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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 11, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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unit in hammond, louisiana, and seven marines assigned to camp lejeune, north carolina on board that helicopter and know that with me, our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as the search and rescue continues. >> nelson gabriel is on the phone from the beach in pensacola near the crash site. with me in studio military analyst, medal of honor recipient, retired colonel jack jacobs. melissa, at last check fog was hampering the search effort. >> reporter: i am at navar beach, east of pensacola beach, and it is very foggy, and there's obviously an intense search and rescue operation going on out here. >> you're using the phrase search and rescue. is it still considered to be a search and rescue mission?
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>> i apologize. i guess from what we've heard, they're presumed dead. >> what else can you tell us -- >> search and recovery. >> the area where you are now, can you describe the scene? what are you seeing, is there still smoke? >> it is a beautiful area known as a vacation area. there's a boat dock in front of a place that's well known, local bar, and there's all sorts of coast guard boats and search boats taking off from the boat ramps here. and they've closed down the local roadways and it is just very dense fog. >> melissa, hang tight. colonel jack let me bring you in here. what can you tell us what do we know about the type of training exercise that these marines and soldiers were involved in? >> this area in this area we do
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a great deal of joint special operations training. air commanders are located at eglin air force base marines, special operations use the uh-60 helicopter. as a matter of fact, we have plenty of them thousands in all of the services. and they were undoubtedly doing practices where they insert in darkness or poor visibility to infiltrate an area to conduct raids and other kinds of exercises against the enemy. practice it all the time. >> they might be practicing this type of exercise in foggy conditions deliberately? >> well not necessarily deliberately, although we always practice stuff in low light or no light conditions. this was a particularly difficult time however. you had warm moist air coming in over the sound, hitting cool air, and both the ceiling and visibility drop dramatically in
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a short period of time. now, i am not a pilot myself. i can tell you, it looks really difficult to do, and they practice time and time again doing this sort of thing, but in speaking with lots of friends of mine who are both rotary wing and fixed wing pilots they'll tell you the same thing. it is easy to get disoriented in circumstances like this when visibility conditions change dramatically. >> what can you tell us about the type of helicopters involved, the black hawks? >> we have many configure agencies of them. as a utility helicopter better than the uh-1s we had in vietnam, where we had thousands and thousands of those, too. these are extremely sophisticated, multiple redundant systems, heavily computerized. extremely capable, very strong engines. they can carry a huge pay load. use them for a wide variety of missions, not just inserting troops for combat missions combat assaults anti-submarine war father search and rescue
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med-evac and other operations. >> sometimes i think we forget how dangerous these missions are, the training missions themselves. >> being in uniform is not easy. they're always at risk. and they train to a standard which means they have to train under the most difficult conditions they're likely to meet in combat. we do it all of the time. we train with live fire exercises all the time. i mean real weapons, real bullets. we have to be good and sometimes it is dangerous. >> melissa, thank you for joining me from florida, colonel jack as always in the studio. developing on capitol hill secretary john kerry, defense secretary ashton carter joint chiefs of staff, martin dempsey, all testifying at a senate hearing, asking lawmakers to support use of american forces to battle isis. secretary of state kerry urged lawmakers to approve president obama's resolution to show the world u.s. lawmakers are united on fighting isis. we are closely monitoring that
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hearing for you. coming up i will talk live to congressman gregory meeks, member of the house foreign affairs committee in a few moments on "newsnation." i want to turn to another big story we are following. more questions this morning about former secretary of state hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail to conduct official business after the news conference yesterday afternoon. the headline from politico hillary clinton leaves some questions unanswered. "the washington post," hillary clinton did not end the story. on, clinton fails to calm e-mail storm. clinton spoke on camera first time about the controversy tuesday after an event at the united nations. she called her use of personal e-mail an issue of convenience and admitted it probably wasn't the best idea. >> there were over 60,000 in total sent and received. about half were work related and went to the state department and
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about half were personal that were not in any way related to my work e-mails about planning chelsea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangements condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines family vacations. looking back it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two e-mail accounts. i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> there you have hillary clinton yesterday. today republicans doubling down on the criticism. congressman tray gowdy, co-chairman of the benghazi investigation says he will call her to testify at least twice, wants her to turn over the private server to a neutral third party. meanwhile, rand paul possible 2016 candidate calling for independent investigation. he appeared on the "today" show this morning. >> i don't think convenience should trump national security. i think the fact that she didn't
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obey the rules on putting her e-mails on a government server and now she says there wasn't classified information, i am not sure that can't be trusted since we can't trust her to do the right thing the first time. >> msnbc political reporter alex seitz wald has been following hillary clinton in her events this week closely following the story. thanks for your work good to see you. you were writing about this on today. here is a quote from your article. she didn't answer all the questions out there about her electronic correspondence and she may have even created a few new ones. what are the biggest unanswered questions? >> i can tell you that the biggest question reporters were talking about after her press conference concluded yesterday at the u.n. was why did she delete personal e-mails. she said there were 60,000 e-mails in total, half were work half were personal. and after she went through a process of reviewing all of them
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and determining which should be turned over to the state department, she decided not to save the 30,000. so the question is why. i mean all of us have tons of personal e-mails, the inbox is full, but we save and archive them. these days it is hard to delete anything forever, they probably exist somewhere on her server. that's kind of the front line with republicans wanting to get their hands on that server get it to a third party to go through and verify that. otherwise, she's asking us to just trust her that she turned over all the work related e-mails. >> talk about the private server. tray gowdy on morning joe today explaining why he thinks clinton needs to turn over that server. take a listen. >> she doesn't get to determine what's a public record and what's a personal record. someone else needs to do that. i don't know why she doesn't just turn the server over. there are plenty of retired federal judges or archivists inspector generals people that
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everyone trusts let that person make the determination of what's public record and what's purely private record. >> alex realistically here could hillary clinton be forced to turn over a private server? >> that's a great question i have been calling to lawyers to try to get an answer. so far i haven't gotten a clear answer. it is a little gray area. gowdy said he can't under powers he has under his committee now, he can't compel it. it would be seizing private property and that's something he can't do. remember, this server was kept on her personal property at her home. it is her own property. it is not government property. from could be other ways of going about it. so far gowdy isn't going there, he is hoping to pressure her to put enough political pressure on her that she chooses to turn it over to a third party to go through it. republicans aren't even saying they want their hands on it they say they want to get it to a third party, neutral third party who can go through it.
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i can assure you they're not going to give up and will go after every means possible. >> alex, thanks again. i am joined on the phone by tracy suffle senior adviser for ready for hillary, the pac supporting clinton for president. and steve days conservative talk show host. thanks for being with me. tracy, let me start with you. less than three weeks ago, the former secretary of state admitted that she had more than one phone. take a listen. >> iphone or android? >> iphone. okay in full disclosure. >> blackberry. >> and a blackberry. i don't throw anything away. i am like two steps short of a hoarder. i have an ipad a mini ipad iphone and blackberry. >> so here's the thing, tracy.
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right there you hear mrs. clinton saying that she has the two devices, yesterday she said for convenience she only used one device. you also hear her revealing that she saves everything. she's an admitted hoarder, that was somewhat tongue in cheek. walk me through why this doesn't look bad when she makes that argument a few weeks ago but yesterday we heard something that sounded entirely different. >> hi craig, thanks. i think when clinton began at the state department until that two and a half weeks ago when she made those comments i think i've probably had seven different devices during that time period. i bet you guys have as well. secretary clinton is referring to having two devices now. in 2009 when she was secretary of state and took that office she was talking yesterday in her lengthy press conference about
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what she did then so let me just stress the importance of keeping in mind the time interval we are talking about here. so that's a start. but more importantly and more substantively, she was quite direct in saying yeah probably wasn't the best thing to have done and i don't know how much more direct she could have gotten with that statement, but the issue that's concerning as we listen to tray gowdy and others is that this has now become almost like a game ball to be knocked and batted around it is not clear to me what the compelling questions are. >> tracy, not to cut you off, but i think we can all agree that yes, there's going to be a political element to all of this as there usually is when there's a clinton involved. however, there are some who are still asking legitimately why delete the e-mails? even if they are personal e-mails, why delete thousands of them before you turn them over? >> as everyone really digs into
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that question and her words yesterday, i think there's really three groups of people who can react to that. there are supporters of secretary clinton like myself like millions that support the ready for hillary effort. then there are her detractors who are never going to budge from being her detractors. what matters most are the people in between, and i am talking to you today from chicago. i have yet to see, meet talk to anyone in chicago who cares at all about this. so it is that third group i think the question should be directed to and the answer that i am hearing is it doesn't matter, it is private. who cares. let's move on. >> steve, why should people care about this. >> first of all i find it hilarious the third group is in chicago, home of the president, one of the most leftist cities in america. you want to find the third group, go to places like north
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carolina, ohio go to suburbs and places like florida where presidential elections are actually won. that's where you're going to find that third group, craig, not on the streets of chicago which has rahm emanuel as governor. i have nothing more to add. you are doing phenomenal reporting. you look at the headlines from the right, liberal media, you cited one, i will throw in one more, los angeles times, hillary admits deleting 30,000 e-mails. she's asking the american people to unilaterally trust her judgment and her judgment alone that it was okay for her to delete all of these e-mails, that we take it at face value and her word for it there's nothing in there incendiary nothing dealing with national security, nothing incriminating, because craig, listen whether you love the clintons or not, we are talking about a presidency, last time she lived in the white house, they were impeached, why were they impeached? because they didn't tell the truth.
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there's a long legacy of not telling the truth, of not being forthcoming, telling different truths to different groups of people from the clintons. >> democratic senator dianne feinstein called for her to come forward, said yesterday she was satisfied with the news conference. want to play a bit of what she said and play devil's advocate on the other side. listen. >> important thing was that she step forward and talk to people and i think people will be reassured listening to it. people agree that personal e-mails should be private material. an e-mail with my husband, i am not an administration official but if i were should i disclose that? i don't think so. >> steve, shouldn't the former secretary get some expectation of privacy when it comes to e-mails describing funeral arrangements or wedding plans or things of that nature? >> of course.
8:16 am
but i mean diane's answer defies common sense. you're asking the american people to unilaterally believe with no oversight on something most didn't know until "the new york times" broke this a couple weeks ago, 30,000 e-mails fall into that category. how reckless for a secretary of state to so casually be deleting e-mails, sending e-mails, all from the same account when dealing with matters like what happened to four dead americans at benghazi dealing with matters like russia's incursion into ukraine, all the other issues you deal with as secretary of state. it goes to lack of judgment. this is their mo never think the rules apply to them think they're above the law, and cry privacy when called on it. >> steve, have to leave it there. steve, tracy, good to have you.
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thanks for your time. this is the focus of today's "newsnation" gut check. what does your gut tell you. do you think clinton said enough to squash the controversy surrounding the e-mails if go to to vote. coming up talking to the president of student government association at the university of oklahoma after two students are expelled for their part in a fraternity racist chant. and why utah lawmakers voted to become the only state with firing squad for death row inmates. one of the stories we are following around the "newsnation." and this. ♪ >> the lines aren't blurred any more. marvin gaye's family working to stop the sale of rob in thick's blurred lines after they found they copied the classic. it was a multi million dollar
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developing now, major developments in the battle against isis including celebrations in a town near tikrit. iraqi forces have managed to drive isis fighters from that town. it is the latest advance in the iraqi offensive launched last week to take tikrit itself saddam hussein's town which isis captured last june. back here live pictures from capitol hill as the battle against isis is front and center at a senate hearing. secretary of state john kerry, new defense secretary ashton carter joint chiefs chairman
8:22 am
martin dempsey testifying. the hearing before the senate foreign relations committee is on president obama's request for congress to authorize use of military force against isis. >> the president already has statutory authority to act against isil. but a clear formal expression of this congress' backing at this moment in time would dispel doubt that might exist anywhere that americans are united in this effort. >> the upper chamber at work the lower chamber on break. gregory meeks, good to see you. thanks for being with me. start with the draft proposal. president obama sent it to congress last month, again requesting authorization to use military force against isis. three year time limit. says there will be no enduring offensive ground operations by u.s. forces replaces the 2002
8:23 am
that congress granted to president bush for military force in the iraq war. house speaker boehner says it is alarmingly restrictive. some democrats say it is too vague. where do you stand? >> i stand that congress had been asking to be involved asking to make a statement. here is our chance to do so so that we can show what other position is and that we are united. i think the three year limitation is so we can also see what's taking place on the ground in three years and whether or not there's something new that needs to be done at that particular time. i'm also wanting to make sure that the authorization does not put ground troops. we don't need any boots on the ground. >> let's talk about that. that continues to be the prevailing sentiment in d.c. as you know there have been a number of polls that indicate that the american population wants otherwise. this poll last week quinnipiac university poll shows 62% of
8:24 am
americans support using ground troops against isis. 30% are opposed. are you comfortable with being in the minority there? >> yes, because we want to make sure that we don't do more damage. in other words, when you put the ground troops on then that helps isil recruit individuals, to say this is americans coming against, trying to occupy their lands, it is important to have those in the region to have the ground troops with us giving them support through the air and intelligence so that they're all coming together and it is not america against muslims. >> why do you think the numbers are so staggering there? we are not talking 51 49. 62%. >> i understand because when you see the kinds of horrendous acts that isil has been doing in a public way, when you see beheadings, when you see them putting human beings in cages, the american people as i do we want to make sure we get those
8:25 am
individuals. that's why i think it is important for us to give the president the authorized military use in the way he is asking for, and to show that we are united in going after isil. >> okay we have to get out of here. i can't let you go without one last question, unrelated to all of this. how did hillary do yesterday? >> i think that she did well. i think nobody thought the issue was going to go away with whatever she said so those individuals who are after her, it will never be enough whatever she says. they want to utilize some issue to disparage her. >> are you comfortable with the fact she deleted so many e-mails? >> i am comfortable with the fact she didn't break rules or laws, that's what's important. >> congressman meeks, thank you for your time, sir. up next, we are hearing for the first time from one of the university of oklahoma students involved in the racist chant. he and another student are now expelled. more could be disciplined. i will talk to a student, and key evidence taking center stage in the boston bombing trial.
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that's what i'd like to do. there's more fallout in the widening scandal at the university of oklahoma over the racist chant caught on video. two fraternity members seen on video appearing to lead the chant are now apologizing, and the fraternity at the center sigma alpha epsilon is responding to claims that the song was taught to them by fellow fraternity members. nbc's gabe gutierrez with more from the ou campus in norman. >> reporter: craig, two students have been expelled. the university says its investigation is not over and that more students could be disciplined. now we are learning more about what may have led up to this. one student blaming the incident
8:30 am
partly on alcohol. on the ou campus new outrage. >> i hope that he genuinely is apologetic, not just apologetic because he got caught. >> reporter: this morning, apologies for this video are sinking in. a freshman member of sigma alpha epsilon, parker rice writing i am deeply sorry for what i did saturday night, it was wrong and reckless. i admit it likely was fueled by alcohol, consumed at the house before the bus trip but that's not an excuse. rice graduated from this jesuit prep school in dallas last year. >> i was appalled. it is unconscionable to see what was going on on that bus. >> reporter: in his written statement, rice says the song was taught to us. overnight, sae said it was likely the men learned the song from fellow chapter members, but reiterated the national fraternity does not teach such a racist hateful chant. parents of a second student,
8:31 am
levi pettit also aapologized, he made a horrible mistake, will live with the consequences forever. we also know of the depth of our son's character, he's a good boy, but what we saw in the video was disgusting. also calling this video posted on social media unacceptables, shows the long time house mother using that same slur in 2013. she says she's heartbroken by any racist portrayal and was only singing along to a rap song. as the scandal widens hundreds of students marched across campus. a diverse crowd, stopping at the sae house, now shut down. >> it is blatant racism. that's what it is. >> i would say that we haven't fallen apart, but some parts of us have started to crumble away but we are putting it back together. >> reporter: fraternity members had until midnight to move out
8:32 am
of that house. today, the university is stressing it has zero tolerance for what happened on that bus. >> gabe gutierrez in norman thank you. the student body press at the university of oklahoma thanks for being with me. in that piece there, gabe read portions of the apology from parker rice and from the family of levi pettit. in parker rice's letter he also wrote, quote, my goal for the long term is to be a man who has the heart and the courage to reject racism wherever i see or experience it in the future. how are students on campus reacting to the apologies? >> well in general i haven't seen a lot of reaction to the apologies, but what i have seen has been a mix. there have been some people who were accepting the apology who are ready to move on some people are still very hurt by his words and by that video. i think it will just take time. right now, i personally am okay
8:33 am
with his apology, since he is trying to make a commitment to moving forward to reject that racism, trying to be an advocate and help he has accepted that he made a mistake, accepted that he caused a problem. >> do you think, you know not to try to ask you to read what's in a person's heart or mind but do you think that the apologies themselves are apologies because they got caught or do you think the apologies are because they genuinely feel bad about what they said? >> i don't think you can separate the two. i think that a lot of racism comes from lack of exposure lack of knowing what your words are doing to other people. you don't know the impact your words are going to have. i think once he got caught once you could see the incredible hurt that so many people on the campus felt the outrage so many people on the campus felt i
8:34 am
think that was very eye opening for him in terms of understanding that his words really, really have an impact that there's no place for that on our campus. here in the state and this country. >> you co-wrote an open letter to the student body. i am going to read a snippet. you start by saying let's talk about race. quote, this is more than an isolated incident from the few individuals pictured. racism is still alive in america and ou is not exempt from that but here's the difference. we might not be able to change america, but we can change our campus. we have the power to create a more inclusive atmosphere. how do you do that on the campus of ou how do you do that in the united states of america? >> well on the campus of ou and in the united states of america, it starts by all of us collectively taking one big step and that's a commitment to listening, a commitment to you know, accepting that a lot of us cannot understand cannot fathom
8:35 am
the struggles and problems of the black community in living as a minority community here. and understanding that you know a lot of times we cannot understand that but by listening, by acknowledging these problems and by being advocates for change and trying to make a more tolerant, more inclusive campus collaborating together with a variety of viewpoints to make those changes, that's how i think we can move forward as a campus and as a country. >> student body president at university offof oklahoma. up next the letter sent to iran from 47 gop senators. and some republicans who signed on now say it was a bad idea. senior political editor mark murray next. introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day.
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breaking news in florida. top of the hour we expect an update from officials at eglin air force base about the black hawk helicopter crash that likely killed four marines and three soldiers. it was off the florida panhandle between pensacola and destin. they say they found human remains, heavy fog is hampering the search effort. we will carry that news conference at 12:00 eastern here on msnbc. developing now, fireworks on capitol hill over the obama administration's on-going nuclear talks with iran. testifying before the senate foreign relations committee this morning, secretary of state john kerry defending himself against republican accusations that the deal he is working on will enable iran to build nuclear weapons. >> our negotiation is calculated to make sure they can't get a nuclear weapon and it is really
8:40 am
almost insulting that the presumption here is we are going to negotiate something that allows them to get a nuclear weapon. >> i haven't discussed about the nuclear weapon i am not saying there's a grand barring on. i am saying i believe our military strategy from isis is influenced by our desire not to cross red lines they have about u.s. military presence in the region. >> absolutely not in the least. >> senator marco rubio also among the 47 republican senators facing harsh criticism today over their decision to write an open letter to iran in which they warn leaders of that country that a possible nuclear deal will not hold up under the next president. adding her voice to the criticism, hillary clinton who denounced the republican lawmakers before she broke silence about her e-mail controversy yesterday. i am joined by senior political editor mark murray. we should note when asked specifically about the comments secretary kerry said his reaction was, quote, utter disbelief. he called it unprecedented.
8:41 am
he was being asked about the letter. rubio and others not backing down from the letter either. daily beast quoting an aid to one of the republican senators that signed it saying the white house is using the letter to spin the story, waiting details of the nuclear deal. other aids saying that letter intended to be light hearted. did the senate gop make a political miscalculation here and if they did, is there any way to walk it back at this point? >> craig, the miscalculation probably comes upon when you have things saying it was bipartisan, bipartisan opposition to the deal the obama administration is dealing, where you end up having almost all republicans and a handful of democrats who, you know if they were to vote on any situation on this, they might vote against it or at least have some objections. what now has happened is that when we are now talking about just this letter was it right or wrong to send this letter to iran, now we have bipartisan opposition, you end up having
8:42 am
all democrats saying it was wrong and a handful of republicans who decided not to sign it because they had objections to it. when you talk about political miscalculations, republicans would probably have been better off focusing on the substance of the talks rather than actually the process by the letter they wrote. >> senior political editor mark murray. thanks as always sir. appreciate you. >> thanks craig. developing now, new evidence presented in the boston bombing trial today, taken from the scene of the attack. this as the jurors see the notes written by dzhokhar tsarnaev the night police closed in. a live report from boston next. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k)
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ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. developing now. check this out. this is developing news we are watching. this is a tanker truck crash in dearborn, michigan. fire crews are on the scene, doing their best to douse flames. smoke is billowing from that tanker crash. no word at this point what started it.
8:46 am
a car is also on fire. tough to see from this vantage point. this is i-94 in dearborn. authorities say all lanes are shut down in that area. again, tanker crash, dearborn michigan. we have our eye on that. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. also developing now, the boat where dzhokhar tsarnaev was found four days after the boston marathon bombing is at the center of his federal trial in a boston courtroom. prosecutors showed for the first time tuesday pictures of what tsarnaev wrote while he was hiding in that boat right before he was captured. some of the words as you can see there, obscured by blood and bullet holes. but the scrolling written in pencil mostly legible, and they read in part quote, the u.s. government is killing our innocent civilians. i can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. a judge also has to decide whether to grant the defense request that the jury be allowed to see that boat in person.
8:47 am
nbc's ron mott is in boston with the latest developments on the trial. ron, good morning. >> hey, craig, good morning to you. right now they're cross-examining one of the fbi witnesses called by the prosecution. the defense is cross-examining him, talking about cell phone records. this afternoon they'll get into the ambush and murder of that mit police officer, sean collier. that precipitated that chase into watertown where this ended with the death of tamerlan tsarnaev, brother of dzhokhar tsarnaev, killed in the shootout with police. you go back to the boat craig, there was discussion between the judge and two sides whether the jurors will be able to see the boat in its entirety the vessel in one piece, or if they will cut out sections of the boat germane to the case. we saw for the first time, knew what the note said. that stuff was publicly released sometime last may or so. but to see it the first time with the blood draining down the side of the boat message in pencil was dramatic some of the most dramatic evidence entered
8:48 am
in the case so far. we are expecting a dramatic afternoon as they get into the ambush of the officer. the fourth person killed in that week of that trauma here for the city and the region craig. >> ron mott we will check in with you later this afternoon. thanks as always sir. new fallout from justice department scathing report about culture of racial bias within ferguson police department, and city offices. tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" this wednesday. city manager john shaw resigned tuesday in what council members describe as quote, mutual separation agreement. the council voted unanimously to part ways. he held that post eight years, writes over the last several months i have done everything in my power to work with countless groups to bring about positive change and strengthen our community. he added i must state clearly that my office has never instructed the police department to target african americans nor
8:49 am
falsify charges to administer fines, nor heap abuses on the backs of the poor. any inferences of that kind from the report are simply false. and utah could become the first state in the country to bring back the firing squad in death penalty cases. state lawmakers approved a proposal allowing firing squad executions executions, only if lethal drugs are not available. they say the firing squads are more humane citing recent cases of botched lethal injection. the governor there in utah declining to say if he will sign the measure. his decision is expected in the next week or so. we will be right back. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable
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an attorney representing marvin gaye's family is trying to stop the sales of the song blurred lines. that's in the wake of the jury's
8:53 am
decision that the song infringed on gaye's classic got to give it up. the jury pretty much said it's the same song. they ordered them to pay the family $7.3 million. the verdict itself has the potential to change how musicians work and could open the door to new copyright claims. joe fryer has been following this thing from the beginning and joins me life from los angeles with some more on the reaction to the case. >> a lot of people are asking why would the gaye family seek an injungction to stop the sale of blurred lines. it could be used to negotiate future royalties for the song. the verdict only deals with past royalties. the scheme is skeptical any injunction would be granted.
8:54 am
the song is still for sell. ♪ the way you grab me ♪ >> a federal jury says one of the deadcade's biggest hits infringed on the copyright of marvin gaye. >> what they tried to keep on us and the lies that were told. >> reporter: in all the family was awarded $7.3 million, including money from the song's profits, $1.8 million from robin thicke, $1.6 million from pharrel. >> they thought we would not have the wherewithal to fight this fight. they were wrong. >> it sets a horrible precedent for music an creativity going forward. >> my client knows they wrote
8:55 am
that song independently. >> reporter: thicke took the stand testifying me did not write blurred lines contrary to what he told vh1. >> i mentioned one of my favorite songs was marvin gaye's got to give it up. he tried to get a groove like that going. >> reporter: in court thicke said i was drunk and high and don't recall how the case went. >> they want their artist saved during interviews. >> reporter: there are worries the verdict will stifle song writers with inspiration being mistaken for infringement. gaye's children said this was about blurred lines, copying the lines. >> stand up for his music. stand up when someone is going to try to pilfer and take something away. when it's not right, it's not right, period.
8:56 am
>> they plan to review their legal options and craig, that could include an appeal. >> thanks as always. going to be interesting to see what this means for the music business. so many songs today sound like songs from 20 years ago. that does it for this edition of news nation. up next, adreendrea mitchell reports. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it!
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. breaking news. we got the latest on what appears to be a deadly military helicopter crash off the coast of florida. >> we have some casualties and search and rescue is still going on. reply all. hillary clinton breaks her silence on the questions over he has e-mails. she said it was about ease and convenience. >> convenience to use my
9:00 am
personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier. looking back it would have been probably smarter to use to devices. out rage and apologies. two of the students involved in that racist chant say sorry for their actions as students on the campus continue to speak out. >> i hope that he is apologetic and not just apologetic because he got caught. >> it's blatant racism. >> i would say that we have haven't fallen apart but some parts of it have started to crumb l away. we're putting it back together.


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