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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 1, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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know who's coming after you. duck. you tuned in. i have given you the warning. it's april the 1st. some breaking news out of france pretty remarkable developments that have happened in of course that airliner crash, it ends up the airline knew a lot more about the pilot's depression many years ago. we'll have breaking news out of france. we'll go there in a minute with the interview but let's begin with indiana, over religious freedom bill that critics say allows businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. governor pence held a press conference and said that he expects legislation on his desk this week. the law won't allow businesses to deny services to anyone. as indiana tries to quite the storm, another state is going
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straight into the buzzsaw. gabe gutierrez is in indianapolis and he's got some information on the laws not only in indiana but also in arkansas. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: joe, good morning. the governor says that he's working around the clock to clarify the language in this law by the end of the week possibly by thursday. the indiana governor mike pence blasted his critics, saying indiana's new law is about religious freedom not discrimination. >> this law has been smeared. >> the front page of the indianapolis star fix this now. the governor says he's working with lawmakers to clarify the law's intent. under this law, as it's written, is it legal for a florist to deny services to a same-sex couple citing their religious belief. >> this law does not give anyone the license to deny services to
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gays and lesbians. miller wrote on online it will help christian bakers florists and photographers should not be punished for not participating. >> was i expecting this kind of backlash? heavens no. >> reporter: nine ceo s have sent a letter to state officials demanding the law be changed. >> the notion that you can tell businesses that they're free to discriminate is madness, it's bad for business. >> reporter: indianapolis republican mayor wants the law repealed repealed. >> indianapolis will not be defined by this. indianapolis welcomes everybody. >> reporter: other states now considering similar bills.
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>> please do not discriminate. >> reporter: the state house passed its own religious freedom bill. >> denow on its way to the governor's desk. the debate also heating up in georgia and north carolina. so, why did this law pass in indiana now? the governor says it was on the heels of the recent hobby lobby supreme court decision that strengthened religious protections. the timing was due to indiana's same-sex marriage ban being overturned last year. joe? >> thank you so much gabe. lot of people of course will be stunned what happened in arkansas, a bill that's every bit as harsh and critics' minds as that law has caused so much flak in indiana. it's unbelievable. in arkansas guess who's based there?
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like retail giant walmart, they're already speaking out against the religious freedom law. they posted this statement on twitter. the bill doesn't reflect walmart's values and they're urging the governor to veto it i guess if the ceo of walmart in arkansas is asking for that that's something that the governor has to pay close attention to it. breaking news out of france. the ceo of lufthansa held a press conference but refused to answer questions about the co-pilot who intentionally crashed that plane disclosed six years ago he suffered from depression. bill, pretty stunning press conference over there, what did you hear and what didn't you hear from the ceo. >> reporter: good morning. the ceo the boss of lufthansa
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carter spohr was dressed in a black suit and it was a somber statement that he read out to journalists, he said it was a terrible accident. he said the grief is still with us every hour. he said we're learning more every day about the cause of the accident but that it will take a long, long time to understand exactly how it happened. he said, i gave my word to the family we want to help as long as we can. he said we're very sorry. there's just no words to express it. and frankly, joe, he didn't say very much more not many words he spoke quickly in french and then he just turned on his heels and walked away. i then tried to ask him a few questions, but as you'll hear he didn't have anything more to say.
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>> merci. merci. >> sir, when did you find the 209 e-mail from lubitz? >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. there's no questions and answers. sorry for that. sorry for this. thank you. thank you so much. >> sir, your employee crashed a plane, why are you refusing to take questions? and he simply didn't take anymore. he got into his car and he drove off. it sounded -- well, make your own judgment about that is he tone-deaf, is lufthansa under severe pressure, i think the answer to that question is yes. 2009 e-mail i was referring to written by andreas lubitz just after he took a break from training n that e-mail he
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conceded that he had severe depression lufthansa just released that e-mail yesterday, seven days after the crash, and we were wondering, really how it had taken so long for lufthansa to come forward with this e-mail to concede that it knew that he had had severe depression, remember the german prosecutor said that he not only had severe depression but suicidal tendencies. lufthansa under severe pressure. the airline hasn't canceled its 60th anniversary celebration next month. mr. spohr really feeling the pressure that he's not just in germany but across the aviation world. joe. >> one quick follow-up, i have been quite taken at some of the press conferences by how
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practicely the ceo has been and tone-deaf seems to be the perfect expression for it. in the united states certainly, ceos, sometimes are tone-deaf, usually their press people push them and they quickly do an about-face and seem to be more represent receptive. an airline, a standard for the rest of the world, that would handle this horrible crisis as it has over the last week or so. >> reporter: the news conference they gave last week is absolutely certainty, they have said several times that this man, andreas lubitz was 100% fit to fly the plane, without reservation and without qualification. that was said by carter spohr
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and was said very clearly to the nbc news about it by the ceo of the germanwings. almost stiff-arming the ort reporters and journalists who are asking them are you really saying that you have absolutely no doubt from 2009 when he qualified as a pilot right up until the day that he crashed the plane. joe, there are so many questions that they are simply as was shown vividly today, so many questions they are refusing to answer probably because, this is mere speculation, they know they're facing multimillion-dollar lawsuits from germany, from the united states, almost certainly these will come and almost certainly it will focus on the issue of
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negligence. negligent in allowing a man who had suicidal tendencies fly a passenger jet? >> joe. bill you were referencing part of a press conference several days ago, an nbc news reporter was asking about the fit of this pilot, it was a shame that she didn't speak germany, probably not the best spin you could have at a press conference. bill, thank you so much. let's change gears now, the clock is expired, by but i don't think the clock is expired until the president and john kerry get the deal they want. the talks are still ongoing between iran and sick world powers. officials failed to reach a deal before yesterday's deadline but the united states said enough progress has been made for an extra day for negotiations. secretary of state john kerry was scheduled to leave switzerland but he decided to
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stick around and russian sha's foreign minister is once again part of the talks. we got andrea mitch we'll the very latest. >> reporter: they had the weary look of college students pulling an all-nighter the world's top diplomats missing their own midnight deadline. the president said they won't go past march 31st deadline. now they are. iran is no hurry to quick. >> we don't have any deadline. 6:00 7:00 9:00 for us the whole day can end in the next morning. >> reporter: in this final phase the u.s. and iran are leaning heavily on their nuclear experts. energy secretary and iran's nuclear chief, both from m.i.t. but it may take more than two nuclear physicists to solve
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these problems. will the u.n. sanctions be lifted in june as iran demands? or just suspended? john kerry doesn't give up easily. if he doesn't get a nuclear deal he's made a mark him. a local restaurant has named a pizza after him. >> that's an honor you can take with you. big setback this year for the islamic state militants in iraq weakening over the past several months well they're claiming victory against isis in tikrit tikrit. they drove the militants out of there. soldiers also raised the iraqi flag atop a local government building in tikrit officials are warning that the fighting will continue with isis now
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tikrit is the second-largest city seized by the militant group. the battle is important sign if the iraqi forces would be prepared for a much larger offensive in mosul. 40 people in a village were reportedly killed by isis with victims including women and children. yemen now is on the verge of total collapse as saudi-led coalition continues to launch air strikes against the shiite rebels. iran believed to be backing the rebels is now calling for talks between yemen's political parties. president obama is lifting a nearly two-year-old weapons freeze against egypt, that's big news the white house is denying that it's linked to the threat of islamic state militants. let's turn to business. the dow dropped 200 points but the s&p 500 hung on for positive
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gains for the ninth consecutive quarter, meanwhile the fallout over a possible nuclear deal with iran is taking its toll on oil prices. u.s. crude is now trading another 25 cents lower. steve, what effect will all this have on the oil industry here in the united states? >> yeah there's great news for the consumer on a regular basis, gasoline prices going through the floor. it doesn't help those shale producers. north dakota louisiana, they're beginning to lose energy sector jobs. that dropped 91,000 as well. very low jobless totals north dakota has 2.9 unemployed. 6 those job losses in the energy sector joe, seem to be continuing for the short term especially with these low prices. >> another story, greece it's
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failed to get a big deal with its len dors. lenders. the greeks are still very optimistic they can get a deal. we're in april now. within 19 days they're going to run out of money, joe. >> that's not a good thing. steve, some group of people who aren't going to run out of money here in the states at least, major league baseball players, some new numbers out this are inspiring me to teach my 6-year-old to pitch. >> unbelievable figure. the average player's salary in 1976, the last year before the free agency was $50,000. now, going back we're talking about $4.25 million now. is the average salary before a ball is even thrown.
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that's up from 3.65 million in 2013. clayton kershaw, the dodgers pitcher is very very good but he gets $31 million. in l.a. incidentally, they have the biggest payroll at $270 million, joe. >> that's unbelievable. >> extraordinary numbers. >> baseball player nimd ricky hernandez was getting paid $3 million a year in the '80s. now, that's below the average. thank you so much. we greatly appreciate it. still ahead here on "way too early" -- new daily show host trevor noah forced to come to terms with skeletons in his twitter closet the big question will he be able to survive all of the scrutiny he's sure to get now? >> and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes back.
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♪ ♪ wow, that honeymoon did not last long. just hours after being named jon stewart's successor for the daily show some trevor noah's older tweets have critics criticizing that selection. some are about jewish people some are about israel some are about women, some are about white women, some are about obese women. some are about women that he just shouldn't be tweeting about. for examples he tweeted that "south africans know how to recycle like israel nows how to be peaceful." responding to the uproar noah tweeted, to reduce my views to a handful of jokes, that didn't land is not a true reflection of my character, nor my evolution as a comedian. oh, my god.
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there's a new standard at the daily show. because we talked 15 hours aweek and if we say something stupid for 11 seconds, oh my god, that's an entire segment and you suggest we're bigots. so there's a new standard. you ignore nine hours, get 15 seconds, you have a comedy routine and you make a funny face. let's hope there's a new standard, for their part comedy central is standing by him, okay they are, saying in a statement, quote, like many comedians trevor noah pushes the bound didries, he's provocative and spares no one, himself, included to judge him or his come day based on a handful of jokes -- i can't even read this this is so hypocritical of a show and a network that's made millions and
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millions of dollars finding 11 seconds here two seconds there, twisting a word here twisting a word there, out of its proper context. where it's not written down. >> hmm. >> very interesting. i guess -- bill this must be a joke. listen, don't get me wrong. i love comedy central. >> we all do. >> i laugh my ass off with jon stewart, funniest guy on tv. i got no problem with that when we say stupid things politician say stupid things make fun of us it's fun to watch. but that statement from the execs at comedy central that is a joke. >> ever remember jon stewart apologizing? >> no. speaking of severe storms --
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>> yes. >> a super typhoon. 169 severe reports of weather yesterday. those storms have weakened by montgomery. overnight, some big storms in oklahoma city. those are weakens now into areas of the southeast portions of kansas. today's severe weather threat from omaha down to wichita, that's where we could see some dangerous storms. three-day severe weather mini outbreak, tomorrow we'll focus on st. louis. not too many tornadoes, joe, that's good. we're very tornado quiet. >> very good knock on wood. of course, this weekend for easter, you're promising us very warm beautiful weather. >> a nice coating of snow for the easter egg hunt. >> mika. this is "way too early," we go quickly here we go to the news and we go to break. don't go away we'll be right back.
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how they could use those skills in the real world. they could build skyscrapers design race cars or even shoot movies. give them the best gift you could give any child: a good education. the more you know. ♪ ♪ okay. because -- because joe treated this show like morning joe, you ran out of time. thank you for your time. coming up next the ceo of lufthansa refusing to answer questions about why pilot lubitz was allowed to fly despite telling the airline about a severe episode of severe
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depression. and elizabeth warren joins us on set. she answers critics who claims she's unqualified to take on issues beyond the financial sector. also on the guest list republican senator jon thune and andrea mitchell live from switzerland. that and much more coming up next on "morning joe."
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you haven't been when all issues are resolved. >> if you could find over the past 20 years, a worst time for the united states to select a deal with iran. >> i can imagine the negotiators are feeling, oh my gosh i'm not sure it's worth it. >> the team has come together to provide help where help is needed. >> the airline confirms for the first time andreas lubitz had a severe episode of severe depression


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