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tv   Lockup New Mexico  MSNBC  April 18, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> i've been doing this since 1981. in and out, in and out, in and out. >> nobody ever makes parole. they all come back, come back in discharge, and go right back out there again. and we learn nothing because there's no rehabilitation in here.
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>> inmates who become disruptive or violent at the penitentiary of new mexico are transferred to the lockup units in level 5 or 6. the trouble is, once inside, their behavior doesn't always improve. a lesson rookie amy lee is learning the hard way. >> i went upstairs to ask joseph if he wanted to go to the shower. he told me to take his next-door neighbor. i said, no, it's your turn right now, so we're going to go.
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he said, no, i'm not going right now. i said, okay, so at this point, you're refusing. we later went up with a sergeant and he used choice words, calling me a tramp. >> i snapped at her, yelled at her. and she got her little feelings hurt. if she don't -- if her feelings are gonna go get hurt, go work at a damn church. >> this is what's going to happen. we will pull him out, all right? you're going to -- you can just hang out in there. and we'll bring him to you. >> okay. >> it's time, joe. >> how come she's got to be sitting across from me like that? >> what's all this, joe? have a seat. >> why does she have to be sitting across from me like that? >> because she's a member of the committee. sit down.
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>> she's no committee. >> amy, i want to hear what happened in your words. >> okay. so i asked him if he wanted a shower. he pointed to the next-door neighbor and said, take him first. i said, okay. so you are refusing? and i turned around and walked down the stairs. so he started banging on the door, on the window. and i called sergeant jackson. sergeant jackson went up the stairs. joseph started calling me a tramp and telling me he hated me. >> all right. now, let me hear your version, joe. >> she's lying. >> did you call her names? >> to him. >> he did call amy names. >> what did he call her? was she present when he called her -- >> i don't know the exact words, but he said [ bleep ] or something like that. [ bleep ] i don't think he swore, though, i think he said [ bleep ]. >> i didn't say no [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. i don't think she said what i said. >> what she said i said. >> what did you say, joe? what was the word? >> he called me a tramp. >> tramp, yeah, that's what i said.
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to him. if you want, put me six months. take all the good time -- you know what, do what you got to do. >> that's the problem. >> [ bleep ] you. you guys know that. you brought me over here for small, petty nothing crap. you guys know that. >> sanchez, do you feel you're going to dictate what's going to happen here? >> i'm not dictating nothing. >> that's not the case. i'm going to move you out of this unit. that's it. take him back. and i'll deal with you on monday, joe. >> the hell with monday. just do it now. pull me out of this unit now. get me out of here. i want to go back to 61. so you guys can't threaten me with no steps. i never asked to leave the north anyway. >> i just want to separate him from this environment at this time. it's just not a good situation right now for the correctional officer or the inmate.
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>> she said she is going to come talk to you. >> i don't want to talk to nobody. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] stick it up your ass. i told you [ bleep ]. >> it was a mistake, and i corrected myself. >> mistake. >> if i'm wrong, i always correct myself, joe. >> as joe is prepped to move into his new cell, deputy warden joni brown offers some words of wisdom to amy. >> you can go by the book, you can alter the rules, you decide how you are going to do your job, but you darn better make sure that you do it the same way every single time, especially with somebody like that, because he's not going to forget. >> he's expected to parole next month. so i think a lot of it might be anxiety of -- he's been doing time since the riot days. >> all right, fellas. stay out of trouble like [ bleep ] me.
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>> i saw some pictures, some young pictures of me when i first come in. i look like a puppy. i mean, i was so young. and then now i look at myself, the years just go slow. they seem slow. then you know, after a while, you're like, wow, they just went by. i wasted so much of it in here. i don't want to see myself an old, gray 50-year-old man, 60-year-old man sitting in here with nothing. you know, your family just dying off. sometimes i wonder what the future is for me. is this it? you know, i don't want that. i just want to retire now. i want to find something to do over there when i get out. i don't know, maybe a pastry chef or do something positive. the last time i got out, i was scared. i was afraid to even walk in a walmart.
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i went in there with my mother and my sister, and we walked into walmart, and i was like really nervous, you know, and i go, i got to go back outside. i wasn't used to the people, the colors, you know, hearing the kids cry in aisle four, you know, and all the noise, and the cars going by and the traffic and the airplanes. nobody forgot me. life goes on without me. you know? and it goes on. it doesn't stop for joe, you know, it goes. >> next, joe has it out with another staff member. >> [ bleep ] >> now, joe -- >> [ bleep ] >> plus, a fight breaks out in the level two dorm. >> i saw you on video. >> maybe it wasn't me.
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i'm going to talk to mr. salinas, he was locked up from the level 2 the week before last, may 15th, for allegations of fighting. >> honestly i don't know what to tell you. i was in the wrong place at the wrong time. i didn't do anything. >> so you are saying that you didn't assault anybody? >> i didn't assault nobody. i didn't do anything. >> who got assaulted? >> i don't know. i don't even know the dude. i don't even know what they talking about. they said that they seen me on camera there, but i want to see the camera because it's not there. i was there, but i wasn't involved with it, do you know what i mean? i don't know the guys that was involved with it or anything. >> so you never put your hands on him. >> nah, i never put my hands on anybody in there. that's why i say i would like to see the video before anything
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takes place. that way i'll know for sure, okay, i did it. you know what i mean? >> you know if you did it or not, right? >> i know. >> you better get your story straight. >> no, for real. >> i saw you on video. >> i know. i mean, maybe it wasn't me. >> you have pretty distinctive looks. i am reviewing the video to verify his participation in the fight that happened last week. he claimed he was nowhere around or he had no participation other than him living in the pod, so i'm going to go ahead and review it and see what it shows. this is inmate morgan, also known as peaches, talking to jorge salinas, who we suspect as being the one who threw the blows in the fight. he's putting on his gloves like he's getting ready. and you can see out of the corner that the fight is going on right here. there's somebody else holding him over here. the shirt's pulled off.
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this is salinas there again with the gloves. first, he looks to see if anybody saw anything, anybody coming to get him. you see somebody with oranges who happens to be inmate kenneth morgan, also known as peaches. >> news that peaches might be involved in a fight came as a surprise to our crew who spent time with him weeks earlier. >> i'm an in-house attorney. i was pretty much appointed by all the inmates to do it. it's probably because i'm educated. i know what's going on. >> he's got the shirt that was taken from the inmate. it looks like he was rubbing the floor right here. that's one of my biggest issues right there. and here's peaches right here. see him gesturing right there? that, they missed a spot. i mean normally what happens is when we find out that there's a fight, they go on pod restriction, which means it disrupts all of their activity. they can't leave the pod.
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it could last all the way through the weekend while we investigate. i knew that he didn't actually throw punches. if you clean up the blood and keep us from seeing that there was an assault or don't come forward and say anything about it, then, you know, you're liable. >> they're saying i was involved, joni, and i wasn't involved. >> okay. but you know what i told you that we saw on camera? >> right. >> we caught it all on videotape. >> but i wasn't involved in the fight or nothing. >> and, so you stood there, you watched him clean up the blood. >> no, i did not stand there and watch him clean up the blood. >> oh, okay. >> i was not in that area, joni. >> actually i saw you right there when it was being mopped up. >> i was not watching them at all. i didn't have a mop. i didn't touch anything. >> all right. well, the videotape has a little bit different take on it, but -- so tell me what you think should happen with you right now.
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>> well, i felt i mean i should be brought out and given a chance. i mean i wasn't involved at all. all i was doing was helping people. that's all i was doing with their write-ups. >> whether it was intentionally or not intentionally, you still got caught up in it because you were in the vicinity, right? i know you think you are doing your job. you're talking to the inmate. but this is how things happen that get you caught up and get you locked up, so -- >> yeah. i learned the hard way. >> yeah, so you want to come back to level two? >> i would like to, yes. >> yeah. and then tell me why i should let you come back to level two. >> well, because i mean ever since i have been there, ever since i have been in prison, i have not screwed up at all. >> right. is this the first misconduct report you've had? >> this is the first report i have ever had. >> okay. and how long have you been locked down? >> over a year and a half. >> okay. >> i mean, i will admit, maybe it was my fault because i was in the wrong area, okay? >> right. >> but i guess i learned the hard way. >> right. >> i mean, it won't happen again. >> all right. well, that's the reason why i'm
9:16 pm
here. i'm going to take it under consideration, all right? i could dismiss the report and let you come back. >> well, would you, please? >> i'll take it into consideration. >> i have no reason to sit here and lie. i mean, this is something that i don't like doing is being in here. it's boring. nothing to do all day. sleep all day. there's nothing to do. it's -- it is not productive. it is stupid for an individual. i mean, i'm not a troublemaker, i'm not a fighter. coming up, peaches' hope to be transferred back to level two might be derailed. >> i did relook at the video, and as far as i'm concerned, you're still implicated in being part of what went on. >> and we talked to one of pnm's most unpredictable inmates. >> stabbed him in the chest. and the first thing out of his mouth was "why?"
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the level vi at pnm is full
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of inmates who will not only target prison staff but anyone else they have access to. >> i got 20 years for the district attorney getting stabbed in a courtroom. >> we do many, what we call prison cases, either assaults on other inmates, murders on other inmates, assaults on staff, on correctional officers. and so his cases were part of my caseload. in this particular case, mr. steele was charged with battery on a correctional officer. >> about 90% of the staff they get working here are the people who got picked on in school. they come over here, and now it's payback time. they think that badge gives them power. that badge is only an illusion of power.
9:21 pm
that power can be stripped and taken away in a moment's notice. >> mr. steele was accused of throwing a cup full of urine on the correctional officer. >> i decided to be my own lawyer. i wanted to act pro se. i wanted to ask my own questions. i wanted to do my own jury selection. i wanted to file my own motions. the judge granted it. a couple months before, a month before, i knew he was the one that was going to be gone. >> on one occasion, i did visit with him face to face, and i made him a plea offer at that time which he rejected. >> i tell him straight up, i said, why don't you just drop this case. this case is nothing. he's like, oh, no, we have to make an example. so you want to make me the example. i want to make you the example. so i made an example out of him and showed him why he should have just dropped the charges and let me rot in peace. >> i was sitting in this chair, i was kind of leaning toward the jury. mr. steele was seated in that chair closest to me.
9:22 pm
>> when they told the jury, all rise, i saw that was my opportunity and i was going to have the element of surprise. >> i heard a bit of a shuffle from my right-hand side. i felt a punch. what i thought was a punch to the chest. >> i stabbed him in the chest. and the first thing out of his mouth was, "why?" that's the first thing out of anybody's mouth whenever they're faced with their consequences. why? why did you do this? or why did you do that? well, if you stop back and think about the actions you took to bring you to this point, you wouldn't have to ask why. >> i was walking back to the table and they said, are you okay, a.j.? i'm like, yeah, yeah, i'm all right. i was probably still carrying on myself. they said, did he get you? i'm like, yeah, he punched me in the chest. they said, no, with a shank. i looked, and there was a hole in my shirt and i was bleeding.
9:23 pm
it was about maybe seven inches long. it was a toilet brush that he had broken off and sharpened up by scraping it on -- against the cinder block wall or against the cement floor of his cell. >> i care about him about as much as he cares about me. he's not thinking -- he's not thinking when he charges me with that whether or not i'm going to be having commissary delivered to my cell or what type of strip search i'm going to go through to have to deal with him. so why should i think about him when he doesn't think about me? >> he was charged with attempted murder. he was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. and i believe, also, unlawful possession of a deadly weapon by a prisoner. he pled guilty to everything. >> so, let me ask you, after all that, was it worth it? >> yes. i mean, let's face it, i'm not the kind that just stays out of trouble, you know what i mean? i was already doing the rest of my life, so i didn't lose out on any time. i was never seeing those gates anyways.
9:24 pm
i don't look out there. >> why? >> i don't look past these fences. >> why? >> because i'll never be out there. and to look out there would be to try to lust for something i'll never be able to have, to try to grasp something that i can never hold. >> joe was settling into his new cell after verbally abusing an officer, and he's got some good news. he's got his parole date. >> may 5th. cinco de mayo. i've been doing this since 1981. in and out, in and out, in and out. nobody ever makes parole. they all come back, come back and discharge. you go right back out there again. you learn nothing. because there's no rehabilitation in there. you know? you go right back out there and do the same damn thing over and over and over. without us, this man wouldn't
9:25 pm
have a job, so they need us. you know? that's really the real thing about it. they need us. there's no programs. they don't have anything to help us here. i'm nervous and scared about it. you know? >> about what? >> about getting released and violating my parole for some small technicality. you know, like dirty urine or what, you know? i thought the parole officer was out there to try to help you, try to help you find a job, try to encourage you to make it out there. but he's out there trying to violate you and put you right back in here. >> before joe worries about staying out of prison, he needs to get out in the first place. >> i'm going to be recommending that we rescind approximately 71 days of good time that was erroneously awarded to him. >> you know what, do whatever the [ bleep ] you want.
9:26 pm
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i'm todd piro with the stories. the president of afghanistan says isis has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in ji lal bad. at least 35 killed. another 125 wounded by a suicide bomber. attorneys have released some of the training records for robert bates charged in oklahoma. in an interview he disputed a report that supervisors were ordered to falsify his training records. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> got my institutional hair grease. about to go cut my hair.
9:30 pm
i pretty much stick out in the whole crowd here so, yeah, they know me. the guy with the mohawk, get him. >> he does it like once a month. he should do it every week at least. at least it looks better when it's cleaned up. >> now i just go get my hair ready. if it was a choice between me cutting my mohawk or going to the hole, i'm going to go to the hole, you know what i mean? that's part of what the mohawk represents, you know what i mean? >> sergeant, we're going to go and pick up inmate kenneth morgan, peaches, and let him go back to level two today. actually it's more because we need the room. ken, we are going to bring you back today to the level ii, but i want you to know that i did relook at the video, and as far as i'm concerned, you are still
9:31 pm
implicated in being part of what went on, okay? so the misconduct report's going to stand, but i need this cell, so you are coming back to level ii, all right? do you have any questions? do you have any concerns? >> first thing is wherever i'm going, i'm going to take a shower. grab my razor, take a shower. >> here we go. >> for a minute there, we were absolutely peachless, now we are all peachy again. a real peach with lots of fuzz. look at that. >> because alejandro had numerous violent outbursts in and out of prison, he spends most of his time in the lockdown units of pnm. most recently, he's been put on disciplinary segregation for possession of dangerous contraband. >> which one was that? >> the shank. >> yeah.
9:32 pm
>> it was a little piece of plastic about three or four inches long, sharpened at one end, with no handle, no nothing. what are you going to do with it? >> we have to shake down your house and make sure you don't have anything in there. >> as a rule, you shake down whatever cell you go live in. on a major shakedown, they find something in my cell, they write me up, so now i'm stuck here another five years. >> what was found? >> allegedly a shank. >> it was a piece about this big. i laugh at that. you know what i mean? what am i going to do? piss someone off with that? if someone was coming at me with that, i laugh at that. yeah, if it goes in i'm going to feel it. but it's nothing that can damage you. it is nothing to worry about. i would be more scared if somebody hit me with their fist in the face than with that. >> today alejandro finds out if he completed his segregation time. >> hi, alejandro. >> hello. >> you know you're off disciplinary status today, right? but you also know you're going to get regressed. so you have to start step two
9:33 pm
over. we decided that we need to have you have six months of clear conduct before i can refer you to level v. >> what are the odds of me being eligible to go to level v once i'm referred? honestly. >> i can't tell you that. >> they are going to go back to see what he's done, how he's acted out, and the severity of the -- you know, he has assaults on staff here. and, you know, it's his gang affiliation. it will probably take him some time to work his way out of this place. >> that's reality. i don't feel good or bad about it. it is just something i created for myself and i have to deal with it. >> thank you. i'm not putting too much stock into them saying, well, yeah, you're going to get referred. because, yeah, they can refer me, they can refer me a hundred times. but central office is final decision. they say, no, i stay stuck here.
9:34 pm
there's only one way out of here. i'm not paroling legit. i'm going to leave here in a body bag. that's early parole. >> the last time we saw joe, he was celebrating the may 5th parole date. today there's just one problem. >> in terms of that may 5th release date, it's really not going to happen. i'm going to be recommending that we rescind approximately 71 days of good time that was erroneously awarded to him. that's probably not going to make him very happy. >> have a seat, mr. sanchez. >> why don't we go to your office? >> well, my office is too small for the two of us. we can sit here. >> you know what? do what you want. whatever the [ bleep ] you want. i don't give a [ bleep ]. just do it. [ bleep ] discharge it. that's what you want to do. i say you're wrong.
9:35 pm
>> mr. sanchez, you know me. i've been here for 15 years. you know me. why are you talking to me -- >> do what you've got to do. >> okay? >> do what you've got to do. >> i'll tell you what i'm going to do, i'm going to sit over here, right next to you. together. we're going to go over this together. on august 20th of '06, you were placed interim level vi. in the policy, when you're placed interim level vi. >> what was i placed there for? >> this is the one where you assaulted that guy. i think you were that -- were you in med-line or something like that? yeah, med-line. >> he had it coming. >> so this one has to be consecutive to the seg time you were doing here. it was, wasn't it? >> no. it's concurrent. >> no. policy says disciplinary segregation is consecutive. this is my biggest concern is this right here. is you're talking about 74 days. that's a large chunk of change for you, my friend. a large chunk.
9:36 pm
>> can you give me a positive out-date? i just want a positive -- i know it's not going to be no cinco de mayo now, but it will be in may, won't it? >> off the top of my head, i came up with the first week of july, okay? okay, okay. well -- >> so i'm not going home friday, cinco de mayo, no more? >> no. >> how come they don't do all that before? you know, they like to always throw a bomb on you. i really, really want an out date, you know? >> we'll get you one. >> all right, sanchez, you are going to go this date. you know, something later on down the road, well, sanchez, you did this back in 1985, and you didn't do your disciplinary in '85, and we are going to get you now. they get you real high around here. you know, they say you are going to go this date, and then they come and crumble you down. >> i can tell by your reaction that you are not real happy with this. and i highly recommend --
9:37 pm
>> well, you want me celebrating -- >> i highly recommend that you do file an appeal. >> what for? >> well, if for no other reason -- >> every time i file an appeal, i always lose. so going to the parole board is just like a waste of time. >> not really. >> well, it is to me. it seems like when it comes to bringing bad news, boy, they love bringing the bad news. but when it's good news, they don't like come, tell you, bringing you up for committee for good news, but only for bad news do they call you out. >> no, i -- know it seems that way, but it really isn't. >> yeah, it is. >> you know. >> you're not the one that has to sit in there, you know. i had all these plans of getting out. oh, damn. now i got to wait. >> okay. thank you. >> coming up, joe gets his new release date, but there's more bad news for him.
9:38 pm
>> we are going to be advising him that his primary parole plan was denied. >> he is going to be upset. >> and peaches maintains his innocence, even in the face of hard evidence. >> were you supervising the cleanup or what? >> no, i was just telling him that he shouldn't be doing that.
9:39 pm
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but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. ever since his alleged involvement in a fight that broke out in the level ii dorm, peaches has been trying to clear his name. today in his disciplinary hearing, he enlists the help of fellow inmate devon lyman. >> this is a regularly scheduled disciplinary hearing at the penitentiary of new mexico. my name is leo martinez and i'm the hearing officer. inmate morgan's participation
9:42 pm
was cleaning up after the assault took place. do you admit or deny the misconduct report? >> well, i deny it because i wasn't aware that there was a confrontation that occurred. >> do you wish to present your version of the incident, or do you wish to remain silent? >> yeah, i walked in, it was shortly after lunch. it was at that time a shirt -- or a t-shirt which was there. i wasn't aware that it was his. all i knew it had a little bit of blood on it. so i kicked the t-shirt away from myself. as i said, i was not aware that a confrontation even occurred. >> do you or your representative have any motions or considerations to present to the hearing officer? >> yeah, we have a statement from mr. banister saying he was not the one -- kenneth morgan was not the one that was cleaning up the blood. on the prehearing detention report, it's saying that morgan was observed through the security cameras conspiring with other inmates while they were striking another inmate with their fist at the rear of unit iv. you said you've seen the tape yourself. was he sitting there talking to people while they were beating
9:43 pm
the dude up? >> you are not allowed to question the hearing officer at the hearing. >> oh. >> any more motions or considerations? okay. i will review the evidence and the report and your testimony and make my decision. my decision is subject to review or rescind by the deputy warden. the deputy ward may approve, reduce, modify or reverse my decision and order a new hearing. do you understand? >> uh-huh. >> joe sanchez is anxious to get out, but it hasn't been easy getting to his release date. >> well, right now we are going into the unit to pull out joseph sanchez. we are going to be advising him that his primary parole plan was denied. >> so now we need to just let him know that we are going to the second address. and if that one is not approved, then we'll have to seek an alternate. he is going to be reasonably upset. i mean, he feels like everything is kind of crumbling down on him right now. so he is going to be upset, but hopefully he'll handle it well.
9:44 pm
she denied your plan. she denied your first address. they are going to have to investigate your second one. it's to your mom, right? my advice to you would be to contact the parole board because you can get the reason for denial from the parole board. >> i know what they are doing. they are going to make me wait ten, six months, refuse it, another six months, refuse it, another three months, refuse it. you know how it goes, what they do. it's their little games. then when you are three months shy for a discharge, then they let you go. i see what they're doing. that is how all discharges go. i'll just discharge. >> obviously, he's pretty disappointed. he was looking forward to leaving as he thought he would. i think after the initial reaction sets in, he'll probably start pursuing the parole plan later. >> i was doing rounds over here and happened to speak with mr. sanchez. he was expressing his concern
9:45 pm
that he didn't have a place to parole and he was short. and -- >> short? >> short to the door, meaning his release date was fast approaching. and so i told him that i would get him some applications for places in albuquerque. i brought you some applications like we talked a couple weeks ago about in places for preparation for parole back to albuquerque. and your release date is -- >> july 1st. >> july 1st. >> that's all i'm waiting for. >> okay. so no more disciplinary. no nothing. >> there's something in my heart that's just saying that something -- i'm not going to end up going that day. i don't know why. but i just sense it. i wonder if you can give them a ring on the phone, you know. >> yes, i'll follow up. >> like, hey, can you push this, you know? let's get this approved so i can have that, all right, sanchez, you're approved. >> well, i can get the wheels rolling to make sure nothing happens that will delay you. >> i know something's going to happen. >> we'll do some follow-up for him to make sure that everybody knows the urgency of the plan
9:46 pm
and that sort of thing so we can attempt to get him out on time. thanks, joe. >> there are butterflies inside. there's freedom again. even if it's for an hour, it would feel good to get out of here, you know? i've been in and out, in and out, in and out. i got to learn not to take advantage of it anymore. you get bored and then wish i was back. i've done that before here, you know. i've done that where it got so bad i wanted to come back, you know. this is all i've known. not trying to say an excuse, but this is all i've known. i don't want to continue this lifestyle right here. you know? 45, going on 50, you know, i don't want this no more, you know? questions? >> i just signed the misconduct
9:47 pm
reports for kenneth morgan, also known as peaches. and i'm going to call him in and give him the sanctions for the report. and i'm also going to show him the video. come on in, ken. are you paranoid? did you do something else? >> i didn't do nothing. not me again. >> are you sure? >> i'm positive. >> i have your reports on my desk. i want to show you the video. so get over here. and who's this? >> that's me. that's why i turned this way. >> what does it appear that you're doing right there? >> i just kicked it up. that's all i did. i didn't clean anything -- >> why would you do that? >> because it was actually way over here by my cubicle. i kicked it all the way around giving it to them telling them to deal with it. it wasn't my obligation. i didn't want any of the evidence on my side because i didn't have nothing to do with it. >> so you still deny your participation. so, were you supervising the cleanup or what? >> no. i was telling him he shouldn't have been doing that, actually.
9:48 pm
>> all right. so you can understand my concern, right? >> yes. >> you made yourself part of it when you didn't leave the area, so you were found guilty and i'm going to suspend the sanctions for it. okay? >> thank you. >> because, as you said, you hadn't been in any trouble before, and this is your one and only chance. don't disappointment me. don't disappointment yourself. you know? do what you need to do to get the heck out of here, you know? i'm not saying, come and tell me what happened. i'm just saying don't get yourself involved, all right? >> okay. >> all right. >> thank you very much. it is justifiable for what she said was -- it looked like i was involved. but, i mean, i'm glad that she let me look at it and revised it because i really wasn't involved. so i learned my lesson, and i'm not getting involved no more. >> after initially having his parole plan denied more than a month ago, joe sanchez applied
9:49 pm
and was accepted to a halfway house that would ease him back into society. his parole was approved, but now that he's just days away from his release, a new problem has come up. >> he needs to see the medical doctor for a final approval for release and -- or the psychiatrist. it is not going to happen today. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> now, joe -- >> i don't give a [ bleep ] >> now you need to think about -- >> i'll slap that punk. who the [ bleep ] he thinks he is playing with my life? if that door wasn't there, i'd knock him on his ass. >> i understand, but you need to calm down. probably going to take a couple of weeks. he needs to be patient and wait. he's not always a patient man though. >> go ahead, everybody, go away. i don't want to talk to nobody. >> i'm sure he'll calm down, and i'm sure that he'll see that he is minutes to the door. >> go away! i don't want to talk to nobody.
9:50 pm
>> all right. coming up -- it's the day of joe's release, but that doesn't mean he's going anywhere. >> valencia county is showing that you have an open case that hasn't been filed for aggravated assault.
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
i'm going to go talk to inmate joseph sanchez, who we should be able to get his parole certificates this week. >> you owe me an apology. >> my last encounter with him, he was very angry at the situation. >> i'll slap that punk. >> he's done his time, and he wants to go home. i can't blame him for wanting to go home, but he does need to control his emotions. >> i want to say thank you.
9:54 pm
i apologize for getting all angry with you and everybody. >> your target date was july 1st, you know? so it's probably going to be july 1st. that's tuesday. okay? >> right on. >> after catching a break from his involvement in a fight, we went to check in on peaches, but he was nowhere to be found. >> peaches got locked up again. poor thing. >> for what? >> smoking, suspended sanctions. >> i woke up. i needed a cigarette. me and a few other people, we were smoking, and the lieutenant walks through and says can i have a drag, and i said, sure, and turned around and handed it to him, boom, there's the lieutenant, lo and behold. there's the lieutenant. so i got in trouble. i have to give my sanctions. remember the so-called trouble i got into?
9:55 pm
i have to do my sanctions from that. >> he knows that i -- i mean, i was adamant that i would only give him one chance. it was to his benefit that the sanctions were suspended, so he needed to walk the straight and narrow. he didn't do that. >> i have 47 more days to go. >> you're in pretty good spirits. >> yeah, last time was the first time trauma thing for me. now i'm like, there's nothing you can do about it. and i'm not going to let myself get down. it's not worth it. you know, i didn't come to prison to stop smoking, you know what i mean? i'm not going to quit smoking. >> i believe he probably needs to be in level iii, but that's actually central office's decision. so if they choose to leave him at level ii, he'll be moved to an alternative level ii. at this point, you will not come back to level ii. if you have level ii points, they can classify you to another level ii. but you won't be returning.
9:56 pm
>> why can't i go back to that one? >> because i think you've worn out your welcome, and i've given you several chances, and i think a change of environment would do you good. >> you think so? >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. thank you very much. i knew it was coming. how do i feel? sad. it's not like i can say something to make her change her mind or anything. that's up to her. probably like she said, better off for me. it's july 1st, and today joe sanchez is finally going to be released on parole. >> we have one little minor issue with a possible open charge in valencia county. so, i need to ask him if he knows anything about it. valencia county is showing that you have an open case that hasn't been filed for aggravated assault. >> i don't have no cases there. everything's been dismissed.
9:57 pm
>> everything but what you served time for, right? >> yeah. >> all right. i'll get it straightened out. all right? >> how much longer? >> you need to be out of here by 3:00 because you have to be over there by 4:00. >> are we going to get me out? >> i'm working on it, joe. the clock is ticking. we have about two hours to make this happen. there's no excuse for this. i think aggravated assault, but i -- i think it was all included in the original arrest. it was pled out, and it wasn't closed on the computer. the problem that we had earlier with him having an open charge in valencia county, it had already been adjudicated, dismissed in the plea bargain. so that part's okay. so i'm going to go let him know that he's good to go. it's all good. so they're going to be coming to take you down to the intake release area. >> i just want to get the hell out of this building, you know? i mean, get out on the road and
9:58 pm
and home. >> turn around so i can cuff you. >> all right. how you doing? >> i just want to get the hell out of the door. i don't want no more of these guys touching me or their little jewelry. >> joe, you're going to be transported by our transport officer directly to delancy street. >> i've always gone straight out, you know, and never gone to a program. i'm just going to have to take it day for day, you know? i don't want to have to rush into it right away. still, i know, i know that i put me here, but i still have a lot of anger towards these people, you know? >> i'm requesting the shackles, chains. one last pepper spray. yeah!
9:59 pm
they're betting i don't make it. >> all right, marcus. >> all right. >> take care. don't drop the soap. >> you need this. you can't go without this. please stay out of trouble. okay? >> i will. >> do good. all right? >> i'll do my best. all i can do is my best. >> i know. >> all right. >> take advantage of the opportunity, okay? >> all right. >> you look back, you come back. this time i'm not looking back
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