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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  April 5, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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i'm not trying to kill any deal. i'm trying to kill a bad deal. >> i don't think it's helpful for israel to come out and oppose this one opportunity. >> taking sides, new word from all parties on the iran nuclear deal, showing how deeply some key players are divided on the issue. reaction ahead. the race for the white house, a new report today on why religion plays a big role when running for president. golden state dilemma, the brutal drought in california is now leaving some there to make difficult choices in everyday life. the original was a big hit. the producers of "the bible" are trying again with more of the ostory. we'll get a preview. good day to all of you. it's high noon in the east 9:00
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a.m. out west. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." the stark divisions over the iran deal. prime minister benjamin netanyahu remains rigid in his opposition to the deal here he is on "meet the press" a short time ago. >> i'm not trying to kill any deal. i'm trying to kill a bad deal. you say it's an historic decision, a historic deal it could be an historically bad deal. don't give the free eminent terrorist state of our time access to the nuclear program that could help them make nuclear weapons. it's very bad for all of us. >> a top senate democrat is highly critical of israel's position. here's senator dianne feinstein this morning. >> i don't think it's helpful for israel to come out and oppose this one opportunity to change a major dynamic, which is downhill, a downhill dynamic in this part of the world. >> for more on this nbc's john
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yang joins us from the white house. good day to you. we heard some starkly different opinions on this deal today. >> starkly different indeed alex. this really does underscore the challenge the white house has in getting congress to go along with this and not derailing this. these sharp differences of opinion especially because of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, there are many allies israeli allies on the hill many democratic israeli allies who may be swayed by this and netanyahu said mr. netanyahu said in interviews this morning he's already reaching out to his allies on capitol hill talking to them letting his opinions be known perhaps lobbying a little bit on this upcoming vote on legislation that will require congressional approval of this deal. but already the white house is saying they're discounting that because he's not saying anything that he hasn't said for the past 18 months. they say they don't think that this would suddenly change the
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calculus of this vote and already he's getting pushback from administration allies on the hill. >> this can backfire on him, and i wish that he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternative. in his speech to the congress no real alternative. since then no real alternative. >> reporter: another challenge is that what the administration points to as the strengths of this agreement are the scientific details, but they're complicated. they are literally nuclear physics. they are hard to explain. they're hard to explain to be easily understandable. i think that's a big challenge, so instead you hear the administration talk a lot about the monitoring systems that would be in place, that they say that if iran cheats on this they'll know it if they see something that's suspicious they'll inspect it. you're going to be hearing in the future i think a lot of sort
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of a twist on the ronald reagan addage of dealing with the soviet union. they say at the white house this is not based on trust, it's based on verification. alex? >> okay the optimum word in the report "complicated." john yang, thank you for that. we'll be talking about this throughout the next couple hours. other news christians in kenya marking a somber easter as too see begins a three-day mourning period. the nation will remember the nearly 150 people murdered as garissa university thursday. one survivor was found saturday having hidden in the school for two days before emerging. al shabab claimed responsibility for the massacre and vowed to unleash more violence.
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now reports president obama will have a "interaction with cuban president raul castro at the summit of the americas next friday and saturday that's the word from the state department official according to reports. raul castro and president obama shook hands back in december of 2013 at nelson mandela's funeral. the kentucky wildcats last night undefeated for the season and favored as the likely ncaa champions were picked off by the wisconsin badgers in their semifinal matchup. kentucky impressive 38-1 impressive. the head coach expressed nothing but pride for for his team. >> could not be more proud of this group of young people. what they did took us on a ride. my concern is young people here making sure they keep this in the right perspective.
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they just had an historic year don't you look at anything else. >> well historic year indeed but that didn't stop fans in lexington, kentucky from taking their frustration to the steets after last night's loss. large crowd compromised mostly students, quickly gathered in a residential area near the campus and gansetting fires, smashing bottles and pretty much creating a general disturbance. police say 34 were arrested overnight for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. let's go to the weather now and a changing picture in store for this coming week but today here in the east some sun, some rain, and we give you live pictures of new york city on this easter sunday. for those easter bonnet parade-goers don't get too comfortable. apparently rain is coming. for more on the forecast across the nation the weather channel's reynolds wolf is here. hi reynolds. >> hi. let's take a look at the situation across parts of the southeast. we'll see a lot of the moisture working in from the gulf of mexico for monday and on tuesday more of the same although some spots like the ohio valley that
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really don't need the rainfall guess what's coming you've got the heavy rainfall and possibly severe weather outbreak as we get into the forecast notice the areas that we see shaded in red, louisville you could have strong thunderstorms same deal in kansas city springfield, wichita, even joplin missouri, all places that will be affected by that area of low pressure that's driving in from the west the moisture from the gulf and you see the result. what's interesting, too, not ohm do we see raindrops in parts of the ohio valley mid mississippi valley and tennessee valley for great lakes but also back to the west, high elevation talking about snow. we ease our forecast back into wednesday, thursday spotty hail straight line winds, you can allow chance of tornadic activity across the region. be careful. we'll keep you up to speed as best as we possibly can. as we get into tuesday, wednesday and thursday there will be a very real chance of having some severe storms. all right, that's the latest. alex send it back to you. >> thanks reynolds. the weather did not
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corporate for the faithful and devoted at the vet khan today but little deterrent for the thousands gathering to hear pope francis' easter mass. call for somber coming just days after the terror attack in kenya. joining me is kelly cobiella. good sunday to you. the situation in africa and the middle east create a grim backdrop for this holy week. >> that's right, a lot to talk about from the pope and this easter sunday mass alex. the pope praised the nuclear agreement between the u.s. and iran calling it a definitive step toward a more fraternal and security world, but at the same time the pope said he was deeply worried about turmoil in yemen, libya, syria, and parts of africa. amid the pomp and ceremony this morning, a sear use easter message from pope francis, praying for peace in the world's war zones and for christians killed because of their faith.
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>> translator: i think in particular of the young people who were killed last thursday at garissa university college in kenya. >> reporter: earlier today a sea of umbrellas in st. peter's square as thousands of the faithful came to celebrate mass. >> it is really coming down and it is cold here in rome but that's not dampening the spirits of anyone. >> reporter: the pope is carrying a solemn message over the holy weekend saying that christians are being killed by islamic extremeists and the word is "complicitily silent" words that carry weight. from the first days of his papacy when a little boy crashed the stage, pope francis has been winning hearts and souls, adored by children, reaching out to gay catholics, meeting with leaders of all faiths even cloistered nuns are star-struck. he's graced the cover of magazines, named "time's" person of the year ear one of "esquire's" best dressed.
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new nbc news/wall street poll shows 55% of americans have a positive or very positive view of pope francis. compared to three presidents only bill clinton tops him by one point. but his negatives are 20 points higher. >> americans love pope francis, certainly because of his personal style. he seems real to them. >> reporter: he poses for selfies, takes the bus, ditching a limo. he even carries his own bags a pope who embraces all, even accepts pizza deliveries while delivering a message of hope and love around the world. obviously a very somber message from the pope today, pope francis prayed for peace and called for action from the international community, alex to help the world's growing number of refugees. >> a very good message there thank you so much kelly cobiella in london. nbc is debuting "a.d.: the bible continues" a follow-up to
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this is not a partisan issue. this is not solely an israeli issue. this is a world issue because everyone is going to be threatened by the preeminent terrorist state of our time getting, keeping the infrastructure to produce not one nuclear bomb but many nuclear bombs down the line. that's a palpable danger to the peace of the world. >> that was israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu this morning discussing the preliminary iran nuclear deal. in tehran there was a starkly different reaction joyous celebrations in the streets, victorious homecoming for the foreign minister and perhaps most surprising a flood of twitter pictures of iranians watching president obama's white house address broadcast on state
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tv so what would a final deal mean for iran and is the 36-year freeze beginning to thank you? joining me is iranian-american journalist migar morazabi. i know you're plugged in and connected. i'm curious what you heard about the average iranian citizens on all this. >> just as you said. we could see the pictures and videos coming out of iran all the people who have been talking to young, old, men and women, they're happy because they've been following this for a very long time the past two years they've been impatient about the results of what will happen and people have been anticipating this to happen. we've been following it, a lot of people compare it to the world cup like a very important match of the world cup and the celebrations are comparable to a world cup celebration. >> i'm curious, why is that? what is the interpretation of this deal for them? how will it change their lives? >> because unlike the other side of the table, like u.s. and the other western powers it's just more of a political or foreign
9:16 am
policy issue for them for iranians, it has to do with economics, it has to do with their livelihoods, with their everyday life, average iranian wake up with this every morning and go to sleep with this every morning. the price of the u.s. currency in iran the market the inflation, the everyday prices of everything just like normal food and stuff like that they correspond to these negotiations to the results of these talks so people see this and the sanctions lifting of economic sanctions in relation to their evidence livelihood so they care about it. >> 36 years is an awful long time. when you first heard about the development of these talks, having lived on both sides of this wall how did you feel what did you think, were you hopeful? were you suspect? do you still hold that hope it will reach some sort of long-term solution? >> definitely. i feel like this is a door that has opened that will be very very difficult to close. it's just going forward. it might be slow but it's just going forward, like you said, after 36 years of just animosity
9:17 am
between the u.s. and iran but iranian society has changed, this say young society, 70% is under 35 years old, that means they weren't even born during the revolution so they have a completely different mind, they're hungry to open up to the world, to the west to the u.s. it's a very pro-western society in the middle east as a lot of people have been quoting and a very important change that the society and young people have wanted for a very long time and they're just pushing for it and i feel like the establishment is slowly giving up to the hunger of the youth and they're trying to open it up. >> is that what's making the big difference here? you hear about the u.s. being called the great satan by leaders and particularly those that are older in the community. but now, i mean the youth, how do they feel about this? >> the older, i would say revolutionaries, basically the u.s. being called the great satan, the "death to america" slogans, all of those were slogans and posters of the revolution in the '60s and the '70s sorry, in the '60s iranian
9:18 am
calendar and the '70s and '80s. the younger generation the new generation or any generation people who were born after the revolution who saw a long war with iraq and who feel this isolation from the world, they don't like it anymore. they don't want it anymore. it's not a common pattern in the iranian society anymore. they just want to open up to the world and we saw that the current president, president rouhani was running his campaign based on opening up and reengaging with the world. they want to reduce tensions with their so-called enemies. these are new discourses in the establishment. >> the incentive was that because rouhani and other leaders in iran were worried about popular uprising if they didn't move the ball forward? >> definitely. the popular uprising happened after 2009 the green movement we all saw but it's a different way, not going to be a revolution in iran again within a generation or so but people are hungry for change and want to push the establishment
9:19 am
towards change and towards reform which started years ago in iran and i just feel like it's been going forward slowly maybe two steps forward, one step back but it's been going forward over the past three decades. >> as the door opens slowly but surely to the west do you think that state sponsored terrorism by iran will also be reduced? >> that's a very tough question because foreign policy and domestic are a little bit separate but again, this young population, this hungry population for engagement with the world also understands that some of these matters in the region of some of these foreign policy decisions of iran affect iran's relationship with the world, iran's constructive engagement with the world as they're saying it. so i feel like the more iran opens up to the world and the more the establishment listens to this young population these matters in the region will be i would say they would slower down, maybe not disappear
9:20 am
overnight or anything but i think when the u.s. and iran start collaborating more in the region, we'll see more of this toning down of the regional. >> when you hear the term "normalizing relations," that does that mean specifically? how do you see that evolving? >> it means the u.s. and iran presidents haven't talked pour three decades and all of a sudden they have a phone call we saw that two years ago. it means the u.s. and iran top diplomats wouldn't say hi to each other in the united nations hallways and now they're meeting every month like buddies, doing photo-op photo-ops, shake hands, these are big moves in iranian politics and also on the u.s. said the great satan and axis of evil all of a sudden meeting up. >> i'm curious, the interpretation of how the west is viewed certainly by people of your generation are iranian leaders threatened by that? do they encourage it? what do you think? >> the older revolutionaries, as we call them the slogan of the
9:21 am
revolution in the '80s was an anti-west, anti-imperialism slogan but the population doesn't share it. the young population doesn't share that anymore, so yes, in a way they feel threatened by it but i feel like they're trying to embrace it and sort of bring it in the new, the moderates in the establishment, and sort of embrace it in a way that they can control it or contain it which is i think a win/win for both sides. instead of doing it in a tense, with a tension wave they're trying to do it one step towards each other and meet each other half way i feel like that's what's happening. >> great conversation, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. take a look at the photo, a real life depiction of how dire the california drought has become. just ahead we'll hear from farmers in the area who are forced to choose between growing crops or selling water. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades
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a follow-up to "the bible" was a big hit. mark barker shares more on how the new series came about. >> are you the king of the jews? >> my kingdom is not of this world. >> getting the offer to play the son of god is one that juan pablo depache never dreamed of. >> for me it was definitely where do i sign because the scripts were so beautiful, i actually had tears when i finished the first two episodes. >> jesus' crucifixion begins "a.d.: the bible continues" but his resurrection sets the story in motion. >> the tomb is open and the nazarene is gone. >> he's immediately doubting what have i done? what if this man was the son of god. >> the doubt is overwhelmed by others' faith. as jesus' disciples spread his
9:26 am
teachings. >> you should leave immediately. >> without them, no. >> it is daunting because the story is so important and the characters that we play are important to millions if not billions of people. >> reporter: "a.d.'s" producer thinks it will resonate even with viewers not inclined toward faith-based programs. >> this is kind of like the bible meets "house of cards" with the political maneuvering and "game of thrones" with the battle scenes. this is epic prime time tv. >> reporter: that debuts with an easter sunday show case. mark barker nbc news. let's go to today's number one no doubt hawaii surf and sun make it one of desirable places to live in america. you need a fat wallet to do that. honolulu topping a new "forbes" list of the nations most overpriced cities. groceries cost 55% above the
9:27 am
national average. utilities a whopping 78%. you can buy a toyota camry for about $22 and with that sticker prize, camry is the best selling car in america. almost 41,000 left the showrooms last month. the toyota corolla ranked second with march sales 35,500. nissan sold 32,000 altimas to come in third. sacramento held what it hopes breaking the world record for easter eggs. the event turned a little chaotic when adults started helping their children gather as many eggs as possible. organizers are awaiting word from "guinness" to see if they won that eggcellent honor. americans will eat about 16 billion jelly beans, enough to circle the globe three times. cherry is the favorite followed by strawberry and grape and those are your number ones.
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welcome back. let's go to california and historic crisis developing there. the golden state's governor jerry brown, raising the alarm on the enormity of the drought problem and why he ordered a reduction of water use by 25%. >> it is a wake-up call and it should be for everyone because this executive order is done under emergency power, and it has the force of law. very unusual and it's requiring action and changes in behavior from the oregon border all the way to the mexican border it affects lawns, it affects people's, how long they stay in the shower, how business is uses use water. >> the drought is also posing a unique dilemma for some californians, it involves agencies in the south offering to buy water from farmers in the north, so the question should they keep growing crops or cash in? nbc's hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: this dust will turn to mud in a couple weeks, when
9:32 am
charlie matthews floods his rice fields with millions of gallons of water, but some of his fellow farmers may stay dry. choosing instead to sell their water south for more money than they'd make growing rice. doesn't this create an interesting dilemma for you? are you a water seller or a rice farmer? >> we're primarily want to be a rice farmer but in order to be a rice farmer we have to have the water. >> reporter: matthews took us to the reservoir supplying his northern california district which struck a deal to sell some of its water to the los angeles area, not abeasy decision for him, but he says a necessary one. >> if we don't find a way for the people in the south to get water when they desperately need t we're afraid they'll change our water rights so if we don't sell it to them they'll find a way to take it. >> reporter: farmers like matthews stand to make $700 an acre foot by not farming some land and selling allocated water 400 miles south to jeffrey cut linger's district. give me some context there.
9:33 am
>> this is two and a half times more than normal market rate for water this year. >> reporter: his metropolitan water district imports two-thirds of its water from central and northern california. >> that is water-rich territory and here is the people-richer totoryto territory. we're trying to amatch the two up. >> reporter: some worry it's a short-sighted solution that could leave northern reservoirs high and even drier. we have drought conditions here as well. somehow there's this belief they're not going to drain it like there's so much water up here they can't possibly destroy it. >> reporter: this year with the drought so bad northern california farmers may have to call off their deals anyway with the slow snowpack and recent heat waves mean they don't get the water they need for any of their crops. >> a small amount of water may evaporate. >> reporter: with no end in sight. >> 2,000 rice growers, there's 38 million other folks in california, we want to make sure we get along with the 38 million. >> reporter: water for sale a
9:34 am
strategy for survivor. hallie jackson, nbc news marysville, california. the debate over whether the nuclear deal with iran is good or bad for the world was played out on the international and domestic stage today. senator dianne feinstein, the vice chairman of the intelligence committee, believes the iranian government wants a change. >> this foreign minister and this iranian president both of whom are moderates, really want to show that there is another way for iran and therefore giving up this program is worth it. i believe that president rouhani wants this and it looks like the supreme leader will be agreeable. >> let's bring in retired four star general, barry mccaffrey and nbc military analyst. welcome, general. >> good to be with you, alex. >> senator feinstein is optimistic although notes we still don't have a final agreement. what are the strategic implications if the deal does not work out? >> it's a good question.
9:35 am
there's no doubt in my mind that engagement with the iranians over this issue was appropriate. secretary kerry probably got the best deal he could and it clearly will impale -- impair their ability to move ahead on nuclear weapons in the coming ten years. having said that there's a lot of constructive ambiguity in this whole deal. there's no right to inspect anywhere, any time and the two sides gave separate interpretations of what was going on. it was only very short joint statement, so there's a lot less to this than meets the eye, alex. >> i'm curious, because to that point, israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu today, he laid out what he sees as the dire consequences if this deal is approved. let's listen to what he said. >> one of the unfortunate even trang
9:36 am
tragic results of this deal, if it goes through t would spark an arms race among the sunni states, a nuclear arms race in the middle east and the middle east crisscross with nuclear trip wires is a nightmare for the world. >> what do you think of that assessment? do you think that happening, some spark of a nuclear arms race throughout the middle east? >> well i don't think there's any question of that. the sunni arab community primarily saudi arabia egypt, jordan looking at the shia persian bomb threat from across the gulf is a reality, and so we're seeing them creep in that direction. one other thought, alex it seemed to me very legitimate for israel to strongly express a viewpoint about this treaty. their survival is at stake, not ours. so i think israelis will be ill-advised to accept pieces of paper that they're not convinced change the reality of nuclear weapons in iran. by the way, i think the iranians are going nuclear one way or the other. they're already under a year
9:37 am
breakout time and this so-called agreement within a decade will have them as a nuclear power, so there's a lot of questions about it notwithstanding the fact that talking to the iranians is a good thing to do. >> you heard senator feinstein who directly contradicted benjamin netanyahu saying that she does not believe that this is going to spark some sort of a nuclear arms race. your point notwithstanding iran may indeed go nuclear. does that domino effect spark some race throughout the middle east? >> well, i sure got a lot of respect for senator feinstein. the way she presented it was pretty sensible. now again, though i think it is legitimate for the israelis to express concern about an agreement that in their mind and many others does not in any way, take iran off an eventual path to being a nuclear power. so you know i think there's a
9:38 am
lot of concern. it's appropriate. it's not clear to me that by june in 90 days they'll have hammered out any common positions on things like no notice anywhere inspections, so there's a lot of work yet to be done. again, i think secretary kerry and the president ought to be congratulated for getting as far as they did, but is this ultimately a good thing or not? by the way, in the background the whole notion that we'll use military force or the israelis for that matter is utter nonsense. military power can't knock iran off a course to being a nuclear weapons state and i think that's where they're going. >> general parry mccaffrey thank you for spending part of your holiday with us. i appreciate it. >> good to be with you, alex. across the nation today christians are celebrateing easter and jews consider to observe passover. it is religion of some form common for a great deal of
9:39 am
americans and it appears what the nation demands of its leaders. the cover of "newsweek" this week looks at the importance america placed on the faith of its poll significance tigss and how candidates for the nation's next leader have come to that faith. joining me now is the author "newsweek" contributing editor matthew cooper. what a fascinating article. i couldn't put it down. my first question can you be successful in american politics without being religious? >> i think it's tough, alex. if i had to bet we'd have a gay president before we had an atheist president. i think americans really want obviously not all americans but folks want a degree of piety and devotion from their leaders, if they're catholic more monday jewish protestant, i don't think that's as important as just seeing some kind of faith. >> what role do you think religion plays in the lives of these leaders right now for 2016 the daily lives? >> i think it's pretty important to them alex.
9:40 am
you know there was a kind of i john kennedy model in 1960 when he had to face the opposition of being the first serious catholic candidate for president, and of course the first catholic president, and you know he said look my religion is a private thing. what i do in office is totally different. that's really changed so all of these candidates are pretty religious religious, and they also say that it guides their beliefs, too. >> one of washington's favorite insults we've heard it when you call an opposing candidate a flip-flopper, but that does not seem to translate to politicians who have converted religions. >> no you're exactly right, alex. the candidates echo the country more than half of americans switch faiths from the faith of their birth at some point in their lives and the candidates reflect that. jeb bush from a famous w.a.s.p. family is now a catholic bobby jindal, governor of louisiana raised in hindu family now
9:41 am
catholic and all of them most of them excuse me have done a fair amount of switching, and you know that represents us. >> do you get a sense that american politicians are really more pious or just speaking more piously? >> well, you know it's always hard to know what's in someone's heart. i do think there's definitely more of a premium on talking about your faith and how you got there and what you believe now and how it might guide you in office, but you can never know for sure what people believe. >> i'm curious, separation of church and state, so the question, do americans want to see their leader using religion in their policy decisions or just want to know that they have some sort of religion? >> well that's also a great question. i think they want some kind of religion and they want kind of vague guidance but they certainly don't want you know see policies formed by the, you know, president's church of choice. i think it's kind of a balancing
9:42 am
act, but you know again, it's just more general sense of piety that's not too overwhelming but seems to be there and that's what people seem to want. >> do you see any sense of change right now the importance of religion to the new generation of voters? >> well, i think one of the most interesting things that the social scientists and pollsters pick up is that not only switching religions at a greater velocity but nor going into the none of the above camp saying they have some spiritual belief but don't belong to a church and that's, that group is disproportionately young, so i think it will be interesting to see how kind of that group tends. they tend to vote more democratic, the none of the above kraudcrowd. >> one arizona congresswoman, a democrat who is the only registered doesn't say atheist but none of the above, right, she doesn't have any affiliation
9:43 am
affiliation. >> right, she's from arizona, rejected the atheist idea but also put none of the above. few percent of the country, about 2.5% identify as atheist, if that were true in congress you'd see many more self-identified atheists but politicians are reluctant to do that to say the least. >> matthew cooper action thanks for joining us. in the spotlight for just over a week newly named host of "the daley show" is already feeling the heat facing major backlash over his twitter history and controversial jokes he tweeted years ago. deserved criticism or overly sensitive public? we'll examine next. and then i saw him slowly coming down the aisle. one of those guys who just can't stop talking. i was downloading a movie. i was trying to download a movie. i have verizon. i don't. i get that little spinning wheel. download didn't finish. i finished the download. headphones on. and i'm safe. i didn't finish in time. so. many.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. qom day central standing by the comedian it chose to replace jon stewart. the old tweets he made about women, jewish and race noah responded "to reduce my to a
9:47 am
handful of jokes is not a reflection of me as a comedian." ella hay-azot st i, reporter with "the washington post" and standup comedian. welcome to you both. ladies first because i understand ella hay you typically cover congress and you argue people should overlook bad jokes by good comics and you said comics will never tell biting and inciteful jokes taking risks without being forever jumd by them. taking your dmeedian hat off why are you willing to give noah a pass? >> we have to put it into context. the tweets that landed him in hot water represent less than 1% of his entire twitter feed so to take the jokes out of the context of his entire feed and say these represents how the thid feels as a comedian is unfair. i would agree with him. also we have to realize that
9:48 am
twitter for comics is sort of like an open mike in a way, open mike for a comedian you go and test out material. lot of that material is not good, and let's be clear, these tweets that have gotten him into trouble are offensive and they're not good jokes, but these aren't jokes that he's taking to the stage that he is recording in a special. if people, and people have a right to be offended by them, certainly, but i don't think that these tweets are ones that should disqualify him from having this job. >> okay jason you wrote about the backlash and why you think noah is the right fit regardless of the tweets. what do you think is behind the backlash, considering comics including current host jon stewart they push the nfl all the time. comedy central is on a cable network, not broadcast tv. >> right. >> so should noah have to apologize? >> i don't think he should have to apologize at all, and like i said alex i have been a fan of trevor noah for three or four years. i have a pandora channel
9:49 am
dedicated to him, actually. >> really? >> yes. great documentary called "you laugh but it's true" i saw it back in 2012 about his whole life in south africa as he starts as a comic. i've been a huge fan of his for years and the truth of the matter is part of this backlash is because the american people think they're entitled now pause we all have ownership of "the daily show." it's not "american idol." comedy central can pick whoever they want to pick to take the position and if they were to back off on trevor noah because of this no one would ever want that job again because they would see the network wouldn't support them on any comedy that wasn't bland and boring. >> let's look at one of noah's tweets after the 2012 olympics he said "i will miss the olympics. it's the one time when a group of black people can run with no suspicion." you often joke about your iranian background. when do you think cultural jokes cross the line? >> well i mean it's a question of who is listening, who is the audience, and all of that and you know i do think that if you're a comedian and you're
9:50 am
going to go out and you're going to tell a joke on a stage in a recorded special, and present it as a show then yes, you have to stand behind your material. audiences have a right to be offended by it and if they're not good jokes, audiences should express their displeasure, because bombing is the best way that you can get better as a comedian, but i feel and the point i make in the piece is that we are more forgiving of other kinds of artists when they make missteps put out bad material, bad art. it doesn't mean they're bad artists. if a comedian tells a joke that is not good but goes on to tell a better joke or joke that is insightful and seenious why should the previous joke disqualify or discredit the latter joke? >> given your pandora channel, jason, the "new york times" has this piece featuring the interviews noah gave way before the controversy started and talks about growing up in apartheid as a biracial child in south africa it's given him license to speak his mind as
9:51 am
adult. how much more license does he have because of what he experienced and might another comedian have potentially lost a job over this? >> yes, i think there's a possibility that if you didn't have somebody who was coming from an international context and again, if you're familiar withstandup comedy from south africa, and new zealand and australia, they're much more cheeky to use the term than we are in the united states when it comes to race and gender. you should see some of the jokes he made about oscar pistorius. those were outlandish as well. his unique background is not only why he was selected but one of the reasons why he's defended. let's be honest "the daily show" is one of the most internationally popular and downloaded shows from this country. they know he'll be huge for bringing in an international audience during his next election cycle. that's the other reason they'll stick with imhad. >> good plain. elahe and jason thank you so much. have a great sunday. >> you, too. revenge porn a new crime in the digital age. one man was just sentenced to 18
9:52 am
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9:55 am
a man who ran a revenge porn website, 20-year-old kevin bulliard sentenced to 18 years in prison after charges of identity theft and extortion. he ran a website that let ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends post nude photos of women, their identities addresses and links to their social media accounts. some 10,000 pictures were posted. he directed the women to the site where he'd charge them upwards of $500 to take the pictures down. during his sentencing he cried as he listened to testimony from victims and his mother. >> i ended up in mental hospitals twice because of this and recently just had another break, didn't end up in the hospital but i'm medicated and everything which has been helping, but it's just it's been so traumatizing. and i just want my life to get
9:56 am
back to the way it was. >> joining me now is bradford cohen, criminal defense attorney in ft. lauderdale. welcome to you. he could be eligible for parole after ten years, his lawyers asked for leniency, immature influenced by his peers. what is your take on the length of the sentence? does it fit this crime, whether it's too short or too long? >> yes this is a tough one because you know california has a law on its books for revenge porn, but this wasn't technically a revenge porn case. it certainly had the aspects of it, but it was an extortion and identity theft case so the question is does it match what he was actually charged with. the extortion is interesting, he had these things put up on the site. if we want to take it down go to the other site myreputation and we'll take it down for $500. that's where the egregious things happen. it's not just some ex-boyfriend putting up a nude picture a woman sent to him for revenge. this guy was making money and trying to extort people to get
9:57 am
these pictures down. it's a little bit -- >> you mentioned the boyfriends. what about those guys the people who posted the pictures the ex-husbands, should they be held liable for their actions? >> now there's a law on the books in california for revenge porn. it's poorly written, because there's a lot of loopholes in it. one are if the woman or the man, it's mostly women, that are the ones that are affected but if the woman or the man take pictures of themselves send it to their significant others and they post that that is not, that doesn't fall under the law. if it's a picture taken by the opposite person who is posting it, then it is. so if i took a picture of a woman and then posted it myself i would fall under that law, but if she took one and sent it to me then it's not a criminal offense. it's a very poorly written law. i think they're probably going to be a lot of appeals based on it, and i think this might be an appeal as well on the extortion charge. so there's a lot of interesting things going on. i don't know if necessarily the
9:58 am
18 years actually fits the crime. one of my friend's fathers when i was talking about this case to him said the way to avoid this happening is don't send people nude pictures of yourself over the internet. >> there's that of course yes. but you have california, you mentioned other states with these revenge porn laws. do you think there's a precedent being set here now? >> well like i said i don't know if there's going to be particularly a precedent. certainly there's going to be people that are going to listen up now that this gentleman got sentenced to 18 years. >> congress and the government? >> i definitely think there's going to be some sort of federal act that's going to come around and it would be necessary to clean up all the states that have these laws that are very poorly written. the government really needs to write a different kind of law that kind of is all-encompassing in this kind of area. and it affects state lines, it affects commerce so you'd think the federal government would be involved. >> okay, bradford cohen, many thanks. >> thank you. an $80,000 fine for hiring
9:59 am
an underweight model? lawmakers in france are pushing a bill that would make that a reality. we'll have the story just ahead. heroes charge! ♪ ♪ (lightning strike) ♪ (kiss) ♪ lead your heroes in the hit mobile game
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see how much you could save. they're developing icbms to reach the united states. don't give them these weapons. >> firing salvos. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu unleashes another line of attack on that nuclear deal with iran. stunning revelation, new information surfaces about one of the gunmen in that kenyan college attack while security forces protect easter worshippers. the next phase in the aaron hernandez trial. why his attorneys say his defense should only take one day. how about a home security video factor into the jury's decision? and future and former mayor? we'll talk about the future what about the speculation that mike bloomberg could be heading overseas to become the leader of one of the world's greatest cities?
10:03 am
hey there everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." iranian officials are selling the nuclear deal in their country just as president obama is work tock sell that deal here in the u.s. iran's foreign minister szarif appeared on tv to assure the world iran has no plans to develop nuclear weapons. ali, good evening to you. what else did the foreign minister say? >> reporter: good evening. speaking on a chat line he addressed hardline and suspicious neighbors and the international community saying that tehran would be able to return to its nuclear activities if the west withdraws from the pac due to be finalized in june. szarif is the chief nuclear negotiator says iran has the power to take corresponding action and will be able to return its nuclear program to the same level if the other side doesn't honor the framework
10:04 am
agreement they were agreeing on in switzerland, which is meant to be signed off on the 30th of june. he also took objection to secretary kerry using the word "suspension" rather than termination regarding sanctions against iran adding that iran had formally complained to the secretary measures listed in the american statement were in contradiction to what this actually been accepted. remarks aimed to reassure hardliners in iran who oppose the prime work agreement. nonetheless the deal is overwhelmingly backed by the establishment so far. the west can't halt iran's nuclear program and tried to assure its neighbors they aren't after regional done nation. "we're not after a bomb or who knowledge know homogeny in the region." the supreme leader ayatollah
10:05 am
khomeinei remained silent. the rest of the world waits to hear what he has to say. >> is there concern of president obama's ability to move from a tentative agreement to something locked in by june 30th? >> reporter: there's certainly a concern about that alex the congress is vociferous in its objections to this nuclear deal. the iranian authorities, the iranian leadership is trying to figure out how much they could get for the deal and what they should be doing to backchannel that to prevent themselves from being thrown under the bus if congress with this deal if congress are allowed to weigh in, i think the iranians are qualify department of the fact that this will make a rift between the united states and europe, and they may be still able to lift european sanctions while american sanctions remain. the iranians are in a fairly competent position over this. >> thank you ali, in tehran.
10:06 am
church goers in garissa, kenya, faced security patdowns and armed guards as they made their way to pray this easter sunday. the country is reeling from thursday's massacre of at least 147 people at the university in garissa. one of the gunmen has been identified. bill neely is in nairobi, kenya. what do you know about the gunman? >> reporter: hello alex. as if quenkenyans haven't had enough shocks, another one today when one of the four gunmen responsible for the massacre was identified as a kenyan and not just that, but as the son of a government official. he was named by the interior ministry as abdi rahim mohammad abdulahi, a graduate of the university of nairobi, a law graduate and said to be a brill jant brillant student. his father reported him missing
10:07 am
last year and warned he may have gone to somalia. kenyans woke up this morning to some investigative journalism, one of the main newspapers saying "shame of slow response" claiming that the main elite squad waited for seven hours to get a plane to take them to garissa, during which time as it says the terrorists had a field day taunting their victims before that elite squad arrived. this is the first of three days of national mourning here in kenya, and churches in nairobi, something we haven't seen before, people being searched their bags being searched before they could go to those easter services normally this would be a time of celebration of course for christians here this is a time certainly not of celebration but of deep mourning and in garissa, two churches that were actually attacked three years ago by islamist militants were filled with christians. the bishop praised them for their courage in coming to the
10:08 am
sunday service, and asked them to remember that many of the dead those killed on thursday would have been at those easter sunday services today. meanwhile, five people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. we don't know, in fact if they've got anything to do with the killings, and kenya's president has pledged a crackdown, saying this is an existential threat and pledging a fierce response to the islamist attacks, but i think again, today, kenyans digesting the news that in fact one of their own was one of the four gunmen responsible for this terrible massacre. back to you, alex. >> okay bill neely, thank you for that. christians the world over are celebrating easter despite the pouring rain thousands came to observe easter mass at the vatican with pope francis. the pope prayed for peace in the middle east and for kenya, also asked parishioners to seek truth and answer the questions that challenge their faith. throughout the u.s. millions of people observing easter today, nearly 7,000 people gathered at lincoln
10:09 am
memorial for the 37th annual sunrise easter service. in a special video released saturday, president obama wished americans a happy easter and passover, relating the stories of the holidays to inequalities and challenging himself and others to be better. >> whether a christian, jewish muslim, sikh hindu or buddhist whether faith in god shapes our daily lives completely or not at all, with he believe with common effort and ensured sacrifice a brighter future is just around the bend. >> the obamas will be observing easter today and host the annual white house easter egg roll tomorrow. the final four madness after the final four this is the rowdy reaction in lexington, kentucky, after the undefeated wildcats lost last night to the underdog wisconsin badgers. fights and fires punctuated the anger among the crowd of about 1,500 people or so who hit the streets. police arrested 31 of them and several people suffered minor injuries. it was quite a more reasonable response from kentucky coach john calipari who congratulated
10:10 am
wisconsin players and saluted his players for the 38-1 season. >> they just had an historic year. don't you look at anything else. there's not one kid on this team that would be blamed for us losing this game. if you want to blame somebody blame me. >> an all together different scene in madison, wisconsin, the fans celebrated en masse, for the badgers making it to the title game for the first time since 1941. in east lansing, mishchiganmichigan, the anger was a bit more dispersed, 17 people were arrested in the relatively few disturbances. and that was the scene last night at duke's cameron indoor stadium, the fans followed the action and look forward to monday's national championship game. lawyers for aaron hernandez begin his defense tomorrow. the former new england patriot is on trial for murder in massachusetts, accused of
10:11 am
killing one of his associates almost two years ago. prosecutors called more than 130 witnesses. nbc's ron allen joins us with a preview of what we can expect monday. good day to you. >> hi there. hernandez is accused of killing odin lloyd, body found riddled with bullets about a mile from hernandez's home. no eyewitnesses have come home no murder weapon found so prosecutors have been trying to come up with enoughsirk assistant circumstantial evidence to convince them the former football star also is a cold-blooded killer. >> give heart and give your attendance here monday morning at 9:00 a.m. >> reporter: after nearly two months of testimony from more than 130 witnesses. >> he's charged with possessing a specific firearm. >> reporter: lawyers for aaron hernandez will lay out his defense starting tomorrow. the former patriots receiver who recently signed a reported $40 million contract faces first-degree murder and weapons charges. he's accused of killing odin lloyd, a semipro football player
10:12 am
dating the sister of hernandez's fiance. among the witnesses, robert kraft, spoke to hernandez two days after his death. >> what did he say when you asked him whether he was involved in this matter? >> he said he was not involved. >> reporter: hernandez pleaded not guilty and his lawyers have said they expect his defense to take just one day because the prosecution has not proved its case. prosecutors say the security camera video from hernandez's home shows him carrying what they believe was the murder weapon, a concealed gun. eventually hernandez gets in a car with two other man, both soon to stand separate trials for murder. according to prosecutors they met lloyd and drove to an industrial park where he was killed because hernandez was angry with him after a recent dispute. analysts say physical evidence could be decisive. >> you have a marijuana cigarette that was linked with hernandez's dna at the scene and
10:13 am
a shell casing found in his rental car with dna evidence from hernandez. >> no eyewitness nor murder we weapon weapon. >> at the end of the day it go either way. >> reporter: the jury may be deciding hernandez's fate in a few days regardless of the overcome his legal troubles are far from over. hernandez has been charged with murder in another case a drive-by shooting that left two men dead. he also has pleaded not guilty in that matter. extremely talented football player who once seemed destined for fame and fortune. alex? >> how things change. thank you so much nbc's ron allen. deal or no deal what's to prevent iran from going rogue like north korea and produce nuclear weapons? israeli prime minister's fears justified in. a car owner risks her life to stop a carjacker but takes a good samaritan's quick action to put the brakes on that thief. ght? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with i'd steer clear.
10:14 am
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10:17 am
surveillance video of an attempted carjacking in smyrna georgia, shows the driver diving upto the hood trying to get on top of her own car to stop it. city worker who sees what happened pulled out a gun and ran toward the car and opened fire. >> i heard the gun shoot the carjacker, and then i saw him fall out of the car and he was shaking, holding his chest and he falls onto the floor. >> the carjacker did fall out of the car and was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. the good samaritan waited for police and went back to work. police say he probably saved that woman's life. critics of the preliminary iran nuclear deal argue the failure of the north korea agreement a decade ago proves that regimes cannot be trusted. no critic more vocal than israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> the entire world celebrated the deal with north korea.
10:18 am
it was deemed to be a great breakthrough that would break and enter north korea's nuclear program, you'd have inspectors that would do the job, and of course everybody applauded it. it turned out to be a very very bad deal and you know where we are with north korea. i think the same thing would be true in the case of iran except iran is a great deal more dangerous than north korea. >> in a new column with "the daily beast" he argues it's a cautionary tale a true nuclear iran agreement would include it as well as china. joining me is gordon chang author of "nuclear showdown: north korea takes on the world." a number of questions but first up is benjamin netanyahu right? >> you know in a sense he's right, but you know our dealings with north korea are very different than our dealings with iran and the agreed framework, which is the deal that netanyahu referred to was in 1994 that was very flawed for one reason, it didn't have a strict inspections regime. we don't know what the iranians
10:19 am
will agree to on inspections on this deal. if they're tough, we have a chance of at least preventing iran developing a weapon within its own borders but iran and north korea have been cooperating since at least the turn of the century on developing nukes and that's going to be an issue for us. >> give me some of the details of that cooperation between iran north korea and the extent to which russia is involved. >> the cooperation is iranian and plutonium nuclear weapons programs. the iranians have been on sight for all three of north korea's designations of a nuclear device. we've also seen north koreans in iran in the hundreds in about the turn of the century, and also there is reports, which i think are probably true that in october, 2012 the iranians went to work in north korea at a military base just south of the chinese border there have been sales of north korean uranium to iran. this is just a long series of cooperation probably two decades long. >> so that may be why you're
10:20 am
writing about iran's breakout time. it may not be two to three months as u.s. officials say but one day being the flight time from pyongyang to tehran. what are the realistic capabilities at this moment? >> well you know we do have a limited ability to affect this largely because iran is so far close to a weapon. but i think there are a number of things that we could try to do, which is first of all to ring fence iran off of north korea and also i think we need to redouble our efforts to try to deal with north korea and we can do that in terms of sanctions and we certainly can do that in stopping north korea in shipping which has been carrying all these missiles and nukes from north korea to iran. the other issue is that they've been flying this stuff off chinese air space between pyongyang and tehran. that's going to be very difficult for us to deal with. the administration of george w. bush completely failed in stopping china from doing this. >> despite the inadequacyiesinadequacies, is this preliminary deal worth pursuing with iran? >> it's worth pursuing to see how serious they are.
10:21 am
the one thing the white house fact sheet said thursday north korea agreed to the additional protocol which allows for any time, any place inspections. if we get to see iran's military facilities especially parchin, where a lot of the work is taking place this is going to be important. if the iranians don't permit that, this will be the same story we had with north korea as netanyahu referred to. >> you and i were talking during the commercial break and talked about the specifics that north korea has kind of taught potentially iran about those inspections. >> yes, the iranians have learned from the north koreans how to beat the inspectors from the international atomic energy agency, which is the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog. also, you know iranians have been pestering our diplomats to find out how we're going to deal with north korea, because they see that as a sign of how we're going to deal with them. so there is this close cooperation not only on a technical level but also on some of the really unseemly aspects
10:22 am
of inspections. >> okay gordon chang, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. the struggle to save from sea to shining sea. are americans putting more money away from that rainy day? that's next. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us.
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your oab symptoms and myrbetriq. find out if you can get your first prescription at no cost by visiting let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro
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you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. studies show a number of americans are not financially prepared for an emergency. the studies released by and neighbor works america say millions are not saving in case of a rainy day or worse. "usa today's" charisse jones has been covering the story for the pap ear and coauthor of "shifting: the double lives of black women in america." charisse, i'm glad to have you here. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> the most notable takeaway points from the study released. >> right, about 18% of americans aren't saving any money from their paychecks and another 28% are saving 5% or less of their income and technically you should be saving about 15% of your income so that's a real big drop in what you need to be putting away.
10:26 am
>> the neighbor works study, what did you get from that? >> that was roughly a third of americans had no emergency savings, and then you have about 47% that only have 90 days' worth of money in their emergency account or less and that means you are in bad straits if you lose a job, if your car breaks down medical crisis or any other kind of calamity. >> also interesting takeaway here, a lot of americans are not focusing on retirement. the numbers of people that are investing in that that's down by i think 4% down to 24% this year. >> right. >> are people just thinking well, my 401(k) is going to do this for me is that part of it? >> i think that people in our culture are focused on spending we just don't think about saving very much. we want that new smartphone or smartwatch, hoping social security will rescue us or bail us out. pensions are disappearing and it's really incumbent upon us to save for retirement. >> overall savings in general, the neighbor works study says a
10:27 am
third of americans have zilch, they don't have any savings. that's up like 5% from last year. >> that's right they don't have a dime in their savings account and part of it even though the job market is coming back wages are pretty much frozen. people are not making more money so it's not a lot of wiggle room to put aside extra dollars. >> interestingly, if you break it down in terms of race breakdown, african-americans, hispanic respondents also less likely to save than those in the past, and this is according to the neighbor works and you compare that to caucasian residents in different communities. why is that? >> in part african-americans and hispanics a lot have their money wrapped up in their homes and lost a lot of equity during the recession and getting back on top, trying to squeeze out the extra nickels, it's been difficult for a lot of people. >> with your research and from the studies, did you find any solutions to this problem? >> well there's a silver lining. you have a lot of middle class families those making between $50,000 and $75,000 a year. 35% of them have put aside more than 10% of their income.
10:28 am
so it shows it's really about discipline and not money. you don't have to be a millionaire to save. you have to be disciplined and really focus on doing it. >> okay good advice charisse jones, thanks so much. have a good sunday. >> thank you. a newly published report says mike bloomberg's days as mayor may not be over. there's speculation he could lead another big city overseas. and the rising popularity of bible-oriented entertainment. why are americans so drawn to portrayals of the good book? spectracide gives you season-long control... of just ants. their label says so. bugged by more than ants? get ortho bug b gon. the label tells the story. some weed killers are overzealous. they even destroy your lawn. ortho weed b gon kills weeds... not lawns. our label says it. your grass proves it. get ortho weed b gon. the label tells the story.
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10:32 am
terrorist state of our time the access to a nuclear program that could help them make nuclear weapon weapons. it's bad for all of us. >> a top senate democrat warns the prime minister about the impact of opposition. >> this can backfire on him, and i wish that he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternative. in his speech to the congress no, real alternative. since then no, real alternative. >> for more nbc's john yang joins us from the white house. again, we're hearing starkly different opinions on this deal today, reflecting the difficulties in putting a deal like this together. >> reporter: that's right and alex it's not just from between the white house and critics of the deal in the united states and around the world, it's also differences between how the united states is describing the deal and how iran is describing the deal. they're not necessarily contradictory. each emphasizing different parts of this framework agreement,
10:33 am
each trying to allay the concerns of conservatives, conservative yitic iccritics of the deal in both countries. this is making it harder for the administration to sell congress on going along on this without congressional approval. the president's arguing this is an executive agreement, not a treaty. he doesn't want congressional approval, some administration officials fear it could scuttle the deal if congress got involved, but there are still members of congress who feel it is their prerogative, their right, their role under the constitution to get involved in this especially with all these questions of exactly what's in it. here's senator bob corker of tennessee's chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. >> what the american people may not know right now, chris, is that there will be all kinds of classified annexes that are very important. they lay out the details as to how much of this is going to take place and that's why it's
10:34 am
so important that congress play its rightful role in approving this prior to the congressional congressionally mandated sanctions that we put in place are alleviated. >> what makes this even more complicated is just the complication of all this. this is literally nuclear science. the man that a lot of administration officials played the pivotal role in all of this energy secretary ernest moniz who is a nuclear physicist. these are difficult concepts and issues for anyone to understand. that's why you'll hear a lot i think from the administration about the verification process, the monitoring that they'll be able to watch with the iranians are doing and see if there's any cheating. you're going to hear a little twist on the old ronald reagan adage, when he was dealing with the soviet union on nuclear arms that this is based not just on trust but also an verification. alex?
10:35 am
>> okay all makes sense. thank you, john yang. just days after the deadliest terror attack in kenya since the u.s. embassy bombing al shabab is tlit thing? more bloodshed. the al qaeda aligned militants sent out a statement tret thing? no precautions could guarantee the public's safety. in kenya they posted armed guards outside churches from kong gants defiantly gathered for easter mass. welcome, i'm curious about kenya and the level of intelligence it has and the services. could they capably disrupt similar future plots before they occur? >> look these type of attacks are extremely difficult to intercept and dismantle and prevent from taking place. kenya's national intelligence service the nis has been capable of intercepting a lot of the communication that shabaab has with its operate of its.
10:36 am
it's not proficient at preventing attacks they're sudden and they don't have leads and they have targeted soft targets like malls and schools. so i think they have a lot to work on and maybe they have a lot to work on with other governments to try to pressure al shabab. >> does al shabaab have the ability to overturn the kenyan government? >> it has the ability to create a larger gap between kenyans and the goff they have the ability to create more mistrust between the people and the government. now a lot of the people are really worried their government is not able to protect them and is not given kind of relaying the information they need to know, so i think it's creating a lot of mistrust and i think the kenyan government president kenyatta has a lot to work on to gain the trust of the people back. >> this mistrust may be fueled even further today in the surprising development one of the school attackers identified as the son of a government chief. in fact, he graduated college
10:37 am
with a law degree was called a brilliant and upcoming lawyer. how does someone like that end up with al shabab? >> radical ideology doesn't know gender, it doesn't know specific levels of education. lot of these individuals could be self-radicalized and once they join the group, they could be further radicalized where reasoning and rationalization is out of the formula. so i think al shabab is trying to really not only radicalize kenyans but attract them to training camps to train further and they featured a number of kenyan commanders and fighters in their videos vowing attacks on kenyan governments and kenyan people so i think they have again the radical ideology can really see societies and ultimately sometimes there is no stopping it. >> the justification for al shabab for conducting the terror attacks is because of kenya's military intervention in somalia. what is the current state of that situation? >> well you know what seems
10:38 am
like the kenyan government is not backing down from its intervention in somalia. it's been very strong since 2012 and of course ever since 2012 until today, al shabab killed well over 250 kenyans in various attacks. i think the kenyan government is going to stay vigilant and going to continue its mission with the african troops in somalia, especially after taking garissa. they'd like to maintain that. how long will that last for? we don't know. >> outside of kenya, except for those who have listened to the news reports and seen the video and are nearly moved to tears, which i'm one of them we have not seen the sort of global outpouring of grief that we saw just this winter in paris and the scale of this attack was massive. i mean do you think the world sees this as just another war in africa? do you think that gives al shabab more of a free reign? >> you know i don't think it gives al shabab free reign essentially but i think kenya is a little bit far removed from
10:39 am
europe and you know the american street and european street generally speaking doesn't see these attacks in high frequency, they don't see such massive scale attacks at home, so they're a little bit i feel they are a little bit detached from that reality, but the truth of the matter is that these were horrific tragedies committed by al qaeda operatives essentially, and i think the whole world should be supporting kenya as we speak and implementing better security measures and standing with the kenyan people and having intelligence sharing between the kenyan government and other governments that are capable of tracking down al shabab communication and targeting them in the homeland. >> thank you so much appreciate the conversation. >> thank you, alex. is mayor mike hopping the pond? the british "sunday times" claimed unnames friends of michael bloomberg say he is considering running for mayor of london in 2016. here is the slight problem.
10:40 am
he is not a british citizen. also london election law requires candidates to live in the city for all 12 months prior to nomination or have your primary workplace there for 12 months. those friends think he could pull some strings though after all he was given an honorary knighthood by the queen last year. the "new york post" whose art department had more than a little fun with the story spoke to howard wilson who said "you can quote me on the record ruling it out." one of the centers of the fashion industry taking a bold step. french lawmakers approved a measure to ban ultraskinny models from the runway. joining me again kelly cobiella. what do you think led france to take this step? >> well if you listen to the politicians, it's about anorexia, it's about a fight against anorexia and a wider health bill. this is really, alex just the first step toward enacting a very tough law meant to protect women like french model isabel
10:41 am
karo, just 28 when she died after battling anorexia for years. from runways to fashion spreads, thin has always been in. but in france the picture of haut couture may be about to change. french lawmakers have approved a measure to make hiring a model deemed underweight a crime. >> translator: the politician behind it said models are under everincreasing pressure to be thinner." victoria dusier quit modeling after her agent told her it was good to be almost anorexic. she says "the skinnier you are, the more work you get." the french law would require models to prove they have a healthy body mass index to get a job. 5'7" model would have to weigh at least 121 pounds. anyone who hires an underweight model would coface six months in prison and an $80,000 fine. >> how could it not be a good thing to have people who come down the runway who look more
10:42 am
like people we can relate to? that women can relate to. >> reporter: do you think they're too skinny? >> too too, too skinny. not realistic at all. >> it's not skinny is the norm. then young girls think they have to be that. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. "in my opinion" says the head of one model agency "there's no size with the size of models the girls are tall thin and young." israel passed a similar law in 2013. models in spain and italy follow voluntary codes of conduct. the french law would be the toughest yet, even requiring magazines to disclose when a model is made thinner with photoshop. this measure goes to another vote next week and it is expected to pass. alex it could be law by the end of the year. >> okay we'll see if it sticks. thanks so much kelly cobiella in london. it is the prelude to what is probably the most critical chapter in the boston bombing case, that's next. and now telcos using hp big data solutions
10:43 am
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10:46 am
the april 2013 bombing and its aftermath in boston among the key points in the trial the defense admitting in its opening statement its client was responsible, the graphic testimony from bombing survivors, prosecutors put 92 witnesses on the stand and new surveillance video from the day of the bombing, jurors visiting the boat in which tsarnaev was found hiding. the video of the carjacking escape and the defense calling on the four witnesses before resting the case. eric levinson welcome. closing arguments begin tomorrow. what do you think, how long do you think for the jury to get the kais? >> its know not clear but the jury will go into deliberations monday, sometime in the next week they'll come back with 30 charges, 17 the possibility of the death penalty so there's a lot to talk about, even though it seems clear-cut. it will take a while for jurors
10:47 am
to sort through the details of the case. >> what did you learn covering this trial that you hadn't previously known? >> there were a lot of small more banal aspects of the trial, a video from the finish line of the marathon with dzhokhar tsarnaev with the backpack on standing for four minutes silently watching before he puts the backpack down and walks away and so that four minutes they played in court and it was a very quiet, no sound and you just kind of see him mulling around looking, that was a spooky moment and then there were other moments where right after the bombing about 30 minutes after he went to whole foods and bought a gallon of milk. so things like that where you're trying to get inside the head of this person and these little details really stick out as being particularly noteworthy. >> the latter point with whole foods people think he wanted to get on surveillance camera somewhere quick afterwards. what about the defense calling four witnesses, why so few? >> they only cross-examined less than a majority of the witnesses, they decided not to
10:48 am
antagonize witnesses at the scene or police officers who were shot at and so they really took a very they're taking a long-term to this. there's two parts to the trial, the guilt phase and then after that there's the sentencing phase where they decide if he's going to get the death penalty or life sentence. the first part is mostly the defense is mostly saying he did it, this is settled but they're trying to build a longer argument so a lot of its witnesses they called testified about his older brother's influence, tamerlan tsarnaev was 26 dzhokhar was 19 at the time. their argument is just to say we did it but also there is this other character who is not here kind of the boogeyman of the trial. >> the defense is hoping to spare dzhokhar the death penalty as if he was unduly influenced by his brother and wasn't this premeditated, calculated of his own accord? >> exactly. eches he was not the driving force of the bombing. his older brother there was evidence presented that he purchased the backpacks, the
10:49 am
pressure cookers, and the bbs used in the pressure cooker bombs, those were purchased by tamerlan according to some fbi testimony. other influence, the defense tried to say that the al qaeda "inspire" magazine the radical jihadi material was on dzhokhar's computer and laptop and ipod but that was put there via a thumb drive that first was installed on his older brother's computer so it's small things like that that they're hoping builds a bigger case. >> yes. massachusetts on friday released its analysis of the city's response to the bombing, and then the subsequent manhunt for the bombers. what stood out in that assess assessment element of the shooting in watertown. so if you'll remember three days after the bombing, he escaped from police on the run and hid inside a boat. and the boat had over 100 bullet holes in it. so one of the things the analysis looked at was how the police shot at him who did not have any weapons on him, did not
10:50 am
have a gun. and there were so many policemen in the area from all different types. from new york, from federal, from fbi. and so there wasn't a great command structure there. and so one person fired apparently spooked her suspecting there was some kind of shooting. and all the other policemen fired. so there was -- part of it. it was a hectic fire fight. a few hours before they'd been throwing -- police had bombs thrown at them a gun shot at them. it was a hectic scenario. and i think that was the big lesson is that even in hectic scenarios, you need to have some kind of you know -- >> command structure. >> yeah. >> and keep your wits about you. good to see you, thanks so much. >> thank you. next hollywood turns to the good book once again. why is the bible becoming popular entertainment? and "furious 7" promises to break the billion dollar mark. t wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is.
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10:53 am
. the producers of the popular mini series "the bible" are back
10:54 am
with a sequel in time for easter weekend. a.d. the bible continues premieres tonight and explores the aftermath of the crucifixion of jesus. joining me now senior editor for "in touch weekly." hi, kim, welcome. >> hi how are you doing? >> i'm well thanks. hope you are too. let's talk about a.d. the bible continues. it had a bigger budget than the predecessor. of course, it follows some big screen movies about jesus christ. so what is the fascination with religious films? >> well you know, you mention obviously, this is a follow-up to the bible on the history channel that debuted to 13 million people on the history channel. so this, obviously, was going to be enormous and has been getting so much publicity, so much business around this nbc mini series. and i think people are fascinated. you know, mark burnett, obviously, one of the producers and the other producer who produced the first bible had said this mini series that we'll see starting tonight is not just about the bible, but also has political intrigue. and it has the political thriller kind of quality to it. so you're reaching out to people
10:55 am
who obviously care about religious programming, religious tv and movies, but also people who care about the political intrigue aspect. so i think that's why. it's kind of -- it's going to a broad audience. >> yeah, absolutely. and no small coincidence it premieres on easter sunday night, of course. i want to move on to the fascination behind the "fast and furious" franchise, which is from universal pictures. that's part of nbc universal. this seventh installment has raked in well more than $140 million this weekend. but i've read something during the show like it's already about $350 million globally expected to bring in $1 billion when all said and done. how much of an impact do you think paul walker's death has had and will ultimately have on the final box office numbers? >> huge, obviously. yeah. 143 million opening this weekend. that's about what the first installment made total, made $144 million. so that's how this has increased in years. you normally have people trying to struggle to get people in as
10:56 am
their franchises go on. but instead, this has increased. they're looking at $1 billion possibly for this. possibly also because of paul walker, as you mentioned. the heartwarming aspect to it but also it's a good movie. you have the paying tribute but then you have these amazing stunts and a lot of it not done by cgi. you have actual cars being dropped out of planes. it's an incredible movie. >> pretty incredible. also shlgs also, finally, the finale of "madmen." do you think it was time to say good-bye to don draper? >> yeah yeah. i think i do. and, you know there's a lot of conspiracy theorys about what will happen in the final seven episodes episodes. they'll focus on the six main characters. and something bad probably will happen because it's "madmen" but also the creator says when bad things happen, it's good entertainment. so expect some good entertainment, but some bad things happening. >> yeah well. matthew, one of the best at making bad things for good entertainment.
10:57 am
thank you so much kim serafin. have a good one. >> thanks you too. >> that's a wrap for this sunday edition of "weekends with alex witt." up next is "meet the press." ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr.clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes. mr.clean's magic eraser. constipated? .yea dulcolax tablets can cause cramps but not phillips. it has magnesium
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...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats. this sunday, the iran deal, appeasement of of an enemy or a historic agreement that makes the world safer. >> it is a good deal. a deal that meets our core objectives. >> can he sell it to a skeptical congress and allies in the middle east? israel's prime minister will join me live. plus, fight over those so-called religious liberty laws that are splitting the republican party. >> whole lot of republican politicians are terrified. >> 2016 gop hopeful, louisiana's bobby jindal will weigh in. opening day is here. rob manfred and how our national past time is trying to remain part of our national future.


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