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tv   Locked Up Abroad  MSNBC  March 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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[ are ining ringing ] >> lisa called me on the phone. >> hey, kim. she asked me did i want to take a trip with her. >> i told kim that i was looking at expanding my nail business, and i just needed to go to thailand. to go and pick up some product. huh-uh. i couldn't tell her all the details. >> i just thought i was helping lisa. >> are y'all bringing these products?
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>> kim had no idea that she was talking to a major drug smuggler. >> okay. i wasn't thinking about whether it was fair to her. i wasn't thinking about the jeopardy. that i was putting her life in. >> i just shot somebody. it definitely was a betrayal. >> i don't mean to laugh about it, but i was really sick. >> in 1993, i had got out of the military. i had a stellar career, a few medals, a few awards, soldier of
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the year. but i wound up getting a disability for a ruptured eardrum during fire. so i had to leave what i love. moved to alabama, went straight to work at the post office, and had a pretty good life going, you know, as far as a second career goes, anyway. i met this lady at the donut shop as i was, you know, sitting at my table, and we got acquainted. ann was a nurse and a good-looking woman. >> have four or five in a day. >> i became friends with her, and from friends, started dating her. i spent a good bit of time over at her home. she had two children. i got along with them quite well. but she had an ex-husband.
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i don't think he too much liked me being around his ex-wife. >> hello? >> he would call her, and she put it on speakerphone so i could hear what was going on. and i mean, it was some vicious things this guy was saying. who is that in your house, who the hell is in there, and i'm going to come in there and kick their -- this was becoming a daily event. one particular night, after we had sat down to eat supper, i heard a pop. and it was a pretty loud pop, like a big crackle. and went and looked out of the door. she just started screaming. my car's on fire. her children were starting to cry.
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i really didn't know what to do. her car was pretty much engulfed in flames. my car was on fire also. i just knew we needed to get out of the house. i just grabbed their little hands. i was afraid that the flames might lick out and hit one of her kids. i could feel the girl shaking as -- as i was carrying her hand. and she was like don't let my dad kill me.
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they picked him up that night because they knew he was the one who firebombed our car. he stayed in jail for a week, but they still let him out. the police came. they gave us a court date. one of them told me, quite frankly, i'll never forget it. he said you have to protect yourself. you only got to tell me once to protect myself because i'm going to do that. i started carrying my pistol. i'm walking outside every night now, checking the perimeter, you know, making sure nobody's creeping around the windows. i mean, this guy has me kind of, you know, tight and tense. i heard the back gate one night.
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we didn't know who it was, but more and likely it was him. this time, though, i was a little bit more prepared for him. i'm going. i'm going to catch him in the backyard. and wait for the police to come down here and do something about this. i was getting a little joymp. everything about that night was weird. dog barking weird and just the whole feel of the night was different. i didn't know what had hit me, but later on i found out it was brick.
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i staggered just a little bit, and then i automatically pulled out. that's when we had our little incident. yep. [ gunshot ] i fired on him. [ gunshot ] and fired. [ gunshot ] and fired again. and it was over almost as quickly as it started. i didn't mean to kill him. i really didn't mean to shoot him. but when he clocked me in the head with the brick, it was almost an automatic response. i was charged with manslaughter. i had never been in trouble with the law, period.
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i told no one in my family. ♪ >> the post office found out. they put me on administrative leave. i was waiting on a trial date. waiting. every day it was too nerve-racking. so that's how i wind up being free when her cousin call. >> hello? hey, lisa, how you doing? >> ann was like lisa wants you. and i'm lisa, lisa who? my cousin lisa.
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>> lisa, come on down. i want you to meet kim. >> i met lisa at one of ann's family functions. >> kim was my cousin's girlfriend, and my cousin is a girl. >> and this is my uncle. come on over. >> i didn't have any judgments or whatever. it wasn't my lifestyle. and i knew that very clearly, because i like men. >> everybody say hi. >> but i was very cordial to my cousin, and i was very cordial to her friend. >> she seemed to be nice enough girl. i was hmm, hi, give me the phone. i was like, hello? >> hey, kim. >> and she just started talking like we were chums. >> how you feeling? you okay? >> i was very aware of the situation that kim was involved in.
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>> i'm doing good under the circumstances. >> i know it's a big mess. >> she was, like, well, everybody in the family knows what you're going through. and i just thought i would call and check on you. >> make sure you were all right, hanging in there. >> i just began to talk to her about if you had an opportunity to get away from here and travel and go some place so you can get your head together, do you think that would be a good idea for you? do you think that would be great for you? >> she said, well, i got a trip that i'm going on. >> i'm trying to get my nail business off the ground. i told kim, this is what i told kim. in asia, they have a product that when you put it on your nails, the product is so hard that it won't break. >> right? >> i need to go to thailand. >> thailand? >> and see if i can find that product. i didn't want to go. that's what i told her. i didn't want to go alone. >> really? >> because it's a foreign country. >> she knew i had been in the
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military, she knew i had traveled. i need somebody to go with me. >> that's what i told kim. i remember that now. i don't mean to laugh about it. but i was really sick. huh-uh. i couldn't tell her all the details. because then that meant i would have to admit to somebody that i was in the drug business. and that was not going to happen. three months previous, i had a nail client who knew that i was in a really bad situation. i had $12,000 worth of debt from when i was married, and it was more than i could manage. because i was a single parent, working part time, taking care of three children by myself. >> get off of the table. >> my nail client told me that she had a friend who had some businesses, and maybe her friend could give me some part-time work.
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zuna was nigerian. she carried herself like a businesswoman. she appeared to be doing very well. zuna told me that sometimes she uses people to go to other countries to bring back products and different things like that. that was the word, to bring back products. then she asked would i be interested in going to thailand. yes, i would be very interested in going to thailand. even though i knew that it could be drugs, i didn't care what it was. i was just very desperate, and i just went for it. the first trip i would be accompanying somebody who would be bringing back some products to the united states. it was kind of like on the job type training to see how it was done. the second trip was going to be a really big deal, because i
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would be the person carrying the drugs, and i would get paid. this business opportunity would give me $15,000. zuna was supposed to organize a companion for me, because two people traveling category looks less suspicious. but she couldn't find a person that would be free. >> hey, kim. >> i wanted to go. it meant a chance for me to get away from the enormity of what has happened. but i had a problem. >> i can't go nowhere, lisa. i have bond. >> i was on bond at the time. you don't leave from the state and if you leave from the city, you have to tell your lawyer. >> this trip is really short. it's just one or two days. >> two days? >> i thought it would be no problem to go to thailand just for two little days. i'm like cool. when we leaving?
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>> i left my kids with my mother. she took good care of me. so she could take good care of them. i remember my kids saying mommy, don't go. please don't go. i said i'll be back soon. i'll be back. >> it was a good day. i was getting up out of alabama and on my way for a little adventure. we're both between 35 and 45 years old. we both like to save money on car insurance. and we're both really good at teaching people a lesson. um, let's go. cool. sit down! alright. sorta you, isn't you. only esurance has coveragemyway. it helps make sure you only pay for what's right for you, not someone sorta like you. i think i blacked out from fear... did we ask him where mr. craig was? we did. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. hey mom, you want to live by the lyeah.right? there's here. ♪
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works? works. works! works? works. works. on my first impression, busy, bustling. people on bicycles and motor
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bikes and dirt bikes. have i never seen so many people in one place at one time. that night, i thought we would get to know each other a little bit better. thought she might talk to me a little bit more. but she didn't. >> i was very nervous. because i was supposed to be in charge of everything. and so i just wanted to get this done, pick this package up so that i could get home. >> hello? >> when he finally called me, he said i'm supposed to meet you and bring you a package. i was like yes, i've been waiting on a package. are you coming? are you calling to say you're on your way with the package? and he was like no, it's going to be a few more days. a few more days? we don't have a few more days. i have to be back home. he just made me so angry that i just threw the phone down.
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i'm not talking to these people anymore. i really don't care. >> we're going to have to get up out of here pretty soon. i'm thinking about my pending manslaughter trial. my lawyer calls me faithfully. and i can't miss that call. i picked up the phone, and i'm like, hello, this is a friend of lisa's. how you doing? >> kim had no idea that she was talking to a major drug smuggler. and at that moment, i was kind of like she might find out what's going on. >> he is like hello, ma'am. i'm like are you guys coming? >> i didn't know in a minute if he was going to say i'll be there with the drugs or i'm bringing the drugs. >> i said -- >> lisa is upset. and, you know, she is ready for
6:20 pm
her products. >> what was really amazing about it is she kept saying you're supposed to bring this woman's products. >> are y'all bringing these products? she kept saying products. she never said anything else. >> she is ready for the products today, man. >> we're coming and don't worry. i was like okay. well, good. . >> okay. >> after kim had talked to him, she just said they're bringing you your products. >> and i was like in my mind thinking thank you, jesus. i'm serious the next morning, he came to the hotel room. he knocked on the door. >> he was all the. i recall him being sweaty. and he seemed like he was in a rush. >> ready? >> well, where is it? >> he didn't have any luggage. >> bangkok. >> bangkok? >> we need to go.
6:21 pm
>> i was told that i wasn't going to bangkok. >> zuna never said anything about -- >> i started to feel like something is not right about this trip. >> do you even have our tickets to america? >> yes, they're in bangkok. >> she was still angry. she had been frustrated for a couple of days. and i wasn't frustrated. >> could we go? you're getting late. >> because this guy was there, going to get us to our destination. an that's all i cared about at this point. because i had more pressing issues that was always, you know, not far away from my thoughts. >> we flew from haijai to bangkok. we just went wherever he told us to go. and we went to this hotel room. and i said you have the product? and he said yes. i need to pack this in your suitcase. and i was fine with that.
6:22 pm
>> he had looked like a mini suitcase. he put it into lisa's luggage. >> then he had this duffel bag. >> let's go. >> wait. you have to take this one. >> what? >> you have to take this. >> what do you mean i have to take that? >> you have to take this. >> i said i'm not taking that bag. no, i'm not. that wasn't the deal. i came to get one bag. i agreed to come here and pick up luggage. i picked up my luggage, you packed it in my suitcase, and that's all i'm going to do. >> zuna told me what to do. >> lisa just went off. i know what i came for. and i have what i came for. an i'm not taking that. >> right about now, i'm about fed up with all of this. >> i'm not taking that. >> he said well, can she carry it? >> and i was like no, she is not carrying anything. she is not supposed to carry anything. she is my traveling companion. now kim probably has an idea
6:23 pm
something is really wrong here. >> i didn't understand what was going on. but i had an uncomfortable feeling. >> you know you're wasting time. you'll be late. you to take it. >> what are you doing? i'm not supposed to get that. what are you doing? this isn't part of the deal. >> he took out five or six balls that were all wrapped in gray duct tape. and it didn't look like nail products. >> i don't even know what that is. i can't take that she can't take that. >> i never had an inkling that lisa would be involved in drugs. but once i realized that she was, it pretty much all started coming together. i knew then why she was so upset the last couple of days. it was all really just coming to
6:24 pm
me the realization of that this is something bad. >> you have to take the bag. >> zuna told me i was supposed to take one bag. do you understand english? >> i never thought the repercussions of being caught. >> i came to get one bag in my suitcase. >> i was thinking about the repercussions of not getting home. >> get your hands out of my face. >> i'm thinking about my pending manslaughter trial. if i'm not there, how is it going to look? i knew that i was going to go to prison for it if i didn't get back. i mean, i jumped bond because i'm not in the state. i'm not in the country. it really would have looked guilty. >> what's wrong with you? i'm not taking that bag. what don't you understand about i'm not taking that bag? >> he is the key to us getting out of thailand. >> and i'm not taking it. so how about that? how about you give me my tick.
6:25 pm
>> i told him, i said i'll carry. i flat-out said it. >> i'll carry the bag. >> and i was like saying to myself, i can't believe that she is saying she'll carry this bag. >> it was more important to me to do anything i could to get back to my home. >> well, once i agreed to take the bag, things seemed to lighten up quick. he handed out tickets then. everything all fine and dandy. he put the balls in the bag. he had some towels on the bottom of the bag. then a couple my clothing articles. it seemed like he knew what he was doing. >> i don't know at that moment if she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.
6:26 pm
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it was time to go, and he told us that we needed to arrive at the airport not together, but simply. maybe he did it so if one person got caught, the other person get through. i left first. i was very afraid, very afraid. i think i would have felt more comfortable if she had gone first and i had come behind. >> i wasn't thinking about the risk. i was thinking she's going to do it. he's acting like it's okay.
6:30 pm
what is it going to kill me to take this bag? if she can do it, i can do it. >> when i arrived at the airport, there was an x-ray scanner, and there was nobody in line. and i was very, very nervous at that time. i tried to act like i was just normal. i walk up to the scanner. put my luggage up there. and just wait for it to scan through. >> on the taxi ride over, i only
6:31 pm
was thinking about getting home. that's the only thing on my mine. if i didn't get back to the south, my life would literally be over as i had known it. >> when my luggage went through, i could see my luggage being scanned. it stops for a minute and my heart kind of stopped beating for a minute. it just looked like i had a bag of maybe a folded shirt or something. it didn't look like anything, what would make somebody suspicious. she just looked at me and smiled and told me to walk through. i felt like oh, wow. i'm safe again.
6:32 pm
>> i wasn't worried about those balls being seen in the x-ray machine because the way the african guy meticulously packed it, i thought it would be secure. one bag went through, which was my carry-on bag i came with. the girl who was, you know, checking the bags, looked at it, slid it through, no problem. the second bag went through and she checked it. you know, they have to pause it to check don'ts or whatever. well, it didn't just pause. it was at a stop. actually, the only thing i saw was the outline of the balls.
6:33 pm
she looked at it. and i'm kind of trying to, you know, just be cool, calm, you know. and she said -- >> ma'am, is this your bag? >> and when she said that, i just stood there. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here.
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a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series. hi, i'm richard lui with the hour's top stories. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has arrived in washington, set to deliver a speech to the house on tuesday. house speaker john boehner invited him to speak without consulting the white house. the prime minister is expected to argue against any potential deal with iran on its nuclear program. and tens of thousands of people marched in moscow sunday to mourn opposition leader boris
6:37 pm
nemtsov who was killed. now back to "lockup." ma'am, is this your bag? >> it was nobody in line but me. who else bag is it? you know, that's when i'm thinking in my mind. but i'm like it's my bag. and she said -- >> please stand over at the wall. >> i thought, well, my goose is cooked. and officers grabbed my left arm. another guy walked up and put his hand in the small of my back. he is like ma'am, can you come with us, please?
6:38 pm
and it just went down from there. ♪ >> i'm walking through the airport like i own the airport. i have my nice little heels on and my suit on, like i'm a professional businesswoman. and i'm just going through the airport, whatever. i was expecting to see kim on the plane, whenever i got to the plane. i was expecting to see kim sitting right beside me. >> they took me in a room, told me sit on the bench. five or ten more officers came
6:39 pm
in the room. they were all standing, looking at me. it was extremely hot. no fan, no air. they took stuff out of the beautiful bag. one guy was from drug enforcement agency. he had, like, i guess it was a pocket knife he pulled out. and he just popped one of the bags. popped it out. it had powder on it. that was the first time i saw what was inside. he had a little test tube,
6:40 pm
whatever, liquid stuff. i remember it turning blue. i do recall him saying "this is heroin." they weighed all the little packages. it was eight kilos. it really felt like a tragedy. and i guess i could have called it a tragedy because it felt very much so like the end of my world. >> i only had 15 minutes. and that plane was going to be taking off. i saw these three thai men walking towards me. and i wasn't really paying them
6:41 pm
much attention because i was just trying to be professional, look like i had it all together. and then finally, when they were close to me, that's when one of them said -- >> ma'am, can i see your passport? >> my heart started beating really fast. and he said to me, "i need you to come with me." in my mind, i began to pray, lord, whatever it is you want me to do for you for the rest of my life, i'm going to do it. on the outside, i was acting nonchalant, like i was still in control of the situation or whatever. but on the inside, i was like they got me now. they got me.
6:42 pm
the custom officer took this long tool like a nail-like looking thing, and he just began to do this. powder started coming out. he poked it again and powder started coming out. they start saying "heroin, heroin." and i jumped up. who put that there? who put that there? and the little thai man kept saying you know, you know. and i said no, i don't know. who put that there? who put that there? and he just kept saying you know, you know, heroin, heroin. and i kept saying no, i don't know heroin, heroin. no, they didn't believe me. now they're getting ready to take me off to jail. that's what i'm thinking. but they stopped in this room where i saw kim sitting there.
6:43 pm
>> i was like, damn, i thought she was already on the plane, gone. i definitely had a feeling of relief. i wasn't by myself anymore. >> i tried not to look at kim. i couldn't face her. i just couldn't. on our way walking out of the airport, the custom agent said to me, lisa taylor, you want me to tell you how i catch you? when we catch ms. hood, i look in computer and i find you. he traced our whole -- our whole
6:44 pm
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>>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. the jail felt like a dungeon. it truly did. that was the first time lisa and i were alone together. and that was the first time i
6:48 pm
started questioning lisa about what the hell just happened. >> you know what type of shape i'm in right now? how am i going to get back for my trial? >> i started bombarding her with quirks how am i going to get back? how you going to figure it out? >> i told kim that i was sorry that i had got her involved in all this. that was never my intention, to get her caught up in this situation. but that was it. >> it definitely was a betrayal of my trust. but regardless of how she misled me, i had carried it. she did not force me. once you make a decision, you got to live and die by it.
6:49 pm
my first night in the jail, i thought about my manslaughter trial. i'm thinking about how the authorities would think about me being arrested. and i knew that those people would think maybe she wasn't defending herself. maybe she is some big bad drug dealer, you know. maybe she is some gangster. and i knew my goose was cooked on that. we spent four days in the jail. after that fourth day, they took us to lar yau, the women's prison. >> i never imagined that i would be in a place like that. i never imagined that i would
6:50 pm
have to deal with anything like that. >> i saw the cell that i was going to be sleeping in. wasn't really big. and there were like maybe 100 women sleeping on the floor. and i was like, i can't believe this. >> that's how you slept, you know, on the floor. i mean, it's just unreal, nasty.
6:51 pm
>> the embassy came to visit. the lady came and told us they had made contact with our family. she told me my family already knew because they had heard about it on the news. i had ma-- it made me fill sicht i mean really. my head spinning. you know, it's my parents, my loving parents that i had tried desperately to always make proud. and they learned at the same time that not only was i arrested for drugs, but i shot somebody.
6:52 pm
[ crying ] i most definitely wish i had told my parents. maybe i had never left and went on a trip to clear my head. maybe i could have cleared my head if i went home. llion peopl. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. transamerica. hey mom, you want to live by the lyeah.right? there's here. ♪ did you just share a listing with me? look at this one. it's got a great view of the lake. it's really nice mom. ♪ your dad would've loved this place. you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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>> i remember the first time i had to take a shower. that was the nastiest thing that
6:56 pm
i had ever seen. i remember cold water. and human waste is just floating around our feet. it was just total degradation. >> my mother would send me pictures of my children. and they might have a smile on their face, but then i'd look at their eyes and see something was missi missing. i knew that that wasn't a look that they had in their eyes before i travelled and before i had done this horrible thing.
6:57 pm
and i think my daughter went through some depression and different things like that when i was gone. because she -- my mother told me that she would just stay in her room and cry. she cried most of the time. and i did that to her. when you go to prison, life changes, even for the family. and no matter how much i tried to protect my children from the hardship of everything that happened to me, they experienced all of it. and that's the sad thing for me.
6:58 pm
>> the worst way being incarcerated affected my life is it put a label on me. i was convicted of not one, but two major felony crimes. >> after all this was over, kim and i never really stayed in touch with each other.
6:59 pm
we've seen each other a few times, and that was it. >> i don't like lisa. i don't want to see her ass no more. i don't want nothing with her. lisa wanted to be a part of my life when i got out. i want her to quit, get the [ bleep ] home. >> since i've been home, i've been so busy getting my life back order, i didn't think about the effect that it had on kim with her life-style coming back and the quality of life that she could have, even now. >> my life will never be ruined as long as i got breath in my body and god in my life. but she screwed it up pretty good. >> i just want to tell kim that i'm sorry, and her family that i'm sorry for all the hardship and the pain that i caused them,
7:00 pm
and all the suffering that they had to go through because of me and the poor choices that i made. >> in 1978, hollywood made a film about my life. it was called msg might night express "and it told about my imprisonment in an istanbul jail. it wast premise was based on a book i had written. at the time i could say only certain things because of legal reasons. the movie changed things to where not all of it is valid and true to my story. now i have a chance to tell my story.


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