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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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housekeeper in washington, d.c. is expected in court later today. police say daron dylon wint was arrested late last night during a traffic stop in a northeast d.c. neighborhood after a multistate man hunt that took police from d.c. to maryland to new york city and back. authorities tell our d.c. station wint showed little emotion when taken into custody and they are not ruling out more arrests. the break in the case came wednesday when authorities identified wint as a suspect through dna found on a pizza in the family's burning home. nbc's peter alexander has the late details. peter? >> reporter: alex good day to you. these dramatic developments taking place overnight, almost a week to the day after the brutal murders took place in that exclusive washington, d.c. neighborhood. now in custody, daron dylon wint. he was arrested without incident by authorities late last night in washington after a man hunt that went to new york city and back. police impounded two vehicles including a box truck, where federal law enforcement
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officials tell nbc news they found at least $10,000 cash. this morning the massive man hunt for first-degree murder suspect daron dylon wint is over. police taking wint into custody overnight in this northeast washington neighborhood. law enforcement sources tell nbc news that police followed a white chevy and box truck outside washington. officers pulling over the vehicles approaching with guns drawn and arresting wint without incident. two other men and two women were also arrested. overnight, investigators were combing through the chevy and the truck. wint's arrest capped an intensive two-day search from washington, d.c. to brooklyn new york where investigators believe wint traveled by bus before returning to d.c. thursday. a law enforcement official tells our nbc station wnbc that police tracked wint to brooklyn using a phone found in his girlfriend's possession when police interviewed her thursday. she told police wint was returning to d.c. where police used separate phone records to track him down according to the
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official. the question remains this morning, did wint target the savopoulos family allegedly beating and stabbing the adult victims? police say he once worked for savvas savopoulos' business american iron works and wrc reports one of wint's relatives was fired from the company. do you believe there are multiple suspects involved or that wint was acting alone? >> we have not ruled out others involved. >> reporter: in 2010 wint himself was arrested outside american iron works carrying a two-foot-long machete, but weapons charges were dropped after he pleaded guilty to possessing an open contain of alcohol. court records revealed wint was also charged with assault three times, found guilty in one of the cases and had three unrelated separate protective orders against him. >> i can't believe that he did it and i've met him many many times. i do not think he's the one. >> reporter: this morning we received a statement from the
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family of savvas amy, and philip savopoulos, they are survived by two teenage daughters. the statement reads in part "we are thankful to law enforcement who have worked to bring about an arrest in this case while it does not abate our pain we hope it begins to restore a sense of calm and security in our neighborhood and to our city. we are blessed to live in a community comprised of close circles of friends who have supported us and grieve with us." and today we do expect that wint will make his first appearance in court later this afternoon. alex, back to you. >> peter alexander, thank you so much for that update. another story we're following, new video emerged of the day freddie gray was arrested by baltimore police shot by an anonymous witness, it appears to show officers restraining gray with handcuffs and leg shackles outside that police van stopped less than a block from where he was arrested. the footage was posted around the same time the baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby announced all six officers have been indicted by the grand jury.
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that announcement coming three weeks after mosby filed charges against them. the charges brought by the grand jury are largely the same however, all six officers were also given an additional reckless endangerment charge and false imprisonment charges were replaced with misconduct for an illegal arrest. the police union which criticized mosby of having multiple conflicts of interest released a state of mind saying "all citizens are innocent until proven guilty including these six officers." mosby said evidence discovered after the original discovered after the charges were announced. >> on may 1st our investigation revealed sufficient probable cause to bring charges against six police officers. as our investigation has continued, additional information has been discovered and as is often the case during an ongoing investigation, charges can and should be revised based upon the evidence. >> msnbc's joy reid is joining
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me now here in studio. joy, you listened to marilyn mosby there. was this the outcome we expected charges might change somewhat, but not dramatically? >> absolutely this is not uncommon under maryland law, charges are brought and jury looks at those charges and they can modify them the prosecutor themselves can also modify them on the way to an indictment or not indictment. in this case charges and indictments mirrored one another largely. >> as you know, she has been called on by several people to recuse herself, officials and groups as well saying conflicts of interest. does this do anything to affect that? >> i think not. i can tell you being on the ground in baltimore, people really -- the mosbys she and her husband, who's a city councilman are beloved by man on the street people who see them as people who have cared about the community for a long time but she's made the point she's a public servant, so is sher husband but they serve in different capacities and this
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was brought on by the evidence. >> uphill battle here. the history in baltimore of charges being brought against police, let alone finding convictions is pretty steep. >> baltimore has a history of paying out large amounts of civil damages in cases involving police police misconduct against citizens but overall in the country it's rare to convict police officers and attorneys that you talk to in this case say you have to prove that the officers had it in their minds that freddie gray could be injured or killed by the actions that they took. >> depraved harm. >> that's the harm against the driver of course the most serious charges he could theoretically face 30 years in prison down to reckless endangerment, which is added to charges yesterday and that could get up to five years in prison if convicted. the misconduct charge lawyers will tell you is probably pretty solid because it is clear the police officers have admitted they did not belt in freddie gray into that van, which is the right procedure, and the video that you showed that has emerged shows one of those stops the
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officers had said they had to shackle his legs because he was flailing about, but the video shows him basically inert and not moving. >> yeah okay. joy reid thanks for joining us. >> thank you. developing now, president obama's addressing one of the largest jewish congregations in washington, d.c. this in observance of jewish american heritage month. the president is highlighting efforts to combat anti-semitism, a problem he says has created an intimidating environment worldwide for jewish families. in an interview this week the president said extremism in the middle east is making jews fearful, just one generation removed from the holocaust. we are going to monitor the president's remarks for you there. also developing now, the senate is expected to make a decision today on the national security agency's bulk collection of domestic phone records. the house passed a bill last week that would end the practice replacing it with case by case searches. president obama is urging the senate to pass the house bill known as the usa freedom act.
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also developing now, the clinton foundation has revealed millions in previously undisclosed payments. the charity reports it received as much as an additional $26 million for speeches by bill hillary, and chelsea clinton, the money coming from major corporations, universities foreign sources, and other groups amid questions over whether the foundation has fully complied with a 2008 ethics agreement to reveal its donors and whether its funding sources present conflicts of interest for the former secretary of state clinton. meantime, she is getting back on the campaign trail in new hampshire where she's scheduled to hold an event later on this hour, also tweeting she will hold the first big event of her campaign on june 13th. msnbc's alex seitz-wald is joining us live from new hampshire. what's on the agenda for hillary clinton today? >> good morning, alex. this week is all about small businesses for hillary clinton. she was in iowa earlier this week where she declared she wants to be a small business
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president and she's at a small business again today here the smuttynose brewery here in new hampshire and today she's going to talk specifically about the export/import bank a bank that supports u.s. companies that do trade internationally and some republicans want to get rid of it. she says republicans should support the 164,000 jobs supported by the bank according to her numbers, rather than side with the tea party and the talk radio hosts who want to eliminate it. >> okay. let's also talk about this announcement, some big event on june 13th. do you know what that's about? >> right, we don't know too much yet, but she tweeted yesterday we're going to have a big rally june 13th. this is something we've been expecting for quite a while. it was supposed to occur at the end of this month, the end of may, but was pushed back. so far she's been doing these small events. today is going to be a round table with just a handful of people that's typical of every event she's done thus far. after that rally, it will be a much different phase of the campaign. we'll start seeing big rallies, bigger speeches the more
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typical kind of campaigning you expect to see on a presidential level. still no information on the location, but it will definitely kick off a more typical phase for hillary clinton. >> probably more media coverage there. let's also talk about what's supposed to happen right now this hour the state department is set to release the first batch of e-mails from her time as secretary of state. how much do you think voters care about this e-mail story? >> you know i don't think it's really penetrated too much to the voters on the ground either in iowa or new hampshire. it's still early. even in these key states and people have their opinions formed about hillary clinton largely. she's been around for 30 years, you know she is 100% name recognition. i was talking to a supporter this morning and she wants somebody who's been tested under fire and anybody who's been out in the arena is going to have some kind of baggage out there. we could see that change closer on and there has been some polling to indicate it's damaged
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her trustworthiness numbers and people who say they believe she's honest but so far i think, you know while these are very important questions to be raised, i don't think it's necessarily hurting her on the ground. >> okay alex seitz-wald thanks so much for the report. appreciate that. up next boy scouts officials are now considering a call from the group's president to end the ban on gay troop leaders. up next, new reaction from a former boy scout leader who was ousted because he's gay. also ahead -- >> in washington during my brother's time republicans spent too much money. >> jeb bush offers the toughest criticism yet of his brother's presidency. more on his comments. they are part of today's first read coming up. and developing now, crews in california are working 24 hours a day to clean up that huge oil spill. why it could take months to determine what happened. it's one of the stories we're following around the "news nation." join our conversation online. you can find the team on twitter.
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mixed reaction to that blockbuster announcement by the boy scouts president urging the group to end the ban on gay leaders. robert gates, the former defense secretary, warned the ban is not sustainable and if the scouts do not change their own terms, the courts will likely force them to change on theirs. >> we must deal with the world as it is not as we might wish it would be. the status quo in our movements membership standards cannot be sustained. >> this comes just two years after the organization voted to allow gay boys to become members, but did not extend that to adult leaders. joining me now, a former troop leader who was fired for openly acknowledging he was gay in an interview with nbc news.
8:16 am
jeffrey, glad to have you, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, thank you. >> scouts have been part of your life since you were 8 years old, so your reaction to what bob gates had to say there is what? >> it's encouraging to see that they agree with us that the current course is unsustainable and it must be changed. >> okay. but are you concerned at all about the proposal that individual troops be able to decide for themselves whether to allow gay leaders instead of putting out a broad spectrum you know nationwide international doctrine for that? >> yeah i think it's problematic. they are trying to remove the national body from legal jeopardy in this decision and dissolving that ability to local councils and sponsoring organizations. i think that that puts them at risk and that the better leadership move would be to make a blanket policy change that is inclusive of everyone. >> there is a concern and comes
8:17 am
from, i guess, funding because i believe 70% of local troops are supported by faith-based groups some of which have already expressed concern about the change in policy. how might that affect the conversation? >> every organization has to be sensitive to their constituencies and they also have to be sensitive to their growth pattern. the boy scouts of america has been in a serious period of decline and i think that they are rightly trying to address that. as they are able to respond in this issue and other areas, they'll be able to continue providing the virtues and benefits of scouting to a new generation but if they don't make the changes they need to scouting will continue to be irrelevant in our society. >> there was a scout master who spoke with the new york times that said i don't think it's fair to exclude gay adults but i have reservations about gay leaders on camping trips. just the conversations, there may be some who try to take advantage of it just to be around boys.
8:18 am
what would you say to those parents? >> well the thing is there's been gay and lesbian participants in scouting since the beginning. the only question right now is whether or not those participants can participate in an equal way with everyone else or whether they continue to be at jeopardy of being outed or somehow being ashamed of their status rather than being full and equal in dignity and in service. that's the only question. it's time to move beyond the idea that being in the closet or that is actually the preferred way for people to be in society. >> do you think this change will be inevitable in terms of allowing gay troop leaders to be part of the boy scouts? because a point was made when they allowed the gay scouts two years ago, that at some point a scout will turn 18 and may want to volunteer as a gay troop
8:19 am
leader, and if -- they shouldn't be denied doing that, right, two years later. is this a natural progression, do you think there's any way this is going to be stopped? >> i don't see how it can be stopped. we heard just a couple months ago about the announcement in the greater new york council with an accepting of a summer job, youth employment adult employment now, he's turned 18 and they want him to work at their scout camps, and they want that to fight the national policy ban and that's why this is moving forward. kids eventually become adults and they want the same equal opportunity to work at the scouts as employees or as volunteers and there's no reason to deny that anymore. >> geoffrey i'm supposed to go but i want to ask, are you interested in getting involved in boy scouts do you think you will? >> i am currently involved in boy scouts we're a fully
8:20 am
inclusive scouting organization boys and girls, gay and straight, scout together just like most scouting organizations internationally. only three nations in the world currently that discriminate against gay and lesbian scouts and that is the united states yemen, and one other country. and, you know what i think it's time that scouting can become equal for all in the united states, just like it is everywhere else. >> geoffrey mcgrath thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. up next the eldest son of the duggar family made famous on "19 kids and counting" apologizes after allegations he molested underaged girls when he was a teenager. it's our "news nation" gut check. and ireland is making history as the first country to hold a nationwide referendum on same-sex marriage an issue dividing the mostly catholic nation. we're live in dublin with the latest.
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we are back with shocking new allegations for one of america's most well known tv families, the duggars, stars of tlc's 19 kids and counting. josh duggar the oldest son, is apologizing after reports he was once investigated on child molestation claims. now many viewers are calling for the show to be cancelled. nbc's erica hill is here with more on this. erica, what a story. >> good morning, the arkansas family is known by millions for that show you mentioned, 19 kids and counting now in its tenth season and with the show has come plenty of press, but never like this. the headlines are shocking josh duggar accused of child molestation. in response the now 27-year-old father of three issued a statement, which reads in part "12 years ago as a young teenager i acted inexcusebly for which i am extremely sorry and deeply regret. i hurt others including my
8:25 am
family and close friends." the incidents occurred in 2002 just before the family began filming its first tv special, "14 children and pregnant again." >> 14 children is unusual. >> reporter: police records obtained by "in touch" magazine, which were destroyed thursday by request by an arkansas court showed josh duggar was charged for repeatedly molesting underaged girls, some touched inappropriately overnight while sleeping in a common room at this time. those same records also state josh's father, jim bob, knew about the incidents, but waited more than a year before contacting authorities. nbc reached out to both josh and jim bob but neither responded to our request for comment. in a separate statement posted on their facebook page they called this "one of the most difficult times of our lives" and went on to say "he made some very bad mistakes and we were
8:26 am
shocked." the investigation was opened in 2006 after a caller contacted producers from the oprah winfrey show, who in turn contacted the department of human services. i sat down with the duggars earlier this month before any of these allegations were made public. that interview was for a special that aired tuesday on tlc. >> we do plan to stick -- >> reporter: josh's wife anna pregnant with the couple's fourth child stated josh shared his, "past teenage mistakes" two years before the couple became engaged. tlc, which just wrapped its tenth season of the reality show did not respond to their request for comment. there's no word on whether they knew about these allegations prior to this week. josh duggar resigned from his position with the family research council on thursday a conservative christian lobbying group. its president released a statement in response saying the incidents were previously unknown to the group and this is the, quote, best decision for
8:27 am
josh and his family at this time. josh duggar is not eligible for criminal charges in these cases as the statute for limitations have passed on the events in question. we have reached out again this morning to both the duggar family and also to tlc. we have not heard back on anything. >> also the subject of our "news nation" gut check today, what does your gut tell you, should tlc drop "19 kids and counting" in wake of the revelations about josh duggar? go to to vote. right now, republican hopefuls touring in the state the governor calls the reddest in the nation. it's part of today's first read and that's next. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. i said people with hearts. because hearts health is important.
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8:31 am
his brother on a big policy issue for the first time. and we have a bit more on that latest disclosure by the clinton foundation. first, here's a look back at the week in politics. >> i want those e-mails out. they are not mine. they belong to the state department. as much as they can expedite that process, that's what i'm asking them to do. >> i will not let the patriot act, the most unpatriotic of acts, go unchallenged. my voice is rapidly leaving. my bedtime is long since passed. i relinquish the floor. >> they want me to stay. a lot of people in that 65% want me to say. i've heard that don't leave to run for president because we want you to stay. >> the climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security. it will impact how our military defends our country. we need to act and we need to act now. >> in washington during my brother's time republicans spent too much money. they could have brought budget discipline to washington, d.c. >> joining me live now, nbc news
8:32 am
political editor carrie dan. what we heard there, jeb bush in concord, new hampshire, yesterday offering a rare criticism of his brother. looks like he is honing in on government spending as one of the key differences between him and the former president. do you think it's something we're going to hear a lot more of once he becomes an official candidate? >> you've seen jeb bush take great pains not to criticize his family talking about how he loves his brother and father defended his brother on the iraq war last week but it's worth noting criticizing george w. bush on spending is not an earth shattering criticism on republicans. republicans spent too much under the bush administration and rein in government spending so while it is rare to hear jeb bush say something like this it's also not a really out of left field criticism to hear coming from a republican running for president. >> yeah. as you know in the next hour bush is going to be speaking at the southern republican leadership conference under way
8:33 am
right now. you have marco rubio, ted cruz chris christie, lindsey graham all expected to speak today, but unlike new hampshire and iowa oklahoma is not an early primary state. it's part of a super tuesday. why are some of these candidates locking there now? >> it's unusual to see so many candidates going to some place, when you think oklahoma city you don't think the same thing when you hear iowa or new hampshire, but there's a group of southern states hoping to hold the s.e.c. primary on march 1st so a very early primary with a bunch of southern states trying to all go that day to increase the influence of southern states in the nominating process, so a lot of these candidates want to hear their voices heard by some residents of those nearby states and, by the way, there's also a lot of oil money in that area so maybe a quick stop by to see a couple donors is probably on their agenda as well. >> s.e.c., i get it, like the athletic conference. okay. we talked about hillary clinton, the latest disclosured by the clinton foundation what impacts are these having on her
8:34 am
campaign? >> today we're expecting to see more of those e-mails, the new york times released some of them yesterday. the clinton campaign is going to say, look we called for these e-mails to be released the public is able to see them we're being transparent. critics are going to say, look this is only a fraction of the personal e-mails hillary clinton sent. we need to see all of the e-mails, not just the ones vetted by the state department. >> okay carrie dann in washington, thank you so much for that. developing now, ireland holding a nationwide referendum on whether to allow same-sex marriage it is a simple yes or no vote. 18 countries have approved laws legislatively or through courts but not in popular votes. the polls are open for another five and a half hours and the issue is a polarizing one. nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely is joining us live from dublin. bill, welcome to you. we know ireland is a country about 85% catholic the catholic church is leading the
8:35 am
opposition, but this referendum is expected to be approved? >> reporter: yes, alex. i think we've learned on both sides of the atlantic to slightly distrust opinion polls, but they are showing a large lead for the yes campaign for those who do want same-sex marriage to be enshrined in ireland's constitution. and you're right, 85% of irish people still identify themselves as catholic but only about one-third of those are actually regular church goers and a lot has changed. 30 years ago the catholic church ruled ireland, if you like, with an iron grip. divorce was illegal, contraception was scarcely available, homosexually was illegal, abortion was illegal. things have changed a lot in 20 years, largely because of a series of sex scandals in which catholic priests were involved people began to turn off the catholic church pews have
8:36 am
emptied across this country. and the church simply doesn't have the prominent position in society that it used to. and today, all political parties on this island are for same-sex marriage. they are for a yes in this referendum, the catholic church says no, but all the polls as you say, are suggesting at 10:00 tonight, ireland will become the first country in the world to vote for same-sex marriage in a national referendum of its people, which is pretty extraordinary. >> it is extraordinary. so bill does that mean if gay catholics want to get married in a church a priest has to do the ceremony, will be forced to do that? >> reporter: no, no the priest will not be forced to do that and the judges here effectively, the referendum commission has been very clear on this. divorce was made legal here some years ago in 1995 but priests
8:37 am
are not required they do not have to marry divorcees and the same in this case, they will not be forced to marry gay couples. >> bill neely, thank you so much from dublin. coming up two new unarmed shoplifting suspects recovering in the hospital this morning after being shot by police. this has hundreds of people gathered to protest those shootings. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation." plus today's born in the usa, the amazing story of how a former drug kingpin turned around his life and health to become a fitness guru. now people are rushing to his prison-inspired workout classes to get a con body. first, a lot going on this morning and here are some of the things we thought you should know. a judge in alabama ruled same-sex couples have the right to marry throughout the state, clearing after the preliminary ruling in february was challenged. however, she put her latest ruling on hold until the supreme court decides the issue.
8:38 am
mike huckabee has become the latest republican presidential contender to announce he's going to skip this summer's iowa straw poll. jeb bush did so earlier this month and none of the other contenders have publicly committed to participating. the straw poll is a carnival-like event, first held 1979, it historically brings the winner a boost but critics argue it's a bad indicator of who the actual front-runner is. and those are the things we just thought you should know. there i said it right. i never do that right.
8:39 am
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aleve. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ ♪ she can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ ♪ we are back with a look at the top stories the "news nation" is following for you right now. the man suspected of killing three family members and their housekeeper in washington, d.c. is expected in court today. police arrested daron dylon wint late last night during a traffic stop in a d.c. neighborhood after a multistate man hunt. new video emerged from the day freddie gray was arrested by
8:42 am
baltimore police. the footage obtained by "the baltimore sun" appears to show officers restraining gray outside the police van stopped less than a block from where he was arrested. video comes after the six officers have been indicted by a grand jury. and the state department could release the first batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's private account as early as today. those e-mails, 300 of the more than 50,000 pages are expected to be primarily focused on libya. it is time now for the born in the usa, our series highlighting american business success stories. and my next guest went from drug kingpin to fitness guru. he began selling drugs when he was just 13 on the lower east side of manhattan. by age 19 he said he was making more than $2 million a year. however, it came to an end at age 23 police busted him and he went to prison. doctors told him he'd probably die there he was in such bad shape, so he started working out
8:43 am
in his tiny cell lost 70 pounds in six months and decided he needed to turn his life around despite leaving prison with absolutely nothing he founded cos athletics, an exercise program he describes as prison style. he now has more than 400 clients and two trainers working under him and they follow the con body program. i'm so glad you're here now. >> thank you. >> you are buff let me tell you. but what happened to you in prison that made you realize i've got to do something and do something positive for me and my body? >> so it was everything had been coming in you know as a blessing. i had people come up to me after losing all that weight in prison and told me how do you lose all the weight and i was showing them my prison i.d. card and they'd see my face and one guy came up to me i want you to help me. and from there i started a whole trend, i helped over 20 inmates lose a combined over 1,000 pounds. >> that is incredible but starting a business how'd that
8:44 am
break come? >> so that was also a mistake. i was actually training people in the park at 5:30 in the morning, i was -- >> just friends? >> people that see me and seen me change and come home. they were like how did you get so skinny can you train me so i had them in the park 5:30 in the morning workout, and i picked up this dirty old pipe that was in the middle of the street and stuck it between fences started during pull-up training there. had one guy jump on the pull-up bar, try to do a pull-up. hey, you got to pay me for that. accidently, he was like how much do i have to pay? i told him, $200. he was like a month? i'm down. so right there and then he paid me. i'm like okay. i can turn this into a business. >> absolutely. so you don't need a lot of equipment. you do this outdoors a lot, you do it also in just a small studio space. where's that? >> so i have my own studio on 38th and lansing street. we actually operate on back of a preschool called enrichment
8:45 am
evolution, and we actually help the kids now also work out. >> which is pretty cool but i want to know about the workout. because i love exercising and i've heard about your lower body workout, which sounds wicked. >> it's killer. >> what do you do? >> all body weight exercises, stuff that i created in my 9x6 cell, which i only had a small constrained space to work with so for example, rather than doing a regular squat, we'll sit on the floor, put your butt on the ground get back up. that would be one of my squats. we dig deep. >> over and over and over again. >> just basically trying to keep up with the trainers. and i hired now three ex-offenders who are training and becoming con body certified trainers. >> exercise does a body good. i think this is all good for you, why you're part of the born in the usa series. it's awesome. coss marte, thank you so much for joining us. i'm coming to take a class. >> i'm going to hold you to that. >> sounds good. up next ru paul charles and
8:46 am
rebecca romijn take us behind the show people are transformed into living works of art. >> that's it time's up, put your tools down! wow! >> that's a clip from the body painting competition show called "skin wars." up next i'll talk live with rupaul charles and rebecca romijn about the season two premiere just days away. be sure to like us on facebook, ♪ ♪ ♪ at chase, we celebrate small businesses every day through programs like mission main street grants. last years' grant recipients are achieving amazing things. carving a name for myself and creating local jobs. creating more programs for these little bookworms. bringing a taste of louisiana to the world. at chase, we're proud to support our grant recipients and small businesses like yours. so you can take the next big step.
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protests in washington state over a police-involved shooting tops our look at stories around the "news nation" today. hundreds of zem strators gathered in olympia, washington yesterday to protest the shooting of two unarmed black men suspected of shoplifting beer. the case has been turned over to outside investigators.
8:50 am
the police chief said one of the two men assaulted the officer and no indication race played a factor in the confrontation. a vigil was held last night for was held for omaha police officer kerry orosco shot and killed in a fights with a suspected gun member. she was one week away from taking maternity leaf with her premature daughter. officials said it would take months to determine what caused the broken pipeline. the operator says the inspection has to be turned over to a third party and overseen be by federal regulators. crews have recovered oily water and more responders are out today. a south korea court freed the former executive from the so called nut rage last december. heather did not violate aviation security over the way she was served macadamia months by the
8:51 am
flight attendant. she spent eight months in prison but will not serve more time for that incident. this doesn't involve canvas sculptures and really not that new, but with popularity and increasing use of photo spreads and body paint ago has had success by the first ever body painting tv series "skin wars." >> we have one minute left. okay painters. that's it. times up. put your tools down. >> so the show airing on game show network features 12 of the most skilled and accomplished body painters facing off.
8:52 am
it became the most watched program in history. joining me now one of the judges of "skin wars." charles and rebecca row main who spent hours getting painted. welcome to you both. i want to ask the question to you rebecca every girl wants to ask. when you get painted that way, do you feel naked? >> i'm so glad you asked. as a matter of fact no. you feel so covered up. you can tell from the body language of models everyone when i was playing mystique. you feel completely covered up. you do not feel nude. it's a funny phenomenon. >> is it hard to get off? thinking of hours to apply it. >> i was painted before for the "sports illustrated" swimsuit.
8:53 am
i went through a 13 hour paint job. we took 1409s, did pictures, went to the shower and took two minutes to wash off. there are different types of body paints. there's different types. sometimes you need rubbing alcohol to remove it or something. >> and then washing the shower room floor. this show is the most watched series ever. >> i can talk about creativity and characters beautiful painters that spent their lives devoted to body painting. i can really just narrow down to one word nudity. >> that's my first question. well because you see the models before they get painted.
8:54 am
see them in various stages of the process when the masterpieces are not finished yet. you're seeing parts of their body. we have something called standards and practices where you're allowed to show so much on television. they're wearing pasties and thongs, g-strings. you're looking -- there's some nudity on our show. >> sure. >> how do you judge contestants? what's your criteria is this. >> we're looking at skill, technique and imagination. really i go more for the emotional passion each person has. i love anyone who can become the realization of their own imagination. that's so fascinating to watch. these are starving artists who are buying for $100,000. the stakes are very high. i like to be moved. i'm an a emotional person. i love color and beauty freedom, music, art.
8:55 am
it's all about that. >> really the theme of our show is about transformation. wo who knows more than rue paul? >> that's a good point. he's got a good eye for. that. >> speaking of moving they've got to move fast. it took hours to transform you rebecca for the movie series. these guys have like four hours. that's a challenge. >> i mean somewhere along the line these painters figured out how to speed up the process. when i was getting painted for "x-men" that was a nine hour process. we're watching these painters just nail it. head to toe, front to back mast masterpiece masterpieces. i was eager canvas. >> we're watching the tease for
8:56 am
season two wednesday june 10th premiere. fun to watch. rue paul's drag race now in the seventh season. good for you both. thanks for watching. thank you. that does it for "news nation." i'll be back tomorrow. up next "andrea mitchell reports." ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work right now on "andrea mitchell reports," captured the man accused of killing four people in a multimillion dollar d.c. mansion is a few miles now from the scene of the crime. isis on the march. the terror group takes control of a syrian city and threatens to destroy ancient treasures. we'll have top democrat durbin if the strategy gets isis working. on the e-mail trail.
9:00 am
later this week state department releases e-mails. a day ahead of hillary clinton's trip here jeb bush got asked act them. >> i'm sure you'll get a chance to ask her. eventually she'll get out of the scooby doo van and interact with press and people. and good day today. we are live in new hampshire as hillary clinton kicks off her latest round of campaign stops. he's back here, her second trip here today. i'm andrea mitchell in hampton, new hampshire. more on hillary clinton's trip to come. first the prime suspect in the d.c. murder mystery is in police custody. officials arrested 34-year-old daron dylon wint without incident after a man hunt stretching from washington new york and back. wint is charged with first degree murder and expected to appear in court later this afternoon in d


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