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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 26, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. we begin "the rundown" with breaking news on the extreme weather in texas. take a look at this. massive flooding. several areas in houston under water as we speak. the city schools and mass transit shut down. houston affiliate kprc is flying above surveying the historic flooding. hundreds of houston rockets fans are stranded at the toyota center here's the mayor on the today show last hour.
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>> 131 high water rescues since midnight. we have about 100 requests pending, we're working them as fast as we can, telling people to be patient. >> hundreds of homes have been destroyed in wimberley, texas. take a look at this drone video showing a bridge wiped out by the swollen blanco river. the death toll climbed to eight people in texas and oklahoma 12 still missing, including laura and her two young children lleyton and andrew vacation when their cabin was swept away by the blanco river. laura's husband is in the hospital with broken bones and a collapsed lung. at least eight tornadoes reported around texas monday including this one in la grange. not far from us here in miami, a waterspout made landfall in ft. lauderdale, sent two inflatable bouncy houses into the air with children still inside. three children rushed to the hospital. i want to go to nbc's gabe
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gutierrez in the hard-hit town of wimberley, texas. good morning. a scene of total devastation there. >> reporter: jose good morning. blanco river is behind me. eight people confirmed dead in texas and oklahoma over the past few days. today, here in wimberley, hayes county, search continues for 12 people who are missing. we're larrying these just amazing stories from the sister of laura mccomb, she describes a horrifying phone call where she was talking with her sister saturday night into sunday morning and her sister was telling her, laura was telling her how their cabin was being swept down the blanco river and urged her to call mom and dad and, quote told her to pray. it was simply devastating for this family as they await word. the texas army national guard and texas task force i will continue their search today. elsewhere in the state, devastating. water rescues, multiple water
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rescues reported last night in austin. creeks overflowing there as well. here, throughout the state, texas governor greg abbott expanded the disaster declaration. two extra counties added, now bringing the total to 37. the search for the missing continues in wimberley texas. the death toll is up to eight after this historic flooding. jose? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. let's go east 200 miles to houston. janet, what's the latest situation there? >> reporter: good morning, this is unprecedented flooding. i've lived here many years and never seen anything like it. an example of what happens playing out over the city. memorial drive, major neither downtown. you can see the tops of cars. we'll see how many are under there today as waters go down. the 18-wheeler two people spent the night there, rescued about an hour ago, as houston fire
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department -- >> we're losing janet's audio. look at the situation that she's confronting we're seeing you but losing your audio. if cameraman would zoom into the highway where the automobile is under water, i don't know if you can see that -- look at that. that right there in the center part of your screen is a top of a car. behind that that truck. we'll go now we have aerials, as a matter of fact, of close to where she is where janet is. take a look at that. look at people going through what is normally a street. look at the stop sign. look at this gentleman as he's walking through what is normally a street in houston. i'm told that we're getting janet back but i want to stick with these pictures for a few more seconds. this is in houston, look at
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that, that is a street there. janet, you are back with us. i apologize. we had problem is with your audio. i understand we've got you back. >> reporter: i want to show you memorial drive, a major artery into downtown. this is it. it looks look a lake right now. and you can see the clearance sign, that yellow sign in the distance that says "13'10"" the water has gone down two feet but it was up to the sign. a scene repeated all over the city. still many high water rescues to go. as you indicated earlier, more than 100 people spent the night in houston's toyota center following an nba playoff game because they could not get out and nobody could get to them. houston is i city that floods easily. but we've seen nothing like this authorities say, in 10 or 15 years. all public transport shut down today. most schools are closed. the mayor's telling people do not go to work. yet you see we've got the
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looky-loos checking things out here. people still coming down this roadway and then having to turn around seeing that it is not possible. the true devastation will be revealed once these waters go down. we expect that to happen throughout the day today. but right now it's a crisis situation here in houston. we see a lot of rescue vehicles on the street. most people i've talked to are not going to work. back to you, jose. >> thank you very much for that live report. you're speaking about how people were stuck in the stadium overnight. joining us now on the phone, houston radio sports caster adam clanton who had a very long night. where are you? >> around the corner from where i live i just can't get to it because of the floodwaters. very interesting night for a playoff win for the rockets. it was exciting at first and then turned into bizarre. >> tell me about how that evolved, right. i mean it started as pretty
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much an average situation and how did it change? how did you sense it changing? >> yeah, you know at the end of the game everybody's celebrating because the rocket wonz the game and the public address announcer says if you're here, stay in your seats, we encourage you to stay put because the weather's so bad outside. it rains pretty bad and floods easily all the time in houston. a lot of people took that for granted and went ahead and went on and tried to get home and a lot of people ended up staying. before you knew it you know, dwight howard's coming out to greet fans 12:45 in the morning because they're stuck there and he's stuck there, too. he can't get to his house, it's 45 minutes away. so he figured he would mingle with the fans. just a surreal scene in toyota center. people sleeping outside concourses and whatnot. bizarre design there. >> we're showing parts of that scene on the left hand screen and live pictures of parts of
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houston that you can see still at this hour completely flooded. adam, was it because the water was too deep to get out? i mean how were the people that got out able to get out? >> well you know i think it depended which direction you were going. 59 which is the southwest freeway, the west side of town is what really got hit the hardest and there's parts of 59 that dip down right around the greenway plaza area and those are completely under water when it floods this bad. you mentioned earlier, 10 15 years since it's been this way. tropical storm alison 2001 i was here for that, it was just like than people riding jet skis up and down the freeway because the water was so deep. >> thank you very much. seeing live pictures. you can definitely use a jet ski to go through this water. you can see some residents are coming out and seeing how devastating this scene is a lot
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of houses are partially submerged at this hour. later in this broadcast, we'll get the latest from bill karins who has been tracking all of the extreme weather. i want to go to you for other breaking news. out of iraq the fight under way to recapture ramadi from isis and they don't want to stop with ramadi. the iraqi military wants to take back all of the western anbar province but that will be a tall order. terrorists control nearly all of the major cities in anbar, including ra plodmadi and malaysiafallujah. what do we know about how this battle is unfolding in. >> u.s. military officials say despite the declarations out of baghdad, that the counterattack to regain ramadi has begun, they say far from it. there are 5,000 to 6,000 iraqi forces sunni and shia and also about 2,000 to 3,000 shia militia that are just now
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forming to the south and west of ramadi. they haven't quite begun the offensive. there are skirmishes with isis forces, but nothing in terms of airport huge counteroffensive. and quite frankly, when ash carter said over the weekend the iraqi lost the will to fight there in ramadi u.s. officials say they lack the capability to fight, that the shia-led government in baghdad had so much ignored the ramadi the sunni provisional capital of ramadi the force there's were il equipped, underarmed buying ammunition on the black market because they weren't being supplied. a total breakdown in leadership. when you heard ash carter say there was no will to fight that was a message not to the fighters but to the leadership in baghdad, jose. >> ambassador i'm wondering if either they lost the will to fight or they never had one really to begin with.
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>> they never had the leadership. >> right. >> in ramadi in particular. and when they didn't -- they had no communications with any leadership from baghdad or other military officials. they were abandoned pretty much so they said we're getting out and we're getting the heck out of here because they had no capability according to some u.s. military officials, though they outnumbered the isis fighters by 7,000 to 1,000. they picked up and left. >> ambassador, i'm wondering when the united states has spent literally billions of dollars training iraqis supplying iraqis working with iraqis using our air force to bomb supporting the iraqis where has all of that munition and training gone ambassador? >> actually jose as mik knows it's gone into hands of isis fighters.
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they've captured stores and stores of u.s. military equipment. every time the iraqi forces have picked up and left dodge, they left behind huge amounts of arm aments isis has been able to use. as mik said the problem is not only just the will to fight, jose, it's also the fact that at this point in time we're seeing a replay of what happened last july. after the capture of mosul and isis was able to march literally to the outskirts of baghdad, we're seeing how a small, determined force of terrorist fighters can literally break the will and capacity of a bigger military force to be able to in effect defeat them. and if baghdad now is in the crosshairs again, can you imagine what's going on in the white house at this point? >> very complicated scene, no doubt about it. thank you both for being with me. developing this morning, authorities say two people are
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dead, several others injured during an overnight shooting in a walmart in grand forks, north dakota. authorities are confirming no further threat to the public and say the gunman is one of two dead. we'll keep an eye on this developing story. we're just getting started on this tuesday edition of "the rundown." 2016 field gets even more crowded. senator bernie sanders already said he's running but we'll take you live to burlington vermont for the first big event of his presidential campaign. scary moments for passengers on board several flights after someone called in a series of threats during the busy memberorial day holiday. what happened when a waterspout took a bouncy house airborne with children inside. we'll be right back. time upon a once people approached problems the way same. always start at the starting. and questions the same asking. but that only resulted in improvements small. so we've got some ideas new. garbage can create energy. light can talk.
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an already packed field of presidential candidates expected to grow this week. by this point it might be yeseasier to list names that aren't running. former senator rick santorum expected to announce tomorrow. george pataki will join the race on thursday. meantime for the democrats, vermont senator bernie sanders is holding a kick-off rally for his campaign today in burlington. this is his first big event since announcing his candidacy last month. we expect to hear from martin o'malley later this week. joining me nbc political editor. good morning, what can we expect from bernie sanders today? >> good morning, jose. a very vermont day here on the shores of lake champlain. this is a park that bernie sanders helped build as mayor of this city. around 5:00, we'll have a big rally, over to my left here there will be free ben and
6:18 am
jerry's ice cream, music from a band called mango jam one of the best bands around bill mckibben, the big environmentalist, vermonter, will be here. a guy who has been a known quantity here. he's ran his first political campaign in 1971 has won about a dozen times since then lost many others as well. one other small event today, around 2:00 a lot people involved in the occupy wall street movement supporting bernie sanders will have their own rally and march down here to join the official event. >> so, mark a lot of people who run for president in early stages do it for a number of reasons, sell books or bring attention to themselves or something they really believe in. i don't get that's the sense from senator sanders. >> yeah. the a totally different type of campaign that bernie sanders is running. right, bernie sanders probably's going into this realizing that he won't be sitting in the white house come 2017 but he wants to
6:19 am
do put his issues first and foremost, to be able to talk about income inequality campaign finance reform and do it as the happy warrior in the 2016 as long as his ideas are ones being talked about he feels like he's makinging progress. hillary clinton leads the field but bernie sanders has potential more so than martin o'malleys and jim webbs and lincoln chaffeys to be the person who becomes hillary clinton's top democratic challenger. >> interesting. let's talk about o'malley. while waiting for the announcement on saturday in baltimore, then heading to iowa that same day, alex, where is the area he could break through among democrats? >> well o'malley's making two main arguments, both of which work against both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. one is a generational argument, he's younger, he says he's fresher in the model of gary
6:20 am
hart who he worked through, he thinks he can break through that way. either a credible alternative to hillary clinton on her left. as o'malley people see it that's not bernie sanders. though he's polling from 15% to 18% in iowa and new hampshire while o'malley's down in 2% to 3% range, they think democrats will come to their senses and realize the soeshist from vermont is not a credible guy to be the democratic nominee. and there's o'malley the younger guy who agrees with a lot of things of bernie sanders and then he can sweep in. >> if o'malley gets 2% to 3% consistently, he has nowhere to go but up. >> part of it is name i.d. when you announce your bid, you get a lot of press coverage. a lot of folks who live and breathe watching msnbc don't know who the major players are. these folks are able to go on tv get covered and bring up their
6:21 am
name recognition. i think the danger for martin o'malley in a lot of this race is if bernie sanders is the one raising more money, drawing bigger crowds to announcements we might see a big rally in burlington, vermont, it will be interesting to see what the comparison is in baltimore, that could end up dogging martin owe mally. yes, he the more polished presidential candidate, he has great looks. he's a musician. but if bernie sanders has more of a following, that necessarily isn't good news for o'malley. >> thank you very much. including free ben and jerry's ice cream today. that's a good thing for alex among others. after the break, we'll zoom through today's top stories including a megamerger in the world of cable tv. the nfl's dealing with another incident of alleged domestic violence. the chicago bears released ray mcdonald after his arrest. details on "the rundown." plus we continue to watch these live aerial shots coming in from houston, texas. take a look at that please. this is flooding. this is like rarely seen
6:22 am
flooding in an area that is regularly flooded, but nothing like this. take a look at that on the right of your scene. you do have cars trying to get through this watery mess. but look what surrounds them. we'll be right back on "the rundown" with that and a lot more. get the most is probably do you feel fear? what's the closest you've ever come to death? they're boring. i have a website because i need a way to put myself forward in my own way. this is my story and this is how i want to share it with people. i'm alex honnold and this is my squarespace. there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild.
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now to another developing story about threats made to airline flights, not one, not two, but 14 of them on a very busy memorial day holiday. turns out it was a hoax but federal officials are working to hunt down the person behind those threats. pete williams has more. >> reporter: passengers on this air france flight from paris to new york's kennedy airport realized something was wrong when emergency vehicles surrounded their plane the moment it landed. >> i was scared. you know it's clear when the plane's not allowed to come to the terminal something quite serious is going on.
6:26 am
>> reporter: two fighter jetted like these escorted the flight. scrambled after a series of anonymous phone calls early monday claiming that 14 commercial airliners were carrying chemical weapons. the air france flight was certained and nothing hazardous was found. the acallers list included nine other flights to the u.s. from london on delta, british airways and virgin atlantic from edinboro and madrid on united from birmingham england on united. the flights to the u.s. landed as scheduled at jfk, newark atlanta, boston and chicago airports, authorities determined early on that the hoax calls were not credible but passed word to airlines to be extra cautious. the caller mentioned five international flights entirely outside the u.s. they also arrived with nothing hazardous found. >> that was pete williams reporting. still ahead -- scary video from florida when a
6:27 am
waterspout come as shore and throws a bounce house into the air with children inside. details on this scary accident next. meteorologist bill karins joins me to discuss the relentless rain and flooding in texas and oklahoma. final farewell for a fallen officer killed in the line of duty the same day her premature baby was supposed to come home from the hospital. a live report straight ahead. it's the final days of the ford ecoboost challenge. here we go! last chance to save big on ford,
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6:31 am
massive the problem is. as i say, the helicopter's being a great sport about it it. this is other video that we have coming in to the msnbc newsroom. take a look at these shots. these are roads, streets in the houston, greater houston area. you can imagine just how affected these areas are, houses, shops, and then automobiles. we were talking to you earlier about how in the stadium after the playoff game, i mean hundreds of people had to stay in pretty much overnight because they couldn't -- how are you going to get home when this is your street? i've got weather-related news developing out of the ft. lauderdale area. take a look at that video. in the middle of your screen that's a bounce house. two of them were lifted into the air by a freak tornado, one of them with kids still inside. this morning there are questions about whether the houses were
6:32 am
properly secured. jeff rossen has more on what happened and whether you should be concerned about your own child's safety. >> reporter: watch that waterspout in the ocean. >> underwater tornado! >> reporter: beachgoers in ft. lauderdale enjoying the sighting. but then it comes ashore whipping up sand that, blue tent then this. >> bounce house. there's kids in there. >> reporter: three young kids inside hanging on for dear life as their bounce house goes airborne. cell phone video capturing it all, posted on facebook. >> oh my god! >> reporter: police say the children were above the trees before they were tossed out. >> falling out like tonka toys, they didn't even look real. >> reporter: they handed on sand, injured but alive. >> the bounce house flew then i fell in the dirt. >> reporter: there have been
6:33 am
other accidents caught on camera. >> there's not a kid in there, is there? >> reporter: in colorado last year two kids were hurt when high winds sent this bounce house tumbling. 2011, 13 people were hurt when it happened on long island. and remember this from upstate new york? two kids seriously injured when wind sent them airborne. they fell out, plummeting 20 feet to the ground. dan stuckey is the general manager of jump and jam, a safety certified bounce house company. >> this wall right here of the bounce house it's like i kite or a sail. if not properly secured, it could take the wind wind it l. tip it right over. this is not properly secured. it's easy for air to get underneath and lift it up in the air and flip it over. >> reporter: if kids are inside that's dangerous. >> yes. kids will fall out, get hurt seriously. >> reporter: he says best advice something so many of us forget lock the bounce house down. how do you stake this in so it's
6:34 am
safe? >> first get the right stake. at least 18 inch keep it at 45-degree angle, drive into the ground. you want to go as much as you can. you don't even see it anymore. >> reporter: all to avoid terrifying moments like this. >> nbc's jeff rossen reporting. i want to go to bill karins. good morning. first, start with the ft. lauderdale story because it seemed that that image of that waterspout over the water obviously didn't seem like that big of a deal but it quickly turned very dangerous. >> yeah. if you've ever been to the beach in florida you see them all of the time. not associated with thunderstorms, so people aren't scared of them. it's a swirling wind formed by an updraft in the cloud. when it moves over land winds can be 50 60 70 miles per hour in isolated area. usually they quickly dissipate, as soon as they hit the beaches but this didn't dissipate fast enough. once the waterspout makes it over land and does damage like that, it is considered a tornado. the weather service in miami did
6:35 am
say it was ef-0 tornado with winds around 65 to 70 miles per hour. >> starts on the ocean, doesn't look like a big deal but changes in seconds. >> usually it's a beach umbrella and that's the worst of it. >> bill, you've been covering this from the beginning but i want to go to the houston area flooding. this is massive flooding. take a look at live pictures bill. describe to us what happened here. >> this is historic. this is being compared to what tropical storm alison did in the houston area. you follow weather history, alison was one of the worst tropical storm flooding prolific flooders of all time in the reasongion. people are posting pictures of what alison looked like. somewhere in the range in some spots of 200 to 500-year flood, specially on the bayous there this was a result of saturated
6:36 am
ground training thunderstorms the same system that plagued texas over the last four or five days. estimates, locally a foot of rain fell literally in 6 to 12 hours. some bayous went up 25 feet in 2 to 3 hours. that's why so many cars are stranded or flooded out. people didn't have time to move anything. they had to get themselves out of the way. everything quieted down everything's better now. there's no rain. texas for the most part gets a break. totals for may unbelievable. for month of may, oklahoma city at 19. it's not one spot. almost all of texas hit in one spot or another. last night was houston. now over 11 inches for the month. it keeps going. we'll see additional 2 to 3 inches. today we get isolated rain. my computer forecast takes us through the end of the month, 2 to 3 inches. maybe get minor flash flooding. we are, i'd say, 95% through the worst of. now start to recover.
6:37 am
isolated problems in the days ahead. what a month of may. who thought this could happen? >> i know i know. earlier talking about snow in north, remember that in month of may. >> by the way, be careful. beaches in florida we had three people drown in rip currents in east central florida and that continues today, too. >> thank you. we'll continue monitoring the situation out of texas and bring you throughout "the rundown." developing in nebraska funeral service scheduled to begin in more than two hours for an omaha police officer who was also a new mother. kerrie orozco is the first omaha officer killed in the line of duty in ten years. she died last week one day before she was set to go on maternity leave after a suspect opened fire on officers. both the suspect and officer orozco were killed. live in only amaha. good morning. how is the community coping with the tragic loss? >> reporter: jose this is a community united in grief. coming together to say final good-byes later this morning.
6:38 am
you can hear ground crews behind me doing one last pass before the mourners begin to arrive. condolences have poured in from as far away as italy and israel. the police department here saying they are going to respond to every last message. right now they are overwhelmed by the support they've received. officer orozco was not just a dedicated police officer and young mother, she was also a tireless volunteer and mentor. people were just naturally drawn to her, her friends say, and they are not surprised by this outpouring of love. >> a police officer being killed in the line of duty is really sad, one that gives back to her community's really sad and one with a baby is just -- it's devastating. >> she does resonate with everyone, she's so kind out there doing the best for everybody, and she did nothing but good. you know she was a police officer, she had a job to do but she did it with compassion. >> reporter: and the funeral will be conducted by the same
6:39 am
parish priest who married officer orozco and her husband, members of her unit will serve as honorary palm bears are officers will wear -- deputies from neighboring agencies will be helping out with policing in omaha to give as many people as possible the chance to attend the funeral mass. it's just one more example of everyone coming together in honor of this officer. back to you. >> thank you very much. a cable megamerger, nfl play ar rested and journalist on trial in iran. zoom through some of today's top stories. charter communications the late toast go after time warner cable, $55 billion deal would create one of the largest cable operators in the u.s. the deal comes weeks after comcast dropped its takeover of time warner. regulator said they wouldn't approve it. comcast, this new deal will
6:40 am
have to be approve by the feds. another nfl player facing domestic violence allegations. former chicago bears defensive end ray mcdonald free on bail after allegedly assaulting a woman, apparently his former fiancee, who was holding their baby. mcdonald's attorneys said there was no physical contact between the two the bears released mcdonald saying quote, he was not able to meet the standard. i iranian-american journalist goes on trial charged with espionage and other crimes. "the washington post" bureau chief in tehran since 2012 arrested at his home in 2012 with his wife and two friends, accused of collecting confidential information about iran's domestic and foreign policy and handing it over to quote, hostile government. after the break, we'll take you to cleveland where there are several new developments following acquit of the police officer michael brelo in the shoot deaths of two unarmed people. a hunger strike behind bars
6:41 am
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the city of cleveland has reached a settlement with the department of justice following a probe that followed allegations of excessive force by police. announcement expected some time today according to officials familiar with the negotiations. news of the settlement comes days after a judge acquitted officer michael brelo for his role in the fatal shooting of two unarmed people in a car in 2012. the verdict triggered mostly peaceful protests across cleveland over the weekend but more than 70 people arrested several of them appeared in court monday. more demonstrations to protest saturday's not guilty verdict expected later this morning. we'll go live to cleveland. msnbc's scott newell. what do we know about the doj deal with cleveland? >> reporter: good morning, jose.
6:45 am
what we know that is we are expecting it to contain several elements similar to other consent decrees in cities like seattle and albuquerque and that includes one important one, outside independent monitoring of the police department to make sure some of the changes are being made perhaps use of body cameras, we don't know details yet, i'm just getting elements have been in other decrees and improved training for police and also different regulations about when use of force is appropriate appropriate. right now, behind me the justice center also to the mayor's office what they're going to do is these church leaders are going to ask that long-term reforms be put in place, they're going to ask for a meeting by the end of july to make sure long-term reforms get put into place. back to you. >> the march is expected two hours from now, right? >> it's about an hour and a half
6:46 am
from now, yes. >> scott thank you very much. we'll be keeping an eye on cleveland throughout the rundown as demonstrations continue and expected to get under way in an hour and a half from now. developing unrest in venezuela where opposition leaders are currently staging a hunger strike. also calling for massive peaceful protests on saturday saying, since he was jailed in 2014, the situation in his country has only gotten worse. there you see him, he made an announcement in a video leaked from the prison over the weekend. [ speaking foreign language ] >> lopez says the situation's gotten even worse, more lie, infashion, more crime, more corruption in the country. last night he tweeted this
6:47 am
letter from prison outlining the cause. the hunger strike comes in the wake of fellow opposition leader being sent to a public jail away from the capital where he was originally jailed with lopez. the u.s. is responsing with secretary -- assistant secretary of state jacobson tweet, quote, worried that officials moved him to a prison without warning, human rights must be respected. a jose, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what is the latest on lopez right now that we know? >> well, we know is that lopez began a hunger strike at noon sunday according to people close to him according to his wife as well. and savio moved to a prison with common prisoners about 100 miles
6:48 am
from caracas and on a hunger strike for two or three days. the government denies that lopez is on a hunger strike and as you said, they've asked for, in a letter, in that video, lopez has asked that for venezuelans to come out in massive and peaceful protest against. current situation in v. v-on saturday. remains to be seen how many will come out. >> what is the government said about that jose? are they expecting to let that protest be held on saturday? >> they haven't said that they're going to stop it. they haven't commented on the protest. it could be -- the protest -- it's like i say, venezuelans at this point are real lily -- they
6:49 am
are really going through a difficult time with enormous inflation, widespread shortages of everything like medicine and food, and they've gone through a lot of protests. it's let's hope that a lot of them come out but we don't know what will happen. the situation in venezuela is growing dire more dire by the day in terms of -- in terms of the greater economic and social chaos that is -- that the country's suffering. >> thank you very much for being with me. you are coming to us from our mexico bureau but that story out of venezuela very important. we'll keep a close watch on that. thank you. the united nations he for she campaign for gender equality gets a boost.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
today u.n. campaign for women's rights is getting a big
6:53 am
assist from the men. the soccer club thisspain is becoming the first to join the he for she campaign. they've made history for naming the first woman. the he for she campaign launched with the help of emma watson. she said bringing men in the conversation for battle and gender equality. joining me now is chairwoman of the club and prosoccer player for the team. thank you both for being with me. resent studies are showing fewer and fewer women are wanting to identify feminist. why is this word becoming uncomfortable for so many people? >> i think because we're so vocal about fighting for women's right and we this is actually a
6:54 am
human rights issue and not just a woman's rights issue. >> when did you kind of realize women's equality and women's rights are your issue too? >> well i'm still a young boy and for me it's just normal. i grew up and everyone having the same rights. i think it's just normal that everyone, man is like woman and i think the idea of this campaign is just great. >> for your case for example, what you do is an unusual thing. it may surprise people you're the only one by why so few? >> i think in general, foolk is very male dominated and there
6:55 am
are so many woman fans as compared to the male. i think this is a trend and we have 20%. women are growing in a fast pace. i'm sure things will start to change. >> thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up on the run down we're going to go back to tech tex where rescue crews are using boats and helicopters to reach people stranded after days of relentless rain and flooding. plus weather also causing problems after a or the flaytornado touches down in new mexico. we're going to take you to burlington. by the way it's our inspiration for five things you don't want to miss today. tuesday at bernies.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
and breaking news as we begin the second hour of the run down. this is video from houston where large parts of the city are under water right now. we just learned one person in the houston area has died after driving into high flood waters overnight. that will raise the death toll from the past few days. emergency crews have rescued more than 130 people. houston is just one of several cities from around texas to deal with historic flooding the past couple of days. take a look at austin. about two and a half hours to the west. look at this. and in hard hit womenimberly, texas families homeless nine dead and
7:00 am
dozens missing. gabe is in the hard hit town of wimberly texas. >> good morning. the number of weather related deaths has grown to eight. today in haze county the search continues for people missing. new water rescues were overnight to the north. >> this morning austin texas is drying out after flood waters swamped some of the busiest downtown streets. more than 4 inches of rain fell in one hour. nearly every creek overnowing its banks stranded drivers and prompted dozens of water rescues. to the east. >> look at that tornado. >> several tornados touched down like this one in legrange. the wild weather makes it hard for the forecasters across the state to keep up. >> in my 25 years i've never seen anything like this. tornados touching down right and left today and flash flood going
7:01 am
on all simultaneously. >> and the death toll rising. the homecoming queen was on her way home from prom and her car got swept away. in hard hit wimberly texas. >> i would describe it as a flood of biblical proportion. >> the national guard has joined the serchl the search for the missing. >> we are in a house floating down the river. call mom and dad. i love you. pray. >> laura's husband managed to escape but laura and their two children six and four are still unaccounted for. >> she is with her babies and will be in heaven. >> texas governor has just expanded the state's disaster
7:02 am
declaration to include 37 counties. >> now let's go to houston. >> we have some new information. authorities confirmed one person they know of has died. it was a motorist who drove into high water. many cars did the same in overnight hours including the 18-wheeler which required a rescue. they had to take a boat in the water to rescue two people in the cab. there's sunshine right now but authorities say it's deceiving. more rain expected this afternoon and the rescues are still underway. historic heavy rains in houston, flooding roads and stranding drivers leaving 80,000 residents without power. parts of the city almost doubled the all time record for rainfall in just one day. >> excited about their big win over the warriors tonight. however, we are stuck inside for
7:03 am
a little bit. >> there was so much rain rockets fans were warned to stay inside the toyota center after the nba playoff game. center dwight howard staying on the court to help the spirits of the stranded. >> it sucks these people can't get home to get to their families and loved ones. >> residents posting the aftermath on social media. >> and there goes our power. >> while covering the storm, even our nbc station suffered a power outage live on the air but that never stopped the record reporting. >> we are in the dark and happy to fwrood cast and get you the information you need. >> public transit port is shut down in houston today. most public schools in the vicinity of houston are closed as well. some are starting later. they're asking people to stay home, stay out of water if you
7:04 am
don't need to be out. that's the latest now back to you. >> janet, thank you very much. let's go to meteorologist bill karens. >> the power of water. flash flooding kills more people in this country than tornados and hurricanes and some years more than both combined. we don't get good pictures of it because the water goes up fast and reseeds fast. that's what's happening in the houston area. water starting to go down quickly and storms are long gone. we have outdoors a foot of rain in the houston area. this is on top of what's been a busy may. houston a relatively flat area. not much above sea level. they had about 5 inches of rain and flash flooding of their own. the radar looks better. what's their next threat? yes, there's additional storms
7:05 am
today. a quarter of that is what we dealt with yesterday. new storms formulator today. further to the south of course this is the area that's been hit so hard. it's a little bit further to the left. a slight risk all the way to wichita falls and oklahoma city. westward, not oklahoma city itself. it doesn't mean you'll get storms but a chance of tornados and severe weather is slight. all we need is a little bit of rain in the wet pattern to give us flooding. we blow the storms through dallas, waco and austin. they're fast moving and that's good. they're progressive from west to east. trying to slide east of the state. they may make t to theit to the east
7:06 am
ward area. we can handle the next few days compared to what we've done. most of the rivers have crested or will crest and go rapidly down. flash flooding is unpredictable but i think we've seen the worst. >> good news. we're going to continue to monitor the severe weather situation in texas bringing you the latest. now to breaking news out of western iraq. meant to take back the surrounding providence. the last time we saw iraqi forces they were running like there's no tomorrow. that was harsh words from the defense secretary who said they showed quote no will to fight. vice president biden had to call the prime minister to smooth things over. even iraq's own leaders unhappy with the soldiers and how they fled the city.
7:07 am
>> it's an action that sort of surprised all of us that without all this. >> nbc's senior white house correspond nt courserrespondent joins me from the white house. is the whies house frustrated with the iraqi military? >> yes, there's a lot of frustration on all sides. frustration in the white house and capitol hill and frustration over in iraq. the question really is what happens next and that was part of the debate ash carter set up. this was not ash carter going off the reservation. this is him expressing the frustration. the options, however, being the whies house is great. things called for additional troops even just a small contingent of troops go to the
7:08 am
frontline and help the air strikes so far, she's given no indication. do you turn it over to iraq? that's not a good option. there obviously have been calls from some on the right who want to send thousands, many thousands of troops in and the president has made it clear that that is not going to happen. so the call from vice president biden in part was diplomatic. one of the things that it recognized was the fact that at least the iraq military had been facing these terrible suicide bombings. so the administration has pledged both on the suicide bombings. >> good to see you. >> good morning. >> so the prime minister said he anticipated the iraqi forces could retake in days what do you think about that?
7:09 am
>> these are maliciousilitias attacking iraq. the iraqi army is not going to be able to put iraq back together. astonishing lack of collectibility tremendously favorable both in manpower and equipment attack helicopters and it's an astonishing failure of this instrument. >> why has it been such a failure? why has the national forces become the national armed forces? >> the iraqi army fought very bravely against the iranians. for several years they employed combined arms warfare. reinforced by the brutality of
7:10 am
sadam hussein. now the tool doesn't work. when they abandoned a better part of this divisions took off and so it's a matter of leadership and a matter of do you feel they're actually part of a nation-state do they trust each other? it's a leadership regime. >> so general, how do you begin to turn that reality around when you have in the mix a group like isis that are ruthless they're total and complete terrorist in every definition of the word and they've taken over some good chunks of that country. how do you begin to turn that reality around when the armed forces aren't national? >> i don't think you do. this is shiite war across the middle east.
7:11 am
iraq and lebanon are involved in this with proxy warfare. the egyptians, jordanians the muslims supporting their side. the iranians actively involved on the ground in a major way with direct combat forces. so i don't think the administration is willing to get sucked back in and the notion that 10,000 more u.s. forces change the situation grabs as nonsense. >> general, thank you for being with us. developing news out of the supreme court to tell you about now. justices agree to hear a case out of texas dealing with the one person one court principal. they'll decide the boundary lines for state district must be drawn according to the population or. it's a claim to their votes. it's a large number.
7:12 am
conservers are using this argument saying total population configures can represent the number of minority voters. we'll have much more on the run down. as we do stay closely monitoring this, i want to show you pictures out of houston, texas area. we want to show you what folks are dealing with overnight. meanwhile, in florida rip currents said to be the worst in years along the east coast. hundreds of people being rescued from dangerous conditions. first new developments on the 2016 front as another presidential campaign kicks into gear. this time on the democratic side. his first major rally is taking place in vermont. here at friskies, cats are in charge of approving every new recipe. because it's cats who know best what cats like to eat. up today, new friskies 7. we're trying seven cat-favorite flavors all in one dish. now for the moment of truth.
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7:16 am
senators holding the rally for the 2016 candidacy. now challenging hillary clinton in the democratic primary. this time the spotlight might be short lived. former maryland governor is expected to enter the race saturday and immediately start campaigning. joining me now is steve and in boston lean from the boston globe. it's essentially a nonstarter in national elections. what is he trying or what is he going to try to achieve starting today? >> when you look at it from that standpoint and put aside the
7:17 am
bottom line odds of bernie sanders becoming president in 2017 are not good. when you look at the goal of a one on one race with hillary clinton and sanders and his populars and hillary clinton and everything she represents the odds of him getting that are not that bad. i think he's fairly well positioned on the democratic side. you look at a couple of things here working in bernie sanders favor, hillary is way out front. when you look at the other democrats in the race sanders is getting more than all of them combined. he comes into this thing with a bigger base on the left. what you hear is a sense that sanders has been talking about throughout his entire career. talking about income inequality and climate change. these are things that have come into focus in the last five years or so. so the debate they think is moving in sander's direction. the other candidates are moving
7:18 am
in that more progressive direction and ultimately i think that the trump card here for sanders in terms of his appeal in the authenticity. here's this guy with a grumpy personality. he means what he says. i think there's a sense that could catch on. the goal is to emerge from the rest of the democratic pack and give hillary clinton the one on one race. >> where are the areas sanders said he would govern different ri. >> there's no doubt his economic
7:19 am
policies are far to the left. no one's going that far in terms of policies and because of that it's possible he could place second and third in ohio and new hampshire. >> let's talk about the other person expected to join this week. martin, what can we expect from him? he's pulling pretty low. >> exactly. if you get past hillary clinton, martin is not getting the same kind of early reaction sanders is. maybe him having his announcement on saturday in baltimore could start to change that. again, you look at that question of authenticity, you look at the platform that he's going to be running on and he's stressing a lot of those economic themes stuff about equality and wealth concentration, the same things sanders has.
7:20 am
if you're a voter who really cares about those issues the issues resinate with and you've decided hillary clinton is not good enough and looking for an alternative you compare sanders and he's talking and living this stuff. a total outsider from the beginning of his career and you compare it to martin whose more of a career politician than sanders. sanders coming out on top. i think sanders has a little bit more right now of that built in grass roots appeal. that's going to be a challenge. >> yeah and that may change starting saturday. steve thank you for being with me. you can catch steve saturday and sunday mornings at 8:00 eastern on msnbc. up next we're going to zoom through the other stories making news including the fbis threats to commercial airliners and
7:21 am
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7:24 am
commercial flights and iguanas. many flights involving flights from overseas coming into major u.s. airports. one of them is fighter jets. officials say the calls are hoax. these threats were unusual because it involves so many flights. the penalty can be up to eight years prison. the resent death of b.b.k. could be investigating as a possible homicide. claiming the singer was poisoned by close aids. las vegas police department and
7:25 am
investigations says it will only be open if the clark county corner determines king's death was not due to natural causes. the aids declined to comment. the attorney calls the allegations ree dick allegations ree allegations ridiculous. they're warning flowing lava could threaten the pink iguanas. the island inspired charles darwin's theory of evolution after he visited in 1835. up next an update on that historical rainfall and unprecedented flooding in houston, texas and south of the border hundreds of people injured as a tornado tears through mexico. homes destroyed, cars overturned. those stories and a whole lot more ahead on the run down.
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
obviously, when we get good data points like this morning people are starting to think well, the rate hike could come sooner than they originally were banking on.
7:30 am
charter has agreed to buy time westerner for over $55 billion. it's a cash and stock deal. it values each time they share at $195.71 per share. so why is this going ahead? well, it does allow them to better compete with the likes of number one u.s. cable services provider comcast, also our parent accompany by gaining a lot more customers. the interesting thing is this is a very bold move by charter. it's a accompany much bigger in revenue and market share. you might remember charter wanted to buy time westerner at a lower price last year but it was out big by comcast. of course that deal fail recently. here we are today. it's been a dance we've come back to. >> great seeing you, thank you. we continue to follow the breaking news out of houston, texas this morning.
7:31 am
hundreds of homes water logged. and in the water here on the east coast of florida, rip currents are being blamed for at least three deaths and hundreds of rescues over memorial day weekend. advisories are in effect drawing new attention to the dangers of rip currents. here's nbc's carrie sanders with more. >> memorial day turned tragic as two beach goers tried to save a man floating in the water. >> we turned him over because he was unresponsible. >> he pulled us out and we couldn't hold on to him any longer. >> along the east coast of florida monday one pronounced dead and more than 500 rescued all blamed on dangerous rip currents. >> i think why these tragedies happen, there's areas that go from being shallow to deep quickly. >> on jacksonville beach search
7:32 am
efforts turned up short. one, an 11-year-old boy who never resurfaced and another a 52-year-old man. a stark reminder to the invisible dangers of rip currents. rips form when waves break near the shoreline piling up water between the breaking waves and beach. according to the atmospheric administration, if you find yous in a rip current, do not swim against it. conserve energy and swim parallel to the beach until the flow of water that pulled i don't out to sea disappears. experts say everyone is at risk even the strongest swimmers. the best advice to stay safe. >> you shouldn't swim in unsupervised waters. >> also tore through mexico. at least 13 people are dead after a twister hit the northern
7:33 am
mexico town rielg across the border of texas. the twister ripped a baby from its mother's arms. hundreds of others were hurt and there's a wide path of destruction with homes obliterated and several cars overturned. let's get the latest from los angeles. what are officials saying to you this morning? >> well everyone is shocked. it's not normal to see these twisters in mexico. it only took six seconds for it to destroy everything on its way. it's been a quick disaster. it's taken a bit to react. they are even saying that for the tornado such that nothing that this was witnessed before and at least for the last 100 years in the whole country. you can imagine people were not expecting these conditions. >> yeah and just to think about
7:34 am
it it took six seconds to cause this level of destruction? >> exactly six seconds in a regular morning. people were getting ready to get out of their homes and go to work. in just those six seconds, everything was turned our way and already there. trying to find that diagnosis of what's going on and how to solve this problem. calculating that 1,000 homes were destroyed after these essential six seconds and a lot of people without a roof right now. they lost everything quickly. so yeah infrastructure wasn't ready for this. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> back in the u.s. nine people confirmed dead after days of hiss corr rancic rains and flooding in texas and oklahoma. this is where a creek turned into a raging river. take a look at this.
7:35 am
parts of austin got more than six inches of rain. reagan good morning. what are you saying. >> actually, we're not exactly in austin. we're about app hour south. this is the blanco river. this river crusted to 40 plus feet three times above the flood stage. you can see the mass of destruction it left behind. the trees toppled. pictures worth beyond a thousand words. i do want to say that at this point there are 12 people missing in wimberly. this area is popular for vacationers. as it goes officials say that the river, the blanco river rose so quickly that if you see a cross river, i might be stepping
7:36 am
back you can see there are what looks like structures. one structure, house gone. 3-400 homes gone. two families of eight people were in a house, the house got off its structure and started nowing down the river. at this point, 12 people still missing. eight of those also missing as well. so you can see even the bridge and the guard rail over here, half of that is destroyed. you can see cones lined up against the railing to show where it once was. the national guard just rolled in and if we stay up long enough we might see some of the national guard members rolling into the village of wimberly just to try to help with tefrts of clean up and debris you see around me. texas governor greg abbott was here yesterday and said this is a disaster zone a disaster area and declared it as so.
7:37 am
blanco river is reseeding although it still looks pretty powerful at this point. at this point today we should be expect expecting no rain. people are trying to put their lives back together. we have seen some people in the communities come back down to the rivers to take pictures and grab belongings and bring them back home. a lot of people are looking at what they can do to help. of course, the american red cross is helping. the next county just confirmed some troopers we just sproek to recently, about 6-8 people that toll continues to rise. we're going to be following this throughout the day. >> thank you, so much for being with me. now let's head to the town of california just north of san diego. a city now being sued by the aclu. the group is accusing the city of manipulating its zoning laws last year in order to block a
7:38 am
housing facility. the decision sparked protests last summer getting some to call the city as the next guest reports little arizona. it's nearly half latino. only has one on city counsel. joining us now to walk through the story is national reporter david. good so see you. >> like wise. >> what sparked the lawsuit here? >> it's been this battle involving this housing. people call it a shelter, detention facility. it's a housing facility for children in last year's border crisis. the aclu is filing suit regarding all the decisions the city made starting last summer which they charged were designed to prevent the shelter from being built in the city and on the grounds of zoning and land
7:39 am
use. it was a decision on the city's part. >> and the city's mayor in response to the lawsuit told them we don't want it built anywhere in the city because the land use doesn't allow it anywhere in the city. he also says his city isn't a sank ewectuary sanctuary. what's the response to this? >> i think it's divided. what gets broadcasted a lot is the parts of the city that's rallied behind the mayor was opposed to the shelter in the first place. there's obviously a whole other component of the city as you pointed out nearly half is constituted by immigrants be they undocumented or permanent residents or other forms of status. their reaction feels marginal marginalized to deal with some of the police activity and some of the partnerships in
7:40 am
immigration and customs enforcement. there's an acute feeling from what i've heard that the city doesn't care for the immigrant or relief in the hispanic population. >> in the meanwhile, the shelter not being built there, right. >> nope. >> appreciate it. we're learning new details about the man accused of killing a prominent washington d.c. housekeeper. they investigated dna from pizza crust found at the crime scene. >> they're asking this question. did darn act alone in the murder? >> there's a lot of investigation yet to go and again potentially other suspects
7:41 am
out there who know about or who participated in this horrific crime. >> in recently released court documents the assistant lied about details of the $40,000 money drop at the house just before the murders. a source close to the family tells our washington station neither friends or family members close to the tragedy have seen the assistant since before the house went up in flames. the assistant has not been charged. this morning we're learning more from a touching obituary released last night. they described him as a world traveller and photographer saying he represented passion and encourage. amy who grew up in a military family and attended numerous army installations was long known for her giving and selfless nature. the couples 10-year-old son excelled in school and wanted to be a professional formula 1 race
7:42 am
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7:46 am
airman was involved while mark issued a statement saying we are deeply saddened about the situation. our thoughts and prayer rs with the victims and families. we're watching developments here and we'll keep you posted. developing now in new orleans. authorities trying to track down the person or persons responsibility for the deadly shooting of a housing authority officer. 45-year-old james bennett was found shot to death inside his police cruiser sunday. the driver's side window was broken out and the cruiser's lights were still on when responding officers found the body. developing now in cleveland, a rally expected to take place in less than an hour. this is the role of fatal shooting of two unarmed car in 201. protests across cleveland following the verdict more than 70 people were arsed and many of them appeared in court on monday. at the same time the city of
7:47 am
cleveland has reached a settlement the settlement following a probe and civil right investigations by the cleveland police. it's likely to take place later today. now to nebraska. the city of omaha preparing to say good-bye to a beloved police officer. the funeral for the officer is placed. officers are gathering outside the church where the mass will be held. the officer was killed last week during a shoot out with a suspect. she leaves behind a husband, a newborn baby and two step children. let's go live to sarah. what are people in the community telling you? >> they are just heart broken. they say today is all about honoring this officer and every aspect of her life. there has been a steady stream of blue in and out of the church.
7:48 am
you can see here behind me some of the officers outside. they're going through final rehearsals for ceremonial aspects today. all of them wearing white carnations tinged with red underneath their badges. now, law enforcements from neighboring agencies are taking over and helping out with duties to help as many as possible to help with the service. we spoke to the captains about the bond that reeunites law enforcement. >> the community in not only omaha but across the country, we're close, we're tight. when one dies part of us dies. we feel that pain. we know it was a traumatic situation and a dangerous situation and that officer then laid down her life in protecting others. >> the funeral will be conducted by the same perish priest that
7:49 am
married her and her husband. from there, it will be a sol lem presession. residents are encouraged to line the way leading to the cemetery. businesses have already gone ahead and changed their signs to messages of con doll ens. it is a full turn out and full honors for this young officer and mother who lost her life in the line of duty. >> just thinking he was 24 hours from starting her maternity leave and bringing that baby home after three months. what a tragedy. >> it is just a brutal blow to her family and to the loss of this community. this baby, she was born premature premature. she had been in the hospital since february. the officer delayed her maternity leave so when she was released from the hospital she could be home with her. it is a one, two punch not only tot family but the community.
7:50 am
what should this young infant know about her mother when she grows up? that officer responded she treated everyone the same and as how she would want to be treated. sar >> sarah, thank you very much. back to the devastation and flooding in texas. just learning you said the mayor and officer will have a briefing on the flood recovery at the top of the hour. the death toll now nine. the mayor of mouse ton saying emergency crews have rescued more since midnight. schools are closed tonight. up next we'll be seeing a lot more of this presidential campaign. the full year. it's tuesday at bernies and the instir ration for today's five things. if you guys catch today's dual for a different space theme version today in honor of what would been sally rice's
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he was released from prison 2013. the other bad bernie on the list bernie madoff. 150 years. number two, baseball fans know this williams born a champ honored in the bronx over the
7:55 am
weekend. number 51 also noted jazz guitarist. number three, another musical bernie and he just turned 65. some of elton john's biggest hits including your song and crocodile rock. i'm not going to do your rendition this morning. number four personal favorite, the character, actor best known as dock. appeared in nearly 250 love boat episodes. a navy man in real life certaining as a librarian aboard the u.s.s. iowa. number five who could forget weekend at bernies. as for what this all has to do with sanders big presidential rally this afternoon? nothing. to quote the late bernie mack, i
7:56 am
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tires. ♪ good morning everyone. i'm tameron hall and this is news nation. 12 people dead and eight missing in an emergency in parts of east texas. in houston this morning a flash flood emergency was in effect for the first time ever. hundreds of drivers standed on freeways and roads some for nearly 12 hours. look at this incredible video. along the busyiest streets cars were left and some completely submerged submerged. tens of thousands of homes are left without power as the
8:00 am
schools are closed and the transit system is shut down. over 100 people have been rescued so far. >> the areas that are being hit are hit really hard and we're trying to keep people off the roadways in those areas. >> the water is in some areas still rising. again, some parts of the city are high and dry and others are under water. people need to be patient and we're hoping folks will stay home and allow us to work. >> this was the scene at the gallery i can't shopping center. an exclusive mall in the city where part of the parking garage was completely flooded leaving workers trapped inside. about 200 basketball fans were stranded overnight inside the toyota center after the rockets playoff game including the team's star forward dwight


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