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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 22, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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revealed. what happens next in that case? we'll look at that. also ahead on this friday a bomb shell for the reality tv family, the duggars of "19 and counting." their oldest son is apologizing amid allegations he molested young girls when he was a teenager. we're asking you on the bing question of the day, do you think the duggars' reality show should be cancelled? moments ago the state department released 300 beiges of e-mails from clinton's private server after she started the campaign function in new hampshire. you can see her live at this event in new hampshire. these e-mails are from the days she was secretary of state. they come after a judge ordered their release in response to the information freedom act. she admitted thursday to as much
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as $26 million in undisclosed paid speeches by the three family members. alex covers the campaign. he joins me live from the new hampshire campaign event. we should note for viewers we're talking about a lot of e-mails. i know you haven't lad the chance to go through all of them. based on what you've seen so far, any headlines here? any highlights? >> reporter: that's right craig. they came in the middle of this event still ongoing behind me with hillary clinton speaking to businesses here. the e-mail contained something not classified at the time but later became classified by the fbi potentially complicating her claim all along it contained none of this. i talked to people that have seen these e-mails for a long time and are not expecting bomb
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shells. they are people that worked for her at the state department. they said e-mails will exonerate her. they say once this is brought out in the light of day, we'll see there's nothing scandalous nothing untoward. they're eager to get these out. they think it landfall help them politically. >> do we know when to expect another batch of e-mails to be released? >> reporter: we don't yet craig. the state department has said they'll give a time line. originally the state department said they'd wait until january of next year to release all in one batch. the federal judge ordered they come sooner. they're still working out how this is going to happen. we only found out the release was going to happen at 12:30 today less than an hour before it happened. >> again 296 e-mails released about -- nearly 900 pages.
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any idea about how much of the information has been redacted? >> reporter: that's an interesting and important question. the "new york times" yesterday released their own batch of documents. the state department said their redax re redacted e-mails will be heavier. it will be interesting to see a the differences in the redaxs. it may give us a hint act who possibly linked those to the "new york times" yesterday. >> we should note these documents span a two year period from january 1, 2011 until december 31st of 2012. this campaign event where you are in new hampshire happening now. do we expect hillary clinton will respond at all to the revelations or lack thereof in the e-mails?
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>> reporter: well typically she doesn't take questions after events. she did earlier this week for the first time since declaring her presidential run. there are a large group of supporters that grath supporters that gathered here. she came in and waved and said she'd come back and talk to them and mingle with them. they allowed our cameras to be there. maybe when she comes out, we'll try to get a question to her and see if she responds. >> let's turn to newly disclosed speeches for a moment. $26 million roughly. do we know that the point who paid for the speeches? >> reporter: well that's right. we have a wide range here. anywhere from 12 to $26 million released from the clinton foundation. it lists people who paid for events. a wide range of corporations banks, universities, non profits ranging from $10,000 up to
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potentially $1 million. for hillary clinton in particular, she was paid for a very expensive speeches by jpmorgan. there's 24 colleges and universities controversy among students and alumni that thought money could be spent in better ways. >> any foreign governments or entity? >> one partly funded by the thai government. that's it. >> alex on duty in new hampshire. thanks. i know this is a lot of information. if you get something else, come back on. we'll put you on. thank you again. we're following breaking news out of washington d.c. on this friday afternoon. 34-year-old daron wint is expected to make his first court after appearance after 3:00 today. police say wint is the man who killed a family of three and their housekeeper in washington d.c. he remains in jail this afternoon. law enforcement sources tell nbc
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news police followed a white chevy cruz and box truck leaving a howard johnson hotel in college park maryland. 20 task force vehicles and a helicopter took the pursuit after trailing him five miles. they eventually surrounded him and arrested him in the 1,000 block of rhode island without incident. peter alexander spoke to the commander of the u.s. marshals task force. >> we were able to get a car between the sedan and box truck and conducted our pin. we pinned the sedan with four vehicles surrounded the box truck. everybody gave up immediately. >> also arrested two other men and three women. police towed both vehicles and said at least $10,000 in cash was found inside the truck. msnbc adam reese is tracking the latest for us in washington. adam, what more do we know about how police tracked daron wint
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down? >> reporter: craig, good afternoon. we believe they tracked him through his cell phone from brooklyn to d.c. capturing him after a two day man hunt. he's charged with first degree murder. the marshal that arrested him said she was stoic, gave himself up calm and peacefully. he had gone to his girlfriend's house we believe. she said he would give himself up. he made his way back down to the d.c. area. last night they tracked him to a howard johnson express in college park maryland. they moved in. he was in the back seat of that white chevy. there was also a box truck. they chased him five miles looking for a red light. they got the red light, pinned him. they made the arrest peacefully. they found $10,000 in one of the vehicles. they don't know if that's associated with the $40,000 delivered to the savopoulos
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home. there are two surviving daughters in boarding school. they put out a statement. i want to read that to you. they said while it does not a bait our pain, we hope it restores sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and our city. he will appear in superior court charged with first degree murder. >> wondering about a possible motive. at this point, are police saying anything about wint's connection to the savopoulos family? >> reporter: we knew he worked for the iron works company back in 2003 for two years. he had a relative that worked there that may have been fired. >> adam reese in washington thank you. we have developing news also out of saudi arabia this afternoon. as many as 19 people have been killed by a suicide bomber there who blew himself up at a shiite
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mosque. the "wall street journal" says isis has claimed responsibility. that's a short time ago. this is the first time since november when gunmen killed at least eight. bad weather off the santa barbara coast has let up. that means crews can resume cleaning up the massive oil spill. more than 100,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from the pipeline tuesday. a fifth made it to sea covering nine miles of coast. the operator of that pipeline citizen it could be weeks or months before they figure the cause. scott is live in california. give us an update on the weather and how much oil the cleanup crew has been able to remove so far. >> reporter: they've recovered about 10,000 gallons or so of oil and water mix. that's not half the oil that may have leaked out into the ocean.
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it's mixed with water. it is significant progress. as you said there have been weather issues. it's not bad now. there's still a fairly brisk wind every so often here. they had to pull in some of the vessels from the water last night because of high seas. that's a problem because it's a race against time particularly when it comes to wild life. we've watched this unfold behind me. dozens of sea lions, pelicans to do what they do going for their food source and the water they're navigating. the water is contaminated. we don't know what they're eating and so forth. >> scott in california. thank you. a baltimore kbrjgrand jury indicted all six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. this is a view of gray's arrest obtained by "the baltimore sun."
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this shows gray outside the police van. he was arrested april 12th and died a week later after suffering a critical spinal injury in police custody. marilyn mosby announced the indictment wednesday afternoon. the indictments were similar to the charges a few weeks ago. reckless endangerment was added to all officers. false imprisonment was dropped against three of the officers. they're set to be arraigned july 2nd. still ahead, a young officer and new mother killed in the line of duty. >> i think her legacy will be one of service. her legacy will be one of giving back and continuing to give back. also ahead, scandal for reality tv family the duggars. revelations their oldest son is accused of molesting young girls when he was a teenager.
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a stunning apology from reality tv star josh duggar amid allegations of child molestation molestation. the oldest sibling in one of america's most recognizable families with you accused of repeatedly molesting five underage girls when he was a teenager. the judge ordered the records destroyed because it involved juveniles. now 27 years old and father of three himself, josh gave the quote saying as a young teener i
10:16 am
acted inexcuse bli. the star can't face criminal charges because the statute of limitations has expired. the same records show josh's father knew about the incidents but waited more than a year to notify authorities. his parents posted this on facebook. quote, when josh was a teenager he made bad mistakes and we were shocked. we pray that as people watch our lives they see we're not a perfect family. we have challenges and struggles everyday. that coming from jim bob and michelle duggar. publy cyst that founded the agency. tlc wrapped the tenth season of the reality show. they're not commenting so far. can the duggar family this show "19 kids and counting" can it realistly hang on to its
10:17 am
wholesome image it projects? >> i think it can. i think tlc should keep it on the air. >> really? >> i do. >> why? >> we live in an imperfect society. we have to be careful when reality shows are expected to hold individuals to standards that the viewers watching can't themselves live up to. we have to be very careful not to move away from what people deal with everyday in their lives. i think this is a teachable moment. i think he was young when it took place. i think we have to remember redemption is large part of family and life. there's a teachable moment for tlc and family. he was a minor. people do make mistakes when they're young and not as educated or don't have as much information about the act they're engaging in. >> josh duggar stepping down from his role at the family research council. meanwhile, he's done a fair amount of campaigning in the
10:18 am
past. political family to a certain extent. he campaigned extensively in the past for mike huckabee who is defending the family. he said quote, those who have enjoyed revealing this long ago sin in order to discredit the duggar family have actually revealed their own insensitive blood thirst. let others run from them. we will run to them with our support. this is not a lukewarm endorsement. this is mike huckabee putting his arms around the duggar family. is that smart politically? >> i think it's smart. he's deliberate and intentional with that statement. he's not running from the family. i think what he's saying is true. you can't expect people to not embrace when they themselves have sinned or made mistakes. >> you know this to be true.
10:19 am
in our society, it seems as if you have different levels of sin. there are things that collectively society is willing to forgive people for, but there tends to be at least from my perspective we're not quick to forgive over. one is child abuse. specifically child sex abuse. for mike huckabee presidential want a be to race to defend this a family. that doesn't surprise you? >> he's not embracing the infraction. it's more about the redemption value and fact that people do make mistakes. again, he was a minor when this took place. it's different when you have an adult that abuses a child than when you have a minor who does it. it doesn't make it less harmful or lessen the impact smktimpact? again, he was a child when he did it. mike huckabee is saying let's
10:20 am
forgive him, not the action. we are forgiving him because he was a child. let's allow him to move past this unfortunate incident and allow redemption to take place. >> should the show deal with it? >> i think the show should deal with it. i think if waee allow other infractions to play out on reality tv this is happening. i think there could be a teachable moment from it. >> thank you for your time. enjoy your weekend. duggars are the topic of today's bing pulse question. for more on that let's check in with francis. >> we launched this at the top of the hour. it's interesting based on the conversation you were having here. do you think the duggars' reality show should be cancelled? overwhelming response. 88% say yes, it should be cancelled. 12% say no. if that changes, we'll continue to follow it. again, let's watch in real time how our viewers have been responding again. overwhelming for a lot of
10:21 am
viewers saying yes. no one voted no in the past 15 minutes. interesting to consider also in conversation when you consider this too. you keep in mind "honey boo boo show" cancelled. mama june was dating the sex opp offender. the show kanscancelled that. we'll keep you updated in the next hour and a half. >> tlc demonstrated in the past they don't have much patience for things like this. it will be interesting to see if they allow the show to go on. weigh in on this topic on social media. also tweet us @roberts msnbc. comment on facebook and instagram as well. we'll go back to breaking news. the suspect in the murder of a
10:22 am
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hundreds of protestors in olympia washington thursday protesting the police shooting of two black men suspected of shoplifting beer from a grocery store. police say the two men were not armed with guns when shot earlier in the day by a police officer that confronted them. both survived. the officer has been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is being investigated by local law enforcement agencies. protestors gathered at a local park before marching down to police headquarters and city hall. they chanted and held signs like black lives matter and no justice no peace. no omaha, nebraska where
10:26 am
flags are flying at half staff. police are honoring kerry orozco on the day she was gunned down before bringing her baby home from the hospital. she was shot and killed in a gun fight with a gang member hours before her maternity leave was supposed to start. we are joined now with sarah in omaha omaha. how is the community honoring her this week? >> reporter: good afternoon craig. this community is united in their grief. they're doing things around town to honor this officer and show her family support. her name is eventually going to be added to this memorial listing law enforcement killed in the line of duty. she'll be number 25 on this list. in this meantime people created this temporary memorial. they've been dropping off a steady stream of flower cards to honor her. a beautiful tribute to a fallen
10:27 am
officer, mother volunteer, mentor. >> for the past five years, officer kerry orozco went by a different title on the field. coach k, as her players called her, was always encouraging, always positive. >> she would tell us it's okay. we don't always have to win. keep your spirits up. >> her coaching didn't apply just to the game. she talked openly about the challenges they might face growing up bridging the gap between community and cops. >> gang violence and drugs and stuff like that that's not cool. >> officer orozco was shot attempting to arrest marcus wheeler, a man known as a gang member. wheeler was also killed. >> it was a tragic circumstance. it had to do with the fact this job is extremely dangerous.
10:28 am
>> officer orozco died one day before she was to go on maternity leave. her baby daughter was born prematurely and scheduled to leave the hospital tuesday. she had two young step children. >> the way she carried herself here i know what kind of mom she would have been. >> a community united in grief and team determined to play on in honor of their coach. >> she would never give up. >> mope. >> do you think that a will be something you remember? >> yes, i'll remember everything she taught us. >> reporter: we've been hearing similar stories about how officer orozco touched people's lives as they come to drop off mementoes here. her funeral is scheduled for tuesday. they're expecting quite a big crowd to come say good-byes. back to you. >> sarah in omaha, nebraska. awful, awful story.
10:29 am
thank you so much. straight ahead, making history. ireland poised to become the first country to legalize same sex marriage by popular vote. we'll take a look at that. before we head to break, a live look at miami and cleveland as we kick off the memorial day weekend. so far, traffic moving pretty smoothly. we'll be right back. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts
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any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. what is also true and what we know about the contents of these materials is they do not change in any way. anyone's understanding about the events of that tragic evening. >> that was white house press secretary josh earnest comments minutes ago on the state department's release of hillary clinton's e mails today. they leased roughly 900 pages, 296 e-mails that happened about an hour ago. the state department again
10:33 am
releasing e-mails from her private server after clinton started a campaign function in new hampshire. e-mails are from the days she was secretary of state. they came after the judge ordered their release in response to freedom of information act response. the chairman of select committee on benghazi. a congressman from south carolina released the statement saying quote, the state department transferred 300 messages exclusively reviewed and released by her own lawyer. no impartial reviewer should be required to make and strains credibility. alex seitz-wald joins me from hampton, new hampshire. again, a lot of e-mails to comb through, a lot of page as to scour. what else have you been able to
10:34 am
get from the release so far alex? >> reporter: one e-mail comes september 27 2012. this is two weeks after the september 11 attack on the benghazi compound. it's draft talking points to intelligence committee. what's interesting is it's entirely redacted. we don't know what's inthis e-mail or who it's coming from. those points became major political controversy after the event. it was initially blamed on demonstrations and spontaneous attack and later revised to terrorist attack. republicans have put a lot of focus on that. why was that recontacted? >> it seems as people continue to go through e-mails that there's a real apossibility at the end of this there may be more questions than we had before the e-mails were even out this.
10:35 am
>> reporter: i think that's absolutely right craig. with all these big document dumps, we usually find interesting things nuggets that flesh out what we already know. rarely do you find any big bomb shell or smoking gun that completely changes everything we know about hillary clinton or whoever the document dump involves. i think probably at the end of this we'll be left more or less where we started with lingering questions. >> alex for us in innew hampshire. thank you. daron wint is expected to have his first court appearance in 90 minutes. wint is suspect in the gruesome murder of a family of three and their housekeeper. meanwhile, wint's former attorney who represented him in previous cases roughly a decade ago said wint can't be the man who did this. >> i can't believe he did it. i've met him many many times.
10:36 am
i do not think he's the one. >> i'm joined by former prosecutor. that exchange was bizarre. first of all, here's a guy, the attorney that represented him in roughly half a dozen cases. nearly all of those cases violent crimes accused of violent crimes. what do you make of this former attorney coming out with such an hardened defense of an accused killer? >> reckless first of all. and baseless also. they've got dna linking his client to the murder scene. he's hostile aggressive seen from his past record. the attorney was contacted or representing him in this capacity. i don't know why he's talking and certainly talking with no knowledge of the facts of the case. >> wint has a prior record, convicted of assault in 2009 pleading guilty on other charges in 2010. here are some of the charges. pled guilty to malicious
10:37 am
destruction of property pled guilty of open container, assault in 2009. what does that record say to you? >> he's a hostile individual, has no regard to authority and someone that has to be watched and capable of the kind of conduct he's suspected of now. >> what's next for him? >> he'll be arraigned at 3:00 today. there were three other vinls pick -- other individuals picked up with him. it will be interesting to see if they're guilty of harboring a fugitive or took place in the murders. >> coming up up in the next hour, i'll talk to the former attorney you saw there for the suspect, daron wint. that's coming up on "msnbc live." back now to a story generating so much attention. reality tv star josh duggar is apologizing for allegations of
10:38 am
child molestation. how will this impact the future of the duggar family? francis has the results on the question we've been asking today. >> before people other weigh in if they haven't already, i want to bring in developments that tmz is reporting tlc has pulled the duggar show from the lineup. they have no long term plans. they're pulling it from the lineup. that's different from cancellation. we're asking you at home do you think the duggars' reality show should be cancelled? for those voting so far, this is what you came up with. 81% say yes. 19% say no. based on how you've been voting the past minute or so take a look. more people actually saying yes. in the last minute alone, somebody went and voted no. interesting to look at gender here. based on what we've been seeing. look at this so far.
10:39 am
blue males. going up and down. overall the females least in the past five minutes have been overwhelmingly voting yes. some voting closer to no in the last minute. interesting to see how this is developing. tmz is reporting they've pulled it from the lineup. nbc has not confirmed that yet. we're working on it. keep weighing in let us know what you think. >> thank you. we're going to figure out what it means to pull a show but not cancel it. we'll get to that. and polls in a land ireland. will that a country become the first to pass by popular vote? seems like a lot for a hot dog and soda even in new york city. we'll look into price gouging
10:40 am
and the footprint of ground zero.
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call the number on your screen or visit the website to learn more. ♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ it's more than just a meal it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. all right. now to the weather. as you plan ahead for your long memorial day weekend, this is what the commute looked like this morning in san francisco. that's bottom left. houston, cleveland, philadelphia. live look right now at the
10:44 am
george washington bridge. this is of course the bridge that connects new york city to new jersey. lots of traffic. that's how george washington looks all the time for the most part. actually moving smoother than usual. what will it look like this weekend where you live? sadly some will have a better holiday than others depending on where you live. msnbc meteorologist joining us now with the forecast. i see a lot of green and a lot of yellow there. >> yeah some backyard barbecues busted in the south central plains. that's where the rain is continuing. we're monitoring flooding problems for places like oklahoma city and down through texas. wichita falls, areas we've seen rising rivers. that's going to continue for this weekend as well unfortunately. here's a look at our flood watch. what we're looking at through monday widespread two to four inches. locally could see up to seven inches. that's a lot of rain.
10:45 am
most these areas are upwards of 20 inches for the month of may. more is going to come down. here's what we're looking at through the weekend. most the country starts out below normal temperatures as the jet stream dips down. basically with the exception of southeast. as we go through the weekend though temperatures start to warm up. we're talking temperatures upwards of 15 degrees above normal by the belt way. it gets real warm in here by monday for the northeast. 92 d.c. 80 in new york on memorial day. back to you. >> thank you so much. polls have been open 12 hours in ireland where today voters could make a landmark decision. irish are voting whether to approve same sex marriage. if they do ireland will become the first to legalize by popular vote. they're open a few more hours there. we have the co director of marriage equality in ireland joining me now.
10:46 am
for a lot of folk who is have not been following the story, we won't know the results until tomorrow morning, but this is a huge deal because ireland very socially conservative. i understand divorce was illegal up to the 90s. abortion is still illegal there. at this point, reading the tea leaves, how do we think it's going to go? >> well the turnout has been good, really good. that's a positive indication for the polls for tomorrow. we have three more hours, so viewers at home i'm asking them to call home and ask them to vote. we've seen people at the airport of people coming home to vote. young people are mobilized, out voting for the first time. 100,000 new voters signed up to vote in this referendum. we're hopeful we're on the brink of something historic and
10:47 am
positive. i'm hopeful the for a win tomorrow. >> 87% of ireland i understand is catholic. what does this say about the catholic church, if again, if same sex marriage is legalized? what will it say about the catholic church? >> well yes, you're right. a lot of people in ireland still identify as catholic or lapsed catholic. from talking to them we've had hundreds of thousands of conversations with people all over the country. for them they see no difficulty in being divide catholics but also voting yes for sharing marriage with loving committed same sex couples. >> co director for marriage equality ireland, keep us posted there please ma'am. thank you. at 2:00 eastern, actress turned down for a role told
10:48 am
she's too old. keep in mind she's 37. ageism alive and well in hollywood. we'll talk about that. first though -- >> i said are you a crook? of course he gave me a very stiff discount. >> 30 bucks. $30 for a street vendor's hot dog and soda. accusations of tourist price gouging in footprint of ground zero. we have jess rosser's investigation when we come back. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it.
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this is hillary clinton just a few moments ago in a campaign in new hampshire talking about the state department's release of those e-mails. >> all of them that have any government relationship whatsoever, in fact the state department had the vast majority of those anyway because they went to what are accounts. i'm aware the fbi has asked a
10:52 am
portion of one e-mail be held back that happens in the process of freedom of information act responses but that doesn't change the fact that all of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> do you have some concern that it was on a private server? >> no. >> wasn't there sensitive information? >> paul? >> are you going to recommend -- things possible? >> that has been my request, paul. i've said from the very beginning, i want them to release all of them as soon as possible and they are in the process of doing that. i understand there is a certain protocol that has to be followed. they are following that. these that are being released today have been in the committee jurisdiction, they were given to the committee some months ago. and now finally those are getting released. >> it's beginning, i would like to see it expedited to get more
10:53 am
of them out more quickly. >> i have said repeatedly that i have a set of expectations about the trade agreement that it will grow jobs and protect american workers and create a more level playing field and it would be good for our national security. we don't yet have all of the details. in fact it's not as i'm told been fully negotiated yet. i do have concerns. i have concerns that the standards will not be tough enough or enforceable. i have concerns about currency manipulation which has been a big problem in the impact our company and workers. i have concerns about the investor settlement dispute mechanism allowing to challenge health and environmental and labor provisions. so i have some real concerns and i have said i'm going to make up
10:54 am
my mind. i've been for trade agreements against some for others. i want to judge this when i see exactly what is in it and whether or not i think it meets my standards. >> what should the future of u.s. policy in iraq be? what's your vision for the u.s. role in that country moving ahead? >> i think it's a very difficult situation. i basically agree with the policy that we are currently following and that is american air support is available. american intelligence and surveillance is available. american trainers are trying to undo the damage that was done to the iraqi army but former prime minister maliki who bears a big part of the responsibility for what's happening inside iraq today. but at the end of the thought process i engage in and trying to figure out what we can do this has to be fought by and won
10:55 am
by iraqis. there's no role whatsoever for american soldiers on the ground to go back other than in the capacity as trainers and advisers. >> secretary clinton, do you -- >> thanks, everybody -- >> why haven't you done a public -- >> many americans don't believe you told the truth -- >> i'm going to let the americans decide that. thank you all very much. >> there you have it hillary clinton a few moments ago in new hampshire at a campaign event answering a handful of questions about the release of those state department e-mails. that release happened just over an hour ago. you've heard there at the end the democratic presidential hopeful saying that the american people should ultimately decide what to believe about those e-mails as you might imagine. we've heard from a number of republicans -- a number of republicans who have said that there are still lots of questions. alex seitz-wald our man who covers hillary clinton will join me in a few moments to talk more
10:56 am
about what we just heard there. we'll also delve into the e-mails more. we heard from hillary clinton saying that the fbi had asked that one of the e-mails be held back. we heard from alex a short time ago and said one e-mail was redacted completely. we don't know who it was september from perhaps that was the e-mail to which he was referring. we'll have more coming up in just a few moments. this is msnbc. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it!
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any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. the suspect in the murders of the d.c. family and their housekeeper is due in court in been an hour. how a task force finally hunted him down. the state department released the first batch of clinton e-mails. she talked about it moments ago. >> expedited to get more of them out more quickly. >> also ahead, a scandal for a popular reality tv family, the duggars of "19 and counting"
11:00 am
oldest son apologizing for allegations i molested young girls as a teenager. do you think the duggar's reality show should be canceled? you can vote at over an hour ago the state department released its first batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. the released happened to coincide with her first campaign stop in new hampshire. >> how are you? >> on the e-mails can you explain criticisms of the chairman is that your lawyers vetted these so they are not a public release and that you haven't really cooperated with putting everything out and that at least one of these included information that was classified because it involved benghazi? >> i'm glad that the e-mails are starting to come out. this is something that i've
11:01 am
asked to be done as you know for a long time and those releases are beginning. i want people to see all of them and it is the fact we have released all of them that have any government relationship whatsoever. in fact the state department had the vast majority of those anyway because they went to what are called dot gov accounts. i'm aware the fbi has asked that a portion of one e-mail be held back, that happens in the process of freedom of information act responses. but that doesn't change the fact that all of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> andrea mitchell asking the first question of hillary clinton. already the republican who chairs the select committee investigating the 2012 ben gaz zu attacks has weighed in. you heard andrea reference chairman gowdy from south carolina saying in part state
11:02 am
department transferred 300 messages slufly reexclusively reviewed to assume a self-selected record is complete when no one with duty or responsibility to the public had the ability to take part in this election requires a leap and logic. no impartial viewer should be able to make and strains credibility. alex alex alex alex alex seitz-wald. >> reporter: she defended as we played in the clip there, that little bit of e-mail that the ap highlighted that later made classified by the fbi, saying that essentially she did nothing wrong. we have really unusual situation here where everybody involved from hillary clinton to chairman gowdy, wants these e-mails to come out sooner but it's taken
11:03 am
the state department a long time to do it. just preently the national archives administration went through all of hillary clinton's e-mails, 55,000 pages to look for what might be personal and pulled out about 1,000 e-mails. they did that entire process in two days leading those to wonder why it's taken the state department so long. pressure building from both sides of the aisle, trying to move this along as soon as possible. >> almost 900 pages released today. any indication of when we can expect the remainder of e-mails to be released? >> we're still waiting to hear from the state department. they say they are going to put out a timetable of this release, what the judge is call gs a rolling production. these will come out periodically from here and all the way to january 2016 which was initially when they said they were going to release those e-mails and i have to imagine politically this is a rolling headache for hillary clinton. every time these e-mails get
11:04 am
released, even if there's nothing obviously untoward it's going to lead to speculation and people trying to find something to pin against her. >> alex seitz-wald, enjoy your holiday holiday, thank you. daron wint is expected in court between 3:00 and 3:30 this morning, police say he is the man who killed the family of three, including a 10-year-old and their housekeeper last week. law enforcement sources tell nbc news that police followed a white chevy cruz and box truck leaving a howard johnson last night. 20 task force vehicles and helicopter took up the pursuit. authorities were eventually able to surround him and they arrested him in the 1,000 block without incident. in d.c. proper. peter alexander spoke with the commander this morning and described how they trailed him. >> we weren't sure where they
11:05 am
were going. then they did some kind of crazy u turn through a neighborhood and back down to route 1 back down the way they were coming. we thourpt they were trying to throw off a tailor see if anybody was following them. >> police arrested two other men and three women as well. law enforcement officials tell nbc news both of the vehicles were towed and reportedly said $10,000 in cash was found inside that white truck. i'm joined now by msnbc's adam reiss. went else when into the police tracking? >> reporter: they were tracking him from the cell phone from brooklyn to d.c. captured after a two-day manhunt. charged with first degree murder. now the marshall lead marshall said last night he was stoic and passive as he was arrested. let's take you back to wednesday when they did track him to brooklyn. he was visiting his girlfriend and probably knew they were closing in on him and made his way back to d.c.
11:06 am
last night they tracked him to the howard johnson's express in college park maryland. 20 cars and helicopter following the chevy cruz and a box truck. they needed a red light to pin him in and finally got the red light after a five-mile chase and made the arrest. they found $10,000 in one of the vehicles. now that $10,000 we're not sure if it's associated with the $40,000 that was dropped off at the savopoulos house. there are two surviving daughters and they have put out a statement that reads in part, while it does not abate our pain we hope it restores a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and our city. funerals for the family will be on june 1st. wint will be arraigned me within the hour. >> adam thank you. a clearer picture continues to emerge about precisely what unfolded inside that washington,
11:07 am
d.c. mansion. frances has the timeline on that. >> this entire deal gripped pretty much d.c. with uneasiness and fear and gripped the nation with the mystery of what exactly happened inside the house and who was behind it. now as each day passes we're learning more. we have a timeline assembled by our washington, d.c. station, wrc. may 13th, 3:00 p.m. the family's housekeeper was supposed to finish her work day and leave the home. according to a second housekeeper amy savopoulos asks him to come home to watch the son fill ip because she has plans to go out. 9:00 p.m. savopoulos calls her his wife is sick and says not to come to work the next day and figueroa would be spending the night. the rest of this night is crucial, when the housekeeper
11:08 am
are believed to be held captive inside the mansion. domino's pizza delivered to the house and dna from a piece of crust leads police to their suspect. 9:30 a.m. figueroa's husband knocks on door. no answer. he gets a call saying vera had be taken to the hospital. at 9:40 nelly gets a text telling her not to come to work for the day. at 9:30 a.m. the family's 2008 blue porsche is last scene at the home later that same day the car is found torched in the parking lot of a maryland church. sometime midday her assistant drops off a package containing $40,000 in cash. at 1:30 p.m. that day, emergency crews respond to the fire at the house and bodies of the family and housekeeper are found inside. may 20th at 10:00 p.m. police announce that daron dylon wint
11:09 am
is a suspect. the search takes them to brooklyn new york where the cell phone led them to his girlfriend. she says he's on his way back to d.c. the next day at 11:00 p.m. daron wint is in custody after the traffic stop in northeast d.c. taken into custody there, showing little emotion. police describe him as stoic. as we know where this stands now, wint is charged with first degree murder with while armed and he's expected to have his first court appearance within the next hour sometime this afternoon. many people are asking investigators what was behind it what was his motive. >> why, why? i'm joined by attorney robin fiker. have you spoken to him recently? >> i've spoken with his family and i'm going to be meeting with his family this weekend.
11:10 am
he was supposed to be armed and dangerous. they found no weapons at all and he was passive. the money they found was not even in daron wint's vehicle. if he committed murder for money, why wouldn't he have the money with him? they've got the wrong guy. it's a media feeding frenzy. they are trying the case -- he is not guilty of any crime -- he's presumed innocent. >> you have represented him as i understand it in at least six previous cases. he has a criminal record that is fairly extensive convicted of assault in 2009 pled guilty on other charges in 2010 other minor charges as well pled guilty to malicious destruction of property. he does not sound like a good dude. why do you continue to get on television and defend him so
11:11 am
passionately? >> he has a minor record. the guy has been in jail for a few days on this terrible record that you're talking about. i know him -- >> six cases. >> he's patriotic and went into the marines. a place you would like your son to go. >> six cases. >> six case,s not one, not two, a half dozen. >> and he was found -- in none of those cases in none of the six was he found guilty of any crime. he's being harassed. >> he was convicted of assault in 2009. >> i did not represent him in that case and often times when there's a custody dispute, serious assault charges are brought in order to gain some leverage in the custody dispute. no one was injured in that case. >> you maintain as i understand it that the d.c. police and other investigative agencies as
11:12 am
well have the wrong guy? >> they have the wrong guy and they are leaping to judgment and trying the case in the media. this pizza crust was found in the dumpster behind the house. it didn't get into the house it was left there on the steps of the house. where's the dna linking him to the victim? where's the dna linking him to the inside of the house? if the police had it they would be spilling the beans instead of talking about a pizza crust. >> what would their motivation be? why would they frame him or -- arrest the wrong guy? >> they are desperate to lockup a suspect. but they've got the wrong guy. they ought to be checking out people who have been convicted of torturing animals and people who have been convicted of torturing other human beings. he's a nice guy, wouldn't hurt a fly. >> this nice guy you're describing convicted of assault, pled guilty to other charges. he has a rap sheet that's
11:13 am
actually several sheets. >> i've got a law office down the street from the largest university in the state of maryland. these young guys at the university getting into tousles and troubles and may have a extra beer beyond what they should be. this is part of growing up. he's a good guy, his record is entirely minor. incidental. he's -- >> that's factually -- >> that's factually inaccurate. it's not -- >> what's inaccurate? >> again, if you're convicted of assault, that's not a minor offense, not a misdemeanor. >> it is because you look at the jail time that was done in that case there wasn't any jail time. so the conviction is just a piece of paper -- >> all right, we did not cut him off by the way for the record. we did just lose him though. attorney ficker will meet with the family this weekend. it sounds as if he would
11:14 am
represent them if asked. grand jury indicts six baltimore officers in the death of freddie gray. what comes next in that case? and also scandal for reality tv family the duggars, how they are responding to reports that their oldest song molested young girls as a teenager. do you think the dug gar reality show should be canceled? you can vote. superstar sakt tres maggie gyllenhaal turned down for a part because she's too old. how old is too old in hollywood? we'll be right back with that. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
11:15 am
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11:18 am
briefing happening right now, marie harf taking questions related to the release of those hillary clinton e-mails a short time ago. let's listen in. >> i'm not going to speak specifically as why they requested this, but prior to the public release, i'll underline a few so people have a general sense how the process works. it's possible that the degree of sensitivity and certain information coffee vofled over time due to changing world events or national security interest and details of our cooperation with other countries would be upgraded if the public disclosure could negativively impact u.s. foreign relations and a candid exchange of views if publicly released could have a negative impact on foreign relations. those are general, i'm not referring specifically to this sentence and a half that was upgraded today but there are a variety of reasons in the regular process that this can
11:19 am
happen. >> that all refers to the upgraded from unclassified to some form of classification some level of classification. candid exchanges between officials? >> if it could impact -- if there's a judgment made by experts that it could negatively impact foreign relations, yes. >> could you tell us what it was upgraded to? >> secret. >> which is the lowest of the -- >> there's confidential which is lower. >> and more generally, there are a lot of other redakss. >> correct and we try to set expectations that there would be. >> right, do you have -- are you able to tell us what the majority of those were for? what was the reason? >> i don't have a breakdown. next to each there is a code for the exemption that's cited and on our website you can look at those codes. i don't know them all by heart and haven't done a breakdown of how many apply where.
11:20 am
but as i noted, these were provided with very few redakss to the committee when this one e-mail that has been upgrade was provided, it was provided classified because there are different standards -- >> they have unredacted versions of all of this? >> there were very small -- there were some redapgss but this was a agreement we would provide them in that form. >> despite the fact that the information was not as you say classified at the time and sent to her, is it at all troubling or problematic for the department that this kind of information which is clearly sensitive, even if it wasn't classified at the time was being passed around on a private server? >> i think we've spoken broadly to this issue in the past. in terms of the fact there was no prohibition from using
11:21 am
private e-mail as a public official we've spoken about this in the past. i would again note that this information was not classified at the time. >> what was it considered at the time? >> unclassified. >> but even sensitive. >> no markings on it. when it got sent to the hill it also went in a form. this happens about several times a month on average wherefore a variety of reasons under the law, something previously unclassified for public release are deemed classified. >> when was it that the fbi asked for this to be -- >> there's been an ongoing interagency process. every agency that has he can quitd quit e-mails is part of it. >> sometime -- >> there's been an ongoing discussion with the other agencies throughout the last
11:22 am
several weeks we've been doing this. >> is that since they were turned over to the committee or since it became public knowledge that there was a private server in existence. >> they went through an interagency process when they went through the committee as well. members of congresses who have clearances not using foya standards, when we made the decision, a new interagency -- i don't remember the date. we started the new process, which is a separate process with different standards for public release. they went back to the inner agency and that's when all of these discussions took place. >> just remind me did you decide to make all of these public -- only after it became public knowledge of the private server became -- >> no it was -- >> right? >> well, i go back and look at the chronology, when she turned them over to us we very quickly
11:23 am
said before the server issue was discussed, that we would undertake using standards of review to release these publicly. on tuesday we'll make a court following on the 55,000 outlining how we will be undertaking rolling production. periodic production of the remaining 55,000. that's something we're committed to. >> just on the last question and you may have said this already, to be clear, because the e-mail and contents was not classified at the time it was sent to her it's the state department's opinion that she did not violate any policy is that correct? >> what kind of policy are you referring to? >> like something within the spam or -- >> that anyone mishandle d classified information. >> it wasn't classified at the time and the occurrence of a subsequent upgrade does not mean that anyone did anything wrong, to be very clear here. >> on that point, is there in
11:24 am
the fbi's request this now be classified embedded within the request the suggestion that it should have been classified on the date in which it was sent? >> i have not heard of that. i mean i don't -- the answer is i don't know. i haven't heard that in any discussions. this happens pretty regularly that something is -- this process happens pretty regularly. >> as part of that regular occurrence it's quite plausible in some instances something is upgraded in its classification from unclassified to some measure of classification. >> state department spokesperson marie harf answering questions about hillary clinton's e-mail some of those released shortly before 1:00 today. 300 e-mails in those pages and marie harf noting there during an exchange that no classified information was shared over the private server and noting that there was no prohibition of
11:25 am
using private e-mail as well when the exchanges took place over private server. joy reid joining me now has been following all of this very closely. it would seem to me that once all of theses e-mails are out and this is one of those rare instances where both democrats and republicans can agree on something, agree on fact that all of the e-mails should come out. it two seem even when all of the e-mails out there are going to be lingering questions. >> i mean i guess there are if you are of course the republican opponents of hillary clinton running for president or her endless appointments in congress. i think one of the things that this e-mail release underscores is that the overall if you want to call it controversy about hillary clinton's use of e-mail private e-mail is something that is not uncommon. other secretaries of state have done it. but the controversy over it does boil back down to benghazi. these are 300 or so e-mails related to benghazi they were sent over and now part of the
11:26 am
committee process regarding the republican endless number of -- i don't remember how many investigations now. about benghazi unless there's an underlying something within the e-mails that indicates nef fair yus doiings regarding benghazi, this goes where the rest of the e-mail scandal went probably not anywhere. >> carrie van is standing by as well down in washington, d.c. i know you've had more time to go through some of these e-mails more than i have at this point. we've been on the air since they came out. have you been able to glean anything else from what was released today? that's question one. question two, do we know at which point we can expect to see more of these e-mails? >> in response to the first question, the most important thing we found so far on these e-mails that we've seen is the heavy redakss, which is something you'll see republicans
11:27 am
really pick up on during this process. there was even the remarks that hillary clinton was supposed to give at -- a speech that was going to be public and the speechwriter forward these e-mails to her but the entirety of the speech had been redacted. most important one obviously that we have found so far there are some revised talking points about two weeks after the attacks in benghazi and unnamed person their name has been redacted as well has listed out the new talking points. that's a big source of contention on the issue of benghazi. and they -- the talking points are completely redacted as well. you're going to see republicans really picking up on saying not only are these e-mails that have been -- that the clinton team actually managed to look at before they were submitted to the state department they are going to say even the ones that went to the state department are unnecessarily redacted and we're not going to be able to see
11:28 am
really a transparent look at what's going on at the state department today. >> carrie thank you. want to come back here quickly, joy. this is something i struggle with from time to time. is this one of those stories that we care about a lot and john q six pack in middle america, where they could care less about or a larger story about why the clintons shouldn'ting trusted? >> there are three groups that care republicans who really do want to find some wrong doing that hillary clinton was connected to regarding benghazi it is a fetish of the right wing base. they care about this and republican voters may care about this. it gives one more reason to dislike hillary but they weren't going to vote for her any way. john q. public most people don't care too much about this the idea of a person in government having a personal e-mail account doesn't sound like something that changes the world. what carrie dan just talked
11:29 am
about the classifications, if you've ever read documents released by the federal government state government, police department, local government, redaction is not something new. true to get documents about the iraq war or this administration or any administration, that isn't common. the question is when the e-mails were sent in rereal time was it classified? no. we'll be right back. e only yogurt brands endorsed by weight watchers and your taste buds have always endorsed us. so, you know what this means... this is a real win win! yoplait, it is so good! ford is taking the ecoboost challenge all across america. ford has really stepped up! check out fusion and find out why ford is the brand more people buy, and buy again. i like the grill. the sexy look to it. epa-estimated 37 miles per gallon on the highway. are you serious? fusion is amazing. my opinion of ford has dramatically changed.
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11:33 am
more. >> reporter: josh duggar accused of child molestation in response the now 27-year-old father of three issued a statement which reads in part 12 years ago as i young teenager i acted inexcusably for which i'm extremely sorry and deeply regret regret. i hurt others including my family and close friends. >> the incidents occurred in 2002, just before the family began filming its first tv special 14 children and pregnant again. >> 14 children is unusual. >> reporter: police reports obtained by in touch destroyed thursday by request by a court has accused of molesting five teenage girls, some touched inappropriately at night when they were sleeping in a common room at this time. >> wow, it had been very busy. >> reporter: those same records state josh's father jim bob knew about the incidents but
11:34 am
waited more than a year before contacting authorities. nbc reached out to josh and jim bob but neither responded to our request for comment. in a separate statement posted on their facebook page jim bob and michelle duggar called this one of the most difficult times of our lives and went on to say, he made some very bad mistakes and we were shocked. the investigation was open in 2006 after a caller contacted producers from the oprah winfrey show who in turn contacted the department of human services. i sat down with the duggars earlier this month before these allegations were made public. that interview was for a special that aired tuesday on tlc. >> we do plan to stick -- >> reporter: josh's wife anna pregnant with the couple's fourth child stated josh shared his past teenage mistakes two years before the couple became engaged. >> thursday josh duggar resigned from his position with the conservative crist yab lobbying
11:35 am
group, the family research council. its president tony perk kins released a statement saying the incidents were previously unknown to the group and this is the best decision for josh and his family at this time. josh duggar cannot face criminal charges. the statute of limitations has passed. frances rivera is tracking your opinion. what's the latest on our bing question of the day? >> as i find out more and there are those reports that some of those episodes have been pulled but as far as the fate of the show, long term we're asking do you think the duggars reality show should be canceled? and this is what we're looking at so far, 80% saying it should be 20% saying no it should not. as far as just rereal time as we take the pulse as we call it of your opinions here before the past five minutes it was overwhelmingly yes and based on what we're seeing from erika hill's piece, a lot of people
11:36 am
feel so strongly it is a yes. in the last couple of minutes as erika's story with a background about the duggars has been running there. take a look at gender and see how it's coming into play when it comes to men and women. take a look at that. overwhelmingly it is shown in red, yes, many of the females who have been voting think the duggars' reality show should be canceled. a few men voting and that's skewing towards the more neutral side. continue voting as you weigh in and we're trying to get reports and confirmation as far as episodes being pulled and not necessarily canceled you think the duggars reality show should be canceled and factor this too. tlc canceled honey boo boo's show when her mother had been dating a sex offender there. with this coming about, we'll see if that will affect the future of the show. >> here are just a few of the other stories that caught our eye. there's a reason why your
11:37 am
driving instructor tells to always keep your eyes on road. they decided to have a sing af a long with the selfie stick and this happened. ♪ i was wrong ♪ >> is everybody okay? >> all right. >> yeah pretty scary, the group did turn out to be okay. another reason to throw away your selfie stick though. up next pacman looks great for 35. video game turns 35 today. chicago restaurant level 257 celebrating by hosting big name in the pac-man woshld billy williams first person recognized to have hit a perfect score in that game and last. screen got a surprise of his life when his co-workers
11:38 am
arranged for the rock to join them in a prank. >> what? >> how are you doing, man? >> correspondent nick mundy was derespondent when johnson refused to participate in the planned hijinxes all because the movie star was planning on marrying mundy and his fiance later that day. >> nick do you take laura to be your wife to love honor and cherish, holding only to her and not to the rock? >> all of this has been arounded by the screen junky staff. nice co-workers there. new york famous for hot dog carts throughout the city but not all of those are worth stopping by. jeff rossen in his "today" show national investigative team went
11:39 am
undercover at ground zero to expose a hot dog vendor selling food at different prices for different people at one point selling a hot dog and soda to tourists for 30 bucks. take a look. >> reporter: it's a new york staple. >> classic. >> reporter: hot dogs from the cart. but wnbc's melissa russo got a hot tip, complaints that this hot dog vendor is gouging tourists near ground zero. his cart is just under the new freedom tower. i send in my producer kevin undercover to buy a hot dog. >> hot dog with mustard. how much? >> $3 normal price but he's a new yorker. watch what happens when this man with a french accent walks up. >> sorry? >> $15. >> how much? >> $15. he can't believe it. 15 bucks. >> how much is the pretzel?
11:40 am
>> reporter: wait, $7 for the pretzel, $5 for the hot dog, even the math is wrong. >> i said are you a crook? and he gave me a discount finally paid $8 for everything. >> reporter: but the ground zero vendor isn't done yet breaking the bank with this next customer. >> $30, you're joking right? >> he said he left $3 and the half eaten hot dog before walking away. city regulations say all vendors have ho post prices but we don't see any prices here. now the city opening an official investigation into the vendor. >> when you hear this vendor is charging different people different prices within a minute or two of each over what do you make of that? >> that's patently illegal. >> reporter: jeff rossen with nbc news. time to chat with the hot dog guy. why are you charning different people different prices? >> sorry, i don't know. don't speak english. >> reporter: you charged some
11:41 am
people $5 some people $15. how do you pick your prices based on how they look or way they sound? >> no speak english, sir. >> reporter: you speak some english. people are ordering hot dogs and pretzels every few minutes here. >> no speak english, sir. >> reporter: not good enough for the new york city police commissioner calling it shameful. >> it's a classic new york story, overcharging even for a hod dog, 56 million tourists we want to protect them and shame on him effectively. >> jeff rossen after the vendor was caught gouging his customers. nypd officers questioned the vendor and issued his three tickets including failure to list prices ticket and plus the owner of that food cart fired the vendor. still ahead, developing news from santa barbara, stained with oil this memorial day weekend. efforts to save coastline and wildlife from that massive oil spill.
11:42 am
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windy conditions for crews trying to clean up the oil spill off the santa barbara coast. crude oil spilled out of a pipeline, not a fifth of that made it out to sea covering about nine miles of coast. the operator of that pipeline now says it could be weeks, perhaps even months before they determine the cause. moments ago the california attorney general's office said it is working with the local district attorney and feds to investigate the whole thing. i'm joined now by msnbc's scott comb from santa barbara. >> reporter: they are still working against time trying to get the cleanup contained and that company now under orders from the feds to shut the pipeline down that 10 1/2 mile stretch of pipe.
11:46 am
drain it and take out the damaged section and figure out what went on and that of course could be -- could lead the way in some of these investigations that you mentioned with potential penalties down the road. we know that pipeline when it was tested in 2012 there were a couple of dozen what they call anomalies, mostly involved with corrosion of wells. we also know that the company said there were issues with the pumps before the spill was discovered on tuesday morning. and we'll see whether all of that is related. meanwhile, the wildlife is doing what it does and the concern is that it's the pelicans and sea lions are getting contaminated by the oil sean there's a sea lion they took down not doing well. several pelicans that are being taken care of in l.a. and they are continuing to look at that and after the wildlife situation, meantime of course this spill has ruined the
11:47 am
memorial day weekend here at the state beach. >> scott thank you. as scott just mentioned, it is in fact memorial day weekend here in the united states. this is what the commute looked like this morning in san francisco, in houston, in cleveland and philadelphia as well. looking at some pictures there just some of the 33 million travelers expected to hit the roads this weekend. domenica davis joins me with a look at wet stuff in the midwest. >> that looks like what we're going to see the wet weather this weekend. from kansas all the way down to texas, flooding concerns are there and they will stay over next four days. projected by models a widespread 2 to 4 inches of additional rain coming down and that was going to aggravate flooding problems and storm through the midsection on friday, temperatures slowly start to warm up through the midwest and east coast over
11:48 am
sunday's forecast and into memorial day. we'll start off for many people with below average temperatures and then they'll start to soar. by monday we're in the 90s in washington, d.c. 79 in new york but monday we'll have showers and thunderstorms spread from the midwest from chicago down to st. louis and new orleans they'll see some thunderstorms on memorial day. back to you. >> thank you. up next maggie gyllenhaal and hollywood gender double standard. what did she say that sparked an online fury. also coming up on "the cycle" at 3:00. they will be taking a look at the big block buster movies including this summer flick, starring paul rudd.
11:49 am
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is 37 too old to be sexy?
11:52 am
god, i hope not. hollywood buzzing with the news that actress maggie gyllenhaal was told she was too old at 37 to play the lover of a 55-year-old man. take a look at how this conversation is spiking on social media. more than 21,000 mentions on twitter of the actress in the past few days. gyllenhaal has appeared in movies like kt the dark knight" and won a golden globe for "the honorable woman." sharon waxman editor in chief of of the rap. let's talk about this double standard when it comes to sexual attraction and hollywood movies. is this an isolated incidence or is this hollywood? >> well, unfortunately it is hollywood and maggie gyllenhaal who was talking for a larger magazine piece about the honor woman, happened to mention this. it was almost in a sigh.
11:53 am
and maggie is giving voice to something which normally you don't talk about. it has been true in hollywood for deck i hads and it's persistent. we went out and did this interesting slide show where we matched up the actual ages of actors in all kinds of movie, including somewhere maggie was the older love interest to say jeff bridges in "crazy heart" two years ago. she's saying she was offended and she's right to be. >> she told you in part it was astonishing to me. it made me feel bad and then it made me feel angry. then it made me laugh. why was she laughing? >> because she's intelligent and has a good sense of humor. good for her, she's the lead in the honor woman on sundance channel. so she's kind of laughing last. maggie gyllenhaal has really good taste as you've mentioned
11:54 am
and won a golden globe for that performance in january and she's being buzzed about for a potential emmy nomination as well. she's voicing the reality for lots of women actresses here. i should point out this does seem to be really the case in film and so much less the case on television where you have everyone from jane fonda with a new series on netflix to glenn close, to jessica lange, these are not women over 40 but in their 60s and january fonda is 77 looks amazing. >> you mentioned high profile work betty white in her 90s, a major presence on television over the last few decades that there's a new show grace and frankie, lilly tomlin and jane fonda and sandra bullock in her 50s, top movie star. why do you think those women have been able to land those roles as they age and others
11:55 am
have not? >> maggie is working and she's going to continue to work. she's pointing out a really deep built-in bias in the casting system particularly when it comes to romance. that's ridiculous. let's be honest it's ridiculous, women look fan tasic tick these days well into their 40s and 50s and 60s and they should be able to play the love interest of men in whatever -- at whatever age actually. i think that first of all pointing it out that maggie is sort of -- usually as i say the kind of thing you don't talk about, you swallow it you're offended and move on. and you watch the job go to somebody else. in this case i think she's obviously struck a really incredible nerve. we had no idea this story went viral on facebook 12 hours after we put it up it was crazy. and maggie had no intention i'm quite sure of sparking anything. but this is part of the zit
11:56 am
geist, there's lots of talk about women not directing movies and aclu now demanded an investigation by state and federal agencies into whether this persistent discrimination is something illegal. by talking about it you raise consciousness by people not looking to be discriminatory but need to step back and think, wait a minute, maybe we should reexamine that. >> sharon waxman thank you, have a great holiday. >> that is going to do it for me on this edition of msnbc live. you have a great weekend as well. be sure to keep the conversation going with the handle roberts msnbc. there it is right there. time to cycling. what you got coming up? >> that's right, we're going to keep the conversation going here on "the cycle." we have an action memorial day friday planned here we're
11:57 am
talking travel and weather information that you need. we've got a summer movie preview special and a lot of good stuff for the weekend. plus an update on breaking news with hillary clinton speaking an hour ago about those e-mails, all of that up next put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. i said people with hearts. because hearts health is important. that's why i've researched optimized and packaged this mix just for you.
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a 4 in 1 detergent that cleans brightens and fights stains. now with 24-hour freshness. . the superintendent in the gruesome mansion murder mystery is heading to court this hour. >> good friday afternoon to you, i'm ari melber krystal and abby are getting an early start to the weekend. we'll have more on the 33 million americans hitting the road this morning. first a bit of relief as we head into the holiday from worries residents from washington to new york. the man police say brutally held and tortured and burned a d.c. couple and housekeeper and 10-year-old son is now making his first


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