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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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twitter. this has been "all in," good night. 4. hello, happy thursday. thank you at home for joining us this hour. for a few years now, one of the things you could count on seeing in super bowl ads is this. a weird television ad in america where thin women eat fatty food. we have been doing this for years. this year, the latest itteration, the latest version of this add for this year's super bowl sparked a call for a bicycle of the fast food chain making a commercial of a lady in a bikini eating a burger.
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>> they're putting on a sleazy ad in the middle of the super bowl on sunday. so when you sit down with your family, wife daughters to watch this, you may be exposed to pornography. straight up pornography on network television. >> i don't think that this year's lady eating a hamburger ad will lead to a wide spread boycott of the chain running that ad. i don't think it will, but that boycott effort was announced on an american family association. they have been in the news because they're taking the chairman of the national republican party and apparently dozens of other mens of the republican national committee on an all expenses paid trip to israel. they're due to leave on saturday and they will be gone for nine
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days. members of the rnc are not a free school lunch kind of bunch. they're well off. if they want to go to israel nothing is stopping them from paying for themselves. who cares. what people care about, and what i think has become an interesting story this week, the rnc decided not to go on their own dime, but to go as guests of the american family association which hosts these radio shows. >> hitler discovered that he could not get straight soldiers to be savage brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders. but homosexual soldiers had no limits for7< the brutality they were willing to inflict on whoever hitler sent him after. so he surrounded himself with
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male homosexuals. that was brian fisher and he was fired from his job yesterday as the director of issue analysis. the president told us yesterday that bryan fischer had been fired in that capacity, but he would continue with his radio show. he is still their talk show host. the american family association confirmed to us that even though they fired him from his other jobs, they're still paying him to maybe his bryan fischer magic on the radio. >> they have no first amendment right to the free exercise of
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religion. >> the national republican party from the united states was sending it's national committee members and chairman on a trip funded by and led by this group which among other things promoted the idea on their radio shows that they have no first amendment right to practice judaism. why would they partner with an organization like that. how is the national republican party going to explain why the national republican party is partnering with this group taking a trip with this group, that if, direction, you're a jewish immigrant your condition is that you must convert to christianity. number one, those who came to our shores would be expected
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to adopt our religious values and traditions. the god of their homeland they would leave behind. >> immigrants of the world, you can immigrant to the united states, you just have to stopde a being a jew. you have to be a christian if you want to be allowed into this country. that is who the republican party is taking this trip with, leaving on saturday. i don't know if the republican party just didn't think people would notice that this is who they're doing this trip with, but people have noticed. and the resulting publicity and uproar over the republican party doing this is putting a little heat on this partnership. the american family partnership said this it gave the southern poverty law center a bullet pointed list of the positions taken by brian faischer that his
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employer no longer wants to be associated with. it is a list of things he has said. most of them were years ago and they were fine with until now. now that they're doing this they're renouncing this specific list of things that brian fischer has said and he has been fired with one of his jobs. they don't want him described as a spokesperson any more but they're keeping him on the payroll and on the radio. after days of refusing to comment on this controversy after days of refusing to give any comment about why the national republican party would partner with a group like this finally the rnc has given us a comment on the matter. this was their full statement. we don't%iiñ agree with brian
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fischer comments and we're glad to have severed ties with him. here is the problem they have not severed ties with him. they fired him from one of his jobs and kept him in his ore one nap is one yet unresolved problem for chairman ranked previous in the national republican party. they're not associated with that bryan fischer they still are in bed with him. that is still a problem, that's one problem. the other problem which the republican party has not addressed at all, is specifically who is taking rights previous and all of the other committee members on this trip. who is personally leading this trip and organizing it and going with them. taking all of the top republicans away on a jet plane the day after tomorrow. his name is david lane. he works for part of the
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american family association called the american renewal project. if you follow this kind of stuff, you might recognize some of the events that he has been associated with. he was in the prayer rally that happened this past weekend in louisiana and that attracted protestors from all over the state. he also organized the rick perry prayer kick off event in the 2012 campaign. here is why it is hard to believe that the republican party can go ahead with this trip on saturday. here is why. during the 2012 presidential campaign when it became clear that mitt romney woul6"ó8÷ be the nominee from the republican party, luckily this did not go on for too long and it was not too widespread. there was one burst of really ugly bigotry that was slung at
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mitt romney, and th2
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christ. emphasis on jengenuine, and that raised questions about what he was implying about other candidates beliefs. he made is crystal clear, yes, what it sounded like he was implying is really what he was implying. what he meant to say and what he meant by that introduction. that rick perry is a real christian and mitt romney is something else. he called mitt romney ami1i member of a cult. he said that mitt romney is, quote, not a christian. the reason this was such an ugly moment is not because of the theological nature. your religious beliefs are your
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religious religious beliefs. they were making an overt argument that mitt romney should not be elected to office specifically because of his religion. >> the value of electing a christian goes beyond the public policies that he or she may enact. we make a grave mistake in under estimating the value of having a christian in office.xójr followers of mormonism hinduism islam they're not worshipping the same god in a different way, we believe their following false gods. >> this is not a christian faith. it is a false religion. what this would mean for the
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spiritual health of the united states of america, the worshipper of a false god occupied the white house. >> it was an ugly strange of religious bigotry by certain parts of the religious right including the american family association. at the height of that ugliness the daily beast obtained e-mails written by david lane, that led the rick perry prayer rally. the same guy about to lead the top leadership of the national republican party on this trip this weekend. in these e-mails david lane said that pro rick perry pastor the one that called mormonism a cult, he said about that pastor, quote, we owe dr. jeffress a big thank you. he said quote, let me go on the record i won't vote for mitt
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romney as republican nominee in 2012. >> why is the national republican party sending it's chairman and national leadership on a trip led by that guy who said he wanted to be on the record about the fact that he wouldn't vote for mitt romney on religious grounds, because of mitt romney's religion. it's not like the bigot line was a mainstream thing. it was around but it was a short, shrill ugly little thing that rick perry did real harm to himself by flirting with and getting close to in the campaign. it was not a widespread thing. the republican party is now embracing these guys. not just people related to people who are related to these
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guys. the one that says i will not vote for mitt romney is the exact same guy who is taking the republican party on this trip the day after tomorrow. tonight is the sum total of the republican party's comments on this matter to date. they sent us this generous comment tonight, we wrote back to say the factual basis of their statement is wrong. they have not severed ties with this bryan fischer guy. who says jews don't have the right to practice their religion in america. and that we have to grapple with someone that worships a false god like mitt romney. we wrote back to the republican party tonight to ask if they understood that bryan fischer still works with the group that
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is going on this trip. they have not replied. we also asked the republican party today if it was true that they pressured the american family association to do this renunciation of some of the statements of bryan r if they pressured him to fire him from his spokesman job from the group. we also i should tell you asked them sort of in ietalics if they really are still plans on going ahead with this trip. taking ranks previous and dozens of members of the republican national committee on a trip with the brian fischer group. they have not answered us about that. i have to say it is hard to believe they will go ahead with this trip. it is hard to know what it will do to the republican party for
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them to get on board in this explicit way for a trip to israel no less? this is the quote from david lane. we are a christian nation. what will it mean to the republican party going forward with a group that advocates that america is by christians and for christians only. christians exclusively. joining us now is robert pezner. thank you for joining us tonight. >> first i just want to ask your top line thoughts about the rnc taking this trip with the american family association. >> it is a real concern. it's a great thing the rnc is going to israel, but the afa, the american family association is considered a hate group and
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the views it espouses are anti-gay, anti-muslim, and anti- anti-jewish. >> i don't know much about the republican party's internal politics and the relationships they have with other groups. through the rack, through your work with reformed judaism, and your connections to jewish american politics can you describe if they have a good relationship with the jewish community? >> yes, there are right-thinking republicans in the jewish community, and right-thinking democrats. our love for the state of israel and the strong american-israel relationship is not a partisan
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issue. we celebrate religious freedom and the jewish community is active in both political parties. i think both of us are scratching our heads and it is not a jewish issue it's an american issue. no american party should associate with a hate group, it's just not american. >> do you think there would be a negative response in israel if it became widely known who the republican party was taking this trip with? going to israel is a good thing at the surface, but the fact that they're taking the trip with this group, do you think it would be negatively received? >> yes, i think anyone that values religious freedom and tolerance, and they place religious freedom and democracy as a core value just like do in america. i think they would be upset with either political party if they
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associated themselves with any group that was anti-muslim anti-gay, and anti-jewish. a couple years ago, former president george w. bush gave a speech to a group that appeared to be a pro-israel group on the surface, and their mission was actually to convert jews to christianity. i continue to believe that george w. bush didn't know who he was talking to when he gave that speech. sort of hoping that the republican national committee didn't know who they were getting in bed with either. still time to bail out of this too. phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to
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we have a guest coming up on "the interview tonight" and i want to say something behind their back before they get in the chair and puts on the earpiece. the biggest question in capital d politics this year is what if hillary clinton doesn't run. everyone thinks she would be a favorite for the nomination if she ran for president right? so what if she doesn't run. for whatever reason what would happen on the democratic side? our next guest is here to talk with me about something totally
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unrelated to the 2016 race our next guest has never talked about being interested in president. if hillary clinton didn't run our next guest would give the democratic party the best chance of all other possible candidates in winning the white house in 2016. i think they would be the strongest candidate to run for president other than hillary. don't tell the person i said that, we'll have an interview about something else. crafted with two ristretto shots for bolder caramel-ly espresso. whole milk... steamed to a sweet velvety microfoam delicately poured, so the espresso rises to the top. the perfect union of bold and sweet. simplicity is its own artistry. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste
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once upon a time we the people of the united states spent money to buy afghanistan a fleet of planes. planes they could not fly or maintain. so weak and they were dumped in a field full of weeds and they then were turned to scrap. it sold for six cents a pound. it is a loss of 99.93% on the investment if you're counting at home. and also this one, the amazing melting afghan police training center. we spent a half million dollars but apparently it was not brake light to withstand rain. so when it rained the training
6:30 pm
center melted. these are just two damplexampled of really bad management. we would have neither known about either of those examples if it wasn't if this guy. the special investigator for afghanistan reconstructer. he asks questions like hey, what happened to those planes? how is that training center we built? there is something different about his latest report that officially comes out tomorrow. after 25 consecutive quarterly reports where he has laid out in detail the data about the u.s. mission in afghanistan, right? training the security forces
6:31 pm
how well the horses are performing, after 25 of those reports in this report, this 26th report, all of that data is suddenly classified. inspector general calls this "unprecedented." he says for the first time in six years he is unable to report on most of the u.s. taxpayer efforts to train and equip afghan forces. that is pretty much the u.s. mission in afghanistan. because he is a little saucy, his latest report where everything is classified all of a sudden, it also contained something new. he included an appendix that includes every question that asked about afghanistan. every question for which the
6:32 pm
answer was classified. could you give us the definitions of the terms unavailable or present for duty? no sorry that is classified. at one point they reportedly tried to classify the number of troops in afghanistan. it has been publicly announced by president obama. in a memo, the commander of coalition forces said why i cannot comment upon the resist reason why some information was considered unclassified in the past, we must avoid providing since sensitive information that could en endanger our forces. all of this new unprecedented classification relates to the training and equipping of afghan forces. but building up the afghan
6:33 pm
security forces that really is the american mission in that country now. they say the war is ending while we still have all of those troops there, that's what we were doing. we were able to draw down our troop level somewhat. and the 9500 give or take american soldiers still in afghanistan along with thousands of american contractors are there to support the training of afghan forces, and now everything is classified. and just today in a horrible reminder of how dangerous the mission remains today, three american contractors and one afghan national were killed at the kabul airplane. they were instructors shot dead by an afghan soldier. classifying this information will make it difficult to report on what is happening in afghan.
6:34 pm
we'll know much less about what our government is doing, how much they're spending. but it will not make afghanistan even the troops working there, it won't make them go away or make their job easier it will just make us know less. joining us now for the interview tonight is senator claire mccaskill tonight. and she endures me talking about her in an embarrassing way without me talking about it. thank you for being here. >> thank you, rachel. why all of this previously public information is all of a sudden classified now? >> it is important to remember why we have a special inspector general. we put this in the statute because the public needs to hold the government accountable about the way they spend money during the war. we saw in iraq tens on tens of
6:35 pm
billions of dollars wasted. and what we tried to do by putting him in there she a great inspector general, the one before he was incompetent and he was fired. if the public can't know it we cannot hold our government=3g accountable about what they're doing in wartime and how effective it is. this is really a big deal. i'm hot about it and i'm going to get to the bottom of it. >> there has been this change and what is worrying to me is the change where we're not allowed to know anything about afghan security forces is happening the happening at the same time. and the whole mission is the afghan security forces. i'll worried this is an effort to disappear american information about our ongoing dangerous war-like efforts there so it seems like we're in a war but we're not and 10,000 troops are still there. >> look what happened in iraq. the ability of the army is to
6:36 pm
build up sustain, and train and they crumbled under bad political leadership and isis ran over a great deal of that country with severe consequences. we need to keep track on if the ongoing mission is working. what is the force? what are the capabilities? now there may be some details that should be classified about location and various components, but the notion that general heitkamp bell-- campbell says it's classified. >> it is due to come up, everyone thinks he will sail through his confirmation proceedings, but might it become an issue? >> i will ask the question why is this classified? i will expect him to have answers, and ash carter is someone that had a lot of experience in acquisitions.
6:37 pm
he understands the financial side of the military and the problems societied with that. i woshrked with him on issues like that in the past. i will expect him to have some answers. >> one of the things that the president called for in the state of the union address is that the republicans did not seem too opposed to is the idea that there should be a debate hopefully a vote around what is going on right no in iraq and syria. the current authorization for that force dates back to 9/11. into seemingly unrelated events in those very early more than a decade old pieces of legislation. when that happens do you think that will be an occasion to talk about some of these bigger pigture issues. 10,000 americans in afghanistan for another decade. it is seemingly rapidly
6:38 pm
expanding in iraq. do you think there will be a broad debate about how we're using force if and when that happens? >> i think so. i think force and intelligence. and you know the notion that we have an ongoing war that may be never ending because of the nature of terrorism and the global presence of it. but the bottom line is that we need to get at this use of force agreement. it is hard, it will be very difficult in this environment with a congress that seems more attracted to the idea of politically punching the president than getting things done, but we ought to do this. i think i hope -- i think senator corker is serious about it and has good faith behind his effort. i'm hoping that we will be able to work on it and hammer out language that is not so open ended. >> last question for you senator, i know you're completely committed to hillary clinton and her run for the presidency in 2016. if for some reason she does not
6:39 pm
run, would you consider running? >> i doubt it. i'm proud to be a democratic. i'm not ashamed to be a moderate. i think it is important for all of the democrats to remember it's hard for us to be in majority and hold the presidency. and we don't understand that independent voters in the middle are not interested in parties, they want us to compromise and get along. >> elegant dodge you're way more conservative than i am -- >> yeah, the endorsers will be screaming at you. >> i know. i do get screamed at a lot that's true. >> in stereo thank you for being here i appreciate it. just ahead, more of this, stay with us.
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6:46 pm
match, a big mele broke out. players were smashing chairs over each other's heads, fans ran on the field and punched each other out. the catalyst for that brawl in the soccer match was there. look. out of nowhere, someone flew a drone over the field and attached to it was a very controversial albanist flag. that drone flew on to the game one player grabbed the flag and pulled the drone down and everybody went nuts, a giant brawl broke out they had to end the game right there. fans were throwing things as the players ran off of the field all because of that flag carrying drone. so yeah, albanian national flags
6:47 pm
on drones at the super bowl nobody wants that. we also learned that nobody wants drones at the white house either. how they may get both of those things will be very interesting. enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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in may 2005, two pilots on their way to a air show in north carolina caused a big problem
6:49 pm
when they were there. they flew their small plane into the nation's highest restricted air space. a black hawk helicopter and two f-16 jets went to neutralize the suspect. they ended up escorting the little plane away. some stern questioning ensued. dc is covered by a flight restricted zone which means that pilots are not supposed to fly over dc without permission. that applies anywhere near the white house. it is also against the law to fly an unmanned drone over dc. on tuesday night we talked about the federal employee that
6:50 pm
drunkingly flew his friend's drone over the fence and on to the grounds of the white house. he has not been charged. secret service appears to believe his explanation, but it but it's not unreasonable to be worried and what it says about the safety of the first family when they're home on the white house grounds. this is the drone that crashed at the white house. it's fairly large, a four row for drone about two feet across. you can tell that it doesn't appear to have been carrying anything, a camera or anything else. commercially available drones can carry things. that's the whole thinkingwj"h÷ about the amazon drone delivery thing that "60 minutes" did that press release for a few months ago. this was drecovered by authorities last week on the u.s.-mexico border near tijuana. the theory about why this drone crashed is because the six pounds of meth that this drone had strapped to it was a little
6:51 pm
too much for this little guy to carry. but you know what? had it been four pounds instead of six pounds of meth, this little guy may have been able to get to wherever it was going across the border. after that drone carrying meth crashed on the border last week and after this week's drunk drone carrying nothing crashed at the white house the company that makes this model of drone, the one that crashed at the white house, that company from china announced yesterday that they are changing the software that powers their drones so these drones will land themselves, they will override your commands and land themselves if you try to fly them across a national border or try to fly them into downtown washington, d.c. apparently they already have a patch many play that stops you from flying these near airports and they also have a patch in place that blocks you from flying these drones in tiananmen
6:52 pm
square and also a 15 1/2 square mile space over washington, d.c.%p:@ñ after the drone crashed at the white house this week, one of the ideas that was floated for how we might protect the white house from that happening again, particularly of the threat of a drone carrying a dangerous payload, one of the ideas is that the white house might proactively jam the kinds of signals a person would use to steer a drone onto the white house grounds. maybe they'll do that. maybe that's impractical, i don't know. but for now, the drone companies themselves are using technology you never imagined might exist to basically create and enforce their own no-fly zones built into the drones. so weird. watch this space. your mom's got your back. your friends have your back.
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veto watch. we are now about to enter into a new era in american politics, the likes we have not seen for years. we're now about to enter ve ñ time. over the last six years during the first six years that he's been in office, president obama has vetoed precisely two bills. neither of which are anything you've heard of. two noncontroversial vetoes made for basically technical reasons on two small scale pieces of legislation, and that's for the entire course of his entire presidency so far. that's it. that's all he's done. but now for the first time the congress is completely controlled by the republican party, and so it's veto time. the collision course between a republican controlled body that writes the bills and a democratic bill who has to sign those bills, that collision course is about to go boom. it starts with what happened
6:57 pm
today. today, the senate passed a bill to force the approval of the keystone pipeline. this bill was senate bill one. this is the first thing senate republicans wanted to do with their new majority and they got it done. they scheduled the vote in the middle of big pipeline spills and explosions across the line including brand new pipelines spilling and exploding. but they went ahead with the keystone vote today any way and it passed. our previous guest this hour conservative democratic missouri senator claire mccaskill is one of nine democrats who voted with republicans on this thing. it passed pretty easily. the house already passed their own version. they will now have to merge their bill with the senate's version, but it's basically done.
6:58 pm
we are set for a showdown, because president obama has already said that he will veto that bill as soon as he gets it. veto time is upon us. it's exciting. and this is really interesting. today's keystone vote means one other important thing is no ó to happen. at the very end of the haste session of congress, you might remember that the senate tried and failed to pass something called the clay-hunt veterans suicide prevention act. we've talked about it a number of times on the show. this is a bill that veterans groups put together to end the epidemic that we have of veterans committing suicide at a terrible rate. 22 veterans committing suicide every single day in our country. this bill tries to make it so vets stop falling through the cracks, to tune up best practices and try to prevent the suicides. this little bill passed unanimously in the house last year. it had all but unanimous support
6:59 pm
in the senate. but one senator, tom coburn, blocked it. he refused to let it come up for a vote even though he couldn't persuade another person of why he was doing it. he blocked the veterans suicide bill alone. but now tom coburn is gone, and because of that, we have some news to report. so they spent all week voting on this keystone thing that president obama is going to veto. but now that the keystone thing is done in the senate the veterans suicide bill has already passed the house. it passed unanimously again. it passed the veterans committee in the senate unanimously. and now that keystone is off the senate floor now that that stuff is over. now we can report that the delayed one-man stymied veterans suicide bill that couldn't pass last year, the clay-hunt veterans suicide prevention act is going to get a vote on the senate floor on monday. you can put it in your calendar.
7:00 pm
you can put it in that app so your phone beeps at you, it's monday, 5:30 p.m. eastern time. they are going to get this thing done. when it happens, you can raise a glass to oklahoma senator tom coburn and then pour it out, because this could only happen because he quit and got out of the way. heck of a legacy sir. 5:30 eastern, monday. you can count on it. that does it for us tonight. now time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." "american sniper" has been seen by more people than any other this year and is now turning into a political argument. >> is this a celebration of an american hero? >> bradleyq


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