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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we're changing the republican party in ohio with being problem solvers and conservative ideas but leaving no one behind. >> that does it for "all in" for this evening. my colleague rachel maddow joins me now in man chastchester to ce our coverage. >> this is weird. >> we decided we would pretend like we're in different rooms. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. if you care about politics in this country, there's nothing better to be in new hampshire in the last frenzied days. the last run up to the primary. especially if you have contested races but utterly close volatile races on both sides. new hampshire is the greatest place to be this time in the world. that said, every election year
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is different. this year, here's the weird thing. in nature and in news, it is very rare that some fairly static measure of how things are suddenly increases by factor of 50. something suddenly grows 50 times over. that is what has just happened this year in new hampshire politics. last time around in 2012, by this time in the new hampshire race, there had been roughly $2 million worth of political ads run in the state. $2 million, all the campaigns. this time around it's not $2 million, it's $100 million. bloomberg politics reports that ad spending just in new hampshire this cycle so far is at roughly $100 million. that's 50 times what it was in 2012. that's not counting. that's only through today. that's not counting what will be spent this weekend and monday and tuesday. $100 million in this one little
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state. part of the reason for that is because there are more super pacs this year and tv station ks charge super pacs more for each ad. for example, in one local newscast, the chris christie campaign was charged $700 for their ad while until that same broadcast on that same station on the same day, the john kasich super pac was charged $5,000 to run their ad. that's part of it. if you want know how you get a 50 fold increase in ad spending in one state just since 2012, part of it is super pacs and the fact they have to spend more money on their ads. part of it is also some really, really, really, really rich super pacs that are spending money so fast it's all a blur right now. there's one particular super pac that's spending money, right now, like it's on fire. i'll give you an example. on one local station in the new hampshire ad market, there's
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this one super pac that the one soup pac spent more than all the candidates combined. it's the super pac supporting jeb bush's campaign. he has more money behind him than anyone. they are spending more money than anyone particularly here in new hampshire. here in today's news are two really interesting signs that they might be sort of pulling the fire alarm or at least they might be pulling into pull out all the stops mode. the first sign they are thinking this might be the end is this is the new ad they're playing. i'm going to show you in a second. this is my reasoning. if you're jeb bush, you probably thought -- you probably knew you would run this ad sometime. i can't help but think the idea was to run this one last ad, last, really last as in
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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november. last as in oh, my god there's nothing else we can try. let's try everything. they knew they would have to do this at some point. i'm pretty sure they had no idea they would have to run this ad now before new hampshire votes. >> the first job of the president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> new super pac ad for george w. bush's younger brother. if case you didn't remember him that way, jeb bush last stand is him running as george w. bush's younger brother. all hands on deck, i guess.
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the other sign that the fire alarm may have been pulled on jeb bush and people may have started moving toward their escape routes is this reporting from this is reporting that the jeb bush super pac had planned to start a big ad blitz in virginia, tennessee, texas and oklahoma starting on monday. they have pushed the start dates to thursday. you know what, that may be nothing at pall. it may be nothing. maybe just calendar change. it does have one really important affect. switching start day of those ads from monday to thursday gives the jeb bush super pac chance to cancel the ads without penalty and not waste all their money right up until wednesday of next week, which is the day after the new hampshire primary. if jeb bush, say, gets completely smoked in new hampshire on tuesday and quits the race on wednesday, his super pac, because of this change,
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they can now cancel all those ads and get their money back. they can save that money they otherwise would have lost on a five-state ad blitz for candidate who just quit. as for why they would want to save the money, i don't know. maybe it could be used for the jeb bush vice presidentable campaign. maybe it's for marvin or neil. i don't know if there's another bush up right away. the super pac appears to be reading its exit strategy. there's some signs of that. the ben carson campaign laid off 50 people last night. the carly fiorina campaign is they have a really cute carly red rv which i saw today in the flesh. i ran into it in manchester, new hampshire. that's the picture i took with my phone. that's a good sign that carly is still runni inrunning. she's still got an rv.
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she will be exclude frd td from republican debate. she's not going to be at the kid's table because there's no kid table. it will be seven republican candidates on stage and those seven will not include her. that does not bode well for her future in this race. ranks have shrunk already. they seem poised to shrink again soon. on the democrat side things are getting unpredictable. you know what tracking polls are, right? tracking polls are a different kind of poll altogether. tracking poll, what they do is pool a group of people with a similar make up of every single d day and keep polling that same group of people. they poll them to see how their views change day by day. on the day of the iowa caucus on monday, bernie sanders in that
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tracking poll was ahead in new hampshire by 31 points. he was at 61 and hillary clinton was at 30. now, the end of that same week, five days later, hillary clinton has cut that bernie sanders lead in half. bernie sanders is at 55 and hillary clinton is at 40. she shrunk his lead from 31 down to 15 points. lest you thinks that helps you make sense of that race, consider this alongside it for the democrats. there's also a new national poll out that shows at the national level, not here in new hampshire where the candidates are campaigning every second of their lives, but nationwide, the new poll shows that senator sanders is closer to secretary clinton than he has ever been. in this new national poll, secretary clinton is at 44. bernie sanders is at 42.
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the last time this same poll was conducted in mid-december, secretary clinton was leading him by 31 points. now she's leading by two. senator sanders closed that national lead two points. after the democrats final new hampshire debate which we'll be talking about a little later in the show, it's super exciting. it's exciting, unpredictable and a little weird. new hampshire is starting to feel just as unpredictable as iowa was this past week. i got a chance to see a few republican events in new hampshire which was amazing, including me getting my first interview with chris christie. i can see new jersey from my house. in order to interview the governor of new jersey, i had to go to new hampshire in a snowstorm. we'll have more on that later.
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the one thing i did not expect in following republican candidates around today and seeing all their buses and rvs, it was so fun. the one thing i did not expect to find on my very fun journey on the republican campaign trail was pundintry about the state of the democratic race. in normal times candidates go out of their way to leave it to the pundits. they like to talk about themselves and whatever political enemy is most convenient for them to be attacking at that moment. candidates, as a rule, they don't handicap their own races. they don't handicap other people's races. they don't handicap other people's races in the other party. that's how it normally goes. except today that's not at all what i found. >> what you do on tuesday will narrow this field. you're going to decide who the other 48 states gets to pick from. we started with 17. we're down to eight. you'll probably get it down to
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three or four or five. you have a great responsibility for the rest of the country. choose wisely. choose wisely because if you do, we'll have some good options to run against hillary clinton and we may have chance to win. they've already made their choice. bernie will win up here. if bernie can't beat hillary in iowa, he ain't winning any place else. he may win here tuesday, but you're getting hillary clinton on the democratic side because bernie sanders, maybe minnesota, wisconsin. maybe a couple of those places he might win in those places. also places filled with really good liberal white people. you know it's true. come on. it's true. hillary clinton will win this nomination. okay. bernie can have some fun for a
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while high pressu while. he got his own ice cream from ben and jerry. it's so exciting. he's like a 74-year-old jewish guy from brooklyn and he's got his own ice cream now. how exciting. if he runs for president for no other reason, he's got that. it's a good thing for him. as a republican, yrn. i can't -- we cannot get lucky enough that the democrats would actually nominate a 74-year-old socialist. we can't get that lucky, right. it can't possibly happen. we'll get hillary. we better nominate someone who knows how to fight. >> that man is doing democratic party punditry as part of his town hall speech. i don't know. i didn't expect that. that was chris christie today in new hampshire doing a town hall. this was his 67th town hall in the great state of new
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hampshire. chris christie and john kasich have gone all in in new hampshire. they are trying to cast themselves as moderate republicans. they are not ashamed of using the word. they both talk about benefits of compromise and working with democrats. they are trying to seem as reasonable as possible and talk about other republicans as unreasonable. they are talking about their executive experience as governors. how practical they are and how you have to do the hard work and get things done. they are both tactically approaching not only. they are both approaching new hampshire in the same way. it's strategically in the way they are trying to cast themselves and also tactically. they are doing dozen and dozens of town halls in the state. neither are leaving the state. they have been here for the duration. they were here the day after iowa. john was here the day of iowa.
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chris christie did his 67th town hall. john kasich did his 98th and later today he did his 99th and then his 100th. seeing them on paper, very similar guys. it turns out when you stheem in person, it's very easy to see in person why they are getting totally dissimilar out comes. it's very easy to see why one of them is a contender and could win on in new hampshire and the other one looks like that's a pipe dream. on paper they are exactly the same. in person, no way. that story's next. is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
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need to be back in new hampshire for monday night show. we'll be doing monday night show. tuesday night primary. we'll be with chris matthews at 6:00 p.m. eastern. that's tuesday. we're also going to be doing our show on monday night. we're not leaving. tonight at 10:00 eastern, we'll be reairing the debates. if you missed it, it's on after this hour tonight. we'll be right back fp. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy!
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one of the famously exciting things about new hampshire is not only does everybody in state get to meet all the candidates more than once, if you want to, but new hampshire voters also like to be unpollable. they like to make up their minds at the last minute. this frenzy of cam paping that you're now seeing all over the state of new hampshire is for a reason. there's a reason there's so much cam paping in the last few days. it's because new hampshire voters are waiting to hear arguments that sway them right now in these last moments before they go to vote. that's not a bug in the system. that's a feature. democrats and republicans, even the ones who clearly now who they liked and didn't liked, nobody told me they were 100% decided. >> are you already a john kasich supporter. are you undecided? >> a little undecided. >> who else are you thinking about? >> all of them.
6:20 pm
>> are you john kasich supporters in. >> very close to it. >> a little undecided in. >> you like rubio. you think that kasich has more of what it takes. >> i think so. >> what about trump? what did you think of him in. >> i think it's great because i'm so tired of politicians. it's freshing to hear somebody speak about and not care what they say. >> you might vote for him? >> i don't know if i'll go that far. i have enjoyed him being in the race. >> when will you make up your mind? >> probably the day before. >> or on the drive down. >> i with walk across the street to it. >> a really good friend of mine last night who was going to vote for rand paul and she said i know what i'm going to do tuesday. i think there's a lot of us. >> who's on your short list?
6:21 pm
>> jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich. i'm going to look at the three of them over the next couple of days and decide. >> it's friday. you're going to vote on tuesday. when will you know? >> tuesday. in my case probably tuesday. >> we're fine. the country, we got problems, wages. not enough jobs, college debt. all these things we're talking about, whatever. wall street, whatever. okay. all these things are things that need to be fixed. they're really not that hard to fix. we can't keep drifting, drifting, drifting. i'll tell you, i think the basic strength of our country is good. let's talk about the stock market for a second. people like the markets. the market is always up and down. now it's reacting not to the basics but things they see.
6:22 pm
it's almost like the media and the 24-hour news cycle. that's until tomorrow. that's like the market. what i can tell you, in my opinion, is the basics of our economy is very strong. if you get into the market and you're diversified and you wait, you'll always go up. >> how do you see leading to the world in a global sense so we gain more stability? it's a tinderbox now. >> a tinderbox. >> maybe not that. >> i served for 18 years on the defense committee and i was in the pentagon after 9/11. i remember when there were 15,000 nuclear warheads aimed at us. i remember as a kid, hiding in a cloak room in 1962 when we thought that we were going to war with the soviets.
6:23 pm
we'll keep it all in perspective. >> this is john kasich's 98th town hall. he will get to 100 today. we're at a country club in the middle of a giant snowstorm. i'll tell you the thing that sounds very different from john kasich is everybody on the republican side is talking about the country being on the verge of collapse and verge of armageddon. part of his message is like we're okay. fundamentals are okay. the fundamentals of the markets are okay. he was asked by a voter concerned about unrest and threats. he rejected the idea it's a tint tinderbox in the middle east. he said i remember the cold war. you have to keep it in perspective. i think the word moderate is a difficult word at this point. he's presenting a moderate view in terms of where the country
6:24 pm
is. he's saying things are okay. that's a very foreign thing many the the campaign. we really did have to brave the weather to get to that event. i kept wondering what it was about john kasich that seemed to be working for him this new hampshire. he does seem to be doing a will the of the same things and presenting himself as the candidates who are not getting anywhere in this state at all. i had wondered maybe it was the sup sup superpac ads. i don't think anybody will tell you that any one ad, any one
6:25 pm
candidate's ad will change the course of the race. there's too big a scretream of advertising. i don't think that's it. look at the latest polling out in new hampshire. in the nbc wall street maris poll, in new hampshire it feels like the reason john kasich is in double digits right there behind marco rubio and ted cruz, it feels like because of how real and reasonable seeming and relatable seeming and personally engaged seeming he is at these zillions of events he's doing. he's not just doing a performance like the guys are. he's listening to the people. asking them questions. drawing them out. engaging with why they are there. i saw him do it. i don't want to get too far
6:26 pm
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we just finished up be chris christie town hall. the headquarters is such a big employer and they have lots and lots of candidates in and out of here all the time. it's kind of just cool to be here. also nice to be inside because of the snowstorm. watching chris christie needily after watching john kasich is super interesting because both of those guys worked their heart out in new hampshire even to the exclusion of working in iowa. they gave up on iowa in order to go all in on new hampshire. they're both a new hampshire kind of candidate. they are both who you would expect new hampshire to go for. seeing kasich and seeing christie, i feel like i get why the polls say the strategy is working for kasich and not working for christie.
6:31 pm
they are giving you a similar message. they both have little digs at barack obama but don't spend all their time doing that. on the substance they are very similar. on the style, kasich is engaged one-on-one with people in a way that engages them not only with whatever he's saying but whatever it is their saying. he responds to them individually. he's personalable. he seems grouchy in a likable way. the same way christie is likable in a grouchy. he gets questions but he does speeches. speech length rips. the lack of engagement from christie him just sort of performing while the audience isn't getting it was a surprise to me. i don't know if it just doesn't work in new hampshire and it works at home.
6:32 pm
it was a surprise. >> one benefit of seeing the events back to back and in person today was seeing the key difference between them in terms of how well they are connecting to people in these rooms that they are talking to all over new hampshire. john kasich moved every single person i saw in that room with him. the chris christie crowd had people walking out. the other unexpected and freaking awesome reason it was great to make it to that chris christie town hall, fighting through the snowstorm across the state. the other reason it was worth going. this is part of our drive today. for how many years has it been time for some traffic problems in fort lee on the rachel maddow show. we were the first national news out let to cover the bridge gate story in new jersey. the new jersey press get blamed or sometimes credited, mostly blamed for having brought that story to a national audience
6:33 pm
which made it into a national scandal that affect and his nation standing. not just bridge gate. there's a lot of things that we have spent a will the of time covering over a will the of years on this show. boy, have i asked for a lot of interviews with governor christy. we have never even gotten a no from them. they just give us no. i think when a phone call arrives, they see the first digits of our phone numbers from our office and it's like ignore. it's like an executive order. i have never been able to get him or anywhere near him. today i got my interview. that's next. stay with us. >> you going to if see christie? >> yes. >> have you seen him before? >> no. >> i'd love to interview him. >> host down the street. >> that will be the end of the world before that happens.
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than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. rachel. how are you? >> good to see you. >> i couldn't get you in new york. >> you beat the crap out of me for years. you expect me to voluntarily
6:37 pm
come on your program. >> i expect you to. you love the back and forth. >> with a lot of people. maybe not for you. what do you have for today? >> what's the difference between a new hampshire town hall and a new jersey town hall? what's the different kind of questions you get and the different interactions? >> it become a totally different issue tset to deal with. you're talking about pensions and law enforcement and talking about k to 12 education than in national forum. there's also differences like, let's try to difference between iowa and new hampshire and new jersey. io iowans are very laid back. they sit there were their arms folded across their chest. barely kind of nod at you. you don't get any feed off the audience at all. we're sitting in iowa town halls, i couldn't tell you if i was doing well, poorly or somewhere in between. new hampshire, more motive.
6:38 pm
much more emotion, more reaction and very, very good questions. these are people who really read up on the issues. they really understand what's going on. they don't ask you like the level one question. they ask you the level two question which is interesting. new jersey, i never have to wonder how i'm doing. i know immediately when i walk in the room. they are very emotive in midst of answers. new hampshire folks won't interrupt except with maybe laughter. new jersey folks will interrupt you in the middle of an answer, like that's crap. oh, thank you. it's range. the difference between the three are the range of emotions. i think of the differences in those states and their cultures. when you're a politician, you don't change. if you change, people note it. you just understand and not be affected by it as much. i'm not nearly as affected this
6:39 pm
new jersey when someone would yell at me as if someone yelled at me in iowa. >> nobody yells at you in iowa and new jersey. it's fight. >> i've had a few of them in new hampshire. i've had a few where people come at me a bit. i came back at him. i don't know that the people love the fight. it's 134 town halls. most of them are relatively sedate affairs. most are like what you just saw here. when you're in the new york media moment, you have one of those moments. you have a liar, no you're a liar. it gets played over and over again. that's the entertaining stuff. answering a thoughtful question with a thoughtful answer usually doesn't make programs like yours or others. i'm not talking about right or left. i'm talk about people are trying to find something to entertain folks to put it on.
6:40 pm
i've never had a problem with that. >> you think the fight's play everywhere outside new jersey. there's some question that maybe your style is a very new jersey style and that combativeness might not play everywhere. >> how do you explain trump? whatever you want to say and have said about me over the years in terms of things that have come out of my mouth, they're a fraction. i never said i could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue and i wouldn't lose a voter. i never said ban all muslims from the united states. this is a guy, who if you believe the polls, is ahead not only in new hampshire but he's ahead much more nationally than in this particular state. i don't think that's it. i think you all have always misread me in that regard. i spent my time going all around the entire country being asked by people to come and raise money for them. they don't fight with mb who
6:41 pm
people don't like. that's not the way it works. i think that folks have always misunderstood that part of it. i've always felt like i am who i am. i'm some people's cup of tea. others i won't be. i never found that to be regional. there's always some sort of kind of ethnicity thing to it too. >> what do you mean? >> for some folks, if you're a north eastern person who seems to least bit ethnic, they always think you can't be conservative. you got do overcome that a little bit. i'm talking about whether it's me or rudy giuliani or george pataki. even though you may have governed conservatively, they will say he's from there.
6:42 pm
he can't be real conservativcon. >> is that trump's problem too in. >> whatever trump's problems are, they're trump's problems. trump is a donald -- i've said, i've known him for a long time. he's a unique figure publicly well before he ran for president. whatever donald's problems in his assets are, it's his problems. i don't think they apply in the same way to the rest of us who are involved in politics. it's much different. >> that's governor chris christie today. see, we can have an interesting conversation. i come to you've as a politician. not to bury as some cartoonish vil villain. be not afraid. even if i asked you hard questions, it still would have been fine. you know it would have. come on. come on. he's at crucial moment. this is the weekend when he needs to be peaking. instead, sadly for him and his campaign, he does appear to be
6:43 pm
head ing in the other direction. he's at 4%. that's down from the same poll last month when hef was at 7%. everybody thought maybe double digits were in sight for him. they're not in sight, at least not yet. the governor said he thinks new hampshire voters will winnow the republican field down to three, four, five candidates. right now governor christy is not polling in the top five. he's number six. you can see how hard he's working. he's using all of his considerable charm and talent. he's doing everything he can. he described his plans to go home after tuesday. he said he's going to spend a couple of days in new jersey at home before he goes onto south carolina. realistically, it remains to be
6:44 pm
seen if there's going to be any south carolina in chris christie's future unless he has a very late and rapid turn around in his fortunes here. new jersey, you may be getting your governor back. get excited. >> i got to make my way through the snow. it's going to take me a little longer. good seeing you rachel. >> let's do this again. >> you got it. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room. mother, we are settlers. we settle for cable. and the simpler things in life. like our drab clothing. that's right, daughter. and homemade haircuts. exactly, boy. besides, if it weren't for wires, how would cousin tobias get his privacy? hey - shut the blanket! i need my privacy! (vo) don't be a settler. get a $100 visa prepaid card
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6:47 pm
e-mail. it went out on monday as the caucuses were getting under way. ben carson taking time off, please inform any carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for ted cruz. we then learned from ben carson himself that according to him when his wife showed up to make a pitch for her husband, a ted cruz supporter had spoken first and that ted cruz speaker had just told them that ben carson was dropping out of race. ben carson supporters should feel free to support other people. his own wife had to tell them no, no, no, my husband is still running. he's not dropping out. after all of that we heard ted cruz apologize to ben carson and say this was not some planned organized dirty trick. it was a regrettable mistake. he said a staff error. his political team forwarded a misleading story but subsequently the carson campaign put out a statement clarifying.
6:48 pm
and the cruz team did not forward that statement as well. quote, that was a mistake. now, we know it was not just a mistake. it was not just some forgettable staffers forgetting the loop back around to that story, forgetting to dot the is and cross the ts on this. now it does appear to have been a dirty trick carried out on a wide and distribute scale by the whole apparatus of the ted cruz campaign. it's been published phone bank style calls from the ted cruz campaign on caucus night spreading this lie across the state of iowa about ben carson. spreading this lie he was dropping out of the race so carson supporters should feel free to defect to another candidate. >> the captain and it's just been announced that ben carson is taking a leave of absence from the campaign trail.
6:49 pm
it is very important that you tell any ben carson voters that for tonight, that they will waste a vote on ben carson and vote for ted cruz. he's taking a leave of absence from this campaign. thank you. bye. >> this is going to be an entry in the textbook where they teach bad kids with good grades the dark art of political dirty tricks. this is nasty. this is a nasty dirty trick from ted cruz. he got caught. because he's ted cruz, he doesn't have a friend in the world in republican political circles so nobody is giving him a hand up or excuse. he's got caught. the question is, is this going to go down in history as sort of just dirty tricks as usual? there does seem to be a legitimate enmouse toward ted cruz on some other issues as well from the people he's running against. particularly on this, on this thing he did with telling his
6:50 pm
supporters that ben carson was out of race, wow do republicans seem mad at him about this. what is the best context for understanding whether this something like this really coul like this could hurt ted cruz or whether it will be seen as politics as usual? >> i know who to ask that question and that's next. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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6:52 pm
that was a voice mail left by someone with the ted cruz campaign in iowa right at the start of the iowa caucuses on monday night. ben carson was not dropping out of the race, but the cruz campaign engaged a big effort to get word out to precincts that ben carson was leaving the race. he wasn't leaving the race. the question is is this dirty tricks as usual or is this worse than the kind of stuff we have seen in the past? fortunately i have with me the perfect person to ask about this. joining me is a good student of dirty tricks. >> is that a good thing? >> i know this is as your pal. it is dirty trick what ted cruz did but i have been struck how
6:53 pm
mad other campaigns are about it. is this because people don't like ted cruz? >> i guess the standard i use for judging dirty tricks is you think about to the south carolina primary in 2000. all of the sort of underhanded behind the scene stuff that was taking place that under mind john mccain. >> that he had been crazy and brain washed and he had a black child he didn't own up to. >> to me that's the all time worst. at the presidential level that was the worst. i wouldn't put this in that league. cruz has a target on his back and republicans don't like the guy so they're looking for excuses to go after him. >> i feel like that's an important part here because if you were seen as a popular dpie if you've exchanged favors with
6:54 pm
people, sometimes peopling be more forgiving about what you did and they may back you up. nobody is backing him up. nobody is throwing him a life line on this at all. does that tend to affect whether or not something like this sticks as a bad act? >> here's where i think it sticks. ben carson seemed gene winly offended by this. the carson campaign was no and is not good. it doesn't look like he has much of a chance in this thing. when the initial report suggested he is going to florida, it seemed plausible he would be getting out of the race. from what we can tell this has fired up ben carson. he is so angry at ted cruz he wants to stay in now and the whole reason the cruz campaign was doing was ben carson getting 5 or 10% of the vote he needs
6:55 pm
every evangelical vote. every vote for carson is a vote being taken from cruz. if carson stays in this thing to south carolina, south carolina is the next key state for ted cruz. ben carson gets 6% in south carolina. >> it's not enough to make him a contender. >> exactly. it's what mike huckabee couldn't do and rick santorum couldn't do. you win iowa. the story with huckabee is he was so close to beating john mccain in south carolina. he was undercut by fred thomp n thompson. >> no the a condition ternd. >> exactly. this keeps ben carson in the game a few weeks longer than he was going to be -- >> because of sheer anger. >> i'm going to show that guy. people wonder why we love politics. i'm sorry that you're not
6:56 pm
wearing your university of new hampshire sweat shirt. we have more ahead from new hampshire. stay with us. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. up date for you. things are moving fast now. early this hour we reported on jeb bush's older brother, former president george bush staring in a new super pac add for jeb bush running now ahead of the new hampshire primary. this is like a closing argument last possible thing you can do ad and we all knew jeb bush would have to call in this favor from his older brother. we did not know he would be calling it in this soon. as of the beginning of this show we knew that commercial was set to begin running today in south
7:00 pm
carolina. now we have an update. he now reports that that commercial the george bush ad is going to be airing during the super bowl because jeb bush's campaign has more money behind it than anyone, they're spending more money than anyone and how better than to blow torch money to include the super bowl. wow. there you have it. somebody's media's buyer is getting a new car next year. we'll see you monday from new hampshire. now it's time for the democratic's debate. i am a progressive who gets thing done. >> i guess she's not a progressive. >> i am excited about really


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