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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 19, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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it's one thing to be jersey strong. it's another to be jersey head strong but here comes governor chris christie. he's having trouble accepting that new jersey voters just aren't that into him anymore. >> 65% to 25% margin the new jersey voters say you would not make a good president. they now you the best. why shouldn't we trust them? >> they want me to stay. a lot of those people in the 65 want me to say. >> got to hand it to the governor. great spin there. so the 65% of new jersey voters who say christie would not make a good president are just using reverse psychology? let's hear the rest. >> they want me to stay. a lot of those people in that 65% want me to stay and i've heard that from lots of people at town hall meetings, don't
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leave to run for president because we want you to say. >> they say you wouldn't make a good question. >> people hear the question they want to hear. >> what are the people hearing? for a year new jersey voters have heard a question from pollsters, do you think governor christie would make a good president, and for a year over half of new jersey voters said no consistently, but he thinks they are just showing their love because really what's not to love, right? >> did i say on topic? are you stupid. on topic, on topic. thank you all very much and i'm sorry for the idiot over there. you know what first off it's none off your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school. don't bother me about where i send mine. let me tell you something after you graduate from law school, you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom you'll get yourself thrown in jail, idiot. stand up and show off when the
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new bayer pro ultra omega-3. hillary clinton hasn't been talking to the press much lately and i guess they were starting to feel a little left out. check out how fox news reporter interrupted clinton during a roundtable in iowa. >> just wait. >> we haven't heard from you in a month. >> maybe when i finish talking to the people here. how is that? i might. i'll have to ponder it but i will put it on my list for due consideration. >> thank you. >> yes, sir. >> she sure didn't seem to take this scandal very seriously, and neither did the people laughing in the audience, but a few minutes later she did take questions, including one that republicans have really
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struggled with lately, the 2013 invasion of iraq. >> look, i know that there have been a lot of questions about iraq posed to candidates over the last week. i've made it very clear that i made a mistake plain and simple. >> it took jeb bush a week to answer that question. it only took hillary clinton ten seconds and just hours after a judge ruled the state department needs to start releasing her e-mails, mrs. clinton weighed in on that, too. >> i have said repeatedly i want those e-mails out. nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. respect the state department. they have their process that they do for everybody not just for me but anything that they might do to expedite that process i heartily support. >> agree or disagree, clinton didn't seem afraid to talk about those topics, and unlike her gop rivals she didn't end up with
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her foot in her mouth. joining me now are the "boston globe's" political editor shera center and political strategist angela rye. thank you both for being here. >> thank you rev. >> thank you, retch. >> hillary clinton got some flack for not speak together press, but now that she has how did she handle that iraq question compared to her gop opponents. >> >> she handled it much get better than her gop opponents. not only did jeb bush fumble that question marco rubio fumbled it this week as well but clinton has an advantage in this regard in that she's answered this question many times before. she included the answer in her book, and in many ways much of the entire 2008 primary versus barack obama was centered on this very question of whether or not congress should have given authorization to go to war in iraq so she's answered this question before. she should have done well and she did. >> angela, hillary clinton also addressed her e-mail controversy
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and questions about the clinton foundation. how do you think she did? >> i think she did fine. i think the one thing that i actually applaud her team for doing is ensuring that hillary clinton did not speak on these issues until she was ready. she was making the media work for her, and i think that her answers have been clear. they have been concise. she's not confused about where she stands and i think her saying all the more, hey, i want these e-mails released more so than any of you i want them out there, i think it's a great answer because it's also demonstrating that this is a very transparent hillary clinton. they have been accused of being not so transparent and hiding the ball, but if you're honest we lived in a different day and age then. there was no twitter when the clintons were last in the white house. >> msnbc learned today that besides just visiting early primary states hillary clinton's heading to texas, florida and missouri in the next few weeks. texas is about as republican as
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a state can be. what does she gain by campaigning there? >> they call texas politics the great atm of america. i haven't seen her schedule. i don't know what she's doing there exactly but when candidates rays a lot of money texas is usually one of their first stops, along with florida but obviously florida is a politically competitive state. there's a slight chance that she might be looking into laying some groundwork there an increased minority voting population in the state has made democrats think they could stand a chance there down the line. i don't know if 2016 is going to be it for that though. >> angela another issue hillary clinton addressed today was restork voting rights to felons. let me play that. >> i think if you've done your time, so to speak, and you've made your commitment to go forward, you should be able to vote and you should be able to be judged on same basis. you ought to get a second chance. >> if she keeps pushing issues
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like this, angela and criminal justice reform, what kind of impact could that have on her campaign? >> i think it will have a tremendous impact. i know that rand paul accused her of being late to the party, but this is, you know, some place where she's been throughout her entire career. you just asked shira about texas and florida. i want to remind the viewers that she started her career registering voters in texas and part of her going home is her rekindling roots and demonstrating i've always been for voter enfranchisement registering black and latino voters back in the day before it was a purple state and this is another step saying we want to make these elections free, open and accessible. we want to make sure that people whether they can pay to play or not have the right to vote and her stepping up so early in the campaign and making this a core issue is huge and really central to her campaign. >> you know shira one of the things that i took note of today that i thought was impressive to me is she seemed not only to
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answer all the questions, she seemed really at ease at the press conference that she gave or the interview that she allowed whereas you've heard all of this bickering about she won't talk to the press. not only did she talk she act as though what's the big deal. >> yeah. well she's done this before. i mean, not even just a few months ago when she addressed the e-mail controversy at the u.n. this is not the first time she's taking questions from reporters. in fact she's taken much difficult -- much more difficult questions from reporters over her time as first lady u.s. secretary of state. so i'm not surprised she seemed kind of -- she seemed kind of at ease about it all. >> and yet they are trying to drum it up as some big deal the critics, but angela nbc says let's look at the other side. nbc news says there are at least 18 republicans considering presidential campaigns and today "the national journal"
3:44 pm
reported the republican national committee is trying to do damage control over reports that it would try to cap the number of debate participants. the rnc doesn't want to make any candidates mad, but what are they supposed to do here if you end up with 15 to 18 candidates? >> well, i definitely think they have got to get really creative here. it's not in their best interest to cap participation but i also think they need to be really honest about who is a viable candidate. another thing for them to consider, rev, we talked about the autopsy report 100 types. they definitely don't want to get rid of the women and get rid of the only two people of color they have on their side and starting with donald trump and kicking him out of it is probably a great place to start since he's the real bigot there. >> i think i would advocate inclusion, inclusion. i want to see all 18 on the stage with equal time. shira center and angela rye, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you, rev.
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>> thank you. still ahead, i talked to a world-renowned pastor. bishop t.d. jacques is here and we'll cover a lot of ground, including criminal justice reform. a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. now to building trust between law enforcement and the community. today attorney general loretta lynch visited a cincinnati school as part of her national
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tour promoting community policing. the officers and kids talked about genuine relationships. one of the people tackling this issue is the legendary bishop t.d. jacques who recently launched his nationwide research series conversations with america, surveying the community on everything from economic issues to education, to criminal justice. it comes ahead of his major event, the megafest in dallas this august. it's one of the largest faith-based multi-day festivals5;ñ
3:50 pm
architect of the megafest. he leads a 0,000-member church in dallas, and he's also a "new york times" best-selling author. his last back "instinct" which i read religiously, the power to unleash your inborn drive. it's an honor to have you here tonight. >> it's an honor that you would have me. >> what stood out the most in your conversations with america? >> the one that surprised me the most the economic empowerment among minorities there was a great deal of optimism despite the predicament they were n.pessimism was more in the non-black and brown people it is a relates to the economic travesties we've seen in the past. >> so you found more optimism. >> yes. >> among minorities? >> yes. >> how do you explain that. >> it's kind of odd to me really. the only way i can explain it is two things chgs i think, first
3:51 pm
of all, i think optimism or pessimism is based on where you get the news, and if you're constantly fed a diet of the country is not recovering, the country is not recovering i think it breeds fear and separatism. i don't think people of color are being bombarded with those kinds of messages. secondly, i think that we're tough bootstrap people, seen tough times before and we're more optimistic that we'll come out of it again and i think all of that lends to how we see the world, and then we tend to be people of faith, and as people of faith the way that we are taught faith is to believe hope against hope, and i think that serves us well when we're backed in a corner. >> after baltimore you've called on the church to do more in the criminal justice fight. why? >> you know, i think it's important that we do it. when i say the church not just the black church. i've called together both black and white leaders brown leaders of faith along with bishop jackson and james robinson. it's called the reconcile church. people can look it up on the website. there's seven bridges of hope that we need all of the church
3:52 pm
to buy into. i think as long as the problem is franchised over to the black leadership or black churches then it's going to be a black problem. >> you had this unique coming together to form this group in dallas and i remember, and i probably are the only one in america that could bring the far right and evangelicals all the way to black clergy and latino. you brought everyone together. it was really a historic gathering, but you wouldn't play it up in the media. you downplayed it. what happened at the gathering? >> i wasn't interested in media points. i really wanted to help explain one side to the other. i thought i could be a bridge-builder, and because of time constraints, too, i really couldn't get out on the trail and talk to the press. i wanted to talk to the church behind closed doors and say there's some things here that you're not getting that you need to get and we need to talk to each other rather than read about each other or watch each other on tv. let's walk across the street and get to know each other. the truth of the matter is the church has its own dirty laundry as it relates to the -- that
3:53 pm
segregation behind closed doors in the church leads to segregated points of focus in our ministries and our message and our ideology about faith is separate at a time when we're being politically correct. our streets are on fire and i think that the burning of the streets that we see in baltimore, that we have seen in st. louis and all around the country really are a result of the silence of the leadership in part in the church and that we need to break that silence and communicate with each other and lead a national discussion that goes far beyond the church into every outlet, criminal justice economic empowerment, education, all of the areas where our communities are hemorrhaging. >> tell me about the events that's going on in august megafest. how did it start, and what's going to happen this year? >> well, one of the things i'm doing -- megafest started with our women's empowerment session and man's empowerment session brought together so we're having both events simultaneously which
3:54 pm
opened up a very important door for us to be able to bring young people and children. now it's become more of a family festival, and in the midst of us having spiritual components and great singing and preaching and all of that, we also have humor and comedy shows and concerts and activities for people to spend time with their kids. i thought i could use the platform to also economically empower people so we've got several corporations that are coming to stand along with us, to economically empower our community and to really begin to teach and to train people and to provide, some coming with job opportunities, colleges that are trying to stimulate people to go on to college. i want to use my platform for tangible results as well as the intangible benefits of a spiritual awakening. >> well, bishop t.d. jakes, an honor to have you on the show. can you learn about megafest by going to mega dash you will not be the same. >> thank you. it's a real pleasure. >> thank you. >> always an honor. still to come what guinness
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president obama has only been on twitter for a day and he's already setting records. his twitter account is the fastest to reach 1 million followers. here he is sending his first tweeted. >> there we go. >> that looks good. >> huh. >> it's out there. >> it's out there, baby, all the tweets. >> according to guinness world records, it took less than five hours, and twitter continues to welcome the president. valerie jarrett said the bear is loose on the twittersphere. welcome to the interweb mr. president. vice president biden says hey, potus, welcome to twitter. see you around the neighborhood and the washington nationals baseball team said welcome to twitter. your predecessors teddy roosevelt and william taft are here to help with any questions.
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what's your favorite reaction to the president joining twitder? let us know at politics nation or on our facebook page. and, mr. president we're waiting forled follow. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. fog of war. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews. in washington i have to start clearing the air about the fight that we had last night right at top of the show. this is what i want to make clear. put aside every other aspect of the war we fought with iraq in 2003 focus on one incontestable reality. people with the bush administration said saddam hussein had a nuclear weapon. they said he not only possessed a nuclear weapon but had the


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