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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  March 9, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we begin with norman oklahoma, where sigma alpha epsilon is now shut down after a disturbing video allegedly shows fraternity brothers singing a song filled with racial slurs. ♪ there will never be a -- at s.a.e. ♪ ♪ >> we now have a new statement from university of oklahoma president david boren saying effective immediately, all ties and affiliations between this university and the local sae chapter are hereby severed. the president is giving the fraternity until midnight tomorrow to remove their belongings from the frat house before shutting it entirely down. overnight, the sae campus building was vandalized coming as the frat's national chapter acknowledged the video and issued the following statement. saying we apologize for the unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video, and we are disgusted that any member would act in such a way. the president of the university spoke just a short time ago, echoing those same terms. >> i think the best way for us
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to send not only a message to this campus but a message all across the country, is that there is zero tolerance for this kind of racist and bigoted behavior. >> zero tolerance. caitlin griffith is the print editor at "the oklahoma daily," the school newspaper. she joins me via skype from norman oklahoma. so caitlin, what's your reaction right away to how president boren came out saying that this is not our values. this is not a way for a sooner to behave? >> personally i support this. he's showing no mercy, and i don't think there should be any shown because this is something that's been going on and has been hindered or maybe isn't approved as much but, like, people are speaking up thousand and he's totally supporting us 100%. the organization here at o.u. is taking great strides and i see everyone collaborating and i'm very proud of them. >> the president also said this is not our way. he said that hopefully they are not coming back at least while
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i am president. so sae is off the campus for the foreseeable future. how are other fraternities and other greek life members responding on campus? >> i don't think it's only greek life that's reacting but the whole student body. but everyone is showing support, saying that they -- this needs to be addressed. they are supporting that we take a stand, and we speak up about this conflict and that the proper strategy they're taking because this is unacceptable behavior. the racial slurs and jargon that were used is not how we want to be seen when we leave this university. >> katelyn, has your paper or anyone that you've spoken to, sources about how this video was shot, is there a time line a diet line when this happened that you know of? >> as far as i know last night or late afternoon about 4:38 p.m., an e-mail was sent to the newsroom. and the newsroom e-mail address. and we were like okay this needs to be addressed. we need to figure out what's going on here. like is this really sae/o.u.
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affiliated first of all. we didn't want to misjudge or misconceptualize that it was or was not o.u.'s actual fraternity. after that within the hour we started taking action. we started figuring out who's who. was it us? and who's being affected. like what's going to happen to the university fraternity and now we're here today. people are taking stands. >> we know that sae from the national division of this fraternity has spoken out, but from what you know about this fraternity on campus is there a long-running history of this type of behavior? >> i can honestly say i was -- i am not aware of any long-running history or like racial slurs or any other racial conflict that this fraternity has had. i can't say that because i do not know. and i don't want to misinform. but i think -- well immediately when this video was released the fraternity took a stand and was, like this is not okay. >> is there a diverse and
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respected life on your campus? >> for what we have yes, i would say so but i think more needs to be addressed, definitely. we need to move moving forward and plowing forward and accept everyone all the time. >> katelyn griffin, you are the print editor at "the oklahoma daily." we know you've got to get back to work but thank you for your time and we wish you nothing but the best there on the sooner campus. thank you. >> thank you so much. also new developments in the shooting death of an unarmed black teen in madison, wisconsin, friday night. here's what we know. 19-year-old tony robinson fatally shot after madison officer matt kenny responded to a call of some kind of disturbance at a gas station which led to more police radio calls saying that robinson had assaulted someone. here are the calls. >> look for a male black, light skinned, tan jacket and jeans,
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outside, yelling in front of cars, 19 years of age, name is tony robinson. apparently tony hit one of his friends. no weapons seen. >> police say robinson then ran into a home across the street. officer kenny followed heard a disturbance inside forced his way in and police say was attacked by the suspect and opened fire. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> 12-47, copy. shots fired. >> protesters have filled the streets of wisconsin every day since that shooting. madison's police chief who has met with robinson's family in person says his officers are trained to use the minimal amount of force necessary. >> we are trained to use that minimum amount of nondeadly force, which is required. so the fact that deadly force was used or employed in this instance must mean that there has to be other factors present such that it would rise to that level or that threshold. >> nbc's ron allen has more now from madison, wisconsin. ron. >> reporter: good afternoon, thomas. emotions are very raw out here. there's a concern about more
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protests. things have been peaceful and nonconfrontational so far, but it's early days in this investigation. the incident happened over there in that gray house behind me. you can see the police are still out there. we've seen investigators going in and out. and there's a makeshift memorial out there. people have been coming by dropping off flowers and paying their respects to 19-year-old tony robinson who was killed here by a police officer friday night. the police have said that the officer was responding to a disturbance. it apparently start here in this gas station and went across the street. robinson went into that home which belongs to two of his friends. the officer went in saying that there was some kind of confrontation going on and he went in, and he says the police say the officer says that he was assaulted, and that's why he opened fire. but all the details of this are still being investigated. the people in the community don't know really what happened. they just think the bottom line is that whatever happened they're concerned that a young man's life has been lost and they think that that should not happen here. thomas, back to you. >> all right, our thanks to nbc's ron allen. and we'll continue covering this
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story as we get more. but breaking news now from france. the associated press reporting four people have been taken into custody over suspected links to the january terror attacks in paris. one detained man reportedly has ties to coulibaly, the gunman who shot a policewoman and four others at a kosher supermarket before being killed by police. 20 people including the gunman died in the attacks of the "charlie help doughbdo" newspaper. and another troubling development in the fight against terror. one of africa's most notorious militant groups has pledged allegiance to the islamic state. frances joins us with the implications. what's the latest? >> well this is regarding boko haram, really grabbed the world's attention when they made news last year when they kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls from northeastern nigeria. and now the nigerian militants here are taking their campaign to the next level. so we want to fill you in a little bit about boko haram and what they're about here. so you may not be familiar with the level of destruction boko haram is capable of since isis
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is grabbing those headlines. but take a look here as far as the destruction. these are satellite images of one area here released by amnesty international in january. now, the red part here indicates area that was, you know healthy vegetation, not hit. and this is that same area by comparison the dark area actually represents, you know burned-out structures here. so you can see the stark difference before and after, as many as 2,000 people were killed in this specific attack. okay. a little bit more about boko haram, it's been known to be more lethal than isis. hard to believe. but according to a "washington post" analyst here, each figure you see here represents 1,000 people. so between january of 2014 and january of 2015 boko haram has killed up to 13,000 people. the islamic state, by comparison, has killed up to 9,000 people. again, with each individual here representing 1,000. boko haram has also extended its reign of terror across the borders into niger, chad and cameroon if you want to look at
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this map as far as where they are pushing and a counteroffensive is pushing back. so far the world has failed to stop the spread of isis. if you look on this map and see how isis is spreading, how has affiliations in africa algeria, libya libya, egypt and then spreading to the middle east here all the way to afghanistan, pakistan and india and as far reaching as asia with the fillphilippines and indonesia. if we're talking close to australia australia, this weekend two australian teenage brothers were suspected of young jihadis on their way to join isis. of course their faces are blurred. the 16 and 17-year-olds were traveling without their parents' knowledge to the middle east. so thomas at this point, really unclear when it comes to boko haram, you know pledging their allegiance to isis what kind of force these two can come up with. but what is clear and what we've always reported on is really how bold the recruiting tactics have been and continue to be. isis just recently now appealing
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to deaf and mute fighters to come and join them. >> you see how they're feeding each other. thanks so much. developing for you, hillary clinton will address the state department e-mail controversy later this week. this is according to a source talking to msnbc's alex seitz seitzwald. earlier today clinton attended a foundation function on gender equality but stayed mum on e-mails. on sunday both democrats and republicans called for more answers. democratic senator dianne feinstein told nbc's chuck todd it was time for clinton to speak publicly on the matter. the head of the house select committee on benghazi, republican trey gowdy of south carolina said there were huge gaps in the e-mails turned over. and in fact he said the committee could find no e-mails from the 2011 trip to libya where that famous picture was taken of secretary clinton in sunglasses on her blackberry. even "saturday night live" is getting in on the action. >> so after this little blip i shall rise again from the ashes
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like a phoenix, like a hillary clinton. and i will ascend to the high office of president and claim my rightful place in history! if i choose to run. i don't know. i don't know. >> msnbc's alex seitzwald injos us live. explain what you know about when she's going to address this. you have confirmation on it. >> right. so the original plan was that they were going to try to wait and not speak about this as long as possible, potentially until after she announces a presidential run which could come as early as early april. but as the situation kind of got away from them it expanded beyond what they expected and especially the comments that dianne feinstein made yesterday. she's a senior democrat former chair of the intelligence committee. and an ally of clinton's. so what's thinged their eded eded eded they thought about it. her only other scheduled event so far this week is tomorrow at a u.n. women's event. that also seem like not the
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right format. they're still trying to figure out exactly how to handle this. she does have an event next monday where she'll be inducted into the irish-american hall of fame. they're definitely starting to get ahead of it now. >> it seems like there have been a lot of surrogates on both sides trying to drum up the fire around what this all means. but when did democrats really get nervous that they had something to really combat here? the narrative, anyway? >> well i think it depends who you talk to. i mean some democrats saw this right away immediately. i talked to people -- you know the night that the story broke who saw that this was going to be something that they had to get ahead of. but apparently people inside clinton's orbit did not see that, and they weren't too worried about it. they knew that this was in the hands of the benghazi committee months ago. people in the obama administration knew that this was in the hands of the obama -- the benghazi committee months ago, although president obama himself did not. and so there were presumably discussions about whether to you know put this out and get ahead of it, but they decided until "the new york times" wrote
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the story last week. >> all right, we'll all wait and see what the former secretary has to say when she does choose to speak on it. alex, great to see you. thank you. much more ahead right here on msnbc. how the community is reacting to police shooting a 19-year-old tony robinson in madison, wisconsin. he was unarmed at the time. we'll speak to a local pastor about how the community is trying to digest all of this. plus an amazing story of survival. a car plunges into a river. the 18-month-old baby in that car survives more than 14 hours in the wreck. and there's a new report that says if you want to talk about climate change and you're a state official in florida, you might need to get yourself a thesaurus. seriously, that happened.
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[thunder and rain] we will march on until the self-evident truth of equality is made real for every american. we will march on until every
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citizen is afforded his or her fundamental right to vote. >> don't get lost in a sea of despair. stand up for what you believe. because we are one people, one family, the human family. we all live in the same house. >> their faith was questioned. their lives were threatened. their patriotism challenged. and yet what could be more american than what happened in this place? >> that was the scene this weekend when leaders across the country including attorney general eric holder members of congress and president obama and bush gathered to commemorate the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday in selma, alabama. meanwhile, the search for answers continues this hour in madison, wisconsin, after a police officer fatally shot an african-american teen on friday. tony robinson was killed following a confrontation in front of his home.
10:17 am
police say the 18-year-old assaulted the officer. there are several key contrasts to note between the way this shooting was handled and the way that the shooting of a teen michael brown, was handled by the ferguson police department. one, within hours of tony robinson's shooting madison police chief was praying with tony robinson's grandmother. secondly, while it took a week for ferguson police to release the name of the officer involved madison's police chief released the name of the officer the day after the shooting. third, while ferguson police released video of michael brown robbing a store on the same day they named officer wilson as the officer who shot brown, madison's police chief has said he won't comment on tony robinson's past criminal record. the reverend alex ghee joins me live from madison. obviously a tragedy for your community, but it appears that the police chief has been trying to avoid what he once called ferguson missteps. so has this transparency approach and prompt approach been key to keeping protests
10:18 am
there mostly peaceful? >> i think that it is successful. one of the things that i will credit the chief for is that he's really -- he's new in this role and position and he's really worked to establish inroads into the african-american community. so he's called me along with others to say if something like this were ever to happen in madison, could we have real dialogue and build bridge so we can begin dialogue and avoid any negative outfull of this. and so i do appreciate the transparency. i think that that helps to calm people's hearts. but the community is very hurt. there are still questions we want answered and it's a very volatile moment for our community. >> we can imagine how the community would want answers. we've had three days of vigils and different protests taking place throughout madison. but the approach of the police chief reaching out to you specifically, how has that worked for you and the people that you're trying to minister in quelling any of the frustrations?
10:19 am
>> well, it helps tremendously because we need to believe that there will be transparency. we really appreciate the fact that there's been some action to make sure that there's a third party or an outside investigation. it also helps to calm people's hearts. and so i appreciate the accessibility of the chief. that helps in the discussion but it's very very important for the community to know that we have to be able to talk about this, that there are many fears, and we have the history of ferguson and staten island and cleveland and other places behind us. so we're learning from what other communities did, but also the pain is aggregate. so the pain and the distrust it's building. it's mounting. and so i think it is absolutely imperative that the chief and his staff continue to demonstrate this degree of vulnerability and transparency can only help. >> we will continue to cover this. right now i just want to pass along to everybody this investigation is now in the hands of the wisconsin department of justice, not the local police there. reverend gee, thank you so much.
10:20 am
we send our very best to you and also all the people there in madison as we look for answers in this step. thank you, sir. still ahead, a new report revealing banned phrases that florida officials were not allowed to say after governor rick scott took office. but first, house explosions making headlines across the country from natural gas leaks. learn how you can prevent it from happening in your own home. and before we head to break, let's check out today's best and worst weather around the world. on the left check this out. heavy snow has buried parts of serbia covering power lines and making snowplows unusable. there are reports that several villages are trapped after a blizzard took place there. and then back here at home on the right-hand side of your screen, a very different picture. a sunny one, the beach just minutes from st. petersburg, florida, where the temps today will be in the high 70s. so if you have any pictures or video that you want to nominate for best or worst weather, share them with us. post them on twitter or instagram and include our handle #robertsmsnbc. post them on our facebook page
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northrop grumman. now to this miraculous story out of utah. an 18-month-old girl is in stable but critical condition today after surviving a car crash in into a frigid river. a local fisherman alerted police who found the infant strapped in a car seat and upside down for nearly 14 hours. her mother was driving the car and did not survive. well there's news reports first responders swear that they heard somebody inside the karsaying "help!" but when they got to the car, there was no one inside who was able to speak. so if you can just imagine, just a miracle baby here after all that time thomas and those conditions, too, and surviving. >> i know it's absolutely amazing. we wish nothing but the best for her. a hard turn into something very powerful. home explosions. they're making headlines across the country. all because of natural gas leaks. this latest case that was caught on camera in new jersey.
10:25 am
so what are you supposed to do if you smell gas? today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with the tips to help you get out alive. and this can sneak up on people in the simplest of ways jeff. >> yeah it really does. and you see the results. that video is incredibly dramatic out of new jersey. there are other videos that are dramatic, too. look, this home exploded just after a very simple gas leak. and you can see what happened. believe it or not, explosions like this are more common than you think. right now 177 million americans use natural gas in their home. so this affects most of you at home. so what if you hear that hiss of a gas leak or you catch a whiff of a gas leak, you no he that rotten egg smell? would you know what to do next? keep watching. we're about to show you. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> reporter: terrifying moments caught on camera. >> please hurry. oh, my god, it blew up the house. >> reporter: families running from their homes as flames shoot in the air. >> oh my gosh the house,
10:26 am
there's lots of flames. >> reporter: natural gas blowing houses to this. >> the ambulances and people running around and then there was big flames coming from the house. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, police dashcam rolling as this home in new jersey explodes after a gas leak. injuring 15. officials released the tapes to show you how dangerous it can be. >> it's terrifying. you know you see it all the time on the news and stuff, but not down the street from your house. >> reporter: and it's happening from philadelphia where this explosion killed a teenager to indianapolis where this entire street was leveled. so what do you do if you hear that hiss or smell gas inside your home? >> there's a few things that you can do. >> reporter: james altman is captain of the fire department. what's first? >> you want to walk over to the stove and make sure all your burners are turned off. >> reporter: that's a common mistake. >> absolutely. somebody bumps it and now you
10:27 am
have free-flowing gas. you want to make sure that you don't use any lights or open flame. >> reporter: even if it's dark out, don't turn the lights on. >> don't use the lights because that could lead into a spark. you want to make sure you have a flashlight handy. >> reporter: and that won't cause an explosion. >> this won't. the next step make sure you ventilate the house by opening all the doors and windows. >> reporter: do that immediately. >> yes, make sure you ventilate the house. >> reporter: when you open this door and you leave, keep it open. >> yes. another great tip is to know where your gas meter is. >> reporter: so when there's not an emergency like right now, come out and check. >> exactly. know where it's out and how to operate it. this valve is on. perpendicular means that the gas is off. >> reporter: can i shut it off if i smell gas? >> absolutely. you have a wrench and you're going to put the wrench on and you're going to quarter turn it. until it's off. and finally, you want to make sure you evacuate. >> reporter: how far away do you need to be to make sure you're safe? >> you want to make sure across the street, somewhere where you feel safe. once you get there, make sure you dial 911 from there.
10:28 am
>> reporter: simple tips to keep your family safe and your home standing. here's one more tip. if you suddenly notice your grass, the weeds or shrubs have changed color, that can also be a sign of a leak thomas. that means there's a pipe leaking natural gas out of the house. and that's a very good sign. it turns it yellow or rusty. >> the other thing that's so interesting to follow along, but people really need to keep their cool if they do suspect in the tips that you pass along. >> yeah you don't want to panic, but you do want to start getting the family out of the house and do exactly what we said, ventilate it and then maybe shut the gas off and then get away and call 911. >> great stuff. nbc's jeff rossen. appreciate it. as jeb bush ends weekend fund raising in the all-important state of iowa there's a brand-new poll showing whether republicans really are embracing the idea of another bush in the white house. we have it for you. and right now apple ceo tim cook is talking to the media in san francisco where we're hoping
10:29 am
to get the details on the much talked-about apple watch. will danielle want one of those, jeff? >> she wants everything. >> she wants everything. she wants the 18-karat gold. we're talking about danielle rossen here. we're back with much more "msnbc live" after this. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle
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mi bebé ha crecido tanto. try new head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. it is the bottom of the hour on "msnbc live." police have shut down traffic in parts of madison, wisconsin, as students at east high school are staging a walkout to protest the fatal shooting of teen tony robinson. meanwhile, one year after mh370's disappearance, a massive report finds the battery in the flight data recorder beacon expired back in 2012. that's more than a year before this plane went missing. and right now there's still no official indictment against new jersey senator robert menendez on possible corruption charges. that means the senior senator's position as ranking member of the foreign relations committee still hangs in the balance. and it was just a short time ago that wisconsin governor scott walker signed a so-called
10:32 am
right-to-work bill into law, making his state the 25th to adopt that policy. it was the first time that jeb bush has gone to iowa since his father was in office. and it looks like the former florida governor did okay. with just over ten months to the iowa caucuses bush had six events and several one-on-one meetings with voters. at one stop he began his remarks with an embrace of the "sun times" thorny family legacy. >> a lot of people know me as george's boy or barbara's boy or w.'s brother. all of which i'm very proud of to be honest with you. i love my family. >> all right. he loves his family and he takes that all on. msnbc's kasey hunt joins me. explain what you saw firsthand of how the performance went over with iowa conservatives. >> thomas this was our first chance to see bush campaign on his own behalf in over a decade. and you know the question looming over this appearance in
10:33 am
iowa was whether or not he could deliver on the retail campaign front. we already know that he's building this juggernaut of a campaign financially with campaign operatives et cetera. but he put himself in just about every situation that iowa has to offer. he spoke at a fund-raiser. he spoke at the agriculture summit, got down into the weeds on ago dultriculture policy and took questions from voters in a really classic retail setting at a pizza ranch. and he seemed pretty ready to handle all of those questions. with speed, with accuracy and really kind of showed off that he wasn't as rusty as some people thought that he might be. >> all right. so speed, accuracy on certain points, but you say that some of your reporting demonstrates a little irritation when bush is asked about his immigration policy, his stance. so what happened there? >> so the other thing that we learned was how he's going to finesse some of these positions that he has that could be problematic with the conservative base, especially in a place like iowa. we heard him talk about common core, for example. he wouldn't use those words.
10:34 am
instead focusing on the fact that those standards are not required, that states can opt out. and then on immigration, he had his stock answer about what he wants to do policiwise. but he was pressed by reporters after that retail event to say whether or not he would repeal the executive order that allows some of those dreamers to stay in the united states. president obama's executive order. and he was very sort of curt in saying that i would repeal the law -- or excuse me that i would change the law, but he wouldn't say whether or not he would repeal that order. he got into it with one reporter who asked him about his stance on citizenship. bush said go read my book. the reporter says i have. and bush said well go try again. you may have misread it. >> msnbc's kasie hunt great to have you back from iowa. where's your backpack to now? >> well there's a lot going on in new hampshire this weekend. jeb bush will be making his first visit up there. scott walker as well. and ted cruz is going to be there, too. so hopefully we'll get up there coming up. >> you are a correspondent on the go. thank you. >> thanks. dwoming for you, apple is debuting a new product that has
10:35 am
people ticking. at this very moment in san francisco, ceo tim cook is introducing the new apple watch. the much-anticipated smart watch will come in three editions. we've got a sports version, a more traditional model made of stainless steel, and a much fancier 18-karat gold watch that we still don't have the exact price tag of. julianne is the senior tech writer at so this is really fascinating to those people that love apple and there will be flocks of people that turn out to buy this product no matter what. but what are the watch features that they are trying to sell, cook, anyway? >> well thomas we know that to use the watch, you have to pair it with your iphone. so it connects wirelessly. and once you do that there's a whole host of apps of course for the watch. and you can also get a little tap on your wrist or a little message that pops up saying hey, you have a text message, an e-mail, a phone call. so you don't have to be pulling out your phone. you can kind of check it out on your wrist. so it does a lot what your phone does, but it's right on your
10:36 am
wrist instead of having to pull out your phone. >> there are other companies like samsung that have done something similar to this that was not successful. why does apple think it can win at this? >> so apple has proven itself to be able to create a market. we have short memories in technology technology. if you think back to the ipad, when it was released, people were making fun of it unbelievably. now looking back it seems so funny, it's a giant iphone. who needs that? they made fun of the ipad name. and now the tablet market is huge. and ipads are huge. so apple has proven itself able to take a product category. you know it's maybe not the first smart watch to market or maybe not the first tablet to market, but they were able to with the ipad, and apple thinks that it has the magic touch here. it also really focused on the design. it's a very techie-looking device. >> so tech lovers will love it. and there are apple lovers that will love it no matter what. thank you,'s julianne.
10:37 am
as we learn more about the iwatch we can't help but wonder if they'll have emojis. so over the weekend, "the new york times" explored the culture of emojis. and frances is back with a look at that. this is fascinating how we break this down by state. >> especially for you. we use the emojis all the time. it's easier and better than typing a whole word when on our phones. it is really clear that we are living in the united states of emojis, but do the actual emojis reflect the united states? hmm. got you thinking right? let's get right down to it. there are 722 emojis for us to express how we feel how we're thinking. we have our favorites out there. but they weren't enough for one "new york times" writer. he couldn't wish his fiancee happy birthday the way he wanted. maybe i would use the piece of cake, you know the balloons coming out, but he wanted to do this. let's show you. he wanted to replicate this classic sandra boynton greeting card with a hippo, birdie and two us. hippo birdie to you.
10:38 am
but the emoji system doesn't have a hippo, a birdie a u. it's a whole song. ♪ happy birthday ♪ there's a reason why the joke doesn't translate into emojis because they're japanese. it's from japan. so a lot of the thoughts we want to convey might not exist. may not translate, you know in japanese here. well, let's look into this. this isn't the first time that emojis have come under scrutiny. there were outcries recently over the lack of diversity. they plan out rolling out more just like this with different shades, different colors everybody looking a little bit different to reflect our country. what other american icons are lacking from the emojis? no pickup truck. all kinds of modes of transportation. all kinds of animals. there's no whole section but no golden retriever. no turkey for thanksgiving. certainly no bacon. at least thomas there is an american flag, if you look in there. but, you know if you think about it what they're doing, i think what might help us in the
10:39 am
meantime thomas you and i love the "snl" emojis and stefan and the target lady. >> i just texted you, approved. >> approved! the target lady. >> yes. if you get the "snl" app, you could get the emojis. still ahead, 47 senate republicans making an extraordinary move sending an open letter to iran saying they'll undo whatever president obama agrees to. a live report from capitol hill up next. and in our next hour on msnbc live a university of oklahoma fraternity caught on camera chanting racist phrases. we'll talk to someone from the frat's national chapter in our next hour. and now this. a group of women in afghanistan have come out from under the veil to defiantly pursue an olympic dream. check it out. ♪
10:40 am
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10:44 am
that our founding fathers envisioned for conditioning res to congress to play when it comes to foreign policy. >> luke russert, we hear josh earnest talk about throwing sands in the gears. is there precedent for a letter like this? >> reporter: there really isn't, thomas. i think one thing our first read team did extraordinarily well this morning when explaining this issue is there is this old phrase that politics stops at the water's edge in regards to foreign policy specifically one put forward by an american president. that seems to no longer be the case. in this case you have 47 republican senators including some with 2016 aspirations, rand paul, marco rubio and ted cruz effectively lobbying iran against this proposed deal that president obama and the administration is trying to put forward and cobble together. it is unprecedented, and it's elicited a lot of blowback not only from some moderate shall we say republicans that have worked in the state department and that type of environment, but also democrats who say this is
10:45 am
absurd. the comparison being is what if democrats were trying to directly negotiate with gorbachev during the s.t.a.r.t. treaty in the 1980s. what's going to be interesting to see is how all of this plays out in regards to this treaty. this week on capitol hill the senate was supposed to come together to try and have a review of any nuclear agreement done by the administration in iran. after benjamin netanyahu speech to a joint session, democrats pulled out of that so they weren't able to come to an agreement on that. so that completely was washed away from the senate schedule. so you're starting to see this become extremely political, even more so. but to have a united states senator like tom cotton a war veteran, young guy reach out to iran in such a way, it's really being seen as unprecedented, thomas. >> nbc's luke russert reporting on capitol hill thank you, sir. >> take care. be well. two of the world's most recognizable terror groups may be working together now. on saturday the leader of the nigeria arm of boko haram appeared to pledge allegiance to
10:46 am
isis in an audio message. the two appeared to have been growing closer of late with the nigerian group's propaganda videos taking on the slicker quality associated with those of isis. and moments ago the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee told my colleague, andrea mitchell what both groups gain from this apparent union. >> we will see, i think, additional recruiting by boko haram as a result of this and maybe see additional financing as well. so there's certainly something to be had for both organizations, but it also i think, shows both organizations are under increasing pressure. >> the africa editor for courts and joins me now in studio. we hear congressman schiff and others saying that this possible union is evidence that boko haram is slowly losing its fight. would you agree with that? >> yes. i completely agree. i mean, they've been under pressure now for at least two to three weeks now. ever since the nigerian elections were delayed, the nigerian government focused very strongly on eradicating boko
10:47 am
haram, but also got together with the governments of chad cameroon and niger republic to form a multinational joint task force. boko haram has been on the run pretty much since. >> what does isis gain from this whereas before they weren't interested? >> i don't think isis gains as much as boko haram does at this stage. i think boko haram, in particular, needs to be seen as a global international operator as you've just pointed out, about the slick videos and the better production. they always look to isis in past statements they made they always sort of followed the isis model, if you like. because what they started out, let's not forget was a pure insurgency. insurgent group just doing the kind of thing they did on saturday, you know suicide bombers going to soft targets, local markets, that kind of thing.
10:48 am
the whole idea of a caliphate was something that came afterwards, after they saw the success of isis. >> certainly has our attention. do you think this can last? >> >> do i think that the relationship between the two can last? >> correct. >> it will last as long as boko haram can last. it is a virtual thing. you can associate yourself with the bigger guy, it makes you look that much longer. >> yinka, it is good to you have here. florida state officials are banned from saying certain words after rick scott took office. seriously, that happened. and then later the controversial model mom. take that away. does that woman look nine month's pregnant? this debate is heating up the internet. we're back with more after this. or myself,
10:49 am
which i did. its because i had, had a passion. my whole life i wanted to teach myself to build computers. i wanted to build these things for free. i just wanted to do it for the world and you know when you want something, that's what you do the best. ♪ ♪ leftovers. the unsung hero of meals. they get re-heated. re-nuked. and re-baked. and when leftovers are done ...there's always stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean calls dibs on those. it powers through tough, dried-on messes in seconds. even 48 hour stuck-on food.
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10:51 am
okay so it is time for seriously, that happened. and i know how all tech obsessed we are. but get this. there is a shocker after comments were made by lindsey graham yesterday. >> yesterday on "meet the press," she weighed in on the e-mail hillary clinton controversy and what he said. >> do you have a private e-mail address. >> no. i never e-mail. you can have every one i've sent. i don't have one. >> he serves on the sub-committee on privacy technology. in 2013 a research center study found that 15% of americans over the age of 18 doesn't use the internet and that includes e-mail. >> i find it fascinating that he doesn't need to survive not using e-mail. >> texts maybe? and now what florida officials can and cannot say.
10:52 am
florida officials have been banned from using these terms. global warming and climate change. and that is a pretty big deal because scientists say florida is the most susceptible. they say it was an unwritten policy for the environment protection after rick scott took office in 2011. and now when reaching out for a comment, the department said they did not have a department policy on this. >> but climate change we're not supposed to say that. >> no. find another word. >> okay. it is hot in florida. okay. there is much more ahead. including an update on oklahoma university president speaking out and wait until you hear what he has to say after this alleged frat video surfaces where the members of this frat can caught singing racist chants. and hillary clinton will address the e-mail later on this
10:53 am
week. and david axelrod weighs in on whether it is too little too late. and the internet fighting back against fat shaming. a group of strangers who are encouraging one man to keep on dancing. we love this story. we're back after this. that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward.
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10:56 am
good day. i'm thomas roberts. and breaking news out of oklahoma. the university president responding to a disturbing video showing frat students and members of sigma alpha epsilon, or sae, chanting and referencing lynching and now they have been suspended and the president said this about those students in a news conference this morning. >> it will not be tolerated. that is why that house is immediately closed that is why those young men will have to to have their belongings out of the house by midnight tomorrow and as they pack their bags i hope
10:57 am
they think long and hard about what they've done. >> earlier today, on the campus in oklahoma the president boren took part in a rally. the chapter issued this statement. we apologize for the unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals and disgusted that any member would act in such a way. >> and joining me kgou radio. and so let's talk about the reaction in the community to this, brian, and what is next for those on campus that could like to see -- would like to see the university and make sure the students are punished appropriately? >> well thomas the reaction toward what the students have done has been mostly of disgust, but the reaction to the president's response and the university's action has been fairly positive.
10:58 am
many people are praising president boren saying this is not a cookie-cutter response and he took swift action. you can tell he is upset and showing in his staples. >> he said this is not our way, this is not our values and making a definitive statement saying this fraternity would not be coming back at least while i'm president. do you think the community -- the sooner community supports that? >> yes i do. it seems like everyone i've talked to has supported the president's decision and there aren't really anybody that has said what sigma alpha epsilon has done has been justifiable. >> so when we talk about what is happening to the frat house, the students being thrown out and the frat closed do you think there should be something done harder or people calling in thinks something harsher should be done to the kids. >> the university president said he is not sure how much more of a harsh penalty he can deliver
10:59 am
to the students. he said the university nondiscrimination policy is based on title six of the 1964 civil rights act meaning it could be possible to take action against the individuals involved, so far those students haven't been publicly identified. but he said that he never wants to see these students back on campus again. >> ryan haresinski. thank you. and more protests in wisconsin, after a unarmed african-american man was killed by police and we have now video just in of demonstrators protesting the death of 19-year-old tony robinson shot and killed on friday after confrontation with a police. matt keeny responded to a service call and was attack. following events in madison, we have ron allen. >> reporter: good afternoon. emotions are raw out here.
11:00 am
there is concern about more protests. things have been peaceful and nonconfrontational so far but it is early in the investigation. the incident happened in the gray house behind me. the police are still out there. and investigators are going in and out and there is a make-shift memorial and people have been coming out and paying respects. the police have said that the officer was responding to a disturbance and it apparently started in the gas station and went across the street. robinson went into the home which belongs to two of his friends. the officer went in saying there was a confrontation going on and he went in and he said the police -- the officer said he was assaulted and that is why he opened fire. but all of the details of this are still being investigated. the people in the community don't know really what happened. they just think the bottom line is that whatever happened they are concerned that a young man's life is lost and they think that should not happen here. thomas, back to you. >> ron, thanks so much. we'll keep an eye on mad iszon.
11:01 am
and pressure on hillary clinton for her to address on the private e-mails when she was secretary of state. she didn't talk about it when she appeared this morning, but take a look at what senator dianne feinstein said on "meet the press." >> i would like for her to come forward and say just what the situation is. because she is the pre-eminent political figure right now. she is the leading candidate, whether it be republican or democrat for the next -- to be the next president. and i think that she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. >> clinton' private e-mail has become a punch line for saturday nitelineght life. >> my e-mails are innocent and fun. like this one. hey girl still up for a movieton. i heard that new bradley cooper one is hot. what do you want to see?
11:02 am
and i responded with i want to see myself as president of the united states of america. see, just fun woman talk. >> joining me now in studio is political reporter alex paul seitz wold. >> we are team has decided to move up talking about this and just today moments ago at the white house, press secretary josh earnest addressed this again saying that the president did correspond with hillary clinton, but those would be archived and the president was unaware of her private account. >> and so when we think about
11:03 am
the e-mails handed over there are 55,000 documents and they will release them but it will take some time. do we have a better idea of that time line yet? >> we don't. the state department has said self months and it is unclear. they have to go through them and look for national security issues and they have to look for potentially whether they violated policy here. meanwhile, hanging over all of this is that house committee putting out subpoenas for more e-mails related to benghazi. so we're all waiting on the state department which is in an awkward position to going through e-mails and putting them out that could embarrass hillary clinton in the content of the e-mail. >> alex seitz wald thank you. and the battle for 2016 hopefuls, in iowa nearly a dozen in iowa for the ag summit and among them jeb bush and chris christie and wisconsin governor scott walker. well as we turn our attention to overseas. leaders of boko haram are declaring allegiance to isis.
11:04 am
what remains to be seen is whether isis will answer boko haram, best known for the mass abduction of young nigeria school girls last year. joining me in studio is nbc news ayman mohyeldin. so explain the pledge of doing this and if it is a surprise at all. >> well in a nutshell, boko haram has said it will be a part of isis ideologically. it is not a surprise. we've known for the past decade this group continues to expand with the attacks it has been carrying out. you see the list. and perhaps the most notorious was the abduction of 276 school girls last year. but this is a group that had global aspirations for the better past of the last decade. it has released videos praising bin laden and in its own territory tried to declare a caliphate, similar to what isis has done in syria and iraq. but this development that it has
11:05 am
expressed allegiance to isis is raising questions about the growth of isis. as we've mentioned in the past the group has a lot of sympathy in various parts of the world. it has operational groups in libya and also in the northern part of egypt. with the rise of boko haram allegiance to isis it raises question as to whether the two groups will have an operational capacity. right now we do know that in northeast nigeria where isis -- rather where boko haram has a strong foot hold it is a part of the ideological development of isis and that is a major cause of concerns for the countries in central and western africa. thomas. >> so as we look at the map here and we can see the connective tissue of how the countries flow together. we know where isis is in syria and through iraq. but nigeria, how well of a job or how well have they done as trying to squash boko haram? >> they have struggled for the past several years. they have carried counter offensive operations in the
11:06 am
northeast part of the country and gotten help from the military in nigeria and chad but have not been able to eradicate the group. they have had success of capturing some members but they have not been able to recover the school girls and boko haram have carried out deadly attacks in the capital. but one quick point, libya, that is an important point to keep an eye on. if there is a link through boko haram, it could be through libya as we've seen in the past. >> ayman mohyeldin, good to see you. thank you. in massachusetts, the trial resumed in the case of dzokhar tsarnaev. testifying today was a doctor describing seeing people on the ground covered in blood. he faced the death penalty if convicted and his attorneys have admitted his role in the attack but insist he was influenced by his older brother tamerlan.
11:07 am
let's head over to my colleague frances. this is one year since the malaysia airline disappeared. the first report into the disappearance, revealing the battery on the under water locator expired months before the plane went missing. the expiration went unnoticed because of a computer error. and tonight in san francisco, apple is unveiling a new gadget. cook is unveiling the spring forward and we're still waiting on the biggest highlight and that is the new apple watch, scheduled to launch in the first half of the year. the starting price $349 but the most expensive model is over $10,000, a huge widespread so a tech expert will join me to talk about the difference of the models coming up later. between ipad iphone the 6 and the watch, we'll see how it
11:08 am
works out. >> apple owns us basically. when we come back our top stories and the trouble of sigma alpha epsilon. we'll hear from the national chapter in minutes. and hillary clinton today spoke about women's rights but not a word about her e-mail scandal. we'll speak to one of the president's former top advisers. and a mom taking a selfie and creates an internet fire storm. the controversy over the photo after the break.
11:09 am
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. sweet mother of softness... charmin!!! take a closer look at charmin ultra soft and you'll love what you see. not only can you use less, but you can actually see the softness in our comfort cushions. we continue to follow the breaking news out of oklahoma. a sigma alpha epsilon chapter closing after a racist video surfacing showing its brothers
11:11 am
at the university of oklahoma chanting and singing racist language. frances joins with more about what is taking place with the frats under fire. >> certainly not the first time we've heard about this thing with the greek organizations as we continue to see this in the headlines. fraternities coming under fire about their relations of their brothers. so let's start with the chapter. they have 219 chapters nationwide with 15,000 collegiate members and more than 325,000 men have been initiated since the founding in 1856. and now for more history here since they've been founded. sigma alpha epsilon is more than 150 years old and there were 400 members when the civil war began according to the sae website with 400 members and 92%
11:12 am
fighting for the confederate states. this is not the first time they have come under fire for alleged racist attack. in 1992 texas a&m chapter was fined a $1,000 after they threw a jungle party and according to a report in the washington post some attended with a black face. and more than 100 plus chapters have been punished in one way or thoerj since 2007 and they named sae as the deadiest fraternity and nine people were killed related to the fraternity since 2006 occurring these areas where they have chapters. the fraternity denied wrongdoing. but when you put into effect the history and what has happened certainly not the first and hopefully not the last but you are focusing on oklahoma and how
11:13 am
cease and desist as far as that chapter goes and the students needing to be out of there. >> and we know how the president came down this is not the way of our campus and sooner values. frances, thanks. we'll talk about this more now. the associate executive director of sigma alpha epsilon, his name is brandon waycourse. and let me ask you, now that the oklahoma university president has shut down the fraternity telling the brothers to be out of the house by midnight, do you believe there should be further punishment for those in the university. >> absolutely. we believe people should be accountable for their actions. we at the national headquarters can close it down and suspend the brothers but as far as anxiouses for those vod -- as for actions for thoed -- for those involved there should be
11:14 am
punishment for those involved. >> and i was in a fraternity and i know there are certain songs that fraternities sing is this a chant or song only sung on this campus or is this some type of national song that sae is involved in? >> no. i'm an alume industry of sigma alpha epsilon and i can tell you there are a number of songs that have been around for a century but nob of them have -- but none of them have anything to do with this chant and i've never heard this before and this is not something the headquarters have endorsed in our list of songs. there has been a misunderstanding that rumors that people believe that this is a song and that is not true. >> and you say you are not familiar with this song or chant. but we know that the a.s.e.
11:15 am
drawing, back to the civil war, is this the culture of the fraternity. >> we were founded -- we were founded in tuscaloosa alabama, and because of the location of our founding and the location of our founding fathers, yes, many of those original members and then in the subsequent years leading up to the civil wars did fight for the confederacy because of where they were. but we do not endorse the confederate flag or hateful message about that because that is not who we are. we are about more than that. our creed is a true gentleman. and there is a portion of the creed that speaks to this and these ridiculous inappropriate actions and the man who thinks of the rights and feelings of others and not his own. these members were not thinking
11:16 am
about the rights and feeling of anybody and this is unacceptable. >> when we talk about the membership across the country and what is currently represented on campuses across the country, as you represent the national body what is the diverse breakdown? >> our chapters and the membership that they have are just as diverse on the campuses where they exist. we have many brothers who are from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs and cultures. there is nothing in the fraternity saws that state you have to fit into a certain type of person. the only requirement is you are a college-aged male enrolled in an academic institution. that is the only requirement. we have a nondiscrimination policy and depending on which campus or chapter it is they very often represent the makeup of the student body. >> brandon, i'm sure there is good work your alumni and members.
11:17 am
fraternity have done nationally that is lost in the conversation but do you blame president boren not wanting the fraternity back on the campus? >> absolutely not. we respect his decision. because these former members, what a shocking thing for their campus. it is not only shaming us on the national level but shamed the entire university of oklahoma fraternity. we look at our relationship with colleges as a partnership and that is important to us and we respect the fact that the president doesn't want sigma alpha epsilon returning. we are always in support of bringing a good group of guys who are gentleman and leaders and role models in their chapters. >> brandon way course executive director of sigma alpha epsilon from the headquarters. thank you for your time. and taking your attention, breaking news, in wisconsin,
11:18 am
protests under way after a weekend shooting of an unarmed 19-year-old man by police. we'll have more as the crowds continue to swarm. and later on we'll talk to a top obama adviser over the former secretary of state and her e-mails. stay with us. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections.
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google search: bodega beach house. welcome back. we're following this breaking news out of wisconsin. we're looking at live pictures from madison, where protests are underway after a weekend shooting but an unarmed man. police say their officer was attacked when responding to a disturbance call. we'll keep an eye on this breaking news and bring you more information as it becomes available. and crowds and this story and
11:22 am
more are trending. >> and this is trending nationwide. more than 10,000 tweets have been sent on a hash tag with robinson's name and protests sparked by this. and on the other hand tweeted, it looks like tony robinson is another unarmed black teen put on trial for his own murder. but on the other side there are users would say for those who misunderstand, unarmed does not mean innocent. fists can kill too. and often do. also reaction to this video showing members of the university of oklahoma chapter of the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity hurling slurs. they have been suspended and the university is investigating. the controversy is stirring a ton of social media. the house was vandalized last night with words "tear it down."
11:23 am
and the hash tag sae hates me is trending with reactions. pictures of protests on the university today are being shared as well. and users like this wonder how many of my white colleagues are in frats have chants like this and sat and listened to one. and planet fit is trending because the chain canceled a woman's membership after she complained about a transgender woman in the looker room but because they have a no judgment zone policy it booted the member who teams intolerant woman. while many are sending tweets of support like this saying been wondering how planet fitness would apply their no judgment policy to gender identity. i'm pleasantly shocked. >> and uc irvine is trending after they voted down a ban of the flag. they say it represents
11:24 am
oppression to many groups online and you are cheering that reversal. and a big talker out there. and that woman -- can you imagine, she is a little bump. that is a baby bump. sparking all kinds of debate. because this is what she looks like eight months into her pregnancy. sarah showed her whizzels -- her chiseled waist and it looks like the definition of abs and users twitter, when i have a baby i need to look like this but some say the mom to be doesn't look healthy and we'll have more on the discussion as we delve into that. but it is amazing. that is like a food bump for some people never mind a baby bump. but it is definitely out there and people talking about it. >> it is a big talker for today. and frances we want to cover the developing story out of madison, wisconsin. the shooting death of an unarmed
11:25 am
death of a black man. and joining me a reverend alex. and there have been silent and peaceful protests happen tlg and we are looking at people laying down in the streets and sitting down peacefully in the street. why do you think there seems to be a growing frustration if the police department and the police chief has been transparent in revealing details about how the shooting happened and who the police officer involved was? >> well i think you have to consider the fact that we appreciate transparency but it is frustration because we are watching time and time again of young unarmed men being shot and killed and there is no press department to believe this is going to be different. we want it to be we are hoping for it to be but you have to consider in the lives of these young adults we have not seen what we consider true
11:26 am
vindication or justice and they have to make sure they are laying groundwork that says we're watching this we will demand accountability and this won't be business as usual and we can't sit back and rest on our laurels and trust that it will be transparency just because it is stated. i'm going to trust the chief because he said it and i know him. but don't forget incidents happening in staten island and ferguson no one said we're not going to be transparent. everyone promised it will be open and fair and transparent and no one said the opposite and we have no reason to think this will be different unless we apply community pressure and i laud them for doing it. >> you bring up the death of ferguson and michael brown and deadly force was used and there was not charge on the back end, a failing in our own judicial system potentially by -- by those we trust to enforce laws
11:27 am
correct? and so now -- >> correct. >> -- we have this situation occurring in your own community. and so if we take staten island and ferguson out of it what is the community relation or the communication between the community and the police department in madison? >> what of the things the chief did when he came in the role he worked to build in roads into the community and he asked me to serve as a cabinet to talk to if anything ugly developed into our community. and i appreciate the fact he was aware of what is taking place nationally and wanted to take precautionary steps to make sure that happened. and so i think that there is good will on -- on that level and i think we trust and appreciate his leadership. but being a life long madison
11:28 am
madisonian we believe that the incarceration of black men and disparity in our community between black and white, and so there are issues that we are wrestling with as a community and now this is placed on top of it. so i think on a good day, we have a decent relationship with police officers but unfortunately we can't take staten island or ferguson out of the picture because when you have reports of an unarmed african-american it opens up too many wounds for people and we can't ignore history. we are not saying it is inevitable but that is the framework and not the opposite. and we are hoping that madison sets a new trend and we establish a new precedent and we have the nature to understand that you can't kill unarmed black men and just walk as if nothing has happened. that is what we are hoping is the new narrative. >> we are looking again at the live images out of madison,
11:29 am
wisconsin where protesters are marching through downtown streets and decided to perform a sit-in. with the chopper, we had a much closer shot a moment ago showing a very diverse crowd that has amassed there to be a part of the walking protest. reverend gee we thank you for getting back in touch with you and we'll keep you close throughout the day here on msnbc. so hillary clinton will address the e-mail controversy about having her own home server, but when? we'll talk to one of the former senior advisers and what this means for if and when hillary clinton decides to run for president.
11:30 am
♪ at kraft we start with quality ingredients all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making from good to amazing.
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photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app, you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done and angie's list will find a top rated provider to do the job. the angie's list app is the simple, new way to get work done on your schedule. the app makes it easy, the power of angie's list makes it work. call, click or download the app for free today. a lot going on and this is what we're following right now. a quick update on the protesters in madison wisconsin. the streets are filled after the shooting over the weekend of an
11:32 am
unarmed 19-year-old black teen. this is live pictures. tony robinson killed on friday night after a confrontation of police. the university of oklahoma has ordered the alphasigma alpha epsilon to close after chanting slurs. and the senate has sent a letter to the leaders of iran if congress doesn't approve of an agreement, that it will expire along with the time of president obama's time in office. they are meeting ahead of a march deadline to a deal with iran. and hillary clinton spoke this morning and did not discuss
11:33 am
the e-mail controversy, but james proctor took the ability to respond. >> colin powell and jeb bush did the same thing, but do you remember whitewater and foul-gate, travel-gate, you remember pardon-gate, and you remember benghazi. all of this is the same stuff we go through. >> so david axelrod served as senior adviser to president obama and now director of politics at the university of chicago. david, it is great to see you and to have you on board to talk about this. there we have james carvel trying to talk to andrea mitchell earlier today about whether or not this is a controversy or not and it was a very -- i have to say it was a very entertaining conversation. >> they always are with james. >> they always are with james. and so from a political adviser
11:34 am
standpoint won't you think we would have heard from hillary clinton by now? >> yeah. well first of all, let me say, thomas, the road to the presidency and the campaigns are pock-marked with defining events that turn out to be defining events so no one can judge at this moment what the long-term impact of this will be. but there is no doubt that she's given oxygen to the story by not just coming out and forth rightly saying this is why we did it and this is how the e-mails were secured and answering the questions. so as to kind of get past this. and there is a -- a tendency and you heard james kind of -- he represents a philosophy here having been through a lot of this and you kind of bogart your way through it. you play ropa dope and let your opponent punch themselves out and then it passes. but that makes people nervous
11:35 am
because those who support her want her to be a strong nominee but this is a -- an ongoing concern. >> well the big question is if she will announce some people speculate it could be coming in the spring around april. but we hear from people on the right make a false equivalency to a colin powell who did use a private e-mail address at times to make contact to colleagues and transfer information back and forth. he did not have his own home server. but then we hear about jeb bush as florida governor having his own server and control but under the sunshine laws those e-mails have been made public. but david, this takes me to a larger question. if hillary clinton didn't feel she could trust the government with her e-mails, why should the government trust her now that she has turned everything over? >> well i think this is one of the questions that she has to answer. i presume that all of the
11:36 am
e-mails that she wrote that pertain to government business are already part of the government record because she was e-mailing people within the government. but this is one of the questions she has to answer. one of the things i would say, thomas, part of this is the result of the fact that she's a quasicandidate but not a candidate. she doesn't have a campaign in place yet. she doesn't have a communications structure in place yet and that may explain some of the clumsy handling of this issue. and she may become more nimble as time goes on but that doesn't solve the problem right now. >> so when we speak about how nimble she will likely become when it comes to dealing with this as you say pock marks or blemishing around the way, is this one that sticks around or is this one she can put a pin in quickly the moment she addresses it more definitively. >> i think putting a pin in it quickly, i think that horse has
11:37 am
left the barn. but i do think depending on the nature of the answers, this has come and go. her supporters dope-- don't think this affects the lives of every day people and they want to talk about the economy and they are right about that. but you don't want to create a pattern of behavior that gives your opponents an opportunity to attack that creates questions. so i don't think this one issue is something that will unravel her potential candidacy but it should be a warning sign to her and her operation that they need to be more nimble and more forthcoming and need to be in a kind of in stand -- instant response mode and not a ropa dope mood. >> david axelrod, thank you very
11:38 am
much. >> thank you, thomas. and coming live to the reaction in madison, wisconsin, over the shooting of a 19-year-old unarmed black teen. ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. oh boy, this always happens to your father. you're clean. you got that right! bam! just gotta check your bag. huh, charmin ultra strong. you're cleaner than i thought. charmin ultra strong cleans so much better it meets even his highest standards of clean. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger. and you can use up to 4x less. are you good to go hun? cleaner than ever. rotorooter approved. charmin is clog-free or it's free.
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and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. i'm standing up for my future and everyone else's future and i want people to know that black lives matter. >> you don't think they do? >> people are dying. >> all lives matter. >> do you think he was causing trouble? >> they still didn't have the right to shoot him. >> even if he attacked the officer? >> yes. they have tasers for that and sticks for that. they have other utensils on their belt for that. >> so ron allen there interviewing just a few of the protesters that have assembled in madison, wisconsin, who are
11:42 am
supposet over the death of tony robinson a 19-year-old shot and killed over the weekend by police. we'll have a report from madison in a few minutes so stick around for that. and there is another big story that we're following today. just moments ago apple unveiling the new smart watch. the first wearable computing device that tim koch said that is revolutionary. apple stock is stable around $125 and frances has more on the announcement. >> it is coming out right now. and it is available in three models with the price tag starting at $349. so let's break it down. and joining me now senior editor bridget carry. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> what are the features that i just need to have to make my life better and cooler? >> that is what i was hoping
11:43 am
apple would talk about. you can see apps that you can do the same as on your smartphone but the whole point is that it is at a quick glance. the cool factors for those of you dick tracy fans you can have a phone call on your wrist and they are putting a big focus on health. if you want to get little notifications about how active you are in the day or in the week this can kind of be your personal coach-nudging tool. but for the most part i think we're not really convinced of how this could change your life any differently than -- than having a phone. it is just the cool factor. >> it could be cool to cost you $350 and also $10,000. what is the difference there? >> oh, yes. that eye-popping price of $10,000 is for the gold special edition version and they have versions that are in the middle ground if you want something made of metal it starts at $550
11:44 am
and that can go up to $1500. it depends on the side and the different bands you want to get. >> well i can't wait for my friends to get one because they'll be the guinea pig and i'll play with it. thank you for the breakdown. we appreciate it. and we want to get back to the breaking news out of madison wisconsin. amanda is reporting for us outside of the home -- the apartment of 19-year-old tony robinson. and amanda we've been watching protest images as more crowds have gathered to protest the death of this 19-year-old. i'm just reading from the wntv the nbc affiliate there, reading that the mayor of madison said he supports the protesters and trusts them to do the right thing and they can maintain a balance of having their voices heard and not let things get out of hand like they were in ferguson. you reported on the ground in ferguson, what is your initial reaction to being on the ground
11:45 am
there in madison and the differences? >> reporter: i've talked to some college students here who said they are continuing to protest and come outside of the memorial. there is a make-shift memorial where they have signs and many children are drawn encoreon korans and where had shocked this happened on this busy street and a block away from a food co-op and they are expressing shock on the investigation police are conducting. there is an outside investigation, meaning it is not the police department conducting the probe, but rather an outside group. and many people within the community express support behind that. they want due justice. but there are concerns that the police did open fire on an unarmed 19-year-old. amanda reporting for us.
11:46 am
we'll come back to you later on. we'll be right back after a quick break. stick around. and that was something that was kind of growing up culturally, it was quite unacceptable and she really dared to let me be different. [thunder and rain] [thunder and rain] [thunder and rain] ♪ ♪ i love my meta health bars. because when nutritious tastes this delicious i don't miss the other stuff. meta health bars help promote heart health. experience the meta effect with our multi-health wellness line. ♪ ♪ ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary
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11:48 am
now to the seemingly never-ending mommy judging wars and a controversial over how fit a pregnant mom-to-be should be. >> most wouldn't consider this picture of health for a woman about to give birth, right. several people questioning a 30-year-old l.a. model as she documented her growing baby bump even with visible abs still showing right there. nbc's jenna wolfe lifestyle and fitness correspondent from the today show and joining us while on maternity leave with baby quinn. it is good to see you and baby quinn. when you see this there is
11:49 am
president -- precedent for moms who work out and follow a diet regime why do you think people are reacting? >> i think people assume once you are pregnant it is about growing this small life inside of you and doing the best thing you can for your health and the health of this baby. and for most people that means cutting back on the gym, taking it easy and taking care of yourself and not pushing yourself and why would you go to the gym. people think that is for yourself and probably not for the baby. but i think that -- [ technical difficulties ] people have to realize what you don't want to do is train past what your body is used to. if she's been doing this all along -- go ahead. >> so you are saying if she's done this all along that genetics and her body might be a big benefit to this. >> her body is used to this and understands the pressure and understands as far as the strength training and the cardio
11:50 am
and her muscles understand what she's been going through. she didn't start something new. i went through the same thing, i had long talks with my doctor on what i could do. i could do what i was doing before, just not train for anything big than what was in front of me. but i understand how people could have a big problem with what she's doing right now. [ technical difficulties ] >> it is good to see and hear baby quinn. exercising until the very last moment of her pregnancy and with two of them. >> we have quinn and harper. >> that is going to wrap things up with thomas roberts live. and "the cycle" is up next. >> that was a beautiful segment. pregnant women are beautiful. we'll have some fun talking about hillary clinton and snl and e-mails and we'll talk about isis and my reflections on the president's speech from selma.
11:51 am
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isis picks up thousands of fighters united in terror but is their core divided? i'm toure. and as we come on the air this monday the military group boko haram has pledged 9,000 fighters to isis. the largest group signup at once we've seen. broek -- broek has been terror terrorizeing nigeria, most recently with the kidnappingle 276 school girls. and many wonder how this could work and some think boko haram is signing up in name only. overni
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