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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 23, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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for the people at the center of the holiday. that does it for us tonight. rachel will be back next week. i will see you just a few hours from now on my show "up." up next, "weekends with alex witt." a strange weather weekend. snow and hail and flooding in parts of the count industry. but will there be sunshine for memorial day? details ahead. the e-mail trail. hillary clinton responds to the first official release of messages she sent while secretary of state. the big question did anything new surface? and an hour-long slow-speed chase that ended rather abruptly in the most unusual way. and one of the most popular reality shows pulled from the air. new details on the "19 kids and counting" saga. good morning. welcome to "weekends with alex
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witt." here's what's happening, we begin with the weather. and a wet memorial day weekend. heavy rainfall is likely to cause flash flooding in parts of texas, arkansas, and the southern plains. in wichita falls, texas, everyone is getting ready. residents and volunteers filling up sandbags for anyone who needs them. in all, they filled about 4,000 bags so far. in virginia beach, it's looking like a more typical may weekend. the warning flags were up friday because of the high winds, but those are expected to die down in time for the influx of beach goers today. in myrtle beach, south carolina look at that beautiful picture of the sun shining. it's looking like it's a dry and warm day there. the high is expected to be in the low 80s. wouldn't we all love to be right there right now. but check this out, yep, it's colorado where it feels like february. skiers are flocking to summit county. and the only ski area still open in the state. the area in fact got two feet of snow this week. more is expected this weekend. so how is the forecast looking overall? the weather channel's reynolds wolf is here with that. good morning, reynolds.
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hi alex. still keeping a sharp eye on parts of the central and southern plains. kind of a repeat performance from last weekend. we have the flood works already in the central and southern plains including dallas and oklahoma city. the trinity river will be a spot to watch as the weekend unfolds. see the red? where you have red is going to be your best chance of severe storms. many of these firing up by the afternoon, but let me tell you, during the early hours of the day, it looks like these are going to race through. for tomorrow that threat is going to continue. moving a little more toward the east you'll notice, we're talking of a driving wind. at the time heavy rainfall and maybe the development of hail. you can't rule out a tornado, alex. it will be a huge mess for so many people. even monday on memorial day you'll see the water stack up. take a look at this, some locations from five to eight inches of rainfall. a few other places a bit less. for the situation, it's one with the ground saturated. they don't need a single drop. so again, we'll be keeping a sharp eye on the central plains throughout the weekend. alex, back to you. reynolds thank you for
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that. one of the nation's most beautiful stretches of the california coastline is closed to beach goers this memorial day weekend. the water and sand were blackened by the oil spill that prompted a state of emergency and put wildlife in a life and death struggle. msnbc's scott cohen is in santa barbara. scott, good morning to you. how serious is this impact on the wildlife? >> reporter: well, they are still trying to figure that out, but the evidence is growing that there is a problem here. as many as five dead pelicans found. one dead dolphin. they'll have to do testing to prove that that was the result of the oil spill. nonetheless, it's worrisome. and then there are live animals that they are treating. six brown pelicans and two sea lions and an elephant seal all being treated. they are trying to get them cleaned up and released back into the wild. but one of the veterinarians involved in that effort says it's a delicate process. >> you want to keep them just
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long enough so that we can get them completely clean, get them ready to go back out there, but not so long that they start to develop secondary problems and problems with being in captivity. >> reporter: and because it's also sensitive and delicate the call has gone out to people here not to take it upon themselves to rescue animals that they found. there are people here who are working on that but of course people can't get to these two very popular state beaches. state beaches that will now be closed until june 4th. alex? >> hey, scott, i mean, in terms of the cleanup, how much progress have they made? i mean, how much can you see granted with the daylight that slick of oil and see it still coming down on the beach coastline? >> reporter: you can definitely see progress in terms of the beach cleanup. they say they have recovered about 9,000 gallons of an oil and water mix. remember that there was about 21,000 gallons of just oil that
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apparent lip went into the ocean. 105 gallons spilled, but it's a very large effort. there's some 600 people. about 18 vessels, more on the way. helicopters and then also at the site of the pipeline break, there's a lot of activity there as they try to sort that out. and the company now under orders to drain the pipeline shut it down until they can figure out what happened and excavate that point of the pipe to figure out the cause. and that could take months. >> scott cohen, thank you so much. the man accused of murdering three members of a wealthy washington family and their housekeeper may not have acted alone a court document says. the investigators believe the crimes required the assistance of more than one person. daron wint was arrested in washington. five people with him were taken into custody. adam reese is in washington this morning for us with a good morning. what do we know about possible accomplices accomplices? >> reporter: alex, good morning. the hunt is obviously on for
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them, but this investigation is far from over. we're learning more about the hours leading up to the murders. who was in the house with wint and the assistant who changed their story numerous times. now the family was left in the house for 19 hours until that money was delivered. and then they were murdered. the house set on fire with an accelerant. we are learning that assistant changed their story numerous times. how much money was in the bag, where it was left where it was left in the garage where we are also learning she made an unusual request to domino's. leave two pies on the front porch, ring the bell and leave because she was nursing a sick child. that was a very unusual request that wint had taken a bite of the pie, left his dna on the pizza. now also we're learning that he made his last appearance his first appearance in superior court yesterday. we learned he showed up in a white jump suit cuffed. he's facing four counts of
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first-degree murder. alex alex? >> what do we know about daron and his past? >> reporter: we know he came from guyana in 2000. he worked for iron works from 2003 to 2005. we don't know much about him since 2005. >> okay. well, we are looking at a bit of details on things he's been convicted of i assault, that has happened as well. adam reese, thank you so much. late last night the senate voted in favor of the president's trend bill 62-37. this will fast track the president's negotiating authority allowing him to prevent trade bills to congress and they can either approve or reject but not change. now the bill will face a tough fight in the house. the senate did not vote on the patriot act that recently was passed by the house. congress will reconvene on may 31. overnight in los angeles an hour-long slow speed pursuit ends when a bystander stands in
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front of thecoming car. the reporter from the helicopter seemed surprises at how it all ended. >> oh oh oh oh! you can see more people now entering the boulevard. and this is where it gets a little dangerous. now you have officers with their guns draw. the bystander who stopped the chase was held for impeding the road. and call this a massive sinkhole. a 35-foot deephole swallowed up a golf course. heavy rains in the area and a possible cave under the course are the leading suspects. the officials say the facilities nearby are not in danger. texas is bracing for record-flooding rainfall this weekend. and that has a lot of people
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worried. >> there has to be less than 2007 and unfortunately the whiter can be higher than 2007. mark good morning, what is it like in wichita falls on the ground there? >> reporter: hi, alex. you can see here the rising floodwaters that are moving pretty quick. we are a half mile from the downtown area. this is actually supposed to be a bike path but now it's under water. there's a sign out there under water with a bench that you can hardly see now. the officials have thought that they were going to face a moderate flood to end pretty quickly, but then they got the shocking news that you showed a moment ago that this could actually be a record flood. which drew many people here into overdrive. races against time and rising water, county workers and volunteers from the nearby
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airport base worked day and night to fill the sandbagsto protect flooding neighborhoods along the wichita river. >> all this is being bagged up and sent out to tagle tanglewood and 57th. >> reporter: following heavy rain and the wichita began to overthrow threatening homes along the bank. hundreds were evacuated and power to their homes shut off. >> there are still things inside that we propped up on card tables sawhorses, things like that that. but then during a briefing with the national weather service, a starting update friday afternoon. >> it looks like it's going to hit hard and heavy. >> reporter: calling now for a potentially historic flood that could affect thousands of homes and last until late next week. >> this was definitely an eye
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opener that stunned all of us. >> reporter: the new petition suggested that with more rain coming, the river could rise to levels one to three feet higher than their record-breaking 2007 flood that swamped nearly 170 homes in wichita falls. now local officials are revising their evacuation plan and are expecting a lot more help now from the state. the irony is that for several years this area faced a severe drought. i was even worried about drink drinking water. and the show "19 kids and counting" is pulled from the tlc. how the oprah show finally triggered a police investigation. and the historic vote is over and all that is left is the counting. how are the countries posed to leave the country on same sex marriage? >> yes, because i want the right to get married. >> marriage is between a man and
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a beautiful morning in washington dmt, d.c. but probably nobody is in the offices there at the capitol building. the state department released nearly 300 e-mails, more than 800 pages she sent and received during her tenure as secretary of state. hillary clinton made a stop at a craft brewery in new hampshire where she stopped to talk to reporters. >> i said from the very beginning i want them to release all of them as soon as possible. and they are in the process of doing that. it's beginning, i just would like to see it expedited to get more of them out more quickly. >> well, joining me now is
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washington post's phillip blum. good morning to you. these e-mails include the period during the benghazi attacks. what are you seeing so far? >> honestly, not a whole lot. there's a lot of nuance and sort of the microcosm of the day to day work of running the state department, obviously this was on her personal server but this is attracting a lot of attention. i don't write all the e-mails because so many were released, but there doesn't seem to be anything to answer the question in surrounding her role with benghazi. >> something that jumped out to me is the entirety talking points for the house intelligence committee all redacted. how does this play into her critics' narrative? the question of benghazi and the hours immediately after the
4:17 am
attack has been the focal point of attention ever since it essentially -- all of the congressional hearings into what actually happened there found out it was a tragedy. so there's been a lot of attention focused on the politics of it afterward. i'm thinking a lot of this was known. i don't think anything coming out in e-mails is going to change change. >> when hillary clinton says she wants these e-mails out there right now, she wants all of them out there so the media isn't raising up tiny things that may have been lost in the flood of everything else. i think that the timing if they were sitting next another, it would be dealt with. >> meaning it will take several months to release 55,000 pages
4:18 am
of relief. do you think this is a slow speed blood after news cycles. i think it is also remembering that she whats wants these release. >> let's take a listen to the president's strategy and her response. >> well, i think it's a very difficult situation and i basically agree with the policy that we are currently follow inging. this has to be won by the iraqis. there's no role whatsoever for the american soldiers to go back other than capacity as trainers and advisers.
4:19 am
the white house says they are dismissing the fall of ramadi. is hillary clinton going to be forced to stand by the administration on this throughout the campaign? >> i think that she and the administration are both sort of hoping things will change over the short-term so they are not willing to change strategy. the fall-over of ramadi shows we have a campaign we are supporting with air strikes, but it is very hard to win the battle in the city with air strikes as the administration admitted to this. i don't know if hillary clinton needs to put her foot down on this right now, but it is also different for her in her eco
4:20 am
economic state. >> remember the spokesman who kept claiming all is well as the u.s. takes a rolling into the capitol. do you get the sense the white house really believes it's strategy or might this all be span? >> maybe the official spokesman can paint things in a particular way. they don't want to send americans in to fight the fight. it's reliant on the iraqis and now we're seeing with what happened to ramadi we are seeing shiite malitias coming into the fray that is making things more snip the administration wants to see this through without putting troops on the ground but i think that's going to be tough to see
4:21 am
if it plays out in the long term. phillip, thank you so much. we invite you to talk more on the iraq debate coming up at 1:00 eastern tomorrow. you may be among the millions traveling this memorial day weekend, but what will you do when you get to your destination? i'll bring you the top activities, next. and a live look at myrtle beach. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well equiped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking
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as promised a live look at myrtle beach on this saturday of memorial day weekend. the beach looking wide open but that's certainly going to change. "forbes" magazine did a little looking to find baseball searches myrtle beach is the number one travel destination for this year's holiday weekend. in the three big money headlines, hitting the road a give back and pizza and a movie.
4:25 am
joining me to break it down "usa today" contributor virginia louis. thank you for joining us. we'll begin with hitting the holiday road. how is it shaping up? >> according to aaa, 40 million will hit the road. and there's been a seasonal uptick in gas price, year over year, down 90 cents. the aggregate spending for this weekend expected to be north of $12 billion. when you break that down in fair warning to everyone, it's a very expensive weekend. if you are average, you'll spend $134 a day. that's even higher than the $129 a day people spend the days leading up to christmas. and if you look at categories year over year hotels a little higher in price. airlines a little lower in the face of competition. and that kind of makes sense when we look at it. i heard the tease, what are people doing this weekend? number one on the list they are going to cookouts or barbecues. you don't have to fly to do that. maybe the neighbors are having one. three out of the top five are
4:26 am
outdoor activities. and that tracks a lot of the recent retail earnings reports in terms of what people are spending their money on. apparel, not so much. fishing gear boats, that kind of stuff certainly invoke right now. you can see the list of number three with the cautionary style of $129 per day. watch for the outlet malls to be particularly crowded. >> we hope the weather holds for the outdoor activities. now to a give back what are employees giving their employers? >> they are giving them back paid vacation time or pto, paid time off. the good news is 90% of people who have full-time jobs are eligible for paid vacation. potentially the bad news is they are not taking all that and giving back five here you see the number five days per year. that doesn't sound really high until you look at it in aggregate, it's 169 million unused vacation days. 9 million carry over meaning don't use them you lose them. and people even drilling down a little further, unfortunately.
4:27 am
there's a correlation. the more money you make the more likely you are to take your vacation delays. and people are using partial weeks to the tune of about 16 paid days off in aggregate per year down from 21 in the '80s. >> i have to tell you, i don't think this happens in europe. they take off weeks and months at a time. and they may be doing it better than we are, just saying. how about pizza and a movie? how is there a combination for one pizza maker there? >> this is interesting. ogilbie has a client, pizza hut in hong kong. their premise here is something things are linked. what they have done is they have given you a little magnifying glass that can serve as a
4:28 am
projector on the wall. it's a pretty unique contribution. it's not hard to envision this down the road to get their opinion. >> it's not hard to envision that. thank you, regina have a great holiday. >> you, too. thank you. motorcycle rallies planned for memorial day weekend. why are police taking extra precautions this weekend when the you hit the roads. cian s... state of the art technology and warranty parts keep your vehicle running right. it's no wonder we sold more than 3.5 million tires last year and durning the big tire event get a $120 mail in rebate on 4 select tires. ♪ you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement,
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4:32 am
this? >> reporter: good morning from dublin castle where the counting is almost over in a vote where ireland has been set to make history. in the united states, of course the issue of same sex marriage is decided by states and by the supreme court. here in ireland they do things differently. everyone decides. it's a big day in ireland, one couple voting yes on their wedding day to same sex marriage. >> if you want to you can get married to the person that you love like we have today. >> reporter: ireland is asking all their people yes or no to gay marriage. the vote counting suggests yes will be the answer. for many it will be a personal victory. >> i'm just asking that the person i love and me be treated the same way on the other couple is being treated. >> reporter: ireland was one of europe's most conservative catholic countries. but the church is power faded so
4:33 am
finally i might have to become a change. here's ireland's prime minister. >> it's historic and that's why i'm voting yes. >> reporter: for critics of what may become the new law, this is a bad day. >> every child has the right to a mother and a father and deserves that choice where possible. >> reporter: but all the signs suggest campaigners for same sex marriage can celebrate a historic change as our olympian election results come in. the only question here is how
4:34 am
big will the margin of victory be? people in this country are still rubbing their eyes in disbelief on how far, how fast ireland has changed socially from a deeply conservative to a liberal country. alex? >> bill neely, thank you so much. we'll wait to see the outcome of it all. appreciate that from dublin. the senate just after midnight defeated motions to renew or reform the nsa bulk data program collection. >> on this vote the yeas are 57 the nays are 42. two have not voted and the motion is not agreed to. >> the majority leader mitch mcconnell offered to consider four short-term extensions. each failed. the senate at 2:00 a.m. decided to call it quits and leave for the memorial day recess. senators will return may 31st just before the nsa program expires on june 1st. and kelly o'donnell is at the white house. with a good morning to you, why wasn't the majority leader able to push this through? >> reporter: well, this has been a long-time coming.
4:35 am
and when you normally see the right to the brirng of a holiday recess sort of issues alex they find a way to not get it done. what is unusual about this is that it failed. rand paul, who is running for president is also looking for ways to continue the bulk of the phone records. and that's something many progressives and some libertarians oppose. now, you had mcconnell and others saying the government needs to have this authority and it should have been renewed without making changes. so that is the kind of road block they hit. there was one other option and that was the house in a bipartisan way change the rules so that the telephone companies would keep the records and then if there was some suspicion the government can access the
4:36 am
records through those normal investigative channels instead of the government holding the records. but that didn't fly on the senate side. what you have here is real opposition and they couldn't get it done. and at 2:00 in the morning, you had this sense of there isn't a way to move forward. so let's reconvene on a sunday. now, part of that frustration was echoed in the words of harry reid. what he said is this mess is an entirely predictable consequence of senator mcconnell's bad habit of governing by manufacturing crisis. the bottom line is this a few months after senator mcconnell led us to the brink of a homeland security shutdown his recklessness is leaving our national security at risk again. pretty tough words from harry reid toward mitch mcconnell. they have to take a break, cool things off and come back right before the actually deadline of june 1st to see if at that point
4:37 am
lions can be changed. >> here we are in the 11th hour. what specifically will expire on june 1st. >> there are different proi items to unveil. to much shock and dismay by americans, the government was collecting all of the to and from information from our phone records. and that could be changed depending on how congress acts and that's something the country needs to keep it safe. >> kelly too'donnell at the white house, thank you. the tlc popular show "19
4:38 am
kids and counting" is off the air. josh duggar is accused of molesting several children while he was younger. the oprah show triggered the investigation. all the details are just now coming to light. erika >> reporter: tlc has now pulled the show "19 kids and counting" effectively immediately. these were first revealed by "in touch" mag sheen in a police report. at the request of one of the minor victims, a court ordered that expunged. it says josh duggar was accused of repeatedly molesting five underage girled. some while they slept in 2002 and 2013. on thursday said in a statement, 12 years ago as a young teenager i acted inexcusebly for which i am deeply sorry and deeply regret.
4:39 am
i hurt others including myself and close friends. according to the department he learned about the allegations in 2003. then josh duggar was sent away for four months of counseling and the state trooper was asked to speak to his son. no report was filed at that time. and an investigation was opened in 2006 after someone contacted the oprah winfrey show which passed along the information. >> two weeks ago i interviewed the family for a tlc special. tlc has not responded to questions about whether it was aware of the allegations, but now says it is saddened and troubled. in a statement, jim bob and michelle duggar said their son made some very bad mistakes and
4:40 am
we were shocked. josh duggar resigned from the family research council, a conservative christian lobbying group. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, a fair friend posted his support. janet and i want to affirm our support for the duggar family. josh's actions when he was an underaged teen says his actions were unexcusable but that doesn't mean unforgivable. whether the one-time fans of the show can do the same we'll find out. and how to stop isis and the military rampage? . for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed, call, data, and reliability. so you never have to settle. $80 a month.
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4:44 am
ramadi. joining me retired colonel jack jacobs. a good morning to you this morning, sir. the bbc says 3,000 shiite malitiamen are going to join in this assault. what are the chances they can take back ramadi? >> i think it is going to be pretty good. the shiite militias are extremely vicious. and given the mission in the past, they have done exactly what they have been asked to do. and i think it is really kind of interesting that they are using shiite militias in what is basically a sunni area which is one reason why isis has been able to take the area that and the fact that another iraqi army itself is not very skilled. it remains to be seen whether or not they will hold on to it. as you know and discussed before taking the objective is only part of the exercise. you've got to hold on to it. it will be interesting to see if the militias can hold on to it. >> it sounds like you are not surprised by what ramadi felt
4:45 am
this week. we spoke to richard angle about the fall of ramadi and palmyra on our air thursday. we'll take a listen to that. >> it shows the basic flaw in this strategy in that no matter how many air strikes you do unless you have effective forces on the ground to move in and take territory, then the air strikes aren't going to be able to make any lasting differences. >> so without boots on the ground, colonel jack is this strategy hopeless? >> yes, it's not going to go anywhere. i think we have to promote richard to be a general officer in just about any military. because he's got it in one. air strikes are only good to the extend that we can support groups on the ground. our terrorists seize terrain and hold it which will call for more
4:46 am
troops than anybody thinks. >> so why is the u.s. using this strategy then? are we being naive? lack of a better idea? is there no support from the citizens to pursue a boots on the ground? what is it? >> well, i think it is all those things, but mostly it's the latter. i mean there's no political will in the country to reinsert american troops in any numbers into the area in order to make the strategy the long-term strategy work. as a matter of fact, you could argue persuasively that we actually don't have any long-term strategy. we have only tactics. and tactics alone without any long-term objective is not going to get anywhere. and that's been demonstrated by our policy failure in iraq. >> current, is this hour fight to fight? >> that's an interesting question. there's a lot of emotional involvement. we lost just in the battle of ramadi alone in 2006 we lost more than 80 americans killed and more than 200 wounded.
4:47 am
so there's an emotional component to it. but in terms of the military and the accomplishment of strategic objectives, the short answer is no. and what we have been trying to do and have failed so far is to generate enough enthusiasm in the region for the arabs to take care of their own problems. as you can see, by the iraqi farmer's inability to hold on to ramadi and earlier tikrit you can see their heart is not in it. unless you can get $invested in securing holding terrain and then administering it properly no progress is going to be made. no, it's not our fight. and we don't seem to be able to help these guys either. >> current jack jacobs thank you so much sir. >> you're very welcome. hundreds of thousands of bikers are expected to rally across the nation this memorial day weekend. the rallies come just days after a texas shoot-out between rival
4:48 am
biker gangs and authorities are taking extra precautions. stephanie gosk has this story. >> reporter: memorial day isn't just a big weekend for barbecues, it's a big weekend for bikers. rallies are set to take place from new mexico to washington, d.c. red river, new mexico, expects 20,000 bix. in atlantic beach, south carolina 400,000. and in d.c. 900,000 will ride in the rolling thunder for the ride. in atlantic beach, south carolina, they have extra reason to be vigilant. last year three were killed and seven wounded during bikefest. governor nicki hailey asked the
4:49 am
city to cancel this year but organizers didn't want to. there will be three times the number of police and strictly enforced driving rules. some bikers feel they are treated unfairly. the vast majority just like to ride and that doesn't make them criminals. >> they don't blend in with society. they are different. but we are like anyone else. >> any criminal element to this is considered an anomaly. >> it is certainly not a big threat, not by comparison with many things that the fbi does. >> reporter: on a weekend when motorcycles will be out in the millions, the police aren't taking chances. stephanie gosk nbc news new york. it's the year of the woman at the legendary cannes film festival. and one of the films focuses on the life of a fallen star. that's next. ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands...
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fast becoming the most precious
4:53 am
natural resource an act of vandalism is taking on greater significance someone punctured a dam sending drinking water flowing into the san francisco bay. >> the cannes film festival is wrapping up. it's being called the year of the woman. the fact that many of these films were produced by women. joining me by skooipype is dana kennedy. i want to talk about some of the movies starting with carol. about a married woman who fell in love with a younger woman. >> it's getting oscar buzz. i think it may win tomorrow. it is definitely the buzzed about film. kate blanch etgives a tour de force as a 1950's housewife who
4:54 am
falls in love with a shop girl. it shows the 1950's in new york as every period piece you could want. everyone loves this movie. and anything she does is considered fabulous. on merit, in general i like the movie. >> how about natalie portman who made her directatorial debut? she also wrote the screenplay. she stars in the film. she speaks in hebrew. how do you think she did as an actress and director? >> it was another tour de force. a lot of people don't know she speaks hebrew. she was born in jerusalem. it was amazing to write the screenplay. direct it speak it in hebrew. it was wonderful about the creation of israel before
4:55 am
independence. a time that people don't know too much about. it was fantastic. a love u love letter to the beginning of israel at the time when israel is getting so much bad press. >> another film is amy, a documentary which features images of amy winehouse. >> the controversy comes from her father who at first wanted the movie once he saw what was in it wasn't pleased. the reason i think is he doesn't come off too well. he was an absence father during her childhood. when you think about amy websiteine house, she was tortured. she had an eating disorder. she was a troubled person like so many artists. it's sad. you don't see her just as somebody who blew her life in self-directive for no reason.
4:56 am
she had a lot of demons. >> i'm looking forward to see it in full. she comes across as being innately a sweet person as well which makes it all the more heartbreaking. i want to switch gears to something you were taken with. the uber helicopters. they're jetting folks in and out of cannes. >> i have uber on my iphone over here. it popped up right before the festival you could take a helicopter. not that i did. one entertainment company had the clever idea to offer uber rides to one of the best parties for cannes. for ten minutes guests got to fly over the riviera. paris hilton flew from cannes to the grand prix tomorrow. it's usually villas and --
4:57 am
>> kendall jenner was the best dressed. she was in this incredible calvin klein dress. >> there you go, who knew thank you very much. good to see you. that wraps up this hour of weekends with alex witt. join me for a two hour edition at 12:. 0. 0. boys? (music) stop less, go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. hurry in, and you can get 0% apr for 72 months on 2015 passat tdi models plus a total of $1500 in available bonuses.
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