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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  May 27, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and rick "steady eddie" santorum is declaring his presidential bid in just one hour. but first, the only two women eyeing the white house in 2016 converged today on south carolina. it's wednesday, may 27th, and this is "now." the anti-clinton the ghost of clinton past and hillary clinton herself all crossed paths in the palmetto state, putting a female focus on her first 2016 campaign visit to the state of south carolina today, hillary clinton met with minority women business owners. after that she delivered the keynote address at the annual day in blue event for the south carolina democratic women's council where she hit the opposing party in the fight for equal pay. >> one republican candidate for president dismissed equal pay as a "bogus issue." another said congress was "wasting time worrying about it." one even said that efforts to guarantee fair pay reminded him
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of the soviet union. and to that i say what century are they living in? >> close at clinton's heels in south carolina, the lone woman in the crowded fight for the republican nomination. the candidate who has positioned herself as the anti-clinton. carly fiorina set up a surprise showdown with clinton today, staging events both before and after clinton's remarks, dogging the democratic frontrunner on the question of taking questions. >> i think anyone who runs for president needs to answer basic questions about their record about their positions, about their finances. i think it's what the american people deserve. >> today's trolling by fiorina is not the only problem for clinton in the palmetto state. she will also have to prove she can reassemble the formidable coalition that got behind barack obama, the then senator who beat
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her by nearly 30 points in south carolina in 2008. that was thanks in part to the backlash in the black community over remarks by bill clinton that obama's portrayal in the media was "a fairytale." joining me now from columbia, south carolina, is msnbc's national correspondent joy reid. joy, you're on the ground there. you know talking to voters talking to black voters. how much ground does hillary clinton still have to make up? >> i came down here in pursuit of that question talking to african-american voters. not just black people, but people who were involved in the political process, whether it's rick wade, who ran barack obama's effort here or some folks more on the hillary side in 2008. what you get is kind of a mixed bag. there is not a lot of active residual anger about the things that bill clinton and hillary clinton said in 2008. you don't see that here. at least i haven't seen it. what you have is black voters
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saying listen all is forgiven fine. but we still want to be convinced. these are voters who want to be courted. they want to hear issues. there's no automatic hillary clinton vote that at least i've seen in south carolina. people want to hear from the other candidates. we met a couple bernie sanders african-american supporters while we were here. >> how are the round tables working for hillary clinton on the trail? that is the meat and potatoes approach that she's taken. is it convincing folks? is it working? >> i spoke with one african-american woman voter who was a big barack obama supporter last time. very skeptical about hillary. wanted to hear more. and she was sort of down playing the round table, saying it was fine for her to do that but it was too small of a venue. that's one interesting take of people saying it's too small of a cohort of people to get to talk to her. in a other way, she's kind of bypassing us. >> i think definitely bypassing
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us no? >> it's keeping people physically away. and it's allowing her to kind of focus group her campaign. what i've noticed going from iowa to new hampshire to here is that she's using those focus groups as literally -- using those round tables as focus groups. and she's tweaking her message each time she goes building up on these things that she's partly getting from those voters. i think it's very effective for what she wants to do. it's certainly frustrating to the media that are following her. is it working with voters? we'll have to see. i think message-wise it helps her because it's getting her in tune with what people on the ground want to laer. >> joy, reid, thank you, as always. good to hear from you. >> thank you. >> i want to bring in former governor of vermont and former chair of the dnc howard dean and former rnc chair michael steele. former chairs dnc and rnc, it's always good to see you guys.
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governor dean i want to talk to you a little bit about carly fiorina, who has made a point of bookending hillary clinton's appearances in the palmetto state today. carly fiorina is trying to pick up on the subject of where others left off on iraq and turn the question against the democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. and today, she was asked by our own andrea mitchell about the question of iraq and fiorina basically said hillary clinton has not been asked a real question about iraq. she hasn't taken a question. andrea mitchell also clarified that she had and hillary clinton had said it was a mistake. and carly fiorina then pivoted to this. let's take a listen to what she said. >> she hasn't said what happened from 2011 when both she and president obama declared victory in iraq. they declared victory in iraq in 2011. she was the secretary of state. no one is declaring victory in iraq now. what happened? what would she do? what would she have done? >> is this the best way for republicans to turn the page?
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>> no. nobody's going to believe that george w. bush had nothing to do with iraq and that the war was won, and first of all, it's not true that they declared victory in iraq. and unfortunately for carly fiorina, she has virtually no credibility because nobody knows who she is. she did run for the senate in california, which is a big, tough race, but nobody knows who she is. so you can't have somebody who nobody knows attacking somebody who everybody in america knows. >> but isn't this punching up? basically she has now inserted herself in the story about hillary clinton today. >> yes, and that is smart. because among republican voters you get a certain amount of points for hating clinton or obama. >> hating the most effective hater. >> so this is amazing. she's not going to get on the front stage when they have the 20 people up there. she won't be in the top ten.
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>> your thoughts on her long-term prospects as a candidate? >> short-term, before we get to long-term. >> today term. >> yeah. i think she's been very effective and i think she's done an incredible job to put herself in the narrative of the gop as well as hillary clinton's narrative as you just said. we're taking the first segment of this show to talk about her in the context of hillary clinton. for somebody who's a nobody she's doing pretty damn well-being a good nobody. i think the reality for her is to continue down this particular path, it does two things for her. one, it helps her define a narrative about hillary, who is the likely democratic, you know, nominee. and it also puts her voice in the conversation. i think to howard's point about that stage come august, september, october, she will be there. i cannot imagine the gop blocking out the only woman
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because she didn't miss some number. >> chairman, what if she's not? >> if she's not there, it's the party's mistake. i think if you listen to her, watch her appearances on "meet the press," watch her interview with andrea mitchell, watched other apeerpspearances she's had, this is a very poised collected woman who has a good sense of who she is and what kind of president she wants to be. i think that ultimately is going to be very attractive to people. now, does it mean in the end game talking long-term, she gets the nomination? i don't know. >> yeah. >> but i think what it does -- it keeps her in play and at least in the mix for vice presidential or whatever. but she's going to be in the mix. you just can't discount her buzz no one knows who she is. >> that said she has not had to withstand some of the scrutiny that the frontrunners have. even today, she has said some weird things. i want to play another clip. when asked about equal pay -- again, by our own andrea
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mitchell, this is what carly fiorina had to say. >> of course i support equal pay for equal work. but i also know this. a seniority system, which exists in the federal government, it allows a man to watch pornography all day long in the federal government and earn the same pay pension and benefits as a woman, sitting next to him trying to do a good job, that is not equal pay for equal work. >> who said anything about sitting down and watching pornography all day? >> this is why i would disagree with michael. this is a woman who has never served as any elected office and she wants to be president of the united states. you cannot say things like that and be taken seriously. i'm not saying she's not smart and not effective as being a pain in the neck to hillary clinton. but that is not going to get you elected president. it's not going to get you nominated by your party. >> michael steele that was a very weird thing to say, was it not? >> i got where she was going with that. she was making references to all those little mini scandals that have popped up inside government
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offices at the irs and others -- >> but isn't that more about maligning government workers than equal pay? >> again, she's not talking to you, alex she's not talking to howard dean. she's not even talking to andrea mitchell. she's talking to a broader audience of individuals who have a frustration with government personnel who engage in behavior. she's making the point. yeah, we can talk about equal pay, but there are other aspects about equal work and equal pay that also need to be looked at. so i think that it's maybe a little bit more nuanced and slightly clever but i think it again, reaches the audience that she needs to reach to make that sound byte stick in their head. >> yeah i guess i just wonder the big sort of selling point for carly fiorina. i'd like to get both your thoughts on this. your time in the business world. which is checkered at best. there are a lot of people that think she made dramatically terrible decisions while she was the ceo of hewlett-packard. chairman steele is that a concern when we talk about her viability?
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>> i think it's -- i don't know if it's a concern. that may be too strong a word. but it's certainly of interest to see how he addresses it. howcontextualizes it. we know as businessmen, and you probably do as a businesswoman in this industry know that certain decisions does require when it comes to staff and personnel, tough choices. and when you do mergers, when you combine companies, when you're downsizing yeah there are going to be people who get caught in that squeeze. we saw this played out with mitt romney last year. >> well right. >> we act like these things happen in business. but it's a normal course of doing business. >> but she was effectively fired. >> here's the problem. if you're going to run as a good business person, and i think that's a legitimate reason to run, although i try to think of the last person who came to the white house from a business person. i came without a previous elected office as a war hero. you have to go a long way back
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before you get somebody with no political experience. if i'm going to run as the business person, i don't start talking about pornography in the middle of an interview with andrea mitchell who's a rather prominent person. >> a newscaster. >> that is not where i would start off. i'm saying this is somebody who just does not understand how to do this. maybe she will learn. but this is not a great way to start off. >> by dropping the p word pornography, that is. >> howard dean, michael steele. i will say to chairman steele's point, we have spent a lot of time talking about carly fiorina. >> that is correct. >> go work for carly. >> michael steele governor dean, thank you gentlemen both for your time. after the break, we will go live to texas as that state copes with catastrophic flooding and braces for more rain. plus the ugly side of the beautiful game. u.s. law enforcement claims fifa officials corrupted soccer taking hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes over two decades.
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parts of the southwest remain under flood warnings today after days of heavy rain and historic flooding caused at least 23 deaths and damaged thousands of homes. at this hour 11 people remapin missing in texas. the houston area was hit with heavy rain yet again this morning. and the national weather service forecasts more storms in store for texas and the south plains this week. this was the scene on a houston highway yesterday as hundreds of
1:17 pm
cars were left stranded by the flooding. interstates in affected areas across the state looked more like rivers than freeways. one of those swept away by this weekend's flooding was a high school homecoming queen, 18-year-old alisa ramirez, who was killed on the way home from prom. her funeral was held outside san antonio today. joining me now from wimberly texas, host of "the rundown," jose diaz-balart. it's always good to see you. these are tough times for the people of texas. we know that there was more rain this afternoon. is the weather giving a little bit of a break to those affected at all? >> reporter: it was really raining in houston today, alex. it was raining in wimberly this morning. all of a sudden in just a matter of moments things switched around and the sun came out in intense heat humidity. but things can change very quickly. and unfortunately, in houston, we've been seeing an increase in
1:18 pm
rain, and the big concern, of course, is in areas like this the rain could come back. i've got to show you, that's the block of blanco river behind me. it's a ways behind me. that on sunday actually came into where i am. 43 feet above the normal range of that river. 43 feet. and that water came right through where i am. this is a vacation center here with 32 cabins that were built in 1946. open the shot if you would. take a look at this. this is the concrete base of one of those rental cabins. imagine sunday memorial day weekend, this is one of the cabins. the river from over there came up here. and ripped this cabin and just took it down. three of them crashed into another structure here. one of them has never been found. and this is a story we're seeing over and over and over again, alex, in places like wimberly.
1:19 pm
so when the rains stop people come out and you can see that they're cleaning up they're picking up debris. crews have been out here. i don't know if you heard a couple second ago, a helicopter has been flying overhead. looking for maybe some of the people that are remaining unaccounted for. the situation is still very tense, very difficult. and as you just reported i mean really tragic. just lives being extinguished. people with dreams and aspirations, those lives cut short because of this what people here are calling a freak storm, a freak amount of rain. hasn't happened -- in 1946 when this cabin system was built, the river had never come this close. >> it is so dramatic the footage that we're seeing jose. it really almost looks like end times, a post apocalyptic scenario. some snakes and other animals are being found in areas where they don't belong. >> reporter: this is an unusual thing. forget snakes.
1:20 pm
how about an alligator in a parking lot in houston. now, you know in south florida, an alligator in a parking lot is no big deal because we deal with it all the time. houston, you don't see alligators stopping by the local office building parking lot. the animals are coming out of nowhere because they are confused and they've seen their lives uprooted as well. again, this had never happened at this level in texas before. >> msnbc's jose diaz-balart. always good to see you jose. thank you for that update. catch jose weekdays at 9:00 a.m. eastern on msnbc. joining me now is democratic congresswoman from texas's 18th district sheila jackson lee. congressman lee, thanks so much for joining me. you have been representing the 18th district since 1995. is this the worst you've seen it? >> well you know as i've been out in the neighborhood, all my neighbors and all of my constituents that i've been able to touch over these last couple of days have said it actually is.
1:21 pm
we had a storm some years ago -- in fact, 2001 called storm allison. and i've had first responders to say that this is quite different. and the reason alex is because we have had what we call immediate and urgent surges of water. and that's why we're still in dire and dangerous conditions. and that is where the deaths came from. we had six here in houston so far. and early this morning in talking with our local law enforcement, they discovered a body this morning. they're still looking for bodies. and it is because these -- how should i say flushes of water carried cars and people and rescuers in such a dangerous way. combined with tornados lightning strikes that cause fire. so we've had fires, tornados heavy, heavy rain which we had this morning as well and then these terrible surges of what we call bayous. i took an aerial view with the coast guard yesterday evening. i wanted to do it in the evening
1:22 pm
to see whether there was any calm after the storm. what i can tell you is that our bayous and connected rivers are still at a point of cresting. and that they can crest at any moment again which causes this devastating flooding if it rains again. >> how prepared -- how do you grade governor greg abbott's response to all of this? and how prepared do you think the state of texas is for future storms? some climate scientists predict that more violent storms like this will occur with greater frequency in coming years. is texas in a good place as far as emergency preparedness? >> well let me say that we've had good communications over the last couple of days. governor abbott was here we were here together in different emergency locations. he came to indicate that he is seeking a national disaster declaration. he has declared a state declaration. state resources are coming. i have joined my local officials and asked president obama for a national declaration. the president said he's looking very acutely at this.
1:23 pm
we think we've got 800 homes of damage $35.7 million of damage. we think that we are warranting that kind of help. and his office and the emergency management have been responding to us. i'm on homeland security so i stay out in the public domain looking to see whether there are more urgent matters that need to be handled. and i will tell you one interesting thing, alex, you can go to an elevated area. say white oak bayou, which is in my congressional district visiting those neighbors yesterday. i literally went up a driveway a slanted driveway then walked up a set of stairs and this particular apartment home had water in it previously halfway up its wall. that's how the surge has pushed the bayou water into neighborhoods. we don't know if it's going to happen again. but we're on notice and on call and we really do need that national declaration, and the governor's working with all of
1:24 pm
us. i'm working with him to ensure that we get the fema resources, and really throughout the state. wimberly has been hit very hard. austin has been hit. and we're all here together trying to make sure that we hit the people who have been devastated and who suffer a terrible loss of their loved ones. >> a dramatic series of events down in texas. congresswoman sheila jackson lee, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. i want to thank the red cross as well for the work it's doing. thank you. >> thank you. coming up nebraska lawmakers are trying to become the first red state in four decades to ban the death penalty. only their governor stands in the way. that's next. and questions the same asking. but that only resulted in improvements small. so we've got some ideas new. garbage can create energy. light can talk. countries can run on jet engine technology. when you look at problems in ways different you new solutions find. ♪ ♪
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excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. today, the state of nebraska could become the first conservative state to abolish the death penalty in more than 40 years. right now in the state capital, lawmakers are voting for a fourth time to ban the death penalty in their state. this time to override a veto on the ban from nebraska governor pete ricketts. lawmakers need a total of 30
1:28 pm
votes to do this. last week they had about 32 votes, but today's vote is apparently too close to call. governor ricketts a tea party governor endorsed by the likes of sarah palin and ted cruz, governor ricketts vetoed the death penalty ban yesterday under the guise of public safety. ricketts argues that capital punishment allows prosecutors to win stronger sentences and that it plays a role in keeping criminals off the streets. it is worth noting that the state of nebraska has not executed anyone for 18 years, since 1997. if lawmakers are able to override the will of governor ricketts then nebraska will join 18 other states in banning the death penalty. a red state has not been added to that list since north dakota abolished the death penalty in 1973. just ahead, is president obama's legacy in the hands of the supreme court? another one of his top priorities appears to be headed for the high court. that is next on "now."
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and now the most talkable talkers today on this wednesday afternoon. the vatican calls ireland's referendum on same-sex marriage a defeat for humanity. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina says the chinese can't innovate and not terribly imaginative. and how many unread messages are in your inbox right now? the answer says something about your mental state, probably. but first, voting and political power. less than 24 hours ago, two major developments that could have significant effects on the national political landscape. first, a federal appeals court refused to lift a state on president obama's executive action on immigration. and then in a surprise move the supreme court agreed to hear a redistricting case that could shift power towards older white rural republican voters and away from poorer urban minority and
1:33 pm
democratic communities. ever since a 1964 supreme court decision census data has been used to ensure that the size of districts are equal, based on population and not geography. now conservatives in texas are seeking to overturn 50 years of legal precedent by insisting districts should not be measured by total population, but by the number of citizens eligible to vote. the effect diminished clout for communities with higher numbers of non-citizens and residents under the voting age of 18. communities, which coincidentally, tend to vote democratic. joining me now to discuss all of this is heather mcgee co-host of "squawk box" andrew ross sorkin, and andrew berman. andrew, you have covered this so brilliantly and exhaustively. this piece seems to fly in the
1:34 pm
face of the whole sort of like states rights thing that conservatives have been pushing for quite a while now. how bad do you think it could be if the court rules that it should be based on -- that our district should be based on eligible voting citizens? >> it could be really bad. you're in a situation where the congress is already older, whiter, and more conservative in the country as a whole. it's going to get a lot more older, whiter and more conservative in the country as a whole if this goes through. what you're seeing is a radical development in the field of voting rights. first the supreme court gutted the voting rights act. now going after one person, one vote. this is something that was settled for over 50 years and suddenly we're retreating so far back. first the voting rights act. now you undo one person one vote. where does it end? it's really troubling that the court even decided the hear this case. >> and the domino effect that this case has. in terms of representation and what our democracy looks like is pretty profound. >> i think what this reminds us
1:35 pm
of is frankly that democracy itself is a pretty radical idea. and we've never actually truly achieved it, the way we think of democracy. everyone having an equal say over the decisions that affect their lives. it has always been, since our founding, not actually the system that we've had in this country. and that it's been a contest, and a pretty brutal contest of power for who really gets to hold the pen when we're writing the rules that shape our country. so it makes total sense that right now in this moment of rapid demographic change when we have this historic election that brought new voters in that the rules, the fundamental rules of who counts are as contested now and are as important to power now as they've been at any time in our history. >> and citizenship is being contested on a parallel level. if you look at what's happening in the debate over immigration reform the circuit court basically saying white house, you can't move forward with
1:36 pm
these executive actions, there is some school of thought that actually the delay in all of this is advantageous to hillary clinton, because this white house is not able to institute these reforms, then -- >> very clever of you to think that way. >> likely that a republican would tear them asunder or say i'm not going forward for this. >> galvanize -- >> exactly. the stakes in the 2016 election. and that minority voters or hispanic voters in particular that feel like the stakes -- you know, what does it mean for them. >> the one vote that's done first. which isn't going to happen. >> well, we'll see. >> i actually think, by the way, is it possible that it turns out to be good news in that right now we do the states whatever they want. >> that's the weird part. >> that if we get to a point where actually federally it's settled. i think in the end -- maybe i'm wrong, but that makes sense, right? >> i do want to know on the immigration -- like on the immigration level, i know
1:37 pm
business is for immigration reform. and are they going to put their money behind a republican candidate who maybe has more of an opener door policy? >> i think businesses are trying to figure out who hillary clinton is. i think that's sort of the larger question with business in terms of whether they're going to end up supporting jeb bush or some kind of republican candidate or hillary. they thought that hillary was their person up until two or three months ago when she started talking about toppling the 1%. they thought, maybe she's just saying that to make everybody happy. the question is is she just saying that to make everybody happy, or does she really mean it. if she really means it, then you're going to see the allegiances switch. >> it's weird. if it's a bush-clinton election the undecided voters are going to be the people in the business community. >> that is true. >> effectively. >> this is a really interesting structural issue, which hillary
1:38 pm
clinton is talking about income inequality. i think she does care about income inequality. she's been funded by wall street her entire political career. she can't beat jeb bush without being funded by wall street. so this tension is going to be there for the entire hillary clinton campaign. and honestly her entire presidency. >> can you really actually have it both ways? >> no you can't. >> i don't know that you can. >> i think you have to. because right now, we don't have a system that allows people to run for office successfully without going to -- >> like a billion dollars. >> without having millionaire friends. >> i would argue that president obama had it both ways. to the extent that he managed both sides. >> he said this is irreprehensible. >> and fundamentally what hillary clinton is talking about in terms of reforms to the economy would actually be good for business. it is not actually good for our economy to have the vast majority of people not having much money to spend, to
1:39 pm
innovate. >> or even to be part of the tax base. >> for all of the complaints that you have about the current administration or what have you, look at the stock market. >> ask jamie dimon -- >> you can look at it. the math is very clear. >> okay speaking of business newly unearthed video from january all the way back in january shows carly fiorina's unique world view on the subject of china. >> i've been doing business in china for decades, and i will tell you that yeah, the chinese can take a test. what they can't do is innovate. they're not terribly imaginative. they're not entrepreneurial. they don't innovate. that's why they're stealing our intellectual property. >> the chinese can't innovate they're not terribly imaginative, and they're not entrepreneurial. as a refresher, the chinese invented the compass, paper, printing, gunpowder, the seismograph, silk fireworks, and most important of all, alcohol. >> oh, well. i'm just ready for the big state
1:40 pm
dinner. the diplomatic dinner. >> it just seems like i get it. there is a big intellectual property. >> or alibaba. by the way not totally crazy. which is to say they have not innovated in the past hundred years, they haven't innovated at the same level. >> what we're paying attention to. >> i would also argue when you think about inequality in this world and jobs i still think right now -- and this goes to the american exceptionalism argument, which i think is what she was trying to do, for better or worse. >> maybe xenophobic. >> wasn't she tired for being a terrible ceo? in the end, it didn't work out for her. >> right, hewlett-packard. i know -- it just seems that china is a convenient whipping post at this point. and in the way that russia was.
1:41 pm
>> let me just say this. i think it is very true that right now if you look at the type of innovation that's gone on in the past 30, 40 years, that's come into the united states, doing some very interesting things most of the copycat stuff for now. they're taking our jobs but they're not taking our jobs the most entrepreneurial versions of them yet. however, by the way, very entrepreneurial people. and oogag induced. >> and there's the intel argument. which is actually where the manufacturing plant goes the innovation will soon follow. can't sit in here counting and saying we're going to sit around in our open plan offices and keep dreaming up the next economy. that's not actually how it happens. it's not just because we're american. we're going to continue to lead the world, particularly when because of our debt for diploma system and higher education. >> speaking of who's entrepreneurial and innovative,
1:42 pm
are you type the type who enjoys cleaning out your inbox or letting the unread messages pile up by the thousands? a new article in atlantic the theory that there are two types of people in this world. those with hundreds of unread messages and those who can't relax until their inboxes are cleared out. heather, what are you? >> 5,000. absolutely. 5,000 messages. you are a chaos muppet. volatile. examples cookie monster and gonzo. >> love it. >> ari? >> i think my wife probably has 50,000 unread messages. i have zero. >> that's a marriage made in heaven. or h-e-double hockey sticks. andrew, i'm guessing order muppet. >> a man named merlin mann. he created the phrase inbox zero. i'm at six right now.
1:43 pm
>> can you show it? >> i do want to show you how i get rid of them quickly. if i really want to get rid of you, i do little phrases. i just do like this. and this says thank you so much for your invitation. i'm afraid to say i have to send my regrets. >> o-m-g. >> and another one. i will see you shortly. >> i have gotten one of those responses. >> i got little ones. thank you, that was such a nice note. i really appreciate. i have them right here. >> look how popular. like thank you for the party. i'm sorry i can't make it. love the drinks. fabulous. thanks for the hamptons weekend. >> i think chaos muppets care. >> you're trying to fly through these things. you can do an auto text. >> wow. living life on auto text. that's the andrew ross sorkin story. it's efficient. i'll give you that. >> it's efficient.
1:44 pm
we can talk. >> i'll actually type them out. >> i read them all. >> who writes an e-mail anymore? >> we have to leave it there. basically the entire show has been taken up. that's the way it goes. order muppets and chaos muppets thank you for your time. >> what do you think hillary clinton is? >> definitely chaos muppet. they are accused of fostering a culture of corruption and greed, dating back more than two decades. coming up we will discuss what some officials are calling the world cup of fraud.
1:45 pm
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or visit coming up we'll have much much more on fifa corruption. but first, a cnbc market wrap. >> here's a look at how stocks stand going into tomorrow. recovering a little bit. dow up by 121 points. s&p up by just about 19. and then the nasdaq up more than 74 points. that's it from us at cnbc, first
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the world cup was given to qatar, where temperatures can reach 120 degrees. the only place less appropriate to host a world cup would be the actual surface of the sun. although, to be fair, the sun does have a much better human rights record. >> that is john oliver slaying fifa well before today's dramatic arrest of top officials. we will discuss the indictment that has rocked the world's most popular sport, and whether its fans actually care. that's next on "now." ow, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results, you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or just tell us what you need and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it. angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty.
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1:55 pm
arrested top officials earlier this morning. the raid was the culmination of criminal investigations into allegations of widespread corruption inside fifa that span more than two decades. corruption that allegedly extends to bids for the world cup as well as marketing and broadcast deals. >> these individuals through these organizations engaged in bribery to decide who would televise games, where the games would be held and who would run the organization overseeing organized soccer worldwide. >> according to loretta lynch the selection of the u.s. to host next year's 100th annual copa america, that bid alone involved at least $110 million in alleged bribes. hours after the raids with the swiss authorities opened their own criminal case related to the bids for the 2018 and 2022 world cups. joining me now is comedian and soccer enthusiast -- can i still call you world champion?
1:56 pm
>> yes. >> judah freelander whose upcoming book "if rain drops were united", is in stores october 20th. so i'm told you own two websites. one of which is called save the beautiful the other is f i can't say the full title. this is a family program. but you started these a while back. >> six years or so ago. >> so everyone knows that there's a problem with fifa. >> yeah i think if you're a true soccer football fan especially if you follow it internationally, after a while, and certainly when you're a kid, you may not realize it but when you become an adult, you start seeing all these things are going on. and yeah it's obvious that it's very corrupt organization. >> the one guy that did not get toppled in this latest round of charges is the head of fifa, whose name sepp blatter, a, can't be real. but also for soccer
1:57 pm
enthusiasts, whose evil ways can't be overstated. i don't know anybody who's had a good word to say about this guy. >> yeah he's pretty hated all around. but he was not indicted in this thing. but like any horror movie, you usually don't get the main villain all the way to the end. this is just the beginning probably i would think. >> what issue do you take with sepp blatter as a soccer enthusiast? >> there's so many. there's so many things just within the game play itself. he's actually -- for anyone who's even a basketball fan, sepp blatter has been quoted as being pro-diving and pro-flopping. that's when a player acts like they've been fouled but they haven't. there's a quote where he talks about how when he would do that and he sees nothing wrong with that, and why penalize that. it's horrible for the game. but, you know, david ziron wrote a great book called brazil's dance with the devil. it was all about all the atrocities going on in brazil getting ready for the world cup. >> so that stuff is going on in
1:58 pm
qatar as they get ready. >> my guess is it's probably a lot worse. many construction workers they're shipped in from other countries. they work under slave conditions. and many construction workers are dying. >> i think a nepalese immigrant worker dies every other day in qatar, building the infrastructure for the world cup. they're looking up these bids again. do you think there's any chance that they rescind -- that circumstances around it are so murky and corrupted -- >> i think that's what most people are probably hoping for. but until today, most people would say no, it's still going to happen. but now maybe there's a chance it won't. >> from a fan's perspective, did you wake up -- i mean i like soccer. as you know. i've done these segments. but i'm not a diehard soccer enthusiast. i said wow, that seems like a really big deal. i can't believe that happened. are you surprised that the u.s. led the charge on this? >> yeah i am. this is part of the biggest day in soccer for the u.s.
1:59 pm
who would have thought that we were the ones to do this. it's probably the greatest thing america has done since inventing the snickers bar or something like that. >> will fans stop watching? they haven't cared thus far. >> i don't think fans would stop watching. because people do love it. that's the problem. almost every big organization, look at the problems the nfl is having with everything. but people still watch because they love the game. people love the players. and i don't blame people. they're great games. it's like a unicorn that was berthed in a terrible lab but still remains a beautiful unicorn. >> it's still a unicorn. >> resident fifa expert our in-house soccer guru thank you, as always. >> you're welcome. >> you can, of course catch judah's standup at caroline's on broadway. look at that plug. that is all for now. "the ed show" is coming up next. good evening, americans, and
2:00 pm
welcome to "the ed show," live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work! tonight, disaster zones. >> central texas, the scene of utter devastation and natural disaster of epic proportions. >> this is the worst thing i've ever seen. plus, rick's running again. >> don't try this at home. running for president's not easy. >> we need a candidate in 2016 that's going to unite america. >> later, dropping the duggars. >> a reality show 19 kids and counting. >> and red card. >> they corrupted to serve their interests and to enrich themselves. >> this really is the world cup of fraud. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we start this evening with the latest on the devastating flooding in texas. at least 23 people are confirmed


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