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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  February 21, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? whether you're ready for it or you're not. >> i definitely do not want to burn to death. >> life can get treacherous. >> it was the scariest thing i've ever seen in my life. >> and fast. >> immediately i started spinning out of control. >> how do people react when a normal day -- >> i thought i was going to die. >> takes a terrifying turn. >> i started praying because that's what i know to do. >> if i'm going to die, i'm going to die trying.
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>> caught on camera: brace yourself." a small plane struggles to stay aloft and a pilot desperately looks for a safe place to land while the lives of everyone on board, including a 7-month-old baby, hang in the balance. february 2nd, 2013, logan, utah. kara fielding gets into an airplane for the first time in her life. >> the flight was a birthday present from my parents. i had just turned 22 years old, and they arranged this with a family friend of ours who agreed to take me up. >> since the single-engine cessna seats four, kara brings along her mother and her husband, jonathan. he suggests they also bring
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their 7-month-old son, jacob. >> i almost begged, like, hey, let's bring jacob along. this will be so much fun. everything will be fine. i'll hold him. >> so i relented and let him bring him up, and that was the most scary part about it is knowing that he was in the plane with us and not buckled. >> in the air the five of them take in utah's magnificent landscape. >> the weather was the best weather we had had in weeks. it was really exciting. >> but about half an hour into the flight, the pilot has some worrisome news. >> the pilot let us know something was wrong. >> we're told there's bash rater ice. >> ice has farmed on the carburetor cutting off the engine from its fuel supply. >> i didn't believe him because i know he's a little bit of a jokester and it was my first time. >> but this is no joke. >> the engine had severely lost power. he did everything he was supposed to.
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he had the carburetor heat on and he pulled it out even more to try to rid itself from the ice. >> it's too late. at 8,500 feet, the engine stops running. >> he told us we're going to have to make a landing out here. we're not going to make it back to the airport. >> the pilot can still steer the plane, but he can't keep it from descending. >> the plane just started gliding kind of like being on a roller coaster without the rails underneath you. things were really wrong, and i started praying because that's what i know to do. >> jonathan has a different response. >> i started videoing shortly after he let us know there was a problem. just had the thought, you know, i think i might want a recording of what i was thinking, what was going through my head.
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>> he only stops recording when the pilot needs help. >> he told us that we needed to find a place to land. >> we had about four minutes to look out the windows and look for places. >> a road would be ideal but there were so many power lines, and the roads turn too quick or there were cars so he told us we needed to look for somewhere we could bring the plane down and not involve other people. >> the pilot spots a snow-covered field. everyone on board braces for the landing. >> just got a prayer in our heart and i think we're going to be just fine. >> jonathan holds his infant son in one hand and starts recording video again with the other. >> as i was filming, i was fully expecting just this smooth landing. >> my mind kind of seized up. i was thinking about jacob who is in the back and not in a seat belt. >> are we really going to land
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out here. >> we are going to land in the field. >> right now we're looking for a place to land. we're looking for is straightaway. all right. we're going to land in the field right here. >> is everybody okay? >> when the plane crashed, it was like a whole blur of black and white. everything just spun around. >> the snow is too deep for the plane to glide across the field. the front wheels dig in. and the back somersaults. she jolt in a stop upside down. the camera slips out of jonathan's hand and lands in the front of the plane still recording. >> when we came to a rest, my very first thought was i have to get this buckle off to get my baby. >> kara's head slams into the
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ceiling during the crash and now she dangles by her seat belt with her feet in the air. but her mothering instinct shuts out any pain or trauma she may be feeling. without a second thought she unlatches her belt. >> i jumped out and screamed for jacob and got him and once he was in my arms, i was okay. >> didn't even have a single scratch. i held onto him the entire time. >> in fact, no one is seriously injured. >> i have just survived a crash landing. >> we were all fine. we just got a little bit of whiplash. afterwards i grabbed the phone and just documented what was going on. kara, are you okay? >> yeah. >> are you going to ever fly again? >> yeah. >> the crash has really affected my life. i feel like i have had a second chance to live. i definitely spend more time with jacob because i could have
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lost him. >> it's really given us a second chance really at appreciating what's most important and to us that's family. >> in the end the only casualty of the crash is the airplane. >> the plane is completely totaled. it was beyond repair. >> the pilot's insurance had lapsed at midnight the night before. >> all right. we're going to land in the field. >> jonathan and kara have posted the video of the crash online hoping it will generate income from youtube ad revenue and licensing. they plan to use their profits to reimburse the pilot. >> he really saved our lives by his experience and knowing what to do. this place could have been our burial ground right out there. >> pilots don't always have time to prepare for a crash landing. brace yourself.
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this plane is going down. >> i thought i was going to die. sunday august 12th, 2012, ida, michigan. ian is along for a ride in his grandfather's small plane, a kick fox 7. >> i was excited. i'm always excited to go up in the air and see the town and everything. it's a really cool experience. >> at 84 years old, wilbert maddis has been flying planes for more than 60 years. >> i feel i'm capable of flying. i have friends that are older than i am that are still flying. >> i have never been scared to fly with my grandpa or do anything with him. you know, i'd trust him with my life. >> ian snaps pictures on his iphone as they cruise over lake erie and neighboring towns. >> it was getting late so we decided to head back in. >> wilbert steers the plane toward a landing strip on a
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friend's property. ian hits record on his phone. >> i just wanted to take video of the sunset and of the landing because i never had before. i thought it was going to be a normal landing as usual. >> instead, he catches a terrifying moment on camera. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> the plan clips a telephone wire sending them into a nose dive toward the grass. >> i just braced myself. it was very, very scary. i literally thought i was going to die and i was just like, okay, here we go, this is it. >> i had no time to do anything but ride it out. >> the wing hits the ground first, then the nose crashes down at a 45-degree angle. >> are you okay? >> ian's phone continues recording audio in the frantic moments after the crash.
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>> holy [ bleep ]. grandpa, are you okay? grandpa, are you okay? my first thought was, wow, this really just happened. how am i not dead? and then i looked at myself. i was like, okay, everything is working, my body is intact. grandpa, are you okay? grandpa, are you okay? >> okay. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> i was just like, okay, we've got to get out of this plane because it could blow up. >> ian dislodges himself from the wreckage, but his grandfather is stuck. his legs trapped by equipment that collapsed around them on impact. >> so he lifted my 230 pounds out of the doorway and helped me get out of the airplane. luckily for both of us we did not have any fire, so we were able to get out of the plane without any further injury. >> help soon arrives on the
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scene. >> i was just excited i was alive. he was mainly just mad because he crashed it. >> i felt very sad. instantly very exasperated, sad. how could i have done this? i'm done flying, i will never fly again. >> the plane was a wreck. >> but ian's biggest concern is his grandfather's health. >> it just hurts right in the middle. >> all right. >> he could be hurt from internal bleeding or injuries. i was very scared. he's been one of my, you know, greatest mentors throughout my whole entire life. he's taught me so many things, and i don't know where i would be without him. >> doctors give wilbert three stitches in his knee and treat him for a fractured sternum. though doctors examine him thoroughly, ian has nothing more than a few small karacscratches his shin. they both recover fully.
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jive a new outlook on life. i easily could have died. >> ian takes every opportunity to share his video of the crash with friends. >> i use it as a way to show people you only have one life to live so just try to make the best of it. >> as for wilbert, he just wants to be back in the sky. >> if i had those thoughts of never flying again, i have since canceled them out. i love to fly, and i feel i'm capable of flying and i'm going to fly that airplane again, too, because i'm -- i have already started rebuilding it. coming up -- >> i'm thinking to myself, don't panic. you don't want to die today stuck in a car.
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crash and burn. >> i definitely do not want to burn to death. that's my biggest fear. >> august 28th, 2013, layton, pennsylvania. mike is where he loves to be every saturday night, behind the wheel of a race car at the mahoning valley speedway. >> i got interested in racing because my grandfather raced for 30-some years. by the age 11 i already learned how to drive a car. >> at age 36 he has been racing stock cars for eight years. it's even how he met his wife, marlena. >> my father was on his grandfather's pit crew. he was very honest with me when we first started racing about how racing was his first love, would always be his first love, and that was that. >> it's a passion more dangerous than most. >> i do get nervous a lot. but i know push comes to shove
2:17 pm
he's going to be all right because he's a good driver. >> marlena usually watches him race but this night she's at home while he competes. >> i'm pregnant and that's part of the reason i stayed home that night. >> make's cousin colton perry is in the stands with their grandfather taking video of the race. >> i go every saturday. he's pretty fun to watch. >> another camera records from inside the car. about the one minute into the race, mike in car number 83 is falling behind. >> we were actually running second last. i was trying to work my way up through. all i remember seeing was a car coming down the track and thinking, man, i'm going for a ride here. and as soon as we touched wheels, i was up in the air. >> flipping over is fairly common in stock car racing. at first, mike isn't worried.
2:18 pm
>> the impact really didn't hurt. just an everyday accident. even though it was my first time going on my side, it was all right, go through the driver checklist and start getting out of the car. >> although mike turns the engine off, fuel drips into the car. >> i saw the fuel dripping out of the carburetor and i thought if i can get my belts off, i will climb out of the car and then we'll upright it because it will probably start on fire. >> because he's on his side mike has trouble removing his seat belt. fuel continues to leak, threatening to ignite at any moment. the pit crew rushes to help him. >> they started asking are you all right? i kept telling them, i'm fine but i'm stuck in my seat belt. can you stand the car up so i can release it? >> as the crew heaves the car upright, it bursts into flames. the camera continues recording while the fire spreads. >> i was trapped.
2:19 pm
it crossed my mind i had died. >> when the fire started, i was actually really afraid. i didn't want to lose him that day. >> by the time they got it on all four wheels, it spread pretty quick. the last couple seconds i couldn't see anything in front of me except for yellow. i'm thinking to myself, don't panic. if you panic, you're slowing yourself down. just get out of the car as quick as you can. you have family here, you have friends here. you don't want to die today stuck in a car. >> in the stands, mike's cousin and grandfather can't see if he's okay. >> it was just a big ball of fire surrounding the car. i was really scared at that moment. >> behind the wall of fire and smoke a racetrack staff member pulls mike out of the car. >> he's out of the car. >> i did feel in the last couple seconds somebody's hand come in and kind of guide me. this is the way out. as soon as i felt that, that was the way i went.
2:20 pm
>> after 13 seconds in the overturned car, mike escapes uninjured. some of his rescuers have minor burns. >> they all singed their arms a little bit i guess you could say. if those guys would have got scared and let the car go, it would have fallen back on its side. the car would have kept getting fuel dumped into it. i probably would have died. >> as soon as i got a phone call as to what actually happened, i was there in a heartbeat. when i first showed up at the racetrack, i had people going, oh, my god, thank god you weren't here. it was the most horrible thing i had seen. i was very shaken up. michael was not shaken up at all. >> mike's car also makes a surprisingly speedy recovery. >> the car really didn't sustain any injuries besides cosmetics. the miracle of the night is we got the car back twoth 25 minutes later. >> there was no ifs, ands, or
2:21 pm
buts about it, he was ready to go. >> less than an hour after his car turned into a fireball, mike is back out on the track competing in another race. he comes in fifth. >> i kind of wanted to kick scared in the butt before it even got to set in. i definitely had my greatest fear realized and lived through it. >> later that night, marlena sees the vehicle recorded inside the car during the crash. >> i couldn't handle it. i literally walked out of the house crying. >> but she still won't get between her husband and his race car. >> i know that's what he loves to do and i would never ask him not to race. >> a true racer has no fear about getting in that car week in and week out. >> coming up, get ready for impact. and later -- a relaxing family
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maybe you have seen something like this on the "dukes of hazard." but this is the real thing. >> the scariest thing i have ever seen in my life. august 16th, 2013, i thingham county, michigan. a freshman at michigan state university is on her way to dance team practice. >> i was driving down the freeway with my window down because it you hot out. >> glancing to her left, she sees a silver pickup truck with a trailer hitched to the back and it's speeding into the median lane that separates the two sides of the highway. >> i thought it was someone being stupid for trying to be funny and so i got my phone out and thought it would be funny to record it and show my friends later. >> law enforcement officers don't recommend video recording while driving. >> i saw him like go right
2:26 pm
through a sign on the median. that's when i realized it was probably something serious. >> the median lane abruptly ends. the truck speeds over the edge and disappears into a ravine below. >> as soon as i saw him go over the ledge, i just dropped my phone. it was crazy. craziest thing i have ever seen. >> stack pulls off to the side of the road and calls 911. at the ingham county sheriffs department, sheriff matthew flint is on duty. >> i'm the shift supervisor and i responded out there. i didn't know if it would be a fatality or just a fender bender. i have been doing this 20 years. i've never seen anything like this. >> examining the accident site, flint can tell the truck was airborne for about 100 feet and landed squarely on all four wheels in the creek bed below. the air bags deployed cushioning
2:27 pm
the driver's landing. >> frankly, i was sprurprised tt we didn't have a fatality. >> they identify the driver as 58-year-old mark moreland. >> i think he was in quite a bit of shock. he was talking but he wasn't making sense. from the time that i arrived on scene, it was about 15 minutes to stabilize mr. moreland down in the creek bed, put him on a backboard and then he was lifted out with the use of a ladder truck over onto the highway. he was then placed in an ambulance that was ready to transport to the hospital. >> while moreland is rushed off for emergency care, police are left wondering why he sped off the road at more than 60 miles per hour. >> at that point in time we started looking at the accident scene with some of my investigators. >> eyewitness accounts along with the trail of debris offer up some clues.
2:28 pm
>> he didn't slow down or make any evasive turns or anything like that. he just kept his speed. mr. moreland suffered some sort of medical incident prior to him getting launched into the rav e ravine. mr. moreland suffered a partially collapsed lung. he had a lower lumbar fracture, and he had a fractured ankle. >> the driver is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries. >> i was actually very surprised when i found out the driver was still alive because i had thought for sure that he was either in critical condition or like dead because it was such a crazy thing. >> we were very fortunate this was a single-car accident. no one else was hurt. we didn't have any other residual damage. >> police don't learn about stack's video until a couple days later when it goes viral. >> when i saw the video, it just -- it solidified what we were seeing at the accident
2:29 pm
scene. live video is a wonderful thing, but i would encourage people not to videotape and drive at the same time because you're putting other people in harm's way. >> flint believes that moreland owes his life to air bags, his seat belt, and auto engineering. >> technology is a wonderful thing. we have a vehicle that's designed to crumble away protecting the victims and it was all captured on video phone. what a wonderful world we live in. coming up -- >> this is it. this is how i'm going to die. >> man versus gravity. >> the thought of this could be your last few moments does go through your mind. >> when "caught on camera: brace yourself" continues. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at
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headquarters in new york. one day after taking all 50 delegates in saturday's south carolina gop primary, donald trump rallying supporters in atlanta. the republican front-runner is looking for a third straight win in the upcoming nevada caucus. meanwhile, hillary clinton holding fund-raisers in california. her husband, former president bill clinton, speaking there to more than 1,000 supporters in colorado. mrs. clinton defeated vermont senator bernie sanders in yesterday's democratic caucuses in nevada. now, back to "caught on camera." ever had that nightmare where your falling from the sky? well, wake up. this is really happening. >> i remember thinking in my head, this is it, this is how i'm going to die.
2:34 pm
>> december 13th, 2006, new zealand. skydiving instructor michael holmes is on his fifth jump of the day. he has a camera built into his helmet to capture first time sky divers as they make their decent. >> it was beautiful conditions and just felt like any other day. >> but you wouldn't be watching this on "caught on camera" if it were any other day. >> things started to go wrong very soon after i activated my main parachute, like almost immediately. >> holmes' parachute fails to open properly. >> immediately i started spinning out of control. >> for holmes this actually isn't cause for concern. it's happened to him eight times before. yes, eight. like all sky divers, he has a reserve parachute. >> so i thought no big deal, the
2:35 pm
main parachute is not funking right, i will get rid of it, so i pulled the cutaway handle and that's meant to release me from that parachute. >> it's crucial to get rid of the main chute before opening up the backup. otherwise the two can get tangled causing the second chute to malfunction as well, but when holmes pulls the release cord, the main parachute doesn't detach. >> i was shocked. i was like, this is not good. i knew that it wasn't a situation that i could really survive. because you're not trained for this to happen. that's just not something that's in the book really. >> above him holmes colleague and friend jonathan king has just jumped and is videotaping a client's descent when he notices that holmes is spiraling out of control. king catches a second view of the action on his helmet cam.
2:36 pm
holmes faces a tough decision. his main parachute while malfunctioning is slightly slowing his descent. if he pulls the reserve parachute and it gets caught in the mangled main chute, it will not only fail to open, but it could interfere with the little bit of drag he has and actually speed up his descent. >> it's either going to make it better -- it's either going to have the magic open, slow it all down, crisis averted or pull the reserve and it reduces that drag. then i'm definitely, definitely dead. >> holmes takes a calculated risk waiting until he's below 1,000 feet to pull the reserve. >> below 1,000 feet i'm dead anyway. i was like here we go, and i grabbed the reserve and i was like nothing else to lose now. if i'm going to die, i'm going to die trying so that's what i
2:37 pm
did. >> just as holmes feared, the chutes get tangled. he picks up speed and spins faster hurtling at the ground at more than 50 miles an hour. >> i remember thinking in my head, this is it, this is how i'm going to die. you're kidding me, this is the way i'm going to go. >> [ bleep ]. >> in the seconds before landing, holmes remembers the camera on his helmet and use it is to memorialize what he thinks are his last moments alive. >> bye. >> a lot of emotion that last bit because i thought i was going to die. >> holmes crashes through a thicket of thorny blackberry bushes and into the ground. >> i remember seeing the ground coming up and then straightaway once i hit the ground just went black and i was blacked out.
2:38 pm
>> moments later king lands nearby not sure if his friend is dead or alive. >> he was calling out to me and waiting for a response. he didn't hear anything. he was expecting to see a body, not a body that was still able to talk. >> are you okay, guy? >> no. >> i broke my left ankle in quite an impressive way. it was severe bruising all over me. there was blackberry bush inserted into me everywhere, and i collapsed my lung. >> the horrific experience and ensuing injuries are not enough to keep holmes on the ground. after an eight-month recovery, he returns to his sky diving job performing 10 to 15 jumps a day.
2:39 pm
>> it's all just like back to normal. i have done it since i was 17 for work, and i love every single day i go to work. i just love it. it's my life. i love it. >> as long as his parachute functions properly, it's a good day. but for this guy, jumping without deploying a parachute is the whole point. >> one mistake when you're close to the ground and you're done. >> it's one of the most daring stunts you'll ever see. and it's caught on camera. may 25th, 2012. henley on thames, england. gary connery is preparing to jump out of a helicopter at 2,400 feet without using a parachute. a film and tv stunt man as well as an avid base jumper, connery is no stranger to high-flying feats.
2:40 pm
>> jumped from the eiffel tower. i have ridden bmx bike off beachy head. i have donellson's column, the london eye, inside the millennium dome. >> each of those times he used a parachute, but this jump is different. if he succeed, he'll be the first person ever intentionally to sky dive without using one. connery spent months working with a designer to create a custom wing suit. >> wing suits are basically suits made of simple material. they're double skin and then you've got air intakes up on the shoulders here. so it kind of inflates like a double air bag. we made it much thicker, so it allowed me to fly much, much slower. >> connery's idea of slow may be different from yours and mine. even with the wing suit, he will hit the ground at nearly 70
2:41 pm
miles an hour. still, he's planning to cushion his landing using, of all things, a massive row of boxes. >> cardboard is an amazing stuff really in terms of breaking one's call. my box streak was 350 feet long, 42 feet wide, and probably 12 feet deep. >> a team of more than 100 friends and supporters spends all morning building the landing area before connery puts it and himself to the test. >> i remember walking with my wife across to the helicopter and we had a big hug and a squeeze and a cuddle and a kiss, and she walked off in tears, and that caused me to be in tears. >> it's no surprise connery's wife is concerned. between the years 2000 and 2012 more than 50 people died in wing suit jumps.
2:42 pm
the helicopter climbs to 2,400 feet, the height of two empire state buildings if you stacked one on top of the other, nearly half a mile into the sky. >> certainly the feeling or the thought of this could be your last few moments does go through your mind. >> connery takes the plunge. above him another jumper catches his descent on a tell helmet cams while supporters take video from the ground. he maneuvers his suit to direct him toward the target. he has a parachute he can deploy if he thinks he might miss, but below 100 feet it won't do any good. >> as i approach the boxes and getting to that point of sort of no return where one has to make a commitment or not, i remember everything just settling.
2:43 pm
>> connery crashes into the boxes and disappears in the pile. for a few tense moments the crowd is unsure if he's okay. then he emerges without a scratch. ronnery sets the world record for the highest sky dive without a parachute. videos from local news and spectators hit the internet within minutes and go viral. >> i wouldn't say my life has changed dramatically. i'm certainly being asked to do things that in the past i wouldn't have been asked to do. >> things like parachuting dressed as the queen of england into the opening ceremony of the 2012 summer games in london. >> i think everybody likes to test themselves every so often, and i'm no different. it's just that my testing maybe goes a little higher. >> coming up --
2:44 pm
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technology entire countries w if they could ever catch you. wrestlers are used to getting pinned, but not like this. >> holy smackers! >> just thought it was my opponent being really aggressive when he got on me but it wasn't my opponent. >> what the hell happened there? >> that was the scariest thing, folks, i think i have ever seen. >> holy smackers! >> january 22nd, 2013. madison, south dakota. it's the biggest night of the year for the wrestlers at madison high school. senior michael has been looking
2:48 pm
forward to it all year long. >> it would be compared to like homecoming for wrestling. we turn off all the lights in the gym and just have that one spotlight over top of the mat. it lights up the whole match and then the gym is just packed full of kids. >> the madison daily leader, a local news outlet is streaming the event live on its website. michael's mother heather is up in the stands. >> i love watching michael wrestle, and this was my chance to get to see him under the lights. >> in her excitement, she can't imagine her son facing anything more menacing than an opponent. michael and his competitor step onto the mat. >> the ref says go, and we start wrestling. and he got a takedown on me and we were close to the edge of the mat. >> the wrestlers need to reset. >> when you go out of bounds,
2:49 pm
you go back to the middle of the mat and you start in referees position where you go on your hands and knees and the other person comes on top of you. >> michael gets into position, but before his opponent approaches -- >> holy smackers. >> christ almighty. >> the 80-pound spotlight falls 12 feet onto michael's back. >> i just thought the guy was being really aggressive but then it was really bright. >> michael's mother watches helplessly from the stands. >> i was absolutely horrified. i didn't know if he was going to be able to get up. >> holy smackers. >> i tried standing up right away and i couldn't get up, and i fell back down. i was just thinking get it off me. >> the referee and the other wrestler act quickly to pull the heavy light off of michael. >> that was the scariest thing, folks, i think i have ever seen.
2:50 pm
>> i walked off the side of the mat and told people, you know, my head is bleeding. >> a lightbulb has shattered on michael's forehead. heather rushes down from the bleachers. >> i wanted to know how badly he was wounded and when i of small towels and he was bleeding right through them. >> right away i just wanted to get back out there and wrestle. it didn't faze me that the light had fall on me. i just wanted to finish wrestling. >> instead michael's family rushed him to the hospital where doctors closed the wound on his forehead with stitches and tend to minor cuts on his knees. miraculously he has no other injuries. since the lights were l.e.d.s, he didn't get burned. >> if michael had been standing, he could have broken his neck. if he had been off to one side and the aluminum frame hit him,
2:51 pm
it could have easily broken bones or we could have lost him. >> yeah. >> the video of michael's accident draws viewers to the madison daily leaders website and quickly goes viral. >> my brother actually took it and posted it on a bunch of websites for people to see. within a week, i went from five views and then it was like 300,000 and then it was like wow. >> michael's newfound fame earns him a nickname in his small south dakota town. >> people call me hollywood and joke around. >> in a couple of weeks, michael's back out on the mat. thee days he's more aware of hi surroundings. >> now when i get down in referee's position, i find myself looking up more oen if than i used to. >> holy snockers. >> coming up, this dad just
2:52 pm
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uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. >> brace yourself, parenting dilemma ahead. >> never again, grace elizabeth. oh my god! >> may 30th, 2011, pigeon forge, tennessee. steve feeney is on a family vacation with his wife, three kids, and their close friends, the winklers. >> we were walking down and the kids saw this ride at the park. >> five's daughter grace loves amusement park rides and this one looks like it's right up her alley. >> the name of the ride was the screaming swing. i was drawn to it because i just
2:56 pm
really loved fast rides. i love speed. >> grace did not inherit this trait from her dad. >> i'm terrified of heights and get motion sickness very easily. >> when they reach the front of the line steve has a tough choice. >> grace was only 10 but you have to be a certain height or you have to have an adult and there was nobody else there other than me to go on with her. and the lady is like either get on or get to the back of the line. >> so my dad volunteered to go with me because he's such a good dad. >> it's a decision he will soon regret and one he will never forget thanks to the ride's built-in camera. >> hold on, dad. >> steve braces himself for what's to come. >> as soon as the ride started i could feel the pressure in my stomach. it was a little more than i anticipated. at first he tries to calm for his daughter.
2:57 pm
but he quickly throws all composure to the wind. [ screaming ] >> i was just having a complete blast, and then i looked over and saw my dad. he was screaming away. >> never again, grace elizabeth. oh my god! >> it kept getting worse and worse and worse. i didn't see the end in sight. finally i just started screaming for them to stop the ride. >> the ride operator recognizes steve's agony and brings the swing to a stop. but when the operator tells steve his daughter will have to get off with him, he makes a fatherly sacrifice. >> one more? >> take me up again. i'll do it with you, honey. >> she was so looking forward to the ride, i didn't want to disappoint her.
2:58 pm
>> i was completely shocked and i was so excited that i could stay on and go again. >> steve holds on for dear life. >> somewhere along the line, i cracked my wedding ring all the way through. >> oh, the torture is over but the moment will live on. >> when we got off the ride, we were at the line where everybody was waiting to get on. there were 30 to 40 people deep in the line and they were -- majority of them were latching hysterically. they were watching video of me and grace on the ride. >> total strangers asked to purchase the video for $15 a pop but they need steve's permission. >> i said absolutely not. i don't want that to float around on the internet somewhere. >> steve's friend brian winkler convinces him they should purchase one copy for themselves but brian has no intention of
2:59 pm
keeping this gem a secret. >> we thought the video went missing but apparently brian stuck the video in his suitcase and took it home and posted it on you tube. >> to steve's dismay, the video spreads around their hometown in illinois. then, over the course of the year, it goes viral. steve's captivating performance gets more than 2 million hits on you tube. >> one morning "the today show" called. >> my biggest fear is heights. so that didn't help a lot. >> have you ever soon him like that before? >> no, not really. >> grace elizabeth, i have two words for you this summer, bungee jumping. >> the attention the video has generated for the family has been really cool and fun. wherever we go we get recognized and people want to talk about it. all three of my kids think it's a blast. [ screaming ]
3:00 pm
the most memorable? >> one shot, pow, right across the chops! >> most dramatic. >> someone just drops. >> most explosive stories ever seen through a lens. >> you can actually see that split second between life and death. >> it's our 100th episode and we're counting down "caught on camera's" classic clips, with help from our internet gurus, real-life heroes, legal experts, daesh devils and more. >> when the car meets the bridge, bridge wins.


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