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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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snapchat said no thank you. i talked to people, friends of miep that mine that have friends abroad and they all use it. good evening, rachel it is time for "the rachel maddow show." this is a weird thousand. there is a pastor in texas who does not call herself a pastor she says she is a living profit who has a direct line to god, she said specifically that god has given her special powers including the ability to raise people from the dead. she said she brought children back from the dead. she says it's no big deal she does it all the time. >> i see you had a child that just died and i speak to the spirit of death in that child in the name of jesus, and i command
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you to leave that child. i speak to the spirit of infirmty, and i say live in jesus name and i see a child coughing waking up we saw that in pakistan a little boy raise from the dead just like that. >> that is cindy jacobs. she is a prophet she says and god tells her things ahead of time so she can stop them if she wants to or she can let them happen. >> i remember being in a meeting with pray laideaders, and i said we had to pray for the navel commanders. also we called for the navy i think it was, maybe in norfolk,
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and you know, there was some occurrences occurrences. so when i said god, why is god giving these words? because she a merciful god and he doesn't want these things to happen. >> he doesn't want these things to happen so he tells cindy about them ahead of tombime. she says she was able to limit the number of people who died because god gave her advanced notice. she also believes and preaches that the don't ask don't tell policy was not just bad because of how it related to gay people but she said it was bad because it killed bird and maybe some fish. the blackbirds fell to the ground in arkansas. the governor of arkansas's name
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is bebe. and there was something put out of arkansas called "don't ask don't tell" by a former governor. this was proposed bill clinton. and so could there be a connection? between this passage and the repeal of "don't ask don't tell." we could say it is okay for people who commit these acts to be recognized in our military for the first time in our history. it shows that there is something that actually happened in the land where 100,000 drum fish died and also where these birds just fell out of the air. >> could there be a connection. is it possible that one of the policy consequences of the don't ask don't tell repeal was freak
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bird death in arkansas. cindy jacobs says while eating chips and salsa one day god interfered her -- >> i might be eating mexican food, between the chips even salsa, and i said look do you know the president, and i said look the military is going to do a coup. call him and tell him up they will start praying and it will be averted. i mean it's not hard. >> it's not hard for cindy jacobs jacobs. it is a profess that gets advanced word about things from god and she is the one who decided whether or not governments get overthrown in africa. he is tie fish kills and bird deaths to legislation concerning gay people in the military.
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she says she can also raise people from the dead if need be. and this weekend she is helps bobby jindal launch his campaign for president of the united states. >> i'm cindy jacobs and i want to share with you an event happening in louisiana. >> one of the conveners for an event called "the response" which bobby jindal will be headlining tomorrow in louisiana. you might remember in the response sounds familiar texas governor rick perry did this same vermontevent with the same folks in houston. rick perry in 2011 used this prayer rally to kick off his
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campaign. gist just after he did it he announced he was running for president. so bobby jindal is following in rick perry's foottemperatures. and even though the last one of these rallies did not launch e rick perry on a successful bid, they see other signs in the world that the event should have been seen as a success. >> the native american people were cannibals and they ate people. there has been a lot of prayer other that in houston, texas. they broke the curses on the land, and we just had a prayer meeting a week ago. the governor of texas, as a individual instigated this.
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35,000 people showed up to pray so the land is starting to rejoice because of that prayer. >> rick perry's 2011 prayer rally with cindy jacobs succeeded in cleansing texas of the curse that was on houston because of native american cannibals. so in that sense it worked. now bobby jindal is going to do it again, this time in louisiana. the organization funding this vermontover all is called the american family association. they are a surprisingly rich organization. they get people around the country to send them money so the american family association can fight the gay. >> they are thugs that want to
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use totalitarian power of the state to send men of faith to jail and that sounds more like nazi germany than the united states of america. >> islam is like the ebola virus. it is deadly. it is lethal. all you can do with a virus like that, there is no cure for it. >> i saw a video this morning exploring the performance of beyonce at last year's halftime of the super bowl. she was using a number of satanic symbols -- >> that's the american family association. they are funding the bobby jindal event this weekend which he is using to kick off his presidential campaign for 2016. it's not like he is a moderate on social or ga rights. he is really really antigay
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rights. it is remarkable to see him kick off his campaign with a group that is so antigay, they once changed the name of tyson gaye. when they posted an article in their website about beginning something in the olympics they changed his name to tyson homosexual because they don't believe in gay. they say that hurricane katrina because of all of the gay people. that is how governor bobby jindal is kicking off his presidential campaign. it is being held tomorrow on the campus of louisiana state university. lsu, interestingly, does not seem all of that psyched about hosting the event.
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there has been protests. there is a beg all day protest planned for tomorrow outside of the venue on the campus. they're saying they're hearing that people are coming from all over the state. the lsu faculty senate took a vote and expressed displeasure. it was brought up for a vote and it passed by a vote of 15 to one. but even as this event makes waves at home with his own constituents bobby jindal is going ahead with this event. he hosted an event at the governor's mansion. they have made multiple videos promoting governor jindal's role in it. when you're trying to build a national profile as the most right wing right? the most right wing religious of all of the candidates of 2016
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apparently you have to be willing to eat chips and salsa with self-proclaimed profitphets to get there. redoing what rick perry did. if that is not confirmation enough that the republican primary is starting right now, consider also this weekend in california, it is the koch brother's donors summit in palm springs. they will allow a weapon stream of their events. what they're going to stream will be a panel featuring marco rubio, ted cruz, and paul rand. it will be moderated by jonathan karl. they're touting this as the first republican candidates forum of the 2016 presidential race. that is this weekend.
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in addition to that a 1250 seat venue is sold out, there is a 1,000 seat waiting list. it is called the iowa freedom summit hosted by the very well known anti-immigration republican steve king. steve king used to be thought as of the very far right fringe of the republican party, but his event tonight has attracted no fewer than 10 likely presidential candidates. everyone said the 2012 republican primaries were sort of -- in terms of republican primaries putting fringy conservatism on display. everyone thought they hit that and they were moving away. turns out 2016 will be the same thing but maybe even better. joining us now from steve king
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fest is kacie hunt. i will not have you talk about bobby jindal's event. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> trust me, the kalcalls you get back from people to confirm the details. but in iowa tonight, can you just describe the basics of what's happening in iowa this weekend, and why like 10 presidential candidates are there? >> sure these kind of cattle calls as they refer to them are not uncommon in iowa. they are hosted by a family leader, which is one of the conservative evangelical groups. we have the bulk of what we consider to be the 016 presidential field. you're typically represented on the conservative side. it is kind of guides between
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people who are arguing over the vote. so from that group, you have mike huckabee who is a revered figure here. you have rick san tomorrow you have ted cruz. you have ben carson who captured a lot of excitement on that side. on the establishment side you basically only have chris christie. jeb bush is not planning to make an appearance and you have rand paul who is not coming to this and i would put him in a category by himself because he will have a base of support here in iowa that comes from what his father ran for. we will hear from all of them today. it is sort of the kick off of this season. santorum and huckabee will be staying in iowa to bo -- huckabee is doing a book tour santorum is making some stops. >> we're about a year out from
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the oisziowa caucuses and some people feel they need a year's run way. it's a specific place for their republican preferences, what they like to be told how they like to be courted. can you tell which potential candidates are doing themselves the most good by being there with steve king this weekend, showing their faces and doing this work? >> i would say i think the person to watch is chris christie he has a personal relationship with congressman steve king that goes back to when king stood up for him at a hearing a few years ago. he has raised money for him, and i watch for how king introduces christie, if he is positive. while they differ on some policies christie was asked about immigration last time in iowa. he says i'm not getting into i'm graduation i don't think that will stand up for very long.
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the way that you have king couchingcouch vouching for him, and christie being fear less watching how the crowd reacts to him will be a significant tell for how he could do in sort of a broader context of the caucuses. i think there has been a lot of i consumptions people say he won't play in iowa because he is so moderate. i'm not sure that what i'm picking up from people on the ground saying that's really the case. >> it is amazing to me that you have to win steve king to be viable for the presidency. i mean five minutes ago he was like the republican parties -- someone they were trying to hide away from the rest of the country. thousand he is a kingmaker and a congressman. thank you, have a great time this weekend. >> thanks, rachel.
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bobby jindal and a event he is doing this weekend. an event that has a lot of protestors turning out tomorrow. while i was doing that segment, bobby jindal sent us a statement about what he was doing. the response is an event for people of faith to come together and pray for the future of our country. it is a a prayer event, not a political rally, it is free and open to everyone. thank you governor for sending that statement. all of that obviously true. it is also true that he will be
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i don't know why this has not received more press in this county tremendous. president obama is going to india tomorrow for this. they celebrate a with a giant parade. it is called the republic day parade, and it is three full days of celebrations. we have big parades in this country, but india has over a
6:22 pm
billion people in it's population. their big parade celebrations go on for three days. he will be at the parade on monday. this is amazing. today they held a full dress rehearsal for the parade. there was daredevil motorcycle drivers, danks, missiles floats, it's a big deal. president obama, look at the parade, president obama will be the first u.s. president to visit the nation of india twice as president. when he was there in mumbai in 2010, it basically brought that city of 20 million people to a complete halt. mumbai is basically the financial capital of india. he is basically expected to shut down that city. he will visit the president's resident. he will meet with the new indian
6:23 pm
prime minister he will have a state dinner, and he will be out in the ohm for the giant republic day parade. it will shut down no fewer than 71 high-rise buildings where you could get a site line from him. that last trip to india was seen as a landmark trip. you might remember michelle bachman had it on good authority that that trip cost $200 million a day? it did not, but it will involve the president goes to the most off the hook parade i have ever seen a rehearsal for. wheels up at 6:00 a.m. . mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national.
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hi, it is that time again for friday. we have a friday night news contestant. i thought we could do one of those things. we have confetti guns. >> we have more than one, and it has a few charges left. >> i'm very reluctant to give it up, you feel like you never know and they work so poorly. it would be very embarrassing. i don't know how you will feel
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about this one then. this is a picture of reese witherspoon. >> this is the discharge petition reference. from legally blond two. i want her to stop staring at me. and then you know we got this for that segment we're going to do later about sky mall so we're getting this toaster that makes hot dogs and buns and what will we do with it after? >> because sky mall is going away. >> have you ever used it? >> we could try it out. >> i'm going to use it tonight, and then we could give it away used after we -- >> yes. >> you know what we'll do. i have to think about it.
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6:32 pm
pending business? >> amendment 25 offered by the senator from massachusetts. >> mr. president, mr. president, mr. president -- >> is there is sufficient second? >> now that we have purged the calendar of five of the six democratic amendments the majority leader tells us it is time to vote. >> we just had votes on democratic amendments that your members offered and didn't want to agree to have a vote on. >> you would not even give the authors 60 seconds to describe what was in the amendment. >> if i'm correct the senator from illinois is going to object to this senate agreement. >> what they were debating last night past midnight was whether or not to approve the construction of the keystone pipeline. they made it their top priority this year job one, to force
6:33 pm
crux of the pipeline. they surprised republicans when they cut off debate around midnight and they said they will move toward a final vote on the issue early ex-week. because the lord of coincidence is a merciful lord while the congress has been up late trying to hurry up this pipeline through the midsection of the country, the region where this construction would be set to take place has been hit by not one, not two, but three major pipeline spills in the court of a few days. there was the yellow stone river oil spill, a 12 inch pipeline that burst and spewed 40,000 gallons of oils into the river. the keystone pipeline would be in the same area under the same river. then there was 100,000 gallons
6:34 pm
of a chemical laiden brine, a salt water and petroleum mix. that is in the epicenter of the oil boom. that 100,000 gallon oil spill was nothing compared to the three million gallon spill that happened in williston. they down river of the yellow stone, and now they have this three million gallon spill in their backyard. consider north kadakota's history with things like this. this three million spill is thought to be the largest pill of this kind in state history. the one before this one was in 2006, an oil company skilled about a million gallons of toxic
6:35 pm
brine in a creek. it was the worst environmental disaster in state history of the time. that was in 2006. a million gallons, it is still being cleaned up today a decade later. that was one million gallons of brian brine. this one we just learned about is three million gallons of brine. in the years after that spill, nakz north dakota lawmakers tried to fix the problem. they wanted to put devices in them to make transporting these things better. in the wake of this latest spill, in north dakota the largest every spill, democrats say they're trying to bring that
6:36 pm
bill back. they say they may reintroduce it as early as monday. joining me is corey mock. she a he's a democratic on the oil and natural resources committee. finds out this is the largest spill in state history, and the last big one is still being cleaned up a decade later, how worried are you about these pipeline spills and what they will do to north dakota. >> you have to take any pipeline spill very seriously. what we're learning about was three million gallons of produced water and contaminants into the river system. it makes a lot of us nervous. we have to think of putting families first. people live along these watersheds and doing what is best so that this volatile industry that is so sensitive
6:37 pm
to disruption such as a spill that doesn't create long-term effects for our economy. >> so it is not the entire economy, but it's a major part of your economy in the state. people don't want to harness it in a way to hurt the industry in a long-term way, but after the million began lon spill a few years ago, i'm surprised the vote was 86-4 against a republican introduced bill to try to add more safety issues. why was it beaten so badly? >> in full disclosure, i wish we would go back and reconsider what we did two years ago or didn't do. i voted against the bill. i had every intention of supporting it. we had a room full of industry professionals, we even had our own chief regulator.
6:38 pm
he along with many industry officials came in and opposed the bill saying that -- requiring that flow meters and shut off valves were a costly mistake. they made sure they would butt the precautions in place. but that was a step in the wrong direction for the industry. it caused many committee members to reconsider that decision to support the bill. >> do you think you could win the argument in the other direction? do you think the argument will go the other way? >> well you know we have to do something, we have to address a lot of the concerns brought forward two years ago. the best time to put in these amendments was four years ago. but have to do something that is
6:39 pm
comprehensive, there is no insurance or financial backing of any of these pipelines. we're looking at a comprehensive bill to have bonding for these pipelines, shut off meters for every new pipeline and faze the same technology to the existing pipelines. we're starting to get more bipartisan support on this proposal. >> corey mottck, stay with us. lots to come, we have unexpectedly constructive news from congress. you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪
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you know one person really can make a difference. tom coburn left the senate last year. the new congress does not have him in it. and because of that because of his absence, some stuff is getting done know. it is kind of an inspirational story, him leaving.
6:46 pm
since the new congress took over there has been a lot of noise about the abortion bill they pulled after their women got creeped out by the rape provisions. other things related to the keystone pipeline changing to obama care but for all of the noise, the procedural votes on the way to other procedural votes, there is only one thing that has passed so far. that has been signed into law. it is the terrorism risk insurance act. this is kind of a noncontroversial house keeping issue. it is a thing that needed today be reauthorized after being in place for years. they were able to get that placed and signed into law. specifically because tom coburn poofed. while he was in congress he was blocking that personally for reasons that were persuasive only to him.
6:47 pm
he didn't succeed in persuading a single other member of congress. he blocked it alone until he could not because he left congress. now because she gone that bill has passed. that's the one thing they have done so far that has been signed by president obama and become law. the absence of tom coburn is strong. it can do more than that. the other thing that tom coburn devoted himself to before leaving congress was single handingly blocking a bipartisan small scale group that veterans groups made to prevent suicide. it is a best practices bill. we have 22 veterans a day committing suicide in our country right now. this bill had unanimous support in the house. all but unanimous support in the senate, but the support in the senate did not include one senator, tom coburn. he failed to convince a single
6:48 pm
member of congress to agree with whatever his objections were. that apparently created zero doubt in the mind of tom coburn. he stood alone. his arguments were persuasive to no one else. he just blocked it. alone. and so it failed. last year because of him. but now he is gone. and so the clay hunt veteran suicide prevention bill is going to happen. it is not a done deal but thanks to tom coburn no longer holding a position of power, it looks like it will happen the bill passed the house last week by a vote of 403 to zero. the veterans committee and the senate passed the bill by a vote of 15-0. the senator of that committee
6:49 pm
called this thing emergency legislation. now that that veteran's bill will head very soon it looks like, to the senate floor, it looks like it is going to go. the absence of tom coburn means it will get a vote and it will pass, probably unanimously. and our nation's veterans will get some of what they think they need to kick this terrible terrible problem. don't let anyone tell you that one person cannot make a difference. a man named com coburn has made a huge difference in the lives of veterans. and now the country can clean up the disgrace of what he left behind. this should be getting done soon we will keep you posted as we learn more. shh... i know that's more than 100%. but that's what winners give. now bicycle kick your old 401(k) into an ira. i know, i know. listen, just get td ameritrade's rollover consultants on the horn. they'll guide you through the whole process.
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all right, it's time to see if you have been paying attention to the news all week.
6:53 pm
yeah friday night news dump time. our producer is here with tonight's player and tonight's prizes. hello, julia. >> hello. who is playing tonight? >> we have a doctor from new jersey. she likes to sail. her nickname is the dancing doctor. she practices clinical cardiac -- >> i put in pacemakers pretty fun. >> does it have a hyphen? >> e.p. >> so you can do it as two different words or all one word. >> exactly. it depends on how lazy you are. >> why do they call you the dancing doctorsome >> i dance a lot. i get excited. it's a lot better to do something in your everyday life
6:54 pm
if you're dancing around and singing than not. >> if my heart ever needs an electrician, i would be comforted knowing my doctor had glee in their work. already, dr. patell i'm going to ask you three questions. you get two or more right and you win something that's not really worth winning. >> it's beautiful. >> it's pitiful. we do have another prize that you can win, if you get all of the questions right tonight, or if we just feel sorry for you if you do poorly -- >> thank you. >> what is this? >> it is a hot dog/hot dog bun toaster. >> we might give this to you. i don't know. i don't know if you like hot dogs, but there you have.
6:55 pm
>> i think every hospital needs one. >> the thing is it doesn't apply to any other food stuff. it's a thing that cooks the hot dog and the bun at the same time. there's nothing else you can cook in it because nothing es is in those shapes. >> it's specialized, so it must be very good. >> or at least very expensive. now we bring in the voice of steve bennett. he determines whether or not you got the right answer. hello, steve. >> good evening. >> hi good evening. >> ready for the first question? >> yes. >> okay. on monday as all 50 states were celebrating the federal holiday honoring martin luther king jr., three states celebrated another holiday on the same day. another holiday that at least at first glance seems to be the opposite of mlk day. in arkansas mississippi and alabama, whose memory was also celebrated alongside martin luther king.
6:56 pm
a, naiten bedford for rest robert e. lee, c, president jefferson davis, or d., louisiana congressman steve scalise if >> i'm going to go with b, general robert e. lee. >> steve, did she get that right? >> let's take a look at the segment from monday. >> today is martin luther king jr. day and robert e. lee day in alabama and mississippi and arkansas. >> yes, 150 years later, robert e. lee's birthday is still being honored. >> well done. >> god bless america. >> god bless arkansas in particular. you have to get two to win the bad prize. question two, on wednesday's show, we reported that harry reid, the top democrat is in the senate, is going to have to undergo surgery to protect the eyesight in his right eye after
6:57 pm
he was injured over the holidays. how was senator reid injured over the senate christmas break. a. complications during laser eye surgery. b., he got punched in the eye during a charity boxing match? was it c, a piece of exercise equipment broke while he was working out? or d, bar fight in alaska? >> as much as i would want to say d, it's c. >> let's take a look at the footage from the press conference from this week. >> i was doing exercises that i've been doing for many years with those large rubber bands, and one of them broke and spun me around and i crashed into these cabinets. >> as much as i like the idea of him getting into a bar fight also, the correct answer is c. >> did you also -- he obviously
6:58 pm
busted his eye and that's terrible, but he broke his ribs and he was asked what about your ribs? he said his ribs were meaningless. >> i know. it's like are you made of jell-o? >> okay. so ready for the last question? >> i'm so excited. >> you have already won, but this is for the super goofy prize. on last night's show we learned about yet another very powerful politician who has just been arrested and indicted on felony corruption charges. which of the following states has not seen its speaker of the house indicted within the last year? a, new york. b, massachusetts. c, alabama. or d, south carolina? >> that's hard. >> it is hard. >> wow.
6:59 pm
>> three of those states have had their speaker of the house indicted within the last year. one of them hasn't. >> you know i'm stuck between c or d. i'm probably wrong, so i'm going to go with i don't know c, alabama. >> steve, do you have the answer for us? >> i do. this is a tricky one, because massachusetts had three convicted speakers in a row, but not within the last year. so the correct answer is massachusetts. >> they had three speakers in a row that did get convicted of felony charges. massachusetts is good at that one. but they've been all right for a couple of years. doing the math did she win? she won the beautiful cocktail shaker. and we have no idea what to do with that freaking hot dog
7:00 pm
thing, so you won that too. >> yeah! >> i was going to take host privilege here. thank you for playing and good luck with being an electrician for people's hearts. thank you. >> thank you. nice to meet you, too. >> awesome. if you at home think that you would like to get the news dump shot sometimes you win stuff even if you don't win. just send me an e-mail let us know who you are, where you live and why you want to play. before you do that, you are expected in jail. ♪ keep going now! if you got your hands in your pocket, you're wrong! if you got your hands in your jacket, you're wrong. >> the prison takes on a military-style feel both for the inmates -- >> don't come back in these blues. >> -- and the officers.


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