp of the trump movement. >> thank you very much. let's go to the podium and take in some of this from the hall. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is not a dream. this is the real thing. it is deadly serious. we got a lot of work to do. they tell me that i was the first elected official to endorse donald trump in the country and it was lonely for awhile. but no more.
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so it is with greatest pride and happiness that i second his nomination for president of the united states of america. yes. on december 7th, 1941, after the withering attack on pearl harbor, admiral yamamoto said and i quote, i feel all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. well, ladies and gentlemen, he was right. for many years, the might, goodness and resolve of america made the world a better place. but today, the current administration has abandoned what little confidence they ever
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had in our constitution and our country, and the world has lost confidence in us. the inevitable consequence, weakness, decline and ultimately, chaos and oblivion. we feel an eerie unease in c.s. lewis's haunting words of men without chests but ladies and gentlemen, that is about to change. it's about to change because finally, after eight years of incompetence, arrogance and disrespect for the rule of law, the american people have had enough. i've had enough. you've had enough. we've all had enough. and it's time to act and we're going to act. >> chris hayes is down behind
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the colorado delegation. that's where there was trouble yesterday in the form of a walkout. chris, what if anything are they telling you tonight? >> well, it's unclear right now if any sort of actual uprising is going to happen and if there's one place it would happen, it would be the colorado delegation. there was some talk about virginia as well. i had spoken to ken cuccinelli earlier today and the fact is the folks that were unsuccessful yesterday in attempting to push through their revisions of the rules are still smarting. you can take a listen to what cuccinelli had to say about what went down yesterday. >> chris matthews is there with you. both of you gentlemen are just behind the colorado delegation. really, the epicenter of trouble for the trump forces yesterday, though it was quickly admittedly put down. chris matthews, what do you make of what remains of the
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anti-trump forces? >> well, i think it's pretty desperate at this point. i think it's over. but you know, this is not a united party. the one time they all stand up and applaud is when somebody trashes hillary clinton or trashes the president. a little less so. they all hate hillary. you got to figure that one out by the end of this week, what's that all about. the hatred of hillary. i saw it today at lunch with mike pence. it is the one crowd pleaser here. but there's no overwhelming support for the nominee. this is the irony here. the people here are not effusive about donald trump. not saying they're miserable. it reminds me of a company that's just been taken over. we had that experience at nbc news and nbc. a company that's taken over by a new company. comcast or in this case, trump. trump is the new owner. they are not used to the lingo, the culture, who's the boss. people are feeling their way around. so interesting, a lot of people, i'm not saying they are shell-shocked but when you talk to regular delegates and the
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other people here, it's amazing how unsettled they are. they are not sure about the ground under their feet. so i think the fact that john kasich, the governor, we interviewed him today, we will have it on in the 7:00 hour, kasich's not here. that is everything. the host governor is not here. it goes back to me in my brain, the time where the host governor of illinois, adlai stevenson, won his party's nomination just by the fact of his beautiful welcoming speech. but here, there's no welcoming speech, no governor. it's almost like we have displaced persons here. it's very strange. we will see if they come more together by thursday but i think it's expecting far too much to have these people marching out of here, marching into line the way republicans are said to do, fall in line. >> brian, just one more point on that. i think that just the first few speeches we saw from the earliest trump supporters, there is still an air of gloating.
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we see trump when he does his speeches even now, he loves to relive dispatching all of his foes. he's still in a fight with kasich at this moment. even the people who just got up there, early supporters, sessions and collins, there is an air of rubbing the doubter's nose in trump's victory still to this point. there is still this sort of gloating that's happening. >> can i point out something, brian and rachel? you really do get from walking around here all day, chris and i have done it, we walk around all the time. when you don't see us here we're walking around meeting people. it's constant. you are constantly meeting people, they ask for selfies, say hello. they are incredibly friendly. whatever you hear about the media bashing from the podium, it's not true with the people here. i can't tell you the number of smiles. some of it's curiosity. a lot of it's tv. you're on television. but the warmth and friendliness is overwhelming. it's something you ought to know about back watching. a lot of liberals and progressives go they must hate you guys.
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well, no. that's not apparent at all. how about you? >> same. >> it's impressive. >> that's good to hear. >> i hope it's the same next week when they bring in their conservative commentators like hannity. they may not deserve the same treatment but they ought to get it. >> good to hear. thank you for saying that. meantime, the top ranking republican office holder in this country, speaker of the house paul ryan, is talking about the rules from the podium. let's listen in. >> -- are those announced by the secretary. the chair wishes to announce that if a delegate requests a poll be taken of their delegation under rule 37, the secretary will send representatives of the convention to supervise the polling of the delegation. after the poll is completed, the results will be delivered to the secretary and the secretary shall announce the result at the end of the roll call of states in accordance with the rules.
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ssh. lastly, i wish to remind our delegates, our alternates and guests that maintaining order during the roll call is extremely important. if the convention is not in order, it is difficult for the secretary or the presiding officer to hear the vote announcement or otherwise acknowledge delegates seeking recognition. to conduct the roll call of states, i am pleased to introduce at this time our distinguished secretary of the convention, susie hudson and assistant secretary, jeff kent. >> delegates and alternates, let us commence the call of the roll of the states.
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alabama. 50 delegates with the following bound delegates. 36 trump, 13 cruz, 1 rubio. >> mr. speaker, the great state of alabama, the home of national champion football teams alabama and auburn, the home of the saturn v rocket that took us on the moon, the place where we had two of the greatest trump rallies in the nation's history, mobile and huntsville, is proud to cast its vote, one vote, for marco rubio, 13 votes for ted
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cruz, 36 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, alabama, 36 votes trump, 13 votes cruz, 1 vote rubio. >> alaska. 28 delegates with the following bound delegates. 28 trump.
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>> alaska, we proudly vote exactly the way the people of alaska voted. 12 votes for cruz, 11 votes for trump, 5 votes for marco rubio. the great state of alaska reports exactly as our people voted. we support the nominee of this party, donald j. trump. alaska, the largest state in the union, alaska, more coastline than the rest of the continental united states, where energy, the arctic, fishing, tourism, the
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great land and last frontier, god bless alaska. thank you. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, alaska, 28 votes trump. >> american samoa. >> mr. chairman -- >> nine delegates. >> mr. chairman, hello, world. hello, america. the territory of american samoa in the southernmost reaches of u.s. soil, the greatest exporter of nfl players, the whole kit
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and kaboodle, all nine delegates, to the future, immediate future president of the united states, donald j. trump. thank you. >> steve kornacki, can you give us a little advice here in terms of what's happening between the podium and the delegations? the people who are at the podium are saying the name of a state or territory, then a number and then we are getting a little flourish and a different number sometimes back from the person on the floor. >> if you were listening carefully there when paul ryan laid out the rules for the convention, he said that according to this convention, the official count from every state will be what's announced by the recording secretary. so when the person up there at the podium says alaska, 28 for trump, 28 bound for trump, that means that according to the
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rules, as the republican national committee is interpreting them, all those delegates in alaska are bound to vote for donald trump and they will be all cast, they will all be counted as donald trump votes but then when he goes down and asks the alaska delegation how do you vote, the alaska delegation said well, we vote like we voted in our caucus. we have 12 for cruz, five for rubio, 11 for trump. so they say that, they get to cheer, they get to announce it that way but what is officially recorded is 28 for donald trump and zero for everybody else. we should point out, this is the first time i have been watching these republican conventions for years. this is the first time you have had a roll call that's conducted this way and it's because of the unique conditions this year where you have all of this dissent on the floor, have you these other candidates, cruz, rubio, kasich, what did they never do? they never released their delegates. this is the first time we have seen hundreds of delegates when the roll call of the states commences who are either actively hostile to the nominee or who are just pledged to other candidates. this is how they have chosen to
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deal with it. they have chosen to say from the podium our rules say this is how your state's votes should be counted. >> say whatever you want, doesn't matter what language you say it in? >> according to our rules, we determined -- >> here's all the great things about our state, here's our numbers, what they are saying is not being officially listened to. >> that's right. >> fascinating. >> -- and high tech and republicans control every state-wide office, the legislature and the entire congressional delegation. unemployment is at its lowest in history. we got the best duck hunting on ear earth. we are number one if rice production. we raise delicious catfish. we cast our lines for world class trout. we cast 40 votes, 15 votes for ted cruz and 25 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump.
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>> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, arkansas, 25 votes trump, 15 votes cruz. >> california. 172 delegates with the following bound delegates. 172 trump.
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[ chanting ] >> hold it down, california. mr. chairman, mr. chairman, my name is shirley houssar. i am the mother of three boys of the greater los angeles area. mr. chairman, it is so important that my sons, my three sons, have hope and opportunity for their future, that there are good jobs and that there are families that need safety in their communities. mr. chairman, donald trump is the candidate that can provide for my boys and all californians the hope and opportunity of the true america.
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that's why i am honored to stand before you today on behalf of the great state of california, california that is 100% rock solid pro-trump delegation and i am proud to place 172 votes to the nominee of the next president of these united states, donald j. trump. >> from california to the rockies we go. jacob soboroff is with the colorado delegation. any early look at what we can
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expect from there? >> reporter: so this gentleman i'm standing behind in the neon green hat is the whip. he has his own whip count which he's been texting back and forth with someone with steve house, the state chairman for colorado is the man right here at the podium. this is the moment i think a lot of people are looking at to see if there's going to be any sort of protest coming from here. the chair is now recognizing the votes of the california delegation. i believe coming up next are the folks here in colorado. this man, if he did his job correctly -- here we go. >> the frontier state, the great state of colorado where the plains meet the rocky mountains on god's most beautiful piece of real estate, home of senator cory gardner, future senator darryl glenn and the world champion denver broncos, the
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centennial state votes 31 votes for ted cruz, two votes abstain, and four votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> lots of boos here. obviously a big ted cruz state. only four votes for donald trump but no signs of protest at the moment. kendal unruh is sitting in the back down on the floor. i don't see her standing in the delegation. >> pursuant to the -- >> reporter: here goes the chair. >> -- colorado, four votes trump, 31 votes cruz, two abstentions. >> connecticut. 28 delegates with the following bound delegates. 28 trump. >> booing there in terms of what just happened with colorado. what's your take on that? >> there also -- there was only so much colorado could do there. this is the most hostile
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delegation to donald trump at this entire republican convention but you saw colorado, remember, was a state that didn't have a primary. it really had this convention process so basically all the delegates you see, all except four, didn't vote for donald trump. there was talk that colorado would try to do this thing that paul ryan was talking about where they poll the delegates individually but that wouldn't have accomplished anything with colorado, because all that would have returned was a strongly anti-trump result. the idea here in polling the delegates is you take one of the delegations that on paper is voting for donald trump, you survey the delegates and it turns out wow, a lot more delegates are anti-trump than we thought. it's a way to embarrass donald trump, stall the proceedings. from the standpoint of colorado, these anti-trump people, there wasn't much they could do right here because as you saw, they voted, they voted the way it had gone at their state convention. they basically were not for donald trump so they announced that and they will go in the books as probably the single most anti-trump delegation at this convention. >> that sort of marks the end of any substantive anti-trump
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effort in terms of the business of this convention, doesn't it? >> i think so. we will keep going through these. if you look back through history, what you will see here, i think, you will see record level dissent as measured by the number of votes cast for candidates other than donald trump. coming into tonight, if you take out 1976, when you had reagan and ford in a nailbiter, you never had more than about 210 votes cast for any other candidate besides the nominee. as you can see, at least in terms of the floor vote, not necessarily what gets recognized from the recording secretary but in terms of the floor vote, we are going to see a lot more of that. again, part of that's just because these candidates haven't released their delegates. that speaks to their relationship with donald trump. part of that speaks to how widespread relatively speaking the anti-trump sentiment is at this convention. >> the district of columbia whose local gop organization was instrumental in the creation of the republican national committee back in 1856, the district of columbia delineated by george washington and graced by abraham lincoln, the district
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of columbia, home of that great republican frederick douglas and capital of the greatest country in the world, and in accordance with the will of its citizens, our delegation is duly bound to cast ten votes for senator rubio and nine votes for governor kasich. >> hard to parse what's going on there in terms of the booing. >> there's two conflicting rules at work with the district of columbia. >> district of columbia, 19 votes trump. >> we flipped away from what the
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d.c. delegation had reported which was zero votes for trump. what the convention recorded was 19 votes for trump even though they said from the floor they were casting zero votes for trump. >> the reason for this is specific. there were two conflicting rules about how the delegates from d.c. were supposed to vote. one rule said if only one candidate's name is placed into nomination at this convention, then all the delegates are required to vote as a unit for that candidate. donald trump is the only candidate whose name was placed in nomination. on the other hand, d.c. also had the rules that every delegate who shows up at this convention will vote in accordance to the district of columbia republican convention at which donald trump did poorly. so again, you saw anti-trump delegates saying the will of the people as expressed by our convention and the chair saying no. it's the other. >> jacob soboroff made his way to the d.c. delegation. funny thing, what happened after a shutout for donald trump from the floor. >> reporter: that's exactly right. sir, what's your name, tell me why you were just screaming poll the delegation. >> i'm chip nottingham.
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i'm a kasich delegate. >> reporter: we heard you guys report delegates for rubio, for kasich, but we heard up there 19 for donald trump. you said poll the delegation. what does that mean? >> on march 12 we had the largest republican primary in history of d.c. and the results of or 19 delegates were awarded ten to senator rubio, nine to governor kasich. we were all here to cast our vote for our respective candidates. i'm a kasich guy. i just cast my vote for john kasich. you heard the leader of our party announce the votes, nine for kasich, ten for rubio. the chair in a power play just deemed that all 19 would go to trump because they don't want to have any dissent although they clearly have the majority of the votes they need. this is an outrage. it's a reason why the republican party is turning off a lot of voters. >> reporter: looks like right now they are already on to georgia. what will you do next? >> we will regroup. but it's a sad difficult for ay party. i have been active for 25 years, i have been chief of staff for members of congress.
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on behalf of the people of washington, d.c. where trump received 13% of the vote and did not earn a single delegate on march 12, it's an embarrassment. >> reporter: what does it say about donald trump? >> i don't know. i think he's got some bad advice he's getting to squelch the votes of the district of columbia. why do they need our 19 votes when he didn't earn them on march 12? he had one of the worst run campaigns on march 12 we saw. he didn't earn any delegates. now he just wants to grab them because it's convenient. >> reporter: who you going to vote for? >> i will see what -- he's not earned my vote yet. >> reporter: he has not? >> absolutely not. i don't think he's earned a majority of republicans' votes in the district of columbia but we will see what happens in the coming months. >> reporter: back to you. >> that level of dissent, that one-man explanation about what happened in his district, that does get steamrolled by a process like this except for the fact that individual delegates and individual delegations can find the media and make those cases.
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there is a theme here that we are seeing on day one and day two now, which is the trump campaign is making it appear from the top down that everything is fine but they can't squelch the people who they are steamrolling in order to get the result they want from a top level perspective. >> again, the confusion, we are getting into such nitty-gritty stuff but each of these delegations has really specific rules about how its delegates are supposed to vote. so some of them have rules where if a candidate withdraws from the race but doesn't drop out, suspends the campaign but doesn't drop out, the delegates are still bound. some of them say no. if you suspend, you know, the delegates are freed up. there's all sorts of different rules. that's what you just saw. you had very confusing rules about how the d.c. delegates were supposed to vote. one ruling would be very advantageous to trump. you saw the recording secretary. the rnc's person said okay, we will give the pro trump ruling there. the other ruling would be very hostile to trump and that's what that delegation wanted. you see every one of those rulings is going to go in
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trump's favor here. >> that's going to be the bottom line, that's going to be the headline. there's going to be a lot of unhappy republican activists at the end of this process. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, nine votes, guam casts nine votes trump. >> hawaii. 19 delegates with the following bound delegates. 11 trump. >> aloha from the great state of hawaii. from honolulu to hilo, from maui to hawaii, here in the great state of hawaii, donald trump, 11 delegates.
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cruz, seven. marco rubio, one. 11 delegates for the next president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. >> we are going to keep this visible and on the screen in order to fit in a necessary break here and not to worry, when it starts getting interesting, we will be in nonstop coverage. so continue to watch along with us. we'll be right back.
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we are back. let's go down to the floor and illinois. >> 54 delegates for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump.
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>> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, illinois, 54 votes trump, nine votes cruz, six votes kasich. >> indiana. 57 delegates fwith the followin bound delegates. 57 trump. >> madam secretary, the great state of indiana, who under the strong conservative leadership of vice presidential nominee governor mike pence, has a $2 billion surplus with over 150,000 private sector new jobs since 2013 with more hoosiers working today than ever before in our 200 year history, casts its 57 votes for the next president of the united states,
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donald j. trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, indiana, 57 votes trump. >> iowa. 30 delegates with the following bound delegates. 30, trump. >> thank you, madam secretary. let me just start by saying go, hawks! my name is matt schultz, former iowa secretary of state, chairman of the iowa delegation. representing the home of the two hardest working u.s. senators, senator chuck grassley and senator joni ernst, and the longest serving governor in american history, governor terry branstad. the state of iowa proudly casts
3:38 pm
its 30 votes for the next president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, iowa, 30 votes trump. >> kansas. 40 delegates with the following bound delegates, nine trump, 24 cruz, six rubio, one kasich. >> madam secretary, kansas, home of the greatest fans of the reigning world series champions, the kansas city royals, proud home of the iconic bob dole,
3:39 pm
casts nine votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. 24 votes for senator ted cruz, six votes for senator marco rubio, and one vote for governor john kasich. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, kansas, nine votes trump, 24 votes cruz, six votes rubio and one vote kasich.
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>> kentucky, 46 delegates with the following bound delegates. 17 trump. >> mr. chairman, from the bluegrass state, the commonwealth of kentucky, the home of churchill downs and american pharoah, the source of bluegrass music and the home of bill monroe, from the state where the largest toyota manufacturing plant in the world is located, the maker of the ford f-150 and the chevy corvette, from the state that produces all the bourbon fit to drink in the world, from the state where our citizens still respect god and the constitution, and our military and our police officers, it is our honor to cast our vote,
3:41 pm
seven for governor kasich, seven for senator rubio, 15 for senator cruz and 17 for the next president of the united states of america, mr. donald j. trump. >> after the kentucky delegation, we are back here with you from new york. we have two concurrent stories we are covering. story one is two sets of numbers within the arena. the numbers from the states, the numbers being gavelled through on the podium. but we have another story and that has to do with last night's speech by mrs. trump, melania trump. hallie jackson is down on the convention floor reporting a development in that. >> reporter: hi, brian. yeah. two trumps are set to take the stage tonight, donald jr. and
3:42 pm
tiffany, we are learning more about what happened with melania's trump speech last night. sources close to the campaign tell nbc news the trump team hired a professional speechwriter to write melania trump's speech. the draft submitted by him shows none of the portions in question, the changes occurring after the speech was delivered to the campaign. so all of this coming out against the backdrop of the trump family's speeches tonight and against frankly what we are seeing on the convention floor in front of the new york delegation which is donald trump being formally nominated by delegates to become the republican nominee. >> hallie jackson, thanks. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, louisiana, 31 votes trump, 15 votes cruz. >> maine. 23 delegates with the following bound delegates. nine trump.
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>> madam secretary, the great state of maine, home of rugged coastlines, beautiful forests, pristine lakes, home of governor paul le page, senator susan collins, a state that has only one remaining democrat federal elected official, the state that began the republican revival in america's northeast, it is leading the way to make new england great again, a state that's led with welfare reform, spending and tax cuts, strong second amendment rights and has made maine work again with gop leadership, casts 12 votes for senator ted cruz, nine votes for donald j. trump and two votes for governor john kasich. >> again, bit of a parallel
3:44 pm
universe story we are covering. one universe being the state delegations, the other what happens to those numbers up on the stage. but to the report moments ago from hallie jackson, we have gop veteran steve schmidt here with us in the studio. what do you make of that piece of reporting? >> well, it's not surprising. matt scully is one of the people you would turn to if you're a republican campaign for president, worked under john mccain, george w. bush speechwriter, one of the preeminent speechwriting talents. apparently what happened is he submitted a draft of the speech that was well reviewed, well received by the campaign. that was the last they ever heard of it. and the speech that melania trump gave last night bore no resemblance to tspeech that was submitted by matt scully. >> what hallie was able to report, what we know of that draft, it did not include any of the portions later found to be plagiarized. at least in this telling, it's post-matt scully, pre-melania
3:45 pm
trump walking up to the podium. so still no explanation as to how this remarkable thing ended up happening. >> some insinuations that matt scully wrote it, therefore he must have been the plagiarist. that's not the case. this is one of the best talents, best-selling author additionally, truly with the written word, a genius. i think these writers at that level, they are artists of a type. so i think it's a good development to be able to get some clarity that it was not in fact matt scully. >> we don't have clarity on who did it but we have more clarity maybe on who didn't. >> yet the free advice you offered to your party last night on our air was not followed and i think it's fair to say they lost a day and more than one news cycle in this story. they had the spokesman of the party quoting little pony on
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television this morning, quoting various pop music songs by way of defense. >> well, look, i think at the end of the day you are wearing a blue suit. it's not a red suit. that speech was plagiarized. there's just no question about it. when spokespeople for the republican party, spokespeople for the campaign go out and say it was not plagiarized and they are trying to tell you that the sun sets in the east and rises in the west, it's just not true. it's not the case. so to some degree, it makes the situation worse because it's so unbelievable and the bubble that the campaign is living in that we will just go out, blame it on the hillary clinton campaign, blake it on the liberal media, across the board, what this issue is fundamentally about as we talked about last night is donald trump has said that our leaders are incompetent, he's said the federal government is broken and that he will fix it, he will fix it by bringing the best people into government and
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he will impose accountability. well, if you have an unwillingness to impose accountability on your campaign staff, how on earth do you intend to impose accountability on the head of the v.a.? >> massachusetts time from the floor of the convention. time for us to fit in another break. we'll continue after this.
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they used to be able to tolerate a random delegation would say there's two votes for pat buchanan against bob dole or three for rand paul. it's never been on this scale. they are monitoring this in a way they haven't before. >> at the end of the day there's no risk that trump doesn't hit 1237. >> no, no. he's on his way. >> ben ginsberg, former rnc general counsel, of counsel to us on loan from the law firm jones day, do you concur with everything you just heard? >> yes. what's happened. there are a variety of state rules so the official count takes place, it is a moroe rosy scenario than what the delegation votes might be. what you have seen is instances
3:53 pm
where the state chairs polled their delegations before the actual vote. that total was different from what the official tally was, so the chair is reading the votes that actually took place as a result of the state-wide primary or convention votes. >> our old friend, rosy scenario. you can't have a convention without her. the delegate at large in both parties. kelly o'donnell is down with the ohio delegation on the floor. >> reporter: well, you know that ohio has already been pushed to a place in the corner where the host delegation normally would not be. i have been talking to delegates here and they are expecting to get a less than friendly reaction when it comes ohio's time to vote. i have with me ohio attorney general mike dewine, former united states senator and rumored to be a candidate for governor in the future. obviously you work closely with john kasich. what do you expect will happen here in this trump-based
3:54 pm
audience when you represent the home of john kasich? >> ohio voted for john kasich. therefore, we will vote for john kasich. i suspect we may get booed a little bit. i understand that. but he's our governor. we are all pledged to him. ohio voters selected him. i think the key is where we go from here. where we go from here is we have to win in the fall. the thought of hillary clinton appointing one, two, maybe three, four supreme court justices, district court judges, circuit court judges, that really should get anybody's attention who is thinking that maybe they should sit this election out. >> reporter: we both know that no one gets to the white house without ohio. do you think there has been any damage done to the trump effort because of governor kasich's sort of abstention here as well as everyone understands he was a rival and competitor and doesn't support trump but do you think it hurts trump's cause at all? >> no. i think ultimately, this thing gets worked out. the choice is going to be
3:55 pm
between donald trump and hillary clinton. we have to be for donald trump. >> reporter: do you see trump having the kind of organization that's needed to make a difference in a state like ohio? >> look, he's going to have to work with our state party. our state party is very well organized. rob portman, for example, not only is working with the state party but has got his own amazing -- >> reporter: it is considered vulnerable, too. >> could be. but i think rob is going to win. the race for the white house, we have some ohio voters who have not made up their mind. it will go right down to the wire. >> reporter: does trump have work to do here? >> he has work to do. but it's not irreparable. he can pull this out. i think he needs to work with the state party. we have a very, very good state party. we need to get that done. then we need to move on and win. >> will ohio's feelings be bruised at all if there are boos coming up? >> we are pretty tough in ohio. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. brian? >> kelly, thank you.
3:56 pm
great state of ohio has delivered eight american presidents. here's cory lewandowski. >> -- and deliver the first victory on his behalf on a path to 38 victories that he achieved. it is my pleasure tonight to read the votes on behalf of the people of new hampshire. two votes for marco rubio, three votes for jeb bush, three votes for ted cruz, four votes for john kasich, and 11 votes for my friend and the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> the back story here of course is that cory lewandowski was fired last month as donald trump's campaign manager. he's never been replaced on the trump campaign. they technically have no campaign manager. even when he still had that role
3:57 pm
in the trump campaign, he was named to be head of the new hampshire delegation and he just got to make manifest the most important part of that role, putting donald trump's name forward as the winner of new hampshire's votes in this year's primary. >> on the east coast, it's about to be 7:00 p.m. i think it was ben ginsberg's rules of order which said that if we get to 7:40 p.m. eastern time, without trump going over the top, then it's time to start schvetzing but we have not reached that point yet. chris matthews? >> i thought it was interesting cory lewandowski represented the new hampshire delegation for trump and was very loud in supporting trump as you might expect. but today in an interview he was very tough on paul manafort who replaced him as campaign manager, basically saying the buck stops on his desk in terms
3:58 pm
of plagiarism by -- last night by mrs. trump, melania trump. i think this is still a serious intramural battle going on. the fact lewandowski said it's up to the campaign manager, whoever it is, to make sure you don't have embarrassments and unfair stuff done to the potential first lady like this. back to you. >> this is chris christie's son, the newest delegate at large from new jersey. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, new jersey, 51 votes trump. >> new mexico. 24 delegates with the following bound delegates. 24 trump. >> madam secretary, i am
3:59 pm
governor susanna martinez. i am proud to represent the beautiful, exciting and diversely -- culture that is so diverse and amazing state, the land of enchantment and the great state of new mexico. standing here with me is sam, one of our youngest delegates and part of the future of our party and of our country. >> madam secretary, i am proud to stand next to the nation's first female hispanic governor. she's the reason i'm such a committed republican and we are proud to cast new mexico's 24 votes to the next president of
4:00 pm
the united states, donald j. trump. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, new mexico, 24 votes trump. >> new york. 95 delegates with the following bound delegates. 89 trump, six kasich. >> madam secretary, new york, the empire state and the home of donald j. trump passes. >> new york passes. >> the reason that new york has just passed is for dramatic purposes. new york state is of course donald trump's home state. they are holding off in terms of their position in the


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