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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. good super tuesday, from the battle ground state of florida. a beautiful day here in the sunshine state. i'm thomas roberts, coming to you live from the bay side marketplace. we're located here in beautiful downtown miami. we have some folks that came out to see the show today. how you doing? we have a lot packed on this show this hour for you. what could people decide today? a huge game changer for the 2016 race. we've got it all monitored. right now, voters heading to the polls in five states on this super tuesday. illinois, missouri, north carolina and the delegate rich states of ohio and florida. donald trump could run the table tonight, virtually locking up the republican nomination, if he can secure the winner takes all delegate states of ohio and
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florida. and for marco rubio and john kasich, it's do or die in their home states. polls showing rubio trails trump by at least 17 points in florida. and florida's division of elections is reporting nearly 2 million voting. much closer race in ohio, where polls have kasich ahead or tied with trump. ohio would be kasich's first win any where. with so much on the line, the candidates are now taking swipes at each other on the issue of women. >> i've been very concerned. i just saw a commercial, i guess, it was last night, of these comments that were made about women. i have two daughters. they see this stuff. what do you think they think? >> every single poll of every single state that i've won, of which i've won a vast majority, but every single poll coming out of the exit polls, i lead with women. >> today, president obama is
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weighing in on the rhetoric of the gop campaign trail. >> a cycle that is not an accurate reflection of america. and it has to stop. >> so on the democratic side, hillary clinton is expected to widen her delegate lead against bernie sanders tonight, but just look the michigan miracle, could we see another surprise, this time in ohio, giving him momentum, heading into the next round of contests. we have our correspondents fanned out, and in the key states, voting in today's primaries. let's go to jacob in west palm beach, florida. what is the campaign saying today? >> reporter: tom, as donald trump laser focused on ohio today. you can tell by looking at his twitter account. seven or eight tweets about ohio. he is also out in usa today, betting he could win ohio as the
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jobs candidates, promising to bring back jobs specifically, manufacturing jobs. he made a similar argument in michigan, and really led there. now he is doing the same thing in ohio. it's the only state out of the five tonight where he is not leading in the polls. he is neck and neck with john kasich in one reecent poll. he knows if he could pull off ohio tonight, assuming the polls are right and he'll sweep florida and some of the other states, he could push himself beyond 700 delegates and that means that moving forward, he only has to win just about 50% of the remaining delegate lgs, which would not come without big effort, but it certainly doable. essentially trying to knock everybody out of the race tonight and again, he is laser focused on ohio. he knows that is the key to a real victory tonight. thomas. >> jacob reporting for us there. thanks so much. we turn our attention now to
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what is being called a cash strapped campaign for marco rubio. but he is still hopeful that historic turnout among hispanics in miami dade county will help him stay alive in the fight. he has been staring down the possibility of a trump, trailing in the polls by as many as 20 points. the senator promises, though, win or lose, he'll continue on to utah. joining me now, msnbc, jacob soboroff. they had pinned all their hopes on taking florida, but what are they saying or characterizing their expectations for what we learned tonight? >> reporter: thomas, cash on not, they have a lot of volunteers, everyone putting these things on and trying to get out every last vote. one of the people, believe it or not, actually spending her time making those calls today, is jeanette rubio, the wife of the candidate himself, marco rubio,
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potential first lady of the united states. if things turn around, this what she told me moments ago. >> we believe from marco and we support him in everything he is doing. and so i mean, nothing is good is not easy, right? so we're in all the way. >> if, just say tonight things don't work out, do you want to see marco continue here in the senate? do you want to see him continue in elected politics or family time together. >> we always want family time, but we'll take it one day at a time. >> so she is remaining optimistic. mrs. rubio remaining optimistic. one of the people might get a slice of pizza, ray anthony. what is the response you're getting? >> absolutely phenomenal. people committing themselves to vote for marco rubio in dade county. >> is it disappointing to you, nine out of ten that you're hearing, he has such an uphill battle.
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>> i think the polls this past cycle have been so misleading. marco support and his ground game is formidable and you can't compare. >> 20-year-old expert here. thomas, sending it back to you. >> be careful, you're going to lose your job there. we like to see the campaign busy at work. not taking anything for granted on this super tuesday. jacob, thank you, sir. today is a do or die day also for ohio governor, john kasich. a real moment to prove his medal in this competition. not won a single contest. it's a must carry in ohio for him to rationalize staying in the race. he has said repeatedly he'll drop out if he loses ohio. chris jansing joining me now in cleveland, ohio. what are you hearing from folks? some have donald trump neck and neck with him. others would put kasich ahead by a few points. but what are people saying on the ground? >> reporter: i can tell you, i've been ot ground almost a
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week in ohio. this race is so tight. both campaigns, trump and kasich, very nervous right now. i think what's happening in highland heights tells the story. you can widen out and look behind me. you see a big row of voters. it has picked up in the last 20 minutes or so. this is a place that's largely republican. typically for this kind of primary, there would be 2-1 republican. what is it today? 3-1 republican. that means that an awful lot of democrats coming in and going to the table over there, and they can come in and ask to essentially register as a republican. that means they'll be a republican for the next four years. where are the votes going. that's what we don't know. pro trump, people disenchanted with the democratic side or people who are democrats but have decided that they're going to register that anti-trump vote? i'll tell you, the folks who are here who do this all the time have been really surprised by
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this push and we've seen it in other places in ohio. that's one of the big, wildcards we're looking at to see whether or not john kasich stays in the race. essentially up-ends what has been the trump train. >> reporting in highland heights, outside of cleveland. thanks so much. bring now to the conversation, al cardenas was bush campaign, long time republican party activists. al, thanks for joining me. >> good to be with you. weathering the outdoors better in your set. >> well, you can't see it, but we have a lovely fan right at my feet. trying to make it through. >> i know. >> it's gorgeous weather and so lucky to be here, what is history in the making, al. you're the former chair of the republican party for florida, and we look at marco rubio by all accounts, he is heading for a humiliating defeat tonight in his home state. how devastating will it be and what do you say he does next?
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>> well, i care for him a lot. you know, his first job in politics was with me, and we've stayed close most of our careers. and he has got a bright future ahead of him. he is in his mid 40s. most of our presidential nominees since eisenhower who have ran once before and ran a second time around. it's something he has to keep in mind. but to be in good shape to have the good narrative, he has to come in second. he has to narrow the gap from the polls to the actual numbers. i think he'll over perform in his hometown. we'll have to see about the rest of the state. it hasn't looked great lately, but you know, marco is a great candidate. but he has gotten swept up in the midst of outsider mentality, and hasn't been able to crack the mind set who want a total outsider in the race. >> al, as we think about the all important 99 delegates, winner takes all here in florida, the same math for ohio with 66 delegates at stake there, donald
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trump, if he wins florida and ohio tonight, is it possible for him to bring the republican party together, or do you think that the gop is headed for a brokered convention? >> well, look, he -- i mean, the numbers are the numbers, andby respect the rules of the party. if he gets to the right number, that's what he gets. if he gets to the numbers required, he'll be the nominee. if he wins ohio and florida, chances are he'll get to the number of 1,327 votes. we'll have to see. but if he wins ohio and florida, and if he wants to be a nominee who can win the general election, that's the most important prize. he has to tone it down, welcome others into the fold. he has to start talking about the kind of people he'll have as a running mate and helping him run the country. and look like a problem solver.
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if he moves forward in that direction, i'll be supporting him if he is a nominee. if not, i'm not. i'll be supporting our senate candidates. >> al, i think donald trump is definitely displayed through this campaign, never surrender attitude to critics that want him to adjust or fluctuate the way he is going. i want to play this for everybody, because we had president obama of weighing in on the climate of the campaign and what he thinks of the gop rhetoric. take a look. >> we have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities, americans who don't look like us or pray like us or vote like we do. we've seen misguided attempts to shut down that speech, however offensive it may be, we live in a country where free speech is one of the most important rights that we hold. in response to those attempts, we've seen actual violence.
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and we've heard silence from too many of our leaders. >> al, the president was using those remarks to talk about both what we've witnessed on the left and the right through this cycle. do you agree with what the president had to say about vulgar and divisive language being dem vated too often in this campaign cycle. >> first of all, behind that eloquent language the president used is the facts. the fact is for seven or eight years, he is preconditioned a very angry republican base by being so divisive himself. he has confronted the party, confronted the leaders, never sought to bring america together, and so you know, the crowds are out there preconditioned angry and fearful. i don't excuse what's been going on at these rallies. donald trump needs to tone it down. it starts at the top. and right now, if it becomes confrontational, where both sides are to blame, you have to
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be the big man and try to be an eloquent guy who could bring peace to the table. we don't need this in america. it looks like we're running elections in a third world country, and that's not healthy for anybody. >> al cardenas, thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. let's go to chris christie, the governor of new jersey supporter. >> i absolutely believe that. swing somebody and hit him, you have to be held responsible. not the person speaking. the person who swings. swinging the punch. they should be held responsible. i think that's exactly what we'll more likely than not happen. >> yeah, i on this talk i heard at the rnc saying that one of the officials saying that delegates are not necessarily counted on the first ballot. what do you think of efforts like that and other efforts that would deny even donald trump the nomination if he gets the
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majority, and also, if he has less of the majority, what should happen. >> first of all, my understanding is those determinations are not made by the rnc, but state by state. i know in new jersey for instance, not only our delegates, congressional district, statewide delegates, but also our state chairman of our two committee people are bound on the first ballot by the results of our primary. so winner take all state, and all of those delegates, including what you would call super delegates, they're all bound on the first ballot by their -- by what happened in the vote in their state. each state can make their own rules on that. but i don't believe they can change the rules now. so i think most people who go to the convention will be bound by their state's results on the first ballot, so if anybody, whether donald trump or ted cruz or could get to 1,237, they
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should be the nominee. i think it would be very difficult, if someone comes in close and has a clear plurality of the delegates to deny that person, you know, i think it's a very dangerous thing for any party to engage in to disenfranchis disenfranchised. i would like a do over in new hampshire, but i don't get one. for all of us who ran, we would all be offended by the idea that somebody didn't run, or who didn't compete and succeed would get the nomination. i find it interesting, as it applies to donald in particular, that all the range back in july and august, was to sign a pledge, said i would support the eventual republican nominee. now, i think that was done because at the time, donald was talking about, well, if it's no the fair to me, i may run as a third party.
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so the national party required everyone of us as a condition of being in the debates to sign a loyalty pledge to whoever the nominee was going to be. now, those very same people who made us sign the loyalty pledge are now saying, well, maybe we shouldn't follow what the voters decide to do. i find it ironic and somewhat hypocritical. the fact is, we're public officials. we serve the public. and they get to elect who they want to nominate. and so you know, i'm not saying that, you know, let's say anybody, let's say ted cruz, take it out of the person i've endorsed, let's say ted cruz got to 1,100 delegates, he had more than donald trump or anybody else, he were close, it would be very hard being 100 or so short to say to ted cruz, you can't be the nominee. i think it would disen franchise a lot of people and also really, really, i think, disillusion,
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the people voting in this country. the people get to determine who elect to care enough to show up and vote. if you agree or disagree with the result, we have an obligation in democracy to adhere by what the people say. i don't want to go back to the days in the 1800s where a bunch of legislators, no offense, take the united states senator or pick who is going to be the presidential electors. the fact is, i like the way the system works. even though sometimes it's worked to my advantage and sometimes it has worked to my disadvantage. i think it's wrong. i don't think -- people vote for who they want to vote for. the one who gets the most votes should be the nominee in my view.
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[ inaudible question ] vote just as well. >> because i can do more than one thing at one time. i think you do too. you know, we do more than one thing at a time. and i can just tell you that, now owe, from my perspective, that's very dependant on how good your staff is, i've had an outstanding staff serve me. let's face it, there have been political demands from the time i've gotten here. i traveled in 2010 to campaign for people across the country. i did it in 2011, i did it in 2012 for mitt romney. you know, then there was a long period of time when i was not out of state during hurricane sandy. and the aftermath of sandy. well, that's an extraordinary set of circumstances, which absolutely require your presence. and as for everything else, you can do more than one thing at a time. the fact is, all this focus and attention on it, you know, is --
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>> you're listening to chris christie talk to reporters in linden, new jersey, a brokered convention for the gop, asked questions about those bound delegates to whoever primary winners are. he said it would disen franchise a lot of voters to deprive the winner, a person who arrives at the convention with the number 1,237 delegates, speaking directly to the person he supports for the nomination, donald trump. he also said he brought a calm to the campaign and thinks that the rnc asking all of them to sign that pledge to ultimately support the eventual nominee is something that they need to abide by. they can't demonstrate any type of buyer's remorse if it turns out that the candidate for the gop is donald trump. meanwhile, we're just learning mitch mcconnell talking about the violence at trump rallies,
11:21 am
asking trump to condone it. take a listen. >> donald trump called this morning, had a good conversation, and i appreciated his call. and i took the opportunity to recommend to him that no matter who may be triggering these violent expressions or conflicts that we've seen in some of these rallies, it might be a good idea to condemn that and discourage it, no matter what the source of it is. >> a good idea to condemn it, and we're hearing from mitch mcconnell there, also chris christie and joining me now is bill nelson of florida, supporting hillary clinton for president. senator, good to have you with me. we'll talk about your support for hillary clinton in a moment. first, your response to the words i hope you were able to hear from chris christie about the delegates and depriefg the
11:22 am
voters, with the nunes and also about mitch mcconnell and asking trump to condemn the type of violence that we've seen. what are your thoughts? >> well, i certainly agree with mitch. when there is violence, if it's incited from the speaker at the podium, that's all the more egregious. that needs to stop, and he needs to do that right away. otherwise, somebody is really going to get hurt. >> senator, when you think about the potential of a brokered convention for the gop, is that something that democrats would like to see, would like to see this be down the line and nasty and totally unorganized in terms of a nomination -- nominating process for the republicans? something that only benefits the democrats. >> you know, we always expect that we're going to talk against the other guy.
11:23 am
i don't do that. for example, how many times have people baited me to talk against my colleague from florida, marco rubio, who i like very much, and i get along with. but he is in a republican party that seemingly has the beast that has been created, which is this excessively, extreme highly partisan intolerant, it's my way or no way attitude, going on and i think we're seeing that coming out in what apparently florida is going to do tonight in the republican primary, in going to donald trump. i think that's unfortunate, but it is what it is. in the meantime, i think things are going very well in the democratic primary.
11:24 am
i think the two candidates are being civil. and as a result, i think you'll see in florida tonight, hillary better than 2-1 in florida. >> i want to talk to you about that, because one thing i've noticed, reporting here from the panhandle and then the i-4 corridor, and then miami. i've asked people about marco rubio and where their support is and constantly comes up is folks talking about you, and they've seen you crisscross the state a lot more and go niece communities in florida and they don't know marco rubio. that might be why we see the numbers tonight that do not support him from his home state. but i want to pivot as you brought up hillary clinton, she stopped by a polling station in north carolina earlier today. if she has this landslide as predicted here in florida, do you think that that eventually helps her secure the nomination, or do you think that bernie sanders will continue to stay in this fight?
11:25 am
>> well, i think the key is ohio. if hillary wins ohio, then i think it's downhill from there. otherwise, if bernie wins ohio, and perhaps illinois, i think it's going to be a longer slog at the end of the day, hillary will win the nomination, and then in november, florida becomes the mother load, the third largest state, 29 electoral votes, that becomes huge. if you look at the map, it's very hard for a republican candidate to win without winning florida. i believe hillary will win florida in november, as well as today. and i think that is going to be election. >> i think the math gets it right five out of six times sending folks to the white house. senator bill nelson, thanks, i appreciate it. >> thanks, thomas. >> so joining me now onset is
11:26 am
the advice mayor of north miami florida and bernie sanders supporter. alex disome. thanks for being here. the senator saying he expects hillary to carry the state 2-1. it was earlier today that we had the clinton campaign saying leslie mcspadin is going to endorse hillary clinton. we know bernie sanders has gotten supports from erica garner, the daughter of eric garner, who lost his life in new york. do you think the senator has an issue with making in roads and getting the confidence of non-minority voters. >> first, welcome to south florida, but indeed, as you could see, the more people listen to the senator's message resonating with the voters and this is the american people, we're talking about the $15 minimum wage, he is advocating for, as i talk to a college students as well as other voters throughout the state, they do
11:27 am
appreciate the senator's message expending medicare for all. so i do think the more people listen to the senator, the more they get to know bernie sanders, the more you're going to see the gap close. >> we know that the florida predictions, unless there is a michigan miracle, would say there is going to be a landslide, and also, that would then show a big indication for southern states, also the predisk would be north carolina as well would go to hillary clinton. but explain why you feel that bernie sanders' message is better for the folks here in south florida, for the folks that you. >> represent. >> represent. >> well, for those reasons, i've listed, not only the $15 minimum wage, free college tuition for college students, expending medicare, social security benefits, i do think that that's a message that not only resonates for my community, but actually resonates with the all american public. i think our best days with the
11:28 am
sanders' campaign is best is yet to come. this is a 50 state strategy, covers, you'll see a different outcome. >> if hillary clinton were to get the nomination, do you think a lot of supporters like yourself would be willing to fall behind her? >> well, i think it's too soon, so let's wait. it might be senator sanders. one day at a time. >> thank you so much. alex, thank you. >> we want to encourage you to stick with us, because we have a lot more coming up from miami. first, our poll question for you. should the gop establishment rally behind trump. the results that have come in, 39% say yes, 61% say no. the pulse is live. check it out. we'll be back in a moment. economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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the super tuesday primaries in ohio and florida have been the focus of most republican candidates, but a decisive victory in illinois could be just as pivotal. 121 delegates at stake. democrats also engaged in a pretty tight contest. msnbc cal perry outside a polling station in missouri. kate snow is in illinois, tony is in struters, ohio. cal, let's start with you. set the scene for what you've been seeing in st. louis, missouri, and what election officials are saying and characterizing about turnout there. >> reporter: hey, tom. expecting turnout to be high. central st. louis, quiet right now. lunchtime, they crushed in early and crush in late. a very close race on the democratic side. we actually have been speaking to voters after they lead the polling station. we spoke to a gentleman a few
11:33 am
moments ago, who has a personal relationship with hillary clinton. take a listen. >> what's important for you in this election? >> hillary is our next president. i met her 30 something years ago, i've been impressed with her always. >> reporter: now, thomas, on the republican side, what's interesting is the rules here, which is if donald trump can manage to get 50% of the vote plus one vote, he'll take all 52 delegates. for the other republican candidates, the really word of the day here is delegate defense, trying to get him under that bar of 50%, somewhere in the 30s or 40s, i know is what the rubio and cruz campaigns are hoping for. thomas. >> cal perry, reporting there in st. louis, missouri. thanks so much. i want to bring in kate snow. kate joins us in springfield, illinois. you've been seeing an uptick there of registered voters
11:34 am
asking for republican ballots. what's that all about. >> reporter: a little bit of an uptick here, that's what we're hearing, but the number of people coming in. they usually only see a couple of people this time of day. right now, we've got about a dozen voting right now. i want to take you over here. this is where people sign in. some of my new friends, telectin judges who work here. you said you've never seen so much turnout. >> not in the primary. we're running the 29% in our precinct of 29% of what. >> total. >> total voters. >> running 29% right now in a primary. >> it's usually like 16 or something. >> phenomenal. >> you've run out of republican ballots. >> we're close. we have about 140 republican ballots left. >> people can come in, tom and choose a ballot when they got here, right, republican or democratic. >> that's the only two chooses.
11:35 am
>> only chooses, but it's interesting you're seeing so many people ask for republican ballots. >> that's true. thanks for having us in here. we've been talking to voters as they leave here and who are they going for, it's a heavily republican county here. i just spoke to cathy and john lamar who said they wanted to vote for donald trump. >> i think it's because he is, i think ready for the people. i mean, he is going to be helping the people more. instead of all the other ones get paid for backing up supporters and all that. he is using his own money. >> a lot of corruption, a lot of waste and he kind of feels and talks just the way i think and believe. >> now, on the democratic side, also a tough battle here for bernie sanders, thomas. he really would love to win this state of illinois. . up in cook county, in chicago, they've already seen double the number of ballots in early voting there.
11:36 am
they expect some record turnout numbers there as well. i could tell you here in springfield, i was talking to a voter who voted for clinton. she said she got a phone call last night from bill clinton, one of those recorded robo calls. thomas. >> down to the wire. kate snow reporting in springfield, illinois. kate, thanks so much. we want to return to our colleague tony docopolo. tony, you're in struthers. go out in ohio and vote for kasich, you've been talking to voters all this week, who do they like in the primary? >> reporter: it seems like a lot of them are listening to marco rubio. we're in struthers, a fallen industrial area. unemployment double about what it is in ohio, nationally. it'sological a dynamic state, because it's an open ballot system. walking in, you can vote republican or democratic.
11:37 am
the story line we've been talking about is democrats in this county crossing over to the republican side. they do that for a couple of reasons. one is sanders, bernie sanders, one of their democratic choices, he would like to ban fracking, and this is fracking country. we're over the marcelis shale, hillary clinton wants to do away with coal jobs. i want to introduce you to holly magazine, who is a hillary voter. >> yes. >> many of your friends switching over, going republican. you have not. how come? >> well, a lot of the things hillary stands for, i do like. i can't agree with everything somebody says. that's impossible. but a lot of her poverty issues, as far as she considers all americans americans, not race, ethnicity, anything like that. she is just americans. >> john kasich is astounding popular in ohio. why not with snu. >> as far as my political
11:38 am
stature, elections, i have to stay with my party affiliation, as well staying with the democratic end of it. so, but if i had to switch, i definitely wouldn't vote for trump. >> thank you, holly. so she is one of the people sticking with their party affiliation, walked in the door as democratic, and staying. this county has gone democratic for at least seven presidential elections. >> tony reporting there in ohio. great to see you, thanks so much. we turn our attention from ohio, back to the battle ground delegate rich state of florida, and marco rubio, making this last ditch effort to carry his home state and he is hinging his hopes on the counties like broward and miami dade. trump scored an endorsement from pam bondy, highest ranking state official to endorse donald trump. i want to bring in political mark caputo and principle of the
11:39 am
victory fund. give us the backstory of bondy and how crucial that is. >> well, she is long liked donald trump and he has liked her. been a contributor to her. what's really important is that the super pac, our principles, sort of attacked donald trump on his position on women. that very day, florida's most recognizable republican elected official, a woman, goes and endorses donald trump. so it was kind of a pr coup for donald trump. >> does it help rinse the ad, or it helps buoy him in the opinion of florida women. >> that's a good question. you know, donald trump has kind of rewritten the rules of the game here. it just seems like the more he gets shot at, the more he thrives off of the lead in him. but overtime, i would imagine the weight of the negativity is going to come to bear. just not know. >> so adam, take a listen to this. this was marco rubio in an interview last night about his hopes for super tuesday.
11:40 am
take a listen. >> i realize it's winner take all in florida, but what i meant is are you going to drop out or sort of if you don't take first place, are you going to tie your horse to john kasich's card or to senator ted cruz? what's your plan? >> yeah, well, our plan is to be in utah on wednesday and continue to campaign hard. i never said our campaign is built on any specific state, especially the way it's going now. >> so adam, is there a path forward for this campaign and moving on to utah, if florida is a big disappointment for him? >> well, it's really hard to make the argument. marco rubio, you could say was the come back kid years ago when he took on and defeated a very popular at that point popular charlie christ. but he is basically, you know, put out there that the idea that florida is his home. this is where he is going to be
11:41 am
strong, voting in broward and dade is heavy. that should be good for him, but there are 14 counties, as mark knows, in florida. there is double the amount of republican early vote, that says that a lot of people don't traditionally show up are posting. that's good news for trump. the final thing, for disclosure, i have done a lot of work with the attorney general, pam bondy. i second what mark said. that was a very significant endorsement, significant time. she is arguably the most popular republican statewide office holder in the 11th hour, that puts the rest i think a lot of the questions that have been raised in the -- in the recent says caused by the rallies and some of the consternation that the establishments have had about an outside candidate that's bringing it. >> all right, but meanwhile, a bit of an issue, mark, when we think about some of the women problems for donald trump right now. the our principles pac having the ad out with women reciting. >> mean tweets basically.
11:42 am
>> but there is also the corey lewandowski and the breitbart incident. we reached out to the jupiter, and they said no charges have been filed, but keeping the investigation open, trying to figure out what happened in the incident. so is that something that hangs over the head of donald trump? >> you would think. and under most rules. generally, if your campaign manager becomes part of your story and you're candidate, your campaign manager needs to go away. that used to be the rule. now, if he stays around and this continues, this will be another drag on donald trump. he might not fully realize is that while he is doing well in republican primary with a primarily whited older electorate, if he wins the nomination, he'll face a different composition or far different electorate and these various issues from women, hispanics, his campaign manager having problems, these things will come to bear. it will be problematic for him.
11:43 am
>> he has changed the paradigm as we've looked at it. county wide, the early vote they put out today, is over 83,000. it was pretty evenly split. before the write, who do you think that benefits? >> it benefits marco on the right. we expect hillary will have a big night here tonight. she is very familiar to florida voters. moving forward, i think, you know, we like to believe in florida, all roads to the white house lead through florida. tonight, i happen to believe that the bigger stories might be coming out of ohio, where the predictions are perless at best. we believe at the end of the day, florida is going to be there for the next occupant in the white house, and to senator nelson's comments, this being almost hillary country, i have to say, could you throw the book out on this election if it's
11:44 am
trump versus clinton in the end, anything is possible, and certainly, florida, which has a reputation for helping winners in very tight elections, i think all eyes will once again be on the sunshine state. >> adam and mark, great to see you guys. thank you for your time. coming up next, as bernie sanders looks for a big midwest upset today, has the drawnout battle for the nomination damaged the party or engaged newcomers. dnc chair joins me. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. stay with us. and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you.
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. welcome back to miami, voters headed to the polls for one of the most important primaries. we took a trip to miami's new design district. it's a gleaming luxury shopping district of the the visionary is
11:48 am
miami civic leader craig robins, a man who is very confusing election. >> why. >> i look at both parties, and shockingly, it looks like donald trump is going to get the nomination, which means that if hillary gets the nomination, i definitely will vote for hillary. but if there was, like, something that could happen where someone like kasich or rubio or a combination of kasich or rubio were in the race, i would have to think about it. it's more of a choice of undesirable alternatives instead of a winning team and that's sad for our country. i don't really have an opinion about donald personally, but i don't like what he says. the disparaging and vulgar commentary about women, muslims, mexicans, just the abusive imitation, someone who is disabled. it's not presidential, and it's
11:49 am
embarrassing to be an american and see someone conduct themselves that way. >> the discourse that's been created, are you surprised? >> i am and i'm not. i thought it would peter out and things would get more serious, but i understand, you know, he has managed to make himself like a tv personality, and he has come up in that. and so there is things that he does that resonates with people, and he keeps like playing to that script. i doubt he acts that way around his real friends. i know some wonderful people that are his friends, and i doubt they would be any where near the guy if he acted the way he acts in public. i think that hillary will carry the day in florida. i'm not sure, but it looks like she is going to. and if it was hillary and trump, i told you, i would be voting for hillary. >> all right, so hillary clinton carried florida in the 2008 primaries, against the senator obama. joining us now debbie wasserman
11:50 am
schultz, the chairwoman of the committee. great to see you. >> great to see you too. we've reversed places today. >> i think i'm the better for it. >> i agree. >> look at the numbers. as we look at the numbers, and i was going over the division of elections, what they've put in so far, broward has over 82,000 votes that have been collected and accounted for, 2-1 democratic over the republicans, but as we look at the races elsewhere, democratic primaries have been lower this year than in '08. so if donald trump is the republican nominee, do you think that's going to galvanize liberal voters to go up against hillary clinton? >> oh, i mean, not only liberal voters, but you just spoke to craig robbins, who would be someone that i would characterize as a persuadable voter judging on the conversation you just had with him. if he is indicating hillary
11:51 am
clinton is our nominee, he would vote for over donald trump, that spells disaster for the republicans and where they're headed as they hurdle towards nominating this extremist carnival barker who has been condoning violence at his rallies, and you know, this is all happening on the anniversary, the three year anniversary of the republican autopsy report, where they said if you remember, after 2012, they had to embrace people who they have not been making feel welcome. they had to upgrade their digital and analytics so they could catch up with us. immigration reform, or they said in their report, they would never win another presidential election. well, in short, they said they needed to be more like democrats. they have done anything but. they have gone as far to the right and as extreme as possible, and as a result, we'll elect one of our two candidates as the 45th president of the united states of america in november. >> we think about what it looks like for those candidates between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, sanders is
11:52 am
really defied many expectations, co well win tonight in ohio, missouri and illinois. if he does, congresswoman, do you think this would be a long protracted fight for the nomination and are you worried that donald trump could wrap things up more quickly while democrats are still sorting it out? >> well, no, i'm not worried. so let me get that right out of the way. we had, you know, a very long protracted battle in 2008 that was far more devicise than this one is. orientated substantive discussion all the way through, take slightly different approach approaches, and will come together whichever one of them is the presumptive nominee. we're getting ready to the dnc to make sure we can prepare to launch one of the two of them in philadelphia to the nomination, and into the white house for a term as president. because america wants to continue to move forward. they don't want the divisive
11:53 am
horrible, nasty rhetoric and back fighting that has gone on on the other side and they don't want to go backwards. >> congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. great to see you. thanks for trading places for me. we'll be back live from miami in a moment. the latest response to our pulse question. the question being should the gop establishment rally behind trump if he wins florida and ohio. let's take a look at the pulse at 55% say no, 45% say yes. it remains active. check out the pulse. we're back after this. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
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already, everybody. thanks for your time this super tuesday. that's going to wrap up our coverage here, bay side in miami. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. stay tuned for afternoon joe coming up. our special coverage, chuck
11:57 am
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>> this is very exciting. i've never been on tv before, right. >> you've got cake on your mouth. just stop. >> we're set for the three hours this morning. were we on three hours this morning. >> i think that was today. cupcakes and sweet tea. >> this is a blue plate special, all across florida, we have magnolia bakery here and sweet tea. what do you think. >> a critical day, in the 2016 election, something going on today, voters across five states in one territory have election


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