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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is news nation. developing now, how did the military send live anthrax to government and commercial laboratories laboratories? the pentagon is trying to find the answer to that question this morning. the labs are in nine states and at a u.s. base in south korea. it was shipped via federal express. four lab workers in the u.s. and 22 people at the south korea base are being treated for possible exposure. jim miklaszewski is joining us live. what do owe now about how the accident happened? >> that's the big question both here within the pentagon the u.s. military and, of course,
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down at the center for disease control in atlanta. all of them went into overdrive as soon as they found out one facility in maryland testing what was thought to be inactive anthrax when they found out it was actually live anthrax. even as late as this morning, some week now since that live anthrax was discovered at the maryland lab, they are still trying to figure out how serious this threat may be. the center for disease control has fanned out today to military and civilian labs across the u.s. to determine if they have received live anthrax from the military. the cdc is in utah which shipped live anthrax to as many as 20 labs in nine states. as far away as a military base in south korea. >> there's no known risk to the
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general public and no personnel have shown any signs of possible exposure. >> reporter: the potentially deadly brew came from a batch of anthrax produced more than a year ago. at the time it was radiated to kill any active spores. only last week a civilian lab in maryland discovered it received live anthrax. all samples same from the same stock. odds are high other labs received the deadly bacteria. exposure to anthrax can be fatal. everyone in that delivery chain will be under intense medical scrutiny. >> the symptoms can manifest in 12 to 14 hours. there will be time to give them preventive antibiotics or if the symptoms occur to treat the infection rigorously. >> reporter: there is concern how it was handled when it was believed to be inactive.
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it was shipped as inactive. live anthrax would have required more secure packaging and warning labels. lab workers would have been required to wear full protective suits to guard against any possible exposure. officials at the pentagon are searching for answers. they say, so far, there is no indication that any of those who may have handled this anthrax shipment from the proving ground has shown signs of anthrax infection. the cdc has ordered a lockdown of all those samples at some 19 military and civilian installations in the u.s. and south korea. they are going to have those samples delivered to the cdc again by fedex. tamron? >> thank you very much. turning to the unrelenting weather in texas where the threat of more flooding has
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triggered new evacuations and a tornado left even more destruction. in the houston area hundreds of resident who is live near the river are being ordered to evacuate as that river begins to swell over its banks. 60 miles south of the city a similar situation is unfolding in the town of warton where 300 residents near the colorado river are being asked to leave. on top of the persistent rainfall last night, a tornado touched down in the northern part of the state, leaving at least three people injured after it hit a gas drilling rig. meanwhile, this dramatic video captures how dangerous flooding was near the blanco river. a family in wimberley watched as water gushed through their living room saturday night. the number of people killed in the storms and flooding this continues to rise. the desperate search is under way for those who are still missing, include thg woman and
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her two children whose vacation home was swept away by rushing water. gape gutierrez is in the town of wimberley, one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: the death toll in texas and oklahoma is now up to 23. rivers and creeks are swollen throughout texas. more rain is expected. now we are hearing more stories of heart breaking loss. this morning, after relentless weather, rain floods and a tornado that literally sounded like a freight train. texas is reeling. >> she was the most spunky one. she knew how to like make us happy. >> reporter: in tight knit divine texas, this 18-year-old just held her funeral. the homecoming queen was on her way back from prom when her car was swept away. her father tommy, speaking publicly for the first time describes the final moments. >> i got a phone call from her at 2:45 in the morning, when i
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was asleep. she wakes me up and i say, honey, what's going on? she said dad, what do i do? my car has been hit with water. what do i do? what do i do? i said back the car up. she said i can't, the car is tipping. i said i'm on my way. that's the last i got to speak to her. never got to talk to her again. >> reporter: student keown till president, co-editor of the newspaper. a week from graduation. >> she wanted to study biology and some day be an optometrist. >> reporter: in wimberley, texas, they identified the body of a 42-year-old one of eight people missing after a wall of water swept away a vacation home. we spoke with her sister and brother-in-law just before the tragic news. >> we are going to survive this together, as a family.
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we have faith that we will get through this. >> reporter: today, the search continues for the missing and those already lost are being missed. >> i will not sit there and requestion that night and i will not requestion what should i have done what could have i have done because i can't fix it. all i'm going to do is torment myself. i will dwell on my good memories, i will grieve when it comes. >> reporter: officials in hayes county texas found the body of a young child along the banks of the blanco river. it's not been publicly identified. tamron? >> let's go to charles live in houston. we mentioned people have been evacuated. what is the latest on the evacuations there? >> reporter: well, the evacuations are in the town of warden to the southwest of here, about 90 miles. 300 residents have been asked to leave their homes. the river is slowly cresting.
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it will crest sometime tomorrow. to the north of here the river, same story. the river is rising. people there are used to it. their houses are all on stilts. their houses will not get flooded. their access to the houses by way of road, will be inundated by the floodwaters. here in houston, all the floodwaters are gone the rivers are back in their banks. no standing water anywhere. people are beginning the long process of cleaning up and the process of grieving. just yesterday, yet another body was found, the seventh confirmed victim of a drowning here in houston. there was a woman who was found in a field washed away from her car. she was just trying to get to work tuesday morning at a local gas station when the water swept her car off the road. tamron? >> thank you. let me bring in meteorologist bill karins. i just want to talk about the video of the family showing how rapidly the water rushed through their home in wimberley.
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how do you explain this? >> i'm amazed the house didn't break apart faster. the force of water is incredible. can you imagine being in your home looking down the stairs and seeing literally a raging rapid going through the living room you were sitting in two hours ago watching tv? that's what happens. the unpredictable. unfathomable unfathomable. no one ever saw that happen there. no one thought it could happen. that's when you get disasters and fatalities. most of our decisions we make when weather disasters are heading toward us are based on past events. no one saw that before. unfortunately, some pay the price with their lives. so, are we done? not yet. we are getting there. things are improving. this is the severe weather risk today. we are going to see typical severe weather. a few tornadoes, hopefully they will miss towns and not hit anybody.
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nebraska to oklahoma including oklahoma city the ft. worth area, abilene and lubbock. we have a threat not a widespread threat. we will watch some of the areas carefully. what's going to happen is as this all moves across the map, that's when we are going to see the heaviest rain. someone added up all the rain that's fallen in texas. every square inch of the state in the month of may would have gotten seven inches of rain. that equals ten feet deep if you cover rhode island. the amount of water has been off. here is another one. someone added it up and said all the rain that's fallen in texas in the month of may would only get california 1/4 out of the drought, just to let you know how bad that drought is. >> i received a tweet from a texan saying there was a drought in texas. imagine if there had not been a drought with this amount of water that rushed in during the latest storm. >> the drought update comes out
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every thursday morning. the drought is officially over in texas. this is the wettest its been since the late '90s. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up senator elizabeth warren is not running for president but she tore into d.c. lawmakers in a firy speech that's gone viral. >> the only way we get change is when enough people in this country say i'm mad as hell i'm fed up and i'm not going to do it anymore. >> is she up staging the candidates running in 2016? the latest on the warren factor is next. and a new report says the fbi is investigating the makers of a medical device found to spread cancer in women. were warnings ignored? plus, several popular beaches closed near los angeles after
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tar balls wash ashore. is this from last week's oil spill? it is one of the stories we are updating around the nation. you can join the conversation online. you can find the team at news nation on twitter. you can find me on facebook twitter and instagram under my name. we'll be right back. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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we are following breaking news out of new hampshire. that is where former three-term new york governor formally announced he is running for president. it comes a day afterrick santorum announced his campaign. this brings the gop field to eight candidates and counting. the field certainly continues to get bigger. the democratic candidate, hillary clinton, has a challenger in bernie sanders.
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comments from elizabeth warren are going viral today. the massachusetts democrat was speaking at a conference in california on tuesday, when she gave a fiery response to a question about investment. >> too many of the people in washington do not represent the folks who elected them. they represent the rich and the powerful who don't want their taxes raised who don't want to see any change who are perfectly happy with things where they are. they are doing great with things where they are. they stay with enough folks in washington that it has made it almost impossible to get any kind of change. the only way we get change is when enough people in this country say, i'm mad as hell and fed up and not going to do it anymore. you are not going to go back and represent me in washington d.c., if you are not willing to
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pass a meaningful infrastructure bill. if you are not willing to refinance student loan interest rates and stop dragging in billions of dollars in profits off the backs of kids who otherwise can't afford to go to college. if you don't say you are going to fund the nih and nis because that is our future. we have to make these issues salient and not just wonky. >> joining me now, ryan grim. it's good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> that's senator warren in california. she's said she's not running. she has full-time job. many people are saying she is the power player in this presidential election. >> reporter: right. you can tell from that clip. she didn't say anything, you know particularly unusual, you know, from her perspective. it was more the way she delivered it and the passionate approach she took that made it go viral.
8:18 am
it's been passed around hundreds of thousands of times since yesterday. so you know a fairly obscure tech conference. she can answer a question about infrastructure and garner hundreds of thousands of viewers, certainly, she's a factor in national politics and the presidential campaign as a result of that. >> she didn't name names or point out one party or the other. this is -- she is a person who can be a moe mentous factor on both sides. let me read what kassidy wrote. if clinton doesn't demonstrate with some detailed proposal that she has if financial association, she can accept warren to make her displeasure public. to your point, there's nothing new in those comments. it is the passion. the reason it went viral is
8:19 am
people believe she believes what she's saying. >> reporter: i think that's right. you know people are still hoping she's going to jump into the presidential campaign somehow. certainly does not look like that's going to happen. pointedly, she has not endorsed anybody. people asked her if she is going to endorse hillary clinton and she has not answered. now that bernie sanders is in there and polling 40 points behind hillary clinton. he's the only other candidate right now. if warren did decide to throw her endorsement to sanders and get on the campaign trail with her, all of a sudden you have a more competitive race and hillary clinton, then is forced to grapple much more seriously with what she's saying. >> not just hillary clinton, the democratic party. warren has not sacrificed the intellectual and moral authority she holds on democrats. she's used that power as well as her fund raising to pull other
8:20 am
democrats toward her vision. as we move forward in this process, do you believe she's willing to flex that muscle even if it means hurting her heart? >> reporter: the risk is less to the party and more to the kind of pop list agenda that she represents. you know if she pulls clinton too hard and clinton winds up winning and deciding she didn't need this democratic wing to get into the white house, then the risk there is more to the agenda. maybe clinton, at that point, can move back closer to wall street. elizabeth warren is always making the calculation about how she can amass power to accomplish her agenda. i think you may see a little caution. that's why she doesn't attack hillary clinton directly. but, you are right. there's a push and pull here and a fine line she's trying to
8:21 am
walk. >> very interesting. thank you for much ryan. pleasure having you on. >> reporter: thanks for having me. coming up jurors heard the most critical piece of evidence yet. his notebook. what james holmes wrote. plus, what police say a pilot was doing before he crashed his plane in a florida airport with his child on board. it is one of the stories we are following and updating around the nation this morning. (vo) maggie wasn't thrilled when ben and i got married. i knew it'd take some time. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for
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nutrition starts with nut. the jury in the trial of the colorado movie shooter james holmes got a first look at the key evidence. prosecutors showed jurors a notebook belonging to james holmes filled with disturbing details about his mental state and the killing spree he plans
8:25 am
to carry out. this is the same notebook he mailed to his psychiatrist the day he killed 12 people at an aurora movie theater. jacob rascone joins me now. this is a glimpse into a lot more of this man's background and how he planned this. >> it really is. it reveals the mind of the shooter. it's been released to the public. in it, james holmes says he wants mass casualties. he rambles on almost inco- incoherently. >> shoes laying on the ground. >> reporter: after four weeks of heart breaking testimony -- >> gunshots. >> reporter: -- what may be the trials most critical piece of evidence, the diary of a mass shooter. >> obsession to kill since i was a kid. with age become more and more realistic.
8:26 am
>> reporter: a notebook revealing the meticulous plan of attack considering venues like an airport and biological warfare and serial killing, weighing the pros and cons of different theaters and exits. he writes what is the meaning of life or death? he examines his mental state, and a self-diagnosis of a broken mind. eight pages, over and over why. >> the prosecution, the notebook is evidence of meticulous rational planning. for the defense, the notebook is a whole lot of crazy. >> reporter: the gunman wanted the victims to be random. he shot jessica six times. his parents in court every day. >> evil. he is a monster. the only thing he wanted to accomplish in life was murder. >> reporter: 150 witnesses so far. some of the gunmen's final words written in his journal, no
8:27 am
consequence, no fear. embraced in hate red. words of insanity or manifesto or murder? a crucial question for the jury. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to all 166 counts against him. of course if he is found guilty there is the penalty phase, which he could face the death penalty. next up prosecutors will call their first mental health witness and say they will play all 22 hours of his interview with james holmes for that jury. >> thank you very much. coming up former new york governor becomes the latest republican to launch his presidential campaign. why are so many candidates described as long shots enter the race? the top reasons and being in the white house is not on the list. that's next. later, i talk live with jamal wilks. the warriors are set to take on the cleveland cavaliers in the nba finals.
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we are back with our first read on politics for you this morning. more on the increasingly crowded republican 2016 field. there are now eight official candidates. former new york governor becoming the latest to enter the race. rick santorum came in second to romney in 2012 and is giving it another try but faces the up hill battle. now, ohio governor john casic is sure to bet he's going to join the candidates jumping into the race. joining me now, bengie. i just saw the tweet you were coming on to talk about him. you said the hashtag what? >> it's existed for a long time. >> is that trending in. >> it is. pataki is trending on twitter. the first time in a very long
8:32 am
time, if ever. >> let's talk about his annoyancement today. >> george pataki is announcing he is going to run for president. he is considered an extreme long shot. george was a three-term governor of new york a very impressive resume. it's a deep blue state. he hasn't done a lot to lay groundwork. he is pro-choice which is a disqualifier in most republican primaries. until he actually declared his announcement many didn't take the run seriously. it caught people off guard he went through with it. he has his work cut out for him. >> he does. i'm so intrigued by something in first read why are there so many republicans, as many as 18 running in the 2016 race? that's a question you hear over and over especially given the fact you have some candidates
8:33 am
who admit it's a long shot for them. you listed three here. let's start with the first. >> so you have george pataki rick santorum lindsey graham announcing this week. there could be 18 candidates in the race at this point. there's a few reasons. there's no obvious front-runner. a poll found among republican voters a five-way tie for first place with 10% of the vote. there's a lot of politicians thinking, look if i just raised myself a few percentage points i'm in the top tier. i can raise my profile. who knows, things may swing my way. the second is barriers aren't there anymore, namely money. thanks to the citizens united decision campaigns can rely on outside groups superpacs that don't coordinate with them to raise millions of dollars in donations in unlimited ams from
8:34 am
wealthy backers. that can keep some candidates like rick santorum who has a megadonor behind him in the race for a long time. all this means there's not a lot of reason to stay out. >> there's not a lot of reason to stay out and great motivation to get into the race. but, we know with so many candidates jumping in there's the question will some injure the person who goes on to run in the general election? that is something that was discussed with romney how far he would have to go to the right, then correct the curve later on? >> this is a big problem right at the gate. just to get into the debates in august, you are going to have to get yourself into that top tier. so, how do you do it? one answer might be to say outrageous things and draw a lot of attention. it's worked for other people in the top tine like ben carson who lacks political experience, but is popular in conservative circles for the wilder things he
8:35 am
said. people picking high profile fights. bobby jindal ripped into rand paul saying he was unsuitable to be president. that's a fight that's happening early and hard. jind l needs to get on the radar if he wants to be in a run for president. it could drag people on the right for issues. rick santorum isn't doing well in polls, but hitting the idea hard that republicans should reduce legal immigration. itis not been a popular idea in the party could spread to other candidates. we see scott walker exploring of calling for reductions in legal immigration, even if it's not said in his specific policy. this could be a problem in the general election. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. interesting list they have there. thank you. coming up a new report says the fbi is looking into a medical device found to spread
8:36 am
cancer in women. up next a mother and doctor who said it happened to her. there's a lot going on this morning. here are things we thought you should know. an op-ed in the lgbt urges the world to follow ireland's lead in approving same-sex marriage. it's about love equality dignity and our most cherished values. it's all it's ever been about. official white house photographer has a new title for the first lady hugger-in-chief. he posted a series of photos on noting she's been hugging people nonstop from day one. he loves to watch the reaction of people on the receiving end. usually lots of smiles and tears of joy. the first lady says she's always been a big hugger. it puts folks at ease and shows
8:37 am
while i might have a fancy title, i'm just michelle. while campaigning in south carolina, confession from hillary clinton discussing president's age while in office. >> they grow grayer and grayer and by the time they leave, they are as white as the building they live in. now, let me tell you, i'm aware, i may not be the youngest candidate in this race but i have one big advantage. i have been coloring my hair for years. >> she went on to say, so you are not going to see me turn white in the white house. those are the things we thought you should know. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro.
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there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too. >> now to a major investigation into a medical device known to spread cancer in women. the wall street journal reports the fbi is investigating the
8:41 am
device for his directmys. the fda warned it could be dance rouse and spread undetected cancer to other parts of the body. johnson & johnson pulled it from the market last july acknowledging the risk. the fbi wants to know how long the company knew about the problem. the journal reports one scientist says he warned the company about the risks in 2006. johnson & johnson tells msnbc the fbi has not contacted the company. joining me now is dr. amy reed who under went the proseizure and had cancer spread throughout her abdomen. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> let me ask you about your health how are you now? >> i'm doing well today, thank you. take it day by day. >> like so many other women, taking it day by day. i have to tell you, when i saw
8:42 am
this headline and read the article in the wall street journal, i could not believe what i was reading. this is part of the investigation. talk me through what happened to you and why you believe it's linked to this medical device. >> sure. certainly. so i underwent a hysterectomy in 2013 for what i was told was a normal fibroid. i was having issues went to my gynecologist, had a work up mri, biopsies and said this is normal. this is what happens with fibroids. if you want to get over this you need to have surgery. so i went and talked to the surgeon. they said we will do this laparo laparoskopicily. you will be home in no time and feel fantastic. i underwent the surgery in 2013.
8:43 am
eight days later, i got a phone call. you have cancer. you have sarcoma. i said what does that mean? the gynecologist said i'm not sure. you'll have to talk to an oncologist who specializes in cancer. she says you will likely need another surgery, i'm not sure beyond that. >> you have been interviewed now several times by the fbi over the past few months. johnson & johnson released a straitment april 2014 following the health notification notification, we opted to suspect this device. they go on to say in july 2014 they voluntarily withdrew all the devices. the fbi does not comment on
8:44 am
their investigations. here you are, a mother an an anesthesiologist and went through a proceed your to save your life keep you there for your children and you were put at risk. >> exactly. so, i finished my earlier statement exactly where most people would have been left off with the diagnosis you have cancer. however, my husband and i are both physicians. my husband is a surgeon. we pressed more. we said how was the operation done? did you get it out in one piece with wide margins, which is considered the only treatment of this cancer? that's when we learned that these tools called morselators exist and they are used to shred tissue to suck them out of small incisions. we knew almost immediately, if you do this to sarcoma, you have created a very big problem. it is a very aggressive cancer.
8:45 am
when you spread it in that fashion, it can grow. when we went in and did further literature searches, the gynecologists published data showing somewhere around 1-300 women have this sarcoma. if you use a morselator on it the chance of recurrence is 80%. if it comes back the medium life expectancy is two years. >> 1 in 350 women according to the fda stat. i want your reaction from the group who does not want this machine banned. it says converting all hysterectomies to open surgery would result in an annual increase of 17 more women dying of surgery each year and increase in morbidity from open surgery, so they do not want it
8:46 am
banned. they believe that there is more good than harm that comes from this procedure. >> so, i think you summarized it really well saying there's more good than harm. that's exactly the argument that they are trying to foster the notion that it does most people do find some set of women, myself included. we are not an insignificant subset, do not do fine. this is not good medical practice. other branches of surgery do not use this tool. it's sloppy medicine. we could go into the root cause of why we think it's the case. doctors are supposed to treat each and every patient adds they have a duty to that one patient to do what's best. you can't use it. it benefits the majority in medicine. that's the oath that we take. in terms of you know leading to more death and adverse
8:47 am
outcome, they have asked this question, since they have taken the majority of them off shelves and out of the hands of physicians, has there been an up tick in mortality? the resounding answer has been no. so you know while that may have been a theoretical question i don't think there's any evidence to support that at this case. i think there's this tool is bad medicine. therefore, they should stop using it all together. >> we will continue to follow this investigation and the developments there. thank you for joining us. we greatly appreciate it. thank you. we'll be right back.
8:48 am
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the stage is set for nba finals. all signs point to this being one of the most memorable in years. golden state warriors seal their first trip to finals in 40 years after beating the rocket ros last night. they'll face lebron james and cavaliers, a team that's never won a championship. lebron and his first year back he's close to reaching the goal he set when announcing his big return. the matchup features two best players. lebron four time mvp and current mvp curry. and it was his daughter that proved she was the real mvp. >> that's our goal a special feeling. >> dadda, help me. >> take a week off to get ready, get our minds and game plan for how we're going to beat
8:52 am
cleveland. it was special because everybody has got to be -- you know determined to whatever comes our way, we've got to fight through it. >> determined including to face the child hidden under the curtain. i'm joined by four time nba champion and three time all star. recently released a book about his days on the court, memoirs of the original smooth as silk. thank you for joining us. good to see you. >> it's a pleasure to be with you. >> you don't have conflict of interests. lakers are not in. all golden state. how do you feel? >> i'm excited for the warriors. they remind us of our team. they have an mvp in curry. we had rick berry. i think coach ker has done a
8:53 am
wonderful job playing nine to ten guys. i'm pulling for them this year. >> when you saw this team at the beginning of the season did you think this would be the one to follow in your squad's footsteps? >> i had no thoughts of that. when the season progressed, i thought these guys are rocking. >> they've got their work cut out for them. >> no question. mr. lebron is on a mission. the fact he went home after all the success he had in miami, his passion for a championship is beyond normal. the cavaliers -- coach blatche has done a great job bringing the team along. kevin love gets hurt they keep getting better. irving misses and they keep getting better. i don't think it will be curry that determines the outcome. it's players around him.
8:54 am
>> i agree with with you. i didn't know curry and lebron were both born in akron, ohio. akron, i don't know what they'll do. it's interesting this moment we showed curry with his little daughter. there's a negative image sometimes that hovers over the heads of basketball players and athletes not being family men, not being role models. you've got this adorable moment with this player being a dad and being a professional there. when you look back at your career and look at some of the young guys who have had ups and downs, what do you see as major difference of how you handle your life then and now? >> it's decision making. i think we all have choices. we're free to choose our actions but not the consequences of or actions. i certainly made mistakes. like in my era men made mistakes. we could keep things in the closet because we didn't have
8:55 am
the intense social media. >> glare and everyone following everything you do. >> exactly. constant today. it's our responsible decision making. you make mistakes and hopefully learn from it. you make better choices. >> absolutely. i told you in the commercial break, one of my favorite movies of all time "cornbread earl and me." what took you when a lot of athletes were not doing that? >> the writer and director had happened to be big fans. he presented it to me. i said talk and see how you feel about it. i had to practice reading several times. it had so much basketball footage. >> how interesting, the political message with that film when you think of things happening today. >> then it was like one of the few wholesome movies made.
8:56 am
now, who would have foreseen it would be so relevant today. >> you should go out buy and rent it. congratulations on the success. the original "smooth as silk." will you sign this for me? i won't sell it on ebay. >> my pleasure. that's it for this edition of "news nation." up next, "andrea mitchell reports." right now, verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data.
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9:00 am
father. >> i got a phone call from her at 2:45 in the morning. when i'm a a sleep, and she wakes me up. i say honey what's going on? she said dad, what do i do? my car has been hit with water. what do i do? what do i do? anthrax scare. the pentagon sends out anthrax spores by mistake. >> live were sent instead of inactive bacteria to laboratories in nine states and as far as south korea. primary colors. hillary clinton tells south carolina women why she's better qualified than any man running for president. >> then we watch them grow grayer and grayer. by the time they leave, there's white as the


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