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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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head coach bill belichick facing the inflategate controversy head on for the first time since the controversy erupted over whether the patriots used underinflated footballs in sunday's blowout win. >> when i came in monday morning, i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the footballs. i had no knowledge whatsoever of this situation until monday morning. i would say i've learned a lot more about this process in the last three days than i knew or had talked about in the last 40 years. i coached in this league. i had no knowledge of the various steps involved in the game balls and the process that went through -- that happened between when they were prepared and went to the officials and went to the game and i can tell you that in my entire coaching career i have never talked to any player staff member about
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football air pressure. the national football league is investigating this situation. we have cooperated fully, quickly and completely with every request that they have made, continue to be cooperate in any way that we can. i have no explanation for what happened, and that's what they are looking into. >> we also learned in the past hour patriots quarterback tom brady will hold a news conference at 4:00 p.m. today eastern time. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us live now from the scene of bill belichick's news conference there, gillette stadium in foxborough massachusetts, and stephanie, coach belichick insisted this morning that he's learned more about the nfl's rules for inflating footballs in the past few days than he ever knew. >> reporter: that's right, he
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does that, and then he outlines very simple police i had no knowledge of it and i have no explanation for it and he said that repeatedly when he was asked multiple questions by people that are there in the room about what he knew and how it could have possibly happened. interesting to point out about this press conference that's happening later on with tom brady, the quarterback for the patriots. he was scheduled to have a press conference tomorrow so this is essentially an unscheduled press conference to talk about these charges, and one of the things each day that belichick did this morning is make it very clear that it would have had to have been somebody on the patriots, not him, that had any involvement of this. that would immediately draw attention to the quarterback because, of course he's the one that has the ball in his hands most of the game and that will be the question directed towards tom brady at 4:00. >> certainly the case especially since in the 2011 interview he did state i prefer the underinflated balls. stephanie, talk about coach
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belichick who said the patriots inflate their football to 12.5 pounds per square inch and if any came out, those footballs would be in violation. >> that's correct, and one of the things he said is that now going forward they are going to inflate their balls to that 13.5 mark so if air does come out of the ball they won't be accused of breaking the rules, but to be honest, people don't really care about what they are going to be doing going forward. they care about what happened and so far there's been no real explanation for why they could be underinflated. important to point out that there's a report that comes from espn. nbc news has not independently verified it. they say at halftime the officials discovered 11 out of the 12 balls being underinflated by two pounds which is a considerable amount. no one has really reason or explanation as to how that could happen if it didn't happen deliberately. >> and then there's the question of possible outcomes penalties, if at all.
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stephanie gosk for us there at gillette stadium in foxborough. we appreciate it. let's bring in former new york giants placekicker lawrence tynes who helped the giants win two super bowls, both against tom brady and the new england patriots in 2008 and 2012 also former new england patriots receiver donte stallworth who played on both patriot teams that lost to the giants. we appreciate you boast of you being with us and anxious to hear what you have to say. dante, let's hear from you. you know bill belichick and were there for the 2008 spy scandal where it was found the new england patriots had taped the new york job sideline issue. does it bother you that your former team is embroiled in another controversy and what's your reaction to what coach belichick said? >> i think everyone outside of the fan base of the new england patriots looks at the new england patriots as the evil empire so they would probably love nothing more than to catch tom brady on a videotape deflating footballs, and to make a couple of points of
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belichick's press conference. people -- people are reading into it a little too much. he always first all, he's always that way, anyone who covers him know that that's the typical way he answers questions. but number two i think that he -- he wasn't really throwing trade under the bus. what he said specifically was if you wanted to talk to tom about the specifics of how he likes his balls tailored then you can do that. i can't answer to that because that's his own preference and lawrence can also tell you, too, kickers, punters and quarterbacks, all of those guys have to have balls exactly the way they want them in the games. >> he's made no secret about that saying that he prefers them underinflated. everybody will want to hear from him when he speaks at four. lawrence to you, you really made it no secret as how you've been taunting the patriots on twit we are comments like the pats have learned to celebrate the hell out of those afc championships because they know what comes two weeks later. all right. so given, that do you really believe the patriots would cheat by deflating football so that it
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would be easier to grip while playing in the cold rain? would they go so far knowing their history, too? >> i really don't. i mean what bill said listen, when he says he doesn't know anything about the footballs, i guarantee you that's 100% fact. if i was to ask coach coughlin about the footballs he would look at me with cross eyes. these coaches have so much to worry about on game day the last thing they are really worried about is the footballs. it's a personal preference as dontae said. to say they are cheating i don't think that's the right thing to say. we don't know -- i'm obviously not a patriots fan but i'm not going to say they were cheating. >> interesting to hear that perspective, especially coming from you. dontae, what's your experience? how do they tamper with football you're talking about 11 football during the day, knowing that these officials mark them so that the regulation
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and you have bill belichick saying i have no explanation how this happened. how does this happen? >> well that's -- i think that's one of the underlying issues that we have here in this situation. there's not much time for these guys to grab the balls and deflate 11 out of 12 balls. it is a mystery. the nfl is investigating. the officials check the balls more than two hours before the games and i think if i'm not mistaken they have those balls outside on the field for that whole duration so for someone to really manipulate those football, i mean it's like -- you would have to mastermind it and, you know, there are rules that need to be followed so -- if there's any wrongdoing yes, they should be punish and like any other team would, but i think since it is the patriots people do tend to -- to believe that they are involved in these kind of situations these kind of schemes and undoings it's funny. >> let's look at score here on sunday's game. >> 45-7.
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>> yeah. >> the patriots beating the colts fair. hypothetically, even if the balls were underinflated, what kind of difference would that have made at all in that game especially, you know with the scoring that we have here lawrence to you? >> no difference. i mean legarrette blount could have been carrying a two-liter bottle of coke. it doesn't matter what they played with that day. as donte said it's the new england patriots one of the best franchises in pro football. they are consistent winners. the thing is here listen this is an nfl problem. the nfl has created this in my opinion. our kicking balls when i was a player were completely governed. they flew in with the official on game day. he had the balls. we never saw them until i got a ball in kickoff, so until they start using that protocol with regards to quarterback footballs i think you're going to continue to see people manipulating the footballs because on the sideline of the and a half game as donte will tell you, there's the guy on the sideline with a
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"k" on his vest. this guy shuttles in and out the footballs for kicking downs and until we start doing that, i think you're going to continue to see the balls being manipulated. >> i see that -- i see your point, for any given game but we're talking about the afc championship. did we lose you there? hopefully they can figure out his audio so he can join us. >> but we're talking about, you know, two weeks before the super bowl and the afc championship, is this somewhat of a distraction? they should be cons straight on the game of the super bowl here? >> yeah. i think the number one thing with the new england patriots is they can handle any types of distractions that come their way. they have handled many potential distractions with corey dillon coming over and being seen as a nuisance. he was quiet all year didn't make a distraction, same thing with randy moss when he came over, no issues spygate that same year. he didn't let anyone speak about it, and that motivated us more
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so if i can say anything, this will definitely motivate the team, and they will use this as a motivating factor. everyone says that it's super bowl and you don't need any extra factors. well, i mean you look at what the giants did to us in the super bowl back in 2008. we one defeated for them to need that extra motivation to beat us and break our total undefeated season you can always use extra motivation, even in a super bowl game? we'll see and anxious to hear what tom brady has to say when he speaks at 4:00 p.m. lawrence tynes and donte' stallworth, thank you so much for that perspective definitely. >> thank you. >> good perspective to hear. we are also following a new report surrounding the federal investigation into the shooting death of michael brown. with the justice department set to close the investigation soon, law enforcement officials tell the "new york times" the lawyers handling the case will recommend that no civil rights charges be filed against former officer darren wilson after the fbi investigation found no evidence to report charges.
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once a recommendation is made attorney general eric holder and doj civil rights chief will have the final say but as the paper notes it's rare for them to overrule attorneys' recommendations. so far the justice department has declined to comment on the report, and attorneys for brown's family say that they'll wait for official word from the justice department. now while it is unclear when the decision will be made there's still an ongoing police probe into the ferguson police department. joining me is attorney john burrows who handled several high-profile cases including the rodney king case and civil rights settlement against the oakland police department. thanks for being here this morning, and i want to ask you this here. this is coming from unnamed law enforcement officials here. our nbc justice correspondent pete williams points out that prosecutors have long since concluded that there was not enough evidence to support a civil rights cases. it requires a very high standard of proof. break that down for us. how high is that standard? >> well it's pretty high.
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i mean you're talking about a statement where a person has to have a specific intent to violate one's civil rights. that's pretty high proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and so prosecutors in the u.s. government are very reluctant to bring these kind of charges unless they have clear and uncontroverted evidence. in this case you have conflict in the evidence. you don't have any evidence that really offsets what the police officers had to say. you had a fight at the car and, therefore, the officer has a right to respond to that and then later you have testimony that suggests that michael brown was charging at him so at end of the day he's like defending himself given the facts that we know. there are other people who will testify to other things but the truth of the matter is it's conflicting evidence and so for the justice department to put that kind of evidence on it's not clear enough for him to prove specific intent that he was trying to violate the civil rights so it's not surprising. it was pretty clear to me that once you had the fight at the car and michael brown ran,
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whether or not he turned and came back or not, the officer felt his life was justified and shooting -- shooting his weapon was justified and that makes it did you have for an attorney general to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the fbi, quote, interviewed more than 200 people and analyzed cell phone video there. officer wilson's gun, clothing and other evidence were analyzed at the fbi's laboratory. mr. holder ordered a separate autopsy which was conducted by pathologists from the armed forces medical examiner's office there at dover air force base and then this the federal government investigation did not uncover any facts that differed significantly from the evidence made public by the authorities in missouri late last year. we've all heard from benjamin crump who represents michael brown's family who says i've heard speculation on cases before that didn't turn out to be true. it's too much to put the family through to respond to every rumor. if this turns out to be the
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case, what are the other avenues for the brown family as far as civil suit or anything else? >> clearly a federal civil rights lawsuit. 19939 section of the civil rights act, and can you say that it was a wrongful death or improperly done the burden of proof in that case is dealing with reasonable doubt and that can be done. from a global point of view the justice department is looking at the department the ferguson police department for purposes of determination whether or not they are disproportionately affecting african-americans in a discriminatory way in their policing and they go to the question of hiring and what kind of stops have you made? what kind of force is being used and whether or not there's improper discipline or lack of discipline in terms of these issues and whether the department is used in such a way so as to bring down district of columbia krim try law enforcement on the community. that's a huge issue and that can be done but that's not relief for the family.
8:15 am
family's relief has to come through a civil rights lawsuit which i'm sure mr. crump and others will bring. they do have that avenue. >> that will be going after the ferguson police department not necessarily officer darren wilson himself. john burburris thanks for joining us this morning. lawyers for boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is asking the judge to move the trial to another place for this the third time. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is here. >> reporter: this time they say they have different data to support a question for the venue and that's the questionnaires filled out by prospective jurors, 1,400 of them. their latest filing actually has some circles and graphs that i want to show you here. they say in this filing from what they submitted to the judge today, that 68% of the prospective jurors say they believe tsarnaev is guilty and 69% say they have some sort of connection to victims in the case or felt victimized by the case.
8:16 am
based on all of this it's clear that prejudice is overwhelming in the potential jury pool and if you winnow all the people out of the potential jury pool who have views on the case about tsarnaev or the death penalty or connections, you get down to such a small number that's not representative of the community and you risk having a jury pool that they say is basically trying to get a conclusion. >> pete williams for us speaking about the third change of venue request, we'll see the outcome of that. thank you. want to bring you now some live pictures as john kerry is speaking about the threat of isis out of london. here is secretary kerry now. let's listen. >> speaking out against hateful, false ideology. we appreciate the contribution of every single member each of whom has chosen one effort of line or another, but we also
8:17 am
recognize the need to effect effectively be able to coordinate all of your contributions, and that's what the small group that came here today set out to do. we'll need to consult with the full 60 members of the coalition who will meet again as a full themship but in the meantime we want to ensure that we're synchronized, that we're unified and that we are effective, that we're able to carry out your each line of effort as rapidly and as efficiently as possible. as agreed by brussels we'll establish a level of working groups to pool resources and expertise from coalition capitals in order to defeat dash as an organization and, thereby,
8:18 am
we'll combat its manpower its resources and recruiting and its ideology. the full plenary will convene again later this year in order to draw from the lessons that we have learned all around the world, and as i think many of you are aware, president obama has invited countries to come and join in a consultation about violent extremism in washington and in the month of february during which time we will have civil society, religious leaders, students ngos, others government ministers and we'll have a subsequent ministerial meeting ourselves at the state department. all of this is to try to build capacity build efficiency, basically just to get the job done. obviously there is a tremendous amount of work that is already under way. in recent months we have seen
8:19 am
definitively dash's momentum halted in iraq and in some cases reversed. and while dash may make some announcement about some distance location where four or five people who have chosen to affiliate with them that does not represent advances in the front line of the initiative that we have begun with which is building the capacity of iraq to be able to defend itself and that process is very much under way at this time. >> john kerry there speaking in london on the threat of isis as he is meeting with officials there in the uk and other coalition partners in the fight against isis. the secretary is then going to move on to switzerland for the world economic forum. coming up here on "newsnation," a massive inferno destroys a luxury apartment complex in new jersey. hundred of homes are lost in a
8:20 am
fire that's still smouldering right now. we are live on the scene. also developing anti-abortion activists are preparing to march through washington, d.c. after a republican revolt forced the house to abruptly drop a vote on a controversial abortion bill. plus mitt romney and jeb bush face-to-face as the two plan to discuss in a private meeting today. join us in the discussion on twitter @newsnation.
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developing now. house republicans are debating a new abortion bill today after an embarrassing revolt by several republican women. here's a live look at house floor right now. late last night republicans scrapped plans to consider a bill that bans most abortions
8:24 am
after 20 weeks after some in the gop conference threatened to vote against it. instead, house is considering a less controversial bill that bans federal funding for abortion. one of the republicans concerned about the original bill renee elmers pulled her support tuesday as she worried that the bill would alienate young voters. >> the march kicks off on the national mall in less than an hour. >> nice to be there. hoping you can break down this a little bit more and say why some republicans were against this bill. >> this was going to be a very predictable thing is what we thought. hundreds of thousands of activists who were expected to march on the national mall and they wrecks pected to hold in the end an effective legislative victory. that was this ban on abortion
8:25 am
after 20 weeks which has previously passed the house. that's until some members, notably female republicans, notably moderate republicans in swing districts, decided they didn't want to put their name on a provision they previously voted for. that's a provision that says unless you report a rape to the police then you won't qualify for an exception under the rape exception of the law. now, it's important to note that these members still support what pro choice people say is an unconstitutional ban on abortion after 20 weeks. it's just over the text of that exception. it's also important to note that while -- this bill being presented today still has the fervent support of the anti-abortion community and that while there isn't actually taxpayer funding of abortion and it's been banned under the hyde amendment for 40 years what, this would do is attack private insurance companies for abortion. some activists are furious but they point out that one other
8:26 am
priority will still get the vote tonight. >> republican congresswoman renee elmers switching her position on the original 20-week ban. what does she say now? >> it looks right now she still supports the heart of the bill which is -- which is banning abortion after 20 bills. she doesn't want to put her name on that specific language of rape exception because you start getting into what counts as a rape and everyone remembers todd akin and so-called legitimate rape. in fact this morning lindsey graham speaking to activists here pointed out that that was a problem. let's take a listen. i'm sorry. lindsey graham this morning said you guys have to help me get around the definitional problem of rape. this, again, brings us back to todd akin territory. it's not where anyone wants to be on the pro-life movement. what they wanted to talk about was the later abortions that
8:27 am
they helped repeal "roe v. wade." didn't want to talk about dissent but that's what everyone is talking about today. >> thank you very much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. coming up knave captain who ran the guantanamo bay naval station is forced out amid an investigation into an alleged affair and a man's mysterious death. plus historic talks between the u.s. and cuba. day two of high-level meetings are under way right now for the first time in more than 30 years. live from havana. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy.
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8:31 am
that grants almost certain residency to any cuban who touches u.s. soil. >> migration-related policies that are lockially known as dry foot very much remain in effect and that they in addition to the cuban adjustment act, continue to guide u.s. migration policy. >> good to see you there. with so much to cover here what's tops on the list for them to talk about, and will they address the big sticking points like migration? >> the big sticking point here is whether or not the united states can open an embassy here. that's the end goal here but u.s. officials going into the talks earlier told that is they weren't really sure exactly what would happen today. this is the big day of negotiations, and they said they didn't know what the cuban side could bring.
8:32 am
they knew what they were going to ask here. that includes items like access to the islands for cubans. they have a facility called the u.s. intrasection not a full embassy but americans working on this island. would like them to be able to get out and travel around cuba. all of those are on the u.s. ask side, about a lot will depend on what the cubans ask for today. we might get a readout of what's the happening by later on this afternoon and this evening and we'll get a first sense of whether or not talks are going well or not. >> if they are going well. give us more of a time line of what have will happen in terms of the priority of getting embassies open. how can that be accomplished and how soon? >> well what's interesting is to get an embassy open here in cuba you don't have to do all that much. the u.s. intrasection is a big building embassy-sized compound and all they would have to do is change the name on door. the tricky part politically will be getting a u.s. ambassador appointed here. that would be up to the u.s. congress whether or not they would decide to have an
8:33 am
ambassador here so you could have an embassy without an ambassador and then the other question is when would we see secretary of state john kerry here? that would be a dig departure from u.s. policy and historic event. kerry said yesterday he's prepared to come here but only at the appropriate time and no signal exactly yet of when that appropriate time might be. >> and historic talks could easily pave the way for secretary of state ker toe visit and maybe even president obama down the road in the spring. appreciate it very much. >> reporter: it's possible. >> we will see. thank you for being with us this morning for that report. >> up next mitt romney and jeb bush will meet face-to-face, will you will it create a political battle ahead of the gop primaries? plus hope solo suspended. why usa soccer is punishing her following her husband's drunk driving ahead. that's next.
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news and one of the biggest names in sports. nascar legend jeff gordon has announced he's calling it quits on full-time ration after the 2015 season. the 43-year-old says that he's not using the word retirement and may compete in selected events. gordon ranks third in nascar's all-time win list having won 92 races over 23 seasons. he will give more details at a news conference later this afternoon. nbc news has confirmed jeb bush and mitt romney are meeting face-to-face this week in utah. associated press reports it will happen today. that meeting was scheduled more than two weeks ago before romney began to make his possible move in a possible 2016 presidential run. it was jeb bush who proposed the meeting in deference to romney's previous white house bid. no details exactly when or where that higher-powered meeting will take play, but this morning several political reporters spotted jeb bush at washington's reagan airport boarding a flight to salt lake city and asked
8:38 am
about the meeting bush replied quote, i like to ski, and i have no comment. >> what can we read into it joining me now is mark murray. nice to see you. this was on the books on the calendar for a while until mitt romney made that surprise announcement. what are you making of the meeting between the two governors? >> it's important to note that the meeting was set up before mitt romney set up the moves before making a possible presidential build in 2016 so do keep that in mind. two ways that this meeting could go. on the one hand you have the idea that both said we both could end up running which could help the conservatives splitting the republican party and time for one of us to decide who ends up running. on the other hand, the more likely scenario you have a very awkward meeting with two men who have their eyes on presidency and each seeing the other as standing in his way. >> safe to say these guys are not best buds here. jeb bush he endorsed romney in 2012 but didn't do it until fairly late in the game here so what is the relationship been
8:39 am
between these two, especially as of late? >> i think the only thing they have in common as far as their relationships is they are both republicans and want to do what's best for republican pare but we've seen just in the past couple of weeks that you have jeb bush who has criticized mitt romney's 2012 campaign either implicitly or explicitly and then of course as mitt romney has started to make his own maneuvers, he's been criticizing jeb bush saying he doesn't think he could end up winning in a general election too long from the political game so these are guys who seemed to be mapping out their strategies potentially running against each other or seeing the other one as too flawed to win. >> love to be a fly on the wall in that room. appreciate your perspective. thank you. now to a suspicious death at navy base at guantanamo bay. the navy captain in charge of the station has been fired and is under investigation accused of having an affair with a woman on the base whose husband was recently found dead. captain john nettleton was
8:40 am
relieved of duty yesterday for what officials describe as quote, a loss of confidence. officials say they uncovered the alleged affair while investigating the death. nbc news chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins us now. what are you learning about this investigation so far. >> reporter: all began oddly enough two weeks ago with the discovery of christopher's body floating in guantanamo bay and what started out as a routine investigation by navy investigators suddenly became far more complicated when they reportedly discovered that the base commander, this captain nettleton, is alleged to have had some kind of affair with the dead man's wife. now, it's important to point out here that there have been no accusations made no charges filed, but that captain nettleton was relieved of his command for loss of confidence and even if allegations are true, if the command serene
8:41 am
accused of having an extra marital affair he's likely to be pulled off his job. that's just the way the navy works, but the investigation continues, and the criminal investigators are now looking at more closely at the possible kind of death to see if there's any foul play. no indication of that but in the meantime nettleton is out of a job and probably likely out of the navy even if he is cleared of any other sort of wrongdoing. >> a lot of questions out there. jim miklaszewski thank you very much for that report. still ahead here a massive apartment fire that looked more like a wildfire. >> the fire it just spread so quickly. it spread from -- hike a wildfire. >> nearly 1,000 people forced out of their homes after a luxury apartment complex burned to the ground, and this isn't the first time. we'll have the late on the investigation. and another cosby show cast member is speaking out about the sexual assault allegations
8:42 am
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to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. >> smoke is still rising from the massive fire that broke out yesterday afternoon at a luxury apartment complex in new jersey just across the river from new york city. hundreds of people were forced to evacuate as flames engulfed that four-story complex and more than 200 fire fighters battled the flames. no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. officials say nearly 1,000 people have been displaced. >> we left with what we had. we got the kids and the dogs. our cars are all underneath so there's nothing left. >> when the alarms went off, i was about to leave and get my brother, but i -- i hadn't left yet and thankfully because i was going to leave the dogs at home and then the alarms went off so
8:46 am
i just went outside. >> nbc's anne thompson joins us live from the scene there in edgewater, new jersey an still a very active scene there where officials have declared a state of emergency in that town. >> reporter: and you can see exactly why they have declared a state of emergency. look at all the haze that's surrounding me. that is because they are still putting water out on that fire in that apartment complex. they have closed schools today as part of that state of emergency. they have closed some roads. traffic on river road which is the street that the apartment complex is on and is town to one lane. all in an effort to give fire fighters as much room as they need to finally put out this fire and then get in there and figure out what caused that fire. as you said about 2,000 people displaced. half of those, some 500 people have actually lost their homes. the talbot family that you saw in the video that preceded this live shot they have lost
8:47 am
everything. they ran out of their apartments -- their apartment with the clothes on their back and they have time to grab their two dogs but college applications, his sister's college applications all of that has gone up in flames and now today they are starting anew. they are trying to figure out where they are going to live how they are going to fend for themselves in these next few months because what happened last night came as a complete surprise. in fact. when they first learned of the fire, it was just a small fire. nobody realized nobody thought that it could possibly endanger their apartments and then all of a sudden it started to spread, and they said actually it took hours before they could actually see the flames and once they saw the flames they couldn't believe this was happening in their apartment complex. >> flames that you can see all the way from manhattan. this isn't the first fire at
8:48 am
that apartment complex, right? >> reporter: back in 2000 they were building another apartment complex, and there was a fire there at that time. we know that that fire was fed by a gas -- a ruptured gas pipe. they never determined who caused that fire except that they did say arson was not the cause. >> really astounding when you look at that video. so thankful that no one was hurt and it wasn't fatal. anne thompson thank you very much. growing concern over a measles outbreak tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" today. number of measles cases linked to two disney theme parks in california is now up to 70. the outbreak has spread to five u.s. states and mexico and the vast majority of cases are in california health officials are urging those in that state not vaccinated against the disease to do so. women's soccer star hope solo has been susspended from the national team for 30 days according to u.s. soccer. the goalie was suspended after what it calls an incident that happened during the training
8:49 am
camp in california. now, it's not clear whether this is relayed to the dui charges earlier this week against solo's husband. solo was in the car, but she was not arrested or detained. malcolm jamal warner, longtime star there of "the cosby show" is sounding off for first time on scandal surrounding bill cosby. warner who played theo told "billboard" magazine just as it's painful to hear any woman talk about sexual assault, whether true or not, it's just as painful to watch my friend and mentor to go through. also sounding off on the scandal for the first time jay leno. the former "tonight show" host commenting at a conference for television executives in miami. >> i mean i don't know why it's so hard to believe women. i mean you know you go to saudi arabia and you need two women to testify against a man. here you need 25. >> so far more than 20 women have accused the comedian of drugging or sexually assaulting them.
8:50 am
cosby has never been charged with any crime, and he's personally denied allegations in the past forbes' list of rishest officials in the united states. cheaper gas prices fueled this guy to the list. back to our top story, if the deflate-gate accusations against the patriots are true do you think coach bill belichick should be as you say spended from the super bowl? it is our "news nation" gut check.
8:51 am
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some breaking news to bring you, benjamin netanyahu has accepted the conference on iran an march 3rd that amid a heated argument over sanctions. certainly a lot going on
8:54 am
this morning and here are some things we thought you should know. united states senators are now on record stating that climate change is real. in a 98-1 vote senators approve and amendment that started the controversial keystone pipeline bill. it claims climate change is not a hoax. they voted down two amendments that stated human activity is a contributing factor. >> the richest elected officials in america, his net worth is estimated a2 million. it is the heir to the flying j truck stop chain. his net worth doubled since august thanks to cheaper gas prices. like michelle obama's michael kors suit? you can get half of it. the jacket is sold out so you can get the skirt. those are the things we thought you should know. time for the "news nation" gut check. head coach bill belichick says
8:55 am
he has no knowledge to what been dubbed as deflate-gate. the nfl informed the patriots that they found 11 of the 12 game balls from sunday night's win over the colts were deflated below the league standards. some say that would have made it easier for the patriots to throw and catch the ball especially in the rain. belichick says the overall knowledge of the situation is limited and the team is cooperating with the nfl's investigation. what do you think about this? what does your gut tell you? if the allegations are true should bill belichick be suspended from the subpoena? go to for your vote. dozens of law enforcement agencies are using special radar systems that allowed them to see inside your home without a warrant. officials say they are critical when it comes to keeping police officers safe but some are worried about privacy. so we asked you, do you think police sthubhould be allowed to use
8:56 am
radar devices without a warrant. here are the results. 14% said yes, 86% said no. and that's how we'll end things for this hour. that does it for this edition of "news nation." up next "andrea mitchell reports" live from havana, cuba. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. [ male announcer ] take zzzquil and sleep like... the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] zzzquil, the non habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because
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maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. right now, live from havana where talks are under way on president obama's proposal to establish diplomatic relations with cuba. that is to set the stage for secretary of state john kerry to visit the island himself. >> i look forward to traveling to cuba in order to formally open an embassy and move forward. >> back in the u.s. it's all deflate-gate. the controversy over how much air was in the new england
9:00 am
patriots' footballs as the team coach is shocked as anyone else. >> learned a lot more about the process in the last three days than i knew or talked about it in the last 40 years i've coached in this league. >> and meeting of the minds, governor's jeb bushes and mitt romney plan to meet in utah in the next few day. is this just a talk among friends or something more? ♪ good day, everyone i'm andrea mitchell live in havana where historic talks are underway between the u.s. and cuba. this morning the focus has been establishing full diplomatic relations. later today they move to a wide range of disputed issues conflicts that emerged over


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