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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  January 23, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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you are in st. and the republicans are back are iowa. good afternoon. i'm abby huntsman and no it is not time for the iowa caucus. that is more than a year away. but the iowa freedom summit kicks off bright and early tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. start. an early friday night. hopefuls are getting start in the first in the nation caucus state to show their best to the state and distinguish themselves to another wide open republican field.
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speakers cramming as much as they can for 20 minutes on stage. and it is hosted by advocates united and steven king is making an anti-immigration stance when the gop is trying to win over hispanic voters. king igniters a fierre after there were immigrants sitting with the first lady in her box. and mitt romney nor jeb bush will be in iowa. but it is a pretty good place to hang out. but i digress. they put it this way, they are competing in the establishment bracket and iowa is the background for the conservative area but they are going to palm
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springs. just 654 days until the election. so let's get to kerry dan. and all of this tells me one thing, how much influence the far right still has within the gop. i saw it first-hand first go-around but there was a sense it would die down come 2016. >> the way we put it here at first rate it is a little bit of a march madness set up. right now there is the establishment bracket which mitt romney and jeb bush duking it out and this conservative bracket that is crowded and it seems like there is this cattle call going on in iowa and there are more republicans that want to run for president than cattle in iowa. there are so many people that are running, a long long list. but iowa has been an influential list where a candidate that wants to be the social conservative can come out of the state and get some traction it. was mike huckabee in 2008.
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rick santorum last cycle. so it is always an influential place but this is a tricky issue for republicans. the very first big kicking off the campaign event is all about immigration. which is a topic that a lot of establishment republicans don't want to be talking too much about or at least be talking about it in a moderate way. steve king is not a person known for his moderate stance on this. so everybody will be watching all of the republican candidates and how they react not just to steve king's policy ideas about immigration, but the tone he's taken in talking about immigrants like you mentioned, him calling a guest of the state of the union a deportable. that tone is what makes establishment republicans very nervous and the candidates will have to address that. >> he goes over the top and tends to irritate.
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and for working families and working women in particular there was a moment during the president's state of the union where he talked about equal pay for the women and something everybody supports and the republican caucus john boehner stayed seated by that and there is a new poll by advocacy works find that 81% of the people they surveyed supported paid childcare and family leave and sick leave, including 65% of republicans. so these are popular issues that republicans have been on the wrong side of. how do you think these potential presidential contenders are going to position themselves vis-a-vis the working family issues? >> you've seen this week after the president laid out his ideas in the state of the union, things like paid leave and paid
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college. even before the address, mitt romney when he opened with the republican meeting, that they are focusing on anti-poverty. that is not something that you would have seen two cycles ago. and you saw jeb bush in his response to the state of the union talk about middle class issues. so they see that income equality has become an issue for the entire electorate. republicans have over the last two cycles especially when mitt romney ran, being painted as a party that only wants to help the very rich and they know they have a problem and needing support and the republicans will start to address that. and even things that rand paul is saying not necessarily elizabeth warren style policies but the rhetoric about addressing the concerns -- of the middle class, they are really concerned about that and going to try to address it in a conservative way without saying we're bowing to the concerns of
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the left but saying we're looking for a way to do this that businesses won't hate. >> would like to get your thoughts on this early pre-primary stage in iowa because the folks that are testing the waters don't have formal campaigns set up with field staff. as you mentioned, republicans that have done better in that state previously santorum and huckabee and obama. had excellent field organizations by the time the caucus came around. and it is not a vote. it is not door-to-door. it is everyone getting into a room at one time and making a communal decision which is an interesting way to start our primaries. what we have right now is the field staffs aren't set up and instead it is the conservative groups that create the crowd that allow people to come in with one or two people traveling and show solid and not show up in a crowd with no field staff and speak to us about that and how that shapes this. and some of the minorities you
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remember that anti--hillary report they are behind this gathering this weekend. >> i don't think iowa will change. remember we are a year before the caucus is held in iowa. it is amazing the headline and the reporting about the 2016 candidates and none of the candidates have built the structure you need. rand paul might be the exception. he is working in the state. >> what do you think that steve king and the group is the focus for this weekend? >> right now the candidates feel like they have to go. an the same thing with the -- and the same thing with the coke brother's campaign in palm springs. the candidates feel like they need to talk to the donors and activists to make their voice heard but it is so early each candidate trying to stake out their position and even if they don't run, there is only one candidate who has put up in the
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pain work for a exploratory committee and that is what nobody is talking about which is jim webb but right now they need to seem like they are part of the conversation and testing the waters and nobody wants to be the person left out or not invited to the party and getting to see how voters will react to them. i think this event in iowa two really important people to watch are chris christie and scott walker. they are not necessarily natural constituents to win an iowa caucus in a conservative state. and some suggest that chris christie may not even play there. but they are trying to see how the social n koerveives react to them and they feel the need to do that. >> and carrie some go for name recognition to be talked about in the news to get headlines, like donald trump and sarah
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palin spoke on niteline saying of course i'm interested in running for president. but this has to make the establishment party quite nervous. so they have to appeal to the base and that means you throw out the red meat and say things down the road that could get them in trouble. i wouldn't think the establishment is happy about this. >> and you are noticing that mitt romney and jeb bush are not going to this event sponsored by king. that should not be a surprise especially for jeb bush who has had a fraught relationship with the republican party and the conservatives and the issue of immigration. rick perry is going. he also had an issue with immigration an the republican party. remember back in 2012 it wasn'ts the -- wasn't the oops moment it was before that in the orlando debate when people who said they didn't support the texas dream act didn't have a heart and now he's going to see steve king. but another issue, they could go
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to a event that could show themselves to two candidates that are dipping into the same donor base and well of support. if that vote gets split, that is when establishment republicans get very concerned about something like a scott walker or mike huckabee catching fire in iowa and dragging out this process much longer than they want to go on. >> and sarah palin is the news of the day. she's now in the mix. thank you carrie dann. and a king passed away what is left for the u.s. now. and the game is still more than a week away. it is still early in the game on "the cycle." it is friday, january 23rd. mayo, corn are so out of here!
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the u.s. is sending condolences to our key ally in the middle east. king abdullah died on thursday at the age of 90. his half brother ascends to the thrown but it comes at an uncertain time. when the white house seeks for an agreement on iran and oil levels lower and and aqap. and that is what we are talking about right now. and another potential blow to
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rebels. houthi have taken over and the white house is trying to determine what happens now and the possibility that iran is backing the rebels. >> based on what we foe rightknow right now, it is not known that there is any command or control over the houthi rebels. there are reports of ties between the rebel groups and the iranians and we are concerned about that. >> to help us explain the impact of these developments gordon lieu bold. and they have just released the state of defense, where the u.s. military stands. so let's talk about where the u.s. military stands vis-a-vis in yemen, where we've been using drones. and surely this leadership changeover will have a huge impact on we're able to do
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militarily in yemen. >> it will be an impact but it is unclear what the impact will be. and like they say, it a fluid situation and things are changing. american officials don't know exactly what phone number to use to talk to whoever is in charge in yemen and sanaa right now. when things settle out, there will clearly be an impact. as you know, the u.s. and president obama has held up the yemen example as a great counter-terrorism model in somalia. he got a lot of criticism of that at the time. in the last days and months that showed that wasn't a great example. the one thing that i think american officials will be asking themselves or are asking themselves already, is the enemy of my enemy my friend? what is happening is that the houthis that have seized the
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capital do not like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and these are the people that the american officials have been fighting for these last years. >> and that is certainly the headline for americans trying to make sense of. this we're looking at increased risk in a failed state that can be a hotbed for terror attacks projected well outside of the region. talk to us as well about what the new york times wrote today. yes, fears of chaos as the government of yemen falls but a quota to a toppling of the government and another toppling and it seems like egypt the ultimate outcome of many of the states moved by the arab spring is not the democratically elected official but go back to business as usual. >> so president salay who was austed from office a few -- ousted from that office who is
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poised to play a large role in yemen now, he was pushed out in part because of the popular uprising, corruption, lack of jobs a very poor country. it is running out of water. there is a lot of problems in yemen, obviously. so some of the factors at play with his oust at the time aren't necessarily what is driving this current situation from the houthis who have long had issues with the sunni government and so now want to potentially negotiate some kind of settlement so they can run the country amend the constitution and see. so i don't know if it is a full circle but clearly salay, who was ousted at the time may come back in power at some form. >> and gordon to broaden our
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lense, we have a lot on the national defense plate. we are looking at ebola and russian aggression, taliban and isis and whatever is going on in iraq and now in yemen. and meanwhile, defense one is looking at the future you have an incredible chart showing that army troop levels have dropped to quite low levels, at least in terms of the past couple of decades and with sequestration in place set to drop further. is this a logical realignment given our changing roles in afghanistan or iraq or is that something that will be a problem for the future? >> it is and it isn't. it is a funny thing. president obama came into office pledging to end both wars in iraq and afghanistan and has largely done that in iraq arguably not really but in 2011 all but a small handful of troops left iraq drawing down in afghanistan. i think most everybody agrees
12:20 pm
that the age of large ground force wars or large wars requiring large ground forces is over. but with the army they would tell you you can't cut too far because you are cutting into bone matter. and the thing that i think a lot of folks at the pentagon and the army in particular, but generally in the military i think they think sometimes of a disconnect between the white house and the defense department about how complicated these matters are. it is not as simplistic as the wars are over let's cut down the troops. an example of that is in africa the army is looking at replacing the headquarters unit as part of the fight against ebola. with a guard unit. or it would replace -- if the mission continues the way it is in april, it would replace it with a guard because it is out of enough troops in those units
12:21 pm
that perform those functions in its active duty force. so this is a little bit like iraq many years ago where guard units went in to kind of reinforce active duty units. so it is an example they use. >> and gordon those are the numbers. but speak to the state of these troops. many of whom have spent years fighting in war over the past few years and having to adjust back home and seeing the mindset here is the opposite of wanting to get back into war. what impact is that having on our troops? >> well we've seen kind of the close impact or the immediate impacts of troops coming back and not having -- not always enough resources at home. clearly the long-term impacts will last years as soldiers and marines, airmen return from war. i think the common theme is that
12:22 pm
folks in the military who represent about 1% of the u.s. feel that they are the only ones fighting these wars and that the rest of the country isn't really paying attention. >> gordon loubald, thank you for your time. up next more on deflate gate. it has been more than 24 hours since tom brady said he didn't alter the balls in any way. which is absurd, arri. and now in the white house. >> i think there was no risk that i would take over the job of tom brady at the patriots but clearly it is clear there is no chance of him taking over my job at the white house. is made with real cheddar aged to perfection for 6 long months. when you start with the best cheddar,
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football is a team sport and 24 hours after patriots head coach bill belichick and tomd publicly addressed deflate-gate
12:26 pm
teammates defended them leading to the super bowl. >> we got a leader that we never question. there is never any doubt, no matter what the situation is. whether it be on the field, off the field, this team has a lot of trust in tom and honestly i don't think anyone in this locker room is worried about it. >> i think they did a good job of handling it and i think everything that needs to be talked about on that subject has been discussed. >> and with the big game just a week away fans of the media are more focused on the nfl investigation and air pressure than blitzes and touchdowns. joining us now is chris pal own outside of the gillette state where the patriots are getting ready to head to arizona on monday. this is all we are talking about here. a lot of us are debating it. what is the chatter where you are? >> abby the chatter today has turned to the two people or entities that we haven't heard from this week. there has been a lot of chatter
12:27 pm
from fans a lot of filling in the gaps and critics by former players and analysis but we haven't heard anything from the nfl or robert kraft. but the nfl facing criticism on this manner. all it's done all week long is confirmed there is an investigation and haven't released any information about the investigation. a couple of hours ago they said that indeed the investigation is on going and they have interviewed 40 people in the association and those associated with the championship game. they have obtained a forensic expert firm that will go through communication device that might have any evidentce and a law firmco-leading this investigation also was involved
12:28 pm
in florida when there was a hazing scandal. and robert kraft sent out his own statement saying that during the three days nfl investigators were here we offered every employee they want to speak with and produced every communication device they requested to search. it is something we are taking very seriously and finishes up by saying the integrity of the game and the league is of the utmost importance and the patriots want to ensure that process and now they are turning their attention to prepare for the seattle seahawks in next week's super bowl. the conversation continues to swirl but the patriots judging by their demeanor in the locker room, are trying to shut all of that out as they prepare for a difficult game on sunday night. >> crit pallone, thank you for being with us. and from the eagles former
12:29 pm
congressman, [ inaudible ] and also ben vollin. and ben, is there a chance we may never find out what happened here or who was responsible for this? >> i think it is very possible that this investigation doesn't end up with a concrete result. a lot of it will come down to he said-she said and is anyone willing to admit they let out air of the football. nothing has turned up yet. i'm skeptical they will have findings before the super bowl and this may take a while and we'll never know the full extent of what is going on here. >> and everyone who is investigating this is incentivized not to find anything wrong. and you were a player for the
12:30 pm
eagles who lost to the patriots in the 2012 super bowl. >> thanks for reminding him. >> well he got to the super bowl. i'm curious to hear what you say because this raises more questions than answers. surely some ball boy did not decide on his own to deflate the balls and they didn't get to the championship game and say let's deflate the super bowls, and they could have been doing this for years and their fumble avoidance rate since 2007 show the statistics is off the charts. this is a nearly impossible rate. if you had a statistics classes you would say clearly something is wrong with that number. >> is there a question there? >> what is the question? >> and so do you think, sir, and other players in the fraternity think that the patriots are cheaters and have been for years. >> well first of all, when tom brady got asked that question
12:31 pm
the other day and didn't give you a definitive no saying are you a cheater? that raises a question. anybody that you go to school with tom brady you see that. it attacks the game. whether you are talking about performance-enhancing drugs or the refs' calls in the playoffs and this takes from the game and it creates doubt and people walk away from it. coming out of my past there and in d.c. if people don't trust you, they won't pay attention to it. >> ben is this a possibility this could be good for the nfl in terms of super bowl ratings. there are a whole lot of people more interested in the super bowl myself included that maybe weren't paying as close of attention. >> well i think it brings in other people than your fans that
12:32 pm
are driven to the game. they are hearing crisis and cheating scandal. you will bring a different type of fan to it despite people that want to watch the super bowl commercials and you will bring them to the fold and it is a different story line than just the x's and o's the fans are attracted to. >> on the rules, you were a lawmaker, whatever the pats did, do they need to update the nfl rules when you go and do the coin flip at the top of the game, the refs have the coin and not the players. and it seems this early access to the balls have created a crime of opportunity? >> well i don't even necessarily know that it is early access it is actually much like it is in government, can we apply the laws that are on the books and that is what it comes down to is the enforcement akts-- aspect of it? >> ben are folks in boston embarrassed because again they
12:33 pm
are pointing at the patriots after spy gate. are fans upset? >> yes. they are embarrassed and upset the team would put themselves in this situation again and having all of their accomplishments casting doubt because they didn't have to cheat to beat the colts. they beat them 45-7. they could have beat them with beach balls and they didn't need to cheat. so there is a sizable faction of fans that are upset and disappointing in the team for just giving all of the haters out there more ammunitions. >> haters like toure. >> well i'm not a hater. but maybe they got the advantage to get into the championship game. it opens a pandora's box they didn't know they were opening. >> and as toure loves, the haters like to hate. >> and we are move to talk
12:34 pm
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didn't know they were opening. the workweek is ending but old man winter is just getting started. the weather channel's mike seidel reported this for us today. >> it is rainy across atlanta. we're here on the 17th street bridge in downtown atlanta looking at the connector downtown. this is where the 85 and 75 come together and looking southbound. everything is running on time. it looks great. this can be a trouble spot even on days when you don't have accidents just because of volume. temperatures in the mid-40s. we've had an inch of rain here. we've had heavy rain through the florida panhandle and through the evening still the risk of a severe storm or two. maybe a tornado, from northern florida to the extreme eastern section of the carolinas. and now the storm makes a turn
12:38 pm
and goes up the eastern seaboard. we have winter weather advisories and watching extent extenting -- extending from north carolina and appalachians. we are thinking 1-3 inches of snow in washington philadelphia and new york before it goes to rain. up in boston and through coastal maine we could see as much as six inches or more of snow especially north of boston. so there will be travel issues on saturday morning for as many as 45 million americans. by midday things warm up and move south. so this is a fast-moving storm so by tomorrow evening it is all out of the way. and the rest of the eastern seaboard will be in good shape. i'm mike slidell in downtown atlanta, back to you. >> thanks to mike for that report. and we have a market alert.
quote quote
12:39 pm
because of plummeting oil prices that has led to gas prices we haven't seen in years. and in fact the president touted that on thursday's state of the union. >> today america is number one in oil and gas, america is number one in wind power. every three weeks we bring online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008. and thanks to lower gas prices -- and higher fuel standars the typical family this year should save about $750 at the pump. >> not bad. the national average for a gallon is down to $2. and it is not over yet. it is due to increase production here and that is up 48% since 2008. oil prices cut nearly in half. main street is filling up where wall street is empty. a time cover examines the cause and joining us brian walsh.
12:40 pm
good day to you. >> good day to you. >> you have this great forrest gump smiley face. do you remember that when forrest gump put himself into the t-shirt and got the smiley face and the consumers are smiling over this. >> right. >> see where we're going with the question. consumers are smiling, like forrest gump, but wall street is not? why is that. >> because of the impact of producing oil here in the u.s. and that includes jobs with texas and other areas booming a couple of years ago. and this is a partial result of a economic slowdown seeing that in china and europe and that is reducing demand for oil but wall street sees the low price as a sign that things aren't doing well in the global economy, even with the u.s. benefiting for the most part. >> speak more to china because i think the market is spooked by
12:41 pm
china. they are ravenous when it comes to energy but they have experienced a slowdown. so what impact is that having? >> they are the number one importer right now and they want to create a sustainability economy not just built on new, cheap things and want to build around consumers an the lowest rate of growth in years. that will affect the u.s. as well because they are entertwined with china but china stands to benefit from the low prices because they are a major consumer of oil and that might help the president to do the reforms he is trying to do to create a better economy over all. >> time is saying lower gas prices means less hiring middle class jobs being lost in america. how much does that negatively affect hiring? >> it definitely affects hiring and those are good jobs paying
12:42 pm
twice the average wage for a u.s. worker. so it will hurt them and that is a concern because what we really need here we are recovering employment and not good plea agreement and these are good well-paying jobs. hopefully the fact that every smur saved -- the consumer saves $750 and so hopefully they will spend the money to go out to restaurants and in clothing but you'll see a loss of good-paying jobs. >> so how long are the good prices going to last asking what everybody wants to know. >> if i knew that i would make much better money. but it will be here for a good amount of time. opec has made it clear they don't want to cut production and therefore drive prices back up and they like where it is now. and you'll still see production coming from the u.s. and that will tail off, but for the next year or pain longer you'll see oil much cheaper than we used
12:43 pm
to. >> sounds good to most folks out there. brian wallch thank you for your time. there was another thing to get in today. it is the time of the year when those elite jump on their jets to go to davos and some things are solved or did i say solved but discussed by men. and this year it was captured by jeff greene. he had this advice. america's lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted. so we have less things and a smaller, better existence. no comment from greene who flew his wife children and two nannies to davos on board his private jet on whether he would be taking this advice as well. thanks for the tip though, jeff. sh back
12:44 pm
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thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. back now with a unique look at post-traumatic stress disorder. it is something that millions of americans face. and while we commonly believe that ptsd is a result of war and it is or can be there are also battles on the homefront that leave permanent scars. our next guest experienced this for himself as a shoulder and journalists who was embedded with troops in iraq. he narrowly escaped death when
12:48 pm
the humvee he was in ran over a bomb. and today james morris author of the evil hours, i biography of post traumatic express disorder. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> we do associate ptsd with veterans but there is a broader group of people who suffer from this disorder? >> yeah. if you could buy magic and line up every ptsd you could have soldiers but there are 91% of rape survivors and it is a trauma and there is a miscon misconception misconception, and it is not just something not just people coming back from wars are dealing with.
12:49 pm
when i came back i wanted to look at my ptsd and coming home and the homecoming experience and i wanted to step back as far away as i could from the subject and still be on earth and i discovered that rape is way more common than we acknowledge, about one in five american women will either be raped or in an attempted rape situation and the ptsd diagnosis rates for rape are about three to four times higher. 49.5% will develop ptsd. which soldiers which we are more familiar with that is 12% to 13%. and that is a fraction. and that is one of the shocking things. so every one of us has someone in their life that at least several people in their life that has been through this experience. >> we talk about ptsd on the show. but you write about it in a way that makes you feel if you are inside of the body of someone that has ptsd and it is
12:50 pm
important to understand it from that perspective. you write, in normal time you move from one moment to the next sunrise to sunset birth to death. after trauma you may move in death. you may move in circles. bouncing about like a rubber ball. august is june june is december. what time is it? guess again. ceiling fans can be helicopters. car exhaust can be mustard gas. was that difficult for you to write? >> it was, but it was kind of a catharsis. all of us are writers in this room, i think. it is actually an experience of learning something about yourself, so i learned -- i actually was able to process the emotions and importantly i did research and discovered achilles had some symptoms in "the odyssey odyssey." and a lot of heros a lot of people i consider heros, medal
12:51 pm
of honor winners, have suffered from some sort of post-traumatic stress. you can be stronger in the broken places afterwards. it was hard. i think all good books are not easy to write. if it was easy to write, i would be suspect of the product, the book. in this case, it was a ka synthesizing event for me. >> the book is beautifully written. i want to read a little bit more from the beginning of chapter 2. we are born in debt owing the world a death. this is the shadow that darkens every cradle. bouncing off of that talk about when and how does that trauma we call ptsd surface. >> it can surface either
12:52 pm
immediately or often times there's sort of a honeymoon period. ptsd was not first recognized until 1980. people have always asked -- my grandfather was a world war ii veteran. he never talked about his war experience. we didn't know until he looked up his records. a lot of world war ii veterans -- ptsd was not something you could have. there was no word for it. there were terms for it, but it was not treated by psychiatry. i've been having nightmares for years. let's talk about this. let's look into this. >> i think the book is incredible not only for people like us to have a better more visceral understanding of what ptsd sufferers are going
12:53 pm
through, but hopefully cathartic. a trip down abby's road and a pathway to the american dream. it is time for the "your business entrepreneur of the week." when they left their portland based company sea bags beth needed some new blood for the business. she found the perfect match in don oaks and fran phillip. an impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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i want to tell you a story about a girl named jillian lynn. at a young age, jillian was considered hopeless in school. her teachers called her parents said they thought she had a learning disorder. now if this were today, they would have probably diagnosed her with adhd but this was back in the 1930s. her mom did what any parent would do and took her in to see a therapist where she went on and on about all the problems
12:57 pm
her daughter had been having in school. the therapist heard her out while the daughter sat quietly. then he asked jillian's mom, can i talk to you privately outside the room? the therapist closed the door at his office and turned to her mom and said just sit here for a minute and watch your daughter. as they peered into the door window jillian immediately jumped off the desk and just started dancing to the music. the therapist waited a minute and then he turned to her and said ma'am, your daughter is not sick. she's a dancer. you need to take her to a dance school. that young girl went on to become this woman, one of the best ballerinas in the world, responsible for some of the most popular shows on broadway all because her mom was able to find her passion. to think how different her life could have been, this is a story that's told in ted talk. it is the most viewed ted talk with more than 30 million views.
12:58 pm
he makes the case that everyone has a passion, but our education system squanders that. at age 5, i was running away from home. my parents weren't sure what to do with me. they could have taken me to a doctor, but instead they tried to unlock my passion. they often found me singing and performing in front of the bathroom mirror, so they decided to throw me into auditions. at the age of 7, i was cast in my first musical and that forever changed my life. it's not rocket science, but we're going about it totally the wrong way. it all comes down to helping people find what they are good at. this week president obama proposed two free years of college education. yes, this is a good idea. we need to make college more
12:59 pm
affordable but that's just a drop in the bucket. more college does not create more opportunity and more jobs. we need to help people get better at things. we need to help them unlock their passion. i don't think everyone has to go to college. for others that might mean a vocational training program. it starts with the private sector and our education system working together. companies to throw out their standard checklists when hiring people. if we want to stay competitive in the 21st century, this is the most important thing we can do. let's give them a pathway that gives them the best shot. isn't that what it really means to keep the american dream alive? that does it for "the cycle." a hostage situation, a coup and the death of a king. it is friday, january 23rd and
1:00 pm
this is "now." >> the kidnappers made an outrageous demand. the $200 million ransom was not paid. >> they are better armed, better trained, better funded than any other terrorist group in history. >> funeral services are being held for saudi arabia's king abdullah. >> the president hopes and he expects that the strong relationship that exists between the united states saudi arabia will endure under the leadership of the new king. >> yemen is a disaster. >> the president has resigned under pressure from rebels. >> this is exactly what the administration did not want. one more note of uncertainty at an


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