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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  January 14, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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ary might after al qaeda claims the paris attacks as payback. al qaeda in arabian peninsula claiming formal responsibility for the attacks. >> al qaeda in the arabian peninsula claim the responsibility for the assault that took the lives of 12 people. >> a video was posted that claims the attack on "charlie hebdo" was revenge. >> isis releases a new propaganda video praising the paris attacks, urgeing followers to carry out more attacks. >> sparking concerns of possible additional attacks. >> it sold out all over the country. >> people are calling it insulting, offensive, provocative. >> the magazine is printing 2
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million more. >> this is not going to go away. >> president hollande speaking to the military in a scheduled new year's address. >> it's a matter of time when dealing with terrorists. we are waging war against the terrorists. i'm in for alex wagner. one week of the "charlie hebdo" massacre in paris, a video appears to be authentic. an 11-minute video an al qaeda leaders refers to the attacks as the blessed battle of paris and says it was plotted and funded by the group known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, or aqap. at least one and possibly both of the suspects in the "charlie
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hebdo" attack are believed to have visited yemen in 2011. the video claims american born cleric anwar al awlaki made the arrangement with the attackers. it also marks a resurgence of al qaeda's public profile, which has been overshadowed by the rise of the so-called islamic state. that group released a propaganda video praising the paris attacks and urging more attacks on europe and the west. france is also putting more military might into the fight against isis. francois hollande announced today france will send an aircraft carrier to the middle east to work against isis. joining me is the senior adviser
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at the rancore corporation. thanks very much for being here. brian, i'm going to start with you. i'm going to start with al qaeda in yemen. the u.s. says the video appears to be authentic, but if aqap is behind this what does it tell us about how they're operating? >> you accept the fact that the video is authentic, but you want to closely examine the claim as to their degree of the involvement. they claim they selected the target, they planned the operation, and they provided financing for it. now was all this worked out if 2011 when at least one of the kouachi brothers was there in yemen, or does it mean that they were more recently involved in actually planning this and
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financing this operation? if it turns out to be the latter then there was certainly a gaping hole in intelligence on this one. but we're not sure. this video actually adds more questions than it answers. >> let me ask you this follow-up question. is it possible these guys were given a directive in 2011 and then had no contact with al qaeda after that? what are the potential scenarios? >> that's entirely possible. we have seen examples where individuals have come to join these various jihadists fronts in some cases, in some cases just to make contact, to obtain some skills some general direction, but then they return and carry out operations largely on their own. that's a pattern that we've seen
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again and again. >> what do you make of the video by isis praising the attack and all the while al qaeda seemed to be distancing itself from any isis connection in its video? >> this is not the first time that isis has praised the attacks in paris. isis has repeatedly called them muslim heros, and even isis followers and activists on the ground in iraq they have made it very clear that even al qaeda in the arabian peninsula seems to be behind this. so what? the enemy is the same. the enemy is the far enemy. in this particular sense, they are united in the goal because they are both being attacked by the united states and the european powers but one point must be made very clear. there is civil war taking place
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between isis on the one hand and al qaeda on the other. and the battlefield for this particular civil war as you well know is in syria. hundreds if not a few thousand of skilled fighters isis and al qaeda, have been killed. even though the propaganda of al qaeda and isis we have the same enemy. the reality on the ground tells a different story. it's a fight for supremeacy. it's a fight for power. the video mentioned al zawahiri. it tells you about the complexity of the story. >> you anticipated a question i was going to ask you.
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reading the stories today and following the story since it happened last week but especially today it seemed as though i was reading about a pr battle between isis and aqap over what happened in paris last week. >> it's not just a pr battle jonathan. this is a real battle. a real battle for the supremacy, which jihadist supremacy and leader. if you listen carefully to the tape released by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, basically he went out of his way to mention al zawahiri and he hardly mentioned the kosher supermarket bomber. he referred to him as a supporter as opposed to the two brothers who are the defenders,
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the heros of islam, and made it very clear that al qaeda preplanned and financed and chose the target which is a farfetched claim based on what we know so far. >> brian, let's talk about yemen. yemen was in the headlines late last year when two hostages, a south african and an american, were killed by aqap during a failed raid by american forces. can we talk about that country and what's making it a safe haven for terrorists? >> well it has been one of a number of safe havens for a long time. yemen is in a state of civil war. there are actually several concurrent conflicts taking place in that country. when at least one of the kouachi brothers went there in 2011 the
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yemenis authorities were distracted by the protests related to the so-called arab spring. these destination points change. for a while, it was afghanistan. after u.s. forced engaging in afghanistan, it became pakistan. then in 2007/2008, the popular destination was somalia. currently the most popular destination is syria. the other thing that has made yemen attractive is it was accessible. it's easy to get there, and that's another explanation as to why we see so many people going to syria right now. >> for years, the mantra has been we have to fight terror over there so we don't have to fight it over here so that we
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can prevent it from happening here. is that a thing of the past as a result of these attacks? >> remember the united states and its allies are fighting an all out war not only against al qaeda and isis there are bound to be consequences. the reason why this particular waive of militants -- the first wave was the afghanistan wave. the reason why this particular wave -- you're talking about 3,000 and 5,000 western men are fighting in iraq and syria. some of these fighters are coming back have come back will come back, and this will have consequences. that's why this particular wave it will take between five and ten years for this particular wave to run its course. in the meantime, we should be prepared, be resilient, and realize that attacks that
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happened in paris could happen even in the united states. and i hope i am wrong. >> chilling and information news from both of you. thank you very much. coming up millions poured into the streets to defend free speech following the "charlie hebdo" attack, but news that police have arrested 50 people of speaking for the attacks has some accusing the west of a double standard. the fight over immigration is also coming up next. arthritis lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. ♪ the nissan rogue, with safety
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so much for working together. one day after congressional
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leaders from both parties sat down with president obama, today the republican controlled house passed two measure that take a hacksaw to the president's agenda. first up dismantling wall street form. slow enforcement of much of the landmark 2010 bill, but most of the day centered around the issue of attacking president obama's relief of undocumented immigrants. >> this is an affront to the rule of law and to the constitution itself. what we're dealing with is a president who has ignored the people, who has ignored the constitution and even his own past statements. >> if passed into law, the measure would mean deportation for the 5 million undocumented workers benefitting from the president's executive actions this past november.
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it would also go a step further reversing policies from the president's first term. but of course that won't happen. the bill as written stands virtually no chance of even passing the republican controlled senate. if it does president obama has already promised to veto it. so why are republicans doing it? >> simply there is no alternative. >> joining me now is the representative from new york's 14th district and the vice chair of the house democratic caucus. thank you for being here. >> the reality is there is an
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alternative. they have another path. they have simply chosen not to go down it. what that path is is to actually pass legislation. if you don't like what the president did on immigration reform in terms of the executive order, the president has said over and over again pass a bill. that's the way you deal with the issue, but they fail to do that. the senate has done it in a bipartisan way. the house republicans simply have failed over these last few congresses to do so. >> onto financial reform are democrats as committed to defending wall street reform as they are and have been say, the health care law or even immigration? >> i think the issue in terms of the legislation that came before us on dodd-frank was one -- first of all we're only in the second week of session. last week and this week. to bring a bill up that's complicated when we have so many new members of the house, to
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expect that they're going to take a bill up on suspension and now on a rule where it has not been vetted through the proper committees is simply wrong. these are complicated issues that i think need to be addressed and need to be done in the right way. hold the committee hearings in the financial services committee and let the members of congress work their will. that simply isn't happening right now. these are all being brought to the floor for political purposes and not to actually get anything done. >> next issue, keystone. is there any room for the president to negotiate over items involving keystone? >> well, i don't pretend to know what the white house is thinking in terms of keystone except they have asked us not to meddle in that at this time. i have consistently voted against the keystone pipeline. we ought to be focusing on a
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jobs bill here in the house. we can build roads, bridges, and tunnels, and help put people back to work. i think the pipeline itself in my opinion, is not the way to go. >> i'm going to bring you back to dodd-frank. we had 29 democrats supporting the bill weakening dodd-frank today. i guess i'm wondering how can democrats sound creditable on this if they are supporting bills weakening dodd-frank? >> i do think some democrats believe there are some legitimate issues that need to be dealt with in dodd-frank. clearly you have seen a consistent vote from democrats that say slow down. let's let this run through the regular order. let's vet all these issues and have a debate and a discussion on it and not bring a rushed
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bill to the floor for political purposes. i think that's the message that democrats have been sending. i don't think we want to go back to the days where we had a climate that existed that allowed for a near depression in our country. that's not the intent of democrats. i don't know what the intent of republicans are. we want to work with the financial services industry and at the same time recognize that the people got hurt. the middle class has yet to recover. as we have seen the markets soar, we know that the pocketbooks of the middle class are sore. they are hurt. they need help. that's what our focus should be on helping the middle class get back to work and helping their retirement benefits grow. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> with me now is the former rnc chairman and a political
1:21 pm
columnist. all right, mr. chairman i have to start with you because i'm telling you reading some of the stories, listening to this conversation, listening to some of the sound bytes from speaker boehner, i'm just wondering -- the 114th congress is looking an awful like 113th congress. i thought things were supposed to be different. what happened to the less scary gop? >> i think this is the early stages of it. you're going see them speak to the base that are going to let them stay in tune with our base. look a lot of this is not going anywhere. it may get out of the house. i may get a vote or two from the senate. by the time it gets to the president's decksk it's toast. i noted the congressman's
1:22 pm
non-answer the first time you addressed the frank dodd issue. trade is another one. you're going to see some real pressure put back on democrats as well as republicans when it comes to how they're going to govern in this congress. >> speaker boehner is in a tough situation. dana is the speaker playing with fire here? in the last time he tried to pass a symbolic protest bill well, the tea party shut down the government. >> oops. he has no choice. i think the chairman is right. he has got to let them work this out of their system. there's two things that can happen. well, they have worked it out of their system or they have enjoyed making such uruka ruckus. it is dangerous. it's clear that he has to go through this. the speaker should at some point be able to be in control of this
1:23 pm
caucus, but already you see even the republican study committee, which had been the far right, is now splintering to give birth to an even more far right group. it's invitation only. you have to be certifiable very far right to be one of these two dozen guys. >> i thought you were going to say something else after that certifiably. they'll do the crazy stuff in the house and then it'll go to the senate and die not because of senate democrats but because of senate republicans. is boehner just dumping his problems on mitch mcconnell? and can he expect the majority leader to bail him out? >> i think there may be a little bit of that on some of these votes. absolutely. i think on a full bill to repeal for example, obamacare, you'll probably see a vote in the senate on that simply because that has been for the
1:24 pm
last four years the one thing that every republican of every stripe has promised the base. that we're going to do this. now you have the house and the senate. that bill will go and we know the president will kill it. here's where it will get interesting and where mcconnell's leadership is going to come into play. i think mcconnell comes back and says let's carve this puppy up. here's a piece on medical devices. here's a piece on some other aspect of the obama legislation that needs some work and then send bills back to the house that will make it easier for the party as a whole to deal with the dismantling of this issue. >> at what point does mitch mcconnell start talking to the white house and say, what are you guys going to start doing with this? take keystone for example. i suspect the president would sign this if he got something in return. >> what would he want?
1:25 pm
>> who knows? he hasn't presented yet. it's not that congress is going to put into law the various power plant regulations he has put into play. here's our opening bid and then let's start talking. >> that's true on trade, especially, for example. >> on immigration, this question is for you, dana. are republicans damned if they do damned if they don't? won't this push candidates further to the right? i'm talking about the folks who are going to be running for the white house in 2016. >> i'll just real quick say i think all of that is going to be up in the air. i think who is going to define this space will be jeb bush if he gets into this race. i think he's going to carve out an area in which he's going to invite republicans to go to have a sane human approach to
1:26 pm
immigration reform and not really swing from the extreme on the issue. now whether he's successful from that remains to be seen, but in terms of just having one side of this conversation take place and hold, i don't think that'll be the case. >> this is just a primal screen of what's going on with immigration right now. after that they can talk about what will eventually become more comprehensive than this. they're going to give the president new powers on trade. >> primal screen. thank you. coming up what caused airasia flight 8501 to crash? the black box is providing clues. that's next on "now."
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the fbi has filed charges geps an ohio man over a suspected plot to attack the u.s. capital with bombs and guns. joining me now is pete williams. >> this is one of those cases, jonathan, where the fbi says it was under this -- this case was under its supervision the whole time or under its watchful eye the whole time. the government became aware of this man named christopher cornell of ohio back in august of last year because he had been saying on social media that he wanted to support isil that he supported isis and eventually the fbi put an undercover person in touch with him. according to court documents, cornell told the undercover person he wanted to target the u.s. capital, set off pipe bombs
1:31 pm
near the capital, and then shoot people as he fled. he researched government buildings in washington researched how to build pipe bombs, identified a place where he would buy a gun. the government says that just today he bought a semiautomatic rifle and about 600 rounds of ammunition and planned to come to washington and at that point he was arrested by law enforcement earlier today and they took possession of the firearm. the one thing that federal authorities are trying to stress here is they believe there was never in danger to the people in the capital building because he was so closely under the watchful eye of this undercover agent the whole time. this is exactly the kind of thing that they're concerned about, people in the united states who become inspired by
1:32 pm
radical jihadist propaganda and want to do something here. >> we just talked about that in our first block there. pete williams thank you. >> you bet. coming up does the right to free speech include the right to free terrorism? the limits of free speech just ahead. grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. with no artificial ingredients. del monte. bursting with life.
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major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in. just days after more than a million people marched in paris for free speech france is cracking down on it. a total of 54 people have been arrested in france for defending or glorifying terrorism. one of those that was arrested was a controversial comedian for a facebook post he wrote seemingly in support for the terrorists in the attacks last week. these arrests are unsurprising, but coming on the heels of a
1:36 pm
staunch defense of "charlie hebdo" and of liberty, these 54 arrests have led many to question the sincerity of that sentiment. the first run of "charlie hebdo" sold out in minutes. another showing a clown like figure and the banner reading, watch out, dangerous magazine. joining me now is the foreign editor for the daily beast and leelah. where does france actually draw the line when it comes to free speech? >> well as you mentioned in the case of the very controversial comedian, he has been charged
1:37 pm
with being an apologist for terrorists. france, right now, is drawing the line between incitement to violence and hatred and free speech. the way the majority of french people see it is that "charlie hebdo" is a matter of free speech. but in these cases, they're talking about an incitement of hatred. >> then there's the issue of who is being arrested and for what. are the french willing to defend this comedian's rights following his arrest in the same way they came to "charlie hebdo's" defense? >> the thing you have to understand about "charlie hebdo" is it fits into a context of acceptable left wing secular
1:38 pm
attitudes towards religion and religious figures. a lot of people in this country are perfectly comfortable with that. sometimes they go over the edge. this comedian is trying to represent people who see themselves as uncomfortable in french society. people who come from immigrant backgrounds, a lot of them from muslim backgrounds and african backgrounds. a lot of them don't feel accepted. he speaks out against them. a lot of times, let's be clear, he's speaking out against the jewish population here and against jews and israel generally and his stuff is not just critical. it is really vile and
1:39 pm
anti-semitic. there are comedians in this country, in the united states, who could be arrested in france for some of the things they have said. people come to mind such as bill maher who comes at religion pretty hard. another person who came to mind, someone who pushed the envelope on comedy, the late joan rivers. how controversial is it in france to jail a comedian? >> well it's controversial, but you have to remember that this country has a different history than the united states does. it has a lot of collective guilt, especially where the jews of france are concerned. there was a huge collaboration with the nazis here. there was a huge loss of the
1:40 pm
jewish population here as a result of the the holocaust. they don't want anything to be done here that will remind them of that and to have somebody spouting crap the way this comedian does reminds them of that and makes them very very uncomfortable indeed so that's why they ban it. >> you wrote a great piece, i believe it is for foreign policy, but i'll double check that. >> it is foreign policy. >> french legal history is choked with cases of bloggers celebrities, and ordinary folk being dragged through the court on hate speech. should hate speech be regulated as it is in europe? and do you see a difference between free speech and so-called hate speech? >> what i argue in that piece is the perception of the french
1:41 pm
state having a double standard. one could say that the comedian is playing sort of the same game that "charlie hebdo" played and is playing, which is skating the line between satire and incitement to hate. the cartoons of the prophet muhammad for a certain community is deeply disrespectful and is definitely an incitement to be superior about the religion and to in a way hate what it stands for. you know, when it comes to free speech, france is a country where holocaust denial is a crime. there was a law banning the denial of the armenian genocide in 2012. that was overruled by the courts, but there is such a tight control of speech on
1:42 pm
certain issues that -- let's be honest honest. france also has a history with its muslim population estimated 6 million. most of which are algerian. they also have a history of colonization and that history is not being looked. what we see right now is what french muslims are seeing as a double standard. almost all french muslim except for the extremist fringes, absolutely deride the attacks against the "charlie hebdo" cartoonists, but this double standard if where you say -- >> thank you. both in paris. thank you very much for being a part of this segment. coming up if you're scared
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coming up alex spoke earlier with retired u.s. army captain wes moore about finding fulfillment in the workplace. that's next. but first we have the cnbc market wrap. >> hello. let's take a look at how stocks stand going into tomorrow. major averages all in the red. the dow falling 187 points. the s&p 500 down by 11. the nasdaq shedding 2 points.
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he's worked as a combat officer in afghanistan, as a white house fellow, and a wall
1:50 pm
street banker and now wes moore is up to something else something big once again. his first novel, the other wes moore, examined the fine line between success and failure for young americans. this week he is out with a new book "the work." joining me now is wes moore. >> it is a joy to see you. >> congratulations on book number two, man. >> thank you. >> setting standards the rest of us cannot meet. the first book was examining the factors that determine failure and success for a lot of people in this country. tell me about this book and why it is a sequel. maybe it's not. i don't know. >> in many ways it is. i wanted to talk about that idea of success and failure. i wanted to examine the question of what does success even mean and why do we make making it
1:51 pm
even matter. with the work what i really wanted to understand is now that we have found success, does that matter to anyone else but ourselves? i wanted to answer that with the adventures and the misadventures that came along with it and highlight other people that i have been inspired with how they found their work and this idea of how your passions and joys and gifts start overlapping with the world's greatest needs. >> let's talk about the extraordinary adventures and misadventures of wes moore in this book. you were in afghanistan. a lot of americans have very mixed feelings about afghanistan or it is a source of distress when we think about what we have done over there and not done over there and the situation at present. how have you found meaning in that chapter of your life? >> it is fascinating. i've been incredibly inspired by the growth of even the american
1:52 pm
population on it. people have a lot of different feelings about the war in afghanistan. i have a lot of mixed feelings about the war in afghanistan. but people have been able to separate the war from the warriors which i have been really touched by because that's also growth and maturity we had not seen in wars past. how i think i look at it is my sense of growth the love affair i found not just with my soldiers, but many of the afghans we worked with -- one of the people i talk about in detail in the book was an afghan interpreter who was just as much in danger on every single mission as we were. >> and if not more because these were people who stayed in the country after u.s. forces departed. >> and a guy who every single night he would go home to these things that they call night letters, which are basically letter that is the taliban would leave at this home saying we
1:53 pm
know you're working with 2the americans and we will kill your entire family. >> there's the afghanistan piece. there's the wall street piece. i don't want to put these two in the sense of conflict over both on the same level, but there are americans who have a sense of conflict about wall street. those seem like opposite forces if you will. tell me how you think about that point in your life in the contexts of the thesis of this book. >> my work wasn't there. right? >> no service there. uh-huh. >> i was working there and i found myself repeatedly feeling like this is not what i'm supposed to be doing. i remember speaking with a mentor of mine. i thought he would be excited for me. he said, really? >> did he say it like that? >> i said okay. but he explained to me.
1:54 pm
he asked why i was doing it. i told him i needed to -- i wanted a skill set. i wanted to build something for my family. all this kind of stuff. listen i'm never going to question you for what you do but the only thing i say is the day you feel like you're not -- they feel like you can leave, leave. for every day you stay longer you become extraordinarily ordinary. i know. >> you were like not me. not wes moore. >> it's this concept that you're larger point is out there, you know somewhere. i think about all the challenges that have happened in the world of finance that i witnessed firsthand because i was there when all this collapse was happening and how many lives were shattered because of it. i'm not talking about the titans and the ceos. i'm talking about a guy named ramon. one day i was doing my work on a spreadsheet and he came up to pick up my trash. i was so engrossed in my
1:55 pm
spreadsheet i didn't even look at him. i'm very proud to see you here sir. i knew exactly what he meant. we became friends. he told me today was his last day because the job was now gone. the implications of what happened on wall street is about people like ramon as well. it's about the impact it had on the nation and world wide scale. >> i love that you can -- i think it is a testament to your spirit and the spirit of the book that you find deeper meaning in a lot of things that we have dismissed as meaningless. the work around it had a deeply spiritual meaning for you and perhaps others after they read this what i am sure is an awesome book. you have that midas touch of
1:56 pm
awesomeness. whatever you touch turns to awesome. i will be looking for a life that matters this week later this week as well. congrats. >> thank you so much. thank you. coming up, new pictures from inside the kosher market during the terrorist attack in paris. that's next. hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil.
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the all-new volkswagen golf starting at $17,995. there's an award winning golf for everyone. we're getting new pictures this afternoon from the attack on a kosher market in eastern paris last week. the photos show customers herded together by the gunmen the floors littered with abandoned shopping items, and bodies on the floor of the market. four people were killed in the market attack in addition to the suspected gunmen. that's all for now. alex returns tomorrow. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work.
2:00 pm
>> he's tried twice. >> third time's a charm. >> anyone who is watching gets a chance to run for president, do it. >> the perception that we're the party of the rich unfortunately continues to grow. >> really? >> i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. >> $10,000 bucks. $10,000 bet? >> i'm not running for president in 2016. >> i'm not running. >> mitt romney told gop donors he's considering running for president in 2016. >> i standby what i said whatever it was. >> good to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching. the entertainment just getting started. the middle class millionaire just can't take his eyes off the white house. mitt romney is gearing up for his third presidential run.


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