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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 16, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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, he still uses that same meat grinder that cost him the first three fingers in the first place. that's the most jon tester fact of all time. that's the jon tester fact of all time. >> right now on "first look" serious security concerns sweep across the capital as a man on a mission sets off alarm bells. and tensions rise around income inequality and a town considers shutting down spring break for good. a k 9 flew outbreak has dog owners on edge and a rogue wave changes everything. good morning and thanks for joining us today. right now the florida man who pilot adieu piloted a guy row copter. he's been planning to deliver a message about finance campaign reform. he was arrested after his
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landing on wednesday. today he's expected to face a judge. we are live in washington. many are asking how this man was able to fly into restricted airplanes and land right on the capitol grounds. >> reporter: that is a big question this morning and there's also questions about the secret service. they are in the spotlight once again. it was back in october of 2013 that the secret service was notified of a man who wanted to fly an aircraft to the u.s. capitol. they say they met with him and concluded their investigation but now that man has done exactly what he said he would. >> one of the challenges here in congress is we're open to the public. >> the copter landed on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol nearly undetected. everyone was shouting get down. move. florida letter carrier was arrested for an act of civil disobedience
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disobedience. last year he told a reporter he planned to deliver mail using the aircraft that he described as a flying bicycle. >> i'm going to have 535 letters and those letters are going to be addressed to every member of congress. >> reporter: he was outspoken about his plan and was questioned by secret service agents in the past. >> reporter: it's bothered him for years and years that corporations can buy politicians. i think they might get the message. >> reporter: he took off from pennsylvania. police searched the airport for clues on his departure and actions. >> he's a very good guy but very committed to the concept of democracy and capitalism. >> reporter: the area around the capitol has a strict no fly zone. lawmakers want to know how the postal worker got so close to the capitol. he's facing serious charges
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governing transportation. >> i think we all want to know how he got so close. the fight for higher wages continues across the country. >> workers united. we'll never be defeated. >> it's an issue that's already making its way into campaigns. stephanie gosk has the details. >> reporter: on street corners around the country organized cry for more money. >> i work two jobs to make ends meet. >> i would rather by my daughter's diapers than food for ourselves. >> reporter: these workers are demanding $15 an hour. more than double the federal minimum wage. the movement comes as americans face the biggest wealth gap recorded in 30 years. in 2013 the median worth of upperincome families was 7 times more than middle income families. these protesters believe a higher minimum wage can be part
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of the solution. more than 20 states have raised the minimum wage in 2014 or will do so in 2015. private companies have made wage increases as well. last night we introduced you to a credit card payment company. our cameras were there when he announced he's giving his entire staff a salary of at least $70s. >> the average worker is not keeping up. >> reporter: for generations part of the american dream has meant your kids will do better than you. no now that they may not, there are loud voices demanding something be done to fix it. >> in case you're counting there are 572 days until election day 2016 but already light spars among political camps. first hillary clinton versus former m.d. governor. he hasn't officially declared and he doesn't mention her by
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name but the times of a new video is hard to ignore. after clinton backed off comments she made last year about same sex major being a state issue he posted a video saying history shows profiles encourage not encourage in convenience. >> the dignity in every person tells us it's not a state right but a human right no marry. >> on the republican side chris christie's new swipe at jeb bush is heavy handed. a radio host asked if he agreed with bush's domestic and foreign policies. >> i would like to say what he has to say about these things. he's got a father and a brother who have a record and i don't know what jeb bush is going to say about foreign policy. >> and jeb bush will deliver the commencement address at liberty university which is where ted cruz declared his run for
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president. >> a third suspect has been arrested of the alleged gang rain in florida. it's now considering whether to end the party for good. more from gabe gu tear ez. >> it's a spring break hot spot but officials in panama city beach florida say the party is getting out of control. after this video surfaced of what police call a gang rain. an unconscious 19-year-old woman was assaulted in broad daylight. >> what's so disgusting and repulse enand sickening about this is this is happening in broad daylight within 10 feet of where this happening, there's hundreds of hundreds of people standing there watching looking, seeing hearing what's going on. >> a third man was arrested in the case. two men were charged last week. >> reporter: this year police have seen a dramatic increase in
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criminal behavior. a gunman shot seven people at a house party last month. there have been almost 1100 arrests. reported sexual assaults have almost doubled from six to 11. police have set up so-called spring break jails to keep control. now the city counsel is considering whether to ban drinking on the beach driving many of these spring breakers and their spending power elsewhere. >> we will do what it takes to take the beach back and get it under control. it didn't happen overnight and it's going to take us a while to work through it. >> the city counsel could vote on beach drinking ban as early as next week. to san diego a military helicopter landed fast. they found a safe spot to set down on a california beach. the trouble started during a training exercise. nobody on the chopper or the
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ground was hurt. the helicopter was stranded for four hours. after a few repairs it took off. singer kenny loggens was on that beach when he found himself in the, quote, danger zone. >> i walked down there and i say you're in the danger zone. >> you get it? yeah. you remember. loggens sang danger zone from the movie top gun. ♪ >> nothing like a little kenny loggens to get you going in the morning. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. good morning. >> rocking out. a federal judge ruled gm is shielded from hundreds of legal claims from 2009. that allows them to. ignition switches. those switches are blamed for more than 200 deaths and serious
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jurors. et si both pricing their ipos at the top of the expected range. they start trading on the nasdaq today. two-thirds of people worldwide now have a bank account. that's due partly to widespread adoption of things like digital payments. still 2 billion people remain unbanked. >> interesting. sports action for you. begin with hockey. game one of the playoffs. game of the night. black hawks, predators. in the second period the hawks switch goallies and the predators could not get anything past them. hawks claw their way back to a win 4-3. michael fell ps will not be competing this summer. this is part of his punishment following his drunken driving arrest. he still wants to return to the olympics. on wednesday jackie robinson was
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honored. he became the first african american player in modern major league baseball. last week rex ryan through out the first pitch at a minor league game. he later had a few words of advice for a four-time winning qb. >> i think there's an obvious thing that we should talk about first. my pitch actually made it to the plate. it was a little wide. i understand somebody bounced it. i'm not sure who it was, but tom needs to keep his elbow up a little bit more, i think. >> rowers from washington university in st. louis caught themselves in a fishy situation. look at this. during one of their practices, giant asian carp began jumping all around them. if only fishing were that easy. ten minutes past the hour.
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>> welcome back. it looks like a quiet start to our day. a little bit of rain out there just north of indianapolis. showers overnight moving through the carolinas. as we go throughout the day today, the only big story is going to be possibility of a few tornadoes. mostly rural areas of north texas is the biggest concern. enhanced risk of concern there. san antonio and everywhere inbetween, a chance for a lot of storms this afternoon and into the this evening. this is the area at risk for possible tornadoes. west of elk city. it's not going to be a huge concentration of storms. if they happen it will be around 4:00 this afternoon. otherwise it looks nice today. 72 in d.c. 60s in new york. boston today at 60 degrees. >> beautiful there.
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all right. thank you. this morning a stunning fall for a former nfl star. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> gasp in the courtroom as a judge delivered the vekt 2346789 aaron hernandez found guilty of shooting odin lloyd. the judge sentenced the former new england patriot to life behind bars without the chance of patrol. lloyd's mother telling the court there. >> i forgive the people who had a hand in my son's murder and e pray everyone out there will forgive them also. >> a big recall. beach nut is recalling nearly a ton of baby food. the reason it may contain glass. the jars have the number 968 a inside the mark of inspection. they expire december 2016.
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so far one injury reported. more more information go to nbc in the midwest a new deadly dog flu has vets worried. it showed up in illinois. more than 1100 dogs have gotten sick and six have died. >> chic has never seen anything like this before. the severity of the disease has outweighed anything we've seen. cases are suspected in wisconsin, indiana and ohio in ireland a heart stopping scene. a woman just swept off a cliff by a giant wave. >> oh my gosh. >> how frightening is that? a u.s. student captured the scene. the woman was taking photos when the wave hit.
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the former congressman ran a campaign about lies of his integrity and there are items he purchased with his money. and according to politico he spent $3100 on bowls are tiffanys from donors just eight days before he resigned. mike pence was heavily criticized. could one of the law's most outspoken critics be running to replace him? he told a local news site he isn't ruling out a possible run for governor. the effort from the group women on 20s to get a woman a $20 bill is graining traction. they introduced legislation in the senate. as for president obama's potential replacement, we wouldn't call harry reid a fan
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of the republican 2016 field. >> who's the republican nominee likely to be? >> i don't really care. i think they're all losers. >> wow. he just came out and said it. and david letterman got his hands on some pretty incredible probably fake video of some 2016 candidates. >> here. let's check in with hillary. i think she's in des moines. there she is. wait a minute. look out. >> this is crazy stuff. take a look at rand paul. watch. ♪ ♪ >> now, you know that trick
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alone would get votes. that is your scrambled politics. i am joined now by syndicated columnist bob franken. good morning. >> good morning. i'm imagining another video of chris christie stuck in traffic on the gorge washington bridge. >> you went there. you don't stop. straight out of the gate. george w bush told an audience she's one of jeb bush's biggest problems and that's why you won't see him out there campaigning for him. let's break this down. did he announce jeb is running? >> >> i suppose so but i don't think that there's anything round about about it except jeb bush in a round about way has pretty much said he's going to be running for president. >> you know does the former president have a pretty good point about being more of a liability than an asset for his brother? >> at the moment george w. bush
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does not have what is regarded as one of the best presidencies in history. i think the bush name would be used against him if he ran, wink, wink. >> and as we reported earlier, new jersey governor took a swipe at jeb bush's foreign and domestic policy but given his rhetoric and background, how strong of a candidate would christy be? >> that's really a good question. first of all chris christie probably has legitimized jeb bush's run a little bit. he's out there trying to sell himself has candidate who speaks frankly. his critics would say he speaks too frankly to win anywhere out new jersey. >> this list is getting long and interesting. and i'm a little surprised at the money that's rolling in already for some of these candidates. ted cruz gaining money just after announcing. >> what's interesting is there
2:24 am
is so much money out there for the variety of candidates. of course, many believe that ted cruz is a very formidable candidate who has appeal to the republican side particularly to the base. many people also feel that his policies woulds not sell well in a general election. >> we'll be counting the dollars as they come in once they start announcing. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> more ahead including the bizarre story of a georgia mom arrested for playing twister at her teenager's party. plus pamela anderson goes to jail? well, kind of. we'll explain.
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it is usa today's most popular story this morning. mom loses five kids over six party of a daughter's friend. she allegedly threw a party have party that included naked twister and booze. she was arrested this week. superer model gisele bundchen has retired from the runway. she plans to spend more time with her husband and two kids. she is the world's highest paid super model earning $47 million last year. pamela anderson has gone to jail. she's in the arrested. she stopped by an arizona detention center to feed inmates a meat free male. and finally in japan two lion
2:29 am
cubs made their debut. visitors can line up and hold them and take a picture with them. only for three months before they get too big. thanks for watching everybody. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ >> marco rubio, he's running for president, ladies and gentlemen. that's right. he's stepping down from one direction, and he's going to run. i love this. hillary clinton is now in iowa. and she's spending every waking minute of her day meeting ordinary people. and it's to prepare her for a job in which she will never again meet an ordinary person.
2:30 am
fascinating, isn't it? >> good morning. it's thursday april 16th. welcome to "way too early." i'm luke russert in washington d.c. we begin here in d.c. in the security scare that temporarily shut down capitol hill. a mailman hoping to deliver a message to congress is now in custody after landing a small aircraft on the west lawn. this time there are questions that the capitol police and secret service new in advance. we have more. >> reporter: we're basically standing in the flight path have the copter came down the national mall before landing there basically at the foot of the capitol. it was intended to spark a conversation about campaign finance reform but this stunt instead has raised a new discussion about the state of homeland security. >> this is not good, people. >> reporter: coming in for a landing. doug


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