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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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so come on, football and nuns! chaos and contemplation. best new thing in the world today. if you need her number, please let us know. good thursday morning. right now a sun set deadline is quickly approaching but will isis hand over a yor dane yan pilot in exchange for a suicide bomber? 20 twitter threats against passenger planes in the past few days this as the fbi is scrambling jets and agents. a warning from homeland security to keep drones away from sunday's super bowl. plus check out incredible images mother nature has wrought on new england. good morning. thanks for joining us. let's get to the top story. the jordanian government is fast approaching a deadline from isis. they are once again threatening to kill a pilot if an imprisoned female suicide bomber isn't
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freed by sun set mo sul time. isis post add message using the audio of the surviving hostage kinji goto. >> this is a voice message i have been told to send to you. >> goto says if they don't meet the demands of isis the pilot will be killed. according to state tv in jordan the minister was ready to meet it i and released the female suicide bomber in exchange for the pilot. japan's prime minister says they are analyzing the recording but believe it is authentic. he told parliament they are asking the jordan yan government for help so both hostages are released. no word yet on this new deadline. there is a new problem threatening airline flights scheduled across the country. it has the fbi on alert. since saturday at least 20 different u.s. passenger planes
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have been targeted by bomb threats on twitter. >> southwest 2492. >> southwest 2492 is here. >> sir this is the fbi. i need to confirm that flight deck is secure over. >> affirmative. flight deck is secure. >> tweets claiming to be from isis may be pranks but federal officials have no choice but to take them seriously. tracy pots is live in washington. this is causing trouble for airlines, passengers and the fbi. >> sure. it causes a ripple effect. when you have to divert or ground a plane, the plane is late. it affects everything throughout the system. this happened 20 times since saturday. when the planes are grounded everyone is off loaded. crew passengers all of the bags. they have to check the bags. no bombs have been found. it's happened to a number of
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planes. the it is coming through twitter. tweets like we have planted explosives or we are isis we are here. it costs thousands of dollars every time they do this. the fbi is working with twitter. the three accounts have been shut down or suspended for now. no more tweets from those particular accounts. authorities are telling us they think these may be pranks or copy cats because typically terrorist groups don't let people know in advance when they are planning to do something. >> these are pranks definitely not funny. hopefully they stop. days after a small drone crashed on the white house lawn reportedly by accident this morning there is a massive new security concern for the super bowl in phoenix. homeland security director jay johnson was there yesterday to review operations. on display, an x-ray machine. check it out. designed to scan trucks for
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contraband and explosives in minutes. also on the watch with list drones. the f.a.a. is telling people to leave them home for the big game. >> going to the big game? have fun. cheer on your team and keep it a no drone zone. don't spoil the game. leave your drone at home . >> we are in the day and age where people are told to leave tear drones at home. sarah deloff is in phoenix. we are three days away. i imagine security is tight. >> you are correct. attractions like super bowl central behind me are already drawing huge crowds. therefore a huge security presence. >> excited fans. with divided loyalties. >> the hawks. it's in the bag. >> all the way. got brady, gronk.
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>> reporter: altogether in downtown phoenix a million people expected listening to free concerts climbing the 30-foot-tall rock wall known as the grand canyon experience. >> it becomes easy after a while. >> reporter: keeping the crowd safe at attractions and the stadium come game day is no small task. federal, state and local authorities joined forces and are reactivating the see something/say something campaign. they have received no specific threats but are on the lookout for anything including lone wolf-style attacks. >> we are aware that while the majority of people view the super bowl as an exciting culmination of the football season, others see these events as a high profile target on a world stage. >> reporter: the pro bowl offered security a dress rehearsal before the game but put crew bes hind in getting the field ready for super bowl play. the games have been held in different locations in previous years. >> a lot of sleepless nights but
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we are looking forward to it. >> reporter: the logo on the fieldle rolled for prep work and rolled back in. stadium and security force ready for sunday. >> sarah deloff in phoenix. thank you. there is only one place to catch super bowl xlix on nbc. watch the patriots/seahawks. you don't want to miss it. it started as an argument between former lovers at a bar called tramps. it ended like this. here's what happened. before the chase, two ex-lovers got into a fight that led to shots fired and two people injured. while police responded they got another call. the alleged shooter was driving after the victim's car on the way to the hospital. that's when police say a third passenger, darrius johns who goes by miss d, pulled a gun out of his hello kitty purse and returned fire. he didn't hit anything. police eventually captured the
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shooter after a chase that ended in a crash. miss d was also arrested. let's get down to business. good morning. >> good morning. facebook is now a mobile first company. the social media giant's earnings beat forecasts on wall street thanks to growth in mobile ad sales. it generates two--thirds of revenue from mobile ads and says users are posting from smartphones and tablets. meet the new burger boss. mcdonald's replaced the ceo. it's come under fire for adding too many menu items, slowing service and is challenged by chip chipotle and five guys. sony is hooking up with spotify for playstation users. music will be available in the spring. sony will shut down the existing service which costs $10 a month.
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>> now to francis rivera and sports. good morning. >> hi, bettiment let's get started with the australian openment serena williams defeated 19-year-old madison keyes. she faces maria sharapova who beat makarova. the women's single final is saturday. to the nba. kyr are kyrie irving scored 55 points including 11 threes on 19 attempts. the cavs win their eighth straight game 99-94. in college hoops an acc showdown ends with an upset. duke fell to notre dame. 77-73. real madrid star rinldo got a suspension. he kicked one opponent and then goes so far as to hit another in the face with his forearm.
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he will be elable to return february 7 versus atlantico madrid. a statue offer any banks is on display now. the statue was taken out of storage to give fans a chance to remember the former player. he passed away of a heart attack. he was 83. a fitting way to remember. >> absolutely. all right. thank you. hearings for america's newest attorney general got heated. plus former arkansas governor mike huckabee complaining of trashy new york women? really?
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check this out. the island of nantucket was devastated by storms. 78 miles per hour winds left thousands without power with some fleeing to shelt rs to avoid flooding there. nantucket roads are restricted to food delivery and utility vehicles only. some from as far as canada. the island remains in a state of emergency.
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here is a picture that really describes it all. this is from hull, massachusetts near boston. it shows waves crashing on coast before high tide. it looks ominous. >> what a scene. >> we have the latest on what's happening here. >> they are assessing the damage out there. cape cod got hit hard. the coastline with erosion problems. bridges washed out on the shores and they have to inspect a lot of oh damage. they are not done. we're going to track the next storm system a new england special. now light snow across are michigan. also watch for freezing drizzle from detroit south to ohio. not a lot of ice. maybe a coating out there. this storm gets stronger approaching new england. then it will gain strength in the gulf of main. five inches of snow possible in syracuse tonight and tomorrow morning. three this buffalo. scranton three. not much in southern new england. a coating to an inch. northern new england, we could see six to 12 inches in northern portions of new hampshire and all of the state of maine.
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someone on the coast could pick up a foot of snow on top of two to three feet they have. there are a lot of questions for a possible bigger storm sunday into monday. it looks like the european model takes it off the coast, missing the mid atlantic but the american modelle thinks it will be a decent snowstorm from d.c. to philadelphia. there is a snow threat sunday into monday for the midatlantic. hab the northeast. low confidence forecast at this point. >> let's hope it doesn't come to that. hope the models are wrong and we get sunshine. confirmation hearings continue on capitol hill for attorney general nominee loretta lynch. questions over the immigration policy dominated the first day. lichblg was pressed by senator jeff sessions about the president's new measures granting work permits for 4 million people. her response undocumented immigrants have the same right as u.s. citizens to work here but the citizenship is a privilege and not a right. a measles outbreak has grown
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to 95 cases in eight states. many of the cases are clearly linked to disneyland california. visitors caught the virus, returned home and in some cases spread it to the community. this 4-month-old is one of 200 people who may have been exposed at a phoenix children's hospital. >> it's infuriating to know all she did was go to a doctor's appointment that she has to go to and she was exposed. >> measles is one of the most con tanlstagious infectious diseases. people are urged to get vaccinated. a hearing over whether to create a police oversight board turned into a shoving match at st. louis citile hall. the president of the st. louis police officers association ordered officials to get the meeting under control. a scuffle broke out. residents want elected officials to create a civilian panel in the wake of the shooting death
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of michael brown by a police officer. the police association feels it would disregard an officer's right to due process. a romney food fight, ted cruz praises the first lady and rachel madmaddow sits down with letterman. ♪ ♪ ♪
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18 minutes past the hour. we are serving up a helping of scrambled politics. rand paul is poking fun at potential 2016 candidates. he tweeted a photo with jeb bush hillary clinton and mitt
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romney yesterday writing the same old candidates running for president, # things to run from. the washington post with mitt romney on the campaign trail. while in mississippi yesterday he sat down for lunch with mississippi state football coach dan mull. romney told the media there is an unwritten rule that you don't take pictures of politicians eating. washington post reporter phil rucker said he did this all the while the tv cameras stayed rolling. breaking your own rules. after getting attention for not wearing a head scarf in saudi arabia first lady michelle obama is getting praise from ted cruz. he tweeted kudos to flotus for standing up for women in saudi arabia. nicely done. check the president's new ride. air force one will be a boeing 7478 jumbo jet. it will replace the current fleet of two presidential
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aircraft. it has four engines and car irys a list price of $368 million. it will be ready for the next president. tonight a special edition of oh "all in." chris hayes and an all-star panel will launch the 2016 fantasy candidate draft. you know it is bound to be epic. msnbc's raychel maddow stepped by letterman and he asked if the republican party made fundamental changes. >> no change has been made in the republican party. instead of ron paul, it's rand paul. that's one guy replaced by his sonment that's the big change. i think mike huckabee has a different look now. otherwise it's the same. the new book is about gravy. >> that's scrambled politics. i'm joined now by syndicated columnist bob franken. always a pleasure.
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good morning. >> i should provide balance here and point out that the leading democratic nominee candidate is named clinton. >> we have seen that before too. >> we should factor that in. >> good point. confirmation hearings are under way for loretta lynch. her stand on immigration may be a problem for some after she said illegal immigrants have a right to work in this country. >> she backtracked from that as you know. what she did agree is the president's position where the enforcement would not be made against law abiding immigrants affecting perhaps millions which have sent the republicans into all kinds of atwitter. she's saying that no the president is on solid ground. there is prosecutorial discretion and she backs him. at the same time she said she wouldn't necessarily back the president on policies she didn't support. >> all right. you think it will throw a kink
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in the confirmation? >> i suspect she charmed everybody including the republicans on the panel. unlesses there is a big disclosure that occurs we can expect she'll be the next tone general. this has a lot of people talking. mike huckabee told an iowa radio show that women in new york are trashy. i'm sure women in new york would take offense to that including myself. >> he was talking about their language profanity. i can only guess he was listening to you, right, betty? >> the they bleep me out all the time. >> he said he was not referring to the women of oh foxfox newsment i would like to point out that one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> very nicely worded. what's interesting is he says yeah, it's women in new york but not my former colleagues at fox. so every other women?
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new york? >> i suppose so. it would be a reason not to go into the fox newsroom. >> all right bob. tanks so much. you said it not me. just ahead, writing history. a long overdue apology to the men who stood up for what was right by simply taking a seat. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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in 1961 during a turning point of the civil rights era, nine black men denied jim crow laws in order to fight for racial equality. they were arrested during a lunch counter sit-in convicted of trespassing at the all-white establishment. today they are criminals no more. nbc's mark potter has the story.
2:27 am
>> the flawed and unconstitutional evidence -- >> reporter: in a packed courthouse the men known as the friendship 9 had their convictions over turned. 54 years after they were jailed for sitting at a whites only lunch counter. >> defendants con vibvictions for trespassing in 1961 are vacated. [ applause ] >> reporter: the story of the friendship 9 began in the 1960s when african-americans risked beatings and arrests to sit at segregated lunch counters in the jim crow south. in rock hill south carolina a group of students from friendship college came here to the five & dime to sit in these chairs at this counter to challenge segregation. >> i remember being grabbed by my belt and thrown to the floor, dragged out of the store. >> reporter: by whom? >> police officers. >> reporter: the protesters were dragged to jail. >> the part that got me is they
2:28 am
put me in a cell and closed that door. that clang. you can still hear it. >> reporter: what happened next after the cell door slammed would define the friendship 9 and re-energize the american civil rights movement. >> reporter: instead of paying bail to get out the friendship 9 chose to serve their 30-day sentence of hard labor, drawing lots of attention. the effort to have the sentences overturned was inspired by children's author kimberly johnson who wrote a book about them. >> now we get a chance to see that justice does find its way back. >> reporter: in court the south carolina solicitor spoke directly to the friendship 9. >> allow me to take this opportunity to ex tend each of you my heartfelt apologies for what happened to you in 1961. it was wrong. [ applause ] >> reporter: mark potter nbc news, rock hill, south carolina. >> quite a story there. lots of history as well. this is "first look" on msnbc.
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"way too early" with thomas roberts starts after this. still frozen solid and more snow on the way. a first look at the island of nantucket nantucket. preparations are under way for super bowl xlix. but the ad wars have already begun. they are some of your favorites out there. we have a preview of what will air and what won't air on sunday night. and columbia wins. paulina vega is the 63rd miss universe. she's here live in studio with a behind the scenes look at the pageant. trust me she's on fire. this is "way too early." ♪
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good morning. i'm thomas roberts. welcome to "way too early." the show that can heat up a cold january morning especially when we have miss universe at 5:45. [ whistling ] >> fran cois excited. the region braces for more snow as it tries to dig out from the blizzard. mother nature may drop another two to four inches of snow tomorrow into friday. another storm is looming for the weekend. crews are working overtime in nantucket which experienced whiteout conditions and severe flooding. dylan dryer has more from the island. >> reporter: 78 miles per hour hurricane-force winds. tree limbs bent from the heavy snow triggering power to go out. >> we were looking around going, there are wires down everywhere tree limbs. >> reporter: we were on the first batch of public ferries to the ieltd where 40 utility trucks from as far as c


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