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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 22, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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it. he doesn't give him [ bleep ]. >> what's in a wink. he know takes his message straight to the road. meanwhile, house speaker boehner calls the president's bluff when it comes to new sanctions over iran's nuclear program, more on the decision that the house speaker says congress can make its own. what will the internet giant google have better luck when it taps into the phone business. this is "way too early." ♪ welcome to miami ♪ ♪ ♪ hi everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we're in miami. it's thursday january 22nd. welcome to "way too early."
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jen, i know you're back in the studio in new york we miss you. yes. miss you, girl. see you soon. speaking of being on the road, president obama is on the road again, taking the message of his state of the union to deep red states to gain traction of bold politically unlikely proposals. first stop idaho, the only stop to that state, the president compared his agenda to the team's legendary last-minute 2007 fiesta bowl victory over oklahoma. >> places like idaho, the only blue turf is on your field. might be in the fourth quarter of my presidency, but here at the home of the team with the most famous statue of liberty play in history -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- i don't need to remind you
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that big things happen late in the fourth quarter. [ cheers and applause ] >> so the "the new york times" details the president's mindset going into the speech a striking striking difference from his funk following the midterm election. the times reports the president's inner circle considered changing the speech's venue, perhaps at a town hall ultimately it was the improved economic numbers that gave him the confidence to push his agenda without fretting about the republican response. a new survey tracks shifting perceptions of president obama. when people were asked to use a word to describe the president, most used good followed by incompetent. it shows a departure from 2009 in the months when he first took
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office. they appear to be heading to a showdown with a nuclear showdown with iran. adding to these tensions we have house speaker boehner's invitation to the israeli prime minister netanyahu, to address a joint session of congress without consulting the obama administration first. the white house criticized this move describing it a departure of protocol. by house speaker boehner defended that invitation. >> i didn't consult with the white house, congress can make this decision on its own. there's a serious threat that exists in the world and the president, last night, kind of papered over it. there needs to be a more serious conversation in america about how serious the threat is from radical islamic jihadists and the threat posed by iran.
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>> i'll let others be the judge of what's appropriate or not. it's certainly unusual. we have a close relationship with israel. we heard as you know from speaker boehner about plans for the prime minister to come here. he's come before. it's a little -- it's a bit of an episode of the bizarre today seeing this unfold today. >> meanwhile, president obama's threat to veto sanctions against iran. at othds with both parties. democrat senator menendez calls for new sanctions. >> the more i hear from the administration and its quotes the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of tehran and it feeds to the iranian narrative of
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victimization, when they are the ones with original sins. the nuclear weapons program going back over 20 years, they're unwilling to come clean on. >> political reports that several democratic senators are reconsidering their support of the bill after the president's state you of the union address. abortion bill was scrubbed at the 11th hour. two freshmen gop members raised concerns the effect the bill would have. renee ellmers told the national journal -- the house will still vote on a bill prohibiting federal
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funding for abortion, though. mitt romney and je jeb bush have been trading jabs now jonathan martin of the "the new york times" say they plan to meet in utah. the times reports it was bush who invited romney out of deference of his previous bid. preventing running two campaigns that would compete for the same donors. the state party chair tells the wall street journal, he plans to campaign in the caucus. bush is sitting out congressman king's freedom summit. meanwhile vice president joe biden is still considering his own run for the white house from the left. >> is there any chance you're going to challenge her? >> yes, there's a chance. but i haven't made up my mind
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about that. there's plenty of time. look the person who's going to end -- and secretary clinton is a capable person and competent. the person who's going to be the next president of the united states is the one who can articulate the clearest vision of where they're going to take the country. >> george stephanopoulos there asking joe biden about the president presidential campaign. hillary clinton, didn't shy away from showing holes in the economy. >> again, i think the president doesn't get the credit he and his team deserve for the way that they navigated through this difficult area i would have differences, everybody would have differences about what else could have been done the fact is we're look at a real upsurge in growth.
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pretty steady job creation but we're not seeing middle-sized business formations and wages increase for working people. >> there may be a new early presidential primary in england. wisconsin governor scott walker will go there in february as part of a trade mission to drum up business back at home. earlier this week it was announced that new jersey governor chris christie would do the same thing. then there's georgia governor deal, not on the radar for president, over the weekend, he was off the radar entirely he was on an economic development mission. even the former mark safford's disappearance, tweeted, i don't know where nathan is. he too was in london on a trade mission.
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a new report states that the u.s. justice department is on the verge of closing its investigation into the michael brown shooting last august in ferguson. according to "the new york times," the doj is not expected to charge darren wilson. an attorney for the brown family said it will not comment on speculation. in november, the grand jury decided not to seek charges against wilson in brown's death. the st. louis department is asking people to identity looters. in this video, it shows people stealing from a local supermarket. jane dixon addressed the tensions. urging people to come together. >> we send them into streets where there's too much violence and too little hope. too much fear, and too little trust.
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but some folks feel that they have to choose sides, them or us. teens or cops. black or white. the truth is we're all in this together. okay. the truth is real and lasting change is only possible when we stand together. >> so violent uprising in yemen, reportedly simmering down at least for now. shiite rebels striking a deal with the country's president. late on wednesday, after storming his residence, the agreement ends with local official s officials ss call a coup. it leaves some to question as to
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who maintain controls. as the "the new york times" reports a newly fragmented yemen, concerns what it will do here. japan is looking at all available options to rescue two hostages being held by islamic state militants. isis released a video to kill the men unless they received $200 million. japanese officials say, they haven't had contact with isis since the initial video was released. the diplomatic sparring between the u.s. and cuba as talks to normalize relations getting under way. arrived in havana yesterday. talks over migration ended, havana wants to end u.s. policy
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that grants cubans permanent rez residence residencesy. the u.s. rejected that demand. in the meantime the coast guard has stepped up pa trols off the coast of florida after reporting a spike of migrants trying to reach the u.s. from cuba. all right still ahead on "way too early" -- new information on the alleged deflation situation involving the new england patriots. the plot thickens here are tactics a little bit more common than we realize? plus u.s. soccer star hope solo in trouble with the team. why she was suspended after her husband's dui arrest. that story and a check on weather, when "way too early" comes right back. there's our new york graphic. but i'm in miami, people, i'm in miami!
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i mean we got all of the weed man. we got the weed. we got the starbucks. we got the space needle. we got weed. [ laughter ] oh, yeah did i say, we got weed? >> i think the pats are going to win it all, baby! yeah! that's really good. a little lip flip there from jimmy fallon and jennifer aniston on the super bowl. speaking of which the new england patriots well they're set to hold a news conference today and no doubt there's going to be a lot of questions about the so-called deflate-gate nbc's ron mott has more.
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citing as it's called on social media whether the patriots tampered with their footballs after they were inspected be i the referee and the cup tan has been pulled back here on a whole series of things that go on behind the scenes that no one was really aware of. >> reporter: according to league rules, two hours before the game 12 balls from each team is checked by officials. measured and weighed and marked with the ref's signature, they're given to ball runners on both sidelines where they remain. someone carrying a small pump needle can relieve pressure enough some say to gain an edge even if it's barely noticeable. stipulate, if any individual alters the footballs, they face discipline including fines. >> i believe the loss of draft picks may be in play a suspension of the head coach may be in play depending on what
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kind of proof they have and even what kind of chain of custody they have on these stupid footballs. >> they have come this far, they have played good football. >> they're cheerts. they should be punished for it. >> reporter: they were heavily fined for spygate in 2007 videotaping a team's signals during the game. >> most of the time they're in the realm of what's acceptable. >> reporter: as some colts joked they would be happy to replace the patriots in the super bowl new england could have played with soap and beat us dwayne allen say. >> the league has only said their review is continuing. richard sherman weighed in on the controversy at a press conference yesterday. >> i'm not sure anything will come of it. whether it's true or not true. it didn't have an effect on the
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game. if it's against the rules it's against the rules. it's not going to have any effect on this game. they're going to play this game. whatever they did, the risk/reward was greater. >> we know that they're going to make sure that those balls match up for the super bowl. coach belichick said that he wasn't aware of the claim until the game. usa today reporting that the goalkeeper that we all know hope solo has suspended by usa soccer for 30 days. there's speculation that it has to do with her husband's drunk driving arrest. the coach made a statement regarding what happened at camp saying, quote, hope made a poor decision that's resulted in a negative impact on u.s. soccer and her teammates.
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she released a statement, apologizing to her teammates and to her fans writing in part i think it's best that i take a break and come back mentally and physically ready, to positively contribute to the team. hope will miss at least two games. melbourne, day four of the australian open the top-seeded novak djokovic advancing to round three after winning in straight sets. 19th seed john isner also moves on after a four-set victory. on the women's side both venus and serena williams advance to the fourth round. let's get a check of the weather and bill karins. >> jen is doing nap time. >> oh she's napping?
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>> good for her. >> she's watching intently. thomas, knowing what's coming up here on saturday you may get some rain down there in florida. we may have to deal with wintry stuff with the nor easter. amarillo, texas, picked up 11 inches of heavy, wet snow. this snow will make its way up the east coast as we go through friday and saturday. what's going to happen with this storm, the track takes it down into texas, around the gulf on friday, up the coast on saturday. this will be a full-blown nor easter. a couple of things lacking, a lot of cold air, borderline temperatures for the coastal areas. heavy, wet snow. it's also a fast-moving storm. we don't have a high-pressure system. it's in and out in a hurry. the snow totals. the highest total may be i-95,
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not going to be blockbuster totals. you can wait a day to see what happens with this storm. the worst of it will be saturday evening up into areas of new england. this is how i see it playing out. a very narrow band of snow not a lot of snow for central new england or western new york or pennsylvania. right along i-95 it looks like the best chance for that snow thomas. boston new york somewhere 2 inches to 4 inches. still more of an inconvenience than a crippling storm at this point. >> thank you. coming up at top of the hour -- foreign policy and capitol hill clash. their positions on iran. how israel is factoring into that equation. plus a look at the top business headlines, including google's new venture that might just have you phoning a friend.
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hey, everybody, welcome back to "way too early." let's get a check on the day's business headlines. american exz press is telling cnbc that it plans to cut more than 4,000 jobs over the next year, 6% of its work force, just yesterday, amex credited tight controls on costs for higher than expected earnings report.
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so the company plans to offset some of the job cuts with hiring in other parts of the country. here's what we have been teasing you this morning about, this major move from google the internet giant is prepping to jump into the cell phone business. according to the wall street journal, google reportedly struck deals with sprint and t-mobile to offer wireless service directly to consumers, this news comes amid a price war in the already-crowded industry no word on the cost or when the service will be offer. that will wrap things up for a miami edition of "way too early." "morning joe" is just ahead. stick around. ♪ ♪
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♪ this is good news, people. >> wait wait wait. did he just wink? let's see that again in slow motion.


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