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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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temperatures throughout the week. several days of clean-up ahead of us. >> the long stretch. a week to go until iowa and both races are tightening up. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's like, incredible. >> i like it. it's one heck of a marketer. bold, brash, i'm glad he's in the race. >> we've got to tell people who think they be may lured by people -- this other guy's madder than she is. >> president clinton said he's an angry guy. you know what? many ways, i am an angry guy. >> live from new york, a political dream team. the return of an "snl" classic. >> thank you, iowa, i wanted to take a break from my full-time career of writing things on facebook. what's the big deal? take a chill pill, joe.
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but we're mad. we've been had and we're not so glad, quote the lorax. thank you, go bless some of the united states of america! d blese united states of america! bless united states of america! d blese united states of america! good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell, as we try to dig out our way in the nation's capital. many on the east coast still with record levels. three feet in some areas. at least 37 deaths are now attribute to the storm. mass transit was crippled including nearly 12,000 cancelled flights. hundreds more cancelled today alone. the federal government is still shut down today along with thousands of schools from
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washington to new jersey. i'm joined now by morgan redford in central park where 26 inches of snow fell down today and hit with severe flooding over the weekend and luke in washington, still trying but not yet succeeding to get back to normal. morgan, first to you. let's talk about new york city. much bigger than expected snowfall. >> reporter: that's right, andrea. the temperature is still beginning to drop, but what's interesting, the roads here in central park are finally clean. people are biking behind me. they're running, they're walking their dogs and just to give you a sense of the speed of this recovery and why it's so markable, back in 1996, a snowfall hit new york and it hit it with 20 inches of snow. 40 inches, in fact, but it took hours, hours and hours for them to clean up the snow. where just this weekend, we saw a similar amount of snow. 30 inches in queens. but it took 11 hours of them to
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clear 95% of the roads but things are basically back to normal here in the city. cars have been allowed on the roads. new york city public schools are finally open. and the mayor's planning an all-call for emergency people to come and help clear the city's bus stops, the sidewalks, the crosswalks. and that's just so that new yorkers can move around but that doesn't undercut the severity of the storms we saw this past week, andrea, we saw upwards of 30 people killed across 13 states and even as we begin to dig ourselves out of the snow, you can see my boots aren't even visible here in central park. there's expected to be more snow in other parts of the country this week. >> thanks to you and rahayma ellis in new jersey. the flooding was terrible over the weekend. we've already seen that chris christie, the governor, flew out early yesterday saying all was fine there. how is it in new jersey? >> reporter: well, they would contradict what the governor is saying. it's not at all fine. we spoke with one of the
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administrators of west wildwood borough and he would describe it as catastrophic. you can see the tire on the piling and that's not where it's supposed to be. the water is receding. we're now able to see what is, was a beach here. just a couple of hours ago, it was all water. down here, if we could take a look, this is the bulk of what was supposed to protect this community from the rushing water. but that water was so fierce, so angry, that it knocked the bulk head down and then rushed into this community. one administrator told me they had water in this area anywhere from two feet to six feet high. look at down here. this used to be a playground. this is a sense of how much mud they've got to clear out. they're shoveling snow in some parts but here, they try to move the mud away, people literally trying to get it out of their driveways, out of their basements, and to get the
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landings that were by the sea and now in driveways on the streets. not where they're supposed to be. there will be some time trying to get back together but i'm assured that they will get it back together in the coming days and months and weeks. but one thing they're concerned now is the possibility of another storm coming by the weekend. >> and it's a good thing, rahamya he's in new hampshire and has been since early yesterday morning. and not on the ballot in new jersey right now because it looks like quite a mess there. thank you very much for your reporting. and luke russert in the capital. >> reporter: it's the dc digout. it's an important one. the weather is cooperating. the snow is mushier. the mayor calling in some trackers. i want to show you behind me. you see the process going on. it's a dump truck pulls up and
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the tracker takes it, puts it in the back with an off-site dump area of around rfk stadium and the field. it's the big parking lots and that's really what has to happen here in downtown dc because it has been crippled throughout the weekend to this morning. the federal government shut down and dc government shut down and school shut down as well. this is so much snow that mayor boweser is asking to help out with the cost. and i think it's going to take at least another few days before all the residential areas are plowed out. we've seen photos from northwest and northeast, all four quadrants of a lot of cars still trapped by the snow and folks unable to get out of their homes with their vehicles. now, it's not only the cars that have been stuck by this, andrea, it's also planes. thousands of cancellations up and down the east coast. there's a bit of good news. reagan national airport starting to get back to the normal rhythm of things.
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that's also the case of bwi dulles and virginia. and amtrak with trains from new york to dc and that's back up running as is the metro here in washington. albeit with limited service, but they're getting there. maybe if this continues to keep up, people can get back to work tomorrow but might take another day simply because when it gelts cold tonight, this stuff turns into ice which makes it difficult to move. >> luke russert, thank you to rahaima ellis and morgan in central park. we have to show you this. the most snow of all west virginia this weekend. whopping 42 inches. this was sent to us by a friend of the show and local viewer. good luck to the people in glenn gary still digging out for quite a while from all the snow. if you need more proof that donald trump is all in for the first time on the campaign trail, he spent the night in
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iowa. instead of his lavish estate. he stayed at a holiday inn express in sioux city, iowa. complimenting the staff. and saying it's time for ted cruz to either settle his problem with the fact he was born in canada and was a citizen of canada or get out of the race. touting former president governor rick perry and rick perry joining us now. thank you very much, governor. thank you for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> why endorse ted cruz after all the criticisms of ted cruz and the fact that senators don't know as much as governors that you made when you first were launches your own business time around? >> i spent a lot of time with the senator over the course of the last 60 days. and he's spent an entire day with me in round top, texas. his request, a precious thing,
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give up your day off to spend with someone else, but the fact of the matter is we sat there and talked. i want to know who ted cruz the man was. not ted cruz, the politician, was or what the caricature of what i had heard of him, people by and large drew this picture of ted cruz who couldn't get along with people or anyway, the long story short, i found an individual probably one of the best listeners that i had ever been around in that business and a person who knows what he doesn't know. and that is a real virtue in this business. >> let me play just, remind you while your fix your ear piece there, sir, what you had said back in june when you launched the race about the presidential candidate and president of the united states of people who come out of washington. >> the question of every candidate will be this: when
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have you le? leadership is not a speech on the senate floor. it's not what you say. it is what you have done. >> and we will not find the kind of leadership needed to revitalize the country by looking to the political class in washington. >> so will you just, what converted you? just that one day he spent with you in your home in texas? >> we spent more time than just one day. but the american people have discounted the experience. i happen to think back in june when i announced that was going to be what the american people were really looking for, but obviously, that's not true. when bobby jindal or scott walker or jeb bush and rick perry discounted greatly, i'm not going to argue with the american people. i basically say, of those individuals still in the race,
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who is the person who's going to be ready to be the commander in chief on day one and i've come to the conclusion that that's ted cruz. he is a consistent conservative. i happen to think this is an individual who can put together a coalition of diseffected democrats, minorities of women who are tired of washington, dc not listening to them and to truly be able to put this country back on track economically, militarily, get our reputation back internationally and i think ted cruz can do that. >> what about donald trump and the impact his criticisms of ted cruz's citizenship including a tweet just today that's an impact, the polling numbers really slid since the whole issue of canada and natural born citizen. don't you have any concerns about that? >> none at all. ted cruz is a citizen of the
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united states. he's a proud texan and this is a deflection. who can get the country back on track economically and who is it that americans will have faith? they're going to be there standing up for our veterans and active duty military? i think that the consistency in this race is really important to me and i think to most people as they wisely make this choice. mr. trump has been all over the board whether it's weapons and now mr. second amendment, whether it's issues of social issues which he's been on both sides of. and which donald trump are kbroing yyou going to get? with ted cruz, you know it's going to be a consistent conservative and the constitution and devolving back out of washington, dc back to the states. >> what do you think about mike bloomberg into it if it's ted cruz or donald trump? >> well, i think it makes for an interesting conversation and we'll have to see whether he wants to take that big step or
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not. i do believe that the caucus process is not a national poll. that you're going to see an outco outcome. ted cruz's supporters are committed. he's got the best organization in iowa. i am very comfortable that when the caucus is over with, that ted cruz is going to be standing at the top of the mountain. >> would you support donald trump if he becomes the nominee? >> oh, listen. whoever on the republican side is going to be monumentally better than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> rick perry, governor, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. so long. thanks. chbtt coming up, the long run. should the 2016 primary campaign be training for a marijuanathon a sprint? you're watching andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. this is joanne.
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mike bloomberg is considering a third party run. his threshold, by march 1st, donald trump or ted cruz would win the nomination or bernie sanders, the democratic nod. former mayor has the money, certainly, to advertise and likely the staff to get on the ballots as an independent candidate, not a small task and would likely take more from the democrats than the republicans. the democratic hopefuls weighed in on sunday. >> that is not what the my view of american democracy is supposed to be about. a contest between billionaires. if that takes place, i am
9:18 am
confident we win it. >> you're not worried about him getting? >> the way i read it, if i didn't get the nomination, might consider it. i'm going to relieve him of that and get him the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> joe benton is the chief strategist for the hillary clinton campaign. i guess you're hoping that the michael bloomberg independent canvas does not materialize. >> we know the primary fights from 2008 can be a marathon, not a sprint. we are geared up for that kind of campaign. we're confident that hillary clinton will be the nominee at the end of this process. she's out there working very hard for every vote, particularly in iowa, as we lead up to the caucuses in new hampshire and then we are prepared to do that. i think mayor bloomberg will make his decision in due time and we're focused on making our case to democratic voters and american voters that hillary clinton is the person with the
9:19 am
values and the experience to get stuff done that will make a difference in their lives. >> certainly, bloomberg would not be considering this, according to people very close to him, if he thought that hillary clinton were doing better against bernie sanders. he's clearly concerned as are a lot of other democratic supporters that she is not proving to be a better retail candidate. >> you know, i think we've had rumblings from the bloomberg world before about whether he would run for president or not. run as an independent or a democrat and then registered as a republican to run for mayor of new york. clearly, he's done some things here where he served three terms as mayor and ran for office three times. i think as senator sanders said in his knowledge, he has the resources to try it. it's an uphill fight for independent candidates and presidential campaigns. we've had third party candidates. i'm not saying it can't be done but it's been more of an uphill
9:20 am
climb than a downhill ski slope when you come in and do those. i think the last time we had it was ross piroe. but i'm sure mayor bloomberg and his team will think long and hard about what it takes to do such a thing. >> this is what happened to bernie sanders. we were with bernie sanders today in iowa falls when a woman in the crowd really responded to his appeal about the way people have been hurt, hammered, in terms of their income by the recession and the aftermath of the recession. let's watch. >> i have a degree. divorced. it's just i'm waiting disability to come through, so my parents have to support me. it's just hard. >> thank you.
9:21 am
thank you. >> it is not easy for people to stand up and say that. but the truth is that until millions of people who are experiencing exactly what you guys are experiencing do say that. we don't make change. >> that's fueling the so-called bernie sanders revolution. how do you counteract that? >> i think from the start of his campaign, hillary clinton has been talking to americans who said to her and she has said, nobody said being middle class was going to be easy but it shouldn't be this hard. she has from the outset of her campaign talked about the very real concerns of more families who are two-income households just to get by. more families that are now with the breadwinner or
9:22 am
co-breadwinner as a woman, sometimes a single mom. the struggles of these folks have been real and central to the campaign. she's laid out a series of plans and programs throughout this campaign to meet the economic needs of people who are just not looking for any special rewards but just real rewards. fair rewards. getting paid with their worth, whether they're women fighting for equal pay. working people fighting for a minimum wage that will lift 35 million people out of poverty including one out of four working mothers. she's been making this case across america and i think that's part of the strength of her campaign. and i think as we close in now on caucus day and primary day in new hampshire, i think the real choice that voters in both of these states are going to make as they size up these candidates, which one of these people is really going to get the results that will make a difference in my life and make a real difference in improving my lives? we're confident as voters make that choice and weigh the candidates carefully that
9:23 am
hillary clinton is going to be their coach. >> first of all, you've got to get them to the right caucus location. bernie sanders has been appealing to students, to the young people that are flocking to the rallies. he's going to help them get home and bus them home to the caucus locations. caucuses and hillary clinton just tweeted out how to caucus video. a 30 second video. it is complicated to get them where they need to be. that's where barack obama beat her, when you were on the obama team. you know how to do it. we are showing and finding the caucus location and got to meet the threshold. this is not an easy task. >> was that your question, andrea? >> yeah. >> i think that's a fair statement. the caucuses are different but they're not unique. you do have to go to your appropriate place, the precinct where you are supposed to be caucusing. and that's why we started right from the beginning of this
9:24 am
campaign building a ground operation throughout iowa to do this. we're confident that as we do this, we're prepared on caucus day to get our people out, precinct by precinct where they need to be. it is critically important. i think that the sanders campaign is trying to match that operation and obviously, the rubber is going to hit the road on monday in the caucuses. we feel good going into it. we think our field operation has been extraordinary. and that when voters go in to caucus and make that choice, as i say, i think they're going to be thinking about which one of these people has what it takes to do all parts of the job? keep us safe based on our global challenges and help me and my family get ahead and stay ahead. >> and why is she going off to fundraise to philadelphia with bon jovi and new york, why not stay in iowa? is it because she needs the money that her contribute fors
9:25 am
m maxed out? >> some were scheduled with commitments for a long time. she has been on the ground in iowa night after night. she'll be back there very quickly and again night after night. this is a pause of what's on the ground in iowa. this is where she spent the bulk of her time, certainly since the first of the year. so there's no mistaking how seriously we're taking iowa. we've been focused on it from the beginning. we said this is the first contest and nobody, you know, has to tell hillary clinton how important these caucuses are. >> and in terms of south carolina, how good is your firewall? because just in the last 20 minutes, justin bamber, the attorney representative, switched from hillary clinton to bernie sanders. and they're beginning to really organize and try to take away from hillary clinton's inherent
9:26 am
strength in south carolina with the african-american community. >> yeah. well, right now, hillary clinton is very strong in the african-american community in south carolina. she has a lot of support. all the data we've seen indicates that, you know, we have to do in south carolina what we're going to do everywhere else, which is work hard to earn every vote, whether they're white, latino, african-american, young or old, we are going into south carolina and nevada after these first two states which get a lot of focus and we're going to campaign there very aggressively, particularly as we come out of the turn on new hampshire. we feel very good about our chances there. we think that's a state where, you know, we respect the representative. today, obviously. but we feel we've built up a very strong campaign there with very strong reach into the african-american community and we are going to fight for every vote in south carolina and try to bring that primary home.
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>> joe, thank you very much for being with us. coming up next, give it the old college try. will the youth brigade pay off in iowa? his top advisor joining me next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ does printing from your tablet give you a jolt of confidence? then you might be gearcentric. right now, get this hp printer for 50% off! office depot officemax.
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like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at i think bernie came in with the luxury of being a complete longshot and letting loose. i think hillary came in with the both privilege and the burden of being perceived as a front-runner. >> president obama weighing in for the very first time with politico's glen thrush. is the president trying to tip the scale to the former secretary of state? >> she can govern and she can
9:31 am
start here day one, more experienced than any non-vice president has ever been who aspires to this office. >> teddy vine is a senior advisor. is the president trying to put his thumb on the scale? >> no, i don't think he is. i think the president was fair to bernie. we appreciate the opportunity and bernie spoke to him. i don't think the president has been unfair. >> but he seemed to be praising hillary clinton more than bernie sanders. >> no, i don't think so. again, i think the president was fair. we have no beef with the president or argument with him. we think he's done a great job and bernie wants to build on the progress of the obama years. >> what about the "des moines register" and "boston globe"
9:32 am
with favor over hillary clinton than bernie? >> hillary has received a lot of endorsements in this campaign. we knew if we win, it wasn't the endorsements. but the path to victory. >> mike bloomberg would only run if he loses to bernie sanders and the other side got donald trump. >> already getting too complicated for me to follow. >> not complicated, just base sly saying ted cruz and donald trump on one side and bernie sanders on the other are not, you know, experienced enough to be president of the united states and that would spark an independent run by a multi-billionaire to get on ballots. >> well, listen. i mean, if bernie sanders is the nominee of this party, i think bernie will mobilize an electorate to not only defeat two, three, four but mobilize an
9:33 am
electorate not only to elect a democratic president but a senate and house as well. those are the people to bring out. whether it's a three way or four way race, those are the people who make a difference in this election. >> bill clinton. campaigning on thursday and talking about how hangry bernie sanders is. want to play more of that. >> got to fight for it. and we got to tell people who think they may be lured by people who that this other guy is madder than she is. >> and that feels authentic. and besides these slogans are easier to say. >> so is his big advantage simple slogans and anger? >> no. far from it. as bernie said, he is angry. and i think that anger reflects
9:34 am
the anger of the american people. it's rigged against them and political system is corrupt because of the way it's funded and bernie is going to do something about it as president. >> how are you going to get these thousands of students who have been showing up on campuses in iowa? how do you get them back home and get them to the place where they can caucus? it's not an easy task. >> it's not and that's why we've been working on it. we hope they'll go home and visit their parents and not their own local caucus but we have an advertising campaign targeting 17 to 24 years old in iowa right now. it's five second ads to get young people out to vote. the whole theory of this candidate is to mobilize people that others cannot. that's how we win. >> eight years ago, it was during winter break, the iowa caucuses were over new year's eve. now they're in class. so you're telling the kids, forgive me, but telling them to stay out of school on monday and
9:35 am
tuesday and go home -- >> i cut a few classes at brown university to graduate. so -- >> to work on videos. >> i participated in democracy at this level, it's time well spent for any young person in iowa. i hope they do. >> and the bus. the bernie bus in iowa. is that part of the strategy to get him to rural areas? because you need him to get out of the university centers and out of other areas where he's getting that. >> it's important to make sure we get a great turnout around the states. this is not a primary for whoever wins the most votes win but a caucus system to get people to come to caucuses, win delegate equivalencies. >> the fact she's leaving iowa this week and, what does that tell you about the long-term in the campaign? and his ability to match dollar
9:36 am
for dollar? >> it tells me they've developed a top/down on maximum contributors. we designed bottom up. and if we succeed, we believe more than 1 million people who made 2.5 more contributions contribute again with enormous resources to take this from the four or five states where we're running television now. and we just announced a few minutes acres we're going on television in south carolina. so the first campaign to run statewide advertisement in south carolina as the first in nevada as well. take that to a lot of other states because if we receive the kind of resources that we think we can, i think we'll have a resource advantage going into march. >> see you in iowa in a couple of days. thank you very much ted ad devi. and larry with his famous bernie impression. host with the "saturday night live" before the new hampshire primary and coming up, seeing double. tina fey back as sarah palin but
9:37 am
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9:41 am
politics, sarah palin and now michael bloomberg in the headlines on top of an already unpredictable race. msnbc contributor "washington post" fix club and the american urban radio networks. welcome both. april, you can't make this up. michael bloomberg, what about the effect of a third party race? he says or his people, people close to michael bloomberg say if hillary clinton were to falter and if donald trump or ted cruz gets to get the republican nomination? >> well, you have to factor in the fact he's running, if he does, as an independent and you're going to have a lot of republicans very upset and some republican states may not want to have that happen and they may even bolt if he does try to put his name on the ballot in some of these states and that's what i'm hearing from some supporters out of new york. now his positives, the fact that he is a man who knows how to bring people together from all
9:42 am
sides of the political spectrum. but running as an independent when you are on a republican ticket is bad for him if he were to do that. we'll see how that plays out. >> whablt tt about the complexi of the iowa caucus? barack obama had really organized hillary clinton and she's been on the ground early and often. but bernie sanders has been to far more events and had much bigger crowds than she. can you translate that into the complicated caucus victory? >> one other thing to note with bernie and the thing that's interesting here, he has money. this is not an underfunded candidacy. he's running from the outsider but in theory, money helps you build good organizations. it is a really complicated process and the thing is, sos so much more complicated because it's sort of about, you gather in your group and if your group isn't 15% or whatever the
9:43 am
threshold is, you move. it's not like the republican side. the thing that you cannot buy, the thing that you cannot sort of put into place and build the structure is passion and organic energy and passion. that was the problem in 2008 for hillary clinton. i actually think andrea, her organization, while it gets sort of, it gets criticized, actually, it was pretty good. it was just people were excited about barack obama and he had a really good organization. the question now, can organization overcome organic passion which quite clearly, i think sanders is the momentum and energy candidate right now. and we're going to find out in seven days. >> and april ryan, on the republican side, donald trump spending the night in a motel, a holiday inn express in sioux city, iowa. the first time he hasn't gone back to mar-a-lago, one of the most lavish in the country and then going to church on sunday
9:44 am
morning. this is what he had to say out of church about the sermon. >> just got back from church and it was good. it was really good. i learned something. we talked about humility at church today. i don't know if that was aimed at me perhaps. >> humility. how about that? >> well, the question is, was the motel six laced in gold and bronze when he stayed there? but that is a big problem for donald trump. he is a billionaire who's very lavish and he had to address issues about his religion. he talked about the little cracker and the wine being a condescending to some with issues of church and then when he was questioned about, you know, the book of the bible, he said, 2 corinthians, so he needed to come out and show that the bible indeed was his number one book next to the deal. so he had to come out and show
9:45 am
he is real and one thing that america right now needs is people to understand that a presidential candidate understands they have hurt in their lives for real and for him to sleep in a motel six without the gold and adornment and go into a church and hear a sermon about humility gives him a little bit more of a common look or a walk with the people more so than it has been viewed before. >> and very briefly, chris, does that mitigate him saying, my people love me so much i could go into the middle of fifth avenue and shoot people, they would still vote for me? >> i wish i could say i knew. but the answer is i don't because any other candidate who said anything like that or the hundred other things he said would be really hurt. it's sort of, it's a thing and then it's not a thing anymore and he just rolls on. it's the story of the donald trump campaign so far. >> chris, alyssa, thank you so much for rolling us with us today. coming up, new clues about
9:46 am
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
9:49 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ last week, white house press secretary suggested levinson may not even be in iran but new reporting on "the new york times" based on the book said that iran did have levinson and offered to release him if the u.n. atomic energy would delay a negative report on the facilities. details never shared by the levinson family. i'm joined by daniel, his son. the first you learned of this was when is this. >> about 2011 talks. this is the first we heard over the weekend.
9:50 am
>> from the new york times? >> absolutely. >> no one ever told you iran's ambassador to france had met with intermediaries for the u.s.? >> no, we did not know that. it's surprising to us and outrageous nothing was acted upon once we heard about this. >> had you had any contact with the government since you learned of this? >> no. we had not heard from the government in nine days. we got the phone call from white house officials, apologizing for not giving us the heads up about it. but we have not heard from anyone in the united states, the obama administration since then. >> your father was working for the u.s. government formally. can you give the context when he was taken? >> he disappeared on march 9th, 2007. he was a contractor for the cia and meeting with a man, a 24 hour trip and the man said they were both detained by iranian security forces. there was an iranian state media report three weeks later that
9:51 am
said he was actually detained by iranian security forces. and this report in april of 2011 only verifies that. and it's amazing to us that the u.s. government, the fbi, the investigators on the case, there was a report last week that said they believe the iranian government took him. the iranian government knows where he is and he is in iran. the fact there's the white house now saying he might not be in iran is not helping us at all. they know that he's there. they need to press these officials in the iranian government. i'm sure there are people in the irani government who do not know where he is. the diplomats or foreign minister may not know but the intelligence services, the security services. these are the people they need to be talking to and need to be putting pressure on because right now, giving them that out and saying he's not in iran is being very counterproductive to everybody's efforts. >> now our own pete williams
9:52 am
talked to government's officials today that said they did try to follow up on this meeting in paris back in 2011 and that nobody in iran would ever offer any proof or evidence. >> i don't know what to say about that. they should have pressed harder and cowl continue to preuld con hard. that was after we got video of him. they try to divert attention from the fact the iranian government had detained him. if they knew he was held by the irani government, they should put forth all efforts to make sure he was home that day. >> what will you like the president and this administration to do for your father? >> first, we'd like to hear from anybody from the administration. it has been nine days and all of this has been going on and we're just -- the silence is deafening. we have not heard from anybody. they have my mom's cell phone number and my e-mails. they can contact us. we want to have a meeting with the obama administration
9:53 am
officials, president obama, cia director, susan rice, anybody who will listen to us and tell us what their plan is to get my father home. >> thank you, dan levinson. our best to your mother. >> thank you. >> much more here. be right back. beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%.
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the devastation is clear. 37 people are dead across 13 states. the mayors of new york city and
10:00 am
washington, dc are urging caution as crews clean up this snow. >> still, you've got to exercise caution. >> we want to get the city back to normal, just as soon as possible. >> they wanted to get back to normal. look at this. we've got shots at the airport and you can imagine across the country, we've had a ripple effect. a massive one from travelers after airlines cancelled 12,000 flights since friday with 1800 flights cancelled alone, many are struggling to get back to home this hour. >> there's a little anxiety right here. we're like, okay, let's try to enjoy this. this is our trip but still, like we want to see our babies, we want to get home. >> of course they do. they better hurry back. there's another nor'easter, it could hit early as friday. full team coverage of the hardest hit areas along the eastern sea board. a series of reports. we start with kristin


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