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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  January 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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that is "hardball" thank you for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >> let's not under state the significance of what court may do here. >> history at the supreme court. there will be a definitive ruling on the constitutionality of same sex marriage a full report ahead. plus john kerry and james taylor help make nice in france. >> you see young men wearing osama bin laden t-shirts in a huka shop. >> and the republican national
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committee votes unanimously to stand with the french. it was not always that way. freedom fries. >> "all in" starts right now. >> good evening. i'm chris hayes. 2014 was the hottest year on record. that is a backdrop to all of the news this evening and everything else on the planet. there was also huge news from the supreme court today. what will likely be one of the most iconic cases in history has now been taken up by the supreme court of the united states. the court announcing today it will hear argumenting on the constitutionality of same sex marriage. if the united states constitution requires states -- for anyone waiting for the supreme court to finally address this head on this is it. court specified the issues would
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be limited to these, too. does the 14th amendment requirement a state to have a license of two people of the same section. are they required to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex. many people thought the court might take up this very same issue last october. it fails to do so. at that point, every single federal appeals court that addressed the issue ruled in favor of same sex marriage. to repeat by last october, every single federal appeals court that rules on the matter agrees and allowed same sex marriage. all of those appeals courts sited the supreme court's on ruling. and that ruling overturned the defensive marriage act. the federal law that barred federal bents for same sex
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couples. in that case a judge attempted to limit the matter at hand. but, just as in that same case in a bitter decent predicted that lower courts would use kennedy's language to rule in favor of same-sex marriage as a fuel constitutional right. >> in kentucky, a federal judge worked in an omage. just as justice scalia predicted, the lower courts are applying it. in utah judge shelby wrote the court agrees with justice
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scalia's interpretation. >> by november of last year there was 40 state and court decisions ruling in same sex marriage says you states can't stop people from getting marriage if they're the same sex. this is the first time when another court came in the sixth circuit court of appeals. and ruled for the first time against same sex marriage allowing state-wide voter approved bans to stand. for the first time since the supreme court decision there was a circuit split, a classic instance where division among powerful lower courts must resolve it. in states across the nation we have seen one of the most remarkable fast moving statements. 19 months ago, only nine states and the district of columbia
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allowed same-sex couples to marry. those 36 states represent 70% of the u.s. population. joining me now a law professor, officer of speak now. he argued and won taxes. if was a case that laid the ground work for same sex marriage cases we're seeing across the country today. what was your reaction to today's news? does it seem promising to advocates of marriage equality. >> it is a very exciting day. we now know the time line at least when we will finally get to a resolution of this once and for all across the country. they will have the same protections and the same respect
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as as everyone. if the court had just waited a couple weeks to grant these cases. it will be the end of june. and i think the prevailing assumption is the same five votes are still there. >> first of all, you have the five votes in windsor, you have almost uns precedented unity. a ruling that did not specifically reach an issue at hand is used to reach that issue unanimously or near unanimously in lower courts. it seems like this has to go a certain way when it gets to the court. >> i think so chris. one of the things that is interesting is there is a bit of a self fulfilling profphesy about that, right? it is not just other courts that site him, it creating a big overhang rhetorically.
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justice roberts is playing defense and trying to limit this. it is just about the federal government. >> just saying let's be clear, we're not saying the constitution requires marriage equality as a feature of the 14th amendment. it is just about this law, which you can't have it is discriminatory, and scalia says let's not kid ourselves about what we're doing here. >> he did that once before. paul is too modest to say it but he argued and to his decent same-section marriage is just around the corner. i had the privilege of listening to paul argue in 2014. when you see seize two titans going at it scalia says to olson, when it same-sex marriage
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become unconstitutional. >> yeah, it is hard to believe that anyone was thinking about this has a real possibility. >> i just wanted to jump in the gallery and say you, justice scalia told us in 2003 that same-sex marriage was inevitable inevitable. so i think when he asks that again, i hope the counsel has that in his pocket. >> are you thankful he wrote that decenting opinion in windsor windsor. >> i don't know if i agree with that. it seems like justice scalia has been helpful, it has been given reinforcement to the judges. the last couple years who have been following windsor are predicting there are still five votes. they think they know where it is going and the scalia decent
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helped. we have this wonderful social experiment going on. lots of places in the country people are getting married. same sex couples are getting moor married by court order for the first time. there is essentially no reaction. even in very conservative parts of the country like oklahoma and utah. >> it's a great point. it is both running a social experiment at this point, right? and here it is and it is humming along, and society is still fine. straight marriage is fine, kids are still fine and there are facts on the ground. you end up in a -- what would happen if they found improbably right? that all of the lower courts got it wrong except for the sixth circuit. >> i think that is not what's
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going to happen and that's why we're so bullish on the side of the plaintiffs here. it seems that everyone says the court keeps saying we're going to rule. but the courts always have one year or two to gain popular opinion in is a flip of that the courts very rarely wash out a majority of states. we're down to 14 which is the number of states that had to be watched away. only 14 statutes on the books. >> that's a great point. >> that is fewer than the number of cases that had banned interracial marriage. >> so let me ask you this, you referred to lawrence of a brown-like case. this case will have social significance in the history books, and you wonder if they read the writing on the wall. brown was famously unanimous, they held for two terms, and may
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make is unanimous against the hods. you wonder if it is impossible. you wonder if you get more than five votes. >> it would be nice. i think that since windsor was only what 19 months ago, and the four justices are still there that wrote very strong decents decents, saying it is a social experiment and it is too soon to talk about constitutionalizing things. it would be surprising to me i think it would be great if the court decided like they did in brown to do a message of greater unity on an issue of such fund men tale performance. i think it would be surprising. thank you, an opportunity to ask the question again. is the 14th amendment the greatest thing we have done? it is not off that fox news issues a an apoz gi. based on 6 different criteria... why did a panel of 11 automotive experts...
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>> earlier today, president obama gave a long joint press conference with prime minister david cameron. one reporter could not resist asking the president a slightly off topic question. >> you mention your opposition to the sanctions bill on iran. why do you oppose a bill that would only impose sanctions if you fail to reach an agreement and if the iranians fail. and if i may, mr. president, i would like to hear your reaction to the news that mitt romney is thinking about running for president again. >> your last question -- i have
5:15 pm
no comment. or in other words, please proceed, governor. he is slated to give his first public remarks. republicans are gathered in southern california. he will be delivering the speech, of course, on board an aircraft carrier. they are not just listening to speeches this week. they have details of one rnc revolution for anyone whose memory goes back as far as 2003. with real aged cheddar now in a convenient cup. new stouffer's mac cups. made for you to love. ♪ ♪ with the incredible fuel efficiency of 38 mpg highway... ♪ can feel like royalty in the
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a wave of raids in new york. belgium police arrested 13 people in bull jum and two more in france today in connection with what are called active terror cells. this comes after a raid yesterday in belgium where two suspected militants were killed in a shoot out. they were armed with four ak-47s, false documents and police uniforms. in germany, prosecutors say 250 officers raided 11 apartments and took into custody a pair of expected isis supporters. in paris, 12 people were detained overnight for possibly helping the man who killed a police officer and four people in a coacher erkosher market.
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president obama and david cameron discussed the threat posed by violent extremists. >> wee know what we're up against and we know how we will win. we face an ideology that wants to create conflict terror, and death. we will confront it where ever it appears. >> on monday cameron gave an interview where he said a fox news pundit was an idiot. >> there are places like birmingham. emerson apologized profusely. in a rare move fox is planning to run an on-air correction. they said it is heightly
5:19 pm
unlikely he will be booked on again. nonmuslims cannot travel. he now says he should have pointed out that no-go gones are nonstatic. emerson is far from the only person raising the spector of no-go zones. >> they have a no-go zone and police are not allowed. >> we have no go zones in most of the big french cities. >> is there any way to get no go zones back? >> did you know that some folks are walking around wearing bin laden t-shirts. >> there is 71 no-go zones. was it scarey i have been to afghanistan, iraq, and kashmir,
5:20 pm
india. you see young men wearing osama bin laden t-shirts. >> fox news placed a map of the no-go zones to show where they supposedly are and got a mockery from a bit of french tv. >> >>. [ speaking french ] >> [ speaking french ] .
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what fox news cubed the no-go zones, it is more neighborhoods designated as renewal. they're trendy. the name that claims to have invented the no-go zones, he even now add mines he was mistaken. the truth does not seen to matter much to many on the right. bobby jindal whose office today circulated a speech that he will give in london on monday against the scourge of the no-go zone. in the west non-assimilationist
5:22 pm
muslims establish enclaves to carry out as much of the law. he t is startling to think that any country would allow, even unofficially, for a o so-called no-go zone. this is a -- i mean i guess i should not be surprised. is it a completely invented concept? it has a totally invented provocation. it doesn't -- i should not have said it, did not exist, and it kbiss over there. >> people repeat it you generate a fury. we have congressmen and governors talking about it. it's not surprising fox can't get american history, politics,
5:23 pm
and geography right. i think they will apologize because all of europe was laughing at them. i don't think he likes to have everyone laughing at fox news. >> they have run further away from this than i have seen them run away from something for a long time. the prime minister of the uk calls the guy an idiot says -- >> the second largest city it's like saying los angeles is x, y, or z and it's not anything. so murdoch interacts with all of the people he doesn't like his talking heads called an idiot. they have a whole green room of other extremists that come in and say the same antimuslim anti -- here is the thing, they are targeting more and more not
5:24 pm
the extremists, isis or the terrorists, they dump it on the lap of american muslims. >> this is a fox -- alleged muslim enclaves in the united states including new york and california georgia, and south carolina all right there. so this -- we're seeing the inevitable slide, isis are monsters that must be fought. it is not a crazy view to muslims in europe and here in the u.s. constitutes a fifth column, an assimilation a population that has to be dealt with as a problem. >> and no-go zones will come to the united states. they will talk about places that have a muslim community, and
5:25 pm
they will become no-go zones and training caps. >> in all of this coverage they blew up the story about duke. they were going to have a friday once a week on friday they were going to have a prayer. it would last about 60 seconds. the right seized hold, they went crazy. this is the first -- this is islam going to -- duke then said they're not going to do it. they will be a fostering and inclusive, tolerant and welcoming campus for all. >> the effect is they got security threats, not death threats threats, but serious threats of violence. people were contacting duke university saying we don't like this, and according to the university, threats of violence.
5:26 pm
and duke's response was this didn't really work out. someone might get hurt, that's not how you respond to threats of violence. >> also the fact that there is a real shared feeling in the wake of "charlie hebdo" that it cannot be the case. to create the boundaries of our discourse. just a week and a half later we have a situation where a university was going to do a small thing they were saying due partly to security threats they're not going to do. >> that's because of the outrage machine. if this was just the duke committee, just the alumni -- >> back in 2003 house republicans sent a strong message that the u.s. would not compromise it's beliefs, values, or freedom for anyone. we named the french fry the freedom fry because of our disappointment with the french
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. secretary of in a hug with the french president. the real peace was bringing along james taylor to perform
5:31 pm
"you've got a friend" for the people of france. >> when you're down and troubled and you need some loving care ♪ ♪ and nothing, oh nothing is going right ♪ taylor himself needed a friend and he got one, the mayor of paris came and held a different microphone for the rest of the performance. the obama administration did not send a high ranking official ail long other world leaders at the unity rally in paris. that brings us to sunny san diego. hnc attending all sorts of official business by adopting a series of resolutions. a beautiful gesture for sure one that didn't miss an opportunity to attack the white
5:32 pm
house. whereas the obama administration said it was a mistake to not send anyone but it resolved that the reason national committee proclaims je suis charlie. seen happening in american politics over a decade ago, just a slightly different tone. >> i took at grey pupon out of my cupboard and i don't drink the vodka they have there. >> it reminds me of an ageing movie actress trying to dine out
5:33 pm
on her looks. >> they called the french weasels and wimps. >> now serving in all house offices, freedom fries. >> you mightment to look it up on the internet a, it is a french cheese distributor and they're down 15%. >> one of the few countries in europe that doesn't speak english is france because they don't like us. but when you, you know you don't take a shower for 18 days -- >> stop it. >> the best i can could say is good afternoon or as john kerry might say it bonjour. >> look at your items that you buy that are french and if you
5:34 pm
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make it delicious with swanson®. and in just about an hour and a half from now, mitt romney will address his party. it represents a first opportunity for romney to reintroduce himself since announcing he may run for president a third time. he is not the only 2016 hopeful. in a session this afternoon, the rnc chair was elected to a third term. today, the rnc picked up an early date for the 2016 date in
5:38 pm
cleveland that will take place july 18-21 giving the party a head start in unleashing their nominee. perhaps the most important piece of business setting the schedule for the 2016 primary debates. they will sanction only nine debating in the upcoming cycle. if any of the candidates tries to go around the party and participate in a debate not sanctioned from the rnc they will be banned from the sanctioned debates. in 2012 there was two dozen debates that went on. they contributed to a crazy carousel ride of a race with every candidate getting their chance to lead. rick perry, herman cane hick
5:39 pm
santorum, and finally midromney locked up the nomination. . >> it is three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, agency and -- what's the third one -- >> a $10,000 bet? >> as they would say in china -- >> commerce education, and the -- the -- >> are we missing a candidate on the stage? we are. >> when you take the 999 plan and you turn it upside down i think the devil is in the details. >> the third agency of government i would do away with education, the -- commerce and let's see -- i can't, the third one i can't, sorry. oops.
5:40 pm
joining me now is casey hunt, is that the thinking? this seeps to me a pretty strong, heavy handed way of making sure that they do not have this kind of carnival atmosphere. >> rnc chairman essentially said as much today. part of why they view this as so important is that 2016 is put up or shut up time for the republican party. those are his words. he said if the republicans don't win the white house in 2016 the party itself will really struggle to define itself going forward. and you know a lot of those candidates that got up on stage in the last round of debates in 2012 put mitt romney on the spot. there was a lot of feeling that it hurt him going into the general election. what i will say is the dynamics
5:41 pm
of this potential race are shaping up to be dramatically different from 2012. it was sort of mitt romney against everyone else. michelle bachmann it will not be the same this way if chris christie and scott walker and rick perry and mitt romney. >> this is the first time since those reports of late last week saying he is really looking at it that he is out there, meeting and greeting talking about it acting like a candidate, what's the reception been like out there? >> so far, chris, i would say there has been a lot of skepticism. there was initially a core group of romney sporters.
5:42 pm
they -- supporters. a lot of the rank and file committee members were surprised to find out that romney was considering this. people don't like to be surprised. the result has been a lot of confusion. a lot of people who feel torn between jeb bush and midtt romney and people that feel it didn't go so well. >> strange considering he lost. >> casey hunt thank you very much. you probably heard the term free rang to describe foods, but what about kids? a tile of parenting that leads my next guest to be investigated for neglect. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason.
5:43 pm
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giant slow moving creature. that could not be further from the truth. the nickname for the hippo is the cheetah of the sea. i made that up this afternoon but we had just watched this crazy video. >> this video was captured on a river, but the intensity of a torpedo, you see him coming after the boat. they are notoriously territorial. according to the facebook page they were doing the utmost to avoid this animal and as you can see in the film they started well away from the boat. the smithsonian mag gene says
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on a saturday 6 and 10-year-old children were walking home from a park located about a mile from their house in a affluent suburb. >> we were driving home from somewhere. me my dad, and my sister. we drove past the park on spring and georgia. i said can you drop us off a little so we can play alittle and walk home.
5:48 pm
halfway home through the walk the children were approached by police officers according to the family that first spoke to the washington post. >> i stopped them a couple blocks that way near the discovery building. they said what are you doing here and i said i'm walking home he said is your home close? and i said yeah it's just down the street. he said okay we need to talk to your dad. >> the police were responding to a call about the children. the officers brought the two kids home. hours later the montgomery county child propecktive services showed up to the house. >> a worker from the child protective services game to the door with a safety plan that required me not to leave children unattended. and i looked at it and i said i need to look it over consult with my wife who was out of town, and she said if you don't
5:49 pm
sign right now we'll take the kids and she called the police. so i signed. >> alexander and his wife had to agree to it. they're being investigated for neglect for letting their kids walk home alone. the spokesperson said she could not comment on cases but the neglect investigations are when there seems to be inappropriate care. we'll talk to danielle when we come back.
5:50 pm
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we're back and joining me now is danielle meitiv. her children walked home from a park by themselves and now she is being investigated for neglect. how did you find out about this whole thing, i imagine any visit from child protective services or a call from your spouse would be panic iningduceinginducing. >> i was out of town, my son called me and he was crying and he said mommy, the police are here and i think daddy is going to be arrested. >> as i read the story and listened to interviews you have a theoretical approach to parenting that is about letting your kids walk free had you imagined this kind of thing would happen.
5:54 pm
>> we didn't really think this would happen. we knew we thought it was a very distant possibility because to us this is completely normal. there is nothing odd about letting your kids roam free and play in the neighborhood like every other generation had. we thought there was a small possibility, but we thought no one could be so illogical to call our kids in. >> let me play devil's advocate. they don't have an age read on them. it can be hard to ascertain their age. the place around where they were is relatively busy area. is it that unreasonable to think yikes, maybe they lost their parents or they're distressed in some way. >> that is a possibility and the best way to find out is to say are you lost do you need help? or the person that called they could say are you lost do you need help?
5:55 pm
and they could say no thanks i know exactly where we are. >> i want to bring in the author of "free range kids." she has been called the world's worst mother. you wrote about letting your 9-year-old ride the subway in new york. you wrote a book about this. how unsurprised or surprised are you to hear this. >> i have heard other stories. in the summer a mother let her 9-year-old play in the park and she was in jail overnight, and she lost her child for 16 days. another woman, that mother took the child to the house, and said that everything was fine but felt the mother deserved a lesson and called police and that woman was investigating by cps. like nancy grace hears about all
5:56 pm
of the kidnappings, i hear all of these stories. the government told a wonderful loving mom how to raise her own children but it doesn't happen that often, thank god. >> what is at the heart of this when you heard this, people are like that's crazy, i used today do that all of the time. >> my own childhood, in the bronx, late 1980s and 1990s, it was a relatively dangerous place. it didn't feel that way, we played out, at 10 years old, we played -- >> if you're talking about the late 80s and early 90 rszs that's when crime peaked. >> a generation ago, crime was higher, the threat such as it was was higher but the social norms around parenting -- >> i think there was more things
5:57 pm
going on. we feel it's more safe. 24/7 we have television and everything else coming at us and everyone has a cell phone. if you're told that all children unsuper unsupervised -- >> the ease of being able to call. >> the ease and the hysteria. the idea that any time a child is not watched they're in danger. >> the number of missing persons is down 36% from 1993 to 2013. in 199, 797,500 reported missing. of those, 115 were victims of traditional kidnapping.
5:58 pm
danielle, do you feel like you're seen as a outliar. do people give you a hard time about it. >> i think a lot of people are sympathetic. we're probably more bold part of is t is because before my kids were old enough to go out, i read books like lanore's and i realized i can give them the freedom that was so important to me growing up. >> will we see a backlash to this atmosphere here? i think about this a lot. i have a 3-year-old and a 9-month-old. let's just say clearly for the record. but i think about at what age will they walk around the neighborhood, when will they take the bus, i think it will be relatively low. >> i think that's great, the
5:59 pm
main point we're making is that it is up to you, not the cops and the cps. not a kid who is perfectly competent at 10 years old and say i wouldn't do that okay you wouldn't -- >> at some point, there is outside judgment right? the statement will make judgments about the level of care. >> i really want cps -- >> someone has to define it right? >> i'll define it. when a person is in clear and present danger. a child is beaten starved, pimped out, around drugs, being given drugs. you know there is a difference between that and a kid walking around the neighborhood and playing at a park for a few minutes. also, this good samaritan, i thought danielle made a great point. if she is so worried, talk to the kids. >> danielle, you have to do this for a month and presumably they will close the case on you.
6:00 pm
>> we have no idea. we have a meeting on tuesday, but it has been escalating. first we were threatened that they would take our kids. when they showed up at our house with the cops. we don't know where it is going to go. >> thank you very much. that is all for this evening. thank you. a sense of inevitabledentability can be dangerous. the momentum has really felt momentous. just over the past couple of years. on the morning of june 26th 2013, there was 12 states in the country where it was legal for same-sex couples to get married. that day, they issued their land mark


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