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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-2:01pm PST

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i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ good morning. i'm steve kornacki live in centennial olympic park in atlanta, georgia. a chilly morning in atlanta, georgia. and this state of course one of the biggest prizes up for grabs just five days from now on super tuesday. and tonight, tonight looms as a huge night in the republican race. all five remaining candidates are coming together on the same
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stage in houston, texas, for their final debate before super tuesday. this is the best and possibly last chance for one of those other candidates to put the brakes on donald trump's rocket ride to the nomination. >> well, first of all, i will admit he is the front runner and i'm certainly an underdog but i've been an underdog my entire life. >> donald wins the general election who the heck knows what he will do as president. we need a president we can trust. >> there is no honeymoon period in foreign policy. you can't just say when i get there i will hire the smartest people and they will tell me what to do. >> we can't be fooled by pt barnum. the time for the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears has passed. >> well, you heard marco rubio starting to take the gloves off there. the question, though, is whether
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he and ted cruz are going to be going after donald trump in that debate tonight or if as we've seen they will be training their fire on each other instead. now, as for donald trump, he predicts that we will, quote, see some good action tonight. and don't forget this could also be the last stand for ben carson and for john kasich. we will see how they handle the spotlight tonight. now, remember, the stakes 11 states are set to vote this coming tuesday, super tuesday. that means nearly 600 delegates at stake in the republican race. nearly half the number needed to clinch the nomination up for grabs just this coming tuesday alone. our correspondents are fanned out across the country with the candidates this morning. from texas to south carolina. but we are going to begin this morning with nbc's hallie jackson and peter alexander, they are live in houston at the site of today's debate. hallie, let me start with you. we had a report in morning in "politico" that says even though donald trump has emerged as the clear favorite here on the
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republican side, it doesn't look like marco rubio is necessarily looking to go after donald trump tonight, instead focusing on ted cruz trying to emerge as the clear alternative to donald trump. do we know if ted cruz has that same strategy, focused on rubio instead? >> cruz has really been focusing on both trump and rubio, at northeast that's what his campaign wants to push. this idea they understand that this is ultimately in their hopes going to come down to what will be a two-man race. that's the strategy for marco rubio, too. the idea, though, is to play -- when you talk about these super tuesday states, steve, they want to be able to drill down to these congressional districts in areas where they think they can beat rubio, they want to keep him below the viability threshold for delegates. in areas they think they can beat trump they want to draw contrasts in policy. the campaign pointing out to date in states so far they have spent more money attacking donald trump than marco rubio. that said you've seen at these debates, steve, cruz and rubio
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go at it repeatedly. you've seen donald trump and cruz get into it a little bit as well, but it's an important night for ted cruz since st the last chance he will have to come face-to-face between donald trump and marco rubio before super tuesday. cruz himself talks about it, including what he called the crown jewel of the 11-state nominating contest. listen. >> the crown jewel of super tuesday is the great state of texas and it is an incredible honor to be standing side-by-side with my close friend, with my mentor, with an extraordinary governor and extraordinary leader, greg abbott. >> governor abbott giving cruz the endorsement in houston yesterday. abbott and cruz have had a long relationship. it raised eyebrows that abbott didn't come out and endorse earlier, but this could potentially help out cruz as he heads into super tuesday, steve. >> hallie jackson. peter alexander, i noticed yesterday in the wake of the
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result from nevada it felt like there was sort of a change in how people are thinking about this race, whether republican leaders, people in the media. give people a sense of what's in the air this morning. mitt romney yesterday he was on fox news, he's taking shots at donald trump over his taxes. so romney still trying to stop donald trump, you have the washington post editorial board weighing this telling republican leaders you have to do everything in your power to stop trump, this is your last chance, you have rains priebus saying republicans don't worry vel have some leverage over donald trump. it feels in the big picture like we have reached a turning point in in race. we were talk being how good things were looking for donald trump but maybe now the reality of that after nevada is setting in a bit. >> that's exactly right. >> now there's all considerations about what scenarios may exist for ted cruz or marco rubio to win this thing. one of them being ted cruz loses in texas, that john kasich loses
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in michigan then marco rubio can finally have that last stand to himself. now, that's obviously an unlikely scenario at this point. rubio to this point has not aggressively engaged donald trump but we did see what looked like a little bit of a tactical change over the course of the last 24 hours, even after interviews on the "today" show where he said he wasn't going to go after donald trump, he was only going after ted cruz because cruz had attacked him. yesterday on the trail rubio hit trump a couple times on obamacare, he hit him on his position that basically he's not going to take a stand on israel and the palestinians. here is what else we heard from marco rubio late last night as he tried to create more of a contrast with the republican front runner. >> we certainly need to elect someone who is prepared to be president in a thoughtful and serious and important way given the threats this country faces. that's why a majority of republican voters are not supporting donald trump and obviously once this race begins to narrow a little bit you will see more of that support consolidating. >> the real challenge for marco
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rubio and for his camp right now is it's not entirely clear what going after donald trump would accomplish. they are convinced that the majority, the vast majority of his supporters are committed, that they are not going anywhere, they know that they need to sway those supporters who are behind other candidates right now and that's the sort of prisoner's dilemma as everybody seems insistent that they're sticking around in this race. >> all right. peter alexander, hallie jackson down there in houston. thanks very much for that. joining me back here in beautiful centennial olympic park in atlanta this morning we have jim galloway, a political reporter for the atlanta constitution with over three decades covering georgia and georgia politics. is it always this cold in atlanta in february? >> no, you hit us on a real good day. >> we left new york i said it was 5 degrees when i left there a week ago so this is balmy compared to that. let me ask you about the political climate in georgia. newt gingrich home state guy won it in 2012, mike huckabee edged out john mccain here in 2008.
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there is a big evangelical element to the party. what are the expectations about how the republican race will go? >> donald trump has cracked the evangelical vote, he is taking at least a third of it in georgia according to the latest polls, he is up in the 30s. you've got marco rubio above ted cruz in wsb poll that came out this week and that's -- that's important. cruz is the evangelical candidate. >> i mean, this was supposed to be -- this reminds me a lot of south carolina:
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. but, look, donald trump is leading across the south. if he cracks the south on tuesday, i think it's -- i think it is over. >> is there a movement, though, from here in georgia from those republican leaders you're talking about, you say they are in denial. is there a sense there's something we can still do and are going to do to stop this or is their sense this will stop on its own. >> they're looking for somebody else to stop it. i don't think they can -- there is not the will to get out there in front and take on donald trump here. >> that seems to be the story of
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this race, everybody else is looking for something else. people say donald trump hasn't been attacked. jeb bush tried to attack donald trump and got nowhere. >> you do have to remember in georgia in political georgia there is a long, long tradition of the state party separating itself from the national party not getting tied too closely from it. >> what about this cruz rubio dynamic. there are a lot of people saying they should both be going after donald trump. indications they will spend more time going after each other. >> what's interesting, they will both be here on saturday, in venues one very close to the other and that will be their opportunity to really -- to really set themselves apart from each other. >> let me ask you this, if donald trump is the leader here right now, if one of those candidates is going to pull a surprise cruz or rubio and catch them next week who is better positioned? >> rubio by far. you do have -- you do have a lot of republican leaders like kasie kagel, the lieutenant governor
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who were pledged to jeb bush and have not realigned, governor nathan dooel is another one, but he and rubio are on the outs. >> jim galloway, atlanta journal constitution. thaw very much. i want to bring now in republican congressman buddy carter. you are from georgia -- he is actually in d.c. but we are in his state. congressman, thanks for joining us. let me ask you jim galloway is talking about the republican leaders in this state, in your state who maybe are in a little bit of denial about the reality of donald trump. what do you say to that? >> well, i'm not sure that they are in denial. at least not the delegation up here in washington. yesterday was a turning day in my mind for a couple of reasons. first of all, you had the first two congressmen who came out and publicly endorsed donald trump and secondly the sense that i got yesterday around the capital was that all of a sudden we went from just saying, oh, you know,
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this is not going to happen to, you know, this could very well happen. and it's a reality here now. i think that set in and for the first time yesterday i really saw that here. >> how about you, you are neutral in this race right now. is there a chance you are going to endorse somebody before next tuesday? >> no. i'm going to be for the republican nominee. you know, look, we've got a great field. i mean, you talk about having too many. we have five talented, qualified candidates and i'm excited about that. there's a lot of excitement in the republican party. look at the polls and look at the turn out that we have had. we have had record turn outs thus far, we are going to have a record turn out in georgia next tuesday as well. there is a lot of energy on the republican party and excited about having a great field to choose from as opposed to the democrats who have a socialist and habitual liar. we are in good shape in the republican party. >> but there are republicans out there i just saw lindsey graham out i think it was this morning saying he looks at donald trump
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and says he is not even a republican. if donald trump is the nominee you would have no trouble supporting him? >> no, not at all. listen, donald trump -- you don't become a multi-billionaire by being dumb. donald trump is a businessman. he understands the value as i do being a businessman myself of surrounding yourself with good people and donald trump will do that. i don't have any at all if he is the nominee in supporting donald trump. >> is there a message to you and to other elected officials in the republican party, i mean, when you look at donald trump winning new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, leading in your state right now and doing it as you say he got two congressional endorsements yesterday but before that nothing. >> right. >> no endorsements from elected officials and leaders in the republican party, what does that say about the state of the republican party right now? >> what it says is more about the nation itself. people are frustrated. look, i'm frustrated, i was frustrated midafternoon of the first day i got up here. people want to see change and that's what donald trump is
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offering and that's what we've got to have. we've got to have a shake up and people are ready for that. so, you know, this is something -- this is a big dynamic here. >> could marco rubio or ted cruz catch donald trump in your state in georgia? >> right now trump seems to have a commanding lead. you know, ted cruz in my opinion has the best organization. he's been in my district twice himself and his wife has been there once by herself. he paid a lot of attention to our area, however, i know he's got to be disappointed as i am surprised that he hasn't capitalized more on the evangelicals. he seems to have hit a ceiling with the evangelicals. >> i think that's something that's surprised a lot of people this campaign season. congressman buddy carter joining us from d.c. thanks for the time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. all right. still a lot more to get to this hour from centennial olympic park in atlanta. after the break hillary clinton is staying focused on saturday's
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prize in the democratic race, south carolina. while her opponent bernie sanders is already looking ahead to super tuesday with stops in several midwest states. our correspondents are out covering both of those campaigns. we will check in with them and talk to a bernie sanders supporter in this state next. >> this campaign is gaining momentum because we're doing something very, very radical. we are telling the truth. beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at
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last night in sumter, south carolina, she's trying to sale the deal two days away from saturday's big primary in that state. bernie sanders zeroing in on several super tuesday states and looking further ahead on the calendar we will hear from senator sanders next hour, he will be attending a rally in the suburbs of cleveland, ohio. this is part of a three-state four-stop campaign swing for him today. we will also hear from hillary clinton later this morning in south carolina, one of four events she has scheduled there today. let's collect in with our nbc reporters, kristen welker is with the clinton campaign in south carolina, kasie hunt following the sanders campaign in ohio.
6:20 am
kristen, start with you in south carolina. so the polls not budging at least we haven't seen any indications that that big lead is evaporating for hillary clinton saturday. what's the mood around that campaign right now? >> well, they're feeling very good about their chances here in south carolina. very windy day here in south carolina, steve. you're absolutely right, she has maintained this strong double digit lead including a robust lead among african-american supporters, that is something that held propel her to victory in nevada. she's hoping it's going to help her run up the numbers here in south carolina on saturday. meanwhile, some very good news for secretary clinton yesterday, she got endorsed by harry reid, the highest ranking democrat to endorse her. that came after the nevada caucus but we do know that senator reid encouraged union workers to get out and vote.
6:21 am
she did have a little bit of a wrinkle in charleston, she was at a fundraiser and a black lives matter protester essentially called on her to apologize for her record during the '90s when former president bill clinton was in office ultimately making the argument that that hurt african-americans, particularly when it came to criminal justice reform. she asked for an apologize from senator clinton, they had a prolonged back and forth, ultimately that protester was removed. these are the types of questions that some folks are raising about the clintons background when it comes to criminal justice. secretary clinton making criminal justice reform a key issue of this campaign and vowing to make that a top priority if she does make it into the white house. the goal right now within the clinton campaign is to have a strong win here in south carolina and then they are hoping that that will help them in some of those super tuesday states. some of those states are close. oklahoma, colorado, michigan up
6:22 am
for grabs and senator sanders drawing big crowds there kasie can talk more about that. that is why south carolina is critical and why she's spending so much time here. former president bill clinton, chelsea clinton will be here in the coming days. steve. >> kristen welker in south carolina. let's check in with mississippi's kasie hunt, she is in suburban cleveland, bernie sanders is holding a rally there in the next hour. ohio is not up until march 15th on the calendar, the immediate next contest two days away in south carolina. what does that tell us that bernie sanders is in a march 15th state and not this coming saturday state of south carolina? >> well, steve, i mean, it obviously tells you that the sanders campaign won't say that they've written off south carolina entirely and he will be back there on friday for a couple events in the evening but the reality is they basically have. we know it's not a place where they're positioned to win so it doesn't make sense for them to
6:23 am
spend candidate time trying to do that. i will say, steve, one thing we haven't talked a lot about is the fact many of these states coming up on march 1st, 8 it's, 15th they will be the first tests of these big crowds that sanders has been drawing. yes, he was popular in new hampshire and iowa but those are smaller states and they weren't the places where these thousands and thousands of people were filling arenas to see senator sanders. we got a little bit of a reminder of that yesterday when he held rallies in tulsa, oklahoma, 6,000 plus people. kansas city, missouri, 7,000 plus people, both missouri and kansas of course vote in march. so i think that's something to watch, whether or not he can in fact rack up enough victories. we've talked a lot about the delegates counts and how hillary clinton could easily stack the delegates counts across the south. that's true but it's also possible that he could potentially carry some momentum into some of these other states if he's able to post some wins
6:24 am
to the board that could potentially help him at least prolong this contest, rack up enough delegates that he is in a position to make some asks at the democratic national convention in philadelphia, steve. >> kasie hunt, kristen welker out on the road with the candidates, thank you for that. georgia is one of the super tuesday states we've been talking about, that's the one we are in right now. joining me now here in centennial olympic park is georgia state senator vincent fort. last week he flipped his support from hillary clinton to bernie sanders. senator, you represent basically what bernie sanders is trying to pull off here, somebody who looked at this race at the beginning and said i'm with hillary clinton then took a second look at it and said, actually i'm with bernie sanders. what caused you to do that? >> well, i did my research. i studied bernie sanders' record, his positions and his history. on medicaid or medicare for all it's a position i've always held. here in the south particularly in georgia, south carolina, north carolina republican governors have frustrated
6:25 am
medicaid expansion, intervened to stop it and medicare for all solves that problem. so that issue and other issues like $50 minimum wage which is something that i have a bill in the legislature for now is a position that bernie sanders has, it's a position that my constituents agree with. so i endorsed bernie sanders because of those reasons. >> what do you say to the knock from hillary clinton and her campaign and bernie sanders if you boil it down to anything it's this idea that he is a single issue candidate. you could ask him about any topic, whether it's war and peace or the economy, he will bring it back to income inequality. that's his single issue what do you say to that? >> i disagree. i would invite them to look at bernie sanders website, 14, 15 issues, some of them relate to income inequality, but that's not to say that this issue of income inequality and disparities in income isn't important. that's one of the issues that brought me into politics,
6:26 am
reigning in the business banks, rining in wall street. i spent most of my career fighting the banks. i passed the strongest anti-predatory lending law in the country with governor roy barnes about 15 years ago. so i know better than anybody what income inequality means and how wall street has engaged in creating that and that position. very strong position. i don't think that's necessarily a knock on bernie sanders to say that he's focused on that issue. >> you can read the polls as well as i can. >> absolutely. >> you know bernie sanders in this state it's a lot like south carolina, the electorate is going to be more than 50% black, he is 30 plus points behind in the polls. >> he was 40 or 50 points behind a few months ago. >> it's still a big gap. >> sure. >> let me ask you this because you've seen this, if you look at these different groups within the democratic party among white voters he's very competitive with hillary clinton. >> exactly. >> there is some dispute in nevada about where the latino
6:27 am
went but it was competitive. she has maintained a massive lead with black voters throughout this campaign. what is driving that? >> you know, it's familiarity, but i believe and i have seen that when african-americans learn about the things that i learned about, bernie's positions, history and record, that they start moving and they are very open, it's just a matter of do we have the time in south carolina or georgia to close the deal. >> do you have time? >> i'm not sure. you know, that's why we have elections. but the fact of the matter is the momentum that he carries and he carries out of georgia and south carolina i think bodes well as your piece said about accumulating delegates and moving forward. >> is there a victory here big picture for him without winning the nomination? can he still emerge from that campaign and say i got something out of this? >> absolutely. he has changed the dynamics of democratic party politics and i think national politics, you know. he's gotten more donors than anybody in the history of the
6:28 am
republic. i think there are long-term impacts of what bernie sanders is doing. you know, the people, you know, your piece said, well, sanders may have given up on the south but let me tell you this, one thing i know is that the people, bernie's people in georgia have not given up on him, very enthusiastic and i think it will bode well for progressive politics in the future. >> vincent fort senate senator? georgia. thanks for joining us. a program note. senator bernie sanders will be chris matthews' guest during the hard ball college tour. it is back and it's on live tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. after the break we're going to get a snapshot of the presidential race here in the peach state. plus day two today of chris january sing's super tuesday road trip. seven states in seven days. chris started out yesterday in oklahoma city, today she hits dallas and she will join me live
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instead of being out on the campaign trail today the republican candidates are hunkered down in houston. they are making final preparations for that big debate tonight, the last one before super tuesday. ted cruz and marco rubio hoping to use this as a springboard to cut into donald trump's big lead as we head into that 11-state mega primary. i'm joined now by andra gillespie at emory university here in atlanta. >> let me ask you about the demographics of the primaries in georgia. this is one of the biggest prizes up next week, texas is the biggest, this is a neutral
6:33 am
state, nobody's home state. i was walking around yesterday, went to the georgia state bookstore. i noticed around there a lot of enthusiasm for bernie sanders, not surprising you see that on the college campus, still we are looking at polls showing him 30, 40 points down. any signs of him making inroads here? >> sanders' national strategy has been to try to make inroads amongone voters and inroads among minority voters. hillary clinton is probably not expecting to post the same numbers among african-americans that barack obama did in 2008 but she's more than holding her own here. in south carolina the last poll i saw saw her at 70% and georgia here numbers 80% among african-americans. >> we have a few days left, saturday is south carolina, tuesday is georgia. can he do anything in that time to bring that number down? >> sanders' problem has been name recognition. people are supporting the candidate with which they are most familiar. he attempted that last week when
6:34 am
he came to give a rally at moore house college and he certainly attracted a very diverse set of students. but that crowd was incredibly diverse, included not just african-americans but it did also include white, asian and latino students as well. sanders did doing slightly better in metro atlanta compared to the rest of the state. his strategy will be to try to reach out to progressive voters who are here in metro atlanta who might be disproportionately young and hopefully he will be able to do slightly better among younger african-american voters than older african-american voters. >> turn to the republican side. there was a new poll out last night trump in first place 32%, rubio moving into second place i think it was 23% rubio, cruz a couple points behind, maybe 19% or so. showed that the movement if there's movement it's a little toward trump, a little toward rubio, a little away from cruz. what's your read? how commanding and safe is that donald trump lead? >> based on previous primary
6:35 am
contests i think it's probably safe to say that barring some major catastrophe over the weekend trump is likely to keep his lead because as he's been in the lead in other states he's been able to win in those primary contests. the thing to think about with republican voters is one we usually assume that we would have a solid evangelical voting block and that has not been to the case and that is to ted cruz's detriment. it may appear that marco rubio is picking up steam from jeb bush and so those who might have voted for jeb bush had he stayed in the race might be breaking towards marco rubio. >> that is the thing, the big puzzle for everybody. a lot of theories out there, i'm serious what yours is. the evangelical vote, donald trump winning it and people look at his personal life and personal history and they say there is no way this guy should be winning the evangelical vote. >> one of the things that came out in iowa is if you looked at poll data and not just veej identity but also church attendance you see differences amongst evangelicals who
6:36 am
practice their faith versus those who don't practice their faith by regular church attendance, trump is using the more secular evangelical vote. those who aren't necessarily regularly part of a faith community or regularly practicing their faith in ways that evangelicals would find familiar might be more likely to vote for donald trump. in addition to that you have knows who are well known practicing evangelicals like jer jerry fall we will jr. who have decided pragmatism is the most important thing. evangelicals are frustrated with politics and want to bring somebody new in there regardless of their faith tradition. >> everything is universal. down south it's secular evangelicals, up north laxed catholics but the same basic idea. thanks for joining us. up next, could president obama possibly pick a republican, a republican governor to fill the seat of the
6:37 am
late justice antonin scalia on the supreme court? we will talk about that new name that is floating around this morning, but first the president talked about the nomination fight that's ahead. >> we will see how this plays itself out, but i'm going to do my job. i'm going to nominate somebody and let the american people decide as to whether that person is qualified. was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ and now to new developments in the battle over replacing the late justice antonin scalia on the supreme court. democrats are telling nbc news that among those under consideration is republican governor brian sandoval of nevada. now, that could puts senate republicans in a potentially difficult position since they've already said that they will refuse to hold hearings on any nominee sent up by president obama.
6:41 am
nbc's luke russert has reaction from the capital, but first let's go to nbc justice correspondent pete williams. this name a bit of a surprise when it handed on everybody's radar, brian sandoval, republican governor from nevada. what do you think is going on here? >> i think what's going on here is if you have so-called short lists i would say governor sandoval would be on a long list. clearly what's happening here is the democrats are saying, oh, really? you wouldn't consider anybody? not even a republican? but if you take a president obama at his word, the way he described a potential nominee in his piece yesterday on the website scotus blog, he seems to be looking for somebody with a lot more judicial experience. earlier the vice president said there are lots of federal judges who had been confirmed unanimously by the senate and the typical place for presidents to look for in recent decades for supreme court nominees is the federal courts of appeal. so that would seem to make this
6:42 am
choice something to make the democrats squirm. anything is possible. down the road if the president said they are not likely to confirm anybody i send up there i might as well make life hard for them i suppose it's a possibility, but at this point i think it has to be considered a long shot. >> luke, is that how it's being interpreted on capitol hill? are people looking at this sand ag this is pretty much a stunt to get republicans to stay no to even a republican? >> well, look who is directly involved in the vetting process or consultation consideration process and that's the minority leader in the senate, the read of the democrats harry reid also from nevada. he is someone who very much has his hand in this, had a meeting with governor sandoval early on in the week to discuss this. sandoval has not ruled it out but reid is a master chess player on capitol hill.
6:43 am
essentially the idea is sandoval is term limited, a pro choice republican governor, pro same-sex marriage, fairly moderate, has no real future in the republican party because he couldn't be on a national ticket because of those positions and he is somebody has been talked about wanting to go back to the bench. you jam republicans because he has had some conservative rulings regarding labor law. you won't even take this guy, a moderate has 60% approval in nevada, who will you take. that's the politics behind it. all that being said i had conversations yesterday with republican senators and he said we don't care who they send up the answer is no. in fact, roy blunt who used to be in the leadership on the senate side he actually said i wouldn't even confirm my own daughter if she was put forward by president obama. that gives you an idea of the height of this fight right now, steve. now, in terms of this back and forth about meetings, it started out yesterday that president obama had extended an offer to
6:44 am
mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley to meet about this nominee, reports were coming out they were reflecting the meeting. that's changed now. they will have a meeting sometime next week, but the white house's strategy is we leak names like sandoval, leak the fact that mcconnell and grassley won't even meet, then this dam has to break bit by bit especially because you have you all those vulnerable republican senators up for reelection in blue and purple states who don't want to be seen as hyper partisan on this issue. >> pete, just quickly, if you are a democrat or the white house or just a democrat in general and like the idea of the opportunity to replace a very conservative justice with a liberal justice, realistically is your best bet now waiting for -- hoping that hillary clinton gets elected and gets to do this on her own? >> yes, absolutely. that's the best case. but the second best case is that a democrat gets elected in november and then the republicans say, do you know what, let's confirm whoever
6:45 am
president obama has chosen because they're more likely to be more moderate than a democrat would choose when they have the presidency to themselves. so let's go for a more moderate and foreclose that possibility. >> so that's the interesting situation we could be in in december, suddenly the republicans are more enthusiastic about the democrats about the democratic president's pick. we will see if they get there. thanks for the time. i appreciate that. and after the break we are going to head to dallas. that's where our own chris jansing is on day two of her seven-day, seven-state super tuesday road trip and along for the ride is msnbc's cal perry, he will join us from a local texas cattle auction. we will explain what on earth that has to do with the 2016 race for the president. that is next on msnbc. the place for politics.
6:46 am
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the road to super tuesday continues with the republican candidates set to debate tonight in houston. our super tuesday road trippers are in texas along with them. nbc's chris jansing and cal perry are hitting seven states in seven days, the big run up to super tuesday and they join us now. so, chris, you are in texas, texas the biggest single prize on the board next week, the biggest state to vote on either side. ted cruz is already point to go this state, he's saying this is basically make or break for me. >> yeah, they're calling it his alamo, everything is bigger in texas and had has outsized importance. so far in this race we haven't obviously seen a state in big, this many delegates at stake but politics is also all about timing and this is when ted cruz or marco rubio needs to make a break. all the analysts pretty much are saying, look, somebody has got to make a move against donald
6:50 am
trump or he is going to steam roller his way to this nominati nomination. so what is ted cruz's argument? a big part of it is electability. it's interesting to see as i've gone days, it's not high on the list of a lot of republicans that i talk to, but you know that that will become critically important the closer we bet to the general election. here's the argument ted cruz is making, saying the polls show, he is the one to go after the democrats. >> i consistently beat hillary. so the question right now is, how do we prevent nominating a candidate who loses the general election or for that matter if donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he will do as president? we need a president we can trust. >> reporter: so fascinating to me also the washington post editorial today that says, you know, do everything in your power to stop donald trump, republican establishment. one of the people who has come
6:51 am
on board with ted cruz, a big endorsement, from the governor, greg abbott. i talked to him a short time ago, he would not say to me that he believes ted cruz will win here. so that just tell us you how stakes -- how high the stakes are tonight in houston for this debate, steve. >> that is a very fascinating thing the governor not expressing that kind of confidence to you. i guess when you are calling the state your alamo, maybe that's not the best comparison, chris jansing. thanks for that, kyle perry is along with you for this roadtrip. chris, that makes sense where chris is right now given a simple report from texas. are you in a cow field, though, i am trying to figure out why you are there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we are here at a ranch here with j.d.leher the proprietor of the ranch. we are talking about what's important to texas. i will give you the lay of the
6:52 am
land as i try not to spook the cattle. we spoke this morning to the rancher him i asked him first, sort of. what is your priority for the election? he told us he wants to put the country first. take a listen. >> what i want to hear from a candidate is, you know, i'm going to go to washington and i'm going to do my level best to make sure that everything i do is in the best interest of everybody in america. not just me. i mean, i'd love to have a guy that comes in there and says, hey, j.d., we will take care of you. but that ain't real. so i want a guy that can do it, do what he says. >> reporter: the things we are hearing here from people are honesty, integrity, keeping people accountable. one of the big issues in this part of texas and north texas is the drought. water. this whole area i was told last summer was brown, j.d. lost about a third of his cattle.
6:53 am
so these are obviously state issues but the bigger issue here as you heard is someone who is honest with integrity. i did ask him, are you likely to support ted cruz? because he understands the local issues. he says, sure, that's a bonus, though what he wants is someone who will put america first. steve. >> all right. kyle perry from the four forks ranch in texas, thanks for that. chris jansing as well. you guys are having fun on that trip. i'm very jealous of you. i wish we were having that one. we appreciate that. are you not going to want to miss chris live from dallas for a full hour coming up 1:00 eastern time. at 5:00 eastern, hillary clinton will be meeting us here, on msnbc, the place for politics. incredible bladder protection from always discreet that lets you move like you mean it now comes with an incredible promise.
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and that is going to wrap up this hour of msnbc special live coverage from centennial olympic park in atlanta. i'm steve kornacki. i will see you right back here at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. thomas roberts is up next. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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7:00 am cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps suppt healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. you hi, everybody, good thursday morning. i'm thomas roberts coming to you like from my adopted second city in atlanta, georgia. we are in the heart of georgia as msnbc coverage of super tuesday. georgia one of 11 states holding conferences in 11 days. today two senators taking on the gop goliath in the final debate before delegate rich super
7:01 am
tuesday. texas is the top dog. 125 delegates, georgia a distance second, within the last 24 hours, we're seeing a sizable shift if strategy from cruz and rubio, instead of taking on each other, these senators are now setting their sights on the front runner. >> we can't be fooled by p.t. barnum. >> he thinks parts of obamacare is pretty good. >> if donald wins the election, who the heck knows what he will do? >> helps to be an honest broker. >> i think he has a fairly low ceiling. i think it's 35 to 40%. >> there is no heinmoon in foreign policy. >> the time for the clowns and the dancing bears has passed. >> but it comes down to the all important delegate math. we look at the count after four gop contests. donald trump has 82. cruz has 17.
7:02 am
rubio with 16. the 2012 gop nominee last time around is now putting his voice into the primary race. mitt romney, who stumbled over questions about his own personal tacks says there could be a quote bombshell inside donald trump's taxes. trump has yet to release any taxes. last month he told our savannah guthrie he fights like hell to not pay a lot of taxes. let's get right to it. we start now with nbc's halle jackson and peter alexander in houston ahead of the all-important debate tonight. if d.c., susan paige, the washington bureau chief for usa today. halle, we have cruz and rubio supporters. they have been begging their candidates to take on the front runner. texas being the critical and crucial home state of ted cruz. are the rubio and cruz camps confident that they can make inroads before march 1st? >> reporter: the cruz camp definitely feels confident at
7:03 am
this point, thomas. the question is, whether that confidence translate into support on the ground in the super tuesday states beyond texas? cruz called texas really the crown jewel of tuesday night, a night he called the most important one of his entire campaign. then he looked beyond to states like alabama, oakland, tennessee, a full chur of conservatives that fit well with ted cruz, donald trump also appeals to that same kind of voter, that part of the debate. >> that itself the real concern there. over on rubio's side, rubio you seen in the last maybe 12-to-18 hours, a real shift in his strategy. he's been turning up the heat on trump, take on his policy, for example, in the middle east, on is rashlgs on the palestinian states. he's focusing on taking it to trump if that regard. i think if there is an opportunity tonight, you will see marco rubio try to seize that opportunity to take on donald trump. you are right, there is a perception starting to build that perhaps these candidates don't look as strong as they could if they were to attack trump more directly.
7:04 am
>> all right, let's check in with peter alexander, we have donald trump here responding to mitt romney. and his questions about trump's taxes so trump pointed out mitt romney was one of the worst and dumbest in the republican politics is pushing on tax return, dope. let's remind trump endorsed mitt romney in 2012. my how the times have changed. >> pulled up exactly what donald trump said about mitt romney about four years ago. he said as follows, it's my honor, my real honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. he is tough, he is smart. so the language clearly has changed over the last 24 hours, now after romney has gone after donald trump here, which really demonstrates the alarm bells going on within the republican establishment right now. we've heard trump go after romney calling him goofy and awkward, saying, knack, he was a fool, so the times have
7:05 am
certainly changed. what's interesting here, though, the bottom line is this issue of the 2012 campaign. i remember an interview in july of that year. there was pressure in the last two years. donald trump is on the defensive, next, mitt romney says this is an issue that can haunt him. what romney is suggesting, the bomb shell could say something that would undermine his narrative, perhaps he hasn't given to veterans groups in the past. he has been paying a low tax rate or isn't worth anywhere near as much money as he says he is right now this is sort of ironic, given the fact this was the same effort by harry reid and other democrats, harry reid, basic all, without everyday, saying i am hearing mitt romney hasn't paid any taxes in the last ten years. he had no evidence to that effect. >> so, susan, history would
7:06 am
dictate these whisper campaigns can have a problem. is the future of the campaign, at least donald trump's or the success of others in rubio and cruz being i heard this or may have heard this rumor about donald trump? is that going to hurt him? >> you know, to some degree, it puts trump on the defensive and probably guarantees he will have to release his taxes at some point. i don't think donald trumps that done very well because people thought he paid a lot to taxes or gave a thought to charity. people supported him because they think he's got a strong message, he's tapped a sense of real anythingst concern and anger in the republican electorate. i'm not sure how having mitt romney raised questions about his tax returns goes to the heart of trump's appeal. to those, the idea that rubio and cruz will finally go after trump in a big way in the debate tonight, i think a lot of people who support them say it's about time, it is surprising, pacific,
7:07 am
they have fought chosen to do so up to this point while trump has gotten ahead of steam. >> let's look at the campaign cash in all this. halle, let me go back to you. if we look at who is airing tv ads in the 11 super tuesday states, marco rubio spending money in ache of those states, ted cruz advertising in just five, donald trump, not advertising in any. he gets the most for less. so what is that saying about the strategies of these other campaigns? it tells you why these campaigns think they can play. this rubio-cruz is instructive. look at where cruz is not putting money where his mouth is. marco rubio is, in states like vermillion, virginia. it's not a necessary fit for ted cruz. there is a calculation, why spend money and resources in those places. you might see digital or radio spots in those areas. but at this point, it's my understanding the campaign wants to focus on areas where they think cruz can be strong. you talk about donald trump not
7:08 am
spending a dime. he doesn't necessarily have to, thomas. he is the king of earned media. he is going up the med lines with the front runner in this race with the controversial things he says. for him, his campaign appears to be making the calculation it's easier to sit back, grab the headlines, let the billion fair keep some of the billions. >> yeah. 140 characters of less seems to do the trick here. thanks, to all three of you. i appreciate it. i will bring in former georgia congressman bob barr. he represented the area north of here for eight years. this year he endorsed ted cruz for president. it's great to have you with me. thanks for dealing with the 43 degree temperatures. >> we will do it here next time. >> i like it. as we look at the latest polls from georgia, trump is up anywhere from 9 to 12 points. marco rubio behind marco rubio. as a cruz supporter, are you satisfied with the campaign and strategy of ted cruz to show
7:09 am
muscular strength to win this gop nomination? >> very much so. what ted has been trying to do is to stick to the issues. he, in fact, despite what he heard a few minutes ago has, in fact, taken on donald trump in the last debate. >> that itself why trump keeps lashing out at him, calling him names and so forth. but here in georgia, people care about the second amendment. they know trump is soft on the second amendment. they care about tax reform. aknow trump is not good on that. they oppose obamacare. they know trump supports that. cruz has been hitting the issues hard. >> how do you say trump is soft on the second amendment? he is vocal on his conceal carry permit? >> he is vocal about all sorts of things. the fact is if you look at his prior support for new york mayor mike bloomberg's anti-gun efforts, trump has said he favors an expanded ban and backgrounds check and so forth. so his record is very different
7:10 am
from what he's saying. >> so as we look at what ted cruz has done so far, he will tell all of us, remind everybody, every concession speech, he won iowa. he's the only one that demonstrated a strength to beat donald trump in the four early contests. why do you think that evangelicals, though, are flocking to rump? we got 65 to 70% of the gop electorate here identifying as evangelicals. it seems as they're being mag i magnetized to trump. >> he ask a magnet, for what, we don't know. he is a magnet. here in georgia, those voters who vote on family and faith issues, for example the so-called evangelicals are not single issue voters. so i think we will see something different here in georgia. they do care about the second amendment and taxes and foreign affairs. >> when we think about ted cruz, he says super tuesday voters will see through the blowny an launch him. we know texas is a delegate rich state.
7:11 am
georgia coming in second with the 76. are voters falling for something in a donald trump candidate personality over policy? >> they're falling for something over policy, because there is absolutely no policy that has come out of trump's mouth in this entire election contest thus far. and i think it's important that mitt romney, our standard bearer at the last go-round has come out and started asking some tough questions about donald trump. one thing you don't want in a party going 72 a fall election is a pig and a poke. >> do you think that is him trying to stir the plot with an alleged bombshell on taxes or do you think hess on to something? >> well, it doesn't matter what he is on to something. what he is doing is saying the candidate, donald trump, needs to be vetted. people need to know more about him, because if he were to win the nomination, and, yet, still amass all of the details of his life and his policies, we go into the general election not
7:12 am
knowing who we have as a candidate. >> former georgia congressman bob barr thank you so much. we will have much more from georgia in a second. i want to show you live pictures coming out of ohio. this is berea. bernie sanders will be at wal lat university. look forward to super tuesday and beyond with him ve hillary clinton keeping her eyes on this weekend's sizable prize coming up in the south carolina primary. we will check in with our campaign correspondent covering sanders and clinton right after this. food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at
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7:15 am
i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. we continue our super tuesday coverage on the road. we take a look now at the democratic campaign trail. we are expecting to hear from senator bernie sanders and secretary hillary clinton in the next hour.
7:16 am
in moments, secretary sanders will begin his four stop tour, this is berea, ohio, hillary clinton will be holding a town hall in south carolina with two days to go until saturday's primary there. we will chic in with our reporters who have been closely following these democratic campaigns. casey hunt is with the sanders champ in ohio. a jam packed day for bernie sanders as he looks beyond south carolina and we know all roads to the white house travel through ohio. >> reporter: that's right, thomas, we are literally on the road with bernie sanders. his motorcade is about to pull out to head out to that first event of the day here in ohio. the state, of course, does not vote until later in march it is not a super tuesday state. today, we will be heading to flint, michigan, of course the site of that water crisis. then on to illinois before a late night flight to minnesota, which, of course, is a super
7:17 am
tuesday night event in minnesota tomorrow. we are jam packed schedule for bernie sanders heading into super tuesday t. goal here to try to create some of that national momentum that we have been seeing with all of these crowds, sanders spoke to a crowd of over 6,000 people in tulsa, yesterday. >> on march 1st here in oklahoma, you are going to have the opportunity to make history. you will have the opportunity to help lead this country if a political revolution. [ cheers ] we can win here in oklahoma and a victory here is the path to victory nationally. >> reporter: of course, oklahoma, a surprisingly close
7:18 am
super tuesday state, not one we think of as a democratic state. those activists, liberals, college students cape out yesterday in tulsa, thomas, if you look at the map, sanders' team sees his strength as being basically in states where the electorate is made up of more working white class voters. of course, super tuesday has those states across the south voting, texas, georgia, alabama, strong holds for hillary clinton some of the more northern states potentially where bernie sanders might be able to rack up the score. the mass pretty tough for him, if she is able to win by significant margins. they are hoping if they post a couple clean wins to the board with driven by these big crowds that we have seen they can potentially regain some of the momentum they lost after that nevada loss, thomas. >> casey out there on the road with the sanders' camp in ohio. thank you, we want to go to our
7:19 am
colleague kristen welker in kings street, south carolina, this is a firewall for south carolina t. numbers in south carolina definitely favor secretary:she clinton, she's no giving anything for granted right now? >> reporter: she's not taking anything for dpraned. according to our latest wall street marist poll, her lead here 60% to 32%. >> that is a huge lead, fueled in large part by african-american voters, but she has been here almost every day. she has multiple events every day. she has three in south carolina, former president bill clinton will be here as well throughout the day. so they really need voters, their supporters to turn out if force. because she does want to put a big number on the board here heading into super tuesday. she thinks that will give her a lot of momentum. we have been talking about african-american voters. she and senator sanders have been courting them.
7:20 am
they're key here in carolina and the key states that casey was mentioning. today we are getting two different images from the african-american community here in south carolina. last night, a protesters in charleston said secretary clinton needed to apologize to the african-american community for some of the conflicting images of her past when it comes to criminal justice reform. she cited mass incarceration of americans if 1990s. take a look at part of that exchange. >> you owe people of color an apology. >> this is inappropriate. give me a chance to talk. you know what, nobody's ever asked me before. are you the first person to ask me. i'm happy to address it. so you are the first person to ask me. >> reporter: so secretary clinton saying that that protester was being rude, that she would get back to her after the event wrapped up.
7:21 am
despite the fact that she has a lot of support among african-americans, not every one is on board voting for her. having said that, she locked up high profile endorsements including james complyburn, who is releasing a new ad today. take a look at that. >> hillary is the only candidate i trust to fight for the field and deal on the president's progress, not rip it away. my heart has always been with hillary clinton. >> reporter: so an ad like that will energize her base. she said at a fundraiser this week she anticipates donald trump will be the nominee. very interesting stuff, thomas. back to you. >> things are starting to crystallize as we ramp up to super tuesday. thank you. we want to pass on a him practicing note for everybody. we have two for you. 5:00 p.m. she will go one on one with
7:22 am
chuck todd and tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern, bernie sanders plays hardball with our chris mathews as they are on the hardball college tour. so tune in for that. all right, with super tuesday possibly launching the top candidates to the nomination, there is a renewed focus on the evangelical vote. where they is thatened if georgia. coming up, we continue our live broadcast in atlanta. this is msnbc. the place for politics. stick around.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> hi, everybody, we continue the evangelical vote, it's expected to play a prominent role when we ramp through soup irtuesday identifying as an evangelical. i am joined by ralph reed, founder and chairman of the faith and freedom coalition. good morning. >> thanks, thomas. good to be with you.
7:26 am
>> so nice to have you here. we talk about where the state of the primary stand right now, i want to get your take on donald trump. it appears it's his to lose him he has that support with the exit polling of evangelicals giving him their vote. why do you think that is? >> 83, it's pretty extraordinary. the evangelical vote is surging in raw numbers and a share of the vote. four years ago, 51% of all the voters who cast ballots in republican preference caucuses were self identified eadvantage cals. we believe in faith and freedom coalition that number will be between 56 and 60. now, here's the thing that you got to know about the evangelical vote. if you are a front runner like trump, which he clearly s. you don't need a majority of that vote. you need a third of that soet. that's what john mccain got in l.a., romney got in 2012. that's all you need.
7:27 am
he got that in south carolina. he won the primary. he got 40% in nevada on tuesday night. so unless that vote starts to go somewhere else and unless this field winnows, he's going to be very hard to stop. >> it seems success breeds success, especially on the campaign trail. but ted cruz, this would be a natural base of support that would go for him. why do you think he hasn't been able to capture their attention and their confidence? >> well, of course, he did in iowa i think that the roles were reversed in iowa. he got a third of the vote. trump got like 22%. but it's been harder for him to replicate that. i think the reality is that evangelicals are not a monolithic constituency. they are pro lie. they are for traditional marriage. they are for religious freedom and support of israel. they also vote on job, economy,
7:28 am
tax, education and health care. >> reporter: sure. >> so when you have a candidate that is leading the way trump is leading, and he's making this full-throated appeal that at a time of great global instability and danger and at a time of weak and anemic economic growth, a largely jobless recovery, i'm a strong leader. that's a rising tide that lifts all boats and appeals to a broad swath of voters. >> is that a ralph reed endorsement? >> no, it's not. >> reporter: are you ready to throw your weighing behind some candidate or waiting? >> both i and my faith and freedom have been acid wally neutral. i have a lot of friend, i think this decision is best left to the voters. and can didly, a lot of that is real politic. these candidate, in other words, are all pro-life, pro marriage pro family. we think it's best to leave the decision to the voters.
7:29 am
it doesn't mean i wouldn't make an expression of sentiment later. i haven't so far. >> reporter: marco will be here, donald trump, the night the lights went out in georgia not too far from here t. nights went out in his latest rally. do you think that they can get the support before super dues to take away from donald trump or clearly it's going to define the tale to get him to the delegate he needs at 1237? >> well, we have now reached in the race march 1st you have whatever the number, 13, 15 states, it's not a national primary. we're beyond ground game now. this is about earned media and momentum. they will all come into states like this. georgia's 76 delegates. it's a big prize. i think second only to texas on that day. >> right. >> and so they're going to come in and have these rallies and dominate earned media. trump was here on sunday. i think he will probably be back. i think this state is going to be very competitive and very
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:30 am
hard fought. there is one poll that shows trump around 30 to 31 and i think marco's in the low 20s. so things could change. a lot could happen. it will be competitive and hard fought. >> down to the wire. ralph, thank you, good to see you. >> super tuesday also being called the sec primary. could the southern states cast the deciding votes in this far from normal primary race? that's next. keep it locked in. you are watching msnbc the place for politics. back live in atlanta after this. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country.
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all right. so it's really no coincidence the road to the white house goes through the southern united states, after the elections in 2012, southern state officials decided theyped more influence over the elections. back then, texas, georgia, alabama, tennessee, virginia and arkansas had their primaries spread out as early as march 6th and as late as may 29ing.
7:34 am
this time around, we're seeing consolidation all a part of the sec primary, which along with four other states, will hand out 600 dem gats next week. brian kevin spearheaded the push to create the sec primary. a sports reference there. explain how you were able to do this, brian, why you think it was so important to consolidate the southern states as such. >> being in the legislature, i was frustrated georgia didn't have more of a role in the presidential primary process. i started thinking of ways we could be more relevant. that's where i came up with the strength in numbers idea of not only having georgia go in early, trying to get our neighboring states and others in the south to do a regional primary. this idea that has been around quite a while, the national association of secretary of state has had a rotating regional primary plan, it never took off. so i decided to embark in doing our own, really the first states i got to engage and go along
7:35 am
with us is tennessee, alabama and arkansas, okay, georgia, when you say those four states, everybody thinks about the sec. >> exactly. what there resistance within the certain party aspects or from washington about this? >> i don't know. i never heard much from washington. you know, there were some interesting politics as we had to get legislation passed in arkansas and alabama. there were some rumors that tennessee may move. i think that was because a certain presidential candidate was trying to get them moved for political benefits. at the end of the day, we held everybody towing, really gained some states that we didn't think we were going to get like virginia. it's turned out to be great. i think our voters on both sides of the aisle are excited about the idea. >> so when it comes down to march the 2nd, are you going to be in trouble with anybody because of the fact that this could proportionally put some people at a big disadvantage to the current front return, if they weren't for that person?
7:36 am
>> i heard a little about that. it's been all over the board, which tells me, i don't know how i could accept blame. it's hard to accept blame when our voters will be participating when the race still matters. that's the most important thing from us. that's what i'm hearing from people in other states. originally, people were saying, you designed this for ted cruz, now it's trump. you know, what happens if the winds change on tuesday night and it propels, you know, rubio, cruise, kasich, carson, is this the firewall for hillary? you know, i've gotten blamed by some. >> you get it all around. >> people are feeling the burn here. we have 4,000 people at morehouse. it's great for both side. >> when we talk about georgia, 76 delegates at stake here, they're allocated proportionally. not winner takes all. >> we're doing it. we have three delegates for all of our 14 congressional districts. we have three national delegates, state wide delegate, they're all split up
7:37 am
proportionally. you have to get over a certain portion of the delegate side. if somebody wins the state, it doesn't mean they have a huge delegate lead. if other candidates focus on certain congressional district can win those or place second and pick up a delegate, which who knows, maybe that keeps the race going a little longer. >> we shall see, i want you to tell me what your inbox looks for march 2nd after all this. >> it will be interesting. i think the great thing is we will have a great turnout across the south, people are excited. that's being predominantly red states, it doesn't matter the votes are in the democratic and republican primary. everybody has equalp opportunity to weigh in. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate it. when we come back the gop race for young voters here in georgia. a college republican leader is going to join me next about what the state of georgia politics are currently. back with much more after this. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
7:38 am
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the big question so many campaigns were asking how to capture the youth vote. each campaign feels they have a strategy that's working. we have five days until super tuesday. there is a lot of attention here in the rich delegate state of georgia. we have the latest polling showing donald trump has a nine-point lead followed by marco rubio and ted cruz for the republicans. they're trying to target the younger voters to come out. who are they going to be supporting? joining me now is the chair of the georgia state college republicans. good to have you here. you are going to answer all these questions about the youth vote and let us know exactly which way it's going to fall. each campaign has their own strategy. your group, though, has not endorsed a candidate. why not? >> we like tory main future tral throughout the primary process. however we do support all the republican nominees that are currently running. and we try to do everything we
7:42 am
can to make sure that we get the republican in the white house. >> so who has impressed you personally so far? >> marco rubio guy. >> why. >> i think he has exactly what it takes to move this country within the 21st century. he has 21st century ideas. he has ideas that attract millennials, jobs, affordable education and how to pay back our student loans. >> what do you make about personally over policy when it comes to the popularity and also the winning campaign so far with donald trump. >> i think donald trump is an exciting candidate. anyone that allows the excitement coming out of him. if he so chose to be our nominee the college republicans will do everything he can to nominate as president. >> so when you talk about the issues with your fellow college republicans, what is the number one issue that most of you are talking about? is it about college loans? is it about jobs and what will you do post-graduation? >> education, education, jobs,
7:43 am
criminal justice are definitely some of those topics that we topped out. we had a meeting yesterday. education was on the table. marco rubio has a plan to make college not only affordable, but traditional college is not the thing that college students are worried about. we're worried about vocational education, apprenticeships, student loan debt. i felt like marco rubio has the best plan to ensure not only are we going to have a great job once we get out of college, we will also be able to pay back those stoounts student loans. >> he has a great plan for getting out of college, paying back loans, getting jobs, marco rubio wouldn't support you marrying your boy friend you said me is home watching right now. marco rubio says he does not support marriage equality. so is that, that's obviously not an issue for your support? >> no, i mean, my mother doesn't support same-sex marriage. and so, you know, with that
7:44 am
being said, i think we need to focus on non-discrimination. we need to no cuss on things that the georgia republicans for the future is doing if georgia right now. non-discrimination is the issue. the courts had their say on same-sex marriage. >> it's more a state level than a federal level? >> i think it's a democracy. we need to make sure, we need to focus on states and non-discrimination and things of those measures to make sure that we are doing the best things in the states for the lbgt community. >> ron, great to see you. thank you, i appreciate it. now, to the biggest super tuesday prize, texas, texas having the most delegates up for grabs for both parties, the latest polling is demonstrating ted cruz leads the republican pac in its own state, followed by donald trump. among democrats in that state, hillary clinton has a commanding lead over bernie sanders. i want to bring in awe author and political analyst james moore with texas to the
7:45 am james, good to have you here. i want to start on the left with the democrats. can bernie sanders actually gain some ground between now and super tuesday with the clinton campaign? >> well, it's going to be tough in texas. bern firepresents a leftist sort of idology at least in the view of most texas viewers. he is going to make ground. he's gaining popularity among the texas district i democratic voters hillary is going to probably hand him texas. she has been popular for a long time. she has a lot of friends in the state. what infrastructure there is in the destroying party is probably going to turn out for her. >> we look at the right, we have the big debate in houston. this is the critical home state of ted cruz. certain polls demonstrate how big it is for him. is this the bellwhether, the test, if he can't make it in texas, his campaign will start
7:46 am
to crumble? >> here's the thing, thomas, i think what's happening in texas is what's happening around the rest of the country is people are beginning to learn more and more about at the time cruz and as that hams, is unfavorability ratings go up. remember, he was elected in this state. it was almost anomalous. it was a runoff in the prime ar in the dead of july when the only people outdoors are western rattlesnakes. so turnout was very, very low. a small percentage of the republican electorate elected him to washington. then he took off and started campaigning for president. we don't know as much about him down here when he went to office as we do today because of his campaign. i think it's causing him problemsch so this is probably going to be a lot closer than many people expect. i still expect cruz to win, but trump is going to be very close because of the exposure cruz has had. it hasn't helped him. >> how do you think, though, tonight will play into that? because this is the last debuilt a for republicans before super
7:47 am
tuesday and donald trump is probably preparing to go into this as ted cruz and marco rubio to let it all fly. >> yeah, i think it will be an interesting debate. i think trump is looking at texas as a place to completely put an end to the cruz campaign. if trump even comes close here for ted cruz, it's going to be a very, very bad thing for the texas senator. remember, the way the delegates are allocated in texas has much to do with a popular vote. then the vote in the congressional districtings. and that's how they're allocated. trump has to do pretty well. he doesn't have to win. although, there is a remote chance he could boat cruz, either way, if it's close, it tooks tough for ted cruz from here on out. i think it will be very close. >> so great to have you with me. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> ply pleasure. >> coming up, we will check in with chris jansing and kyle perry, they are road tripping,
7:48 am
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7:51 am
>> keeping the line on the campaign trail, picks coming into us from berea, ohio, holding a rally at baldwin wallace university. let's listen in. >> understand no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else can do it alone, this is what senator turner was talking about. every person in this room is enormously powerful. if you choose to use your power. [ cheers ] and every person in this room is enormously powerless if you choose not to use that power. so here is the issue.
7:52 am
here is the issue. the issue is that when millions of people come together and they stand up and they say, you know what, in america, men and women have fought and died. as the former chairman of the senate veteran's committee, i had the opportunity to meet with great heroes and hero inns. they put their lives on the line from world war ii on up to defend american democracy. now we take democracy kind of for granted. but the truth is, democracy is a very, very radical idea. >> listening to bernie sanders there on the campaign trail as he's moving, criss-crossing through ohio today and we know that that's one of the many roads that get you to the white house. but the road to super tuesday makes a key stop with republican candidates set to debate in houston and our super tuesday roadtripers are in texas, chris jansing and kyle perry are
7:53 am
hitting seven states in seven days. chris, you spoke with the governor of texas. he supports ted cruz. what is he saying in advance. >> reporter: thomas, it's extraordinary what the governor said to me, nobody is doubting how pivotal super tuesday is. it's bigger than it ever has been. you have texas and as well as alabama and arkansas that weren't in the game before these delegates in texas. so this big endorsement comes through for ted cruz. i asked the governor a couple pointed questions. one, why, you know, he's the senator from your state. why did you wait? is it because you had to do it now? because this race is closer than anybody thought it would be. at first he said no, you do it because you want to wait until you have the maximum impact. but at the end of that answer, he said to me, i had to be coming in to close out the game for ted cruz, not exactly a resounding endorse. then i asked him a second, more
7:54 am
pointed question, listen to this. in the end will e-win here in texas? >> you know, i'm not going out on a limb and predict. ki tell you having traveled the state of texas. ted cruz has a widespread level of support here. things look good for him. certainly, i'm not a poll reader. i'm not someone that can tell you exactly what can happen. do i have a good feel that things will go well for at the time cruz, though. >> reporter: i'm not going to go out on a limb and pediatric. this is somebody who has run in this state, obviously, state wide, and won. he knows the politics of texas. and he is not willing to say that the guy that he just endorsed is going to win here. it speaks to the power of ted cruz. it 1350ex to the fact that people in the establishment republicans are very nervous. they know the clock is ticking. it points to that washington post editorial today that says listen, establishment, if you are going to beat donald trump, the time is now, step up your
7:55 am
game. but i think a big headline here is that the governor of texas will not say that the sitting senator from texas is going to win here in the primaries. thomas. >> really, quite a ledge on that bet after the endorsement. chris jansen, thank you so much. we want to check with kyle perry in a ranch in rosebeck, texas. what are you hearing especially people on this ranch about the state of this election? >> reporter: yes, this is the heart of texas. this is the heart of the cattle industry the agricultural industry, j.d.leher, we spoke about the need to balance local issues and local ones. take a listen. >> i understand that texas has different issues than new york has. but if i was in new york, you know, i would hope, i would understand that other people have different issues and therefore problems the guy at the top has to look at all of
7:56 am
them. at least i think he does. >> reporter: thomas, a little more flavor here for you as we are on the ranch, this bull has had it out for me all day. we are in a bit of a standoff. a little flavor of what people are looking four as we approach that big loep star state in tuesday. >> all right. kyle perry, thank you, also a big start to christian jansen, yes. keep in charge of the bull there. >> no, it's cattle. chris, i just want to point out, that you are currently in a shot. it's me, you, and the cattle. thank to kyle for this interview with governor greg abbott coming up today, an amazing interview right there. chris is hosting the 1:00 p.m. hour on dallas on msnbc. thanks for your time. i appreciate that. i'm thomas roberts. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern. tamron hall from austin texas.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. yes, good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall, coming to you live this morning from austin, texas. we are calling in tacos and politics this morning in my home state t. state a crown jewel of next tuesday's super tuesday contest. in a dozen states. i have nice people joining me, having their tacos early.. it will be up for grabs in texas. that's if we can't say it too many times, the most by far in any of the super tuesday states. that's why it's so important. 25 new polls have been released in the last 24 hours on the gop primary. now they show in texas, senator ted cruz a hometown senator is either tied with donald trump or leading him by as many as 15
8:01 am
points. as for the gop candidates, they are off the campaign trail today as they prepare to square off on a high stakes debate tonight. >> that set not far away from here in houston. the big question, though, will ted cruz and marco rubio turn from mainly attacking each opts and train their fire, instead, on the republican front runner. we may have gotten an indication from cruz and rubio yesterday. >> the front runner in this race donald trump has actually alluded to the facts that he thinks parts of the obamacare is pretty good. he doesn't want to take sides in the palestinians, he wants to be an honest broker. there is no broker in that. >> the question is how do we prevent nominating a candidate who loses the election or for that matter if donald wins, the eexwill, who the heck know what is he'd do as president? >> trump is also under fire from the 2012 republican nominee mitt
8:02 am
romney. over releasing his taxes, something romney was also pressed on four years ago. take a listen. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes, either he is not near as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay. >> so here's a question, do you think donald trump responded? you bet he did, on twitter, tweeting out, mitt romney, who is one of the bumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns. joke. keep in mind, donald trump endorsed mitt romney in nevada when he ran for president. on the democratic side right now, you see on your screen, hillary clinton about to hold a town hall in king street, south carolina, ahead of the state's primary on saturday.
8:03 am
we left that great state yesterday. one of her four campaign events. bernie sanders looks ahead to future could have been tents, events, in ohio, michigan, chicago illinois, among them senator sanders joins chris mathews for "hardball's" college tour. now back to the republican race, joining us live correspondents covering the gop campaign. let's get straight to them. i think we are starting out with halle jackson. she is covering the trump and cruz campaigns today. she joins us from the site of tonight's gop debate. as we mentioned in houston. halle the trump campaign just got some good news in the form of a new poll out of florida. a what can you tell me about those ybs? >> not so great news from marco rubio's campaign. let's look at this quinnipiac poll showing trump dominating here with 44% support.
8:04 am
marco rubio down with 28%. cruz 12%, kasich 7, carson 4%. let's talk about what this means for each campaign. marco rubio, this is his home state. remember the florida primary is a winner take all state, 2nd place simply doesn't matter. if are you not on top, are you not anywhere. rubio trying to swin spin this campaign saying this pom was taken the day after jeb bush dropped out of the race and doesn't reflect what they see as a gradual shift from the former bush supporters. trump's campaign, meanwhile, look at that 44% figure, tamron. you heard trump's rivals saying his ceiling. did cruz talked about trump having a ceiling. this shows he can poll in the 40s. if he is able to boost that up six or seven more points in florida, maybe nationally. he looks to be a fear lock for the nomination. >> well, you know, it's interesting, halle, something we
8:05 am
touched upon whatnevada, donald trump having a presence for many years in that state. it's specifically las vegas, outside one of the hotels he has a presence in florida. governor jeb bub was at one time a popular governor in the state. donald trump owe owns one of the most expensive properties, mar largo in florida. spends half of his year in florida. so he is also maybe not the hometown guys, he spends half of his life, though, in that state. >> yeah, not the hometown guy like you said, sort of the business presence in florida. he spends a lot of time there. he is well known there. he has business connections, especially in florida. it's a brand name now just like donald trump's brand fame in florida. >> that said, when you have a sitting senator from the state, marco rubio, somebody as speaker
8:06 am
of the florida state of house, poming by donald trump by that kind of percentage, it's going to raise some eyebrows. it's starting to already. >> absolutely. i will go to peter alexander in a second. even under the marco rubio theory, even if ted cruz were to drop out of the race, it's still doesn't put donald trump, doesn't put marco rubio ahead if he can coalesce the majority of those supporters. >> and don't forget john kasich there, still taking a percentage away, i imagine, kasich certainly won't, at least from his campaign, what they're talking about, they're bank on march 15th on ohio and some of these winner take all states. so if kasich sticks around, that's not necessarily ideal for marco rubio however, a caveat, march 15th is still a political lifetime away. we have a lot of events between
8:07 am
now and then. and thiscase race could potentially change a bit. >> all right. let's go to peter alexander. he is covering the rubio campaign. we talked a lot with halle. i'm sure we stepped on a lot of the points it shows senator rubio 16 points behind. >> one thing that comes out in the poll numbers i think is really, sure, what i was going to say, halle made good points. you played it earlier how marco rubio telegraphed some of the things on the stage, saying he isn't picking sides between israel and the palestinians. the one thing that struck me in these numbers was the fact that donald trump's negative rating there is so low just 21% while nationally he remains winning the republican race.
8:08 am
in florida, specifically, his negative is 21% marco rubio's negative is roughly 17%. both of them, it doesn't look like a lot of anti-trump sentiment. only 5% say they are undecided. 30% they say can still change their mind. which is very different than the numbers in the states that preceded this, iowa, new hampshire, where there was that potential gap for things to change at the last minute. it's not good news for marco rubio in these final waning days. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in wayne slateer for the dallas morning news, and an icon of a writer. wayne, first i got to get off the top this conversation of jeb bush. you were one of the first people, you have written about carl rove the bush family. you have known their legacy four years. what did you think jeb bush dropped out after $130 million and never getting out of the single digits. >> it's astonishing.
8:09 am
i think the end to pause in the bush dynasty t. bushes are popular in placings like texas. but around the country, there is a lot of bush fatigue. i was surprised, but he was going absolutely nowhere. if this race proves anything, it proves $130 million won't buy you the presidency. >> that itself a good thing. >> what else do you believe this race has proven as it relates to senator ted cruz? he is now depending on the polls ahead 14 points or down? who knows. we do know he's in a real texas showdown. >> he is. he's ahead in most of the polls. people know him here in texas. he should win texas. he's got a great organization here in texas. ted cruz has depended on winning christian conservatives and sort of some tea party types. that's what the republican party is in a place like texas. >> how is that group different that from the evangelical vote. >> that he lost in new hampshire. he lost in nevada. explain how that christian group that you refer to in texas and
8:10 am
that tea party group may change the tables for ted cruz here? >> it may very well, because i don't it's significantly different. it's not as big as in iowa in terms of population. these christian conservatives are very important, looking at trump, who is a surprise, how in the world can christian conservatives support a foul mouth guy who doesn't know the difference between 2nd chron thinkians. >> we asked that, they're okay with that. >> you betcha. this is i think why. it's because trump does two things. he's strong and people are looking for someone who is strong and can fix and do stuff. christie conservatives, don't pigeon hole them, i don't mean you, into a small group. they are a group of people who care about their culture. their world. they see tear world as floating away, slipping away, they think trump can fix it. >> you say fix and do something.
8:11 am
some of the biggest battles relate to planned parenthood, a woman's right, donald trump in the debate, saying planned parenthood does good things, expressing some support of obamacare. these are the things that he, it has aligned himself with that are completely counter again to the battles that are still going on specifically, the battle over abortion in this state and he's on tape saying planned parenthood does some things okay. >> trump can say anything, it seals, his supporters will stay with him. i think if i'm a democrats, i'm worried about this kind of thing, trump says planned parenthood does other stuff, says things that may be helpful in a general election. meanwhile, here in the primary, his trump fanatics say, that's fine. he can say that, he's still our guy. >> let's talk about the republican hispanic vote in this state. it's not talked about enough. not huge numbers, but certainly
8:12 am
one worthy of attention. >> oh, it is, no question about it. . the hispanics vote in texas will be disproportionally no question about that. the hispanic vote is growing. there is a substantial number of hispanics votes that will vote. it won't be the biggest, but it will be a number. someone like ted cruz and donald trump and certainly marco rubio can appeal to those voters. >> because of conservative values, that, of course, due to immigration? >> that is it. the immigration thing is a bother to many of these people. these are many times people interested in business, in jobs, the values are important t. issue of family is very, very important. conservative republicans ought to be appealing to hispanics on the basis of family values, military strength. they have not done as good a job as they might. >> the military is very significant as well. i want to talk real quibbling, texas governor greg abbott was
8:13 am
on an interview with chris jansing. he has not declared a victory. he openly endorsed ted cruz. he said i am not going to guarantee a contradictory for ted cruz out of this. what is your case? >> maybe we all have learned, even the governor of texas, that we have been wrong completely through this whole thing. cruz should win, if he doesn't, it's curtains for him. there is no way you can see a path for victory if he loses texas. >> does jeb bush has victory at any point? >> no, they're done. >> coming up, a black lives matter activists confronts hillary clinton in south carolina, asking her to apologize for mass incarceration and a statement she made in 1994. will it impact hillary clinton's standsing with black voters in south carolina and actually beyond? we'll tell you more of what this woman said to hillary clinton and her response? it's making the rounds on social media. up next, i talk live with texas congressman joaquin castro, one
8:14 am
of the rising stars out of the state. in his party. about the race and about all of those rumors that keep surrounding his family as it relates to vp slots, moving up the ladder, developing now, senator bernie sanders, calling a campaign rally in berea, iowa, baldwin, university, ohio. we will have the latest on bernie sanders. did you see the big crowds he got out of oklahoma? we'll talk about people feeling the "bern." don't count him out. we'll be right back. quitting s. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history
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>> welcome back. we are live in austin, right before you, live pictures right now from bernie sander's rally happening right now outside of cleveland, ohio. this is the first stop in a
8:18 am
three-state tour on the mid-west today for the democratic candidate. later today senator sanders will make his first visit to flint, michigan, before heading to the university of chicago for a town hall hosted by chris mathews. >> that airs live tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. ohio, michigan, illinois hold their primaries after super tuesday. casey, it's interesting. i am told my monitor is tiny here. i understand there is a huge crowd, therefore, senator sanders just follows a huge crowd in oklahoma as well. >> that's right, tamron, we have been seeing in these super tuesday and later in the march voting states, these trademark crowds, in some ways, these march primaries will be the first at the time of whether or not those rallies can convert into votes. he had crowds in were na. they're smaller states t.
8:19 am
dynamics a little different. so we had thousands, upwards of 7,000 people in kansas city. kansas and missouri both vote later in march a. crowd of over 6,000 people in tulsa, oklahoma last night a. few left here outside in the cleveland suburbs. i will tell you the morning rallies for bernie sanders tend to be tloe slower. we saw that on the trail yesterday, so the question for the sanders campaign at this point is whether or not they are able to regain some of that momentum by posting some unexpected wins on super tuesday and later on into the month. if you just take a look at the calendar of his stops, we, of course, we walked you through what we did yesterday, today, another three or four states, ohio, michigan, then on to chicago and we're going to fly late at night to minnesota, where he has an evint in the morning, it's back to south carolina for one last visit. i wouldn't go so far as to say they've completely written south
8:20 am
carolina off. it's close. you know that's not a place where they are performing strongly. so they're spending their candidate's time. [ cheers ] >> reporter: as you can see, the raucous for the 10:30 rally in the suburbs. >> casey, obviously, i would love to ask you a few questions. >> that crowd is loud and excited. we will cover that and certainly made i make headlines. while sanders turns his attention to super tuesday and beyond, hillary clinton is focusing her fire power on south carolina. right now, secretary clinton is about to hold a town hall on cink street before headed to three other cities in that state today. now, at a private fundraising event last night, clinton was interrupted by a black lives matter activist, video of the incident has been posted on youtube. in it. a young activist is seen walking
8:21 am
in front of the of clinton. >> that activist is holding comments clinton made as first lady during the debate over her husband's crime bill. >> so i think we got a very, somebody saying here. we have to -- okay. we'll talk about that. >> i'm not a super predator. can you apologize to black people for mass incarceration. >> maybe can you listen to what i say. okay. thank you very much. >> can you all understand? nbc's kristen welker, we are on remo remote, i'm not sure how clear that plays to our audience, tell us about that woman that made more with her words with secretary clinton. >> reporter: well, she wanted secretary clinton to apologize
8:22 am
for saying something in 1996. we have to bring them to heal in reference to these tough crime bills that president clinton passed. >> that woman there asking for an apology from secretary clinton. she said, look, i'll talk to you after this event. you will being very rude. you are interrupting. she certainly made the point that the clintons have a checkered past. >> that pab a key part in this election cycle. she is going to reform education for police officers to prevent tragedies like ferguson from happening. this is one of the issues that has helped her to rally the african community behind her. you are seeing younger african-americans have questions about this checkered history for the clintons, particularly when
8:23 am
president former clinton was in office. now, to counter that, when secretary clinton has gotten big endorsements, including one of the biggest ones here in south carolina, congressman jim comply clyburn. secretary clinton about to take the stage here at king's street. her support is huge in this community. she is hoping it will help her rake in a big victory on saturday, which will give her momentum into super tuesday. tamron. >> chris tirngs i want to follow up, the imaging alone, obviously, we can show that video again, very stirring when you think about some of the things on social media, particularly what is referred to as black twitter, who said, hillary clinton has not talked enough about referring to young black males as super predators and some of the incarceration
8:24 am
rates are incredibly high not to mention i think it's around 96% of black women showed up to support then barack obama a. key voting block for hillary clinton if she is to get the nomination and go on to general election. 96%, high enthusiasm. many of those women, those mothers, still have questions. >> reporter: well, look, i think that president clinton's policies angered a lot of african-americans at the time and when they are going back, reviewing the younger african-american voters, the mothers quite familiar with those policies and feel it led to a massive incarceration of african-american males in particular. there ask a group that is concerned about this history and
8:25 am
concerned about what it would mean if secretary clinton were to win the nomination and the presidency, secretary clinton has made this one of the key focuses. this year she called for a ro bust plan to call down on the black community and african-american men in particular. >> let me bring in congressman joaquin castro. congressman, thank you so much for joining us today. a pleasure to see you. >> great to see you, great to be on the line with a fellow texan. >> i know. i wish you were here and with us. i'd treat you to a taco maybe the next time. let's talk business here we saw bernie sanders in ohio. a huge crowd in ohio. a huge crowd in oklahoma. yes, he's trailing in many polls
8:26 am
at this point, be i the masses, his way forward is complicated. nevertheless, he has the enthusiasm of the party. how does hillary clinton translate that to her side if she gets this nomination? >> well, i think, hillary has enthusiasm and packs and support also, bernie has been a positive force in this democratic primary. it's true. a lot of people come out to support him. but the fact is, hillary clinton is ahead for a reason. that's because people feel she will be the best person and best able and qualified to keep americans safe and at home and abroad so i think as we go into the super tuesday states, you will see heroin, an overwhelming majority of states, because she is the best candidate. >> according to latest polls, roughly half of the states,
8:27 am
roughly primary voters think that the presidential feel has poor choice at best at this point. i'm intrigued what you think of that that they're seen as poor choices. 42% with clinton and 49% with donald trump. you look at the people running for president, other than donald trump, she has the second lowest approval rating. >> well, you know, she has faced a career of republicans on the right wing trying to demonize her, questioning her character at every turn, so, certainly, i think for anybody who comes out of the democratic nomination process, there is going to be work to do to bring the company together, to take their message not only from democrats, but also to cry to unify independents and bring over republicans. secretary clinton will do it and do it well. >> let me ask you about the
8:28 am
latino vote. not just here in texas, but around texas. the african-american vote, female votes, but certainly, we know the value if a candidate can rally these key blocks. the national association of latino officials projects 13.1 million latino voters will cast the ballot. the presidential election is up from 11.2 million him when you hear donald trump say he's won the votes in nevada and he will win the hispanic vote, what's your reaction to that? >> well, you know, donald trump makes bombbassic claims. if you look at the numbers, the country feels like we need somebody who is more positive. everybody understands there is frustration and anger on both sides they don't want a president. somebody in the presidency who
8:29 am
will be bombbast tobacco people. i heard since donald trump entered the race, so many latinoings said they will vote for the first time. now donald trump has gotten closer to winning the republican nomination. i have been approached by folks who said if he wins the nomination these are spannic republicans, they'll vote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. whoever the nominee is. >> that will be incredible. i have to ask you about a headline in the daily beast saying your brother is if quote vp training camp. is that true? >>. you know, my brother understands that's an office that you don't run for. the fact is, that hillary clinton, i hope she'll be i believe she'll be the nominee that will have a lot of choices to direct from. i think my brother will be in that batch considered.
8:30 am
ultimately, that's her decision. >> so great to talk to you. hope to see you again soon. >> thank you. >> of course. >> this morning, donald trump is calling mitt romney, quote, one of the worst candidates in the history of republicans politics, despite embracing or endorsing. this new attack comes after romney calls on trump to release his taxes. now, he is saying he is hiding a bombshell. the debate as a republican candidate. the democratic showdown included a challenge to hillary clinton to relieve transcripts from speeches she's given to wall street. will the challenge come up? i will talk live with president clinton's will talk about that and the candidate's tax plan. we will let you see and get his thoughts on the best tax plan.
8:31 am
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>> welcome back i'm tamone hall. we are live innous tin, texas him still ahead, republican governor brian sandeval of nevada is emerging as a possible supreme court tom knee. coming up, the challenges ahead for republicans as they refuse to meet with someone from within their own party and the challenges for president obama. if he is going to nominee, who opposes some of his policies. also today, chris jansing brings her super tuesday roadtrip to my hometown, dallas. we will hear more today 1:00 p.m. eastern time. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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8:38 am
reacting to mitt romney's call for him to release his taxes him romney says perhaps there is a bombshell, writing, quote, just for your info. tax returns have zero to do with somebody's net worth. i have already filed my statement with the sec. they are great it comes as both candidates make a statement, like lowering taxes. just this morning, the washington post finds between 14 and 16 million people would be worth off under bernie sander's health care plan according to a researcher? what will those plans really look like during the pregnancy and do they even have a chance when it comes to congress? a professor of public policy uc berkeley and secretary, thank
8:39 am
you so much for joining me. i know you have not endorsed a candidate or taken a side in this mitt romney is now challenging donald trump to release this tax information. trump saying he has released this financial statement with the sec. >> that is completely different than a tax return. he says it has nothing to do with his net worth. also, what is your take here? >> tamron, mitt romney, it turns out he paid income and taxes, an extraordinary bombshell in 2012. when mitt romney calls on him to release his tax returns. when mitt romney says there will be a bombshell there, any presidential candidate. particularly one in the lead discuss have to. does owe it to the tax returns. there is no question about it.
8:40 am
a statement that donald trump made has nothing to do with his tax returns. >> a candidate is not required to release their tax information. correct? >> it is a tradition. let's face it. most persons don't trust candidates. they don't trust governments. they're worried about crony capitalism. they want to make sure anybody they are voting for is playing by the rules. that's why disclosure is so important. >> this tweet from donald trump, he says your tax info has to do with your net worth. what does that sound like? your tax returns has zero to do with her net worth? what are you saying there, i think? >> i assume donald trump is essentially focusing as he has on the fact that he is a billionaire. he thinks it's very important for people to know he has
8:41 am
multiple billions of dollars. but that is not the issue. the issue is on his yearly income, is he doing his public duty? is he paying his federal taxes? that's the question. he is ducking that question. >> and the other question out there morning, regarding this washington post report that a new study finds that between 14 and 16 million people would be worse off under bernie sander's health care plan here. he says he would increase it, single payer health care, free tuition, a hot button, hillary clinton says increase minimum wage, build in an affordable care act. this is at the heart of what people should be evaluating at this point what do you see in this headline from the washington post review of bernie sander's health plan?
8:42 am
>> i haven't looked at the analysis, bernie sanders is proposing what is a single payer plan. most other countries, advance countries have this kind of plan. it's much cheaper on a per person basis, than the extraordinarily offensive private sector system we have. and that means that if we adopted a single payer plan, most americans would be paying far less. that's the big deal. eventually, we will move into a single payer plan t. question is, whether we do it sooner or later. >> the gop debates will be in houston, again giving tax breaks to the wealthiest in this country. very little distinguishing quite honestly some of what we're seeing from unless you see another headline here. >> to himron, what the republican tax plans, this is
8:43 am
true of trump's and cruzs, they are cutting taxes mostly on the wealthy by about $12 trillion. now, this is a much bigger sock to the very wealthy in america than anything we have seen in the past. even larger than ronald reagan or george w. bush. this is at a time when america's wealthy and rich people are richer than ever before, while the median typical wage of most people is going down. this is not only unfair, this has no basis of any economic or moral logic. >> former labor secretary robert rice, thank you so much for joining us. great pleasure, always talking with you. >> thank you. >> coming up, how does senator ted cruz earn back the support of evangelical voters? after trump won that voting block in nevada and new hampshire, it's all on the line, in texas, up next, i will talk live with a republican law maker
8:44 am
in the super tuesday states of tennessee, where evangelicals made up more than 70% of the voters in 2012. we will talk about social media. stay right here. you will only see on msnbc. coming up, hillary clinton talks to chuck todd today, 5:00 p.m. eastern time. the hardball college tour. you are watching msnbc live from austin, texas. .
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hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,
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the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >> tennessee republican governor endorsed marco rubio. the popular government says rubio is the candidate with the best chance to beat hillary clinton in the general i lex with 58 delegates at play. tennessee is one of the states to watch. only texas and georgia will
8:48 am
award more delegates. joining me is marsha plaqueburn. >> thumpg for joining us. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> let's talk about your governor. saying that marco rubio is the candidate with the best chance of beating hillary clinton in the general election, here, marco one i rubio is the downsidep. the latest polls showing him double digit to donald trump. >> yes, tamron, i think what is happening is a couple things, number one, endorsements from individuals who are in elective office don't mean a lot. because this is a year when the voters are sending a message to elected officials and they're saying, look, we're sick of this we have expectations. you are not meeting them. we're tired of failure. we're tired of our taxes being wasted. so they want we the people to take control of their government
8:49 am
again, so i really think endorsements don't mean a lot, they're looking for a change, they're looking for an outsider. this is an outsider year in politics. >> and if that is the case the outsider the leader the front runner if your party is donald trump. are you proud he's the front runner in your party right now? >> sure, i am pleased the issues he highlighted. i have to tell you, tamron, i have been saying this about a year as i've heard trump out on the stump. he has really just captured the voice of the american people. we've had 16 great candidates running. i like them all. whether it is trump or cruz or rubio on carson, you've got people that have never been eelective office. carley fiorina has never been in elective office. they are saying what the american people are saying,
8:50 am
which is we want something done. we want the border secured. we want to make sure national security, jobs and economic security and retirement security are issues done about. >> but one of the other issues you've been vocal about is planned parenthood. you were part of the charge to defund planned parenthood. the candidate that you said right now is hitting the right tone and the right note with your party's, donald trump, who has said planned parenthood does good things. let me play what he said on meet the press. >> i have many, many friends or women who understand planned parenthood better than you or i will ever understand it, and they do some very good work. cervical cancer, lots of women's issues, women's health issues are taken care of. planned parenthood does a lot of good -- really good jobs, but not on abortion. i'm not going to do it if they're doing abortion. >> i interviewed during the
8:51 am
planned parenthood hearings, and you did not want to acknowledge any of the work that planned parenthood does that donald trump calls good work. he says many people don't understand that. do you understand what donald trump is saying, that planned parenthood does -- >> i do, and i think what you're referencing is the work that i have been doing with the select investigative panel on infant lives, and yes, i'm chairing that. we're looking at the medical practices of the abortion industry at large, and also, at the procurement organizations. and what we want to do is make certain that the title 10 funds go to clinics that are providing women's health care, and we have lots of community health centers that are doing that. what we do not want is to have that money going to those that are providing abortion. so we're working on -- >> do you agree that planned parenthood does good things? >> i agree there are clinics out
8:52 am
there that meet women's health needs. you have lot of clinics that get title 10 funds, and most of the planned parenthood clinics a as you well know, tamron, do not any longer, provide women's health services. they get sent to the community health scenters, and they'repr providing women's health care. there are far more than planned parenthood clinics. >> do you believe it should be a problem for donald trump with evangelicals in your state that he sees the value, he says, in the very good things that planned parenthood does at a time when ted cruz now wants the two people indicted for those doctored videos of planned parenthood to be pardoned, something ted cruz said yesterday? >> well, what you're going to see with the -- they want
8:53 am
somebody who is going to shake up washington, get rid of the status quo. they want a person who going to get out there and put the emphasis on three things that i mentioned. national security, jobs and economic security, and retirement security. and tamron, that is what we hear regularly over and over from voters. >> okay, well, we'll see if we hear it in the debate. >> absolutely. thank you. have fun in texas. >> of course i will. coming up, we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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comcast business. built for business. we are live in austin, texas, the lone star state. president obama is considering a republican governor to fill the vacancy left by the late antoni scalia. the president's move, the "washington post" asks if
8:57 am
floating brian sandoval's name is just trolling. washington bureau, david, msnbc political reaction. >> i'm very jealous you're down in austin, i wish i could be eating there today. this is, you know, my gut reaction is that the republicans are abandoning their obligations here. they're saying that basically from time on we will never take a supreme court nominee, we'll put the court's work to the side. it's ludicrous and i hope there is some pay back to them in the coming elections. the president is in a jam. he has to find someone who is qualified, who, you know, may have a shot, but also willing to go through this process of having the door slammed in their face, out of obstructionism. it's a very tough calculation the president is going to have to make. >> we know that senator grassley
8:58 am
has scheduled this meeting with president obama next week. that's according to some information, but he has already said he doesn't care how history judges him for refusing to consider president obama's nominee. so we've talked a lot about the complexities as it relates to republicans. if the president nominates someone who is counter to some of his key policies and legislative leanings, for lack of a better description, how does that then disappoint potential liberals are those to the left. >> i think some liberal groups will be disappointed if he nominates brian sandoval, who is moderate at best, and is bad on labor issues, and is not a liberal justice, the way that scalia was a conservative justice. but if the door is slammed, and nothing goes forward, the impact of the consequence will be much more minimal. so i think liberals will be disappointed, but it won't define the way they view the
8:59 am
president. >> as it potentially could define republicans if they meet with someone in their own party. dangerous territory. thank you so much, david. great to have you on. you can come to texas any time. i'll send you my schedule. >> great. have fun down there. >> thank you and thank you so much for watching this hour. i'm tamron hall, live in austin. they've given me this. up next, we'll be back here tomorrow. come see us. andrea mitchell reports live from columbia, south carolina. god bless the great state of texas. right now, on a special edition of andrea mitchell reports, south carolina, now or never, donald trump biggest rivals start jumping back.
9:00 am
is it too late to derail the front-runner. >> the biggest change is going to be when the people not named donald trump, the choices begin to narrow. >> we can't be fooled by pt barnum. the towns for the clowns and acrobats and dancing bears has passed. >> super tuesday or bust. bernie sanders is already in ohio. >> and when you do some of these polls, which has bernie sanders against trump, hillary clinton against trump, almost all of those polls have us beating trump by wider margins. >> hillary clinton is trying to narrow down south carolina, ahead of the primary here two days from now. and high court curve ball. the white house hints the president might nominate a republican to the bench. >> now anything is possible, i suppose down the road, if the president said you know what,
9:01 am
they're not likely to confirm anybody i send up there, i might as well make life hard for them. >> i had conversations yesterday with the republican senators, and they said we don't care who they send up, the answer is no. and good day, i'm andrea mitchell in columbia, south carolina. perhaps because he has nothing to lose, it is the 2012 republican nominee, mitt romney, who is now taking on donald trump. romney suggesting this week there has to be a reason why trump has been so reluctant to release his tax returns. well, every action against donald trump gets a reaction. so today, the republican front-runner tweeted, mitt romney was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics. pushing me on tax returns. dope. now this follow-up tweet, signing a recent tax return isn't this ridiculous. with the stack of papers there.
9:02 am
joining me now, peter alexander, 11 state super tuesday road trip, and kristin well -- mitt romney, you can only imagine what's going on between mitt romney and donald trump. >> yeah so reminded of that day when the two men and actually romney at the time came from behind the curtain, what seemed most unlikely lie aalliances on side. romney said he was smart and tough to provide the endorsement on that day. times have changed since that amazing photo, now four years ago. let's put up again, that photo that was put out today. donald trump trolling mitt romney about his tax returns, he put something on twitter, another imagine up on instagram
9:03 am
as well, the same picture. he wrote lightweight losing candidate, mitt romney asks about my tax returns. i have a store that is worth more than he is. this has gotten pretty interesting. striking as anything, the fact that romney is doing to donald trump what harry reid and the democrats did to mitt romney. without any evidence, he is raising questions about donald trump's taxes here. the tactic may not pay off the same way it brand romney four years ago, because trump's message really is one of strength. it's not what is in his taxes that many peopleght. in effect, an alamo type stand off. the last stand, perhaps for marco rubio, john kasich and ted cruz before super tuesday. new poll numbers coming out in the last couple of hours, showing donald trump leading marco rubio in home state of florida by 16 points.
9:04 am
done by quinnipiac. it can occasionally be an outlier in the state of florida. to try to calm fears and perhaps raise expectations, here is what we're hearing from the rubio campaign posted only a short time ago, statement on twitter from marco rubio's lead visors, a chief strategist. media needs to cool. we're going to win florida, period. take it to the bank. consider the expectations, set. andrea. >> indeed, peter. chris jansing, chris, you're there in texas, justin ter viewed the governor, who endorsed ted cruz. what is ted cruz, what is his strategy going into the debate? >> well, look, it's going to be interesting to see, because he has so much at stake. nobody has more at stake arguably here in texas, and across this campaign than ted cruz does at this debate tonight. this a perfect example of it.
9:05 am
you have this poll here in texas, two of them actually, very recently that show him up 15 points, and yet signs sonervs his supporters are. today, when i asked him whether or not he had waited a long time and decided, finally at the last minute, because ted cruz might actually be in trouble, he had first said no. that it was a strategic decision to wait to endorse, but then he said, i'm coming in to close out the game for ted cruz. and that isn't even the headline. listen to the other question that i asked governor abbott. >> in the end, will he win here in texas? >> you know, i'm not going to go out on a limb and predict. i can tell you traveling in texas, ted cruz enjoys a wide level of support here, so i think things look good for him, but certainly, i am not a poll reader, i'm not someone who can tell you exactly what's going to happen. >> i'm not going to go out on a
9:06 am
limb from somebody who knows this state well, and has won in this state. maybe one little sign, also, that there is a little bit of concern within the cruz campaign and that's his wife, heidi cruz is not going to any of the other 11 super tuesday states. she's going to stay here in texas until primary day. this is the biggest prize yet, andrea, with 155 delegates at stake on the republican side. >> stakes are high indeed. thanks so much, chris jansing. kristin welker, the other part of the state in south carolina, where hillary clinton is speaking now and we're going to be seeing the clinton family crisscrossing the state. what do you see coming up today? >> well, i think the clinton campaign is feeling very confident. secretary clinton continuing her outreach to african-american voters. this a largely african-american crowd here. they are feeling they have a
9:07 am
good shot on saturday. the polls show her leading. she wants to have a strong showing, and also, to give her big momentum heading into super tuesday. not taking any votes for ganted here in south carolina, as you point out, she has been stumping here everyday. former president bill clinton has a number of events today. out spending senator sanders in those super tuesday states about about $1 million. not only are they not taking this state for granted, they're very seriously looking ahead. >> and she had an unusual event last night, because she was at a private fund-raiser and had a protest from the black lives matter, pooled their money and bought tickets so they got into the closed event. let's play that protest. >> so, i think we've got a very -- somebody saying here, we nt -- okay, we'll talk about that. >> i am not a super predator, hillary clinton.
9:08 am
>> okay, we'll talk about it. >> can you apologize to black people for -- >> kacan i talk? >> excuse us. that's inappropriate statement. >> i'll give you a chance to talk. i'll -- >> well, you can see that was an unexpected moment. it looked like a fund-raiser in a private home. they're protesting against her comments when back in 1996, when she as first lady commented on the mandatory sentencing, the minimum sentencing legislation. at the time she was first lady, not an elected official, and since then, a big speech a couple of months ago, she has disavowed the policies of her own husband back then. this is something that hasn't really trailed her on the campaign. kristin, you and i were at a couple eve vents yesterday. she has solid african-american voters in south carolina. remains to be seen whether this
9:09 am
has some impact. >> she does, andrea. it's going to be interesting to see if the moment resonates among younger african-americans. her record when it comes to his tough on crime policies, welfare reforms, some say that led to an era of mass incarceration for african-american, particularly men. and you see that there is somewhat of a divide. you point out, andrea, that we were at that event yesterday, where we had some of the older african-american who were so supportive of secretary clinton and you see some in the younger generation questioning that record. i just spoke to a young supporter who said look, i'm not going to hoelld her accountable for what her husband. we'll have to see, andrea. the reality is, she leads senator sanders 68-21% among after african-american. one more point, andrea, secretary clinton talking about
9:10 am
the supreme court nominee of the president. she said i hope he chooses someone who is progressive. andrea. >> well, that seems to be drawing a bit of a line, because there are a lot of reports that he is thinking about particular republican, you could call him progressive, but he is the republican governor of nevada. thank you very much, kristin. make sure, keep it right here on msnbc. in our next hour, chris will be back live from dallas, the second stop in her big seven state road trip. after dallas, on to arkansas, tennessee, georgia, ending up in virginia. right here on msnbc. and south carolina, of course, votes first, james clyburn, assistant democratic leader, hillary clinton supporter joins me now. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> well, let me ask you about the black lives matter protest. clearly it caught secretary
9:11 am
clinton off-guard in charleston at a private fund-raiser. do you think that will resonate? >> i don't think so. i know that those of us who voted for that bill back in 1996 do regret, many of the unintended consequences, and mrs. clinton has expressed regret. so i believe that most people remember her -- voted for that bill. so things happen unintended consequences do occur. i do believe that she will get beyond that, and will not pay any permanent damage. >> she seemed to be drawing a line in the sand today, when she called for a progressive nominee from president obama.
9:12 am
whereas we're hearing all reports being leaked from the white house, he is considering a republican governor, who may have middle of the road views on some of the big issues on gay marriage, on the right to an abortion, right to choice. what about what she is saying today about the supreme court? >> well, i agree with her. i would love for it to be an african-american woman, who is progressive, i would love for it to be somebody that could rally the troops. so if they do oppose the nominee, i want it to be somebody that people would rally around and really turn out the vote as a result of. i do not know that you will get that with governor sandoval. i know him. he is very moderate. maybe a little bit progressive. but he would not be my choice. >> in other words, it would be more important to you to nominate someone to rally the
9:13 am
base, rather than someone that you think might have a chance of getting confirmed by this congress by the senate. >> no, i believe -- i don't believe this senate will approve anybody. i don't think they're going to do it. i think the president ought to do his job, and let it be known to the american people that this republican control senate is refusing to do its job. and that is what harry truman did, even though it was against the congress, i would love to see us really make this election a referendum on the supreme court nominee. >> super tuesday, of course, is not until next week. this south carolina primary is just two days away. bernie sanders is in ohio today. do you think that that is in any way writing off the south carolina primary? >> well, he says he is coming
9:14 am
back tomorrow. i hope he does. because i do believe those people who do support him are deserving of his attention. though i do believe that senator -- secretary clinton will have a very comfortable victory on saturday. i would love to have his workers and supporters staying engaged. because we will need them come november. >> there is talk that in orangeburg, in your district, a fish fry tomorrow night, everyone there, the clintons, sanders. is that on, off, or is it still a maybe? >> yes. no, i'll be there. if the weather permits, i'll be on a plane tomorrow afternoon and i plan to be in or rangeburg. i believe she is going to be in south carolina state, my alma mater, before going to the fish
9:15 am
fry. i hope to accompany her in both those places. >> thank you very much. as always, congressman jim clyburn. >> thank you. >> mr. democratic here in south carolina. thanks for being with us. coming up next, more on the supreme court surprise. does president obama have a card to play in his showdown with the republican led senate. you're watching andrea mitchell reports, only on msnbc. ( melodic, calm music ) hi, this is jennifer. i will be out of the office until monday, and won't be checking voicemail during this time. i'll reply just as soon as i get back to work. sail with princess cruises, the number one cruise line in alaska. limited alaska fares from $699. call your travel consultant or visit princess cruises. come back new.
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9:18 am
is it reality check time for marco rubio. a new quinnipiac poll in florida shows donald trump leading the home state senator by 16 points. rubio's own state. joining me now for the daily
9:19 am
fix, contributor and founder of the "washington post" fix blog and here within in columbia, south carolina, my friend, joy reed, national correspondent. first to you, let's talk about the quinnipiac poll. how real is that? i mean, if rubio doesn't win florida, it's pretty much curtains, isn't it? >> yeah, i would say andrea, it's a problem for marco rubio, but it's problem for anybody not named donald trump. if donald trump wins florida, it's going to be very hard, i think, to stop him. florida gives out 99 delegates, win or take all, on march 15th. even if he lost ohio, and 66 delegates on the same day, which i'm not certain would happen, very hard to keep him from the 1237 delegates he needs to be the republican nominee. so yes, the poll undermines rubio's argument i'm the only one that could beat donald trump and therefore everyone else
9:20 am
needs to get out. but in a broader sense, what we've been talking about, the fundamental underlying strengths of donald trump, and why i think he should be considered at this point the very close to presumptive nominee. >> and although we talk about these polls now, joy, it's early in the sense that super tuesday will reset the stage for whatever we think about marco rubio's channels. >> it will. he has to do well, obviously. the florida sort of googy man, even is not. remember, andrea, the most popular republican in florida is not marco rubio, it's jeb bush. it's not as if florida is sending its favorite, favorite son into this mono o mono with donald trump. they're sending the second favorite. so marco rubio has to climb out of the hole. he has to prove he can win somewhere. all the hype around him has been a lot of belt way hype.
9:21 am
a lot of theoretical hype. he hasn't proven he can win a primary. >> where can he win a primary in super tuesday? >> very good question. a poll out in georgia, which votes on tuesday. georgia was a place that people talked about, may still be a place people talk about for rubio, in that he has run well in the suburbs, has run well with business conservatives as opposed to social conservatives, and virginia, another place where people who are allied with rubio, believe he could do it. you know, the problem for these places, it is true that in a very crowded field, donald trump's people are going to be for him, no matter what under any circumstances. that means that 32, 33, maybe higher than that at this point, is where donald trump is going to wind up. can rubio consolidate. we've seen he can beat ted cruz in the low 20s. that's a very different thing
9:22 am
than getting above trump, which would have to put you i think at 37, 38 conservatively. i think that's hard for him to do that in a race that has cruz, let's take virginia, a lot of evangelical votes in the southwestern part of the state. i don't know that rubio's math adds up. >> you know, the thing that donald trump did that was significant in south carolina is that ae advantahe vanquished th. that's where rubio comes from. he is part of that as well. >> the supreme court, because hillary clinton in a speech has just drawn a line against the trial balloon, if you will, that came out of the obama white house, of nominating a republican to try to put the republican senate on notice, and try to back them up against the wall. this was hillary clinton just moments ago in kingstree, south carolina. >> the president has the constitutional responsibility to
9:23 am
nominate a successor for that vacancy. and i'm very proud, president obama has said he intends, i en tends to follow his constitutional responsibility. and i am deeply disappointed that the senate of the united states has said sight unseen, we're not going to consider anybody you send. now, there has been some talk that maybe the president would nominate the republican governor of nevada. now, i love nevada. especially after last weekend, i really love nevada. and i know the governor has done some good things, but i sure hope the president chooses a true progressive, who will stand up for the values and the interests of the people of this country, who understand that you need to protect the right to vote of a person, not the right of a corporation to buy an
9:24 am
election, who will understand that we still need the voting rights act to be enforced, because too many people are being deprived. >> chris, that's a real shot at this, to shoot down the trial balloon, and also slid in the whole citizens united supreme court decision, which is central to bernie sanders' candidacy. >> so first of all, you see right there, the difference between being a candidate and being president. for hillary clinton, it's a great issue to say, i like brian, but we need to nominate liberal or progressive. the other thing is, i am skeptical that, first of all, here are the things we know. president obama does not have a short list yet. and all of a sudden, brian sandoval's name comes out. it feels like an attempt to back republicans into a corner, make them look obstinant.
9:25 am
states that went for obama or very swingy, to make them look as though they're tied to this obstructionist republican party who won't even consider anyone not a republican governor. i'm not sure that brian sandoval was going to be on the short, short list. i think now that his name has come out, even less likely. donald trump is the front-runner, i could be totally wrong. >> and not we all been wrong this whole campaign season, but the reaction from jim clyburn was immediate. this is what hillary clinton is saying. they want a real progressive. he has to satisfy his own base, but figure out what is reasonable. clearly from joe biden's comments, they feel the only pact is to shame them, especially going after the republican candidates. >> absolutely. i think sort of what a two-fer.
9:26 am
the brian sandoval float, who is hispanic, who is popular, who is already on the federal judiciary, unanimously approved, it puts republicans on the spot. but also, i think this is harry reid's second gift to hillary clinton, because talking to white house folks yesterday, it seemed they were very much -- the leak came from them. it came from the world of harry reid. it allows hillary clinton to get to the left of president obama. someplace that she very rarely can be. she is always hugging the president. this puts her to the president's left. allows her to come out strongly for a progressive. allows her to place herself in the progressive camp and get her voting issues on the table which african-american voters care deeply about. in a sense, a real gift not only to hillary clinton, but to the democratic senate congressional committee. >> voting rights, north carolina, alabama. >> yes. >> texas, all the big cases coming up that we've all been tracking, and a number of them,
9:27 am
and of course, super tuesday. >> the first election in 50 years without the full protection of the voting rights act, southern republican legislatures and governors, going after aggressively, one of them, ted cruz, egregious acts, he sits on the committee. perfect storm. >> joy reed, as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. thank you to chris. you're watching a special edition of andrea mitchell reports. two-days ahead of the big primary showdown. coming up, the mayor of this capitol city here with me next. there's only one egg that just tastes better. so fresh from the farm. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d and 10 times more vitamin e.
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9:31 am
job. that's why i wrote an open letter to my daughters, explaining why i'm working so hard to elect hillary clinton. she'll give equal for women, stop the republicans from taking us backward. she'll fight for an america where all of our sons and daughters have their right to reach their god given potential. >> a new ad for hillary clinton, here in the state's primary, making a very personal push for clinton's campaign. let's talk to the mayor. he is here right now. adorable daughters. >> thank you very much. >> there was a protest last night, black lives matter. >> sure. >> disrupting a private fund-raiser in charleston. do you think that will resonate with younger african-american voters, a generational divide. >> i think there are major challenges we're facing in america right now. some challenges, and all systemic challenges. the birth of this great country. the reality is we've come a long way over the last 30, 40, 50
9:32 am
years, but we still have a lot of challenges we have to solve. that's one of the reason i'm supporting secretary clinton. she is not only put great plans on the table for addressing the issues of systemic racism and some of the challenges we're facing in law enforcement, but its as a good thing when the young people involve themselves in talking about major issues of public policy. i hope every single one of them votes this saturday and the other elections across the country. but we've got to make sure we focus on real policy solutions to some incredibly systemic problems, and that's what hillary clinton is doing. >> what about her minimum sentences, which according to a lot of analysis and certainly black lives matter, resulted in
9:33 am
the incarceration of thousands and thousands of african-americans, mainly men, nonviolent crimes. >> i would say that we're all obviously at peace with "the new york times," just yesterday that talked about somewhat of ways we're working together, asking congress to address some of the mistakes made in 1996. let's make one thing clear. only one person voted for that, and that was bernie sanders. it wasn't hillary clinton. she was not an elected official at the time. however, america at that time was at a very different place. we made some very bad decisions. it's time to go back and rectify those decisions. and she has put forward a plan, and thankfully so, to try and address those issues. there are a whole lot of opinions we respect, who held very different views as we were trying to attack the crack epidemic that was just
9:34 am
destroying american cities all across the great country. and the way we did it in 1996 is not the way we need to handle it in 2016. we're being much more thoughtful. >> thank you. >> we believe the mitchells are national tre national treasures. >> thank you very much. a flawed candidate may deserve a round of applause himself. stay with msnbc. chris jansing on her seven day road trip. hillary clinton joining chuck todd on meets the press daily at 5:00 eastern. bernie sanders joining chris matthews for a special "hardball" college tour edition, a new time, 8:00 p.m. eastern. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. go, go, go, go, go, go... touchdown!
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i think the next president needs to be a lot quieter, but to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. >> jeb bush, it was one of the many awkward jeb bush moments that helped doom his campaign. but is that the best way to test a candidate for the presidency of the united states? ashley parker, political reporter for "the new york times" covered the ups and downs of bush's campaign and wrote a thoughtful after action report. that's why we wanted to bring you on, share your views about the way we in the media cover candidates. we grab those moments, and it's all one piece of video after another, one tweet after another. when you wrote really struck me. jeb bush had a lot of qualities that perhaps should have gotten more, should have been more
9:39 am
resonant with the voters. explain. >> yeah, well, one thing i was always struck by, covering him, was that the jeb bush that we saw on tv and that we saw on the debate stage sort of wasn't the same jeb you saw in person. i would watch him in events, and he would be very forceful and free wheeling and the voter whose came were kind of struck by that. they sort of appreciated he was a real person and really endeavored to answer their questions. he didn't just cut to the second amendment portion of his stump speech or the immigration of his stump speech. he really listened to what they had to say. he didn't coddle them. he may not have given them the answer they wanted, but that was something they appreciated. i don't think that sort of came through in the instagram and the twitter and even the tv culture that is the modern presidential campaign. >> and that really raises a serious question, because people are asking how do we get to where we are now in the republican campaign. but are we overlooking qualities that would better suit someone
9:40 am
to be commander in chief to, you know, lead the country than someone who is good on twitter, or good with instagram? >> well, i mean, i think the reason obviously jeb bush did not win wasn't simply because he wasn't great on twitter or he wasn't great on the debate stage. i mean, he was a flawed candidate and he was a very out of lock step with where the republican electorate is. but it was sort of interesting to watch someone who was still representing, you know, a brand of conservatism, that the bush of bushes were famous for. compassion conservative, not that he couldn't be tough or he couldn't be nasty or willing to fight, but this idea of civility and compromise, and all of those things you saw, it used to be considered admirable or desirable, were simply not what republicans want this cycle. >> the other thing that struck me is how accessible he was. because marco rubio until recently was not at all accessible. the candidate i am most often
9:41 am
with, hillary clinton, will walk right past you on a rope line, you invest hours and hours stand and listen to the speech, you get on a rope line, they want selfies taken and she blows right past and only appears or answers questions when she actually wants to. bernie sanders a lot more accessible than that. but he would really mix it up with the traveling press core, didn't he? >> oh, yeah. jeb, i mean, from a reporter's point of view, he was wonderfully accessible. he would hold press con frefere everyday. if he didn't, we would be like what's wrong, why isn't he talking to us. even when he wasn't holding press conferences, jeb himself was physically incapable of not answering a question. so aids might be trying to hustle him away and they didn't want him to weigh in, and you would sort ofs to out a question and he couldn't help himself. he would turn back around and kind of shout out the answer or even roll down his car window.
9:42 am
so covering him was kind of wonderful in that way, because we always knew what he was thinking and saying and we got to interact with him up close. >> ashley parker, well, thanks so much for your reporting. such a thoughtful piece. it was eye opening pore feem on the campaign trail as well. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the sanders strategy, tad devine joining us. this is andrea mitchell in columbia, south carolina. sound. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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welcome back. bernie sanders on a world win tour today. flint, michigan and schig, where he'll be with chris matthews. i'm joined by tad devine, for the sanders' campaign. >> good to be with you. >> why is he going all over the midwest today? why not south carolina.
9:46 am
>> because there are 12 primaries and caucuses in the next week and these are very important events. a bunch more primary and caucuses in the week after that, places like ohio and illinois, michigan has a very important primary on the 8th of march. so we need to be in all these states. you know, this is a national campaign, we want to bring his message to all corners of the nation. >> just now, on the campaign trail here in kingstree, south carolina, this is what hillary clinton had to say. she is talking about gun laws, and she said the loophole that my open m my opponent voted for, we're talking about the charleston loophole, where they could not do the back ground check. your reaction? >> my reaction is bernie sanders is very strong record when it comes to gun safety, opposed assault weapons since he lost an election in 1990. what she is referring to, if she
9:47 am
wants to indictment everyone who voted for that bill, she is welcome to do so. >> this is another shot from the hillary clinton campaign. not at you, but at the obama white house, at least the trial balloon, i wanted to play that for you. >> sure. >> i sure hope the president chooses a true progressive, who will stand up for the values and the interests of the people of this country who understands that you need to protect the right to vote of a person, not the right of a corporation to buy an election. who will understand that we still need the voting rights act to be enforced, because too many people are being deprived of their right. >> she was just saying just before that that she likes brian sandoval and likes nevada after last weekend, but does not think that's the right way to go. she wants a true progressive.
9:48 am
does bernie sanders want the president to choose someone, some consensus choice like brian sa sand da val. >> i have not spoken to bernie, and i noel take this ver seriously, look at the record, and see if the person should be the next nominee or the next member of the supreme court. but you know, if secretary clinton wants to do something about corporations buying elections, i suggest she tell her super pacs to stand down, particularly in the democratic primary process. they're trying to buy an election right now. called the democratic party nomination. millions of dollars flowing into super pacs, by the allies of hillary clinton. that's what bernie sanders has done. >> you're about to get hit with a ton of bricks, which is the
9:49 am
super pac money in super tuesday. >> yes. >> where do you think bernie sanders has his best shot? what state could he possibly win? >> well, i think. >> i mean, i know massachusetts and vermont. >> well, i think a lot of states we could get more votes than hillary. i know every state we will win a lot of delegates. we have a system of proportional representation, i expect places like texas and tennessee, virginia, i think we can win states as well. certainly vermont, where is he very well known, massachusetts, people have the chance to see a lot of media when we were in new hampshire. >> oklahoma? >> and you know, i think we'll do well in minnesota, colorado, i think last night, anybody was there in tulsa, saw almost 9,000 people in tulsa showed up to know that we have a strong campaign in that state as well. i think we're going to do well in every state in terms of delegates and to win a number of states to demonstrate that bernie is a strong, national
9:50 am
candidate. >> thank you so much. tad devine, great to see you. see you on the trail. >> thank you, andrea. >> two-days away from the big primary here in south carolina. surprise in store for the clinton campaign? stay with us, you're watching andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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9:53 am
here in south carolina, the fate of hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be up against each other on saturday. sets the stage for another democratic showdown before super tuesday. joining me now is the state's democratic chairman, jamie harrison. we're still seeing numbers that show that this could be 2-1, hillary clinton. >> you know, the latest polls i saw, andrea, it looks like secretary clinton has a sizable lead here. the question is, you know, whether or not there is any shift, late shifts that take
9:54 am
place and whether or not, you know, senator sanders can close the gap. >> what are you hearing from young people, especially after the protesters shook up her campaign last night. >> you know, it's interesting. i think the black lives matter, you know, they are basically going and pushing all of the candidates. earlier in the year, it was bernie sanders and martin o'malley. they've had conversations with all of the candidates. and last night, secretary clinton as well. and listen, i think it's important the work they're doing. they're forcing a conversation and discussion on issues very, very important to aft african-americans, and especially that generation. the question i had an opportunity to talk with eric holder a few months ago, and he talked about what they're doing now is things that he used to do himself, when he was on his college campus, and it's an
9:55 am
important part of the process. what i would like to see them do more of is actually go to some of these republican events, because that's where i think they can really have some traction in terms of pushing them to talk about some of these issues. >> do you think that secretary clinton is vulnerable for some of the positions that her husband's administration took, in particular, the criminal justice, quote, reforms, the mandatory minimum sentences, which so disproportionately affected african-american men? >> yeah, you know, i think that is sort of line is a bit unfair. you know, you're your own individual. and you know, i have a wife who is accomplished in her own right, and we don't agree on everything. and so i should not, you know, be responsible for things that she supports, and she shouldn't be responsible for the things that i support. and so you know, i just think that's a little unfair. you are looking at secretary clinton's history, she was here
9:56 am
in south carolina during the '70s working on juvenile justice issues, children's defense fund. she and senator sanders have a long history of working on these types of issues. >> the clinton campaign has put out a statement to try to clarify what they were protesting against. they were protesting we need to bring them to heal at first lady, they say that she was referring to the drug dealers who were trying to recruit young children, and bring them into drug use. >> yeah. >> there is a lot more we need to examine. we're going look for the whole transcript. >> good seeing you. >> great to be here. that does it for this edition of andrea mitchell reports. remember, follow the show yacht mitche -- the texas governor, greg abbott. you're watching the place for politics.
9:57 am
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dallas, texas. we are here live. i'm chris jansing. what a beautiful day it is. that's why the food trucks are out. they love good food in texas. they love a good food fight and they might just get one in houston, where the republicans are coming together at a critical time in this campaign. boy, are the stakes high. and that's why we've assembled tremendous panel of election insiders from here in texas to talk about everything that's going on. they like things bigger here in texas. the biggest number of delegates available on super tuesday. 155 on the republican side. the big question is can the home state senator, ted cruz, rangle
10:01 am
a victory or will it be his alamo. even the governor won't answer that question. >> in the end, will he win here in texas? >> you know, i'm not going to go out on a limb and predict. >> my full interview with governor abbott in just a minute. this republican battle royal set to play out on stage on tonight's republican stage. party panic spreads, that ted cruz or marco rubio aren't up to the task to take down donald trump. the editorial board pleading with party leaders, stop the trump train. while at the same time, admitting, it may be too late. meanwhile, mitt romney already has gotten the ball rolling, dropping an accusation about trump's taxes. offering a preview of what we can see on stage tonight by marco rubio. >> majority of republican voters are not supporting donald trump and obviously, once this race begins to narrow a little bit, you'll see more support
10:02 am
consolidati consolidating. >> cruz getting in his jabs, saying trump can't win come november. >> in the head to head polls, donenal consistently loses to hillary. i consistently beat hillary. so the question right now is, how do we prevent nominating a candidate who loses the general election. >> and now, a new and key player in this game, texas governor greg abbott, who endorsed ted cruz just yesterday. i spoke to him a short time ago and asked if his endorsement came so late because cruz is in trouble in his home state, where he is a sitting senator. governor abbott thought he needed to save the day. >> no, far incorrect. here is the deal. as governor of the state, the top political officer in this state, it's most appropriite to wait right before the texas primary to endorse. good example, you saw in south carolina, where nikki haley endorsed during the week before their election. it would have gotten all jumbled
10:03 am
up if i endorsed right before south carolina or right before nevada or right before, let's say, iowa. my endorsement doesn't have any affect on iowaians or south carolinians. the best time to bring the heat is right at the end. it would be the equivalent of bringing in the closer during a baseball game to close out the game. and so i'm coming in to close out the game for the ted cruz campaign, and to bring all texans across the line with us to ensure that we bring home victory for ted cruz in the state of texas. >> so let's talk about why he might need a closer. his appeal was supposed to be among others to evangelicals and suddenly, donald trump is showing so much strength with evangelicals. this is a man who ran casinos, been divorced twice, who uses shall we say colorful language on the stump. are you surprised by donald trump's support among evangelicals? >> i'm not, because evangelicals are as frustrated about the way
10:04 am
the federal government has been run, and the way the courts have been ruling in the united states as much as any other group. and i think evangelicals have every reason and every right to be very frustrated. donald trump is a vehicle where they can express that frustration. here is my feeling, though. that is trump represents a mirror of the anger and frustration that evangelicals and others have. what ted cruz provides is solutions for those challenges. and so i believe that as we get closer to election day, not just now, but in the other primaries, evangelicals, others who are true conservatives, will truly allow ted cruz the person who is the proven conservative, the person who has the real answers, to get america back on track. >> these debates have turned out to be so consequential. another night we see the stakes extremely high. let me read to you what the dallas morning news that to say
10:05 am
about ted cruz and super tuesday. if he loses his home state of texas on tuesday, his credibility as a candidate will be shattered. governor greg abbott's endorsement may help slow it, but if that's the only state cruz wins on super tuesday, his campaign will be mortally wounded. do you agree with that assessment? >> that's the kind of thing offered by political pundit. i'm not a political pundit. i am a person who both governor state of the texas, someone who knows ted cruz really well. what i know is that the more that conservatives who vote in the republican primary learn that ted cruz is the real conservative, the person who will -- they can count on to appointment the right person to the supreme court, tear down the heavy hand of government regulation, the more people will align with ted cruz. >> in the end, will he win here in texas? >> you know, i'm not going to go out on a limb and predict. i can tell you from having traveled the state of texas, ted
10:06 am
cruz enjoys a widespread level of support her, and so i think things look good for him. but certainly, i'm not a poll reader, i'm not someone who can tell you exactly what's going to happen. i do have a good feel that things are going to go well for ted cruz, though. >> governor greg abbott, very nice of you to take the time to talk to us. thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you, chris. texas insider, political reporter for the dallas morning news and co-host of lone star politics, in. bc affiliate. julie fein, nbc 5, a republican and former u.s. senator from texas. great to see you all out. it's a little shady and chilly. thanks for coming out. this huge endorsement, today, he essentially says i had to ride to the rescue and he refuses to say he is going to win here. what's that about? >> that is very key right there.
10:07 am
i mean, this is texas. ted cruz's home state. the governor can't even say whether he'll win or not. the fact that the governor has to ride in at the last minute, it defies everything about texas politics. i mean, if you're the sitting senator here, and you're trying to win a presidential primary, it should be a slam dunk. >> what seems crazy to me, julie, you have polls out that shows ted cruz way ahead. do you think the polls are off? a sense on the ground that maybe it's more volatile than the polls might suggest? >> well, i think that there is so many different polls, but you have to look at the fact of what happened in south carolina. ted cruz essentially did not do well with evangelical voters. that is who he has been trying to get to vote for him. so i don't think there is panic here in texas, but i think now there is a realization that he is not going to sweep the state. you know, it is in play. >> do you agree with that senator? you know what it is in to run in texas? you know the ground game. is ted cruz in trouble?
10:08 am
>> you know, i think it is very important for ted cruz to carry texas, to get more than 50% here, just like marco rubio has to carry in florida, when -- >> that's the baseline? >> baseline. >> justification to stay in this race. >> absolutely. i think that he is ahead. i certainly think he has a lot of support. and he is a person that ppople either really love, or they really don't like. he is that kind of person. which he is proud to be. and so i think it -- the next few days are going to be important. certainly the debate is important. but i think that a person running for president must win their home state if they're an elected official in the state. >> hard to imagine how you do it without that. you see the tension among the establishment in this, "washington post" editorial today. history will not look kindly on gop leader whose fail to do everything in their power to
10:09 am
prevent a bullying demgog, but the question is, what can they do. >> what can they do and why didn't they do it earlier. they allowed trump to ascend. in retrospect, they should interest tried to take him down the moment he announced his candidacy. you had ted cruz and others, the famous bromance. he propped them up for a while. he even said donald trump is good for my campaign back in september. >> you think he would like to take that back maybe. >> exactly. >> look who is coming into it and trying to ride into save the day. mitt romney. take a listen. >> we really ought to see for all three of these fellows what their taxes look like to see if there is an issue. in donald trump's case, it's likely to be a bombshell. >> then trump answered right back, he tweeted this morning, why doesn't romney just endorse marco rubio already. should have done it before new
10:10 am
hampshire and nevada, where he had a little sway. romney, just a minute ago, me thinks the donald doth protest too much. what do you make of what's going on here? is it too late for somebody who thinks that donald trump is not the right guy for the republican party to make a difference? >> well, i think the party itself cannot do something. i think it has to be the candidates and the people who are voting. you know, you said the party should have done something earlier, but you know, that's what -- that's why trump and cruz and marco are getting so much because the establishment is trying to tell people what to do, the ran ak and file, you cat do that. it has to be a decision by the people voting in the primaries. >> cruz is just too nice to him, i think early on. but to answer your question, chris, i think the play here
10:11 am
could be to try to stop trump from getting the necessary delegates to win it before the convention, and i bet it's romney's dream, that's romney's dream scenario, and maybe he can ride in at the last minute or someone else. >> so let's look at the night, though. if it will start, it has to start now, julie. you know ted cruz, you watched his election, is he the guy that can go effectively after donald trump tonight? >> i think ted cruz, you cannot take away from him. he is an excellent debate ter. he really is an excellent debater. what is confusing i think to all of us who spent a lot of time with ted cruz, he is taking on marco rubio so much. this is the night for the shift. if he really wants to show, because he keeps saying over and over, i'm the guy that can beat donald trump, i beat him in iowa. he keeps saying he is the guy. he has got to take him on tonight if he really wants to show that. because if he and rubio keep going against each other, those votes will continue to go
10:12 am
towards donald trump. >> julie fein, senator hutchinson, thank you so much. i really appreciate. >> welcome to dallas. >> thank you. beautiful day here. it's a microsoft poll question of the day. can ted cruz beat donald trump in his home state of texas. we'll bring you results a little later in this hour. coming up, that ongoing fight trump versus crews, rubio and romney, the texas size battles heating up, ahead of tonight's debate, where one former president will have a front row seat. that is going to be fascinating. we'll take you to houston live next. still ahead, cal perry, on the road in cattle country. hey, cal. >> we're live at a cattle auction here about the issues important to them. more on that in just a few minutes. everyone's lookin' red carpet ready.
10:13 am
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10:16 am
the front-runner in this days, donald trump is actually alluded to the fact that he thinks parts of obama care are pretty good. >> the question right now is, how do we prevent nominating a candidate who loses the general election, or to that matter, if donald trump wins the general election, who the heck knows what he would do as president. >> marco rubio and ted cruz, now doing what some supporters have been saying they should have been doing for a while. and they have to do. go after donald trump hard and don't back down. because there is this new florida poll raising the stakes for marco rubio. it shows trump way up in rubio's home state, 44-28%, cruz way down at 12.
10:17 am
the rubio campaign blasting out this article that donald trump tapped foreign guest workers from romania to work for h. romney suggesting a bombshell in the unreleased tax returns. trump's response, one of the dumbest candidates is now pushing me on tax returns. dope. and then tweeting this photo captioned signing a recent tax return. isn't this ridiculous. nbc's katy tur follows the campaign. katy, never a dull moment. you have twitter war, going on with romney. you have this new florida poll, which shows the rubio campaign losing, they're down-playing it. you have rubio taking a tougher stance with trump. makes you think it might be a slugfest tonight. >> more of a concerted effort to
10:18 am
attack donald trump right now, and he is consistently said he is a count ter purcer puncher. each one will get more time, and as you've been saying, supporters and people out there saying to marco rubio and ted cruz, it's time for you to attack donald trump. so if we see that tonight, i bet we can see donald trump go on the counter attack to rubio and to cruz. he has been quiet in the majority of the debates when it has come to attacking his competito competitors, some wild moments, but for the most part, stayed in the background in a lot of these debates, and that has worked well for him. he was in the forefront in the south carolina debate and everybody saw that as a very negative and bad debate for donald trump. i think what's interesting, the rubio campaign pushing out "the new york times" article. he says over and over again on the trail that he is going to bring jobs back to america. that's one of the cornerstones
10:19 am
of his campaign. this is proof that he is not only not employing american workers, he is employing foreign workers. if that resonates, that certainly a line of attack that could hurt donald trump. so far, nothing has worked, whenever they've gone up after him. ted cruz has been hard against donald trump, certainly in south carolina, and we saw what happened in that contest. chris. >> nbc's katy tur, in the middle of it. let me bring in wade albert, clay jenkins is the judge of dallas county, endorsed hillary clinton, and the man who managed the ebola crisis back in 2014. good to see you both. have you ever seen anything like this? >> this is what texas politics is, you know, with ted cruz, we thought he was going to lead and he is. but donald trump is making a strong play. >> but could he win? >> i think, well, i think ted cruz will win texas. >> ted cruz will?
10:20 am
>> i think ted cruz will win texas. how many delegates is he going to get relative to donald trump. even if ted wins texas, donald trump could get a lot of delegates out of texas and not change the ball game. >> cruz has been taughting the fact that is he the only one na can beat hillary clinton. but he has kept it close, trump has, in a hypothetical matchup against her in the three latest polls, i think we have some of those numbers. who would be the toughest for the democrats? >> i like our odds against any of them. any time the democrats are watching the republican debates and turning it into a drinking game, where they use the word liar, and wait to see who is going to interrupt each other next, it's probably a good year for democrats. >> on the other hand, bernie sanders wins by wider margins against trump in two of the three latest polls. what's your ideal matchup. >> fortunately, i think it's interesting in terms of him wanting, not caring about which candidate is -- wins the
10:21 am
primary, look, there have been plenty of republican that underestimated donald trump and ted cruz, and frandly, even marco rubio. so any of those could beat hillary. in terms of bernie sanders and hillary clinton, a real rift in the democratic party, when the front-runner, hillary clinton, is still under constant criticism and scandal. i think there a reason bernie sanders is surging, and it's because most democrats trust him more than hillary. >> is that what's going on? >> no, i think it's great we have competition. we're going to see in the super tuesday, the foul breadth of support. i feel comfortable she'll do well here in texas. she has strong ties in texas. her husband and her worked in the mcgovern campaign and they have friends throughout the state. a lot of energy. today, in her campaign, we have the national president of the nea, national education association, coming to phone bank with us. on saturday, i got scecile
10:22 am
richards coming to block walk with us. >> yes or no? >> i don't think you'll see record turn out like you did in 2008, but strong turnout and see a goodwin for hillary clinton. >> yeah, you wouldn't see record turnouts, because they aren't that exciting. on the republican, you're going to see a bunch of republicans turn o turn out. >> good to see you both. up next, cal perry drives way off the beaten path to take the pulse of texas voters, the ones on two legs, that is. three needs you need to know in texas. everything is bigger here. no surprise. texas biggest prize on super tuesday. 251 delegates for the dems. republicans 155. hillary clinton is in the lead, 15 pledging their support.
10:23 am
rival bernie sanders, and republican turnout, relatively low. only 11% of them cast their ballot in 2012. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quotand see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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10:26 am
hello, i'm chris jansing, we're live back in dallas. day two of the super tuesday road trip. the sheer size and influence of texas make it a crucial size. cal perry talked to some voters about the issues in their home state. he has made his way believe it or not to a livestock action. just about 90 minutes south. hey, cal, what's going on? >> hey, chris, welcome to north texas, where cattle is a way of life. as you mentioned, we're here in a room full of cowboys and ranchers, and we had a chance to speak to some earlier on what's important. >> some of the concerns i have is maybe some of the regulations
10:27 am
that makes it a little more difficult on me to be a small operator. >> what do you want to hear from candidates. >> what i want to hear from a command date candidate is i'm going to go to washington and do everything i can that's in the best interest of everybody in america. not just me, i would love to have a guy that comes in there and say hey, jodi, but that answer the real. so i want a guy that can do what he says. and once he gets there, i want him to try to do it. if he doesn't get it done, okay. but try. >> so the bigger issues for you, what, trust, accountability? >> accountability, number one. and that's our fault. we don't vote people out of office for not doing their job. so to me, that's accountability. if i don't like what you're doing, and i continue to let you do it, then i can't blame you. >> is it likely that you would
10:28 am
support somebody from texas like a ted cruz? >> i like ted cruz, okay. i wouldn't support him simply because he is from texas. do i think that he would come in and help our area? i hope he wouldn't help it any more than he would your area. to me, that's the job. if you're going to take the job, do it. >> chris, a little bit of what's going on around me. you can hear the auctioneer reading it off as the animals come in one by one. people do the bidding. i am a little bit nervous, i'm pretty sure nbc will walk out with a piece of cattle. this is fascinating to watch this in action. this cow right here going for $450. it's done by the weight, pretty interesting. the bidding is fast and furious. >> i don't know. steak picnic back at the end of super tuesday.
10:29 am
cal, thank you very much. he'll be in arkansas. where should he go. go to facebook, instagram, twitter. tell us what you think, usualing the #decision2016. we'll be in little rock for the show tomorrow. two days to go to south carolina democratic primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both sending the campaign trail ablaze. we'll talk strategy on the democratic side next. but first, a little texas flavor. the phrase, everything is bigger in texas, holds true for appetites. dallas well-known for its famous frito chilly pie. combines chilly, onion, cheese, eaten straight out of the bag. the first frozen margarita machine was made here.
10:30 am
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10:31 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
10:32 am
does the smell of a freshly fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer
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give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax. gear up for great. so here we are, in dallas, right in the middle of the run-up to this critical super tuesday set of primaries, and another story inserting itself into the political discussion. this is breaking news. we've just learned that nevada governor brian sandoval has pulled his name from consideration for the supreme court. he said he does not wish to be considered it for possible consideration. the white house talking about it now. let's listen. >> so the president shouldn't bother? that's not the way it works. the way that this works is the
10:34 am
president will do his job. he will nominate someone to fill the vacancy, and then there will be a responsibility that the senate republicans will have to decide whether or not they will to accept to full of tfill thei constitutional. >> how much has the president made in what you just described. is he narrowing the list, where he is? >> he is still continuing to review material that was provided by, it has been provided by his team. they have updated the material that all of you saw him carry home with him last friday night. he spent a lot of time over the weekend reviewing the material and continued to do that over the course of this week. the president has also continued to follow-through on his promise to consult members of the united states congress on this. the president, as has been reported, while senator hatch was at the white house for the bill signing, to have a
10:35 am
conversation with him in private about this constitutional responsibility that both men have. that was a useful discussion, and again, consistent with the variety of other phone calls and conversations that the president and members of his team have had. i can tell you that at this point, the white house has contacted the office at least of every member of the judiciary committee, both democratic and republican. and in most cases, or in a lot of cases, those were conversations with individual senators, in some cases, conversations with members of their staff. i certainly wouldn't rule out future conversations with members of the judiciary committee, but at this point, at least every office, both democratic and republican has been contacted, and this kind of intensive consultation will continue. it's consistent with the way the president consulted in advance of nominating individuals to
10:36 am
fill the two previous supreme court vacancies that have occurred while he has been president, and he'll do the same thing with this one. the last thing i'll share with you process wise here is that the other thing that the president did shortly after the two previous vacancies occurred, is that he invited the senate majority leader, the senate minority leader, the chair of the senate judiciary committee and the ranking member of the judiciary committee to come to the white house and have a conversation to continue consulting about the process for filling that vacancy. and we're pleased that after a number of conversations, some more awkward than others, the president -- the president will be convening a meeting on tuesday, here at the white house, with the four individuals that i just described. again, this is what we did in 2009, when justice suder announced his retirement. that's what we did in 2010,
10:37 am
after justice stevens announced his retirement, and that's what the president will be doing on tuesd tuesday. wow, big news on several levels. first of all, brian sandoval says he is not interested, as the president tries to put someone forward, republicans saying they're not going to talk to any potential nominee. now we know that chuck grassley, that mitch mcconnell, harry reid, pat lay, the four centers will go to the white hoiuse nex week. in the middle of this heightened level of the presidential campaign, that they come to any sort of agreement. let me go to columbia, south carolina, nbc joy reed there. in addition to all of this, hillary clinton, i understand, just name dropped sandoval on the campaign trail. what can you tell us about that? >> yeah, indeed. so hillary clinton giving one of many town halls. she essentially said that she is glad that the president is doing
10:38 am
his duty. that he is putting forward a nominee, as well he should. but that she hopes that rather than brian sandoval who she says has done a good job as governor, she wants to see a progressive. hillary clinton getting to the left of the white house on the idea of nominating a republican to box in the republicans on capitol hill. >> do we have that sound? >> i love nevada. especially after last weekend. i really love nevada. and i know the governor has done some good things, but i sure hope the president chooses a true progressive who will stand up for the values and the interests of the people of this country, who understand that you need to protect the right to vote of a person, not the right of a corporation to buy an election. >> and one of the things that is
10:39 am
so interesting, watching how the republicans are using this on the campaign trail, really pumping up what it means to replace justice scalia, to get a president in there, who will find someone who is ideologically similar. it's going to be interesting to see if they talk about that tonight, number one, and two, how this plays outgoing forward. >> yeah, and chris, this is an incredible game of three-dimensional chess going on. you have the leak of sandoval's name, it seems to come from the general orbit of harry reid world. it puts republicans on the spot. he is a republican, popular. he was confirmed to the federal judiciary before by a unanimous vote. puts senators up for reelection like pennsylvania, like wisconsin, in an awkward position. the push back to brian sandoval is don't allow yourself to be used against your own party. he was in an incredibly awkward
10:40 am
position. to get him out there on the national stage, as a future candidate. look at 2020 out there. pulling out, he has said he is not looking to do that. term limited out as governor in his home state, but doesn't seem like he wants to be on the national stage, at least not in this way. >> tough position to be in, sure. joy reed, thanks so much. let's go back to politics here in texas. if you look at the numbers, african-americans make up 19% of the democratic electorate. that's according to the 2008 primary vote. the latino vote, 32%. shows how critical. very different for republicans. latinos make up only 10% of the electorate. fascinating question, because you have two cuban americans, one from texas, could they lose to donald trump. i'm joined by lupe, and supporter of hillary clinton. good to see you. >> good afternoon. >> interesting to look at the
10:41 am
number, higher, 8%. as you watch the other side, is that enough to make a difference for ted cruz or marco rubio in this race? >> the thing is, with the democratic party, we need to get our hispanic people out to vote. i think what they're after is hearing what their issues are. as the gentleman said right before this interview, we know that you can promise a lot of stuff, but we also know a lot of things you can deliver. so it's important to hear what people are saying, that they're going to be able to do for the hispanic -- >> how do you think the turnout will be? you said what you've got to do on your side is get them out to vote. what will mote vivate. >> any time you resonate with their issues, discuss their concerns, they're going to come out. they came out for several situations, when i first got elected, they came out. it was important that they saw somebody that looked like them.
10:42 am
so they came out then. again, i don't think that they're going to come after, hopefully they're not coming after last, they're coming after what is being said. >> president obama has taken a lot of heat in the hispanic community for the number of deportations, since he has taken office. according to the associated press, he is overseen the removal of 2.4 million immigrants, but of course deportations have declined. he said he was backing off on that a little. "washington post" found 48% of hispanics less likely, as you see that number, less likely to vote for a candidate who supports those kinds of deportations. does it hurt hillary clinton by association. she has been talking so strongly about continuing the legacy. >> but she has also talked about doing something about immigration. remember, the sea where the child came up, worried about her parents and her comment was let me do the worrying. yes, she is associating with a
10:43 am
lot of obama issues, but i think that is more on the medicare, on the other issues, on the job issues. i think immigration, she is her own person. as she is in other issues. but in immigration, she has made it known that she is going to go a certain direction. >> lupe valdez, great for you to come out. thank you so much. we're going to be right back on the super tuesday road trip. stay with us. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day
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10:47 am
recommended marco rubio, just moments ago. marco rubio had been endorsed in houston, too. san antonio. >> ted cruz is not doing very well with some of these newspapers. what's going on? >> chris, you're sitting right on the x in texas right now. most of the people, the voters east of here are for trump. most of the voters west are for cruz. the other two sides, dallas for kasich, san antonio and fort worth for rubio. all over the place in texas. >> why. >> the collapse of ted cruz has been a big story. you saw the endorsement, the officials, governor abbott, lieutenant governor patrick, everybody lining up, such an antiestablishment cycle, the republicans don't trust their establish. >> the governor, when i spoke to him this morning, refused to commit to the idea that ted cruz could win. now, is that just hedging his
10:48 am
bets or does he really think ted cruz is in trouble? >> well, i think the trump phenomenon is really taking hold. i think, you know, some of the local polling, you know, trump leads by more than 20 points in parts of texas. but trump is the one with the momentum. a lot of the cruz voters have, you know, begun to see him as a little less of a tea party champion and more of a litigating ivy league lawyer, and i don't think they like that. >> so let's talk about the debate tonight. you know ted cruz, you know how he operates. do you see him in a way that we have never seen him before, really sort of seizing the moment and going after donald trump. >> his time is running out. we'll see him on the ropes. people will see tonight whether he has the instinct to be the warrior they're looking for. a lot of the evangelicals say they're supporting donald trump. church of dallas, one of the biggest charges, been very complimentary of donald trump, without recommending him.
10:49 am
they're looking for someone who can win, who could bring votes back to the white house, a winner and warrior. they haven't seen it in cruz yet. they'll be lucky if cruz shows that tonight. >> now that your paper has endorsed rubio. >> it is really a three-way race nationally at this point. texas, two-way race. the trick is, though, in texas, all the delegates are, most of the delegates come by congressional district. trump might win the total vote. cruz might win the delegates. i don't see rubio winning more than a few delegates. >> let me ask you about one final bit of drama. donald trump on the stage, in the front row, george w. bush. trump has gone after him. he responded at that endorsement that he gave to his brother, essentially. what is going to -- what is that going to be like tonight? >> well, you know, that's been one of the -- >> daggers going up and down
10:50 am
from the front row. >> i think that george w. bush will be as friendly toward him as he is toward anyone. the thing is, that's been one of the big stories, going after the voters are tired of the party and a lot of the leaders. and even george w. bush who they really like personally, and some of the same appeals go to trump. they like trump personally. in texas they like the big dealer, the big money guy. they see a little of jr ewing in trump. >> if you were a betting man, would you bet on trump in texas? >> i think trump is beginning to pull ahead. >> why will the newspaper endorse rubio? >> i think rubio looks like -- of course that's the other down fall, he is becoming the establishment choice by picking up the newspaper endorsements. he was doing better as the outsider and the question is does he become too much of the establishment guy.
10:51 am
but i think that the editorial board, which i'm not voting on, butteder toal board sees rubio as the best conservative candidate. the bell weather county in texatexa texast texas, tarrant county, texas. >> so good of you to come over. really appreciate it. let's check the results from the microsoft question. can ted cruz beat donald trump in his home state of texas? only 12% think yes. can you continue to weigh in at i wouldn't come to the state of dallas without meeting with the unofficial embassador of this great city, the owner of the iconic and historic wild bill's western store. he has deep roots in politics. a ronald reagan republican. so we talked about 2016 and who he thinks can walk in reagan's boots. >> when you're in texas you got
10:52 am
to buy boots. george w. bush wore them in the white house. rick perry wore them when he was running for president. as you come to downtown dallas, the guy you buy them from, wild bill. good to see you. >> thanks. thanks for coming to wild bill's western store. >> presidential politics, big, like everything else in texas. >> right. >> is everybody talking about it? >> everybody is talking about it. you can't help but talk about it. our world is involved in it. our state and united states states and we are emotionally involved. >> ted cruz is the native son. donald trump has ties. >> that's hard to choose. both of them are fired up. ted cruz is fired up. he is a great guy from texas. he wants it get things done. donald trump, what a great businessman. >> looks like you are having trouble deciding. >> i'm having trouble deciding, yeah. >> and a boot with a heel on it and he got in trouble with that. >> we can help him out there if he needs help.
10:53 am
we can straighten him out. >> you love ron al reagan. >> yeah. ronald was a great guy. i have a picture of what hat here that we did for the gop convention. this has the united states seal inside it. it had some drinks spilled on it, i think, from having a good time. but yeah we did that. i did all of the hats for the gop convention. it was a great time. >> there is something about reagan for republicans. >> mm-hm. >> as you're looking for candidate this year, you and a lot of folks you know, what is it about reagan that you would like to see in a republican running for president? >> i think you need sincerity and honesty. i think you need someone who has a heart and who cares genuinely about the people. i think ronald reagan came across that way. i think he came across as honest. he came across as a real stand-up kind of guy. >> thanks to wild bill. and our thanks to dallas texas for bringing out such a beautiful day. next stop, arkansas. i'm going to little rock.
10:54 am
cal perry, what about you? >> reporter: we don't know yet. we're waiting for the votes to come in. we want it get a little main street usa. so we'll see, chris, we'll let you know. >> all right. so i am told that i'm driving 200 -- well, not me personally. my driver will be driving 293 miles to little rock where we will be tomorrow. this is it. named after david bloom, a legendary correspondent for nbc news, there is the blue mobile. we will make our way to little rock, arkansas. one of the three states along with texas that is now part of this super tuesday contest that is turning out to be so important, particularly on the republican side. so we'll be talking as we did here to movers and shakers. and arkansas politics, of course, home po bill clinton. we will talk democratic politics as well. for now, thanks for joining us. i'm chris jansing. live in dallas. see you from the road and little
10:55 am
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10:58 am
hey, everyone. i'm kate snow. we're in austin, texas. we're at guerro's taco bar. if you're in austin, come on down. there's people right behind me. super food. texas is not just a super tuesday state, it is the super tuesday state. they've been casting ballots here in early voting since tuesday of last week.
10:59 am
155 delegates up for grabs with republicans and total of 252 at stake for democrats here. in other words, it is the crown jewel on the most pivotal voting day so far this election. we want to give you a taste of what the political climate here is like. it's a red state to be sure. mitt romney beat president obama here by 16 points in 2012. and there are a lot of people in texas. we're talking nearly 8 million votes cast in the 2012 general election. but break that down a little bit, it is a sea of red across the less populated areas, like west texas for instance. if you have seen friday night lights or no country for old men, that's the area we're talking about. but given how much land the rural portion takes up, only 37% of the votes in the 2012 election came from those 240 rural counties. people are really spread out. and that's where the city centers come in, whopping 63% of 2012 votes came from these 14 counties. i guess they're in purple there,
11:00 am
mostly around houston, dallas fort worth and where we are here in austin. we're in travis county. this is a blue bastian if you will. there is a note on the wall from governor clinton when he was here. >> texas is a red state now but i refer to travis county as the blueberry in the tomato soup, if you know what i mean. >> so all in all we're talking about nearly 269 square miles here in texas. we have six reporters, plus myself covering the state today from austin to houston and beyond. it is a lot of ground to cover. we will start with the republican front-runner for president. katy tur has been covering all night long. katy, nice to see you. >> you too.
11:01 am
>> i want to start with this poll that has just come out. ted cruz is a senator here. this is supposed to be his firewall. those are the numbers we see. 388% to 23% for donald trump. trump down 15 point. does the trump camp think they can beat ted cruz in the lone star state? >> donald trump hopes he can beat ted cruz. he wants to beat ted cruz. but they aren't saying this is a must-win state for them by any stretch. they would like it beat him here certainly because they've had this escalating rivalry with ted cruz over the last few months. it's become personal for the two candidates. they would like to but aren't banking on it at this point. i think you will see fireworks. donald trump trying to tear ted cruz down in his home state. so far when he has gone after candidates, it has worked. but texas is ted cruz's country. it is his firewall. he is up by a lot in that quinnipiac poll.
11:02 am
and quinnipiac polling has been pretty dead on so far this campaign season. kate? >> let me ask you about the washington post editorial board this morning, katy, getting a lot of attention. headline is gop leaders you must do everything in your power to stop trump. i'm going to get that donald trump probably well comes a headline like that. >> he does welcome a headline like that because right now he is running as anti-establishment candidate. the one that will fight back against the system. fight back against everything that's been happening the last eight years and before that. everything that hasn't worked for the voter. whenever he says this on the campaign trail, there is when he gets a lot of good support from voters. they like that he is different. they like that he is an outsideer. they want someone who will go in there and change everything. they know he doesn't have the experience. they know he doesn't have the record. and that is the big benefit for them, big positive. because they want someone who will go in there and not be beholden to anybody. the fact he is not taking money from outside donors is just the biggest positive that has right
11:03 am
now. and whenever he goes on the attack, whenever he says something defensive, whenever there is a tweet questionable, whenever the media starts talking about how donald trump has crossed the line, his supporters dig in. this anti-establishment message is working for him. the more he is attacked, the better it is. there is talk about super pacs coming out and hitting him harder now, throwing the full weight of their money behind another candidate to take donald trump out. even on the democratic side to take donald trump out. and that only helps him. only strengthens his message and strengthens him as the outsider candidate. one who will change things if he gets to the white house. kate? >> katy, let me ask about a part of that message. wall along the mexican border, we've heard one former mexican president come out against it. now really strong message from fox, one of the former mexican presidents, take a listen. >> i declare, i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it.
11:04 am
he's got the money. >> katy, we had to beep out the word, but it's pretty strong. shortly of that he called trum app false prophet. what does that mean to the trump campaign? are they worried about losing potentially latino voters who may listen to the former president and say, yeah, i agree. >> publicly they say they will win the latino vote. but when calderon said we won't build that wall, trump used that on the campaign trail. he says whenever they say they will push back against paying for that wall which is a column response we hear at his rallies, the crowds get louder. he says i'm going to make it even taller if they continue to argue with me. it is him showing strength. the campaign would like to win the latino vote. i don't think there is any expectation within anybody that is going to win the latino vote. that certainly hurt mitt romney a lot in the last cycle. but i've spoken to a number of strategists and they don't believe it is necessarily going to hurt a candidate like donald trump. they are seeing record turnouts
11:05 am
in states where they are turning out older white voters. they believe, on the other end of the scale, bring out voters who haven't voted in the past even for a republican, voters who feel disenfranchised. voters who feel the country is changing. last people say the voters might be racist but that's what the donald trump campaign is trying to do. trying to bring out new voters but not necessarily voters that are democratic leaning voters. the charge of racism that is up to each person to decide. but certainly the donald trump supporters do not see themselves as that way. they see themselves as americans fighting to keep their country. >> all right, katy tur getting ready for a big night tonight at the debate. let's turn now to ted cruz. many opponents saying the texas senators needs to win his home state here next week it remain competitive. but could night's debate be the first chance or last stand to stop donald trump? joining me from houston with more on that, halle jackson who covers the cruz campaign for us,
11:06 am
halle, let's go back to the poll numbers we showed a few minutes ago. it looks in texas like ted cruz is doing pretty well. i'm sure his campaign is pretty happy about that. >> second poll, second day in a row, kate, where we have seen ted koouz with a significant lead over trump. double-digit lead over trump in texas. now we are seeing the poll with rubio, with him trailing trump in the sunshine state. cruz campaign trying to use this to their advantage, hitting this hard. e-mail to supporters that is heading out today says essentiality there shows that ted cruz can beat donald trump and can win arguing marco rubio cannot win if he is going to lose to trump in his own home state. that said, kate, that puts a lot on the line for ted cruz here in texas. if he is making the argument essentially that marco rubio shouldn't move forward, if he can't win his home state, if ted cruz is not able to win texas, it is very difficult to see how he moves on from there. the cruz campaign really hitting
11:07 am
this message hard today as we look ahead to the super tuesday states. texas, you called to the crown jewel. that's ted cruz's phrase for it too. but he is also trying to play in states like alabama, arkansas, georgia and tennessee. he is heading out after the debate for a fly-around to some of the key markets. kate? >> you mentioned in a memo going out to supporters about that florida poll, halle, it shows marco rubio losing in his home state of florida. will that come up at the debate tonight? i can't imagine ted cruz won't bring it up. >> it is tricky when you get into the horse race process stuff and bring it up on a national stage like the debate. but i think it is the key point of message to date for the campaign. i think you can expect to see ted cruz hit marco rubio as the two of them have locked horns in past debates. and watch for ted cruz too to draw policy contrasts with donald trump as he's been doing on he campaign trail. one line you might here tonight that cruz ruled out is an illusion to pt barnham that time
11:08 am
for what he calls acrobats and dancing bears has gone. that's a line he may want to put out there on the national stage and could get buzz for him. >> halle jackson following the cruz campaign. thank you. can ted cruz beat donald trump in his home state of texas in head to and we will check on the results there. remember when donald trump and mitt romney used to be friends? the bromance is over. peter has more from houston. peter? >> reporter: kate, good afternoon to you. what a difference four years makes. consider that day four years ago when ann and mitt romney walked out from behind the curtain with donald trump with his endorsement. here is what he said then and compare it to what he says about donald trump today. >> it is my honor, real honor and privilege, to endorse mitt romney. mitt is tough.
11:09 am
he's smart. he's sharp. he is not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. >> reporter: so in last 24 hours, donald trump said of romney that he is fool, awkward, goofy, trying to play tough guy. trump also within the last several hours tweeting out and putting on instagram a photo of him signing some tax returns. not entirely clear from when. but comes with the message that reads lightweight losing candidate mitt romney asks about my tax returns. i have a store that is worth more than him. this comes just after romney of course said of trump that there may very well be a bomb shell in his tax return that it may undermine candidacy by demonstrating some hypocritical nature, that he hasn't given plan to veterans or disabled veterans or that he payes a low tax rate or he isn't worth nearly as much as he says he is. this is also on the backdrop of the day where marco rubio's team is on the defense and new poll
11:10 am
numbers coming out from the state of florida whole numbers that show rubio trailing trump 44-28. down 16 point. the quinnipiac tole, this poll is often an outliar in that state. we heard from a top rubio adviser who wrote as follows, media needs to chill. florida a numbers are way wrong. well win florida, period. take it to the bank. john kasich's team is taking it to the bank but in efaekt different bank. they say it is more evidence that say they can win. they are the only candidate who can beat donald trump head to head and focussing on recent polls out of the state of ohio where donald trump is trailing john kasich head to head or the race is a whole lot closer. that's your backdrop for another lone star showdown tonight. first without jeb bush. what is in effect the last stand for marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich. kate? >> all right, peter, an interesting night. we may be hunkered down here in texas but we have new polling numbers that both halle and
11:11 am
peter mentioned out of florida. also a new national poll to talk about in this furious race for the white house. we will break it down and who better to do it with than mike murray. mike, nice to sigh. let's start with the florida poll that eneveryone is talking about. quinnipiac poll. 44% for donald trump. marco rubio 28%. marco rubio's home state. florida allocates delegates, winner take all. if rubio loses their mark, is that it? >> yeah, kate, this number was a bomb shell today. maybe the bomb shell of the week heading into tonight's debate. that said, there is another florida poll that came out that showed donald trump with just a seven-point lead over marco rubio. but no matter how you slice it, every poll we've seen over the last several months had donald trump in the lead in the sunshine state. as you put it, if marco rubio is unable to win, that almost would probably end his presidential bid. almost lock up the nomination
11:12 am
for donald trump. so the stakes are very, very big in that regard. and kate i argue that stakes are big on super tuesday. that if we see donald trump in the same trajectory after three straight wins in new hampshire, south carolina and nevada, if he continues that on to the super tuesday states, then i do think that momentum he has going into florida helps him tremendously. but this is why tonight's debate is important. somehow if marco rubio or ted cruz or even john kasich were able to knock donald trump off his game, steal some of that momentum, knock him down a peg or two, happening in super tuesday, all of a sudden you can see how the ground in florida and also in ohio another winner take all state could end up helping the john kasichs, marco rubios and ted cruizs on march 15th. >> other interesting numbers out of our nbc news wall street journal poll and this is if it is a general election clinton trump, it looks like an up
11:13 am
popularity contest. look at numbers for both donald trump and for hillary clinton. they are just not that popular. >> absolutely. our poll ended up showing that 59% have a negative view of donald trump. 50% have a negative view of hillary clinton. and so, any kind of hope changing positive type of presidential election, if this is injury general election match-up i think is out of window or out the door there. what is also noteworthy however, our poll showing hillary clinton overall with the 10 point lead over donald trump. one of the biggest reason has to cou do with latino voters. in telemundo, latino viewers, hillary clinton has a huge lead over donald trump. donald trump is worse than mitt romney did in 2012 and after the 2012 election they want to improve on their latino performance right now according to our latest polling shows donald trump does worse than
11:14 am
mitt romney among latinos. >> yeah, we had that screen up for a moment there. mark, thanks for breaking that down for us. now turning to texas with real texans. i'm joined by ross ramsay, executive editor and co-founder of the texas tribune. >> welcome to texas, how are you? >> i love the food. love the city of austin. glad to be back here. if you were to describe texas 101, how do you describe the voters here? >> like a national vote. in some ways we ignore what else is going on in the country. >> really? texas ignore? >> yeah, do it our way. >> don't mess with us. >> when with have a candidate like donald trump, he hasn't spent that much time here. we know of him what we know of him, like the truman show, on tv all the time. ted cruz has been all over the state.
11:15 am
he won his senate seat by making almost all rotary club in texas. this is whole sale election, could be more nationalized in a regular texas election. >> let's get into specifics. recent survey by your paper, that found 22% of registered voters in the lone star state identify as hispanic or latino bp that's a big block. new washington post univision finds that it 2% of latinos have a negative for donald trump. >> if it's hillary clinton and donald trump in a general election, that plays to her. she is, you know, she's done really well with hispanics in texas and hispanics all along the border. that's going to be a strong -- >> you're not saying texas could go blue? >> no, i'm not saying texas could go blue. but that population will be a strong part of the democrat particularly hillary clinton. particularly if there a san antonio mayor, if they go with castro -- or julian -- wrong
11:16 am
twin. >> joaquinn was on earlier and down playing chances and saying i hope my brother gets considered. >> yeah. build expectations low and keep your fingers crossed. >> you think that's a real possibility. interesting. let's go back it a poll your paper did in another area. 62% of republicans said they would support banning muslims from entering the country. that number goes up to 78% supporting ban on muslims of tea partiers. does that help donald trump pass ted cruz since that's a big talking point of his or does ted cruz have texas locked up? >> i think he has in his corner, they are not locked up. this is cruz's problem, a lot of tea party, people that go to church more than once a week, all of the groups that ted cruz thought were his base are split a little bit. some of those groups have serious components for trump. it is not that he lost them, it is that he is having to share them. >> so good to see you, so good to get your perspective. thanks for being here. i'm sure we will see you a lot
11:17 am
in the next few days. appreciate it. coming up, if ted cruz loses his home state to trump on tuesday, does it mean his presidential aspirations are over? we will hear straight from the cruz campaign next. that and more from austin, texas. the live music capital of the world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ iher life's work has been about breaking barriers.age. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid
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11:21 am
republican texas governor greg abbot, predicting a win for ted cruz here in his home state on tuesday. according to a series of recent polls, cruz holds a narrow lead over trump in the lone star state but texas is just one of two states that cruz leads going into super tuesday according to the polls. donald trump leads on the other hand in eight states right now. joining me now, former republican chairman of california and ted cruz's campaign chair for the state of california, who happens to be in houston ahead of tonight's debate. ron, nice to have you with us. you saw the map we just showed. two candidates leading but a lot of states like alabama, alaska, georgia, massachusetts, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont and virginia where donald trump holds a lead. what is ted cruz's path to victory? >> let's keep in mind that texas is pretty big with 155 delegates.
11:22 am
we have a comfortable lead in texas right now. with 15 point. marco rubio in his home state by contrast, badly behind in florida. in bad shape there. probably going to have to spend lots of money to try to shore up his position against donald trump. certainly as we go into super tuesday, this is a very, very important time for us. we have a lot of wind at our backs. we have the debate tiered in houston, in texas, it cruz country. and senator cruz is going on a fly-around. we will compete very aggressively throughout super tuesday states. maximize number of delegates we have coming out of there. remember the 155 delegates that texas has is more than twice what donald trump has in terms of delegates right now. wre remember, this is a race for delegates. not in terms of states but in terms of delegates. that's what this campaign is built around. we feel great about this morning. great poll numbers coming out of texas. really bad poll numbers out of florida for marco rubio.
11:23 am
>> how great? talking double-digit win here in texas, do you think? >> oh, i'm not going to get into the you know predictions business. but suffice it to say, we will have a great night on super tuesday and great night in the state of texas and marco rubio his problem will compound because he was asked a couple days ago, what states will you win in he comes with florida. by the time ballots are counted in florida, more than 60% of delegates will be gone. marco rubio no path to victory. we do. we defeated donald trump before and we will do it again. >> ron, i've been talking to some republican donors who are just getting nervous that donald trump has this whole thing locked up and that there's no way to stop him. what has to happen tonight at the debate? what does your candidate need to do to take some of the wind out of the sails of donald trump? >> i think you will see a stark contrast between ted cruz who is well prepared to be president. who has been challenging the
11:24 am
status quo in washington, d.c. challenging leadership of both parties. versus donald trump who just does not have the temperament to be president of the united states. and every time ted cruz moves closer to him, donald trump gets weirder and weirder in terms of the things that he says. further demonstrating a making our point that he doesn't have what it takes to be the president of the united states. it is time to move into that serious phase of the campaign. who do we want to take over from barack obama? who do we want to put the country on the right path? i think you will see a contrast between solid leadership of ted cruz versus donald trump show. that's a stark contrast. >> ron, you're chairman in california for the cruz campaign. so i've got to ask, that primary is june 7th. that feels like worlds away from now. are we going to have this thing figured out before we even get to california? >> maybe. hopefully. we will well prepared in california. last poll taken in california had ted cruz up by two points. he is the leading candidate in
11:25 am
the state of california. that makes me very happy. and especially thrilled with all of the volunteers who have signed up to join the cruz campaign in california. i'm former chairman of the state republican party. we know what it takes to win a primary in california. we're really building that organization. so if the race goes to june 7th, we will be in strong shape in california. >> all right. ron nairing with the cruz campaign. ron, thanks so much. appreciate your time. >> so you know you never get in the middle of a -- thank you. you never get in the middle of who does it best or who went first. here in texas, it is barbecue and breakfast tacos. when i lived in new mexico next door, it was all about the breakfast burrito. but here, the breakfast taco. new york-based writer for eater claimed that austin owns the title as quote home of the crucial breakfast taco. now san antonio residents have a petition demanding the writer be banned from the lone star state. apparently the phrase don't mess with texas includes food fights. and here at guerro's tack why
11:26 am
bar where we are in austin, by the way, they have amazing, amazing breakfast tacos on the menu. we'll be right back after a quick break.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
>> this election is very exciting. there are different ideas. you get ideas on extreme ends, definitely more than years in the past it seems like. just new ideas. >> we were just down the street at joe's coffee talking to some voters this morning. we are live in austin, texas. super tuesday state. hillary clinton weighing in today on a replacement for supreme court justice scalia. >> that's been some talk that maybe the president would nominate the republican governor of nevada. now, i love nevada. especially after last weekend. i really love nevada.
11:30 am
an i know the governor has done some good things but i sure hope the president chooses a true progressive who will stand up for the values and the interests of the people of this country. >> more comments on sandoval may be a moot point. just within the past hour governor brian sandoval ruled out nomination to the supreme court writing quote earlier today i notified the white house that i do not wish to be considered at this time for possible nom nomination to the supreme court of the united states. the nomination to be considered for the seat on the highest court in the land is humbling and i'm thank fug for the consideration. >> wendy davis from texas, also a clinton supporter. she joins us from outside the state but you're known to much wendy, representative davis, for your involvement in the issue of abortion rights here in texas. i want to ask you about the upcoming supreme court decision on abortion. it is an issue you've been so
11:31 am
involved with. supreme court next week considers striking down the texas law that forced all but 10 abortion clinics to shut down in the state. do you think there's a good chance given we have a 4-4 split on the court of that being struck down? >> i do. and i think that the reason it will be struck down, really relies on the opinion and planned parenthood versus casey. which said that states can regulate abortion care as long as they don't create an undue burden that creates a substantial obstacle for women to access that care. and certainly the month essence that law passed in our state, we have seen an undue burden on women. there are many instances that were filed in this case as well as those in the main briefing. and i believe that justices are going to find that this creep into abortion clinic closures
11:32 am
that have been justified under some guise of protecting women's health have actually endangered women's health and i believe they will strike the law down. >> let me ask you about the battle here in texas between the two democratic candidates. you obviously support hillary clinton. she holds a solid lead in the state according to our recent polls. but when you look at young people in particular, you see that sanders leads 61-30% in texas. are you concerned that bernie sanders is eating into hillary clinton's lead here and potentially nationally? >> i'm not concerned about what i see happening in texas or on the national landscape. enough to believe that he's going to eat into the hillary clinton lead in a way that will make him the nominee. i believe that texas is reflective of what we're going to see elsewhere as we go through the super tuesday states and coming days. and that is the fact that hillary clinton has a proven
11:33 am
record of leadership. people have come to know her as some on who is fighting for them. not someone who's coming and asking for their vote. late in the day. and demonstrating some connection to issues that they care about. but someone who's been on the ground. as you know, hillary clinton cut her teeth in texas. helping to register voters in south texas. many, many years ago. she's been on the forefront of so many of the things that matter to people in states like those in the south. like texas where we've seen an assault on voting rights. we've seen an assault on reproductive rights. we've seen an assault on immigrant protections and rights. and hillary clinton has shown time and time again a record of supporting what people in texas want to see and i believe it's what's going to lift her up and over the line to become our nominee. >> and just real quickly, do you question young women who are
11:34 am
supporting bernie sanders? >> no. i respect that bernie sanders has a wonderful message and a tremendous appeal to young people across this country. i consider part of my role with the hillary clinton campaign speaking on her behalf in states around this country. helping to share with one -- with young women what it is about hillary that i find reason to support her as our next president. i have had many years of experience watching hillary clinton fight for the things that matter so very much to me. and i want to make sure that young women see her record through the eyes of someone who's been watching her for decades. she has never shied away from fighting for the things that matter most to women and that will help us to realize true equal opportunity in this country. whether that's reproductive rights. whether it's making sure that we have equal pay. whether it's making sure that we have adequate access to the
11:35 am
education system by making it affordable. hillary clinton has shown time and again that she, having walked in our shoes, is best not only situated to fight for us, but will fight for us from a place of very real experience and concern and passion and it's that passion i'm trying to communicate. >> former state senator here in texas, wendy davis, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you, kate. >> and coming up, bernie sanders heading to flint, michigan for a community forum. his second visit to the state this week. michigan votes march 8th with 147 total delegates for the democrats. and we are just two days until democratic primary in south carolina. later today, hillary clinton joins chuck todd on "meet the press" daily. right now supporters waiting in cumberland south methodist church in come berland south carolina. hey!
11:36 am
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started his day at a raleigh in ohio this morning. sanders holding a forum in flint, michigan and chicago. hillary clinton in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary there. she started her day with town hall in kings tree, south carolina. the race is on for super tuesday next tuesday. we've got our teams covering the competitive races in all the states. casey hunt is in michigan. steve kornacki is in georgia. tamron hall is with me here in texas. i will start with steve in georgia. battle ground state. it could be a crucial state. and steve when you look at the latest polling, you see a lead there for donald trump, not surprisingly, maybe, over marco rubio. and ted cruz trailing in third place. is georgia make or break? >> yeah, i think it's particularly true for ted cruz. every candidate when they start out their campaign, they've got the ideal roadmap in their mind
11:40 am
of hey, how am i actually going to win the nomination of my party. for ted cruz that roadmap really depends on the state like georgia. he has really gone after evangelical voters. it is a delegate-rich southern state with lots of voters, 65 to 70%. this has been the story of this campaign so far is the donald trump is eating deeply into the base that ted cruz had targeted for himself. evangelical voters. that's why donald trump is doing so well in georgia. strong support from evangelicals, coming mainly at the expense of ted cruz. ted cruz could probably keep going even if he wins his home state of texas. and nothing else next week. he might justify continuing in the campaign. but the theory for the cruz campaign at the beginning of this thing was they're winning states like georgia. very bad sign if he can't beat donald trump here next week. >> all right, steve kornacki. steve, i apologize.
11:41 am
i was asking someone off camera what you're wearing because i know you're collecting sweat shirts. that's a georgia tech sweatshirt, right? >> the rambling wreck of georgia tech. that's right. >> casey, what's the strategy? >> that's right,cate. i just point out, i collect coffee muges. not quite as cool as steve kornacki's sweat shirts but they do take up less space in my closet. senator sanders out of south carolina. i've said out loud they have written it off but the posture of the campaign is very much that way. they are spending their most precious resources, candidate's time, elsewhere. this was bernie sanders in ohio earlier this morning. >> when you do some of these polls which has bernie sanders against trump or hillary clinton
11:42 am
against trump, almost all of those polls have us beating trump by wide margins. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: of course, his focus now more on donald trump. sanders himself of course hitching himself as more of an outsider candidate and the energy is certainly still there. even in the wake of that nevada loss and the loss of momentum. we've had huge crowds on the campaign trail since leaving south carolina, coming out here. kansas city and tulsa, oklahoma yesterday. cleveland this morning. another rally set for chicago. i will say this scene here, more somber, kate. focused on the led crisis in the water here in flint, michigan. outside there are stacks and stacks of bottled water and tests for lead. we are going to hear senator sanders talk and he will listen to members of the community who have been affected by this. this of course part of his ongoing outreach to
11:43 am
african-american voters, a group he struggled to win over, kate. >> all right, casey hunt following the bernie sanders campaign. we should note bernie sanders will join the hard ball college crew here with chris matthews at 8:00 eastern here on msnbc. right outside, with roots in texas, tam ron? >> hey, we're in austin. this is called the blue dot in the red state for obvious reasons, not far from the university of texas campus. this is seen as the more liberal basket in my great home state. it's an interesting -- interesting race shaping up between senator ted cruz and donald trump. you can imagine that spirit, that message of donald trump certainly would resonate in this state but he is facing ted cruz. just sitting in my room not a short time ago watching ad after ad for senator cruz, senator rubio, donald trump not spending but his name is as legendary here as in nevada, as it was in
11:44 am
new hampshire. but cruz has support of governor abbot here who endorsed cruz but who not when he spoke to chris jansing go on the record and say it would definitely be a cruz win. but it is an interesting place. interesting to hear from folks like these nice gentlemen and his niece here visiting from tennessee. he says he voted republican. he is an independent. he doesn't think the person he voted for, absentee in tennessee, will win but he still gave his vote. another woman at the table of bernie sanders supporter and good in this part of texas is an big surprise given liberal ties here. we're in the blue to the in the red state. very hot action here on super tuesday. >> all right, tamron hall, thanks so much. more than 885,000 residents call austin home. but 12% of all texans live if rural areas. 1 of every 7 texans work in an
11:45 am
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11:48 am
i don't even know who i will vote for when i get there. it is like, go in, close the curtain and that's when i will make my decision. >> i think we've been through a lot in the last eight years. i think we were promised change and hope and we didn't see a lot of that. so i'm hoping we can actually see that this time around. >> those are voters at one of my favorite coffee spots. joe's. down the street on south congress. live from austin, texas, inside guero's mexican taco stand. we see ted cruz with a narrow lead over the rest of the republican field. best donald trump by about 8 points here in the lone star state. maybe not surprising since he is from here. a senator from here. just one in a series of polls in the past few days that show ted cruz either in lead or tying
11:49 am
donald trump. joining me now is the co-director of that poll, director of the texas politics project at university of texas here in austin. james or jim hensen. can i call you jim? >> sure. please. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about ted cruz and donald trump's appeal here in the state of texas. when you look at who is drawing which voters, where are ted cruz's strengths and where are donald trump's? >> well he has a strength. conservatives in the republican party so those that identify as extremely conservative way more than half of them. >> right. tea party i would think. >> tea party identifiers especially. donald trump on the other hand his support looks a lot like it does in rest of the country. he chooses from lots of, draws from different categories within the constituency. he runs well with evangelicals. shares them with cruz. well can moderates. reasonably well with conservatives.
11:50 am
he is pulling across the board with the exception of hispanics to some degree. >> right. if you look at hispanic numbers think think ted cruz is at 33%. donald trump 26% in texas. among hispanic voters. which maybe isn't a surprise since donald trump has been talking about that wall and things that are not necessarily appealing to latino voters. >> not shocking but not all that harmful to trump to the extent there aren't a lot of latino voters in the republican sp primary. >> not the worst place to be hurt in texas. what about younger voters, what do you find when you look at young youngere younger voters in the state? >> it may be counter intuitive. leader of 18 to 29-year-olds is ted cruz, who has about 25% of them followed by rubio with 17 and trump only with 10. trump not appealing to the young voters in the republican side and i think in texas, a lot of these young republican voters about maybe 30% of the
11:51 am
electorate of that category be came up as conservative voters, very active conservative republican groups in the state. >> and you've got the governor supporting ted cruz. i don't know if that helps with young voters. i don't know. >> yeah. i think it does with young republican loyalists who you know have come up in republican politics in that, in that age bracket, in the last few years. >> all right. interesting. going to be a really interesting night. don't you think? on tuesday? >> can't wait. >> we can't wait either. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> you've been weighing in by the way on our microsoft polls yes today. the question is can ted cruz beat donald trump in his home state of texas? here is what results currently show us. let's see if we can get that up there. 21% say yes he can. 79% saying no ted cruz cannot beat donald trump. interesting. again this is an internet poll so not the most scientific but
11:52 am
interesting wait you are weighing in. if you want to weigh in head to pulse mounta today here in texas in a different part of the state, cal perry will join us from the road in rosebeck, texas right after this. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven
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11:55 am
rafr ranches than any other state. 248,000 and counting. msnbc's cal perry got to meet some of those ranchers. he spent the day in groesbeck, texas where he got to take in a live stock auction. cal, what are the voters telling you? >> reporter: they are telling us they want less government regulation. that's the biggest issue. and major water issue here as well. he can we talked to coal hoff n
11:56 am
hoffman, and honestly, he couldn't look more like a cowboy if he tried. >> it would allow the the epa to allow control of anybody over water in the united states. the water u.s. rules are muddy at the supreme court level. where it's navigatable waters. but the u.s. rule would allow the epa to come in and control everything from a stream to a ditch to anything that had water in it. and it's a pretty bad deal for ranches all around if someone can exercise control over the water sources that they have. >> reporter: so if you're wondering where colt sounds like a lawyer, he was a lir. he went to texas a&m and as so many ranchers have told us, that water issue is huge. there was a major drought last year. it seems like, and this is a straw poll here, but it seems like most people we spoke to were split between cruz and trump. kate? >> so interesting. cal, i used to live over in eastern new mexico right here
11:57 am
midland odessa, texas and it is the same thing there. water is an issue. cal perry on the road, obviously. in a car. and we will see you in arkansas tomorrow. and if folks want to weigh in as to where he should go next, he can weigh in. go to facebook, twitter and instagram and tell us what you think where should cal go next? usinging hashtag decision 2016. thomas roberts will pick up coverage next. live from atlanta, georgia. another super tuesday state. i'll be back here in austin again tomorrow, live. we'll see you then. black and denim co-founder roberto torrez started a second business, coffee bar, in the same tampa, florida storefront. customers can sip their joe and shop for clothes at the same
11:58 am
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full of guests on the waye and a cold with sinus pressure, you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief
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to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. someone's hacked all our tenology.... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. hey efb i'm thomas roberts and welcome to downtown georgia. this helped put atlanta on the map as a global leader. just five days to go until super
12:01 pm
tuesday, this is called the sec primary because of the fact there are so many super tuesday states coming together that compete in sports for the sec. now for the delegate count, we've got 76 up for grabs for the republicans at 116 delegates for democrats. but tonight in texas, it could be a make or break moment for the gop. welcome to our afternoon coverage live from atlanta. msnbc, the place for politics. hey everybody. good afternoon once again. i'm thomas roberts. little bit after rain shower coming down in downtown atlanta. we are looking at a political storm about to hit the gop race ahead of tonight's critical debate in texas. let's get you up to speed. it's been a blizzard of polls
12:02 pm
and tweets. a new set of claims and count are claims from the campaigns. and it began with this quinnipiac poll showing trump with a lead over rubio in the senator's home state of florida. that would provide a devastating blow to the rubio camp. in a tweet the rubio campaign fired back saying the numbers are way wrong. we are going to win florida, period. take it to the bank. now interesting to point out that those results came in after jeb bush left the race. now in light of these numbers, john kasich's campaign is tweeting that rubio should drop out if he can't beat trump in his home state. meanwhile, listen to this, mitt romney is striking back. a short time ago tweeting a response to donald trump's earlier hail of tweets critical of the 2012 gop nominee. romney questioning donald trump's tax returns saying there could be a bomb shell in there. now romney tweeted, me thinks the donald doth protest too
12:03 pm
much. show voters your taxes. hashtag what is he hiding. we will show you trump's taxes in a moment. and fox shows an unvarnished take for mexico paying for a border wall. tonight's tenth gop depate in houston texas just hours away. meanwhile hillary clinton is? south carolina where a town hall event is about to begin. one of many events before saturday's first in the south primary. and bernie sanders is focussing his efforts well beyond super tuesday making stops in ohio, illinois, and michigan. msnbc reporters and correspondents are fanned out across the country following all of the latest developments and a lot it take in. nbc's casey hunt is in michigan with bernie sanders. halle jackson in texas covering the cruz campaign. peter alexander also in texas followi following expectations for tonight's debate. but i want to begin with
12:04 pm
katy tur. katy, let's begin with vincent fox speaking out against donald trump. not surprising he wasn't in favor of the wall. but surprising what he said. the words he used. >> yeah, colorful language to put it nicely coming out of vincente fox. this is on top of calderon who said he would not, mexico would not pay for the wall. but let's take a listen to now vincente fox put it. listen. >> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it. he's got the money. >> are you afraid that he's going to be the next president of the united states? >> not at all. not at all. democracy cannot take crazy people. that doesn't know what is going on in the world today. >> he also said that wanted to speak to those latinos who voted for donald trump in nevada and tell them they were voting for essentially a false prophet.
12:05 pm
donald made the issue of building a wall between the mexico and the u.s. the corner stone of his campaign. you hear him say, who will pay for the wall. and the crowd responds, mexico. one of the most raukus moments at every debate. every time the past presidents have pushed back on him, he said the wall is only going to get larger. that's when it gets even larger applause lines, even larger applause, excuse me, from his audience. this push back from the mexican leaders isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to donald trump's support for the primaries right now. not necessarily even a bad thing when it comes to the general election. but it does take the presidency if he gets that far, certainly a lot of issues are coming up with foreign leaders and their perception of how donald trump has run this campaign. getting push back in a lot of places including in the uk, germany. certainly in the middle east and now as we've seen all along with mexico. so maybe not anything that's going to be a problem for him
12:06 pm
now. but stuff that could come into play later, if he gets as far as the white house. thomas? >> meanwhile katy, taking it from all sides all around. this is in advance of the debate tonight. what are trump insiders saying about what to expect or how they are preparing for what to expect on that stage? >> the trump campaign never tells anybody what they are doing to prepare for debates. it is part of their strategy. they are very closed-lipped. also very closed-lipped about their strategy, period, across the country. the only information you get from them is right out of donald trump's mouth. last night on cnn he did say that you should expect him to go after marco rubio. marco rubio has gone after him in the past couple days. talking about his support for israel saying he hasn't been clear about it. donald trump certainly will go on the attack tonight if he feels like he is under attack from his other opponents. i think we will see fireworks not only between him and marco rubio but between him and ted cruz as well. remember we are in texas. this is ted cruz's state.
12:07 pm
donald trump said over and over again that he wants it win this state and certainly both marco rubio and ted cruz need to try and tear him down in order to start gaining on him. he is leading by quite a lot and he has all of the momentum going into super tuesday at least at the moment. thomas? >> all right, katy tur following the trump campaign. thank you very much. now from columbia south carolina msnbc's joy reed. joy, let me start with you. there is a lot to cover before the first and south primary for the democrats. let's talk about what happened for the republicans in just last few hours of this race a lot of movement and back and forth whether it's via twitter or insta that gram the rubio camp, kasich camp, trump camp and now mitt romney. standard bearer of the 2012 race and elder statesman of the gop party. is mitt romney trying to do the work of marco rubio before the debate tonight? >> you know, it's interesting.
12:08 pm
there's been a lot of sort of scuttle butt in republican circles that mitt romney is very frustrated with the state of race and inability of the candidates to take down trump. a rumor floated in the huffington post that he would come out and endorse marco rubio. that hasn't happened. i have talked to republican strategists, perhaps a fantasy theory, that if it went to brokered convention mitt romney could sweep in at the last it moment and get the nomination at the convention if there isn't enough delegates to win but donald trump has the most delegates. but mim romney hasn't come out and endorsed rubio. there is a perception of weakness in his candidacy to say the least. not only finishing fifth in a primary but not winning one. if he doesn't win in florida, thomas, i don't see how he can continue. that's where he has it win. ted cruz is right when he says he is the only one that has proven he can beat trump in a primary caucus.
12:09 pm
>> right in those q poll numbers, telling the tale about what is happening for marco rubio being his home state. patricia, let me ask you, with mitt romney using twitter to go after donald trump like this, he typically uses twitter to congratulate those candidates that have fade out of the contest. so why do you think he is going on the attack, using taxes, which is something he stumbled over in the last cycle? >> i think the trump if ication of the republican establishment, to go on donald trump's turf on twitter and get nasty. like where was that mitt romney four years ago? it seems to be a different mitt romney. but i think members of the republican establishment understand they need to have a whole new ball game if they want it play into donald trump's momentum. >> well the paradigm shifted and the trump campaign is one and of itself where you think the natural course will do bad for it but instead makes them bigger and better. so is mitt romney helping donald trump out?
12:10 pm
>> well, mitt romney is doing what other candidates wish they could be doing. i think candidates would like to see rubio tougher against trump. see cruz at least land one or two punches against trump. why hasn't anyone talked about his taxes? i think mitt romney is looking around saying, if anybody is going to do it, he is going to do it. >> a bomb shell in there, trump saying he fights like hell ton pay a lot in tax answers it is complicated to put it out. a few coming on the same day of the washington post the editorial board urging republican leaders to take down donald trump. we know that national review got together co-alessed all those gop influencers to do the same thing a short time ago. is this what is came down to for the gop party? going after donald trump because set defacto nominee?
12:11 pm
>> if wau on to the understand why the republican party is where it is, play back what you just said, thomas. editorial page at washington post and collective might of the national review attempting to take down a candidate bho is a candidate of populist who are precisely sick and tired of that establishment. those people lecturing working class white voters for what, 20 years telling them you need to be on our side for tax cuts for the rich. you need to be on our side for deregulation for our businesses. and by the way, now you need to be on our side from a reform which is marco rubio's reason for going to washington. and the base of the republican party is now saying absolutely no. they are not listening to them. and they certainly won't listen to the editorial page of the national review or washington post. i think what's happened is donald trump's vortex sucked in everyone including major right wing media figures like glenn beck who are incapable of stopping donald trump. there is no one who can do it. certainly not marco rubio who couldn't beat chris christie in
12:12 pm
a debate. i think you have a big problem here and no obvious solutions. >> so we look at donald trump leading in at least 8 of 11 super tuesday states. and if he does, patricia, win most of those contests, he is leading the delegate count in a way that would naturally say history shows that that type of candidate would be the eventual nominee. >> absolutely. if you look at a state like georgia, this is an winner take all state but a winner take most state. so if someone like ted cruz doesn't finish above the 20% threshold those delegates will go over to donald trump. and he already has a 7-1 advantage over other candidates and the talk after brokered convention to me is laughable because this is a man winning the popular vote, running away with the delegates and super tuesday is such a gigantic mass of delegates that i think he stands to do extremely well and i think he will shut the door on the rest of the candidates by wednesday morning. >> the other point of distinct
12:13 pm
is about that q poll. you know florida politics so well but the fact it was taken after jeb bush dropped out of the race, a lot of people thought bush supporters will good to rubio. they're not. >> no. and i think one of the things that people need to understand about the dynamics particularly of miami politics, is that jeb bush is number one, the favorite republican in florida, full stop. marco rubio is not. the jeb bush officionados, real base in florida, took the ways that marco rubio talked about the mentor, sense of disloyalty. i talked with prominent cuban-americans who say we like marco, we love jeb. the reality is the strongest republican is not going up against donald trump in florida because the strongest republican for florida is probably jeb bush. i think that challenge for marco rubio is that in order to get the bush donors and bush supporters he has to win a state and show that he can win. otherwise there's another tug on them which is the other governors. jeb bush was a governor.
12:14 pm
i think the kasich wing of the party is a jeb wing and they need is to see marco rubio win before they get on board with him. >> joy, thanks so much. patricia murphy joining me onset here in atlanta. thank you for being here in person. let's talk about what is taking place for ted cruz as he heads into the texas republican dedebate tonight and the primary with the big endorsement. getting the backing of his home state governor greg abbot. i want to bring in halle jackson. she is in houston following the cruz camp. this is big for ted cruz but an interesting interview with our colleague chris jansing where the governor talked about his endorsement but hedged a bit on the fact he believes cruz can carry the state. >> right. you heard governor abbot say he can't predict what will happen. he is not going out on a limb. he is an poll reader but he does feel cruz will do well here. interesting when you contrast that with rubio's campaign which is guaranteeing a win in florida. i think you read that tweet
12:15 pm
where his top strategist said hey, take it to the bank, essentially. ted cruz hedged his bets himself here in texas when asked about it he thinks he will do very well. he hasn't specified what very well might necessarily mean for him. it is interesting, thomas, when you look at strategy, rubio's campaign guaranteeing the win is almost an not a risk for them, right? as rubio doesn't win florida as you talk about on the panel, tough to talk about the path from a perspective of momentum and from a perspective of a narrative. if cruz doesn't win texas is is tough to see his path. his home state victory, perhaps, propelling him on to success later on in the calendar. cruz is in debate prep, getting ready for tonight. you will likely see him take it to trump, take it to rubio. he got the endorsement yesterday, he wasn't able to do as much prep as he is able to the day before the debate so i'm
12:16 pm
told he is shifting that to essentially right now. >> all right. big last stand before the total comes in on super tuesday. halle jackson, great to sigh. thanks so much. so we look at what's taking place for the democrats. and in south carolina black lives matter activist disrupts a hillary clinton event. we will get reaction from a hillary clinton supporter about whether these are deserved protests. bernie sanders is speaking in flint, michigan. we will talk about what is dogging his campaign today. is he writing off south carolina? casey hunt is on the trail with the senator, after this.
12:17 pm
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12:20 pm
we've got work to do to help more people, knock down barriers that stand in their way, health care and economic territory. >> we have got to take on this issue of institutional racism and a broken criminal justice system. [ cheers and applause ] >> they sound a like and they are competing for the same voter. they fight, campaign, to win over the black vote ahead of the south carolina primary as well as super tuesday states. joining me from south carolina is state representative john king. a hillary clinton supporter. sir, good to have you with me. we know secretary clinton at least to the polling is poised to win your home state on
12:21 pm
saturday. overall, what do you make of the clear battle happening between clint yob and sanders and do you think that the south, black vote, will help solidify her eventual nomination if she wins south carolina? >> of course i do. south carolina and african-american vote in the south in general will show the strength that hillary clinton has in the south. just here in south carolina, majority of the african-american elected officials have endorsed her. i was just with president clinton, bill clinton today. and the crowd there was overwhelmingly african-american people, who are strong supporters of hillary clinton and the clintons. so i don't see where there is any issue in the african-american community when it comes to hillary clinton and her ability to garner the black support. >> but there was an incident that took place at a hillary clinton event last night where a
12:22 pm
black lives matter protester interrupted her remarks. i want to show that to everybody. >> you owe an apology -- >> if you will give me a chance to talk, i'll -- >> you know what, nobody ever asked me before. you're the first person to ask me and i'm happy to address it. but you are the first person to ask me. >> we had an activist interrupt the campaigns of martin o'malley when he was still in this race and what happened to bernie sanders and happened to secretary clinton. what do you make of this type of activism against these campaigns? trying to get sanders and clinton to take black lives matter movement seriously or more seriously? >> secretary clinton has always taken black lives matters very seriously. just on yesterday i was at a function with her where she came out overwhelmingly with probably 500 black females of aka sorority. she talked about issues that are
12:23 pm
near and dear to the black community and so many people were so supportive of her agenda when it comes to the african-american community. we cannot control what someone else may do at one of her functions. however, she has been steadfast on african-american issues and very upfront about the issues that are impacting the african-american community. so i don't see what this has to do with the campaign. especially in the african-american community. we are just impressed with her plan for our community and how we are going it move forward with economically. how we move forward with criminal justice reform. and how we make sure that women are paid equal and fair in our community across the board. those are the issues that are near and dear to the african-american community and how do we upbuild and build our community to the same standards as other communities. hillary clinton stood firm on those things and we will continue to stand firm behind her and support her. >> we will see what the -- sir
12:24 pm
we will see what the primary voters say on saturday for south carolina. charles blow wrote about the significance though of the black vote. he breaks it down by saying about the region. he says sanders can do himself a lot of good by including suj irn voices among his impressive roster of surrogates. not that those in the south can't make a case, there just simply exists a remove and clinton's relationships and speemingly superior understanding of reasonable sense guiibilities gives her an advantage. jim clyburn came out of nevada caucus to endorse. harry reid endorsed hillary clinton prior to the south carolina primary. do you think there is this regional divide that she understands better that senator sanders? >> well congressman clyburn if you noticed doesn't really endorse people. to come out he knows the
12:25 pm
african-american community being that he is african-american and understands our needs in our community and understands she is the best candidate for our community and have our voice and she will take our voice all the way to the white house and put up forth an agenda that positively affect our community. so i can't see any better way of showing the support that she has in the south than having the support of jim clyburn. >> south carolina state representative john king. that's for your time today, sir. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> absolutely. so let's move on and show you where bernie sanders is today. he is not spending time in south carolina. he is actually campaigning in flint, michigan right now. and as we know, flint has been in the national headlines since it was exposed at the city's water source was contaminated and sanders is currently holding this community forum to discuss the water crisis that's been plaguing that city and joining us from flint, msnbc political correspondent casey hunt who has been covering the sand erts
12:26 pm
campaign. we know casey as we have been following this story, it is a political hot potato and to help the folks of flint get a reliable source source of water. what is senator sanders saying about his presidential leadership to solve that crisis today? >> thomas, a very difficult situation. this church that we're in, in flint michigan, has signs up in the bathrooms that say don't drink the water. high levels of lead. you can see they are collecting donations of bottles of water for the community. not something we expect to see in this country at this point. and senator sanders talked emotionally on the trail about meeting with people who have been directly affected by this crisis particularly mothers whose children have been impacted who they've watched start to do badly in school because of the water that they're drinking. but of course thomas, this issue has become very, very important to particularly african-american voters who are of course a focus in this presidential race. and it's noteworthy that when
12:27 pm
hillary clinton came to flint she spoke at an african-american church with predominantly black voters. bernie sanders today speaking it a much more diverse crowd. many more white people here. this church is more diverse. in a college community. young people also in attendance. that of course the people who have been most supportive of him often college student, several colleges here in flint, michigan as well. of course sanders saying he was not you know late to this issue that this is something he has focused on. but hillary clinton has used many opportunities tound underse the fact that this is a priority for her, with a web video with her husband, bill clinton, talking about taking care of this crisis. >> casey, nice to see you. thanks so much. i also want to pass this along. two important programming notes for you. at 5:00 p.m. eastern, hillary clinton goes one on one with chuck todd on mtp daily.
12:28 pm
and bernie sanders will play "hardball with chris matthews" as they kick off the college hardball tour. that's at 8:00 p.m., bernie sanders on hardball. and how trump responded after romney took aim again this morning pch be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. brad could use a new bike. send. [google] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. app-connect. from the newly redesigned volkswagen passat. right now you can get $1000 presidents' day bonus on new 2015 or 2016 passat, jetta or tiguan models. i've got a nice long life ahead.
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he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. . hi efb and welcome back. super tuesday is fast approaching. just five days away. i don't know if you can hear "chariots of fire" playing behind me. it is funny that's play as we are talking about the race for the white house. a live picture of cumberland united methodist church in
12:32 pm
cumberland, south carolina. secretary clinton will be holding a town hall there. this is the first of the primary for democrats on saturday. one of several events she is holding before they go to the ho polls and voters of south carolina will pick bernie sanders or hillary clinton. as we take a peek as what is happening with the sanders campaign he is speaking in flint wsh michigan today and focussing efforts beyond super tuesday. making stops in illinois, ohio and michigan as i mentioned. on the republican side of things, we've got fist remaining candidates hunkered down as they prep for debate taking place in houston texas tonight. their debate which if you're keeping count will be the tenth. coming at a time when a brand new poll out shows that senator ted cruz leads in his home state ahead of super tuesday. 38% vote. 38% of the vote. donald trump with 23% of the vote. and he is fresh off this enforcement, ted cruz getting that of texas governor greg
12:33 pm
abbot. donald trump and marco rubio battling it out for second place in the lone star state. trump at 23% with rubio. in other political news, brian sandoval said he has notified the white house to take his name off a list of possible supreme court nominees. his name had been tossed about. he is saying no thank you. nbc's peter alex ander is covering the debate and what is going on between the war of words between mitt romney and donald trump? >> hey thomas, good afternoon. mitt romney's statements saying there may be a bomb shell in donald trump's tax returns demonstrates the alarm bells now sounding across the republican establishment. remember just four years ago about this time that mitt romney walked out from behind the curtain alongside donald trump receiving his endorsement. here is what trump said then.
12:34 pm
>> it is my honor, real honor, and privilege to endorse mitt romney. >> mitt is tough. he's smart. he's sharp. he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. >> now in the last 24 hours donald trump said of mitt romney he is a fool, awkward, that he is goofy and that he is now playing tough guy. trump today put out on instagram and twitter a photo of his signing past tax returns and a message lightweight losing candidate mitt romney asking about my tax returns. i have a store that's worth more than him. the major story line here in texas is this lone star state showdown. last stand for marco rubio john kasich and ted cruz before next week's super tuesday. the first time that jeb bush will not be on the debate stage. the question sl any of the candidates engage donald trump. it comes with new poll numbers
12:35 pm
out of florida showing that trump is leading marco rubio his home state by roughly 16 points p. that pole from quinnipiac we should say is often an outlier in that state. but rubio's team writing media needs to chill. florida poll numbers are way wrong. we are going to win florida, period. take to the bank. meanwhile kasich's team is saying this is evidence that they are the only campaign that can beat donald trump head to head in ohio. kasich's home state is closer. showing in a head to head race trump would lose to kasich and roughly even or maybe kasich is trailing him in polls where the entire poll still exists. that's where we are are as we head into tonight's debate. thomas back to you. >> peter alexander reporting for us in houston there. thank so much. earlier today we had an interview, jorge ramos had an
12:36 pm
interview with vincente fox. they were talking about the wall on the border and the mexico paying for it. and this is vincente fox, i'm not going to pay for that blank wall. all right. you can fill in the blank there. but donald trump tweeting seven minutes ago, former president of mexico, fox, horribly using the f word when discussing the wall. he must apologize. if i did that there would be an uproar. this is all in advance of tonight's debate. but coming up, we will talk about what is taking place on the democratic side of things. activist and actress, america ferrera talks about the impact of the latino vote and how it could move the ball forward for one of the candidates, bernie sanders or hillary clinton, come super tuesday. staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it!
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