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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 11, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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know kids if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." by the way, i just want to apologize, you know if i said anything today that -- >> give the benefit of the doubt. >> never mind. >> give millry the ryhillary the ben dist of the doubt? what are you talking about? "rundown"'s now. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. welcome to "the rundown." we begin with breaking news out of the florida panhandle. 11 u.s. military personnel, 7 marines, 4 soldiers presumed dead following the crash of an army black hawk helicopter ta went down during a training mission near the coast. search and rescue continues right now but there's very little hope for survivors. joining me on the phone, eglin air force base spokesman andy boren. can you confirm the status of those 11 military personnel? >> jose i'm trying to be careful about, we are not confirming 11 dead at this point. we are still considering this a
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serb search and rescue mission, and i just want to be as clear osn that as i possibly can. at the same time i have confirmed that we have, in fact, had debris that has washed ashore in the area. and the full-scale launch of the search and the rescues mission is probably going to be starting here very quickly. the coast guard has actually deployed a number of vessels to the area. the county and some state organizations as well are providing boats to assist with the search mission. that is beginning now as the fog has lifted and we finally have daybreak. >> and, andy there was a lot of fog overnight. >> yes. >> do we know exactly where this chopper went down? it was in the gulf of mexico. not in the other bodies of water, right? >> no. not quite, jose. it was just north of the gulf. there is an area called the sound which is kind of an inland body of water. that is where we believe the accident occurred. and according to the initial reports that we got around 8:30
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central time last evening is when radio contact was lost according to the other aircraft participating in the training mission. i wanted to also be clear that there was no incident, if you will, between the two helicopters. that the second helicopter recovered and all of those personnel, the aircraft itself have been safely recovered and found. >> so where is the investigation right now? >> we have a pretty good scale of rescue forces. i mentioned the coast guard. some county as well as our own response, search and rescue folks that are located near that area. if you were looking at us on a map it would be to the east of the navara pass bridge area and those forces will be looking throughout the day and as long as it takes to search and rescue
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and personnel on that mission, as long as it takes. >> andy looking a at map right now, was it the body of water closer to pensacola or to destin area? >> pence coal-- pensacola. >> and close bodies of water. you can probably see once the sun is out. talking about debris found. what else can you tell us about? >> the body of water is about 12 miles across. it's a relatively remote area. there is road access to get into that area where we are having the rescue folks get into. we do have a pretty significant media of pool that has shown up at one part of the, near the bridge, but, again, it's about 12 miles across that body of water. so although one might be able to see activity you wouldn't be able to see a tremendous amount of detail. >> andy can't thank you enough
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for being with me. so appreciate your time. >> thanks for the time. i want to bring in stephen quinn from nbc affiliate wpmi at the command post in florida. good morning. what can you tell us right now? >> what i can tell you, jose is that search obviously, you've been hearing, is very much underway at this hour according to officials from eglin amps baseair force base human remains have been found, however officials on-scene are not yet willing to say what if how many fatalities occurred but they do say it is a fatal accident involving seven marines and four soldiers. a timeline quick of just exactly how this unfolded. the first report of this aircraft missing occurred around 8:30 tuesday afternoon, or wednesday afternoon, excuse me. there was a routine, as we're understanding it exercise involving two ch-60 black hawk helicopters. again that happening tuesday night, but according to
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officials there were "weather issues that happened and that may have caused that accident to take place." now, officials here telling us it is very common jose for them to undergo training exercises in these conditions. there was a dense fog advisory one still in place right now but again they say there is to practice and train in the situations that he may be called to serve in and that was the reason that a that exercise continued despite heavy fog in that area. where we are right now as you were hearing in that report a second ago a near the navar bridge and behind me hard to see now is, in fact, where that command center is taking place there. we've had officials from santa rosa county the local county police who have been exercising security here for the area. we do know there are going to be multiple investigations taking place from military personnel about what caused this crash. something that officials right now are not willing to speculate at this time. >> and stephen, just looking at the situation where you are right now it's really about 12
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hours ago that we first heard, authorities first heard of the missing chopper. the situation with fog is bad now. how bad was it last night? >> reporter: driving through here i can tell you that it was at some point hard to see as you might imagine. humid and warm weth mov weather moving through the area. it is even worse there on the water where according to officials they've been using boats and even high-speed boats, but at the same time, there have been commercial or recreational craft out there trying to help out, but that is in fact only slowed down that search which, again, they say is continuing at this hour. >> stephen quinn, thank you so much for being with me this morning. appreciate it. turn to nbc's jim miklaszewski following this from the pentagon. what have we learned? >> reporter: senior u.s. military officials say it appears there are no survivors, jose, from this tragic accident. that occurred overnight. and there's one issue that has
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not been resolved yet. while the seven u.s. marines, special operations marines, are clearly from camp lejeune, and there were reports, of course that the helicopters at least came from a national -- army national guard facility in hammond, louisiana, but it's not clear that the four army crew members onboard that ill-fated helicopter are also national guard. there is some thought here that the four army helicopter's crew would have also been special operations. you're not going to take somebody who's on you know sort of a weekend national guard rotation and put them in a complicated exercise like a special operations exercise in that kind of weather. so that has yet to be resolved. and weather, of course is considered right now anyway the primary factor involved in this accident. it was a very low ceiling, heavy
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fog, and in special operations exercises, as they are in actual combat. those helicopters will hug the earth's surface. you know practically cut through the waves to fly low to avoid detection from any enemy, and that's how they would train. so it's not out of the realm of possibility when you're flying that close to the water in those kinds of conditions that a pilot would lose their situational awareness. their perspective, and if for some reason had their eyes off their instruments for just a split second you could see how the represent would plunge into the water. >> and, jim, these were black hawks, when are really hearty and so commonly utilized by our armed forces. >> reporter: absolutely. particularly in special operations. >> jim mccla shechskiklaszewskimiklaszewski, thanks for being with us this morning.
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and testifying together on capitol hill making the case for the president to have expanded war powers in the fight with isis. it comes as we get word iraqi soldiers entered the isis-held city of tikrit. nbc's kelly o'donnell is at the white house for us. kelly, good morning. what more can you tell us about today's hearing? >> reporter: this is going to be a really important opportunity, jose, for these top leaders in foreign policy for the u.s. to help flush out what the ambitions for the white house and the administration are for this kind of military operation against isis and to get some of the insight from members of congress. senators on the panel. we know that democrats have been very reluctant to give the president a lot of authority in this area after years of war weariness in the country. so the topics will be important and i think vast. you'll be looking at issues of like what will the u.s. role be inside syria? would there be air cover provided for the training forces that will be authorized to be there? how are things going with iraqi training, after what we've seen
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in the headlines? and, also, some of the limitations on length of time. the president's own language on this authorization to use military force is for three years, and it does not define itself by national boundaries, should entities change. we talk isis today. could it be a different kind of threat down the line? so there's a lot to be decided. congress plays a very big role in this and so a chance to hear from john kerry, the new defense secretary ash carter and the joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey would be important. i would suspect we might hear comment from the joint chiefs chairman, the story you were just talking about, the incident involving the black hawk helicopters and i'm secure about a role of iran discussion of role of iran and that letter from 47 senators and what about the nuclear ambition? lots to cover, very high-profile event today. >> indeed, lots to cover. thanks so much. we'll briv you the start of that
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hearing live once it begins which should be in about 20 minutes. turning now to hillary clinton and the still lingering questions over her e-mail even after that much-awaited press conference yesterday speaking at the-run. in hind sooiblgt,sight. better if she used two separate phone. despite getting rid of some 30,000 e-mails she deemed personal. >> we have more than met the request from the state department. the server contains personal communications from my husband and me and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private and i think that the state department will be able over time to release all of the records that were provided. >> this morning, congressional republicans say they're not even close to being satisfied. they want a keeper look into the issue.
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>> i don't think convenience should trump national security. she also has admitted in other interviews she has an iphone and blackberry, so she does carry two devices. i think the fact she didn't obey the rules on putting her e-mails on a government server and now she says there wasn't classified information, i'm not sure that can be trusted, since we can't trust her to do the right thing the first time. >> we don't get to grade our own papers in life. we don't get to call penalties on ourselves. she doesn't get to determine what's a public record and what's a personal record. someone else needs to do that. >> joining me now msnbc's alex wads at the press conference. good morning. a lot of reaction this morning. is there a general consensus how she did? >> reporter: jose, like so many things in washington depends who you ask. some democrats i spoke to are very relieved to have some information from the secretary of state. former secretary of state. they've been trying to defend her but sort of have been flying blind without much comment from
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her i side from that one tweet for the past week. now that they have her comments and a a nine-page fact sheet her office sent out they feel they can mount a more robust defense and try to clarify the position a little more. republicans, you noticed, are not at all satisfied and there are two issues mainly they're concerned about now. one, why did she delight prevent e-mails according to her half the e-mail traffic received and the other is the use of that server. they want to get that server in the hands of a third party and turn it over. she said yesterday she'll keep it private. that's where the front line of this controversy becomes now. will she turn over that server and republicans are certainly going to demand it. >> interesting she actually and her people are saying it wasn't really just her that determined what was private and was was important documents for the state department but that she was, actually had a team of people with her. right? >> right. that's right. she said she used a lawyer her counsel and her staff to go up through these e-mails.
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over 60,000. so it's understandable she didn't go through it them one by one personally and says this expectation to go through your personal e-mail addresses and determine what should be a potential government record and what is personal that's an expectation put on every federal official. anybody who uses personal e-mail may have work slip into it. she's saying that she's being, should be held to the same standard add anyone else and not held to a higher standard. of course once these question raised that's probably not going to quell them right away and republicans won't be satisfied. i think some of the press won't be satisfied unless and until she turns over that server to someone that can go through and really verify that she turned over anything that could potentially be a federal record because otherwise she's essentially asking us to trust her, to trust that she went through these e-mails and turned over anything that's work related. it's hard to know otherwise. >> yeah. going to be difficult if she indeed did delete those personal e-mails.
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>> that's right. she said after this process of going through these e-mails she decided no the to keep the private ones and that's another question that she is going to be asked about. >> msnbc's alex wald. thanks for being with me this morning. >> thanks. just getting started on this wednesday edition of "the rundown." after the break, the s.a.e. fraternity house closes up on the university of oklahoma campus and some members involved in a racist chant caught on video now apologizing. a report from oklahoma next. plus after spending nearly 21 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit this illinois man is free this morning. and later this hour joining me live angel gonzalez, joining me right here on "the rundown." >> the past is the past and there's nothing to really be mad about or hate. i just take one day at a time and i knew this day was going to be here one day. just take a while. when you set out to find new roads you build the chevrolet malibu ranked highest in initial quality
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following several new developments in the growing scandal at the university of oklahoma following that racist chant caught on video. the sigma alpha epsilon house know closed plebs moving out overnight. for the first time hearing from one of the former s.a.e. members in that video. from the parents of a second student. live to norman oklahoma and nbc's gabe gutierrez. good morning. what are university officials saying about all this? >> reporter: jose good morning. two students have been expelled and now we're learning more about what may have led to all this. one of the students is blaming the incident in part on alcohol. [ chanting ] >> reporter: on the ou campus
6:20 am
new outrage. >> i hope that he genuinely is apologetic and not just because he got caught. >> reporter: this morning, the apologies for this video are sinking in. ♪ never be a [ muted ] at s.a.e. ♪ >> parker rice writing, i am deeply sorry for what i did saturday night. it was wrong and reckless. i admit it likely was fueled by alcohol consumed at the house before the bus trip but that's not an excuse. rice graduated from this jesuit prep school in dallas last year. >> aplombed. i think it's unconscionable to see what was going on on that bus. ♪ never ♪ flrt a written statement rice says the song was taught to us overnight s.a.e. said it was likely the men learned the song from fellow chapter members, but reiterated the national fraternity does not teach such a racist hateful chant. the parents of a second student levi petit apologized.
6:21 am
made a horrible mistake and will live with this for life. he's a good boy blaut we saw on the videos is disgusting. the national fraternity calling this video posted on social media unacceptable showing s.a.e.'s longtime house mother using the same racial slur in 2013. >> [ muted ]. >> reporter: saying she is heartbroken by any racist portrayal, and she was only singing along to a rap song. ♪ as the scandal widens hundreds of students marched across campus. a diverse crowd stopping at the s.a.e. house now shut down. >> it's plain racism. that's what it is i.. >> i would say we haven't fallen apart, some have started to crumble away burt we're purting it back today. >> reporter: the university says its investigation is not over and that more students could be disciplined. jose? >> gabe gutierrez. thank you.
6:22 am
we'll continue to follow breaking developments in the florida panhandle, by the way, where a military helicopter went down. 11 service members feared dead. we'll keep you posted on this. first a close look at the note dzhokhar tsarnaev wrote inside a boat as he hid from police after the boston mayor than bombings and talk about what it said and look lady to today's testimony. in new york state, we're reinventing how we do business so businesses can reinvent the world. from pharmaceuticals to 3d prototyping, biotech to clean energy. whether your business is moving, expanding or just getting started... only new york offers you zero taxes for 10 years with startup ny business incubators that partner companies with universities, and venture capital funding for high growth industries. see how new york can grow your business and create jobs. visit
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6:26 am
the courthouse in boston good morning. >> reporter: jose, good morning. some of the more dramatic evidence we saw introduced in this case yesterday. the contents of that note that was scrawled on that boat found in watertown, massachusetts, in the days after the boston marathon bombing had been known for some time going back until about last may or so but we first got to see this yesterday. you see those bullet holes in the hull of this boat. look at excerpts from that note left inside that boat. the one says the u.s. government is killing our innocent civilians as a muslim i can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. that note also continues to say, now, i don't like killing innocent people. it is forbidden in islam, but due to said -- blank -- it is allowed. seeing those words written on that boat with prominent bullet holes was quite dramatic yesterday. jose, today we're expecting most of the testimony to focus on the murder of m.i.t. police officer sean collier killed in that
6:27 am
showdown in watertown by presumably tamerlan tsarnaev and her brother dzhokhar tsarnaev on trial here. what they want to do introduce a lot of evidence in that particular murder and we understand there may be surveilened video introduced of that as well. >> ron allen, thanks so much. after a quick break, the rescue under way in the florida panhandle for 11 service members feared dead after a crash. and the president's request to use force against isis. the defense secretary, secretary of state and chairman of the joint chiefs off testify. we'll have it right here for you on "the rundown." mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be.
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building something better for all of us.
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and back now to the crash of an army black hawk helicopter along the coast of the florida panhandle, all 11 onboard feared dead. just a short time ago we heard
6:31 am
from eglin air force base spokesman andy bourland who says the search is centered around the gulf of mexico. >> the full scale of the search and rescue mission will probably be starting here very quickly. the coast guard has actually deployed a number of vessels to the area. the county and some state organizations as well are providing boats to assist with the search mission. that is beginning now as the fog has lifted and we finally have daybreak. >> i want to bring in retired army colonel jack jacobs a medal of honor recipient. before we talk to jack start with meteorologist bill karins. what can you tell us about the weather and how that may have contributed to what happened. >> now that we have more off a timeline set here we know the plane went missing, the helicopter, about 8:30 central time. i can pinpoint the weather conditions around that time. as they were preparing for this mission, reportedly they left the destin airport heading in
6:32 am
the general direction of the pensacola naval air station when they were lost there. as far as weather conditions went, notice around 6:00 p.m. no problems at all. nine mile visibility and pretty much in the entire region. 7:00 p.m. notice as the southeast winds moved in with the humid air, the visibility dropped in one hour from about nine miles to two miles in destin. so a rapid reduction in visibility. by about 8:00 p.m. visibility continues to decrease especially in the destin area. notice by the time we get to 9:00 visibility in pensacola went from about nine miles down to one mile. a rapid reduction in visibility in the area and the reason why is because the bay temperatures are still relatively cool. notice the water temps still in about the 60 to 66-degree range. we had very humid air moving in. 66-degree dew points. humid air moving over cool water, you get low clouds, fog and cree reduced ceilings.
6:33 am
we don't know the exact cause but know at the time the helicopter went missing was when the visibility was rapidly, fog moving in in a hurry and that's when we lost it. >> bill this morning we spoke with stephen quinn the reporter there on the scene, and it just looked like he was enveloped in fog. how is it going to be throughout the remainder of this morning and how is that affecting the search? >> yeah. i'm sure tough work for the coast guard overnight with the search. pea soup. visibility down to half a mile at the time the plane was missing and been that way since. hasn't improved and slowly will later this afternoon. they're also dealing with heavy rain in the area over the next two days. >> colonel, with that heavy fog and a low ceiling, how difficult is it to operate a chopper like that in those cases? >> not easy. obviously i and a lot of others who have flown in helicopters have been in helicopters as speed at very low altitudes in very low visibility situations. and they train to do that and are all very good at it, but when you have a situation where
6:34 am
the weather is changing extremely rapidly and you're in the middle of a mission, as they were it becomes easy to get disoriented. these are very sophisticated aircraft. heavily computerized. multiple redundant systems, but at the end of the day, it's the pilot who la to fly it. >> tell me more about these helicopters, because they're so utilized by the armed forces. >> yeah. we have them in great numbers. if it's true it was a ch-60, that is a uh-60 replacement for the old ch-47, twin rotored aircraft that goes all the way back to the war in vietnam. a real workhorse. the ch-60 typically is used as a combat support aircraft. can do vertical replenishment, supplies, it can go on missions like this actual combat missions but by and large it's used to do things like
6:35 am
anti-spleen war farron andfare as well. >> thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate it. now to capitol hill where a senate hearing is about to begin featuring three of the biggest names in american military and diplomatic strategy. secretary of state john kerry, and ash carter and martin dempsey testifying. the point of the hearing, talk isis and authorization for military force, but likely much more to it. nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill this morning for us. luke, can you set the stage for us? >> reporter: well jose this will be a fascinating hearing pertaining to the administration's policy regarding isis and remember this authorization to military force is something that's come under a lot of scrutiny from both republicans and democrats. republicans have said the original authorization put forward by the white house does not do enough. in fact it ties to-of-the president's hands, that they want to be able to have the option of ground troops if need
6:36 am
be. they want to have the option of whatever they feel defensive measures must be taken to defeat isis. democrats on the other hand say, look, we do not want to have another prolonged conflict in the middle east with no end date. they want to have stricter shall we say, language within the aumf that would limit the united states operation overall so that we do not have a prolonged conflict. it will be interesting in terms of the questioning to carter ash, john dempsey, what does the administration plan to deal with isis. where does that go? continue to go into "the sovereign nation of syria" which this plan has gone forward and really a question of geography and timing. expect questions, poignant questions from both democrats and republicans, pertaining to foreign policy vastly different viewpoints from more hawkish republicans and more shall we
6:37 am
say weary of conflict democrats. >> and interesting juxtaposition of the three different branches that sometimes work together and sometimes have difficulty. the diplomacy side and the military side. and you know we've been talking this morning, luke, about the fact that the iraqi forces in that country are having some success stories in fighting isis-controlled parts of the country. yet the iranians are very much involved in supporting the iraqi forces. something which seems odd, but i'm sure that that is something that is going to be discussed as well this morning? >> reporter: yes. certainly expect that to be front and center here. as you mentioned, jose there are shiite-backed militias with a lot of the help of iran making gains against isis and it's kind of these, this weird situation where you have odd bedfellows. right? the u.s. and iran supposedly they're completely opposite, and have a strong dislike of one another, but in this case they're working today, and that definitely does raise eyebrow, i think, of people within capitol
6:38 am
hill. all of that being said though as you mentioned, they are making progress and i think the question will be is to what degree are united soldiers these quote/unquote, advisers on the ground i think actually working arm in arm with iranian-backed militias? something the united states will certainly be fascinating? >> and we'll see the two heads of that committee. getting underway. we'll keep that under watch and let you know what's going on. luke thank. stand by with us for a moment there, so you can bring us any developing information out of that hearing. one of the most complicated, or one of the issues that is likely to come up in today's hearing as as we were commenting iran. specifically the nuclear negotiations. and with me now is gary sic, professor's international affairs at columbia university and served at the national security council under three presidents and at the principle white house aide for iran during the revolution and hostage crisis. professor, thanks for being with
6:39 am
me. you've heard criticism. republicans seem convinced that this is the way to force iran to cut a better deal and i'm talking about the 47 senators that wrote a letter to the iranian government. what do you say? >> well looking at it's letter which, of course has come in for a tremendous amount of criticism, i think there are really two things to say about it. first of all, if the congress is determined to have a say in these negotiations to be taken seriously, i think they've undercut their reliability. they've shown that they're not a very good partner in this process. they've basically denounced the entire agreement before they've even seen it. so in that sense, they haven't made themselves very useful. and secondly the republicans by taking by first inviting netanyahu to the senate to speak to a joint session, and then follow that by this letter
6:40 am
if only republicans attacking the president's right, in effect to conduct foreign policy, they have made it harder for the democrats, that they need to join them in any kind of a vote that they hoped to get turning down such a deal. so in both ways it seems to me they've sort of shot themselves in the foot. >> and the man that mast per minded the letter yesterday, what he said yesterday on "morning joe." >> what would an acceptable deal look like to you? >> complete nuclear disarmament by iran. iran has a very clear and simple path, they can simply simply disarm their nuclear weapons program and allow complete intrusive inspections. >> you know that's i guess, the ideal for everybody, but it's not probable that they're going to do that on their own without any kind of pressure. you wrote recently that a coercive policy like this may make things worse, not better. how do you know that? >> well, let me say first of all that senator cotton among other
6:41 am
things in that statement, i mean, he's talking about disarmament. you know nuclear program being disarmed. iran doesn't have an armament program. and that is verified by -- >> not yet. right? that's the whole theory? >> that's right. i mean there's no -- no their there. what he's asking for is really to put iran in a position where it could never under any circumstances be able to build a nuclear weapon and, in fact, with a modern state that's virtually an impossibility. what just happened, actually, is that iran has had that capability actually. what he says has to be eliminated. they got that capability more than a decade ago. they've had the capability of going for a nuclear weapon for almost a decade. >> they have not and the question is can there be something done so that they don't? but that's i guess -- >> exactly right. so what these negotiations are about is putting some controls
6:42 am
in place that reduce the chance that they could ever go that direction. not that you can stop them 100%. >> gary sic, thank you so much for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. we'll be right back after the break with more on this hearing on capitol hill. and all of the day's breaking news. there's something happening right here in this country. it's the sound of america... working with american materials... in american factories. at weathertech all we do is create the highest quality automotive accessories including laser measured custom fit floor liners. order yours today at or call 1-800-car-mats weathertech floor liners. proudly made in america.
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6:44 am
and here's secretary kerry. >> -- have said, the appropriate present day authorization not, as you said senator menendez 2001 but 2015 statement by the united states congress about the authority with which we should be able to go after, degrade and destroy as the president has said a grune known at isil or daesh. in our democracy, mr. chairman there are many views ar the challenges opportunities that we face and that's appropriate. that's who we are, but i hope that we believe there is an overwhelming consensus that daesh has to be stopped.
6:45 am
our nation is strongest, always has been when we act together. it's a great tradition in this country of foreign policy having a special place, that politics ends at the water's edge and that we will act on behalf of our nation without regard to party, ideology. we simply cannot allow this collection of murderers and thugs to achieve in their group their ambition, which includes, by the way, most likely the death or submission of all of those who oppose it. the seizure of land the theft of resources, the incitement of terrorism across the globe, the killing and attacking of people simply for what they believe or for who they are. and the joint resolution that is proposed by the president provides the means for america and its representatives to speak
6:46 am
with a single powerful voice at this pivotal hour. when i came here last time i mentioned that -- >> the american people are speaking out -- secretary kerry, we're tired of an endless war -- [ gavel sounding ] >> committee will be in order. look -- we appreciate -- >> another endless war killing of innocent people. >> okay. if this happens again, i would ask the police to escort immediately people out of the room. >> -- on the room creating more tierism, killing more innocent people. >> killing more innocent people? i wonder how our journey journalists that were beheaded and a pilot who was fighting for freedom who was burned alive what they would have to say to their efforts to protect innocent people?
6:47 am
ize ize ize -- isil's momentum has didn't beminnished, mr. chairman. it's still picking up supporters in places obviously we've all observed that, but in the places where we have focused and where we are asking you to focus at this moment in time it is clear that even while savage attacks continue there is the beginning of a process to cut off their supply lines. to take out their leaders. to cut off their finances. to reduce the foreign fighters, to counter the messages that has brought some of those fighters to this effort. but to ensure its defeat we have to persist until we prevail in the broad-based campaign along multiple lines of effort that have been laid out over the course of the last months. the president already has
6:48 am
statutory authority to act against isil but a clear suppression of this member's backing at this moment in time would dispel doubt that might exist anywhere that americans are united in this effort. encouraging our friends and partners in the middle east it would further energize the members and prospective members of the global co-tlags wealition that we have assembled to oppose daesh and oppose a richly deserved vote of confidence in the men and women of our armed forces who are on the front lines prosecuting this effort on our behalf. your unity would also send an unmistakable message to the leaders of daesh. they have to understand they can't divide us. don't let them. they cannot intimidate us. and they have no hope of defeating us. the resolution that we have proposed would give the
6:49 am
president a clear mandate to prosecute the armed component of this conflict against daesh, and associated persons or forces which we believe is carefully delineated and defined. and while the proposal contains certain limitations that are appropriate in nature of the light of this mission it provides the flexibility that the president needs to direct a successful military campaign. and that's why the administration did propose a limitation on the use of "enduring offensive ground combat operations." i might add, that was after the committee, then committee chair senator menendez and the committee moved forward with its language and we came up here and testified and responded basically to the dynamics that were presented us within the committee and the congress itself. so the proposal also includes no
6:50 am
jeer geographic limitation. not because there are plans to take it nin anywhere, but because it would to communicate to isil isil. >> the united states is killing innocent civilians with drones. >> i would ask those in the audience we live in a country where people have the opportunity to express themselves in democratic ways. we would hope you would allow this hearing to proceed in an orderly way and respect other citizens' rights to be here and to observe what is happening in a civil manner. i would say that i don't think you're helping your cause at all, i would say you're hurting your cause, and hopefully you remain in an appropriate manner. thank you. >> mr. chairman thank you. the point of the no geographic
6:51 am
limitation is not that there are any plans or any contemplation. i think the president has been so clear on this but what a mistake it would be to send a message to daesh that there are safe havens that there's somehow a two country limitation, they go off, put their base we go through months and months of deliberation again. we can't afford that. that's why there's no limitation. mr. chairman we know that there are groups in the world, affiliated terrorist groups who aspire to harm the united states, our allies our partners. daesh is however very distinctive in that because it holds territory and it will continue if not stopped to seize more because it has financial resources, because of the debilitating impact of its activities in the broader middle east, because of potential to worldwide leadership, and
6:52 am
already been culpable in violent deaths of americans and others. and i don't need to preview for the committee the full litany of the outrages that are committed by daesh. but let me just say that just among them scratching the surface are atrocities against syrian christians and religious communities, the crews if i cannings of children sale and enslavement of women and girls, the seizure of captains and destruction of irreplaceable historical sites, plunlder and destruction of cities and towns in which followers of islam worship and raise their families. now, i testified before this committee a couple weeks ago regarding our strategy for disrupting and defeating isil that strategy continues to move forward on all fronts.
6:53 am
secretary carter and general dempsey will touch on the military elements but i can say from a diplomat i can perspective that the world is strongly united in seeking daesh's defeat. our government is seeking coalition and help beyond the middle east. governments may disagree on other issues but not about the need to take decisive action against daesh. to date we have a coalition of some 62 members, including 14 nations that are contributing directly to the operation against daesh in iraq and syria, 16 of which committed to help train or otherwise assist iraqi security forces. since the coalition came together less than a half year ago, we stopped isil's surge, we have degraded its leadership we have forced it to change its communications and its movement and tactics, and heavily damaged
6:54 am
hits revenue generating oil facilities. if you have a classified briefing i think you'll get good grounding in progress made to date. we continue to see progress in governance in iraq new leaders are working to strengthen and reform the country's security forces through purge of incompetent and corrupt officers and more inclusion of sunni fighters. in tikrit right now, nearly 1,000 sunni taking part a cross section of engagement. so mr. chairman just to respond and move rapidly here. >> we are not moving that rapidly. >> that's why i am going to cut to the chase. >> good. >> responding to the threat posed by isil is just not a partisan issue, at least it shouldn't be. it is not even a bipartisan issue. it's really a test that
6:55 am
transcends political affiliations. and it is a tremendous challenge to the security of our nation and to the values of our citizens and so it is really the kind of challenge that this committee is here to deal with. my hope is that we will live up to the tradition that we have never failed to meet in the past. when we had this kind of challenge, congress came together, the senate particularly i think in this format confident we can do so today and the next few days. i am happy to answer questions, first, i will turn to secretary carter. >> thank you. secretary carter thank you. >> mr. chairman ranking member menendez, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be with you today on this important subject. before i begin, i'm sure you're all aware that uh-60 black hawk helicopter was involved in an
6:56 am
accident last night near egg land air force basin florida. we know there were four air crew army from a national guard unit in ham onld louisiana, and seven marines assigned to camp lejeune north carolina on board that helicopter. and our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as the search and rescue continues. just as i know we are all proud to have the finest fighting force the world has ever known, that is why at the end of my first week as secretary of defense i traveled to afghanistan and kuwait where i thanked our men and women in uniform for their contributions to important missions. in kuwait i talked with our ambassadors and military leaders in the region about the campaign against isil. the trip confirmed for me that
6:57 am
isil represents a serious and complex threat especially in our interconnected and networked world. but it also confirmed to me that the enemy can be defeated. we will deliver isil a lasting defeat and i am happy to share my thoughts about that campaign with you, but let me turn to the subject of this hearing which is the authorization for use of military force. in reviewing the president's proposed aumf as secretary of defense, i asked myself two questions. first, does it provide the necessary authority and flexibility to wage our campaign. allowing for full range of military scenarios. and second will it send the message to the people i'm responsible for, our brave men and women in uniform, civilian personnel who will wage this
6:58 am
campaign, that the country is behind them. i believe the president's aumf does both and i urge congress to pass it and let me explain why i judge that the proposed aumf gives the authority and flexibility needed to prevail in this campaign. first, the proposed aumf takes into account the reality that secretary kerry noted already that isil is an organization, as an organization is likely to evolve strategically. morphing, rebranding associating with other terror groups, while continuing to threaten the united states and our allies. second, the proposed aumf wisely does not include any geographical restriction because isil already shows signs of metastasizing outside syria and
6:59 am
iraq. third, the president's proposed authorization provides great flexibility in the military means we need as we pursue our strategy with one exception, the propose td aumf does not authorize long term large scale offensive ground combat operations like those we conducted in iraq and afghanistan because our strategy does not call for them. instead, local forces must provide the enduring presence needed for an enduring victory against isil. and fourth and finally the proposed aumf expires in three years. i cannot tell you that our campaign to defeat isil would be completed in three years, but i understand the reason for the proposed sunset provision. it derives from the principle stemming from the constitution that makes the grave matter of enacting authorization for use
7:00 am
of military force a shared responsibility of the president and congress. the president's proposed authorization affords the american people a chance to assess our progress in three years time and provides the next president and congress the opportunity to reauthorize it if they find it necessary. to me this is a sensible and principled provision of the aumf even though i cannot assure that the counter isil campaign will be completed in three years. now, in addition to providing the authority and flexibility to wage a successful campaign i said i had another key consideration as secretary of defense, and that is sending the right signals, most importantly to the troops. passing the proposed aumf will demonstrate to our personnel that their government stands behind them and as secretary kerry explained it will also significant to our coalition partners and our adversary that
7:01 am
the united states government has come together to address a serious challenge. we all took an oath to protect the nation and its interests. but to do so we must work together. i know everyone on this committee takes the isil threat seriously and president obama and everyone at this table does as well. we encourage a serious debate but i urge you to pass the president's aumf because it provides the necessary authority and flexibility to wage our current campaign and because it will demonstrate to our men and women in uniform, some of whom are in harm's way right now, that all of us stand unflinchingly behind them. thank you, mr. chairman. >> mr. chairman, ranking member distinguished members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today. let me begin by adding my personal thoughts and prayers to those of the secretary of defense at the loss of the folks
7:02 am
on that helicopter a reminder to us that those who serve put themselves at risk both in training and in combat we will work with the services to ensure those survivors or i should say their family members will be well cared for. >> if i could, the committee will join in that. >> thank you. i appreciate the opportunity to be here today with secretary kerry and secretary carter. i just returned yesterday from a trip to the middle east. spent a day in baghdad with iraqi and u.s. leaders discussing our strategy against isil. i also spent a day with my french counterpart and 2,000 of france's sail lores and marines aboard the charles degall in the arabian gulf. the carl vin sen was off the starboard side. these two great vessels, sitting side by side the crews are a
7:03 am
powerful image of partnership and commitment in the fight. it is actually the solidarity of all our coalition members that is fundamental to the strength of our campaign against this transregional threat that isil represents. the government of iraq has a lot of work yet to do with the help of the coalition, to ensure isil is defeated and importantly stays defeated and that will take time. i have been consulted on proposed authorization for use of military force against isil and it's associated groups. it is suitable to the campaign as we have presently designed it. we should expect our enemies will continue to adapt their tactics and we will adapt ours. bipartisan support for aumf would send an important signal of national support to those in harm's way conducting this mission. i met with some of them over the past weekend, they're performing magnificently as you would expect. i thank you for your commitment to our men and women in uniform, and i look forward to your questions.
7:04 am
>> thank you all for your testimony. let me just begin with secretary carter and chairman dempsey. i know that secretary kerry mentioned that he feels that currently the aumf that we have -- >> we have been watching the testimony on the senate foreign relations committee hearing on isis strategy and authorization of use of military force against isis. as you were seeing there, secretary of defense, ash carter john kerry, secretary of state, and general martin dempsey have started their testimony. we will keep a close watch on this keep you informed throughout this program. but i want to continue on this issue. manu raju is a senior political reporter. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> the president introduced this aumf a month ago, it has basically not moved much. is this hearing attempt to get it unstuck?
7:05 am
>> sort of. it is a difficult path for the administration now. you have a lot of democrats that don't support what the president proposed because they believe it gives too many options for the commander in chief to send troops on the ground and not just for obama but also for the next commander in chief. we talked to every democrat on the senate foreign relations committee, not a single one is willing to endorse what the president proposed. on the republican side they want fewer restrictions so there's a real divide now between the democrats and republicans. the white house is clearly trying to find that middle ground approach. i am not sure they have it quite yet. the question will be how senator corker, the chairman of that committee, decides to move forward. he told us last week that he would not have a vote in the committee, if he does not have enough support to move the authorization for use of military force, so this hearing is the beginning of that process, to try to move something. we'll see how they do. >> thank you for being with me. appreciate your time.
7:06 am
>> thank you. keeping our eye on that hearing taking place now. you can see the secretary of state, john kerry, ash carter justifying along with martin dempsey, you see the general now answering some questions, but moments ago kerry took a blatant swipe at senate republicans over the now infamous letter to iran's leaders. >> our nation is strongest, always has been when we act together. it is a great tradition in this country of foreign policy having a special place, that politics ends at the water's edge and that we will act on behalf of our nation without regard to party and ideology. >> let me bring in michigan senator debbie stabenow. pleasure to see you. >> great to be back with you. >> talk about this letter sent to iran by 47 colleagues. how satisfied are you that the white house disclosed everything possible about the on-going nuclear talks with that country and then this prompting of the
7:07 am
letter? what is your reaction to that? >> first of all, we need to understand they're in the middle of negotiations and they have until end of the month to come up with a framework. at that point we all have to look at it. we will be briefed. i may not think it is good enough. we may be in a situation there's not enough support. we don't know yet. but they're in the middle of negotiations. once they get the framework, then they have until end of june to put specifics together. now is not the time in the middle of very delicate negotiations where we need to be as tough as possible with iran to get as much as possible from them in terms of inspections and stopping them from getting a nuclear weapon. this is not the time to inject 47 republican members talking directly to the most extreme elements in iran. frankly, i found it deeply
7:08 am
deeply disturbing. >> and senator, are you confident that if the administration does reach an agreement with iran by the end of the month, there's no extension after this but if they do reach some agreement, are you confident the senate will be able to have an important say in whether that agreement or treaty or whatever it is called will have overview? >> jose we have multiple options. senator corker senator menendez have a thoughtful piece of legislation as to an enhanced way for us to immediately have a say, but we will have a say through appropriations we have to ultimately lift the sanctions as well the legislative sanctions, so i believe we need at say. and this is incredibly important. incredibly important for our key
7:09 am
partner and ally israel for the united states and the world. i am confident we will have a way to do that. what is deeply concerning is that 47 republican members decided to play politics in my judgment with this because they don't like this president. he is our president. he was elected twice by majority of people in this country. they may not like that but it is a fact. you know i did not support president george w. bush but i respected him as president and found ways to be able to work with him. that's our job. >> yeah. i mean not everyone did back then, but that is your job. >> that is our job. >> tell me about the aumf. we were talking about it raju says there are probably as many democrats opposed to the aumf and republicans for vastly different reasons. >> i think right now we are all in listening mode. people want to be very
7:10 am
thoughtful. this is very very important. i think the good news is in the region the leaders in the region jordan and others are saying look this is our fight. we want you there to support us but it is our fight in the region, i think that's incredibly important that this not be america again going into the region on the front, it needs to be those in the region that care about their own people and what's happening, and the horrible violence that's going on in the region. right now, it is a thoughtful process. again, i don't think it is our job to rush to judgment based on ideology or who we like and who we don't like. it is our job to be thoughtful and that's the process that's going on now. >> michigan senator debbie stabenow, thank you for being with us. >> thanks. turning to breaking news weave covering all morning. bad weather is hampering search efforts. it crashed in a training mission over santa rosa sound about 8:30
7:11 am
local time. all 11 on board feared dead. here is defense secretary ashton carter moments ago with the senate foreign relations committee hearing. >> we know there were four air crew, army from a national guard unit in hammond, louisiana, and seven marines assigned to camp lejeune, north carolina on board that helicopter, and know that with me our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as the search and rescue continues. >> want to bring in amber smith, former u.s. army helicopter pilot, and retired colonel jack jacobs, two tours in vietnam and msnbc military analyst. amber, start with you. we don't know why the copter went down may be weather related. how tough are they to maneuver? >> i would like to echo secretary carter my thoughts
7:12 am
and prayers go out to those missing in this very difficult time. for the entire army and marine community, it is a tragic loss whether combat operations or training operations here at home. there's all types of hazards that helicopters face every single time they go out, weather being one of those specifically. but you also have spacial disorientation, birds which are a huge hazard to helicopters and low level flight specifically and then you also have wires and towers, and add night flight on top of all that and it sort of increases the work load of the pilots that night. >> tell us about the black hawks, what are they like what's the safety record like? >> great safety record. we have lots and lots of them. the latest generation of these things for a wide variety of configurations and missions, really at the top of the game. they have redundant systems everywhere. they're extremely maneuverable more than the old uh-1s we used to fly in vietnam.
7:13 am
huge capacity. very sophisticated. can do air, sea rescue, replenishment replenishment, special operations, and have an excellent safety record. >> amber, tragedy to loose any members of the military. these were training for special operations. very elite. >> absolutely. down by where the crash took place, the training area it is about a stretch of 20 miles where helicopter and aviation operations can take place over the ocean, over the beach, and on the bay side as well. so what we know so far is that soldiers were seven marines, out of special operations command out of camp lejeune in north carolina and four army air crew piloting the aircraft and yes, these kind of operations take place. they're helicopters flying there nonstop, it is used for special
7:14 am
operations training. >> thank you for being with me this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. we have a lot ahead on this second jam packed hour of "the rundown," starting with a big interview we are excited to bring you on "the rundown." after 20 years, more than 20 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. we talk with him about what it is like now to be a free man. he joins us after the break on "the rundown." oothbrushes are engineered with end rounded bristles so brushing doesn't scratch gums and angled perfectly to remove 90% of plaque for a healthier smile. trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. yoplait has the only yogurt brands endorsed by weight watchers and your taste buds have always endorsed us. so, you know what this means... this is a real win win! yoplait, it is so good! many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. clinically proven
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another live look inside the senate foreign relations hearing on isis and the president's authorization to use force. lawmakers are now questioning secretary kerry and carter and joint chief chairman dempsey. we will continue to watch this for you and keep you posted on developments there. now to a remarkable story of justice delayed and patience.
7:18 am
this is what a free man looks like. angel gonzales seeing his family first time late last night after spending nearly 21 years behind bars for crimes he did not commit. he walked out of dixon correctional center in illinois cleared of 1994 conviction of rape, after new dna testing proved he was not one of the two men that committed the crime. his freedom was initially held up by a property damage conviction while in solitary confinement, a conviction he was also cleared of yesterday. i am joined by angel gonzales and his attorney from the innocence project. thank you for being with me. angel, describe this moment when you walked out of those doors a free man. what was it like? >> i don't think i have the words to describe but it was great to be free again. it was such a great day for me thanks to vanessa, my attorney and all the innocence project
7:19 am
team. they got me through this. >> how can you get through two decades behind bars knowing you didn't commit that crime? how do you do it. >> you have to find the strength within you and your family and all those who love you. it is hard. but you just got to keep on fighting because at the end of the time there's going to be light at the end of the tunnel. and thanks to once again, the innocence project and all those who help out to make it happen. >> take me through some of those 21 almost 21 years because as an innocent man, you must have been saying god help me where are the people that know that i didn't do this. when you don't have a voice, how do you go day past day when you realize you're not going anywhere and you didn't go anywhere for almost 21 years. >> right. you feel like you want to scream to the world so hopefully
7:20 am
somebody can hear you. you just got to keep moving keep asking for help. somehow, sway help will appear. that's what i did. i met great people along the way, they helped me out with letters and recommendations and so on. it was hard but it is not impossible when you keep on fighting. >> angel, i am showing a picture on screen of you on the right and you more than 21 years ago. we can tell it is you, but a lot of water crossed under that bridge in those 21 years. what was it like late last night when you got home. paint the picture for me angel. >> oh, man, it was such a great, great night. all my family was waiting for me with some food and some family members i don't recognize, but it was great, team of lawyers with with me vanessa, gina all of them they were great. i don't think i had words to describe how happy i was.
7:21 am
>> what were some of the things you dreamed of doing, of smelling, of tasting when you got out of prison? tell me what were the highlights of your night you were able to accomplish after so many years? >> oh, man, i was so excited, so happy, i could hardly eat, so much food on the table. i just want to hug everybody, talk a little bit to all of them i couldn't stop hugging my mother. it was great, great feeling. i don't think you can describe it after 20 years of meeting in that place, it was just amazing for me. >> what did you tell your mom? >> i just told her i love her very much and thank for everything, just being there, letters, everything for believing in me most of all. >> vanessa, on the legal side of this a lot of people may wonder why it took so long. >> part of it just had to do
7:22 am
with, you know science needed to advance so that we could get proof of his innocence. he tried fighting from day one and he obtained an earlier round of dna testing around 2001 but that testing wasn't able to provide conclusive results and the innocence project came on board a couple years ago and thanks to new technology we were able to develop the dna profiles of the two people who committed the crime and neither of those profiles matched angel gonzales. it was conclusive scientific proof of innocence, and led to that conviction finally being vacated. >> and vanessa, angel was here on a visa that expired during 21 years he was in prison. what's his legal status? >> well that's you know one of the great tragedies of this case that angel was on the pathway to citizenship.
7:23 am
his family lived here. he had applied for a visa he had been approved. while he was, you know confined in prison on this wrongful conviction, that visa expired, so but for the fact that the state threw him in prison for a crime he didn't commit he would be a naturalized citizen along with the rest of his family today, we are confident of that so we are hopeful, we are getting him back on the path to citizenship and optimistic that he is going to be able to remain with his mother and father and siblings who are all living in illinois. >> and angel, i was struck last night by your comments when you were freed that you had no bitterness, you were not mad or angry. >> no, i don't feel that way. i just feel like when you find yourself in that place, and things happen in life that you don't have control over, and you
7:24 am
can be bitter be miserable because something happened to you, you have to find strength to keep fighting because you can let it break you down. you see sometimes you almost do it, but when they knock you down you have to stand up and keep on fighting and that's what i did. i don't feel resentment against nobody. things happen in life you don't have control of. i don't have control of this matter. all i did is keep fighting and i'm here with you today. >> angel gonzales i am glad you're here with me. and vanessa potkin thank you. >> thank you very much. hillary clinton breaks her silence over the e-mail controversy which only appears to be getting worse. talk of subpoenas and new investigations growing in response. i will have the details next on "the rundown." me help. smart sarah. seeking guidance. just like with your investments. that sets you apart. it does? it does. you're type e*. and seeking another perspective is
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♪ at kraft we start with eggs oil, and our own crafted vinegar. all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making from good to amazing. get inspired at hillary clinton's attempt to
7:28 am
squash controversy over her e-mail hasn't worked really 100%. this morning, congressional republicans are using words like independent investigation and subpoenas. clinton said tuesday having one e-mail address made her life easier added using it during four years as secretary of state quote didn't seem like an issue. republicans want her to turn over the entire personal server which she says she will not do. joining me now, steve kornacki. republicans are pointing to a lot of issues with the press conference yesterday, but are they just doubting she's telling the truth? >> she gives them an opening to raise these kinds of questions. ultimately what hillary clinton said yesterday, the message she was delivering to everybody, you have to trust me on this one. certainly for her political opponents, that opens up the door to raise all sorts of questions about her trustworthiness. from the present standpoint, keeps it open for continuing to raise questions that have been out there the last week essentially what she's saying is
7:29 am
look i made a decision in 2009 that was very different from what the administration was looking for me to do what the obama administration was looking for me to do to put all my e-mails, personal e-mails, professional e-mails on one server, to have control of that server myself. and i decided nearly six years later, i decided which e-mails the public deserved to see, which should be deleted, and you have to trust me i made the right decision. that's hard for some people to swallow. >> almost half the e-mails in that server according to mrs. clinton were deleted because they were personal e-mails. that's also an issue i think a lot of people are bringing up. why delete the entirety of the personal e-mails if it is a server that you trust and it is home and you don't have to worry about it. >> she didn't address that yesterday at all. again, it raises questions even if there's nothing there, even if there's nothing nefarious about it it leaves the question out there, it leaves her
7:30 am
vulnerable on it. it gets to the whole idea behind having public access to e-mails that government officials send on government accounts the idea behind that is to preserve history in real time so that at any moment whether now or five years from now, 20 years from now, anybody who wants to whether a journalist, a private citizen, whether anybody has the right to go in and say this is a government official who we are paying with our taxpayer dollars, this is what they did when they were in office and i have a right to have access to all of this information. i have a right to see what they were doing, what i was paying for them to do. hillary clinton is saying basically i made that decision i made the decision what they have the right to see. that is not necessarily good precedent. >> good to see you. thanks for being with me. appreciate it. alex seitz wald has been covering it. catch steve in "up" every weekend at 8:00 eastern time on
7:31 am
msnbc. now to that senate hearing on the president's request for war powers in the fight against isis terrorists. a few moments ago, martin dempsey offered an interesting take on iran's role in helping iraqis fight the extremists. >> the activities of the iranians, support for the security forces is a positive thing in military terms against isil but we are all concerned about what happens after the drum stop beating and isil is defeated and whether the government of iraq will remain on a path to provide an inclusive government for all of the various groups within it. we are very concerned about that. >> luke russert is on capitol hill, and steve clemons, washington editor at large for "the atlantic" and msnbc contributor. steve, i'll start with you, the general says once iran is involved in iraq how do you
7:32 am
curb their influence in the future? >> it is hard. where i disagree with general dempsey, right now, sunni tribal leaders inside northern iraq are watching general sole manny, iran's david pe traits run the show in tikrit and various things, staffed by some sunnis but overwhelmingly large group of shiite militia, and this will drive isis recruitment higher so while he is saying it may help militarily it is devastating militarily in the sense that it is giving fear to the people that you're trying to save and bring back into the political order in baghdad. >> and just seems geopolitically historically geographically, the fact that iranians are in iraq this is a country that went to war with iraq for over eight years. hundreds of thousands of people effected by that war. persians against arabs, there's a whole different slew of things happening there, steve. >> absolutely.
7:33 am
with saddam hussein, before the iraq war, many of us were saying saddam hussein was the cork in the bottle to iran's pretensions in the region. removing saddam may be good on many fronts but will awake in iran and do we have an answer for that. that's something that wasn't addressed back when. now you see iran's influence growing, not just in iraq but throughout the entire region. we are about possibility to do a big nuclear deal and this is basically scaring a lot of other gulf nations but also created the internal dysfunction, aggrevated the internal dysfunction in iraq. >> luke back to the capitol hill situation happening now. what's the appetite in congress for the aumf now? >> reporter: well, the appetite for the aumf as it is currently put together by the obama administration there is not much appetite for that and it really has to do with the two divergent schools of thought on how to proceed against isis. you have republicans that are more hawkish, that do not want
7:34 am
limitations on the president's use of executive power in the role as commander in chief, saying he should not be limited geographically or by means of force, ground troops should be an option and also that it should be on-going as much time as needed. you shouldn't tell the enemy you have a three year window two year window whatever. democrats on the other hand say look we do not want a repeat of what happened in the iraq war, a prolonged conflict enduring with ground troops and what not. i think though really jose the kicker here is that the aumf the administration wants to put forward doesn't repeal the 2001 aumf that was originally brought forward after 9/11 to go into afghanistan and sort of started the war on terror. some conversations on the democratic side, they go look this is all for naught. if we are not going to repeal the 2000 aumf what's the point
7:35 am
of doing a different one or another one. it is essentially us trying to get on the score card here but let's be honest, jose the battle with isis has been going on since august. congress is now in theory getting involved but the administration is going to do what they want under the guidelines of that 2001 aumf. it is not going to change. >> thanks for welcome me this morning. >> thank you. up next confirmed casualties after a military helicopter accident off the coast of the florida panhandle. new developments next on "the rundown." introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections.
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ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. back now to the florida panhandle where there's an active search and rescue mission as we speak for 11 military service members feared dead in a crash of a black hawk helicopter. casualties are confirmed, no exact number. a short time ago heard from
7:39 am
general martin dempsey at the senate hearing we are following on capitol hill. >> a reminder to us that those that serve put themselves at risk both in training and in combat, and we will work with the services to ensure those survivors or i should say their family members will be well cared for. >> jim miklaszewski following from the pentagon and joined by michael kay, former british senior officer and assault helicopter pilot with us from london. jim, i will start with you. what's the latest? >> reporter: the grim news is that most marines and soldiers who were on the helicopter that crashed into the waters off the coast of the florida panhandle overnight, most of those remains have been recovered so far. search and rescue continues in search likely according to military officials for the
7:40 am
remaining victims, some who described the condition of the helicopter after it plunged into the water are telling us it is very unlikely that anyone could have survived the impact of that plunge into the waters off florida. >> and michael, as a former pilot, tell us about the challenges flying under these conditions. it was foggy night and also the challenge of flying in this type of advanced helicopter. >> like i say, it is a tragic accident jose. and shows the dangers and risk involved with special forces operations all over the world at the moment not just in theaters of war, but actually the significant amount of training that goes on not just with guys on the ground but aviation units that take them in on the assault forces. going back to your question jose absolutely difficult. the reason helicopters are used in the operations is to get maximum ground power on the ground to the assault, to the target in the minimum amount of
7:41 am
time, and in order to do that usually you have a couple of helicopters flying in formation at low level because it is below the radar, but also because of small arms threat, and they'll be going in at low level to commit the insertion if you like. to do that you have to be at low level, usually 100 or 200 feet, and usually find the wing man is concentrating not just on the lead helicopter to maintain good spacing but also having to keep an eye on the ground and maintaining terrain separation. i used to be in charge of the school in the u.k. that trained tactical instructors to train students on the squadrons. one of the big things one of the common mistakes that occurred was that the pilot would usually fix ate on the helicopter maintain spacing, and not concentrate on the ground. we get a thing called sea fit, controlled flight into terrain, that was a common occurrence. don't know this is the case, but
7:42 am
illuminating some difficulties and some difficulties in training for the very complicated special forces operations going on around the world at the moment. >> the training missions are fundamental. michael? >> i lost you at the moment jose. >> can you hear me? we lost him. >> sorry, i missed the last question. >> thank you very much michael and jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. thank you so much for being with me this morning with all the latest on the tragedy. 11 people feared may have died in this accident late last night, about 8:00 p.m. central time in the florida panhandle. four army seven marines. up next new evidence front and center in the boston bombing trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. those details and much more ahead on "the rundown."
7:43 am
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7:46 am
physical evidence front and center at the boston marathon bombing trial. ron mott is covering all of the developments outside the federal courthouse in boston. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, jose good morning again. today on the stand we heard now from a second fbi expert. they're talking now about cell phone towers and records belonging to dzhokhar tsarnaev. they essentially want to place him along the route of that ambush killing of officer sean collier on the campus of mit in cambridge into watertown where this ended with tsarnaev in the boat there, his brother tamerlan killed in the shootout with police. we mentioned yesterday was some of the more interesting evidence entered into testimony, some note scribbled in the inside of a boat left by dzhokhar tsarnaev, says this is a war against americans and that while he doesn't believe in killing innocent people that it is allowed under islam under certain circumstances. that's what in essence he was saying in that note.
7:47 am
today we're expecting more about sean collier's death, that was the ambush at the mit campus of the officer in his car. there may be surveillance video of that killing that will be introduced in court as well as one witness on a bicycle, a student at mit who may have seen this go down on that thursday night into friday in 2013 right after the april bombings here at the boston marathon. so another dramatic day in court. day five more forensic evidence on the way today, jose. >> ron, about that incredible pictures we are showing on the boat the parts that he had written in as well as bullet holes and his own blood dripping down the boat, any thoughts on whether the jury will be able to see the entire boat? >> reporter: that's what they broke for court yesterday at 1:00, let the jurors go home for the day. the judge met with attorneys for both sides to look at the boat itself, to see if it merits bringing the entire vessel
7:48 am
somehow into the courtroom or have the jurors see it at a warehouse we understand at an undisclosed location in downtown boston area to see it for themselves or whether they may cut portions of that boat out to bring them to the court. no word on what is going to eventually happen with that but jurors apparently at some point will be able to see portions if not the entire vessel at some point in the trial. >> nbc's ron mott thanks. appreciate your time. up next hillary clinton breaks her silence over questions about her e-mail which only appears to be getting worse. we will look at democratic challengers that could capitalize on this controversy next on "the rundown." orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent
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senators were trying to be helpful to the iranians or harmful to the commander in chief in the midst of high stakes international diplomacy. either answer does discredit to
7:52 am
the letter's signatories. >> that was former secretary of state hillary clinton talking about the republicans' letter to iran diplomatic attempt to blunt some of the controversy about her e-mails. if that proves to be a chink in her armor, a democrat that could take advantage is martin o'malley. on the subject of data driven government. another, jim webb. both spoke yesterday at the firefighter union event, both chose not to respond to that controversy before she broke her silence. take a listen. >> i think the best thing is too listen to her views and people will make conclusions in a better way than i can. >> governor anything you would like to hear from hillary clinton today? >> not really. thanks a lot. >> joining me angela wright. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> what are we going to hear
7:53 am
from 2016 democrats if there are any when it comes to this issue? >> well i don't think that there's any there there. she said in hindsight we would have used an official e-mail too, but this is not something that's new. a lot of lawmakers don't necessarily use their house or senate e-mail addresses. many choose to use a personal one only for political fund-raising reasons not suggesting she was doing that as secretary of state, or for personal reasons, they do the same thing with their personal phones. many opt out of using the house or senate provided cell phone to avoid frankly running afoul of any rules or laws. so this is something for me at least from the perch in which i sit, former hill staffer, i completely understand it. do i think optically it is good no but i think it is smart for other potential 2016 candidates to avoid it. >> as you know president obama very early on in his
7:54 am
administration asked that folks do protect and defend their e-mails, she wasn't a member of congress when she was secretary of state. there are some differences there, right? >> absolutely. i am simply state frg the perch at which i sit, i understand the justification of it. i will say this as i tend to say nowadays no shade to sony but not like corporations have the safest servers either. they were hacked. her personal home server at least as of yet hasn't been hacked. she was all the more the wiser to keep her e-mails in a safer place. she has turned over e-mails to follow what the president requested, and that is to ensure they're preserved and protected for later transparency for requests et cetera. >> talk 2016. any democrats you think may want to publicly or behind the scenes exploit this? >> i think that if it is not the candidates, it will certainly be
7:55 am
the campaigns. this is something that we have seen time and time again. politics particularly on the national level, during a presidential campaign can get dirty, to the extent they see there's an opening, they can definitely take it. here's the only thing i advise them of. this is someone who not only has gone through challenge after challenge with the former president, bill clinton, she was one of the attorneys during watergate, so she is not -- this is not going to at all fraz he will her, shake her up. i think she's coming ready to fight. >> didn't give me any names, angela. no names. come on. who do you think could? >> i don't know. i think first of all, on the democratic side of the ticket we are light now, jose. i think you talked about jim webb, we know about martin o'malley, and bernie sanders, but i don't know that any of them are going to be a strong contender against a hillary clinton in this day and age, where not only is she going around with a shameless plug saying isn't it time for a woman president, but a lot of folks believe that. on the republican side, we could
7:56 am
absolutely expect they'll exploit it. >> thanks. good to see you. appreciate it. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. see you tomorrow. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta
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all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am. good wednesday morning, i am craig melvin in for tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we start with breaking news. officials say seven u.s. marines and four soldiers are all presumed dead after their army black hawk helicopter crashed off the florida panhandle. it happened during a nighttime training exercise at eglin air force base. officials say there was heavy fog. a second helicopter training exercise managed to return safely. in the past hour defense secretary ashton carter talked about the crash during appearance at a senate hearing. >> we know there were four air crew army from a national guard unit in hammond,
8:00 am
louisiana, and seven marines assigned to camp lejeune, north carolina on board that helicopter and know that with me, our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as the search and rescue continues. >> nelson gabriel is on the phone from the beach in pensacola near the crash site. with me in studio military analyst, medal of honor recipient, retired colonel jack jacobs. melissa, at last check fog was hampering the search effort. >> reporter: i am at navar beach, east of pensacola beach, and it is very foggy, and there's obviously an intense search and rescue operation going on out here. >> you're using the phrase search and rescue. is it still considered to be a search and


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