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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  February 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. it will be moderated by rachel maddow and chuck todd who happens to be the host of the next hour. it's "meet the press" mtp daily with chuck todd from new hampshire next. if it's wednesday, it's just over 24 hours until the first one-on-one debate in either party. clinton, sanders, six days until the new hampshire primary. just what's this fight really about? this is "mtb daily" and it starts right now. good evening from manchester, new hampshire on this first of many first in the nation special editions of "mtp daily" over the next week.
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just a little over 24 hours to go until what is going to be the final democratic debate before the new hampshire primary. it's the first debate in either party that will be just two people, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, one on one. sanders is already trying to set up some issues he wants to focus on so we're keeping an eye on sanders first event of the day here in new hampshire. it's a press conference where he'll be speaking out against one of president obama's most important priorities of his final year in office, the trans-pacific partnership. it's the asian trade deal known as tpp. not only will sanders be reiterating his opposition to the deal, but likely hugging his fellow senate colleague, elizabeth warren who hasn't endorsed in this race who has gun her own push to reject the deal in the senate. but this is just one of a slew of events driving the campaign today. we have multiple candidates dropping out, other candidates calling press conferences to challenge the iowa results. marco rubio begins to rack up major endorsements in an attempt
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to showcase and every republican not named donald trump is trying to claim quietly that somehow the front-runner is fading here. let's start with the democrats since we are on the eve of the biggest showdown of that campaign. >> are you going to be participating in the debate with hillary clinton tomorrow night? >> the answer is yes, and you know that i have always wanted more debates and secretary clinton in the beginning was not so interested in more debates. now suddenly they're very interested in more debates. >> well, there you go. the debate over debates is finally over, and we have a debate that is actually on. so what is this democratic race really about now with iowa in the rear-view mirror? sanders and clinton are both arguing this race will decide the future of the democratic party. they're giving us a preview of what their first head-to-head match-up will look like. >> do you think hillary clinton is a progressive? >> some days, yes, except when she announces that she is a
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proud moderate, and then i guess she is not a progressive. >> i think it was a good day for progressives when i helped to get 8 million kids health care. it was another good day when i went to geneva to speak out on behalf of gay rights. i think it was a good day for progressives when i joined with colleagues in the senate to stop george w. bush from privateizing social security. because if it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide. >> so while sanders adamantly asserts he's the one true progressive in this race, clinton obviously has tried to kick it up a notch arguing that she's a progressive who can get results. in fact, she's out with a new ad hitting sanders but doesn't mention his name. >> the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in the real world. >> obviously a shot at sanders.
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well, he took to twitter today hammering home his progressive street cred and hitting clinton. some tough tweets that said things like this, you can be a moderate, you can be a progressive, but you cannot be a moderate and a progressive. and then most progressives that i know don't raise millions of dollars from wall street. he then made sure to list issues he was opposed to before clinton. issues ranging from the keystone pipeline to, of course, the iraq war. ironically enough the framework of this democratic fight over who can advance a real progressive agenda actually echos back to a republican presidential fight 15 years ago that took place right here in new hampshire. that's when iowa winner and texas governor george w. bush was battling arizona senator john mccain. mccain was succeeding campaigning as a reformer and he had to find a new message, he started calling himself a reformer with different results. different parties separated by
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15 years in politics. you can see the striking similarity upping the anti with different results. clinton believes she can get results just like bush was able to convince others he can be the reformer with results. but can clinton's strategy against sanders work better than bushes did against mccain? remember, mccain won the 2000 primary with over 60% of the vote. the latest tracking out of new hampshire giving bernie sanders right now a substantial lead of 29 points. so we now know that sanders has hauled in $3 million, by the way, after the iowa caucuses there. clinton, meanwhile, was holding events trying to parlay her close win to a better than expected showing in new hampshire. but taking a deeper look into this new tracking poll we see that clinton is already trailing sanders in each new hampshire age group except for one, voters over 65. that's where sanders trails her by all of 1 point. that's similar to what clinton
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saw in iowa where entrance polls showed that sanders won 84% of the vote of those under the age of 30 while clinton carried the over 65 crowd with nearly 70%. looking at iowa the key groups were those over 65, those looking for a candidate with experience, those that wanted to continue president obama's policies like fighting for health care. those pro-clinton supporters were very different from the quote very liberal under 30 group whose key issue of income and equality had them voting for a candidate they saw as, quote, honest and trustworthy. then you look at the political ideology. perhaps giving us an indication of what could come tuesday night for clinton and sanders. clinton got 56% of registered democrats versus sanders 39%. he grabbed 69% of self-described independents to just clinton's 26%. that independent number should scare the clinton folks here in new hampshire. why? independents will make up a
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larger share of the new hampshire primary vote than they did in iowa. today as clinton crisscrossed the state of new hampshire, she asked supporters to vote not just with their minds but with their hearts. >> among the things i've heard the last few days about the contests between senator sanders and myself, is this idea that you have to either vote with your heart or with your head. all i can tell you is i hope you use both. >> it's safe to say tomorrow night's debate, the first in which sanders and clinton square off one on one, could be as donald trump might say huge. well, joining me now is new hampshire senator and hillary clinton supporter jeanne shaheen. senator shaheen. we're missing you up here. >> i know. you're in manchester. i want to get home. >> coming this weekend? >> yes, absolutely. as soon as i can get there. >> let me start with why secretary clinton is behind. do you really believe it's just simply that bernie sanders is a
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neighbor? >> i think that's part of it. i think, you know, hillary has not only been up against bernie sanders and the liberal wing of the democratic party but she's also been up against all of those candidates who have been running on the republican side who have been hitting her for years now since they've been in this race. so i think it's not surprising that people are -- and people are just tuning in. they want to hear what this campaign is all about and so i'm very excited that there's going to be a debate tomorrow night. i'm excited that she's doing a town hall in derry tonight and i think it allows people to see the differences between hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a way that is hard to see when they're just doing big events. >> you know, it's interesting. you talked about the liberal wing of your party up here. do you consider yourself a member of that liberal wing of the party? >> i consider myself a good
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democrat who represents all the people of new hampshire, and that means you may not have one position on every issue, and i think that's where most people are who have to make decisions on critical issues to get things done. and i think hillary's description that i share of her as someone who has big ideas but who knows how to get things done is very important. i want a candidate for president who doesn't need any on-the-job training, who has plans for how to get things done but also understands what she has to do to make things happen in washington. >> what have you told secretary clinton is the single most important issue to new hampshire voters right now? >> well, i don't have to tell hillary clinton what the single most important issue is. she's had a chance to go all around newspaper. >> i'm sure she asks. she asks your advice.
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you're close. >> she asks about how people are feeling in the state, but one of the things that i think she heard from new hampshire that was surprising to her is the importance of the heroin and opioid crisis. that's not something that i think was on her radar of things that were -- people were concerned about, but it's come up time and time again in this presidential primary and i think it's very important that she's put out a detailed plan for how to deal with this crisis because i believe we do have a national health emergency and we've got to work together to respond to it. >> you know this state well. you've organized it going all the way back to gary hart and his surprise showing in '84. let me ask you. gary hart made up 20 odd points on walter mondale in a week. do you think hillary clinton can make up a 30 point deficit in six days? >> i think hillary clinton is working very hard. she's going all over new hampshire and only the voters
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will know on election day if she can make that up. but the important thing is people are excited about hillary. i talked to my husband who was at two events earlier today. he's headed to the derry town hall. he said people were at the door. they couldn't get in. they didn't have enough room to accommodate them. i was in nashua, the second largest city on monday, visiting with people who were there to go door to door to be on the phones. we had a crowd of 60 people in nashua ready to go out and work for hillary because they were excited. and i think that's one of the things that people are missing in this campaign, that people are excited about hillary clinton. that's why she won in iowa. bernie sanders got every vote he was talking about and yet he still couldn't win in iowa. >> all right. well, we'll be watching. senator shaheen, we look forward to seeing you up here this weekend. i'm sure we will. >> absolutely. >> thanks for coming on. let me be joined by our correspondents covering the democratic race on the ground,
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casey hunt, kristen welker doing hillary clinton. i think we are listening in to a be bernie sanders who is doing a presser. you don't do a press conference here and making that the first issue out of the gate here, is that an issue hillary clinton is with him on? >> it is at this point. he would argue that she was slow to come around to this. i think he has pegged the clinton family with dramatic shift on the trade in pushi ini nafta through. she has all of this institutional democratic support. labor unions are for the most part entirely with hillary clinton. this is a place where he can try to cut into that. >> we are listening right now, sanders is holding a press conference a little bit. he came out against tpp. we'll dip in as some of the questions go back and forth. kristen, how committed is the clinton campaign to new hampshire this week? >> good question.
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>> sand ders is out spending -- >> fantastic zblel sanders campaign is outspanneding them on tv. i can tell they are conflicted. >> they are conflicted. you can tell by the events today. secretary clinton has three events today and guess where bill clinton is? south carolina. she was very adamant today though that she is in it forth long haul in new hampshire. in iowa, she left for a day doing a fundraising trip. >> not leaving. >> they're bringing in 150 staffers from brooklyn and i am told volunteers from bill clinton world to work on this. >> we're going to listen in to this presser. let's listen. >> so she has been -- she campaigned here in 2008. she won the state. she has the support of virtually the entire political establishment here in new hampshire. now i am proud, you know, vermont is a sister state to new
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hampshire. i think many people here in new hampshire, at least along the border, know my record. and to the degree that they are supporting me because of what i have been doing in the last many years is something that i'm very, very proud of. but they also know secretary clinton because if you started at the beginning of this campaign, truthfully, if you did a poll about how many people in new hampshire new hillary clinton, how many people knew bernie sanders, i suspect more would have known hillary clinton, the bottom line is her husband ran for president twice, she ran and won in 2008 so, you know, i think that argument that we're doing well in new hampshire is because we're from a neighboring state is not totally true. i think -- by the way, let me also say this. we expect a very difficult race.
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we take nothing for granted. some of the polls i've been seeing i think are completely inaccurate. i think this will be a very hard fought race and in the next week we are going to be holding as many rallies and meeting as many people as we can. i'm proud in iowa and i'm proud here. we have spoken to shannon over, what, 32,000 people here? >> yes. >> we have throughout this campaign now held meetings all over this state. we have now spoken directly in our own meetings to over 32,000 people and that's the kind of politics that i love. that's the kind of politics i've always done in vermont. that's grassroots politics. excuse me. excuse me. do you mind? just answering a question here. you know, i'm not kind of used to all of this media. i'm just a small guy from vermont, you know? we don't have all of this. this is the kind of politics
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that we do and we will be holding as many meetings as we can. just answer your question, nancy. we think this is going to be a very tight election. it's going to be a hard-fought election and we're going to do everything we can to win it. >> yeah, ed? >> you were talking and last night you made a statement slightly controversial. you said that secretary clinton is sometimes a progressive. i won't list everything she said. briefly she said she was a progressive and she helped 8 million kids get health insurance for example. >> right. right. >> what -- >> no, no, no, ed, what i was doing, we tweeted out the quote. there was a quote, i think, in ohio, november? when? september. in september she was in ohio. i don't have her exact quote in front of me, but it was i am accused of being a moderate. i plead guilty to that.
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so i am -- that's what she said. this is not a low blow. you know, you -- there's nothing wrong with people who are moderates. some of my best friends are moderates, but you -- you can't go around saying i'm a progressive and then say, you know, i'm accused of being a moderate and i plead guilty. all i was doing was repeating what she actually said. if anybody doesn't have that quote, we are happy to get it to you. that does not mean to say that i am suggesting she has not done progressive things. i think her advocacy for children is admirable and consistent and strong. that's all. >> do you think the voters -- >> we will continue to monitor. we will continue to monitor this press conference there, but you heard. it was a perfect little back and forth. we set it up and there you go. he just responded. we'll have a lot more coming in including checking november with
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with humira, remission is possible. welcome back to "mtp daily." we want to check in on the republican side of things. a candidate that had a lot of buzz for a while and is not happy with how the debate format is going to go on the republican side later this week. carly fiorina. ms. fiorina, welcome. >> how are you, chuck? nice to be with you. >> all right. nice to hear from you. let me start with, i know you were disappointed by what happened in iowa. you spent a lot of time on the ground. i've seen you campaign both in iowa and new hampshire. i thought you were doing really well on the retail campaign front. what do you think happened in iowa? >> i'm not disappointed by iowa. are you kidding? i beat mike huckabee who was polling way above me and has now
2:20 pm
withdrawn the race. i beat kasich and christie who spent a lot more money than i did and at least in the case of christie had the backing of the governor. i'm tied with jeb bush who spent tens of millions of dollars. i came from 17 out of 16, less than 4% of voters had ever heard my name. eight people have now dropped. many, many governors among them and i'm continuing to build support and momentum and really looking forward to tuesday. >> let me ask you about what you want out of new hampshire. obviously you want a spark. define that spark. >> i need to exceed expectations here, and i've exceeded expectations all along. i mean, i know the media likes to play this as it's a three-person race. all they look at is polls, which is silly. what we have now is an eight-person race, and i'm extremely well positioned in
2:21 pm
that eight-person race. i have more cash on hand than christie and kasich. i'm polling above carson. i'm on the ballot already in 32 states. we have a ground game in 12 states and i have come from further behind than anyone else. so, i'm going to continue to exceed expectations here in new hampshire and beyond. >> now i know you weren't pleased with the way the upcoming debate is being decided, who gets to participate. explain. >> well, you know, the rules keep changing. the rules keep changing. the media sets the rules, and originally the rules were set because media companies said, well, we can't have 17 candidates on the stage. we can't have so many candidates on the stage. well, now we're down to 8 and the rules keep changing. and it just seems odd to me that someone who is polling above people on that stage, someone who has more cash on hand than people on that stage, someone who has a better ground game than others on that stage, someone who's on more ballots
2:22 pm
than people on that stage, it seems odd that with eight candidates left, they certainly can fit eight podiums on the stage, that i'm the only person being excluded. >> do you think that a candidate who gets a delegate ought to be on that stage? i believe there's candidates -- are there any candidates without delegates that are going to be on that stage? >> yeah. that seems kind of basic, doesn't it? i thought in the end this is about delegates. it's about votes. >> i would agree with you. i think if you win a delegate, i think that that should be part of the bar there. i think you have a point. what is the explanation that you're getting that getting a delegate in the first contest doesn't qualify you for this one? >> well, you know, we've sent a letter to the rnc and we'll see if they step in. i hope very much they will because, you know, it's the rnc's job to make sure that voters hear from candidates. it's not abc's job. abc set these rules. many things have changed now. we have fewer candidates.
2:23 pm
people have dropped very quickly now, so hopefully the rnc will convince abc that these rules really don't make a whole lot of sense anymore. maybe you could tweet out, chuck. you get a delegate, you get to be on the stage. >> well, i have to say, i'll be honest, i think your delegate argument is a pretty good one. carly fiorina, i'm going to let you go. >> there you go. >> fair enough. we'll check back in with you later this week. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, chuck. >> you've got it. we've got a lot more coming up, including preview -- more preview of our big one-on-one debate of clinton and sanders. we'll be right back. uts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors,
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and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. will you file a formal complaint? have you, will you? >> i probably will, yeah. what he did is unthinkable. he said the man has just left the race, and he said it during the caucus. >> right. >> then when the clarification -- when a statement was put out by ben
2:27 pm
carson saying it was untrue, they got the statement and they didn't put it out. >> and that was donald trump threatening to file a complaint over the iowa caucus results. he sent off a fleury of tweets this morning saying ted cruz stole his iowa win saying he used fraud to gain votes and told lies about trump's positions. trump said results should be nullified. trump is swinging right back to the brash tactics that defined the beginning of his campaign. in fact, look no further than his big new hampshire endorsement. back in 2014 brown built his campaign on tough talk on an issue that trump's very familiar with. immigration. >> i want to secure the border. i voted to secure the border. i voted to send troops there. i don't support the dream act. when we're providing additional incentives for people to come here illegally and to think that we may have people here, it's naive to think that we don't have people in our country that want to hurt and change our way of life.
2:28 pm
>> brown connected isis with securing the border. >> anyone who turns on the tv these days knows we face challenges to our way of life. radical islamic terrorists are threatening to cause the collapse of our country. president obama and senator shaheen seem confused about the nature of the threat. not me. i want to secure the border, keep out the people who would do us harm. >> brown wanted to look strong against his competition and trump is showing his strength -- trying to show his strength with a new line of attacks on the iowa caucus winner. cruz has tried to brush off trump's comments. here's what he said today. >> there's a reason that donald engages in insult after insult, because he can't debate the substance. he doesn't actually want to talk about issues. >> but right now trump's still the one to beat. the most recent public tracking poll from u mass, he's got trump
2:29 pm
up against -- up on cruz by 24 points but all of the establishment lane candidates all are still jockeying to see if they can beat the businessman spending huge amounts of time in the state. look, the relationship in new hampshire and poll ranking seems to be opposite again. again once the voting started, trump faded. is the same thing going to happen here? trump is holding a rally tonight, but not one in new hampshire. kerry sanders is live in little rock, arkansas, where trump will hold i guess a march 1st state rally tonight. kerry, what does the campaign say about why they're not in new hampshire? >> reporter: well, they feel comfortable in new hampshire and they figure they want to get ahead of things in what according to a gallup poll is the third most conservative state in our nation. he's going to walk into some very friendly territory here. i'm at the state fairgrounds and the coliseum. quite frankly it's a little bit of a festive atmosphere. they've opened up the
2:30 pm
concessions here. people are getting popcorn, nachos and cheese, they're getting hot dogs. because donald trump isn't here beverly is going to let me slip by. thank you very much. we're going to get a chance to talk to voters. some folks started showing up here a good five hours ahead of time. sir, first of all, did donald trump lose in iowa? >> yeah, he lost in iowa. >> and so you're here thinking what? >> i see "morning joe" every morning 5:00. >> reporter: we appreciate you watching "morning joe," but you're here to watch donald trump because you're yet to decide whether he's your man? >> he's my man. he's my man. >> reporter: because? >> because he ain't in somebody else's pocket. the big boys ain't in his pocket, he's on his own. doing what he thinks. >> reporter: thank you very much. so you can see as you look around here, and this is just half of the coliseum. donald trump will be speaking on the other side there and it's just as full if you did a mirror image. so i'm going to guess, i'm not good at crowd estimates, chuck,
2:31 pm
but at least 3,000, maybe more, who have already come in here all waiting to hear donald trump speak, again, in little rock when so much of our attention has really been on new hampshire. >> well, and that's going to be a gamble. we'll see if it pays off for him. kerry, thanks very much. and thanks to that viewer for the plug for our pals on "morning joe." he watches at 5:00 because of course that's central time. up next, the next installment of our making of a candidate series. tonight we'll focus on kris christie's time as u.s. attorney in new jersey and how it put him on the path to a 2016 run. first, here's mary thompson with cnbc market rally. >> thanks, chuck. the dow rallies 183 points, the s&p 9. the nasdaq down 12. the tech stock sector added 205,000 jobs. they expected increase of 195,000. that report comes two days before the government's january jobs data. meanwhile, home depot says it plans to hire 80,000 seasonal
2:32 pm
workers ahead of the busy spring season. billionaire sumner redstone has resigned. cbs shares are higher after hours. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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in today's making of a candidate closeup we're looking at the nearly seven years kris christie spent as u.s. attorney. just last year he called it the best job he ever had, and this is from a two-term governor, but he's still very much the hard charging prosecutor he once was. he told new hampshire voters today, in fact, that because of that time it makes him hillary clinton's worst nightmare. >> she's been running away from federal prosecutors for the last six months.
2:36 pm
man, she sees a federal prosecutor on the stage, i'll beat her rear end on that stage. after i do, she'll be relieved because she'll just be worried i was going to serve her with a subpoena. >> so there you go. people may forget that before kris christie was a governor or a presidential candidate he was a u.s. attorney for his home state. in 2001 president bush nominated kris christie as new jersey's top prosecutor. it's a day christie remembers well. >> i was named to that position by president bush on september 10th, 2001. the next day the job that i accepted became very different. >> outside of his work directly related to 9/11 christie may have become best known as the prosecutor bent on cleaning up the kind of corruption that had made new jersey politics into a punch line. by the time he left office christie's office had successfully convicted more than 130 public officials for corruption. he didn't lose once. but it was the post 9/11 world
2:37 pm
that primarily shaped kris christie's world as a prosecutor and candidate. in a department of justice report that essentially ran down his entire time in office christie wrote about two important national cases in the post 9/11 era that ended up in his lap. one, the case of emmitt lakhani, a british citizen ultimately convicted and sentenced to nearly 50 years behind bars. the other, a plot to attack soldiers at new jersey's fort dix that ultimately landed six men in prison, four of them serving life sentences. 2009 christie used his hard-nosed persona as a hammer in his bid to unseat an incumbent democratic governor in new jersey, john khorasan. >> in my seven years as united states attorney, i never shied away from the tough decisions. as governor, i won't shy away from the tough decisions either. believe me, i know how to hold
2:38 pm
people accountable. >> and if you've spent any time listening to kris christie run for president, the story of his time as u.s. attorney starts to sound awfully familiar. >> i'm the only one who battled terrorism as a post 9/11 federal prosecutor. >> we stopped two attacks in new jersey before they happened by doing good intelligence work. >> i'm the only person on the stage that's used the patriot act. i'm the only person in this race who's actually prosecuted terrorists. for me being seven years as the u.s. attorney in new jersey immediately after september 11th, terrorism is not theoretical. >> wnyc's matt katz has covered christie throughout his career. he's the author of "american governor chris christie's bridge to redemption." matt, welcome to "mtp daily."
2:39 pm
let me start with the fact that it feels as if christie spends more time talking about his record as a u.s. attorney than that as governor. with national security such an important part of the campaign, that seems to make more sense, doesn't it? is his u.s. attorney career a better record to run on than his career as governor? >> yeah. i think there's two reasons why he talks about the prosecutor years more. one, he's currently unpopular in new jersey. his record regarding the economy and other matters is mixed. his popularity is down in the 30s. he's talking more about his previous years as a federal prosecutor because of that. the second thing is really terrorism. after san bernardino, after parris he started to highlight the fact that he really does compared to everybody else in the republican field have more experience dealing with terrorism matters. he wasn't exactly, you know, hunting terrorists abroad, but he was figuring out how to
2:40 pm
prosecutor or lists in a post-9/11 world and he did use the patriot act and he did exercise some controversial laws and means in order to get terrorists. >> give me an example of a controversial means. >> in both those cases that you had referenced, this is the lakhadia case and the fort dix case, the plots were not very close to hatching. they were in the early stages. in fact, in both cases the alleged terrorists were unable to secure weapons and they were encouraged in the plot and they were provided weapons by paid informants, people who were paid by the federal government. >> right. >> in both of those cases there have been allegations that this was totally entrapment and that there were actually no possible chance that these guys were really going to attack america. christie says it was after 9/11. i had a directive from the attorney general, i had a directive from the president of the united states that we have to be extra careful in order to,
2:41 pm
you know, go after terrorists before they were close to coming after us. that's what he's been going on. >> let me ask you. >> yeah. >> no, that's fine. let me ask about the public corruption. i'm surprised he doesn't spend more time talking about that at a time when voters can't stand all politicians. how effective was he on the public corruption front? i know he didn't lose a case but did he really clean the place up? >> he went after members of both parties. there was skepticism when he first became u.s. attorney if he was going to do that. one of his first acts was to arrest a county official on corruption who was a republican and he put him in leg shackles for two hours. he was very flashy about his anti-corruption crusade and it helped him win and become governor and there was a sense that he really did clean up the state of new jersey and that was what voters were rewarding him for. once he was in office though he made deals with the same, you know, political bosses that
2:42 pm
citizens of new jersey think are part of the problem. so he didn't exactly -- and then of course he got embroiled in the bridgegate scandal where there was corruption going on under his very own eyes. so he did not succeed in cleaning the state, but his time as u.s. attorney he was bipartisan in how he went after public officials and he got -- he had a lot of success there. >> all right. matt katz, i'm going to leave it there. you are a tresh our trove when it comes to the kris christie political career. thank you, sir. appreciate it. coming up, we're going to check in with ben carson, about the future of his candidacy and what he thinks happened in iowa. this is "mtp daily" live from manchester, new hampshire.
2:43 pm
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in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. well, tonight the republican presidential field continues to shrink but one and possibly two. rand paul suspended his campaign. you can blame it on trump, cruz, weakening libertarian movement. it never got off the ground after he started. it he did get a delegate. meanwhile, rick santorum is expected to end his run and possibly endorse one of the remaining contenders. rumors are all over the place. they've confirmed two big
2:45 pm
announcements this evening. santorum won the iowa caucuses in 2012. he's a bit of a hawk on foreign policy. who could that mean he might support? h'm. so two less candidates vying for the republican nomination. we'll talk to yet one that is still in the race, ben carson, about how rumors of him dropping out hurt him in iowa. we'll be right back. hi, i'm matt mccoy.
2:46 pm
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2:48 pm
from the cruz campaign. >> accountability. you know, senator cruz has apologized, said that he didn't know what his campaign was doing but that he certainly didn't condone such activity. but, you know, there needs to be action. you know, when i found that things weren't going to my expectations in my campaign, i did a deep dive. i found out what was going on. we made the changes very appropriately. things are incredibly better now. you have to do something because accountability is necessary if you're going to clean up corruption, and right now in washington, d.c., it is a cesspool. and if you are going to allow things to happen and just say, oh, sorry, that's not going to help. >> do you think ted cruz won the caucuses honestly? >> it's very, very difficult to say. i can tell you that at one of
2:49 pm
the caucuses my wife went to, one of the cruz people had spoken before she came in and told people that i was dropping out and that they should really seriously think about not wasting their vote. she had a chance to talk. she wasn't a scheduled speaker, but the people were just so delighted, i've got to tell you. she got a standing ovation, and i won that precinct. so, i mean, these things do make a difference. to try to brush them under the rug and say, oh, what difference does it make, is inappropriate. >> when you say you want accountability, define that. do you think he should fire staffers? these could have been rogue iowans. what good does that do at this point. explain the level of accountability you want. >> if there are people in his campaign doing things that are important and they are making a decision to be deceitful and to try to manipulate people, are
2:50 pm
those are the people you want around you when you say you are different, you are somebody who can be trusted to clean up some of the mess that's going on? >> and let me ask you this final question just to clear it up. how committed are you to stayin? >> well, you know, it was never my intention to get in this race in the first place. you know, after hundreds of thousands of petitions, i could barely get in the house. i said maybe i should listen to the people. but now i'm fully committed. you know, baseball has nine innings, you don't call it after the first inning or two. there are all kinds of things that will come out against all kinds of people. the populous will have a chance to hear everything. >> will we see you saturday at the debate? >> absolutely. >> all right, doctor carson, thanks for calling in, i appreciate it. >> thank you, bye-bye. >> let me bring from tonight's panel, correspondent and casey,
2:51 pm
robert costa, msnbc, and james, an old pal of mine, veteran of covering new hampshire. you're veteran. >> i look like 14. >> third or fourth, fifth new hampshire primary. your eyebrows raised when you heard dr. carson's answer about cruz and accountability and fraudulent caucuses win perhaps. >> here's the bottom line. this is the first time candidate. okay, and we're talking about issues that related to iowa and i'm not dismissing them, but he's not here in new hampshire. he's still apparently folding his clothes in florida or doing press conferences in washington. this campaign is not about hinl. it's about the people. he's not up here talking about the issues that involve him. he is talking about issues that happened in iowa. in fact, when would he saw the first news that cruz, he was going to go to florida, he was going to take his voters, i don't know now.
2:52 pm
>> fast from you, sneak in a break, trump is trying to make this an issue. why now? why not hit cruz later on this? is he going to be a factor? >> carson's attack on cruz doesn't really matter in new hampshire. he isn't making a play here. it does impact cruz because it's an attack from the right going to south carolina, if carson is still in this race, he's making the place to cruz, you're not really one of us. >> everybody hates cruz. they all look for a reason to pile on him. by the way, it ends up benefitting him. >> everyone who works for marco rubio, because they're happy to see cruz and carson go at each other and split up that evangelical vote in south carolina and pave the way for him. >> they're all desperate for him to stay in the race until march 1st for so many reasons. the latest next. stick around. set the dvr right now so you don't miss this. you get to tune in tomorrow.
2:53 pm
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2:57 pm
you know, i'm accused of being a moderate and i plead guilty. >> time for the lid, some of my best friends are moderates. all right, james, some of my best friends are moderates. look, in new hampshire, there is a moderate streak here. is it actually bad for hillary clinton to be labeled and attacked as a moderate? >> having a fight over who is the bigger progressive. they're having a fight on who is the most electable? so this path on the most progressive and it's a weird -- >> that's a contradiction, is it not? >> it is. you see sanders, this is his home turf. he wants to run up the numbers, make sure the progressives show up as well. >> i notice hillary clinton is, she's tightened the screws a little bit in how she hits him on in. you can -- you could tell there is some, like -- >> that line today, if this was about our records, i would win
2:58 pm
in a landslide, really struck me as exactly what you're talking about. >> the whole thing with the, you know, enough of this already. how do you say i'm not. oddly enough, doesn't this contrast help her in the long run, i think? maybe not. >> i think it may help her in a general election contest. i mean, how did she get to this point any way, saying i'm guilty of being a moderate, clinton years when it was the kind of democrat that could get elected. >> he's right, where she said it. and bob, she said it in ohio, i remember it too. it was just one of those, i think she probably did a fund-raiser and oh, there she is, worrying about ohio votes. >> you look at sanders, when the democratic looks for the post obama party, a lot of them are saying we want to be more progressive, for them, the right answer is sanders. >> we mistakenly say moderates and independents, that somehow
2:59 pm
the two words are interchangeable. they are not. >> they are not. >> tell me who these independents are that he's winning. >> they are not, particularly in this state. 40% are undeclared voters. a third and a third and a third. these independent voters that bernie sanders are attacking is not ideological, right, it's the antiestablishment, the idea that the clintons are playing a game. the idea that he is refreshing and authentic. that's why in this state, you see it time and time again, decide between donald trump and bernie sanders. >> you're seeing a lot? >> all over the place. >> i'm going to have to leave it here. but hey, we have five more days. we have five more days to sit here. >> five of the best days of american politics. >> i would say -- >> i'll give you that. >> the best eight days. >> maybe 18. >> but the rule just changed on monday night. >> the world changes and new hampshire is going to change again, right? >> i was just at the trump headquarters, they know they need a ground game here. >> they cramped for their final
3:00 pm
exam and got a c plus in iowa. let's see if they can improve their grades there. more "mtp daily" tomorrow. "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. >> and i'm john helemann. neither dropped out of the race, and also rand. hello from our granite states studio here at the rad son hotel in manchester, with a week to go before the new hampshire primary. presidential races erupted into an epic war of wards on twitter and out on the campaign trail on the democratic side, bernie sanders blasted hillary clinton in a series of tweets. challenging her progressive


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