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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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right now on a special edition of andrea mitchell reports live from new hampshire. attack mode. it's no holds bar in the republican race. >> it's honestly really, really dishonest and i think i know why because he was born in canada. >> you know, he never answers questions. he never holds gaggles. he is very controlled and the boy in the bubble has to get out of the bubble if he wants to be president of the united states. >> those are strong words from christie. >> it's been a tough couple days for chris. >> oh, yeah. >> not so great expectations. democrats down playing their chances in new hampshire. >> their argument is, look, you're behind here, i am. you're in your opponent's backyard. maybe you should have just moved on. i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being
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here. >> we want to win. you know what, then we're going to nevada and we think we have a shot to win there. then we're going to south carolina. then we're going to wisconsin. every state is important. >> and dropout, rand paul exits stage right. where will the libertarians go next? >> i would love to have rand's support. i haven't spoken to him. i was here. i also know that he's probably now going to focus on senate re-election in kentucky and we have to make sure he is re-elected. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in manchester, new hampshire. game on. the center of the political universe for republicans and democrats between now and tuesday's first primary of the 2016 campaign. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is in dairy, new hampshire this hour, trying to close in on bernie sanders' very large lead in this state. and she's joined by former congresswoman gabby giffords today. >> speaking is difficult for me, but january, i want to say these
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two words madame president. >> and can i just say how exciting it is to see gabby giffords. i'm joined here by robby muco. we've seen gabbie fif gourds's long struggle to recover and to see her there with hillary clinton and speaking so well with her husband, mark kelly. >> it's really inspiring, absolutely. >> let's talk about new hampshire first of all the republicans already going after hillary clinton, as they have been. there was a tweet today from matt katz, new jersey reporter covering chris christie and this is what chris christie had to say about hillary clinton. this wasn't on camera, but this is the quote. i'll beat her rear end on that stage, meaning in a general election, and afterwards, she'll believe i didn't serve her with a subpoena. clearly going right after her on electability which has been one of her arguments against bernie sanders. >> well, andrea, as you mentioned, the republicans have been attacking hilary
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relentlessly. they pulled her into the hill for 11 hours of questions about the benghazi hearing and found nothing. republican super pacs have been attacking hillary relentlessly. their hedge funds billions are on the air right now attacking hillary clinton. she will be the toughest one. she can take on the republicans. she can get things done in washington and that's why they're attacking her so much. >> before she can get to the republicans, she has to defeat bernie sanders, unexpectedly strong primary challenge here. not just here in new hampshire obviously where he has big advantages but across the country. coming out of iowa with so much strength with the young voters, now let's look at bernie sanders on morning joe today making a point about hillary clinton's paid speeches on college campuses. >> do you think it's wrong for her to go to places like uconn and also the university of buffalo, a college she once represented, get paid $275,000
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for 45 minute speech? >> joe, i have a problem with people receiving, you know, for an hour's work to earn 200,000 plus dollars. i have a real problem with that. >> how do you deal with that? >> well, first of all, i'm disappointed to see bernie sanders making these kind of negative personal attacks. this is something he pledged not to do. he said he was a different kind of politician. >> it's substantive, she's been willing to take money for paid speeches and that's something he would argue is really offensive to a lot of young voters. >> well, look, i think young voters have a lot at stake in this election when you look at the republican side, they've been talking about defunding planned parenthood, taking away the right for gays and lesbians to get married. they don't believe in climate change, in fact, they fight efforts to do something about climate change. >> what about bernie sanders. he is on your side of the same side as hillary clinton on all those issues. >> well, but the difference for young people and for all voters
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is the ability to get something done. young voertds care that we do take action on climate change. they care that we do protect the right to marry. and what that takes is someone in washington who can breakthrough the gridlock and get something done. the problem with a lot of the proposals that bernie sanders has brought forward is they sound great on paper, but they can't get done in washington. so, what the young people i talk to who are so active on this campaign, they're here because they know that hillary can deliver real results for them. >> the new u mass poll that just came out, he is ahead of her 2-1 in new hampshire. overall young people by more than 80 to 10, it's mirroring the results we saw on that entrance polls from iowa. >> well, i take there's polls showing all kinds of different results, so i wouldn't comment on one specifically. but look, you heard hillary out there today. this is a steep climb in new hampshire. this is bernie sanders' backyard. in the last few decades, no border state candidate has lost this state, so you know, the
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expectations there for bernie are high. hillary has no problem out there competing for these votes. some people call me young, myself, there is a lot at stake for us in this election. i want to make sure that our next president is able to deliver and stand up for the values that are important to me. >> what would a win be? how would you define a win in new hampshire? >> well, as you said, this is an uphill climb, but we are looking to tighten that gap as much as we can. but i think more than anything, new hampshire is a great place for hillary to get out and talk about how she can provide those real results for families. >> can you get it into single digits in new hampshire? >> the polls are all over the place. it's hard to tell the numbers. we saw her really pull off a real feat in 2008 and we're looking to just work hard and let the voters decide again. >> in fact, that's one of bernie sanders's points today that she has deep roots here, she and bill clinton from '92 to 2008 have been pulling off miracles
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in new hampshire. isn't that an advantage that he doesn't have? >> bernie sanders has been in washington, d.c. longer than the clintons ever were. he came there aver the 1990 election and he's been on television and the burlington media market here for some time. bernie sanders has been here for a very long time as well. >> what about going forward? you've got bill clinton going to south carolina today for an appearance tonight. where is your fire wall? if you look at seven of the 11 campaigns to come, you've got large numbers of minority voters in contrast to iowa and new hampshire, which are predominantly white. is that coming advantage for her going on with south carolina, alabama, tennessee and then of course pennsylvania, michigan and nevada even long before that? >> well, look, 4% of the delegates are picked in february. 56, 57% are chosen in march. so that's really when the delegates are going to get racked up. hillary is tremendously fortunate to have a lot of
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support in the african-american community and hispanic community among women. we're fighting hard to bring on more young people all the time. that's a support that has to be earned and reearned every single day. we're not taking anything for granted. president clinton is in south carolina. he'll be spending time in nevada this weekend. she'll be spending time in those states as well. we'll plug away and earning and re-earning those votes. >> there's a lot of criticism, you get a lot of income, you're the campaign manager, what about muddled message she is not sounding like herself, she is shouting too much and a campaign shakeup? >> well, first and foremost, i think as hillary sometimes said herself, sometimes people say women are shouting and they're really not. >> i've heard that. >> i don't think that's a very fair criticism. i'm going to put that one aside. our message is very clear and that is that voters need a president who can do all parts of this job, that's manage the economy -- >> but coming out of iowa are bill and hillary clinton not happy with the campaign team? >> president clinton sent me a
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wonderful text after iowa congratulating us on a win. this was a state she lost last time and she was so proud to win it. and they're both in great spirits. >> no big changes, no meeting today? >> no, no. not one that i was in. >> you would know. >> i would. >> thanks very much, robby. thank for being with us. we have the candidates covered every base across the state, kristen welker, holly jackson, kelly o'donnell, kristen, we'll start with you. what we heard from robby ♪ and you there in dairy covering hillary clinton. >> that's right, andrea. they are determined to try to close the gap here in new hampshire, but clinton campaign officials privately acknowledging that is going to be very tough as robby mook indicates in her interview with you. i'll be careful with my tone.
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preside secretary clinton pushing back hard at bernie sanders who criticized her for not being a consistent progressive. she called that a low blow and then she continued to tick off a number of what she sees as her progressive achievements everything from working to get child's health care when she was the first lady, to working for human's rights and civil rights. so this is a new line of attack that we're going to see coming from secretary clinton, at the same time we've been talking about this, she's trying to argue she is the more realistic progressive. she can get things done. take a listen to what she had to say just moments ago. >> we also have to get things done if we're going to change our country. if we're going to build on the progress we've made and go into the future with confidence and optimism. i hope that new hampshire, you
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will come on this journey with me, bringing both your hearts and your heads. >> and andrea, i heard you talking to robby about the fact that secretary clinton trails bernie sanders significantly when it comes to young voters. i spoke with one of her campaign officials, they're not going to change their strategy at this point in time. they still think they have a case to make to young voters. i was told they are bringing in more than 100 staffers from new york to help with the ground game here in new hampshire with just less than a week until the primary. andrea? >> thanks so much, kristen welker there with the candidate herself speaking. you can hear the noise from the clinton campaign. thanks so much, kristen welker. hali jackson, some tough tweets today from donald trump against ted cruz. so what's happening? has cruz responded? what are you hearing? >> reporter: yes. just a couple minutes ago, andrea, i'm pulling it up so i can read it to you. you've seen this back and forth
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between trump and cruz. coming interest trump on twitter this morning coming out and unleashing an attack line against ted cruz. accusing cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses. trump two days after iowa still sort of looking back to monday night. i can tell you that the cruz campaign now saying from a spokesman, reality hit the reality star. since iowa, no one is talking about donald trump. that's why he is popping off on twitter. the spokesman continues, there are twitter addiction therapy groups and trump should check in with his local chapter. so, the cruz campaign really laughing a bit at trump and his tweeting today. we will see what ted cruz has to say about all of this when he comes here to this restaurant in governs town, new hampshire in a little bit. he is doing a number of smaller stops then has a town hall later tonight. cruz trying to pick up and continue the momentum he got after iowa here in new hampshire, a state that is not typically seen as a great fit
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for him. so it will be interesting to see sort of how voters here respond to ted cruz. when i'm out in diners like this, the names you hear, jeb bushes, john kasich, chris christie. kelly running the sound from the interview with john kasich and kelly o'donnell. they have a buckeye brigade coming to town. some 500 volunteers from ohio that will be out for one last big push. that's what somebody like ted cruz is up against here in new hampshire. andrea? >> thank you so much to hallie jackson. marco rubio, attacked on all sides. they see him as a real threat. how do they see him responding. >> reporter: hi, there andrea. marco rubio expected here any moment now. lot of the voters we have spoken with say they sense a lot more excitement here. strong third place finish in iowa, that means he is under attack from the so-called establishment candidates, jeb
9:14 am
bush taking out a full page ad in the local paper blasting marco rubio's record in fl pl. of course chris christie yesterday slamming rubio, calling him the boy in the bubble. i spoke with rubio yesterday about that attack, here is his response. >> i think it's been a tough couple days for chris and for some of the other guys. they're not doing very well so people react badly sometimes to adversity. look, this campaign isn't about personal insults. they want to do that, that's fine. >> reporter: and of course one of the main attacks on rubio, especially from christie is that he is too scripted, too rehearsed, he can't answer the tough questions. that is why rubio today scheduled the town hall meetings to take his pitch directly to voters and take questions. many analysts predict he will have a three, two, one strategy potentially to the nomination that's finishing third in iowa, second here in new hampshire. and perhaps first in south carolina, of course, his campaign is down playing that strategy. they are really trying to take hold of the expectations game
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and control that message, but, again, andrea, marco rubio expected at this town hall any moment now. back to you. >> thanks so much to gabe gutierrez and kelly o'donnell, let's talk about the rand paul factor. rand paul getting out, he and his libertarian but the fact that he is so concerned about deficit spending and that is exactly in the wheelhouse of john kasich, the former house budget chair. >> and the ohio governor who is certainly wanting to appeal to voters who might have been considering rand paul. when i spoke to the governor today, he brought up criminal justice reform and concerns about government surveillance and the government role in our lives. that's part of what rand paul has really made a big core message. so for john kasich, we're hearing a cozy vfw. this is the play book for his strategy to do well in new hampshire.
9:16 am
he told me is very surprised that rand paul got out today, but he is also looking ahead. we had a fun in our conversation when i was asking the governor about some of the pressure that's being brought to bare on him given improved poll numbers and good endorsements. he brought up another famous republican who is also a movie star. here is a clip from that. >> i got a gut check moment because everybody that's running for president is attacking me now. i think it's -- you know, schwarzenegger told me one time in 2010, i said, arnold, they're really attacking me. he said, john, love the beatings. so, you know, it's been an affirmation of how well we've done. >> i certainly had a fun moment there. i've interviewed governor schwarzenegger and felt like he was in the room today when cay sick pulled out that impersonation. >> that's funny. also, kelly, the fact that rand paul is dropping out, you know, he couldn't even catch fire the way his father ron paul had,
9:17 am
certainly not in iowa. >> multigenerational ground game they thought when rand paul's dad, ron paul, was always sort of a cult figure with a huge ground game. i was at rand paul's announcement back in april where he was talking about trying to change washington. but he hasn't had the traction that he had hoped for and really some of the world events have changed in ways that conflicted with his core message of the u.s. not being interventionists around the world. that's not quite as popular in the republican party and it was a narrow lane to begin with. unlike some of the other candidates, rand paul wants to remain a voice in national politics, and that means keeping his seat in the senate from kentucky. he is on the ballot again in 2016. it would have always been a choice between two offices if he were to be more successful. i think he's got a sense now that this is the time to step back from presidential politics and focus on being re-elected to the senate to keep in the conversation for years to come.
9:18 am
andrea? >> and kelly, what i've been hearing and what you're hearing from down there is they're really worried that he is in trouble and he needs to fight for that senate seat. they even went to the lengths and the legislature of changing kentucky to a caucus state so he could run to both. now he has to focus on the one seat he knows he has. thank so much to kelly o'donnell and hallie jackson and gabe gutierrez. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off their only debate tomorrow night on msnbc. this is their first and only chance to talk head-to-head because martin o'malley dropped out since the last debate. chuck todd and rachael maddow coming up tomorrow the only debate before the nation's first primary just six days from now. right here on msnbc 9:00 p.m. eastern coming up tomorrow night. coming up here, southern
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charm. bill clinton dispatched to south carolina today to win votes there. congressman jim clyburn joining us next. you're watching a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from jd tavern's live in manchester, new hampshire only on msnbc the place for politics. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks.
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haven't had a lot of sleep. you win by a landslide, you go to bed early. you win by less than half a percent, you stay up. >> the marathon campaign schedule continues for president clinton speaking today later in south carolina. otherwise known as hillary clinton's fire wall.
9:23 am
south carolina congressman jim clyburn is assistant democratic leader and hillary clinton supporter and joins me now from capitol hill. congressman, great to see you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> so, we both know how important south carolina is. you've got iowa and new hampshire predominantly white, not really representative of america. that would be the clinton argument. and she's way behind here to vermont neighbor, bernie sanders. what do you think the organization that you know so well can produce for her in south carolina? is that really going to be a fire wall? >> well, if the election were held today it would certainly be a fire wall for her. i'm convinced that she's leading by plenty in south carolina. i've talked to a lot of my folks down there, as you know, andrea, i was born and raised -- i was born in parse niche, was raised in a beauty shop.
9:24 am
so, i stay in close touch with the faith community. i stay in close touch with beauty and barbershops all over my state. from what i'm hearing, it would be a fire wall today. now two and a half weeks from now, we'll have to see. there will be two contests between now and then. new hampshire and then there's going to be nevada before we get to south carolina. and anything can change in that time, but as of today, she's real strong in south carolina. >> you and i talked when we were down there for our debate, and the fact is that there is a better organization that bernie sanders has been quietly building in south carolina and he needs to have an impact with the african-american community, clearly. but she showed how weak she is with young people, 84 to 14 in iowa. and according to a poll today, similar results here in new
9:25 am
hampshire. what -- why isn't she connecting with young people? >> well, you know, i asked my grandson the same question, two days after you and i spoke, the morning after martin luther king jr.'s birthday. i sat down over breakfast with my 21-year-old grandson and i asked him that question. he answered me with one word, generational. it's all he would say. and so i think that we do see some generational differences here. young people want to be made comfortable with your plans for the future. and i really believe that both candidates, to the extent to which they articulate their visions for the future, so these young people can feel that they'll be able to afford a college education and pay for it, now, i'm not a big proponent
9:26 am
of free public schools because i believe that's a recipe for closing down all the hbcu's in my district. bill clinton will be at howard university today. if the students there were to get free public education across town somewhere, why would they go to allen university or to claflin or to benedict for that matter? so i think that a lot of these things have to be discussed, have to be thought through and i believe the extent to which these candidates explain what they really mean by an affordable education will determine how these young people view them. >> let me just drill down on that because you've got a 74-year-old democratic socialist appealing to young people when, you know, she's a 68-year-old democrat. so, she's got an age gap with
9:27 am
these young people but she is not articulating her message, sit because by talking about her college plan and how it would be, you know, affordable but not free, is she being too specific? is she not explaining enough how his plan wouldn't work? what is it about his message that is resonating with young people while her's isn't? >> well, you know, i think that people are very quick to react to free versus that which is affordable. i think to make it affordable you have to explain. and i don't think explanation has to be a long one. the fact of the matter is, if a young person borrows money to go to college, that person ought to be able to afford to pay it back. and democrats have been doing a good job with making these student loans affordable and
9:28 am
it's been my cleolleagues on th other side have the interest rates so high that young people are having trouble paying for it. so i think that's what you have to do, let people know that you have certain responsibilities so if we make the education affordable then you ought to do your part to pay for it. young people love to be responsible. my grandson when i was having that same breakfast with him refused to take money from me until my wife spoke up and said, boy, take the money because he wants to do it on his own. so, i believe that you have to let young people know that we are going to create opportunities. you have to fulfill your responsibilities. and that is something that it takes some time a little longer to explain. >> and finally, you've got bill clinton in south carolina, obviously eight years ago he got into some trouble with you and other african-americans in south
9:29 am
carolina when he was perceived as really slamming barak obama and that being racially tinged. do you have any concerns about him as all as a surrogate for hillary clinton in south carolina? >> absolutely not. i'm on the board of allen university and so his being at allen is fine with me and every other ame that i know. i explain in my book exactly what the background of that is all about. i have been married to the same person for 54 years, so i know what it's like to support your spouse and have your spouse support you. and that's what bill clinton was doing. nobody holds him at fault for any of that. i certainly don't. it's behind us. we're looking to the future and i'm very pleased with him being at one of my hbcus this evening. >> leader jim clyburn, it's always a pleasure.
9:30 am
thanks so much for being with us today. >> thank you. and stay with us right here as we continue our special coverage, the road to new hampshire primary. live from manchester and a reminder msnbc home to the only one on one debate, bernie sanders versus hillary clinton before the new hampshire primary. it's the first time they will go head-to-head in a debate and that is tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. pacific right here on msnbc. rachael maddow chuck todd are monitoring that debate on the place for politics. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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9:34 am
>> well, i don't know exactly what he means by that. obviously we've all seen the reports of rumors they spread about ben carson and we know those weren't accurate. i thought it was unfair to ben. and you know ultimately i thitd goes back to what i said before that is a willingness to say or do anything. in this case, further spread false reports about ben carson. i think we keep working hard and growing our organization and bring more supporters on board it will be a success. we'll continue to do what we've been doing throughout this process. going everywhere we can. we've felt confident about our plan and our ability to execute it. as we get closer to voting day on both new hampshire and beyond, we feel good about where it's going to lead. [ inaudible question ] >> senator, jeb bush took out a pull page ad against you today.
9:35 am
do you expect to deliver a knockout blow against jeb bush in new hampshire? >> i want to do as well as i possibly can. i'm going to work hard. i'm running for president, not against the other candidates. if there's policy differences, we'll discuss those. my goal in the end is not just to win the nomination, bring the conservative movement and the republican party together and to defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> given he was your mentor, how much does that ad sting? >> i don't know the ad you're referring to. look, we've had from multiple people millions of dollars spent attacking us in iowa and new hampshire. it's fine. we're going to keep focussing on our message and i feel very good about where that's going to lead. >> senator, can you tell me the tea party helps you out a lot. do you still consider yourself a tea party? >> i never -- by the way, ever claimed to own the tea party. they helped me in 2010. i think the tea party is very
9:36 am
misunderstood. it's a collection of republicans, democrats and independents who are tired of direction of our country that want to see us return to limited government and free enterprise and are angry at both parties for not having done so. they were helpful to us in 2010 and i feel they'll be a factor in 2016 and i feel good about the relationships and support we have in the tea party movement. >> senator, you talked a lot about uniting the conservative movement using conservative principles and not deluting those. running as more moderate independent republicans. is that the right approach? >> john ultimately he needs to be about what he is about, who he is. i like john kasich and think he has been a good governor in ohio and obviously the voters there agree with that. so john, he needs to be who he is and what he stands for. i want everyone, we can come together. we agree on a lot of issues. there will be differences. when it comes to ideology by and
9:37 am
large, i think it will remain the home of the senate right movement of conservatives. i think there's room for people that may have a difference of opinion on some issues. >> marco rubio in new hampshire. joining me now for our daily mix, chris alyssa and here with me in new hampshire in manchester, msnbc, katie ter and casey hup. welcome all. chris christie, guys, was just on the stump talking about marco rubio. let me throw to that and we can talk about it on the other side. >> he doesn't do this in front of you all everyday like i do. he's protected by a staff for good reason because they more than anyone else know he's not ready to be president of the united states. senator rubio has left no footprint in the united states senate. for the folks in florida, it's going to be refreshing when i get there in march. >> so, chris christie not pulling any punches.
9:38 am
chris, alyssa, taking a look at all of this from back in washington, this is chris christie really going hard against marco rubio yesterday calling him the boy in the bubble. he clearly sees rubio coming out of iowa as a real threat. >> yeah, look, i think chris christie knows that people who are deciding between or consider themselves voters of donald trump or ted cruz are not going to be chris christie people no matter who they wind up for. he needs -- this goes for john kasich and jeb bush as well, those three people need to figure out a way to finish above marco rubio in new hampshire. now obviously it's unlikely all of them will do so unless marco rubio finishes sixth. but that's what they need. so what you're seeing is an attempt to say okay there's this sort of finite pool of establishment center right marco rubio's words republicans. those four candidates are largely competing for them and that's the primary within the primary. you have trump and cruz on one hand and those four on the other. if rubio winds up being the top
9:39 am
of those four in new hampshire as well as what he did in iowa, it's very hard for christie, for casic and jeb bush to stay in this race and be viable. i think you will see them in the next six days push like crazy on him. this is really their last chance. >> and donald trump, katie, you've been tracking donald truch for all these months, seven months with donald trump. >> coming on eight. >> coming on eight but who is counting. you're having fun. so today he tweets that ted cruz illegally stole the iowa caucus then deleted illegally. >> he's trying to claim fraud right now. what he is doing is saying either the iowa election needs to happen again, which is not going to happen or that ted cruz's votes should not count. he's trying to spin the headlines that he lost in iowa. trying to gain momentum. i'm not sure it's the best way to do it by looking back towards iowa instead of focussing in here on new hampshire.
9:40 am
today he is in arkansas. he's not here in iowa. he is rallying with a crowd they say expect to be thousands strong but back here tomorrow. right now there are questions about his ground game here. i've been talking to people who know and say they haven't seen donald trump ground game here until the last month. that is a lot of work to do in just a short amount of time. they have been hoping many think that donald trump will be able to get over the top by sheer name recognition alone. we saw in iowa that was not the case. the question is will that work here in new hampshire where the voters are more suited to donald trump where he is leading by such a wide margin, 24 points. that's if you trust the polling and the polling wasn't entirely correct in iowa and will it be entirely correct here? we won't know until tuesday. >> bernie sanders so far ahead of hillary clinton. casey hunt, she started calling herself a progressive election night in iowa and then again
9:41 am
yesterday. and you had a chance to ask bernie sanders about that progressive label. i want to play a little of that and her response. >> hillary clinton has called herself a progressive with a plan. do you think hillary clinton is a progressive? >> some days, yes. except when she announces that she is proud moderate and then i guess she is not a progressive. >> i was disappointed to be honest yesterday, it was kind of a low blow when senator sanders said in response to a question, well, you know, maybe she's a progressive on, you know, some days. i hope we keep it on the issues because if it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide on tuesday. >> you know, casey, as you followed this, we've seen these incredible numbers, the young people flocking to bernie sanders, the 74-year-old white
9:42 am
guy and ignoring hillary clinton and all of her outreach to minorities. at the same time, he was asked about that this morning and about his problems with older people. >> yeah. >> and on the "today's show" i have to work on that. the flip side of 84-14 is that she's getting all the older people. >> those people tend to vote in greater numbers than young people. >> right. >> i do think it was interesting that he was willing to go after hillary clinton on this. we know that he's been very aggressive in steering clear of any opportunity really to attack her in any way that could be deemed personal. he's so stuck to the issues, but, you know, i was struck by when she did that, when she called herself a progressive in that speech on the iowa caucus night, the whole sanders room started booing really loudly. so he clearly knows where the hearts of his people are. for young people, many of them don't remember she talks about getting health care for millions of children. many of these kids weren't alive in the early '90s to remember all of the work that she did and that she's now out there talking
9:43 am
about. so i think it's very obvious that sanders knows his audience in that regard. and the other thing i will say, when i first started on this beat, i sort of set up to figure out why sanders is considered to be so cool among in younger generation. i was behind the scenes at a vampire concert i never expected the bernie sanders campaign trail would take me. >> he is singing "this land is your land." >> this new at rock band out of new york, it's an interesting world. but they all said i talked to many of them including the band back stage and they said, it's authenticity for a generation that is so used to getting everything unvarnished on their phones on social media, they feel like they smell a rat a mile away and that bernie sanders has an edge on that over hillary clinton. >> i was talking to a rand paul supporter who said the same thing about that. they don't necessarily think they'll support bernie sanders but what they like about him is that he is authentic and don't
9:44 am
see that from a lot of other republicans in the field. >> he will be getting secret service protection. that may change how he interacts with people. thank you all so much. and don't forget, talking about whether bernie sanders is going to get more aggressive with hillary clinton, you'll have a chance to see it up close and personal one on one, hillary clinton/bernie sanders, their first head-to-head debate this entire campaign season and the only one before the new hampshire primary. all this tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern msnbc, the democratic debate, moderated by chuck todd and rachel maddow. university of new hampshire in durham. you have to watch it right here on msnbc 9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up here, mr. sanders' neighborhood. we're sort of in it next door to vermont. my conversation with bill clinton on how do you campaign in bernie sanders's back door. you're watching msnbc, a place for politics, live from new hampshire.
9:45 am
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and we're back live in manchester, new hampshire, which is the center of the political universe until tuesday's primary. however, the clinton campaign is looking ahead already to what i they think is their fire wall in south carolina. bill clinton will be rallying there in columbia, south carolina later today. i caught up with the former president before he left new hampshire. >> it takes longer. i think this iowa thing is a very good result because it enables us as citizens now to focus on what the difference between -- what their differences are on the issues what their differences are in how they would approach the job and who would get the most positive change the most quickly. in a way, this is going to be like a exercise in citizenship. you can't forget the local
9:49 am
dynamics from everywhere. nobody from a state border in new hampshire ever lost a democratic primary to a nonencouple bent president. >> are you worried this could be a repeat of history? >> this is very different. this is very different. he was new, different and there was almost no difference between them on the issues. there are dramatic differences. >> do you think bernie sanders is barak obama? >> no, no. don't get me there. there is -- no, i don't, but barak obama is not bernie sanders. let's don't play cheap games here. she and president obama had enormous overlap on what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. and there are big differences in their positions on the issues, and now we are free to talk about them. >> so you think the voters will understand the issues? >> well, yeah, if you give them a chance and don't get too much of the way with a lot of
9:50 am
political talk that doesn't have anything to do with their lives. >> and we're going to see hillary clinton and bernie sanders going one on one for the first and the only time before the new hampshire primary tomorrow night on the msnbc democratic debate right here at 9:00 p.m. eastern. stay with us. up next on "andrea mitchell reports," live free or die. it's new hampshire's motto. is it also their voting style? >> they're going to make the decision on their own. not really influenced by the crowd. >> i will decide when i cast my vote. >> i'm not looking for a handout. i don't want anything from government and i want my fellow neighbor to feel the same way. more from jd's tavern in manchester, new hampshire only on msnbc, the place for politics. aged. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms
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while i am surprised by the kind of support we're getting from young people, i'm equally surprised by the fact that we're not getting more support from
9:54 am
seniors. there is nobody in the senate who has fought harder for seniors. we are going to focus on senior issues i think you'll see us do a lot better in that age category. >> bernie sanders on "morning joe" on why he had so much trouble with the elder vote. he had the youth vote locked up in iowa and new hampshire according to the latest polls. what about reaching out to his fellow seniors. i'm joined now by alex sidesbar. it's been remarkable watching this youth movement. he has become the pied piper for the young people. something like 86-10 in the u mass poll up here and certainly we saw that in iowa. he does acknowledge there on that interview on mj he has to start thinking about explaining what he's done for older people. >> right. i don't think anything that he or his campaign expected with barak obama, sure, that makes sense he would be the guy to excite the young people.
9:55 am
you are going to see bernie sanders talk about more, talk to veterans, talk to people in rural communities. he started talking about social security where he has a more aggressive plan than hillary clinton. but i'm really excited to see this debate. it will be the first time we'll have both of these candidates on stage alone, martin o'malley will not be there having dropped out on monday, a lot of issue that is still yet to be covered. they've definitely been getting more aggressive with each other. we've stripped away the noise. >> in our debate in south carolina, there were times as there have been in previous debates the two would mix it up and o'malley would jump in and say wait a second, i have something to say about that. with all due respect to him, he was polling less than 1%, got fractions not even one delegate out of iowa. this is head-to-head, this is their moment and there is a risk for both of them in being too aggressive, as we saw when she was running for the senate against rick blas owe, going too
9:56 am
tough against her can be pairless for a mail candidate but bernie sanders seems to get away with being more aggressive perhaps younger male politicians perhaps barak obama in 2008 would. >> one moment that is in people's heads right now, you're likable enough, hillary, it's what he said in the debate between iowa and new hampshire. the clinton drudging up that moment when bernie sanders said that to casey hunt about hillary clinton being progressive on some days. hillary clinton is progressive enough referencing that comment. so that's his risk, right? he wants to draw sharp contrast with her. he is giving her a clear view but can't go too, too hard. >> lot of dynamics there. thanks so much, alex. we'll be there tomorrow night. that does it for a very special edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show, we'll be live from durham, new hampshire, ahead of tomorrow night's big msnbc democratic debate moderated by chuck todd and
9:57 am
rachel maddow. hillary clinton and bernie sanders one on one for the first and only time before tuesday's primary. we'll be live. follow us online on facebook and twitter @mitchellreports. live from new hampshire, tamron hall is here next. elodic♪ "hi this is conor. sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call. please leave a message and i'll get back to you just as soon as i'm available. thank you for patience at this busy time." join princess cruises for stargazing with discovery at sea. book now for savings up to $1,000 per stateroom plus up to $600 free onboard spending money. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. princess cruises. come back new.
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as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d. hello, everyone, i'm tamron hall live in manchester, new hampshire, just six days ahead of the first in the nation's primaries. before that happens, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate one on one for the first time in election season. as for today, 32 events in 12 hours, it is a crowded wednesday to say the least. already today, controversial language from governor chris christie on hillary clinton saying, quote, i beat her rear end on that stage and afterward she'll be relieved that


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