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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  January 25, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. a 15-year-old louisville boy is murdered in his home, and a young man is taken into custody. >> he wasn't the one that was supposed to be killed. his mama was the one they was going for. >> the accused murderer's case collides with that of one of the jail's most infamous inmates. >> they call him hot boy. that's not somebody you need to be testifying against. >> j.r. jones. hot boy.
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mr. tony montana. that's me. >> and soon the jail finds itself with a multitude of related high-profile cases, putting everybody on edge. from the street the louisville metro department of corrections jail looks like any downtown office building. but inside is the drama that comes with more than 2,000 men and women who face very uncertain futures, all housed in one place. >> don't cry. because there's no crying in jail. >> while some have been convicted, the majority have only been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial and the resolution of their cases. since most of them live in
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louisville, it is not unusual that some know each other from the streets. >> just a normal day ldc, man. kicking it with my inmate fellas. >> but one inmate seems to know more than most. he is 25-year-old john "hot boy" jones. inside the jail he's also known by a different nickname. >> mr. not guilty. >> mr. not guilty. >> john jones most definitely did not do it. >> innocent man. >> mr. not guilty, man. i'm an innocent man. free john jones, hot boy. tony montana. this is how we've got to live right now. you know, that's my bottle right there. that's my homeboy right here. i love him. i love all them. they all innocent men. you know, we innocent. john jones, mr. not guilty, y'all. >> jones earned that moniker over the previous seven years. though he's had numerous arrests and convictions on drugs and weapons charges, he's been
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acquitted in separate murder and attempted murder charges. an additional murder charge was dropped to reckless homicide after a witness failed to testify. jones took a plea deal and served a nine-month sentence. >> louisville's most wanted, man. and i ain't saying it just to be saying it. i'm louisville's most wanted. they want me off the street. >> 14 months earlier jones, who is regarded by law enforcement as a prominent gang member, was once again arrested on an attempted murder charge and is currently on trial. he has pled not guilty but could face life in prison if convicted. the case has received considerable local media attention. >> on the streets he's known as hot boy, and st. matthews police say there's no doubt he's an extremely dangerous person and has been involved with violent crime before. jones is accused of shooting a woman in the face outside the jamestown apartments while she was in a car. >> the news made me who i am. you know, the news did that.
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news made me famous. >> the high-profile nature of his case has kept jones from being housed in a general population unit. >> what's up, man? what's up? yeah, you know, this is how they do. wylie, big muscles. he handle me rough, man. i'm just happy he ain't aggressive. >> jones' reputation on the streets might have made him a celebrity among inmates, but it could also be his undoing. one of the prosecution's key witnesses is a convicted felon named james mallory. >> james mallory. he's a rat. he's one of louisville's biggest -- he might be the biggest rat of all times. >> mallory, who knew jones when both men were housed together at louisville metro years earlier, was recently released from prison while serving a nine-year sentence for armed robbery. he was given probation after writing a letter to prosecutors claiming to have bombshell
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evidence in jones's case as well as some others. but jones says after mallory was released from prison he came to visit jones in jail and told him a different story. >> so he come visit me, what's going on, man? i ain't telling on you, whoo, whoo, whoo. but i'm like [ bleep ]. if you ain't telling on me, you need to go to court and tell, you know, the judge that the prosecutor and police is lying on you. >> when authorities learned of the visit, they gave jones a new charge -- tampering with a witness. >> so i get charged with tampering with him, but he came to see me and told me he ain't say nothing, they lying. >> mallory is scheduled to take the stand in jones's trial in just days. meanwhile, the city of louisville is gripped by another recent crime, the murder of 15-year-old gregory holt. >> early last wednesday morning his mother returned home from the store to find the front door busted in and her son shot to death in his bedroom.
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>> five days after holt's murder police have arrested a suspect in the case. 19-year-old anthony hogan. >> anthony hogan, station 7. do you know your charges? >> could you read them off for me? >> possession of cocaine, trafficking a controlled substance. murder, and burglary first degree. >> hogan says he's innocent. >> they trying to say that i did it. but i don't even know this kid. i don't know his family. i don't know nothing about him. or nothing. this is the rest of my life right here. i ain't got no money for no lawyer. ain't nobody going to come represent me. ain't nobody going to come help me. none of that. this is where i'm at now. >> y'all ain't got nothing. no unwet cookies. let me get another one. trade me up. trade me up. >> 12 hours earlier hogan and
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his fiancee jenae southward were with a friend in his car. just after midnight they got into a fender-bender at a fast food restaurant and police were called to the scene. officers discovered guns and drugs inside the friend's car. >> i didn't know he had them in the car. but since the .38 was closer to me, they charged me with that gun. >> all three were placed under arrest on drug and weapons charges and pled not guilty. but when investigators ran the gun found near hogan, they matched it to the weapon used to kill gregory holt. >> and they tell me that the weapon i had belongs to a murder. i keep telling this lady, i'm like no, it's not my gun, i don't have nothing to do with that. she's, well, since you want to play big guy, you're going to go to jail for murder. i said what do i have to tell you to keep me out of jail? she said tell me the truth.
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i kind of knew what she wanted me to say. so i said it. >> according to police reports, hogan admitted to having gone with two other men to the home of gregory holt the night he was murdered. but hogan says he wasn't the killer. >> i know the actual people that did it. i told the lady who did it. she still charged me with murder. >> why was a 15-year-old killed? >> he wasn't the one that was supposed to be killed. his mama was the one they was going for. >> why? >> his mama had set up this guy. this guy i know, she set him up to get killed. because of a trial that's going on right now as we speak. >> he's a witness? >> yeah. so they wanted to get rid of him before the trial. but it didn't work. and he wanted to retaliate. and his retaliation got me sitting here. and that ain't got nothing to do with me.
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i don't know if you from louisville, whatever, but the person he's testifying against is hot boy. they call him hot boy. that's not somebody you need to be testifying against. >> coming up -- >> look what we got here. >> james mallory, the star witness in the case against john "hot boy" jones, is arrested for the murder of gregory holt.
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inside the booking department at the louisville metro jail 19-year-old anthony hogan is anxious to hear a friendly voice. >> pops, it's me. don't do me like that. hello. pop. i'm going to quit doing this. i'm playing around. i don't even know how to search nothing in the phone book.
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>> go upstairs. >> pop, i'm going upstairs. you hear me? i'm going to call you when i get up there. all right. >> follow me this way. >> several hours earlier hogan, his fiancee, and a friend of theirs were arrested on drug and weapons possession charges. but a gun linked to hogan has been identified as the weapon used to murder 15-year-old gregory holt five days earlier. as a result, hogan has been charged with murder. >> i didn't kill that boy. didn't go nowhere near him. still to this day i can't tell you what the little boy looked like. >> because gregory holt's murder was widely reported in local news, the case is considered high-profile. so hogan is temporarily placed in a single-man segregation cell to protect him from other inmates. but he's more concerned with his fiancee, jenae southward, who has just been moved into a housing unit for newly arrested women.
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>> jenae's all i got. i lose that i don't really care too much about anything else. >> police have not linked southward to the holt murder. but she is charged with possession of drugs and a weapon. she will enter a not guilty plea. but her tears are for hogan. >> he get a murder charge, i will never see him again. he didn't kill that boy. i swear to god, he didn't kill that boy. >> southward would soon make bail and leave louisville metro. but with hogan's charges tied to the holt murder, he could face a long stay behind bars. according to the police report, hogan does admit to breaking into holt's home with two other men. but he says one of them actually killed the teen.
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>> i didn't know that they was going to kill the little boy, which they wasn't going to kill a little boy. they told me they was going to beat up his mother. but ended up killing her son. it hurts me. >> now just 16 hours after his own arrest the man hogan says committed the murder has also been arrested. it doesn't take long for word to hit the news. >> two down, one to go. the search continues for a third suspect wanted in connection with that murder, all while the family prepares to bury gregory holt today, and the big question is why did this happen in the first place? >> 29-year-old james mallory was arrested in the louisville courtroom just before he was to offer testimony in another high-profile case. authorities say mallory claimed to have bombshell evidence against one of louisville metro's better-known inmates, john "hot boy" jones, who is currently on trial for attempted murder.
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>> red! red, what's up, boy? >> mallory had been serving a nine-year prison sentence for armed robbery. a judge gave him probation after learning he had written a letter to prosecutors saying he had evidence against jones and was willing to testify. but now along with anthony hogan he has been charged with the murder of gregory holt. >> i'm not guilty. i didn't kill nobody, and i didn't burglarize nobody's home. and i have not owned a gun since i've been out of corrections. >> but mallory thinks he knows why he's been implicated in gregory holt's murder. >> i was implicated in it because his mother led me into an alley to get killed. >> we're talking about that 15-year-old boy. >> his mother. kendra wilson is his mother. >> what was your relationship with her? >> a friend. i've been knowing her forever. and i feel like she set me up. so they feel like after she set me up i went to retaliate on her.
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which is not true. >> okay. but why would she set you up? >> because people had $25,000 hit over my head. >> because of the supposedly you're going to testify? >> yeah. >> mallory alleges that holt's mother, kendra wilson, lured him to an alley to collect the bounty placed on his head for testifying against jones. he says two men approached him for a cigarette and then questioned him about jones. >> one guy, he was like you telling me on my people's hot boy, ain't you? i was like nah, there's a misunderstanding or whatever, his trial's monday, i ain't telling on this guy. he said yeah, you are. he drew and grabbed a pistol like this. so immediately when he did that i kind of shook to try to grab him. he shot at my leg, and he ripped through my pants. i got a graze mark from my knee. it had fragments. it was bleeding. it's trying to heal now. >> let me just play devil's advocate for a second.
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that whole scenario that you explained is motive. >> yeah, it's motive. i mean, i'm supposed to be a suspect. but there's no motive because if i had motive i knew where to go at to kill her whole family. if i was going to go get her son, i knew where to go to get her sister, her mama, her brother, and even her daughter. >> though mallory says he's innocent, he finds himself in a precarious position. in jail those who hurt or kill children and those who give information to the police are perceived as the lowest of the low. mallory is accused of both. and because of media coverage, inmates already know who he is. >> for one, he's a rat. >> he's a rat. >> scum of the earth. >> and for two, he's a snake. >> even though louisville's the biggest city in kentucky, there's only a couple of degrees of separation. we have a lot of people incarcerated that we feel are affiliated with the threats.
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so we have to do what we have to do right now to protect him. >> you will have no contact without s.o.r.t. members present. all your movements are on dvr so i can review it. we can to take the most precautions we can in dealing with the threat against him. >> here's the thing. all right? being the high profile that yours is, i have to worry about other aspects. i have to worry about unfortunately to say, this i have to worry about people given access to you, people that will be willing to make money to hurt you, possible stab currently. i have to worry about that. so i have to for me do my job, i have to limit your access to anybody. okay? because you've got to be careful, man. you're in a precarious position now. >> after changing into a jail-issued jumpsuit, mallory is moved into a secure cell in the medical wing of the jail. >> 706, 12:21, be advised we're en route. >> where he is secluded from most other inmates and is in
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constant view of surveillance cameras. >> this is the safest spot we can monitor him at. we'll do everything we can. we should be able to keep him safe right here. >> coming up -- james mallory begins to feel the sting of inmates' scorn. >> oh, yeah, i know his name. it's all over the paper, all over the news. you can't forget that ugly face. >> and the web grows even more tangled with another arrest. >> do you have any enemies that you know of that might be in here? >> his name's mallory. one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water, but water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. they just didn't think it could happen. they told the house they would take better care of her... always.
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this is uncut colombian. colombian, man. the best product in the world. colombian. i'm talking about coffee, though. i ain't talking about cocaine. i'm talking about coffee. ha, ha. >> over the past several years the louisville metro department of corrections jail has had john jones in custody on more than one occasion. jones, who's known on the
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streets by his nickname, hot boy, has also acquired a new moniker. mr. not guilty. >> not guilty. i'm innocent. i'm an innocent man. not guilty. john jones, hot boy, mr. tony montana. that's me. >> he's been acquitted of murder, attempted murder, and then saw another murder charge dropped to reckless homicide for which he served nine months. >> i like "scarface." that's my favorite movie. al pacino. that's my favorite character. you know. he's tony montana. you know. he's hard to kill, man. you know. >> jones is now in the midst of a new trial for attempted murder. and the morning news has brought him stunning information about the paroled inmate scheduled to testify against him. >> look what we got here. this is the guy right here, he done told on 11 people, got out for two months, coming back for a murder. killing a 15-year-old. him right here. just two months later mallory is charged with murder of a 15-year-old boy in the apartment
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off dixie highway just south of shadley. he was arrested monday after arriving in court to testify against john jones, a former cellmate. wow. wow. so while he was coming to court to testify in a shooting case, he get locked up for murder. you know. god don't like ugly, man. so you know, what goes around comes around, man. >> james mallory, case number 54. >> 36 hours earlier james mallory was arrested and charged with the murder of 15-year-old gregory holt. >> i ain't guilty. i didn't do none of this. >> he's entered a plea of not guilty. now mallory fears he is a marked man among other inmates. both for allegedly being a snitch and an alleged child killer. >> they made me basically a target anywhere i go, even when
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i get this case -- you know, i'm acquitted of all these charges, still i'm going to have to deal with this the rest of my life if i stay in this city. >> mallory is housed in a secure cell in a section of the jail with numerous surveillance cameras for his own protection. but others in the wing, like brandon bland, already know who he is. >> oh, yeah, i know his name. it's all over the paper, all over the news. i mean, you can't forget that ugly face anyway. it's just got snitch right there and baby killer. it's wrote all over him. it's just something that anybody that has seen the news, seen the papers, soon as they put him in i knew who he was. >> mallory is thought to be one of three men involved in the holt murder. one is still at large. the other is 19-year-old anthony hogan. police have linked the murder weapon to him. the jail has decided to move hogan to the protective custody housing unit on another floor.
2:27 am
though hogan will be isolated from other inmates in his new unit, he must pass by a number of them on his way there. and many have already seen his face on the news. >> you know you did it, bitch [ bleep ]. >> hey, that [ bleep ] hogan. you know you did it. you and that [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> that sounded pretty scary to me. i'm just curious how you're feeling about people surrounding you. >> i don't know. i feel like i'm eventually going to run into them. so -- >> who? >> whoever was just yelling. so many people it ain't -- i don't know who it was. >> one of the inmates who just yelled at hogan is deshawn powell, who says the holt murder hit close to home. i already know about it. >> it's my wife's little cousin. they out the funeral, they out there.
2:28 am
i already knew what was going on before the news, anybody. >> powell is equally as incensed at james mallory. >> james mallory, he gets out, you know, he want to tell on somebody and then turn around and you're going to take the life of an innocent child. that's two lives he's about to take probably. so i don't respect that. he know what he got coming. if he ever get caught he going to get a hell of an ass whooping. >> coming up -- >> mallory, if i had a gun right now, i would go kill him. >> another high-profile arrest puts the jail on alert.
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i'm frances rivera. an attempt to lift the fuselage from the java sea has failed. the wreckage sent back to the ocean floor after lifting balloons deflated. man of the victims' bodies are still inside the fuselage they believe. former alaska governor sarah palin hinted at a possible 2016
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rupp. she suggested saturday a potential run at the iowa summit of freedom. now back to lockup. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. staff at the louisville metro department of corrections jail are used to dealing with a certain amount of daily drama. >> on three. >> but when two high-profile cases collide, they know to be especially vigilant. at the center of both cases is james mallory. he is scheduled to be a key witness in the attempted murder trial of john "hot boy" jones, who is accused of shooting a young woman in the face. moments before he was to testify mallory was arrested for allegedly murdering 15-year-old gregory holt, a cousin of
2:33 am
another inmate, deshawn powell, who knows mallory by his street name, packy. ♪ i don't understand why you killed a juvenile ♪ ♪ so prescient and innocent with a beautiful smile ♪ ♪ could the game be legit ♪ has mama got to suffer over some bull ♪ ♪ mama's telling me how to slow my roll ♪ ♪ at his funeral i heard moms wouldn't let go ♪ ♪ she reached up in the casket ♪ he's covered in plastic ♪ packy, you a bastard man this is hurtful ♪ ♪ ♪ how could you take a gun and put it to his brain ♪ ♪ i got something on my mind that's deep ♪ ♪ rest in peace little greg, rest in peace little p ♪ >> we never forget you, man. we love you. salute to you. we love you. >> i know what it is. loving memories, man. >> from the public i'm already guilty. even if i beat this, there's still going to be people that have their opinions. >> lieutenant collins has placed mallory in the jail's medical
2:34 am
unit. where he's around fewer inmates and in near constant view of surveillance cameras. but mallory is still concerned about harassment from neighboring inmates like brandon bland. they might not be able to get to him physically, but they can see him from across the hall. >> see, they got funny. they got little greg's picture in the window. keep pointing me and [ bleep ]. >> give me a second. i'm going to take care of that. >> listen up. we ain't going to put nothing on the windows. got it? you understand what i'm talking about?
2:35 am
>> yes, sir. >> otherwise, it's not going to be -- not going to work out well. okay? >> basically, what we had here was a picture of the young boy that got murdered last week. and it was hanging up on the door. or on the window of a dorm so the inmate could see it that's accused of it. again, we can't tolerate nothing like this. just some ongoing stuff we're having to deal with. >> i placed the obituary up there. i believe he should have to look at that every day. i mean, he should have to see it every day and be reminded of it every day. and just it's disgusting. i have children. everybody in here, most of us have children. >> i got so much on my mind, i don't want to have to keep going through this every day, to keep hearing comments and just [ bleep ] being said. >> mallory says he is a victim on multiple fronts. he says he was recently lured into an alley by a female friend and was then attacked by two gunmen who said they were exacting revenge for his
2:36 am
upcoming testimony against john "hot boy" jones. ♪ they trying to end me because they envy me ♪ ♪ took me to trial several times back to back, came out with a victory ♪ ♪ winning spree that made history ♪ ♪ beat them people, not guilty >> just days later mallory and anthony hogan would be arrested and charged with murdering the son of that woman, whose name is kendra wilson. and now with the jail already strained by these high-profile cases, it has another one. >> kendra wilson, station 6. >> kendra wilson, the mother of 15-year-old gregory holt, is now louisville metro's newest inmate. >> do you have any enemies that you know of that might be in here? >> yes. james mallory. >> wilson has been charged with the attempted murder of james mallory. >> mallory, if i had a gun right now, i would go kill him. just because you saying that i tried to and i really didn't.
2:37 am
let me be here for something that i did do. don't lock me up for something that i didn't do. >> the alleged attack on mallory happened just hours before wilson's son was killed. >> don't never want nobody else to have to go through that. and then me finding him. it was just the worst that could ever happen to somebody. and now this. >> wilson also denies even knowing john "hot boy" jones, much less ordering a hit on his behalf. >> i don't know him. i don't know nothing about him. i don't even know nothing about him. >> wilson. come on. come with me. yeah. >> kendra wilson. i'm going to dress her out and take her up to a single cell on j-2. due to the profile of the case and safety issues. >> you're going to a single cell upstairs. >> initially when you come in on some cases like yours,
2:38 am
high-profile, things like, that you go to a single cell for safety issues and until administration can further decide where they're going to house you. it may be forever. it could be for just a couple days. okay? so you're just going to have to bear with me at the moment. all right? all right. what i need you to do is take this basket. all you have to do is put your shirt and blue jeans in there. put this jumpsuit on. when you're done, knock on the door. okay? >> i can't keep my t-shirt on? >> no. because it's not plain white. it has to be plain white. >> it's got my son on it. >> t-shirts have to be plain white inside the jail for the inmates to wear. so she has to take that off. as you can see, she's not happy. but it's the way things go. >> coming up -- >> my mind is really going crazy right now. i got my son poking through my heart. this is all i care about right here.
2:39 am
>> kendra wilson struggles with the jail's plan to protect her. and the jail must now protect one of these inmates from taking his own life. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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[ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® the louisville metro department of corrections jail currently has four high-profile inmates in its custody. their cases all revolve around each other, a fact that provides staff with a litany of security concerns. >> see how they do me? >> the latest arrest was that of kendra wilson. she was charged with attempted murder, to which she plans to plead not guilty. wilson is accused of setting up a hit on james mallory for his planned testimony against another louisville metro inmate, john "hot boy" jones.
2:43 am
when she was booked in, wilson said she didn't even know jones. >> i don't know him, and i don't know nothing about him. i don't even care nothing about him. >> but upon learning of wilson's arrest, jones not only defended wilson, he indicated that they did know each other. >> i see her around. but you know, she ain't -- it ain't her -- like i met her before but she ain't that type of person, though. she go to work every day. >> hot boy told me he knows you. >> hot boy don't know me. i don't know hot boy from a can of paint. when the detectives showed me his picture when i was getting questioned, i said who is this? >> who's this guy? >> i ain't never seen him in my life. who is that? >> soon after the alleged attempted hit on mallory, for which wilson was later arrested, mallory was arrested and charged with murdering wilson's son, 15-year-old gregory holt. also charged with holt's murder was anthony hogan, who says
2:44 am
mallory pulled the trigger, but the intended victim was wilson herself. >> why was the 15-year-old killed? >> he wasn't the one that was supposed to be killed. his mama was the one they was going for. >> mallory was actually due to testify at jones's trial the day he was arrested. and in about 24 hours he will testify. but now jail staff is more concerned with yet another development. >> i'm going to go speak with inmate anthony hogan. apparently, he threatened to commit suicide last night. >> hogan has been moved to a stripped-down suicide observation cell. he's required to wear a green tear-proof garment called a sue suicide smock. it's also known by another name. >> the turtle suit? yeah. to keep you from hurting yourself. you can't hurt yourself in a suit like this. what can you really do? >> hogan says he threatened suicide because of the red
2:45 am
jumpsuit he was given to wear in his protective custody unit. he didn't like what it represented. >> the red's a label basically as a snitch. so i didn't want that. >> did you actually really want to kill yourself to avoid being in red or was that kind of a manipulation? >> manipulation. >> but you won't hurt yourself? >> no. >> so are you safe to go back to protective custody? >> yes, sir. >> okay. thank you. >> after an evaluation from mental health staff, hogan was taken off suicide watch and returned to protective custody. the following day brings more news in the ongoing drama at the complex that house both the jail and the criminal courts. >> one of the men accused of killing a 15-year-old boy is in the courtroom today testifying in another attempted murder trial. the trial is for john "hot boy" jones, who is charged with
2:46 am
attempted murder after having allegedly shot a young woman in the face. on the stand is james mallory. >> nothing but the truth. >> yeah. >> mallory was released from prison on probation after prosecutors say he wrote them a letter stating he had bombshell evidence against jones. but today he's not testifying for the prosecution. he's been called to the stand by jones' lawyer. and now he has a very different story. >> did you write that letter? >> no. >> you didn't write that letter? >> no. >> it's not your handwriting? >> no. >> it's not your signature? >> no. >> in that letter you don't offer the commonwealth "bombshell evidence" on numerous cases? >> no. >> it's not your letter? >> i never spoke on this case either. >> though mallory, who had been in fear for his life for being both an accused snitch and an accused child killer, now says he knows nothing about the jones case, it might not be enough to clear his name.
2:47 am
after he was released from prison mallory visited jones in jail. prosecutors say he changed his story following that visit. so they gave jones an additional charge. tampering with a witness. which left jones incredulous. >> so i get charged for tampering with him, but he came to see me and told me he ain't say nothing, they lying. >> back in his cell after court, jones was still not feeling that a friendship with mallory was in the cards. >> i don't care for him. as far as me and him, we ain't cool or nothing. but i wouldn't try to do nothing to him, you know. so now we see each other, ain't no what's up or nothing, you know, keep it moving. >> coming up -- >> this man didn't do it. >> john jones' lawyer stands up for his client. >> that's what the truth is. >> and new developments have chilling effects on james
2:48 am
mallory, anthony hogan, and kendra wilson.
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inside the louisville metro department of corrections jail kendra wilson is the latest inmate to be entangled in a complex web of high-profile cases. she is charged with the attempted murder of james mallory, who himself is charged with murdering wilson's son. >> 1220, give me dorm 7 cell 2. >> to make matters worse the high-profile nature of her case requires the jail to take security precautions that include isolating her from others. >> what i'm saying. i cannot -- do you understand what i'm going through? i'm being accused of something i didn't do. my son is dead, and i'm in a single cell. i'm getting punished -- i thought i'm innocent until proven guilty. >> you're not getting punished.
2:52 am
we have to make sure that you're going to be safe, okay? >> yesterday i never caused a problem. i never done nothing. i just lays down. >> you're not in here for causing problems. my primary focus is to make sure you're okay. and the quicker we can do that is us working together and communicating. you understand what i'm saying? >> yeah, i understand that. but what i'm saying, why is this the place to see somebody's safe in. this is a place -- not a place for somebody that just lost their child and every -- i lost everything. this is not a place for me like in a single cell room, nobody to talk to, nobody to -- you know, i mean my mind is really going crazy right now. i got my son posted on my heart. this is all i care about right here. >> you didn't do nothing wrong. we're doing this because this is very high-profile. so we have to initially put you in a single cell so we can make sure we can put you in general pop. okay? it's been -- it's been a bit of a challenge. it's so big, we have to take our time, make sure everything's
2:53 am
going all right. all right? are you going to be okay? >> yeah, i'm okay. >> try and get something to eat. all right? >> thank you so much. >> wilson's case is tied to another high-profile case, that of john "hot boy" jones. >> tell her i said keep her head up, stay strong, i love her, man. >> authorities believe wilson arranged for the hit on james mallory as retaliation and as a bounty because mallory was due to testify against jones in his attempted murder trial. >> all rise. >> now it's time for closing arguments in that trial. >> i need to give you a little background about james mallory and how this happened. >> jones' lawyer plans to attack the prosecution for building some of their case around the testimony of mallory, who allegedly promised bombshell evidence before recanting on the stand. >> so you didn't write this letter to the commonwealth? >> no.
2:54 am
>> he comes with his so-called bombshell letter because he wants to get out and then he lies to you about the letter. now, i'm not saying the commonwealth said that mallory lied, but i'm saying mallory lied and fooled the commonwealth and he got -- he got out because of it. and he'd be there in prison right now had he not lied. that's what the truth is. and if the truth is going to be heard in this courtroom, this man didn't do it. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. we're now ready for the commonwealth's closing. and we'll calling mr. vanderross. >> the prosecution then has its turn to explain why they decided not to call mallory as a witness and why that decision should have no bearing on jones's attempted murder charge. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, thank you for your patience. >> they also want to convince the jury that jones coerced mallory to change his position. >> the defense made a big deal about us not calling mr. mallory as a witness.
2:55 am
i would submit to you, how in the world could i call him after i heard that? they just wanted to call him so you'd know what a bad person he is. and you know. and his friend is john jones, because he visited with him. when he fired that shotgun in that car, he wanted to kill her. he wanted to kill her, then it's criminal attempted murder. and if he tried to get someone to come in and lie to you, then that's tampering with the witness. some people say that today there is no justice in our court system. today you're the law. and i have faith that you have justice in your hearts. >> okay. ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our closing statements. so if you'll go over to the sheriff, ladies and gentlemen, your lunch will be delivered to you and you can begin your deliberations. >> all rise. >> six hours later the verdict
2:56 am
is in and jones has been returned to the jail. and once again the man known as mr. not guilty has been found not guilty of attempted murder. >> thought i was gone, man. but i guess they had to run some type of work. >> but the jury did find jones guilty of tampering with a witness, james mallory. and he was given ten years in prison. a sentence that was enhanced due to his past record. >> i got ten years because of tampering, bro, because he came to see me, man. >> free hot boy! >> yeah. it wasn't even tampering -- he came to see me. i could see if i came to see him. he came to see me. >> i just want to let you know, man, we're going to be reviewing you every week just as far as single cell. but are you straight now? >> yeah, i'm smooth. one more thing. >> what's that? >> if you bump into mallory, tell him i said [ bleep ] him. james mallory, man. [ bleep ] him.
2:57 am
that bitch, lying rat [ bleep ]. >> james mallory, charged with murdering kendra wilson's 15-year-old son gregory holt, also received some sobering news at his last court appearance. >> they asked for the death penalty. >> when you heard that, what went through your mind? >> feelings i've never felt in my life. basically, back to the fact of being free is someone trying to kill me. how i was feeling when i was free, knowing that someone was trying to kill me. i mean, it's just legalized way that they deem it as. >> mallory won't be alone in facing the death penalty if convicted. anthony hogan, who has also been charged in holt's murder, has just received the same chilling news. >> i'm scared. i ain't going to lie. i'm spooked. i heard that in the courtroom. i ain't going to lie. i had to get out of the courtroom. i told them to take me out.
2:58 am
that's some strong words right there. that's some real strong words. the death penalty. that's strong words. i ain't nothing but 19. just turned 19. it's crazy. >> kendra wilson has no sympathy for hogan or mallory. >> i hope all of them burn in hell. all of them. my son is going to haunt them every night, every day, because he's shining down on me because i didn't do nothing but take care of my baby. i'm all he had. >> but wilson would receive disturbing news as well. >> stand on the twos for me, look down the doorway. >> the two men who attacked james mallory, brandon bartee and william o'bannon, were arrested on several charges including attempted murder and assault. william o'bannon declined to be on camera. >> all right. let's go back this way. >> they entered pleas of not guilty of all charges. but three weeks later they each
2:59 am
agreed to guilty pleas. in exchange for their testimony about kendra wilson's role in the plot to kill mallory, their assault charges were dropped. bartee was sentenced to seven years and o'bannon to 13 years. >> so what's going to be your statement when you go to court? >> the truth. what happened. how it went down. what went down. all of it. everybody knows the truth. but they want to lie. but i don't care. because the truth is what's going to set me free. not no lot of lies and this and that. no. i want justice for my son, and that's what it's going to be.
3:00 am
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> the screaming and the pounding and everything, for them it actually is quite normal. >> 210, baby. what's up? >> they have nothing better to do and they think they're some kind of gods or something. >> an up-and-coming gang takes on the old guard and pits two friends against each other in an act of blood-sport. >> if me and him didn't fight they were going to stab both of us.


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