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tv   Lockup Raw  MSNBC  March 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> i love you. sheer what happens. i will call -- i have to do it myself. >> another raucous day on the campaign trail for donald trump. i'm francis rivera here. just two days before a critical vote in ohio and florida. the political fortunes of two of
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the four candidates hang in the balance. donald trump remains defiant. >> all over the world their talking about what's happening. the momentum we have, it's a movement. >> it's called chaos and anarchy. >> some represented bernie, our communist friend. >> you fwloe they come from? bernie's crowd. >> what our supporters are doing is responding to a candidate who has, in fact, in many ways encouraged violence. >> it is undeniable he has created a toxic environment among us. >> i remember what arnold said -- >> we're going to the polls on tuesday and it will be resounding victory. >> new polls today for both
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parties in key states, is anyone gaining momentum? dlould be another midwest surprise in the offing? this is the place for politics. >> let's get right to where we stand, ked ruse got nine more delegates after winning the convention. donald trump came in third. republicans in washington went to -- trump ramped up his rhetoric against protestors at a rally in kansas city, missouri
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last night. i'm going to do this for now on, they're going to ruin the rest of their lives, if they want to do this, let them have a big arrest mark. they got arrested for whatever it is. >> for the first time bernie sanders is responding to trump's protesters at his rallies. >> our supporters are responding to a candidate who has in many ways encouraged violence. saying i wish we were in the old days you could punch somebody in the head, what does that say to his supporters. >> a new poll shows that trump
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has a 23 point lead over cruz. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 28 points. clinton and sanders are focusing on ohio today. on the republican side, donald trump has an event in three states today, illinois, ohio, and florida. ted cruz is in north carolina and colorado. with just two days of the ohio primary, saisic picked up a big endorsement from house speaker john boehner. more protests at a donald trump rally, this one last night in kansas city, missouri. kansas city brought more tough talk from donald trump and another night of protests. just hours after a man jumped
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over a barricade. >> tries to make a rush at me. i was ready. i don't know if i would have done well, but i would have been fighting, folks -- >> and at an airport in dayton. the secret service surrounded him. police say his name is thomas dumasimo. >> the secret service guys hit him like you would not believe. >> the comments come a night after trump canceled an appearance in chicago. protestors there squirmished inside and outside of the arena. >> this is a man who told his supporters to beat up the people in the crowd and he will pay the legal fees.
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>> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> in a statement, sanders called trump a pathological liar. hillary clinton called him a bully. >> if you see violence, you should condemn it, and if you see a believe, you should stand up to him. >> on tuesday, five more states will hold primaries. >> checking out tony in west chester, ohio, donald trump will hold a rally that is seven hours away. i'm interested in finding out what these protestors think after that rally last night when donald trump said get them out of here, and now we'll have you arrested when you come on stage or into the venues. >> that's right, another day of
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violence dlashs starting in cleveland where we had racially tainted exchanges. and you go to kansas city, missouri, continued clashes. police using pepper spray on two occasions. back in jan, a poll said the majority of americans are angry this election season. these are donald trump supporters that have been in line for hours and hours. about 25 them. we have big john here and tonia. big john has a sit, if he stood he would hit his head on our satellite, i think. what do you think explains all of the protests and cralashing. >> they know that trump is taking other america right now. they are supporting him 100%.
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he will be the representative for the republican party and they can see it coming and they will do anything they can to stop that. >> and the polls show that a number of people are angry, are you? >> angry? no. i wish people could get along and unify, make america great again, stand together. that's how mark will we make america great again. >> this is a wedding venue outside of cincinnati, and it is very staunchly republican territory. 75% of vote eres voted for bush in 2004. but protestors are expected
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around 11:00 a.m. >> thank you very much. turning now to the democrats, much of the focus today is in ohio where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are. kristin, talk about hillary clinton first with her message focusing on manufacturing. is that something we can expect later today? >> absolutely i think we could hear more from her today. her campaign realized that she needs to hit some of these themes harder. her message on trade yesterday. they i have senator sanders won that critical state of michigan because of his themes on trade, and he resonated in that mississippi western state. they are trying to hold on to
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states like ohio. listen to what secretary clinton had to say. we're going to have a manufacturing renaissance, and it will be driver by supported by and created by people right here in ohio, in this valley fwhb this city. that is what will bring jobs back. that is what will make the economy grow. that's what will give the middle class the opportunity once again to be at the center of the american economy. senator sanders had that upset victory. the clinton campaign realizing that is a real vulnerability and these states looking increasingly competitive because of that win. candidates putting a lot of resources in in the final hours
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here. they're going to be meeting with voters throughout the day, and senator sanders has a big event at a college university and the two will face off at a town hall later on tonight. the clinton campaign hoping to hold on to a state like ohio. they think if they can win florida and north carolina, but if senator sanders has a strong showing, he has millions of dollars in his war chest. >> we see bernie sanders in front there, but also having to focus on this, and is that why he is stopping there today. >> moz l be a hotly contested area.
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if there is any state that sanders is looking stronger in, missouri is where it is. he has been pouring out millions in ad spending in missouri. and senator sanders outspending in some of the mid western states. he is putting money into all five of the states voting on tuesday. his goal in another state is to cut down on secretary clinton's lead there. he is aggressively making a play, but position looking very strong for him. thank you, a reminder her to watch tomorrow neegt's townhalls. and one by hillary clinton all here on msnbc, the place for politics. donald trump's impact so far on the republican party, could
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i used to like that song. i hope these guys get thrown into a jail. it will destroy their record. they will have to explain to mom and dad why they have a police record and why they can't get a job. and then we won't have a problem. >> donald trump last night after protestors disrupted his third rally. it is always good to have you here with me, jane. as we look at this, republicans
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don't to say that donald trump really made this environment of violence. he still has a sort of bring it on tone to him. is that the normal that we're going to start to see now. is there any turn around we can see from this? >> i don't think he will move toward a new peaceful or calm environment until you see him lock in a nomination. while there are still people that might vote for another candidate, i think he will keep this up because nothing makes his supporters get out more than thinking they're on fire, that their movement is being attacked. >> and he says is getting advice from his daughter and wife that he needs to be more presidential.
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>> people will watch the debates very closely. they may be watching every rally the same way, but i think donald trump realizes it's working for him. >> and with the fallout, too, today's "new york times" you have ross that writes about trump's impact of the republican party saying "denying trump the nomination would be an ugly exercise, one that would weaken or crush the party's general election chances." how do they 180 this? what needs to be done? >> even with trump winning the nomination, there is a long climb to unity and health as we pl he gets roughly 30% of the vote in each primary, it is still divided, but that is enough. rubio, ted cruz, if they united,
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they could have a majority. once the race whittles down, it is not as strong of a minority. >> we have today, tomorrow, and the big day on tuesday. marco rubio and ted cruz are tied in second mace, is there a lot of early voting here? and we saw that donald trump said marco and his mennons, and that he went to may back town, it's been such a long time since he has been in the race, and the supporters would likely is gone. someone like marco rubio. so i think if he doesn't win the state -- >> his political life, what happens after that, the presidential race on tuesday. when will we see all of these guys ramping it up in the final
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couple days? >> i would like marco rubio to say i am the presidential guy. he says there is chaos over there, but she beating me? like there is surprise. he will push the "i am a safer choice than trump." >> on the other side, democratic side, we have hillary clinton and bernie sanders. not wanting another michigan repeat, but also how crucial the minority vote is. >> i thinks especially with what you're seeing, it is hoeblizing minority voters in a way that we have not seen before. in a moment, what is at stake in a new saturday night stake in a new saturday night set up of donald trump.
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ben carson back in the spotlight this week to endorse donald trump but also for this cameo on "saturday night live." >> another donald trump rally mishap, it was this man, dr. ben carson. >> guys, what did i say? not this one. >> "snl's" donald trump said it was a trump steak that carson was using.
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kristin welker is in cleveland, good to see you again, what is it that voters can expect to hear they haven't heard already in the past town halls? well, look, i think they're going to be sharp trades and debates over the issue of trade, i should say. senator sanders accusing secretary clinton being in favor of some of the trade deals that folks in the midwest don't like like nafta, and i think she will more aggressively defend herself on that issue. she called for a renegotiation and it's clear she will not support any trade deals that will cost jobs going forward, but given what we saw in michigan, it's clear that voterings are really resonating and that sander's message is
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resonating throughout the midwest. the clinton campaign realizes it. so you will hear her hit some of her plans and themes for bringing back the manufacturing sector. and there has been a really interesting debate over health care. the sanders campaign was very quick to tweet out this video. they were trying to say look, he was there, the clinton campaign says no, she was the one that lead that fight and that image just under scores that he was in the background. take a look at where we plan to see the candidates and their surrogates today. bill clinton will be in raleigh,
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north carolina. i should say chelsea in raleigh, and bill in winston-salem. and hillary clinton here in ohio, ohio, ohio. a critical state on tuesday. >> thank you very much. that does it for me, i'm francis rivera. thank you for watching. up next, your business with j.j. ramburg. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting we're in the heat of a presidential election, but are the voices of america's small business owners on main street being heard? we're here in daytona beach, florida to find out what matters most to the small business community in this area. that's coming up next on this special edition of "your business."


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