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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  February 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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dozen campaign events being held across this state today. this as we're seeing another shake-up on the republican side. rand paul has just announced that he is dropping out of the race. we don't know if that's a big surprise, but we'll talk about it. the other candidates are reacting to the news. we have it all covered for you from new hampshire with our team in place. several cities, kristen welker is in derry with the clinton campaign. alex seitz-wald is in manchester. hallie jackson is covering ted cruz. gabe gutierrez with marco rubio, and katy tur is right here with me in manchester as well. back to the breaking news i mentioned this morning. the bernie sanders campaign, a lot of headline said there. the senator confirmed on "morning joe" he will take part in the big debate that will be hosted on msnbc tomorrow night, moderated by chuck todd and rachel maddow. listen to what he said. >> are you going to be
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participating in the debate with hillary clinton tomorrow night? >> the answer is yes. and you know that i have always wanted more debates. and secretary clinton in the beginning was not so interested in more debates. now, suddenly, they're very interested in more debates. >> why are they suddenly interested in more debates. you said that with a sly smile. >> golly gee, i don't know. it may have -- it may have something to do with the fact that the nature of this campaign has changed a little bit. >> and we begin our coverage with nbc's kristen welker who joins us from hillary clinton's event in derry. we see how bernie sanders is trying to pivot the debate to agreeing, putting it on the clinton campaign. they agreed to allow msnbc to host the debate. it seems as if it was bernie sanders who wanted to negotiate.
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what's going on? >> this is a little bit of the sanders campaign trying to say, clinton can't call all of the shots anymore. bernie sanders is a real contender in this race. so they want to put down some markers as well. i wholly anticipate they will participate in tomorrow night's debate. but tamron, we are going into these final days before the new hampshire primary with bernie sanders holding a double-digit lead over secretary clinton. she's taking the stage, it sounds like, momentarily. she is fighting to try to win this state. she's doing it in a number of different ways. lowering expectations, bringing in a lot of top surrogates, and she's also really playing up her progressive credentials. that's something that is resonating clearly with bernie sanders supporters. she's trying to tap into that. that could play a big role here in new hampshire where you have a lot of independents. secretary clinton was behind here in 2008, remember, tamron, after iowa. she came back and won the state. the question is, can she do it
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again this time around? the clinton campaign certainly has a blueprint for doing that, but will it work? >> okay, and kristen, what's g significa significant, what we're watching right now, direct the eyes to our stage, gabby giffords on the side of hillary clinton. the boston globe endorsement of hillary clinton, they noted her differences with bernie sanders on guns. so it is no coincidence that we have gabby giffords there at this event with hillary clinton because this is something we may see come up in a big way in the debate on msnbc tomorrow night. >> such an important point that you raise, tamron. this is the second event where we have seen gabby giffords with secretary clinton in the past 24 hours. this is one of the few issues where secretary clinton can actually say she's further to the left than bernie sanders, arguing she is going to be tougher at taking on the nra. again, that's something that really resonates with the democratic base. and as i pointed out, tamron, the clinton campaign bringing in their top surrogates, gabby
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giffords certainly one of them. certainly key to the clinton campaign for coming back here. >> and they are being introduced by mark kelly. we'll take the audience back to the stage. let's go to alex seitz-wald, covering bernie sanders' campaign. he joins me now. interesting how bernie sanders revealed the news he's going to participate in the debate. it's bing a dangling carrot, but something his supporters and her supporters wanted to see and will get to see the showdown. >> we asked him about it last night. he was totally noncommittal, saying there were details to be worked out. front-runners don't like debates. he is the front-runner here. he wanted to agree to this if she would agree to three other. they hammered out an agreement late last night. not sure if we'll have details on the three others, but it would have been tough for him to pull out so close. it would have looked much worse for him overall. he's going to do this and try to claim that his win in new hampshire if he does win is
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because of what he said in the debate, because of how he campaigned, not just because of the home-state advantage. >> we'll talk about the alleged home-state advantage in a second as bernie sanders points out it was hillary clinton who won this state against barack obama. let me go to hallie jackson to keep this train moving. she's covering the cruz campaign. she's on the road, covering the campaign this morning. and hallie, we'll talk more with katy tur. she's here with me. donald trump has accused ted cruz of cheating in iowa. even implying he wants some type of are do. we know that's not going to happen, but the cruz campaign is apologizing or trying to clarify something they did regarding ben carson's campaign. >> right. this idea that they used -- sort of told their supporters what ben carson was saying about heading to florida. apparently, to get a change of clothes before he got back on the campaign trail. we expect to hear more from senator cruz about that today at his campaign stops. that's why we're coming to you live from the passenger seat of a car with my producer, sue,
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driving. we're headed to all the stops. cruz has a number of events. a retail stop, then he finishes up the night with a town hall. lots of action on the campaign trail for him. in a state where he normally wouldn't make a strong showing, at least you might think. that said, he's looking to kind of coalesce the evangelical libertarian vote. i know you want to talk quickly here. we'll talk more in a few minutes. >> i'll check back in with you. now let's go to marco rubio's campaign, who is trying to fend off a fresh round of attacks from the republican governors in the race. gabe gutierrez joins us in new hampshire, with the rubio campai campaign. i cannot cite how many sources have said that the ground game for marco rubio is equal if not better than what we saw in iowa. >> yeah, that's exactly right, tamron. their campaign making a big deal of that ground game in iowa, and saying they will be out in full force in new hampshire. behind me, doors set to open at this event.
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series of tonhall meetings today with voters. marco rubio trying to make the case that sis now a three-man race in the republican field. him, cruz, and donald trump. and he says that he is best positioned to take on either hillary clinton or bernie sanders. electability is the key message here. of course, he is the target from the so-called establishment candidates right now. chris christie, jeb bush, and john kasich. but his campaign is trying to ride that momentum over that strong third place finish in iowa, announcing this morning the campaign has raised $2 million so far. since the iowa caucuses. tamron. >> and rubio says he'll be in new hampshire every day until the primary. we'll take a deeper look at his ground game. is it all hype or the real deal? john kasich is polling in fourth place in new hampshire in the new daily tracking poll. just five points behind marco rubio. kelly o'donnell joins me now from the town of raymond. she's with the kasich campaign. the two things i saw first landing here, dunkin' donuts and
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a huge kasich bus on the side of the road. not together. >> so true, tamron. i can tell you that john kasich has gone all in on new hampshire. the ohio governor thinks he's got a positive story to tell here of accomplishments in his home state and a sunnier disposition than some of the candidates on the trail. he thinks that will appeal to independent-minded voters here. he makes the point is everyone is watching the momientum marco rubio may have gotten from the iowa showing, a strong third place finish, and what comes with that, media attention, donor money, john kasich says hang on one second. it's not quite like that in new hampshire. i interviewed the ohio governor a short time ago. here's what he had to say. >> here's in new hampshire, they don't take a lot of recommendations from other states. that's what's so fascinating about this state. no matter how you do in iowa, it doesn't really translate into much in new hampshire. you have to work your tail off
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here. >> kasich is describing himself as sort of a cheerful warrior on the trail. putting it all in this week, he says if he gets smoked here, quote, that would be a real death knell to his campaign. otherwise, he thinks he has the resources, the support, the money, to keep going forward. all about new hampshire for him. >> thank you very much. katy tur is here with me in manchester. you just heard rubio's team say they're not leaving the state. kasich, all about new hampshire. donald trump is not in new hampshire. why? >> he's in arkansas. the donald trump campaign is trying to stage more of a general election campaign during the primary season. it certainly didn't help them in iowa. we saw him leave and go to new hampshire when everybody else was in iowa. we know he lost there. it's definitely a risk for him to leave the state right now. then again, he's up by 24 points here. they certainly feel comfortable enough to leave and go rally what they're calling thousands
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of people strong rally down in arkansas. he says he'll be back here tomorrow. two events tomorrow. then he goes to south carolina on friday. then back here on sunday. saturday and sunday. and monday. certainly the campaign has an advantage because they have that private plane. they can get everywhere very easily. but he's not running the same ground game as everybody else is. he's not living in the state as chris christie has. he didn't live in iowa as ted cruz did. he's running that risk that maybe the people coming to his rallies are in it for the entertainment of the rallies but need to hear more from him on a one-on-one level. new hampshire, they like to get to know their candidates. they want to shake their hand, sit on their couch and talk about their grandchildren, if they can, and donald trump is not like that. more of a showman, vaeb standoffish, we saw him at a diner a few weeks ago. when he walked in, he spoke to the press and spoke to his campaign staff. he barely had a word for the voters in the diner. we'll see if it works. >> it's interesting that you bring up all these points. he's up 24%.
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if anyone has learned not to hang on to the polls, whether he admits it publicly or not, it has to be donald trump. with that said, what is their strategy when you look at the fact this morning he went from what people called a gracious speech for donald trump in the thank yous after iowa to now saying he may want to go back in to iowa and relook at, because you can't do a recount, but somehow, redo iowa. that comes off as sour grapes. it's looking back. not forward thinking. you're still stuck in iowa and not talking about new hampshire, and you're physically not here this morning. >> he's trying to spin these headlines. i'm not sure it's going to work. as you said, this is looking back. he's not heading ted cruz go. he sees ted cruz as a threat in new hampshire even though he's very far ahead of him. at this point, it's more personal than anything else. he does not like to lose. i asked him yesterday at a press conference before his event in new hampshire, if there was anything he regretted, anything he could haveden differently, anything his campaign might not have done well, he said,
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absolutely not, but maybe i should have gone to the debate. maybe i would have done better, but he says, and this was a very mature sign of candidacy, i wouldn't have done it different because i raised $6 million for vets. he is definitely looking back, he's trying to claim fraud right now, that those election results should be wiped out, that ted cruz should not be winning iowa. >> that points to, everyone has said his campaign matured, his rhetoric matures. >> we see that. he goes back and forth. he's mature one minute and goes back to this man who is complaining about it and calling things unfair, saying people don't treat him well. that's kind of the dichotomy of the trump campaign. you don't know what you're going to get. are you going to get the presidential candidate or the guy who is going to moan on twitter? we don't know. in new hampshire, this nment state where he can really do well, we're going to find out if his candidacy really is the real thing, if people really do think he can be a president. we're going to find out in new
8:13 am
hampshire if he wins. >> we have an hour left. i have to get back to kristen welker. she's live from the hillary clinton campaign event in derry, new hampshire. i believe we're listening in right now. let's take a listen. >> make it clear that there are a lot of big, powerful interests in our country. that we have to take on. but we cannot ignore the overwhelming power of the gun lobby, what they do to intimidate elected officials, and the agenda that gabby and mark have laid out, that i have endorsed. really is a commonsense one for comprehensive background checks and closing loopholes, ending the unprecedented immunity from liability for gun makers and sellers. making sure people on the no-fly list don't get to buy guns in america.
8:14 am
and 92% of americans support this. 85% of gun owners support this. this is a big difference in this campaign because as mark said, i have been standing up relentlessly, calling out the gun lobby and doing what i can to penetrate the fear, the acquiescence, the intimidation that too many elected officials feel. in the face of their threatening political retaliation. so i want, again, to thank two extraordinary americans for what they have already done for our country, and what they will continue to do. thank you both so much. >> we are listening in to hillary clinton at one of her big campaign events today. kristen welker standing by. alex seitz-wald also with me.
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he's covering the sanders campaign. as i mentioned, we have this big debate hosted by rachel and chuck todd tomorrow. if you're looking at a play book, a blueprint, bringing up guns at this event with congresswoman gabby giffords. it's exactly the highlight of the boston globe endorsement for hillary clinton. and it is, as she well knows, bernie sanders' weak spot. when she's brought it up at other debates, he's not been able to, according to conventional wisdom, adequately defend himself from some of his votes in the past. >> this is right, and i'm going to be careful about my volume since secretary clinton is still speaking. you're right. this is the one issue where secretary clinton has consistently been successful at making the argument that she's actually a little bit further to the left of bernie sanders when it comes to the issue of gun control. you hear her say repeatedly she is the only candidate who is going to stand up to the nr arb. that's because senator sanders does have a checkered history
8:16 am
when it comes to gun control. he voted against the brady bill, for example. he supposed legislation that clinton has supported that would hold gun manufacturers accountable. more recently, he changed his position on that, important to point out. but this is an issue she has been hitting hard in recent days, as she continues to draw really sharp distinctions between senator sanders. she's doing it on a whole host of issues. the other talking point we're hearing emerge and hearing her hit more aggressively is she, like senator sanders, is a progressive. she's a progressive who likes to get things done. i think you can expect her to try to weave that into the speech as well. back to the point of gabby giffords and mark kelly being here, tamron. we can't underscore this point enough. they are bringing in their top surrogates as they try to close this gap that she has with senator sanders. she came back here in 2008. she's trying to do it again this time. tamron. >> all right, kristen, let me go to alex seitz-wald. i was rooeszing the "boston
8:17 am
globe" endorsement. it said clinton's stand on guns is in contrast to sanders. and his claims not with standing, is not a convincing champion of gun control. he presents himself as a foe of big business, but this tells a different story. we have seen bernie sanders fight back against that. in the debate tomorrow night, what do you expect for us to see as the strategy for that? >> as kristen said, this is a key issue for hillary clinton. not only because she can get to the left of bernie sanders, but it gets as his core strength, his entire campaign, his entire political brand is how he's taking on the establishment. he's willing to do and say things other people aren't because they're beholden to wall street or big pharmaceutical companies. then she says, wait a minute, what about the gun lobby? you're not willing to take them on. you're saying you don't want to support a law that would remove their legal immunity because it's going to close down shops. not only is it on a policy
8:18 am
issue, a very important policy issue, the base of the democratic party, gun control is one of the things that really insights people. it's also something that undercuts his core strength and muddies the water between them about who is a real politician, who is an anti-establishment politician. >> let's go back to what i mentioned. bernie sanders insists that, yes, this is near a neighboring state to his home, but he points out hillary clinton won the primary here against barack obama. when he says that, clearly, he wants to even the score here. he does not want people to believe that this is something that they have already locked up, put in the bag. he knows it's still a fight. >> the clinton campaign is tried to put an asterisk next to this, saying if bernie sanders wins here, it doesn't count because he's from a neighboring state. when they run from massachusetts or vermont, they tend to win here. just a few months ago, they were calling new hampshire clinton company. she's going to have a hard time
8:19 am
saying they're not trying to win. they have 150 staff members from brooklyn. she's come here a lot, bill clinton has come here a lot. they have a large infrastructure on the ground. she's hoping to win. she's hoping to close the gap if she can't win and undercut the expectations bernie sanders has of a big blowout, making it a closer win. >> thank you very much. we have a great time on the ground with me, and our live coverage will continue throughout the hour. we'll bring in all of the team covering each of the campaigns. coming up, i'll talk with two political columnist whose have competing ideas on whether hillary clinton's iowa ground game was a failure, and whether she can continue it in new hampshire. one says she needs to do something to capture the liberal imagination to beat bernie sanders. another says, quote, cut her some slack. that's next. also ahead, will donald trump change his strategy in new hampshire after his second-place finish in iowa.
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i'll talk live with the chair of the state's republican party on the divide created as a result of that man on the screen. plus, developing now, president obama is making his first visit to a u.s. mosque while in office. the white house says the president will focus on the need to speak out against bigotry and the heightened rhetoric on the campaign trail. and a reminder, msnbc will host the democratic debate tomorrow 9:00 p.m. eastern time, hosted by rachel maddow and chuck todd. we'll be right back. always dist that lets you move like you mean it now comes with an incredible promise. the always discreet double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it. we're so confident you'll love it, we'll give you double your money back if you don't. incredible bladder protection. double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in.
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welcome back. i have for you this hour live pictures, hillary clinton and ted cruz, both campaigning early this morning in new hampshire, as our live coverage from manchester, new hampshire, continues. with our special coverage
8:24 am
leading up to the state's primary. right now, hillary clinton is wrapping up the get out the vote event in the town of derry. burny sanders leads her in the state by double digits. the "washington post" reports clinton's narrow win in iowa means every day from now until november will be a battle for her. and joining me now, michael tumasky, columnist for the daily beast, and dana milbank, political columnist for the "washington post." i was so intrigued by both of your recent articles about hillary clinton and what she may or may not have learned out of iowa. and dana, you put it this way. there does seem to be a long running game in which clinton can never quite meet the expectations set for her, even if her actual achievements are considerable. she raised a ton of money, but sanders raised almost as much. she won the iowa caucuses, but she didn't win enough. >> yeah, i don't want to be in a position of sort of being a hillary clinton defender. i'm not usually that. it strikes me that the coverage
8:25 am
coming out of iowa was suggesting that this was some sort of a defeat for her, some sort of a major disappointment. and it just feels like the press is always setting expec taptati for her and then faulting her for not reaching those expectations. so yes, she's had various stumbles along the way. it's not clear to me whether she was this whole notion that it was going to be a cake walk to the nomination was ever going to occur in the first place. i'm saying, you know what. she won in iowa just like rick santorum won. we called that a huge victory. it's a victory, a win. >> marco rubio came in third and it was celebrated as a huge victory. you make a very interesting point, not to be a hillary clinton defender. you're a journalist, nevertheless, the night of her victory, a number of people gault on air and said, oh, i can't believe she declared victbry. i thought, donald trump went on stage and said he could shoot someone, actually did the finger, and he would still win.
8:26 am
it was chuckled off. her claiming or maybe not claiming victory, was seen as this awful move by her. >> there does seem to be a double standard regarding clinton, whether it's this victory or anything else. i have a lot of friends who say this is sexism. i'm not going to sigh what the motive is, but she does seem to be held under a microscope to an extent donald trump and all other candidates really aren't, and certainly bernie sanders isn't on the democratic side. >> michael, let me bring you in. you have an interesting, not necessarily an opposing view to what dana said, but you believe iowa was a disaster, you said last summer and fall, clinlton came out with a stream of solid progressive proposals. now she's stopped and bernie is saying free health care. she needs to say something that captured the liberal imagination. she has talk ed about policy.
8:27 am
she's talked about her view, what she would do for this country, what she would continue from the current administration. what imagination or liberal imagination do you believe specifically she's not hit on? >> first of all, tamron, just a little house keeping, i'm going to get my editor mad at me. i didn't use the word disaster in the piece. she did win. she would have liked to win by more, but she did win. let me answer the question. as i alluded to in the sentence you read, if you think back to clinton of last summer, the speech on roosevelt island or other speeches where she was laying out criminal justice policy, she was promoting a really progressive agenda and going much farther than most people like danna and i expected she was going to go in terms of her policy positions. now, set against what bernie sanders' positions, those positions that she laid out that
8:28 am
looked pretty bold then can look a little timid. so that's one problem that she's run into. i'm not sure exactly what she does about it. it struck me in the closing days of iowa that she was emphasizing more her experience, her pragmatism, than she was her progressive vision for society, as she had been last year. i sort of think she should go back to emphasizing more of that. >> all right, interesting perspective from both of you. as you know, we're following a number of breaking news events including a lot of campaign stops. i appreciate you both stopping by. coming up, we turn to the republican side of the race. our first read team says donald trump's clear path to the white house is now gone. but they say don't underestimate him. so which is it? up next, i'll talk live with a leading conservative activist in new hampshire who has a much different view on trump and his impact in the state. >> and a reminder, hillary
8:29 am
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you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. we are back from manchester, new hampshire, with breaking news. just in to msnbc. buernie sanders will begin traveling with secret service protection in the next 24 hours. we're learning the sanders campaign had requested that protection for senator sanders. and on the republican side now, a new poll out today from new hampshire shows trump still in a commanding lead over the field. the newest numbers from a new poll, trump leads cruz by 24 points, 38-14. marco rubio comes in at 12%, but trump's loss in iowa, despite similar polls showing him in the lead there, means his opponents
8:33 am
sense an opening. shannon mcginley, the leading conservative activist here in new hampshire told the "new york times" the iowa results have lifted those who don't want trump as a republican nominee. she was quoted as saying this. for a lot of folks who are really upset about the idea of having trump as our nominee, it gives us hope in america that it's not as crazy and lost as we thought it might be. shannon mcginley has decided she's backing senator marco rubio, and she joins me by phone. shann shannon, are you there? >> yes, i'm here. thank you for having me. >> thank you for joining me. interesting comment there, that trump's loss gave you hope that america is not as crazy and lost as we thought it might be. i know you're supporting marco rubio. but donald trump is still your party's front-runner. what is that saying about his supporters and some of your republican base, then? >> well, i think that it proved
8:34 am
that the polls were not as accurate as folks might have thought they might be. i think that we were pleasantly surprised at the turnout in iowa, and that his numbers weren't as high as what people thought they might be, and we're hoping that's going to be the case here in new hampshire. i can certainly tell you, i don't know many people who are answering their home phones at sick:30 at night taking polling calls. many people don't even have house phones anymore. i wondered all along where these numbers are coming from. i'm very optimistic coming into new hampshire trump isn't going to be as strong as the polls may indicate, even the one you quoted. >> the polling was out of whack or out of sync in iowa, but the trump campaign will say they received the second largest number of votes of any gop candidate, only passed by ted cruz who won there. so while the polling showed trump in first place, the numbers were still
8:35 am
extraordinarily high for a gop candidates in iowa. can you deny that? >> well, ultimately, though, he lost. that's the bottom line. there's winners and losers, and he lost. and certainly rubio far excelled what was expected in iowa as well. i think it's wide open here in new hampshire. i think folks were really bowied by what happened in iowa, particularly rubio and cruz were so close to him and they can feel confident about voting their conscience and know that it's very likely that one of the candidates could very well beat trump. >> right now, there's reporting that senator rubio is more focused on governor kasich at this point. governor chris christie. essentially the other story line is the governors versus the senator. so tell me here a little bit about the ground game in place. >> oh, i think -- i don't think it's a question between the governors and the senators. i don't think that's really a
8:36 am
fair representation here. you know, christie has played very, very hard in new hampshire. he put all his eggs in this basked. i suspect he will do fairly well here. but i also think kasich is in a similar boat, where i think that rubio and cruz, they have played here in new hampshire, and i think that even though iowa might be very different demographically, they can do very strong here. i feel a surge in rubio that has come on within the past couple weeks. i did not come out to endorse rubio until just this past weekend. and i have really felt a momentum there for him. so i think that people are going to be surprised at his ground game here, and certainly cruz has a strong ground game as well. so i think that they're going to do much better than people might expect for them to. >> if kasich and crihristie are not the chief rivals, who is marco rubio looking at as
8:37 am
essentially standing in his way to being the establishment candidate? jeb bush is not polling high even though he's doing well. when you look at who has been attacked early and who is the attacker, it is, for example, governor chris christie, who landed the first jab upon entering the city limits. the state limits in new hampshire, going after senator rubio. >> well, i would push back on your assumption that marco rubio is an establishment candidate. i would like for somebody to really describe to me the definition of, quote, an establishment candidate or the establishment lane. because marco rubio has certainly busted the system over the years. he was a tea party candidate in florida, bucking the system there. people didn't think -- >> and he lost tea party support after -- he lost a great amount of tea party support after what was seen as his deal regarding amnesty. he later got off that boat, but certainly, that damaged some of his support with the tea party. when you look at some of the trend lines even he's seen as
8:38 am
the establishment candidate compared to outliers like ted cruz and donald trump. would you put him in the same category as a ted cruz and a donald trump? >> well, i can tell you one thing. i love people who can actually try to change hearts and reach across the aisle and try to deal with a hot potato that nobody wants to touch but just instead complain about it. that's what marco rubio did. he got in there, he rolled up his sleeves. he got his hands dirty in trying to fix a major problem we have in this country. and trying to work with the other side. and once it was realized that he couldn't work with them on this, then he couldn't ultimately support it. i think that's a favorable thing, someone who actually attempts to solve real-world problems, and not just constantly be blocking and complaining and not being a problem solver. i want a president who is going to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. i think marco rubio is that kind of candidate. >> shannon mcginley, we'll see,
8:39 am
obviously, what the cruz campaign has to say about that when they go toe to toe in the next debate. thank you for joining us. coming up, our live coverage of the new hampshire primary continues live from manchester. and all around the state. we have our ground game in place, and we'll go to a couple campaigns and see how things are shaking out. this morning, donald trump is hitting ted cruz hard in a new twitter rant, saying that senator cruz stole iowa. this as the "new york times" says marco rubio is seizing the chance to shift donors and voters his way in new hampshire. i'll talk live with the chair of the state's republican party. and a reminder, one more time, mark your calendar, get your iphone and put it in. msnbc will host the democratic debate tomorrow, yes, it is happening. bernie sanders is in. hillary clinton is in. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. americans. we're living longer than ever.
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want to show you some images from around the state where the candidates are out in full force on the campaign trail. let's take a look at what you see. you have hillary clinton. governor chris christie missing from the podium, but i'm sure he'll make his way. marco rubio. and -- i'm not campaigning, but i'm back here. there you have it. we have actually new remarks from ted cruz on immigration moments ago at a town hall in new hampshire. let's take a listen. >> what are we going to do? first of all, we're going to build a wall. and i've got someone in mind to build it. >> this is the first of five events for the senator as he traveled the state today. much like he did in iowa. in the final days and hours before the caucuses.
8:44 am
the question now, can ted cruz's ground game here in new hampshire match the organization he built in awa? will donald trump who has now admitted he didn't campaign hard enough or spend enough money in iowa change his strategy as we lead up to the primary? joining me now, the chair of the new hampshire republican party, jennifer horn. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you for inviting me. >> how do you describe the gop in new hampshire? what is driving the energy of the voters here? >> well, in new hampshire, it's the same as it is across the country. voters in new hampshire are disappointed in the last seven years. they're frustrated with the failures of the obama administration. and i think there's a strong sense among republican voters that this -- more than usual even, this primary is about who is going to be able to defeat hillary clinton in november. i think all of these issues whether it's national security, whether it's economic security, whether it's immigration reform, all of these issues that our
8:45 am
candidates are talking about. all part of the package. >> right now then, under those concerns, your voters, at least in the early polling and pretty much consistently have said their guy is donald trump. how do you explain that? >> actually, and with all due respect to mr. trump, he has held a lead among our decided voters. as recently as yesterday or the day before, the polls were showing 50% to 60% of our voters undecided here in new hampshire. that's what this week is going to be all about. you just said senator cruz is going to have five events today. all of these candidates will be having multiple events every day from now until next tuesday. that 50% to 60% will look at their short list again, and that's what's going to side the outcome. >> you made comments in the "boston globe" seen as criticism of trump. shallow campaigns that depend on bombast and divisive rhetoric do not succeed in new hampshire. some of that, i think, critics
8:46 am
would say apply to ted cruz. some of the divisive rhetoric that came from him as well as donald trump, even though you were referring to donald trump. both are your one and two right now. >> right. you're looking for a response to that. >> yes, i am. >> sure. listen, new hampshire is very much a very informed voter base. we're very engaged. and i think that in new hampshire, because remember that in new hampshire, independents are able to take a republican or democrat ballot as well. generally in new hampshire, traditionally speaking, the campaigns that succeed here are the campaigns that engage the voters, that are looking to not just unite the party but unite the nation. that are respectful and inclusive of all voters. what i can tell you is that the party structure has been working for three years to put together a ground game to be successful in november. the party is going to be ready to support whomever our voters choose. i have a tremendous amount of faith in the people of new
8:47 am
hampshire as well as the voters across this country. >> let's take a look at some of -- specifically john kasich and governor chris christie. both are seen as people who could definitely have a surprise turnout like marco rubio in iowa. but also two who could see the end of the road here in new hampshire. kasich was in concord and quoted as saying he can't end up on the lopsided end of this. >> right, we always see that in these -- in presidential cycles, that there are some candidates whose strategy is to go all in in iowa or new hampshire, and that's where they're going to plant their flag. and certainly in a field as wide as this one, we have so many candidates, the field is naturally going to narrow after new hampshire. which candidate it's going to be, we don't know. we saw unfortunately senator paul stepped out of the race today even before the vote. >> do you see that having a big impact in the primary? >> it will have an impact of some sort. it's hard to say where his
8:48 am
support will go. i think that it will probably divide. i don't think that there's another movement candidate that they're all going to get behind. if they're looking for a candidate who's at least, they see as being strong and telling it like it is, are they going to go with governor christy? are they going to go for a candidate who is strong on a specific issue they related to. >> i have to ask you about a couple endorsements. trump was endorsed by scott brown. you have the union leader who endorsed chris christie back in late november. does this sway the new hampshire voter in any way? the gop voter? >> i would say not to the degree, maybe, that the candidates would like it to. certainly, when any kind of a significant endorsement comes out, it causes some voters to kind of turn and look at you again, especially that block of undecideds we talked about. but new hampshire voters are very independent. they're going to make up their own minds based on the issues that are important to them. >> thank you hafor joining us. >> we're watching the podium in
8:49 am
concord, new hampshire. chris christie is about to hold a news conference there. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is ramping up the ground game in the great state after telling msnbc she expects many people there to vote for their neighbor, bernie sanders. i'll talk live with the chair of new hampshire's democratic party on what clinton needs to do if she is set to upset bernie sanders. the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve.
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he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off tomorrow night. have you heard? in a big debate right here on msnbc. that will be the last debate before the new hampshire primary on tuesday. joining me now raymond buccally chair of the new hampshire democratic party. thank you for joining me. let's talk about turnout. what are you expecting here in new hampshire? >> i think it could be a record turnout. the record so far was 2008 with about 280,000. i'm hearing it could surpass
8:53 am
that. >> you have conventional wisdom as they return to it. this is a symbolic victory for both of these candidates. for bernie sanders, it gives him an understood the to say, essentially, the tie that he likes to claim in iowa but then the big victory, one-two punch. what does a victory for bernie sanders as you see it in regards to where we go from here, nevada and south carolina which pred t predicted he'll have a tougher time? >> i think certainly both candidates will be campaigning in nevada and south carolina and i think for many weeks after that. >> sure. >> that's the important part that both iowa and new hampshire we like to be first, but we don't like to end the campaigns. we just want to make our recommendations. >> now you have this debate, a last-minute breaking news edition to all of this. i see the big smile on your face. >> it's very exciting. >> it was not all smiles behind the scenes getting this to happen, but both sides have agreed, do you believe it will have an impact potentially in the primary that this could be one of those game-changing
8:54 am
debates? >> certainly is going to be a game-changing moment. when that is and where that happens that's why we're excited that we've got three opportunities for the candidates to be in front of new hampshire in the next couple days and certainly the debate could possibly be that. there always seems to be that sort of moment in the primary where we can eelectrify the state. remember, 43% of the electorate here in new hampshire are able to take a democratic or republican ballot. >> what percentage are undecided right now. >> in 2008 one would think there was a very small percentage of undecided going, but over 20% of the voters decided in the last 24 hours who they were going to vote between barak obama and hillary clinton. so it can -- we can see wild changes. >> i think from the very beginning there has been the assumption that bernie sanders would cruise to victory here. his numbers still significantly higher, although hillary clinton up i believe 2 points since
8:55 am
iowa. bernie sanders and his campaign say, listen, she won this in 2008 by a small margin, but she won it. it is not a fore gone conclusion that because it's a neighboring state that he can pull out a victory here. is he down playing it? >> well, i think they're that both campaigns put together a phenomenal ground operation. you add up individually both campaigns have more people on the ground and more local headquarters than all of the republicans added together. what you're seeing two titans working the ground and getting the vote out and this is going to be fantastic for new hampshire democratics in november. >> what about the independents as we wrap up here as you mentioned earlier regarding the procedures and it being open here. what role do you think they'll play as far as democrats are concerned and the attraction of having bernie sanders in this race? >> they often times have a pivotal role whether they participate or not. so it made a difference not only
8:56 am
that john mccain his victory in 2000 allowed al gore to win his victory. how they go and where they decide, they tend to be the people that choose at the very last minute. >> right. >> so anything can really happen. that's why the debate tomorrow night is so exciting. >> i'm excited to have this debate and really excited it's on msnbc. thank you so much for joining us. it's lunchtime. the crowd has gotten larger here, so that's the hit for me that this hour is over, but i will be back at 1:00 p.m. eastern time live in this same seat manchester, new hampshire. i'll be looking at some of your tweets to see what you want to see coming up in our 1:00 p.m. hour. we'll be reporting all week long and a reminder one more time, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in that big debate on msnbc tomorrow 9:00 p.m. eastern time. up next, andrea mitchell reports. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you.
8:57 am
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right now on a special edition of andrea mitchell reports live from new hampshire. attack mode. it's no holds bar in the republican race. >> it's honestly really, really dishonest and i think i know why because he was born in canada. >> you know, he never answers questions. he never holds gaggles. he is very controlled and the boy in the bubble has to get out of the bubble if he wants to be president of the united states. >> those are strong words from christie. >> it's been a tough couple days for chris. >> oh, yeah. >> not so great expectations. democrats down playing their chances in new hampshire. >> their argument is, look, you're behind here, i am. you're in your opponent's backyard. maybe you should have just moved on. i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i


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