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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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dly fire that killed two hostages including an american aid worker warren weinstein. now questions about what the cia knew and what pakistan did. >> the question is whether there are other resources available to us to actually find these hostages. that includes are we getting the cooperation we need from other governments? >> congressman john delaney joins me to explain. the next chapter, hillary clinton called before the committee on benghazi. is it time to impact her presidential campaign? >> benghazi committee is doing fine work. they've got a lot more work to do. they could clean this up a whole lot quicker if the administration and former secretary clinton were in a position to actually cooperate with the committee and turn over the kind of information that
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we've been seeking for some time. >> and ashley's war. the remarkable story of one woman breaking the brass ceiling on the front lines in afghanistan. >> she told me it's all about family family, god, country. that's what it's about. i was very proud. very proud of her. good day everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. italian authorities say they've busted an al qaeda terrorist cell network with arrest of 1 people in seven provinces. alleged to have been financing al qaeda in pakistan. two arrested are believed to be former body guards for owe osama bin laden. the u.s. and cia investigating
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the tragic drone attack that killed two hostages including american aid worker warren weinstein. i'm joined by white house correspondent. jim, they must be asking questions at cia, pentagon and white house. when to use the drones what evidence to be based. where do they go next? >> they certainly are an drinkandrea. if you look at what went into these drone strikes, it appears they went pretty much by the book in terms of what led up to the air strikes themselves. there were hundreds of hours, couple of months of aerial surveillance by drones and satellite. they even had some telephone intercepts and according to u.s. officials did have some human intelligence about that a air strike on that compound where
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warren weinstein and the italian were killed. the problem is that nobody apparently pass along any information that the two american hostage and the italian hostage were in that building. there is the blank spot in the kind of intelligence that the cia, u.s. military used in conducting these air strikes. you can see a building see those who are moving in and out of the building even identify them as al qaeda or the enemy. you never know for sure who's in that building and who will be killed if you launch that air strike. that's what happened here andrea. >> and that kind of situation, the president doesn't sign off because you're not targeting a foreign fighter. there's no reason for presidential authorization. the cia basically or the pentagon in some instances have the ability to do this on their own. >> that's right.
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there's this review panel in the white house that even if the president doesn't sign off on it these drone strikes are supposed to go through that process. but if you look at everything on paper, look at the kind of evidence that the agency and others were providing, it appeared to be an open and shut case. again, you cannot see through the walls of the buildings and therein lies one of the major problems in these drone strikes. the missiles themselves once they're fired are deadly accurate. again, you just can't tell who's in that building. >> jim thanks so much. i'm joined by maryland congressman john delaney, warren weinstein's congressman. thank you very much. i know you've been working three and a half years with the family to try to save warren weinstein. when they knew there was an american hostage in pakistan and
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didn't have eyes to know who was in that building -- >> yes. >> should they have considered the possibility that an american was there? >> sure. i think it gets to the question. the president said we're going to look at these standards. i do believe this operation was done by the book. the question is do you change the book based on where you are? if you're doing engagements in pakistan and know that someone like warren and potentially others are held hostage there, does it change your standard near certainty standard? how do you define that? what assets do you want confirmation of? how long do you do the surveillance. the theory they'll take people outside every once in a while. depending on how much surveillance with did, the possibilities of catching hostages inside. it raises unfortunate legitimate questions. >> the "new york times" lead on this page one was when they took
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six bodies out, they knew there was a problem. >> they had to do more confirmation confirmation. >> they knew four were there. they did hundreds of hour of surveillance. they followed the book. rules were set near the certainty standard. they're not perfect. this was a tragic accident. what i've focused on in this case -- i'm close to the family that's terrific and been strong throughout the process. are we doing enough to find hostages overseas? in my opinion we're not. a lot of problem we're dealing with here we're not as coordinated as we could be. we have so many assets available to us to find hostages. we have relationships on the ground countries that want things from us countries that claim to be our partners. are they doing enough to help us locate our hostages?
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we know where our hostages are. a, you don't going to be bombing the facility if you know they're there. b, it gives opportunities to get them home depending on how you do it. a lot of focus where i plan to tend on focussing quite a bit is do we have enough resources and capabilities around identifying these hostages? my experience is no. the people that work on it is talented and work hard. it's the government bureaucracy. i don't think we're as smart as we could be. what we want to do is create a hostage zar in the white house to use the assets available in our country but also leverage relationships with other countries to make sure they're helping us. >> i've heard the grief and anger from so many hostage families who have lost their sons or daughters. now, you have warren weinstein.
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elaine weinstein, your constituent who's been this brave soul in the family. does she feel pakistan did enough in days after he was taken -- their intelligence reputed relationships with the bad guys. >> yes. i'll let elaine speak for herself. i don't think they did enough. i don't think somebody like pakistan is cooperative as they could have been in this situation. nor do i think we leveraged other countries like qatar who have shown an interesting in finding these people as early as we should have. it's though the the fbi or state personnel involved in this that they're not great people and debtcan dedicated. it seems we need more facts to make sure we're getting everything we need. those are questions i plan to focus on to hopefully -- god
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forbid there's more families. like you said she's a rock held that family together. she's been smart and discipline about the things to do and bring warren home. >> one of those things is pay ransom. there's a report money was offered through an intermediary to someone in pakistan. is that correct? >> i don't have a knowledge of that. >> you don't have knowledge of money paid? >> or specific transactions. >> some families have tried. >> european families do these kinds of things. >> it works in some cases. >> it works in some cases. >> do you think it was attempted in this case? >> we prohibit u.s. citizens from doing this. not only our government but u.s. citizens. >> i'm not suggesting anyone broke the law. do you know of third or fourth parties in any way -- >> to. i think that's a good question for elaine.
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>> understood. in her grief, we wouldn't be bothering her. thank you. >> we worked hard on this. unfortunately it didn't work out. >> thank you again. up next the obama administration trying to heal a rift with a key ally. can they? later t inspiring story of a young woman that gave her life on the front lines in afghanistan. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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you too can be a champion for change. doesn't matter if you're an artist ambassador maybe a future president. we all have our stories. >> hillary clinton rapping up a week that started in new hampshire and ended at tina
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brown's women of the world. ended also fending off attacks from the benghazi select committee and that new book "clinton cash." joining me to sort it out, our msnbc contributor, founder of washington post fixed blog and reporter jeremy peters right here. chris, it's been the week that was. hillary clinton had a tough time with the cashbook. truth be told, having gone through it last night once we got the book yesterday, there are a lot of holes. there is the question of how do you connect the policy that she was pursuing as a secretary of state with the allegation money was contributed to the charity or speeches were booked for bill clinton that wouldn't have otherwise been booked? the timing may have been incidental, but you can't make that in a lot of cases. >> it's hard to prove.
9:15 am
it's very difficult because as you say, a donation coming in and the state department saying something or bill clinton giving a speech or whatever it may be. unless you can prove in an e-mail text phone call it was directly linked one to the other, it's tough. my guess with the book if you like hillary clinton, you're going to largely dismiss it. you don't like hillary clinton, you're going to see lots of things in there that deserve more reporting. many divide on preconceived opinions of her. >> this was a week for rubio. he's beginning to inch up ahead of his -- well it's a crowded field and early on. doing a little better. >> yeah, and i think those are totally appropriate smart caveats to be making. it's incredibly early. remember how far off bill
9:16 am
clinton was? >> june 5th in california the front run per was -- >> um. >> not one of the major candidates, ross peroe. >> what he brings to the table is more than a generational shift. he puts a face forward on inequality opportunity and fairness. he can talk about that from a place of experience that says jeb bush cannot. and i think if you ask most democrats in a moment of candor who they're most afraid of it's rubio. >> who's the one senator who doesn't show up for the vote? how do we explain ted cruz skipping out on the vote on attorney general? >> matt lewis who's a smart
9:17 am
conservative commentator wrote this is why people hate politician politicians. it's true. it's not about being cruz being a republican democrat whatever. it's about political rhetoric for political rhetoric sake, right? if you believe that strongly as ted cruz seems to do you would, whatever you had going on you would be there to register your opposition on the record. the most important thing senators do even running for president is vote. that's the thing that's a public long record. you say look at my record. judge me by that. i think it's one of those things it feels like ted cruz is using this as another way to in gender support from conservatives who don't love loretta lynch as attorney general rather than a principled stand against her. i say for any politician principle, having core having principles seems dumb and obvious but is the single most
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important thing you can have when you try to run in the insane process to try to get elected president of the united states. >> it's an example of a freshman senator who earlier own showed he was not wanting to get along with colleagues republican or democratic, not wanting to work in the senate run for president. if that's what you're about, you're out running for campaign. paul picking fights with john mccain again. let's take a look at the this. >> this comes from a group of people that's been wrong about every foreign policy issue over two decades. they supported hillary clinton's war in libya, bombing of assad. i'm one standing to president obama and these are lap dogs for president obama. they're sensitive about that. >> senator paul is the worst possible candidate of 20 or so
9:19 am
running on the most important issue. >> last time i looked, john mccain was a republican not a lap dog of the white house. >> what rand paul is trying to do is deflect from the fact there are a lot of republicans uneasy about his foreign policy. if he can make it look as if opponents are on the side of the evil democrats, he'll do better. he does that a lot. he jumps through a lot of rhetorical hoops on the trail. talk about a reset button. let's talk about u.s. and israel. this was the interesting experience last night. the president having met with jewish constituents this week. the white house found out they went too far pushing back on netanyahu. guess who showed up at israeli independence day? the first time the vice
9:20 am
president showed up. take a look. >> two things have remained absolutely the saneme. courage of people and commitment of mine. president obama proud to carry for unbroken line of american leaders, democrat and republican who have honored america's sacred promise to protect the homeland of the jewish people. >> so there they were. the host was ron determinerma, who angered the white house who went to get the invitation to netanyahu to a address congress. >> biden doesn't get credit for this. we focus on uncle joe personality he often puts out. he's in some ways the fixer with democratic interest groups for this obama white house.
9:21 am
i'm interested to see if they roll joe biden out with the trade group as fast track moves. does he go to talk to organized labor? he is the guy that tries to fix some of the problems and democratic interest groups have with the white house. the president does less. joe biden doesn't have credit for that. you heard him say, you have my commitment which i think is telling. >> indeed. there's no one more loyal than joe biden. you're right doesn't get enough credit for it. thank you so much chris. see you later. jeremy peters you as well. it's that weekend one weekend a year where washington and hollywood collide. coming up what to expect and why it's become such a big deal. >> i have to confess i really didn't want to be here tonight. >> i'm absolutely delighted to be here. >> not that old joke.
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he was impressed. i couldn't be happier. couldn't see him but i could hear him making fun of me. vo: you waited this long for the s6 so why settle for anything less than verizon. next week dzhokhar tsarnaev tsarnaev's defense team is going to try to get his life spared in the penalty phase. pete williams joins me back from boston. i know no court today. they resume next week. looking back this week, frankly it was such emotional testimony it was hard to watch at tiles. you in the courtroom, what was it like? >> hard to be in the courtroom. the jury has heard a lot of this.
9:26 am
now it's the defense's turn. they're trying to make the points in federal law about why the death penalty is appropriate and legally authorized. one is a particularly vulnerable person was targeted. >> a child. >> that's true. we heard from a man who was wheeling his 3-year-old son in the stroller when the blast happened. he saw his 3-year-old son wounded. you saw the iconic picture of the policeman carrying him. he then noticed his own left leg was gone. he found something on his back and turned over and saw it was martin richard. he said his eyes were rolled back in his head, he was pale. then he heard the mother saying please martin. then she said, are you okay?
9:27 am
you can see on the video tsarnaev placing the bomb three and a half feet from martin richard. this is proof he targeted victims. he knew children would be among his victims. we heard from someone that lost both legs in the bombing. she said the pain was so excruciateing excruciating, she hoped she might die. the bill campbell father of crystal campbell, one of the people killed. he heard his daughter was in surgery, rushed to the hospital. he found out it wasn't her and that she had died. he said i passed out on the floor. it sets a high bar for the defense to come back. we had the strange back and forth over imagery the government released. the government showed in opening statements on tuesday an image
9:28 am
of dzhokhar tsarnaev a in the the holding cell making a gesture into the camera. then the defense showed the video of him looking up messing with his hair treating the housing of the camera like a mirror. he gives a v for victory sign and flashes the image. they say it was a fleeting gesture gesture. it's got opinion a huge amount of attention. the jurors may or may not know the parents and family members of some of these victims say they hope he doesn't get the death penalty. they think it would make him a martyr. >> the sister of the police officer killed. i thought one of the statements
9:29 am
from the police chief that hired collier saying i don't know if i'd want my son to wear the uniform. >> the next week the supreme court hearing major case on same sex marriage. >> whether it will be the law of the land despite the 36 states that have it. not all have popular vote or legislator. 20 or so have done it by court ruling. there's going to be a lot at stake. as always, on this issue, the justice to watch is kennedy. he's written the pro gay marriage ruling. his vote will be a critical one. where will john roberts be on this issue? we're going to have two and a half hours of argument andrea. the court is going to release the audio of the entire argument. people will hear it for themselves. it will be quite a day. >> extraordinary. you've been a busy person. great to see you. welcome home. >> thank you. more than a dozen students are recovering from a terrible
9:30 am
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of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪ ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ ♪ process critical information and put it in the hands of our defenders. reaching constantly evolving threats before they reach us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. more now on the 18 arrests in italy raising more concerns about the potential of a terror attack in europe. nbc's claudia joins us now by phone from rome. what do we moe about this cell and what their targets potentially were? >> caller: this was a major
9:34 am
nationwide antiterrorist operation. only 19 were effectively arrested at end of the day. two more are believed to be at large here in italy. seven more are believed to have returned to pakistan already. now they were all afghani nationals who were believed to be connected to a group in al qaeda. they moved all to italy in 2005. they were mostly business men. some were off the coast of italy. behind the scenes investigators believe they were raising funds to finance attacks tatterat border between afghanistan and pack a stan. they participated in a bombing that killed 100 people in 2009. two of them are believed to have close ties to the people protecting osama bin laden during his time in hiding. the most shocking revelation is
9:35 am
that investigators believe they were planning some kind of attack at the vatican and the then pope benedict in 2010. the fact that did not happen the vatican down played the threat saying it was a long time ago. italy and vatican are still a target from the organization such as isis. the alert here is still high. >> indeed. we went there with hillary clinton in pakistan that very day. have you very much. a new book offering a first hand account of unsung heroes on the front lines of america's longest war. "ashley's war" tells the story of women recruited to work along side special forces on cultural teams to reach out to women. it's a task men could not per form. it's a job ashley did proudly
9:36 am
until a roadside bomb with special opp forces in 2011 took her life. joining me grail. it's a privilege to be with you again. you keep going to afghanistan, writing books others can't write. this is so compelling. congratulations. >> thank you. i always love joining you. this story has been a privilege to write. it's the hero story we don't know about the group we should. these were formed in 2010-11 to serve a real security need. there are special operations leaders that thought we need women along side men on missions to find out things talk to people that male soldiers couldn't. >> these women went through special ops training and on the front lines. they weren't technically in combat but were. >> they went through 100 hours of hell as the selection was
9:37 am
called. in august they were on the battlefield seeing the combat less than 5% of the military experiences. they were trying to keep the pressure on insurgency. this was summer 2011. you had this group of women that were fierce and took off helmets to show they were women to talk to other women. >> tell me about ashley. >> ashley white as everyone said over two years that a was the best of us. i think she was somebody in whom character was not an idea but actually a value that was in action all the time. she was someone that would love to make dinner for her husband and put on 30 or 40 pounds in her sack and march miles. who could bust out pullups in the hang and bake bread in their base. >> being deployed and trying to
9:38 am
connect with these woman who must have been suspicious fearful of male retaliation for talking to an american soldier, male or female. >> yes. their job was to finesse this softer side of the hard side of war. they were among the most tested elite forces we don't hear about, the rangers, army special operations. some men had been deployed 10 11, 12 times in this war. they were asked to bring out people who don't have the same training and selection. what they found was women would add value. they could find things, talk to people they couldn't. >> and tell us how she died. >> so first lieutenant ashley white was killed on a nighttime operation in afghanistan along side two rangers. sergeant first class christopher dome and private first class christopher on his first. what they em body is service
9:39 am
character, people that believe in being something bigger than themselves. really serving a cause in which they believed. they all perished together. in fact ashley was honored by the led of army special operations command. they attended the funeral of ashley and said these women will be forever part of military history and define what it means to be a female in united states army. >> you've captured it. i've covered the women in combat story. this book breaks through in such a personal way. i understand it's going to be a movie. reese wither spoon maybe? >> yes, maybe. there's been reese witherspoon and others have purchased, won the right to make the illfilm. to bring this most american of stories to the media is a privilege. these people are people we should show. there's a distance between the
9:40 am
half percent that serves and the rest of us. you talk about that on this show. >> thank you. such a great service and a beautiful story. tomorrow night, another woman is taking center stage. it's the annual white house correspondence dinner. sicily strong has tough acts to follow. what she can expect coming up ahead. >> this is truly an honor. >> i'm going to be making a lot of jokes about many people in this room. >> there's a gavel here and i don't know. >> this is every comedian's dream. >> it must be hard to write jokes about a town that already is one.
9:41 am
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more than 3400 western fighters have gone to syria and iraq. hundreds have returned home to europe. the home grown violent extremists continue to pose the most likely threat to the homeland. >> national intelligence director james clapper testifying about the growing threat of young men and women
9:44 am
traveling to syria and iraq for isis training and returning to europe. when recruits return home, some are jailed. that can further radicalize them. one city in denmark is trying to change that. here's nbc. >> victor's story is becoming all too familiar a normal teen converting to islam, leaving home joining isis. he came from denmark, a traditional northern city of 300,000. more than 30 young men have left this city to fight in syria. isis targets them with a so fist sophisticated and effective propaganda machine. even speaking their own language. across europe governments are grappling with the alarming rise in the number of young men and women joining isis. in belgium, germany, great britain and france. when they return they're facing
9:45 am
prosecution. they're welcomed back given housing, health care help finding a job, finishing schooling. it's an unconventional approach but one officials say works. they're matched with specially trained mentors. >> we don't look at young people as sick people or monsters. we are looking at them as young people asking the same questions and have the same aspirations that life as any other as you and me. >> this mentor who's asked not to be identified as worked with four would be foreign fighters. >> some of them don't feel they're very welcome in society. some of them feels i'm running and running but i'm always a meter behind everybody else. >> our host another had another problem. 22 of the city's recruits had a connection to this moss including victor who died as a suicide bomber for isis.
9:46 am
the mosque's chairman praised him as heroic. >> do you encourage people to go to syria to fight? >> no. >> the chairman claims they're cooperating with police after being approached for help. >> respect me open your hand to me and you will find a very good reaction from me. >> something is working. in 2013 30 people left for syria. last year there was only one. critics in this country have said you're too soft being too easy on people. >> that's an easy way to say it. our program has often been described as soft. i would rather describe this program as a difficult program because as a matter of fact this program demands strategy and demands skills. >> and time. this mentor is finally making progress with his fourth case. >> he said to me after a year now i do not wanted to go to
9:47 am
syria because i have a new perspective. >> and kelly joins me now from london. fascinating stuff kelly. aren't they concerned that this whole program could end up with them being spun being gamed by these young recruits and helping potential terrorists? >> well there is a concern there. not everybody is in favor of this in denmark. some politicians are pushing for much tougher law, long prison terms, revoking citizenship, holding passports, things other european countries have done. for perspective of people who are in favor of this program, they say this gives us a chance to actually identify who these people are. there's no tough laws hanging over their head. the the superintendent asked returning fighters they know about to come talk to them at the police station.
9:48 am
all cooperated. not all wanted help. one was still interested in returning to syria. the bottom line according to the superintendent is at least we know where they are and they haven't gone under ground. >> thanks very much for producing that for us. such an interesting story. >> sure. up next the big event in washington this weekend. it's not politics. first, this from chicago. things got rough between royals and white sox. kansas city pitcher had words as the other was running down the baseline. that cleared the bases. a lot of pushing and shoving between the two teams. as you thought things were getting under control, tempers flared again. five ejected including both starting pitchers. i guess baseball lost.
9:49 am
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it's that time of year for the white house correspondents dinner set to take place tomorrow night. also referred to as the nerd prom. the dinner is known to be d.c.'s most outrageous and ex travagant event. here's a word from nerd prom inside washington week. >> an extensive moment every year in washington d.c. you probably know nothing about it or at least not enough. over the past nine decades, this dinner has turned into nearly two dozen parties every spring. this dinner and parties around it represent not only the hardest and hottest to get tickets every year -- >> know i look amazing -- >> but arguably the most important event for washington power players and those trying to influence them. it virtually shuts our nation's
9:53 am
capitol down. it can spread out for a week. it's exhausting. >> i'm joined by the film's writer and director. exhausting. >> it is exhausting. >> and incredibly extravagant when you think about it. there was a time it was a dinner of white house correspondents honoring their own, raising scholarship money and seeing who could get the hottest cabinet guest. >> there was a time it was just a dinner. now as you saw it's two dozen parties over five days. it's turned into the most month momentous moment in washington. people outside of washington reporters and journalists and politics alike are not view welled outside the beltway. we have this weird situation our biggest annual event is big
9:54 am
celebration of us. at the same time the rest of the country is not sure when you're celebrating. >> a celebration of cozy relationship which defies normal journalism standards. my own perspective is 1988 is when it jumped the shark. late michael kelly invited hall who was involved in the iran dispute, worked for oliver north. up until that that particular dinner, my guest jim baker, treasury secretary and howard baker, white house chief of staff. i thought this is pretty cool. everybody was around hall. thin it became hollywood celebrities and off to the races. >> in my time -- i've been kofrg covering it ten years. the thing i've noticed is incorporation of corporate involvement. you now have officially sponsoring or making sure they've got a presence from
9:55 am
goldman sachs, exxon mobil, coca-cola. it's a virtual fortune 500. it's a chance for a lot of companies to be around and seen by washington power players but show off where they fall on the totem pole. for them washington is important to their business. it's one stop shopping making sure you're in touch with people you need to be in touch with. >> where can we see nerd prom? >> nerd prom the check it out. >> it's a great adventure for a former political reporter. your new life. >> i know. thanks a lot. >> good to see you. watch the white house correspondent correspondent's dinner here. alex will host live at 9:00 eastern tomorrow night. that does it for this week and "andrea mitchell reports." follow online on twitter. msnbc live with thomas roberts is up next.
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the drone debate is on following the u.s. air strikes on al qaeda targets many pakistan that killed two innocent hostages. moments ago, josh earnest facing another round of grilling over this administration's use of drone war fare. >> these families are in a terrible situation, unthinkable to imagine what it would be like to have a loved one, a family member held against they're will by a terrorist organization. plus terrifying moments during a high school performance in indiana. ♪ >> wow. more than 12 students injured in that stage collapse. what went wrong. and satire gone too far. netflix defends adam sandler's movie after dozens of actors walk off the set calling the
10:00 am
script offensive. two drone strikes killed two hostages killed by al qaeda. president obama is to speak on the agency's tenth anniversary. its role is help coordinate the intelligence agencies in the u.s. and lead better oversight. the intel community is reeling from two drone attacks in january. the first killed two hostages including an american and american member of al qaeda was also killed. the second killed another member of al qaeda. moments ago, congressman john delaney of maryland joined my colleague andrea mitchell and delaney worked more than three years to free the hostage warren weinstein. he says it may


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