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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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2nd. turkey's foreign minister said today after arriving in istanbul before the terror attacks in paris, boumeddiene crossed into syria last thursday. again, this is video coming in just a short time ago of her at the airport. also today, france defense minister announced that 10,000 troops are being mobilized to protect sensitive sites in response to the nation's worst terror attack in a half century. they're searching for possible accomplices and worry about copy cats. this morning, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visited the kosher super market in paris, placed flowers in tribute to four jewish victims killed there. the four victims are being flown to israel for burial and prime minister netanyahu is expected to eulogize them at a funeral tomorrow. the prime minister was also aamong the 40 plus world leaders who attended yesterday's massive unity march in paris, which is being called the largest
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demonstration in french history. nbc's ron allen joins us live from paris. ron, let's first talk about the sensitive sites the troops will be deployed to protect. what more do we know about these sites? >> reporter: most of the sites, tamron, are in the jewish community which feels under siege, not just because four citizens were killed in cold blood, even before this wave of attacks, there had been many anti- anti- anti-is a met i can attacks. many were leaving and going to israel because they felt under siege. the government promised they will send troops military security forces to protect synagogues, schools in that community now, and that was the promise made to them yesterday. they're also going to be deployed to other sensitive sites of paris and other parts of the country, tourist sites,
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metro, subway system transportation sites, government buildings, so on and so forth. all of this is a big development for france this is not the type of thing that happens all the time. it is something the french have to get used to as they figure out what happened here. we are still in the plaza where the huge march started. i want to show you people are still coming to pay respects to the victims, 17 french men killed here in recent days. large crowds still gathering. the plaza was packed yesterday in such way you couldn't even move here. there were 3.7 million people mobilized across the country, not just here in paris but other cities across the country. today things are getting back to normal. we don't see heavy police presence, it is here i imagine a lot of plain clothes officers are out and about. i have seen small patrols walk through the plaza and other parts of the city. this is something new they have to get used to as they try to figure out how to maintain security keep privacy.
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another thing cherished, liberty and freedom which they felt was attacked. as they try to move forward in unified fashion with security but also trying to stop the problem, the threat of terrorism that's very much endemic in this society. >> you're absolutely right. one of the questions when you look at 10,000 troops to be in the streets, various locations, as you outlined there, the question logically is but for how long. will this be an indefinite situation? we know that for example the individuals responsible for the attack had been under surveillance, but due to personnel issues and other things that will likely come out in the investigation they were no longer under heavy surveillance. so how long does france then keep the 10,000 troops at these locations? >> reporter: you know, i think this is a permanent new normal change. think of how america changed after 9/11. things just change. i think they're going to change here as well. there's going to be more surveillance i would imagine,
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telephones tapped. there will be more surveillance of the internet because you're right, the people that carried out this attack were endemic, were citizens they lived here have been under surveillance. one case one of the brothers the kouachi brothers for as long as ten years. there are hundreds of people who are also under surveillance. you have to wonder what's going on with them who are not involved in this attack because the kouachi brothers for example, were thought to be such a priority such a lower priority that whatever kind of surveillance they were under was dropped in recent weeks or months. we're not sure of all of the details, but we know they were thought to be lesser priority. so what about the higher priority targets? a lot of concerns a lot being investigated, a lot of questions, because yes, in many ways it was a big intelligence failure on the part of government that -- i don't want to say allowed the attack to happen, but that these attacks happened. and that's something that they're trying to get to the bottom of.
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>> thank you so much. secretary of state john kerry announced today he will visit paris thursday. the announcement comes amid criticism that the white house did not send a top ranking official to take part in yesterday's march in paris, attended by 40 world leaders. although attorney general eric holder was there for counter terrorism meetings, he didn't attend the march. in india where he was preparing for a visit later this month. he called such criticism, quote, quibbling. >> the relationship with france is not about one day or one particular moment it is an on-going long time relationship that is deeply deeply based in the shared values and particularly the commitment that we share to freedom of expression. >> nbc news senior white house correspondent kris jansing joins us live.
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we know that yesterday the president announced i believe february 18th he is inviting allies for a global security summit at the white house. nevertheless, the criticism obviously stinging a bit, and that it required a response from secretary kerry. >> reporter: yeah, a response from secretary kerry and the trip he is going to make thursday and friday to go to france now. the administration essentially says what we heard from senator kerry, which is that we have this great relationship from the very moment these horrible attacks took place. we offered our assistance, we have provided our assistance. we have had constant on-going communication between the national security team here and counterparts in france. having said that this is obviously a highly symbolic moment, it was played on televisions across the world. it is this morning on the front pages of newspapers around the world that you have all of the world leaders in the front row row and no one from the united states.
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the president was in washington joe biden was in delaware at his home. there are legitimate security concerns. the secret service doesn't like to allow the president or vice president in any open air situation unless they're able to do a thorough security sweep, and those kinds of things can often be disruptive. and secretary kerry was himself traveling on important business. the question has been raised since eric holder was already there, make the rounds of morning shows, why he wasn't there as a recognizable face of this administration. the united states was represented by the u.s. ambassador to france and the assistant secretary of state, victoria nuland. so that's the response from the white house. but we've got a briefing coming up it will be interesting to hear what's said there. >> kris what can you tell about secretary kerry's unannounced visit to pakistan happening now? >> reporter: that was an unannounced visit.
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something we learned about yesterday. when they go to high priority areas like that we actually -- it doesn't get reported until he lands. this has been a very intense period of diplomacy for him throughout that region and again, he will be going to france talking about the security concerns the same kind of security concerns throughout the region that will then be addressed in the summit that you mentioned that's going to be happening here next month. i should make one more point about that tamron. this was supposedmxé('@ é:kf to">-p5ros seve4omonthsñ5/÷xñuñfw' q(-ku
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>> let me bring you into the point about the military perceived as aggression. trying to vocalize. sweeps in some communities and obviously these 10,000 troops will be heavily focused on some of the neighborhoods. >> i think it is difficult, and volatile situation now. i mean we have already seen what looks like retaliatory
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attacks against muslims in france after the hebdo attacks. when you have this kind of military presence i think it does, you know it is exactly right that it does send a message that we are escalating response on this. that escalation is going to embolden would be jihadists. >> with that said you also though as we reported the terror cell if it is fair to describe laid low for ten years, had been under surveillance at least one member for ten years. no matter how long troops stay at these positions, and if it is cut back to 5,000 or several hundred, there are people who are willing to wait them out and wait for the perfect opportunity. >> yeah. it is really the situation we have going forward, we are likely to see more attacks. al qaeda has spent the last decade trying to mobilize people to carry out individual attacks, and what we saw with the initial hebdo attack that was
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apparently and we are still getting information about this but it appears to have been directed by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it wasn't a self starter, wasn't somebody that decided to take action on their own, but it comes after weeks of self starters carrying out attacks in the name of the islamic state in france and other countries, and what we are kind of seeing is that isis has become very very good at getting self starters to act in a way that previous extremist groups that tried this tactic aren't. >> michael, let me bring you back in. we have new video of hayat boumeddiene seen at the passport control desk in istanbul headed into syria, just when we were on air friday when the news was breaking and this was coming to conclusion, it was believed that this woman was inside the super market the kosher super market as it has now been revealed she left the country i believe on the 2nd of january, but this road through turkey that leads to syria has been something richard engel has reported on.
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what do you again see as the next step here? relations with turkey in trying to stop this? >> i think you've hit the nail on the head when it comes to the macro issues. turkey has been trying to join the european union for decades, and got real negotiations started, that process will take over ten years to complete. if they succeed, we will have the same issues of the border. simple to go from france and travel through main land europe into the borders of turkey. you then obviously have a more -- less porous border between european union and turkey and very porous between turkey and syria. a couple of points. what is turkey's future role not just in terms of relationship with the european union and the way they deal with immigration but in terms of the way it is dealing with isis in syria. and the second one is we have to come back to what is one of the
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primary root causes of this jihad issue that we have got, and one of them is complete lack of governance in syria and complete lack of appetite to tackle what i think is one of the main problems which is assad. assad is galvanizing the whole militant organizations in syria and they can exist within syria because there's no governance. we are seeing the leader of isis doing that. >> and jay, before i let you go you studied al awlaki the gunman told the driver kouachi drivers told the brother when they hijacked the car that the attack was revenge for his death years later. obviously. it seems to me just over the weekend watching the many experts come to the conclusion that whether it is al awlaki or whether it was osama bin laden years ago, there will always be this individual held up but the bottom line it seems the future of the terrorists we see today are young men in many cases
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maybe some young women who become radicalized an act on their own in a sense rather than under the umbrella of an organization with a larger name. >> well i think it is a two-part problem. you know the self starters people who are acting without having the formal affiliation are a growing issue, but at the same time if you look at what al qaeda and isis primarily do where most resources go where they cause the most mayhem it is in fighting insurgency. we are seeing separation of terrorism and insurgency in the portfolios of the groups. clint watts at the foreign policy research institute put out a piece that hit the nail on the head in terms of how we think about this stuff. there's attacks that are inspired by a terrorist group, attacks that are networked in the sense that people have connections to a terrorist network as the hebdo killers did, and those distinctions are
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important going forward. >> thank you so much. great pleasure having you both on today. up next airasia's black boxes found as investigators sfrp one of the devices for key clues. divers working to bring the other to the surface. a live report next. and mitt romney's reversal the two time presidential candidate reportedly says he wants to be president, after denying it for months. coming up, new reaction to the shakeup in the gop field. plus this. >> here is one down the sideline pass caught by dez bryant. >> wow, the commercial call refs overturn what appears to be an amazing catch by cowboys wide receiver dez bryant. it ends the season for the cowboys and sends the packers to the championship. it is the news nation gut check. chime in let us know. go to twitter page @newsnation. find me on twitter and instagram
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welcome back. a major break through in the investigation of the crash of airasia flight 8501. indonesian navy divers recovered one of the black boktsz and row located the other. the data flight recorder was pulled from under the wing this morning and brought to the sea surface. the cockpit voice recorder found divers later but divers are struggling to get it loose from the wreckage. the black boxes are key to finding out why the jet went down killing all 162 on board. kelly cobiella joins us. the last bit of wreckage where the divers are focused may allow
8:21 am
divers to discovery mains of people still unaccounted for? >> reporter: that's right, tamron. they want to get the cockpit flight recorder to the surface and in the investigators' hands to look at the data on that piece of equipment. already they have the flight data recorder which is a key, key piece of an investigation, that's on the way to jakarta to be analyzed. what they also want to look at are sonar images from the bottom of the sea floor. they think they may have spotted the fuselage among some images but divers haven't been able to go down and investigate them and that's the key, now that they found the two black boxes or at least think they found both of the black boxes, they want to focus in more on the fuselage, finding the fuselage, and potentially finding the remains of more than 100 passengers and crew who are still missing, tamron. >> and as far as the timing at
8:22 am
least for this dive that's happening now, do we know any more regarding how long they will search for this day? >> well tamron it is 11:00 at night, so another six or seven hours before divers get back into the water to look for the cockpit voice recorder again. what they'll do if they're not able to move that large piece of wreckage and recover that black box, they'll try to lift it with flotation devices and get to it that way, get the wreckage out of the way. in terms of the fuselage and looking for other parts of the wreckage, they're going to start on that tomorrow morning. going to put 80 divers on that effort tomorrow tamron. they have a lot of pressure from families to find remains of people still missing. so that's the plan as of about six or seven hours from now. >> thank you very much kelly. appreciate the update there. up next mitt romney reportedly tells reporters he is considering a run for 2016 after denying it for months.
8:23 am
what it means and does it mean? today's first read. and this. >> i am the two fallen police officers murdered in the line of duty. selma has awakened my humanity. >> golden globe winners common and john legend deliver an acceptance speech and kekd selma to the on-going civil rights struggles. and other big topics in the news france and even bill cosby. what's happening today, monday january 12th. american ebola survivor discussing his scheduled return to west africa this week. he says he will be working at a liberian clinic treating patients with mal area and other chronic health issues. president obama will honor the 2014 san antonio spurs, and today the world gets a first look at the 45 new models debuting at the north american
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with real aged cheddar now in a convenient cup. new stouffer's mac cups. made for you to love. could be a showdown in two republicans for the race in 2016. mitt romney is throwing his hat in the ring reportedly telling new york donors friday he wants to be president. a source tells politico says everybody can tell their friends that i'm considering a run. as today's first read points out, it is not a done deal. a lot is about poking jeb bush in the eye, especially after bush has been so explicit in trying to contrast his likely 2016 with romney. joining me senior political editor mark murray. so you think it is a poke in the eye? >> well it is a few things
8:28 am
tamron. on one hand mitt romney definitely wants to be part of the 2016 conversation at least at this time. ever since jeb bush started making his overt maneuvers, mitt romney has been out of the discussion. friday's news allowed him to be in the discussion. another part of it has to do with the fact that he is not fully on the jeb bush train. there have been a lot of quotes back and forth where mitt romney doesn't think jeb bush has what it takes to be able to win in the general election. and third and finally mitt romney still wants to be president. you see this from people like john mccain, from al gore, when you get to that point general election nominee, end up losing you still want to be president. all three are big factors. but it doesn't guarantee he will end up running anyway. >> no guarantees but sounds as if he says he is considering it. i think also a lot of armchair quarterback or whatever the monday morning quarterbacking that's gone on with the obama
8:29 am
administration, romney and his supporters somehow believe that things would be better under a romney administration. >> that's what they argue, and of course when you are the committed advisers you take a liking to someone, you totally believe in them you're going to continue to believe in that person, but what i do think the big take away from friday's news was, with mitt romney waving his arms, saying don't let this train, this 2016 train start moving without us let us have some time to be able to makeup our minds because with all of the jeb bush maneuvers, with everyone else starting to hire folks, i think mitt romney wanted to say i need to have at least a final word here before everyone starts running for the presidency. >> all right, thank you very much. appreciate it. mark, good to see you. see you tomorrow. >> thanks tamron. a fall from grace, high ranking church leader charged with hitting and killing a cyclist, allegedly while drunk. next new details on the case and the bishop's own criminal
8:30 am
background. we will have this up for you next. and this. >> pow, pow, pow. say pow. >> many are calling this video one of the sickest they've seen. police arrest a couple that allegedly took this video of a one-year-old playing with a gun. it is one of the stories we are following around the news nation. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills, living trusts and more. visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. back now to the top story we are following this hour. the french military is deploying 10,000 troops to protect the country in the wake of last week's deadly attacks. the deployment will focus on the most sensitive locations, including jewish schools. all of this amid on-going global manhunt for hayat boumeddiene. the last living suspect named in the attacks. turkish officials say boumeddiene is now in syria and there's new video allegedly showing her at the airport in istanbul turkey on january 2nd
8:34 am
ahead of last week's attacks. turkish officials say she crossed the border into syria last thursday. the same day her common law husband is suspected of killing a policewoman in paris. and secretary of state john kerry will travel to paris thursday to express solidarity with victims of the attacks. the obama administration has come under criticism for not sending a single official to the march in paris, attended by many world leaders, including benjamin netanyahu angela merkel and david cameron. they're putting the finishing touches on a special edition of charlie hebdo, due to publish wednesday. msnbc ronan farrow spoke to one of the journalists working on the issue. >> i think first i want to say no matter what we will continue, you can kill our colleague, you can kill our friends, you won't kill the
8:35 am
spirit of liberty, you won't kill the spirit of blasphemy. >> and you can catch all of ronan's exclusive interview at 1:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. well the second highest leader of the episcopal church in maryland is in custody, accused of killing a by callist two days and christmas. bishop heather cook turned herself in friday after a news conference was held to announce charges against her, manslaughter, drunk driving, texting while driving, leaving the scene of an accident. investigators say cook hit 41-year-old tom paler mow, after she veered in the bike lane throwing him into the windshield of her car. police say cook kept going, but returned almost a half hour later to the scene. they say her blood alcohol level was 0.22. almost three times the legal limit in that state. joining me now, baltimore state's attorney who announced charges friday. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me
8:36 am
tamron. >> as you know there are some that criticized the city's response regarding charges and the time that's passed. i want to read a little of the opinion piece which you know about. tom oppenheimerer said paler mow died ten days ago, still no charges have been filed. heather cook is a member of the upper tier of baltimore's socioeconomic ladder. if one of my clients mostly african-american men hit paler mow, charges would have been immediately filed against them. what's been your response to that? >> well what i can tell you is that that is not the truth. i can tell you that we have to dispel this perception that bishop cook was somehow treated any differently than any other case. these were some serious allegations and so from the police department perspective and from my office perspective, i had one of my top prosecutors investigating this case, we have done everything we do in a vehicular homicide case. to charge an individual
8:37 am
especially with these serious allegations where there's a fatality, we have to consider the fact that the fifth amendment of the united states constitution, maryland common law, prohibit individuals from being prosecuted twice. when you have lesser included offenses as we did here you know, she blew a .22, i can't comment too much further than what has already been administered in the news conference but we would not have charged her with dui at the scene. we had to thoroughly investigate that case so that it would not preclude her from being charged. we had to thoroughly investigate the case to thoroughly investigate and make sure we charge her with the more aggravated offenses. >> i apologize for interrupting. i want to read the diocese statements after the charges were filed. they say we are deeply heartbroken over this and cry for the family.
8:38 am
all in the community, guided through the tragic situation by three core values. as we process and come to understand the tragedy, these values will be our guide. we reached out to the bishop's attorney. we did not hear back. her background also as you well know has come into play. she pled guilty in 2010 to dui with blood alcohol level 0.27. she was ordered to pay a fine. she was elected last year to her position, has nothing to do with your case, but there are questions regarding $2.5 million bail. it is unusual for the state's attorney to announce charges before an actual arrest. can you respond to that? >> well i think it is important for the state's attorney to assure confidence in the criminal justice system and there was concern in this case that for whatever reason bishop cook wasn't being treated as anyone else would. from that perspective, i thought
8:39 am
it was important to assure the public and everyone that justice is applied fairly and equally, and that no one is above the law, so we did announce the charges, and i think they were in line with what should have taken place. >> i know that you made the point at the news conference that you had spoken to the palermo family for people that don't know it was a father of two, a six-year-old four-year-old, software engineer at john hopkins hospital a well known, well liked, and you personally assured his family that no one is above the law. >> that's correct. no one is above the law. that's why we have to dispel this perception that she is somehow being treated differently. you know, this investigation was conducted in a matter of 13 days. these investigations usually take months and we were able to proactively and expeditiously go about investigating the case and charge her accordingly. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate you
8:40 am
joining us to respond to what you point out as you see it as some misconceptions about this case. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you so much. a wintry mix of snow and ice is creating havoc for millions of people from the east coast to the midwest. it is one of the stories we are following around the news nation. and new reaction to the controversial call against the dallas cowboys. referees reverse a decision in final moments of the game costing the cowboys or as one of you on twitter referred to them as the cowgirls kept us from the championship. it is our news nation gut check.
8:41 am
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earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice, once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back. then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win . the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. . the stage is set for the super bowl with the field down to four teams. but what is dominating the headlines this morning, the controversial call in yesterday's game between the cowboys and packers. >> fourth down and 2.
8:44 am
there's one down the sideline pass caught by dez bryant! they're going to mark him inside the 1. >> after review it has been determined that the receiver did not maintain possession of the football during the process. the ball comes loose, hits the ground therefore the ruling is incomplete forward pass. >> that play happened late in the fourth quarter with dez bryant making what likely would have been a game winning catch, and it caused a social media fire storm, others calling it the worst call in nfl history. after the game the referee explained his decision saying quote, in our judgment he maintained possession but continued to fall and never had another act common to the game at the time he lands, the ball hits the ground it comes loose, which would make that incomplete. i bring in an expert.
8:45 am
usa today's jared bell. thanks for joining us. >> hey, tamron how are you doing. >> i am a-okay but obviously i have a dog in this race. i will leave it to you to explain to the people what happened. >> well there's a complexity to the nfl rule about what is actually a catch or not, and as you explained a minute ago the officials judged that dez bryant did not make a common football act or move after catching the ball. now, nobody said he didn't catch it at first, right, it is what happens, and the rules, to simplify it, it is like if you catch a pass and get both feet in, you got possession run out of bounds it is okay but if you catch the ball and then fall to the ground then that's when another set of -- another part
8:46 am
of the rule comes into play and basically says if you fall to the ground you must maintain possession throughout the process of making the catch. so falling to the ground then becomes part of the process for making the catch that you did make and have two feet in. so that's where it gets confusing. so they made the proper call yesterday as nfl officiating director dean glandino confirmed shortly after, but there's a lot of question about whether or not it's a good rule. then there's that gray area in terms of what is a football act or common act. i say dez bryant was trying to lunge to the goal line that's a football act. i also take the opinion, tamron that any time you're on the football field and they haven't blown the whistle, whatever is going on is a football act, because you have to protect yourself and so on and so forth. >> so i present this to you. is this just clearly america's
8:47 am
attempt to sabotage america's team because they're all just jealous of the dallas cowboys? i mean i have to present this to the jury. i have nothing else for it. it just has to be you know it is america's team. we have the stadium where god can see his favorite team play. i'm going all in on this. gone too far. but let's back it up. i just feel like some of the hostility directed at the dallas cowboys and people sending me tweets, cow girls, this is karma. what is it about america's team that wrinkles so many football fans? >> because the cowboys probably still are despite it being, you know, 20xx years since they won a super bowl or something like that. >> but who's counting. >> yeah. but they are still the team people love to hate. you either love them or you love to hate them. >> the second most profitable
8:48 am
sports team behind manchester united. >> yeah. most valuable. and getting more valuable by the moment. but the thing that you really look at in this situation that's so ironic there's two things let me point them out quickly. one, what happened last week against the detroit lions. >> yes, karma as i was told on social media. >> the cowboys got away with one last week not only on one play but three penalties on one play another penalty on another key play against detroit. so the lions kind of got robbed. >> i don't want to be accused of being a sore loser, let me give some love to green bay. i love green bay. some of the most loyal fans if you've ever traveled to wisconsin, go to the green bay packer stadium to see the sea of yellow and green. and kohler is amazing. i have to go. i had to prove i am not a sore loser, and we'll just be back next year.
8:49 am
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welcome back as the stars of the big and small screen came out for the golden night. this year saw a lot of surprises especially in the tv category. the most unexpected detail the attorney the show took many showed the spotlight to show solidarity with paris. several displayed messages in support of france on the red carpet and number of winners and presenters paid tribute to victims. another moving movement was the speech common gave while
8:53 am
accepting the award for best song for selma. he had a powerful message about solidarity. >> as i got to know the people of the civil rights movement i realized i am the hopeful black woman denied her right to vote. i am the caring white supporter, killed on the front lines of freedom. i am the unarmed black kid who maybe needed a hand but instead was given a bullet. i am the two fallen police officers murdered in the line of duty. selma has awakened my humanity. >> and joining me now to talk about the certificateemonyceremony janet, good to see you. >> nice to see you too. >> let's talk about the serious notes. this is a beautiful glamorous night and about artistry and connecting with the audiences at home. >> that's the most powerful thing about pop culture, many
8:54 am
people at home may not quite understand but know it's on the tv screens. one example is tina fey and amy poehler holding no punches, from the very beginning, the first line telling them they are spoiled brats in the space where such a privileged space and we have movies talking about civil rights with "selma" and the things going on in paris, people there. then on another instance, also bringing in bill cosby in the space on a network where rerain rerainedrerain rerainedrerain rerained reigned for the 80s. >> one of the jokes was about george clooney's wife's many accomplishments ascy celebrated attorney. when you look at the life and profile and incredible work he's done outside of hollywood for the benefit of others. >> sudan, when he talked about
8:55 am
at 53 years old, this is the trophy wife this is something we've been attaining towards partnership and seeing her in the space too. she was one of the first people on the red carpet talking about where she talked about the intention of wearing dior choose a parisian designer. >> what was your favorite? >> my favorite has been the bill cosby call-out because they brought it front and center. everyone is speaking about it and to bring it up on nbc universal space, was just so powerful. we're also here too but to see two women take ownership of that. and another space was the context of women running hollywood in a sense. one of the biggest show runners for comedy is a woman as well. "transparent", seeing that show meet its cultural match in a sense by saying this is so much
8:56 am
more than just an award for us. this is shedding light on entire of people marginalized. >> it was entertaining to watch and also uplifting. it was a good one. thank you, so happy to have you on. that does it for this edition of "news nation." up next, "andrea mitchell reports." t streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports" missing in action, new images of the women who french police say was involved in the paris attacks and now crossed from turkey into syria. while in paris, world leaders stood arm to arm leading millions in a march but there is a shocking absence of president or vice president biden. >> the relationship with france is not about one day or one particular moment it's an
9:00 am
ongoing long time relationship. i really think this is sort of quibbling. >> president obama is expected to speak this hour. will he also address the controversy? third time is a charm. mitt romney hints at another run for the white house. how will that play with jeb bush? >> jeb never respected mitt romney's decision to -- flip on immigration and he's basically held it against mitt romney ever since. >> it would be a messy race more about whose turn is it romney or bush rather than who's more conservative? >> hollywood's golden night, the entertainment world stands up for free speech. >> today we will stand united against anyone who would repress free speech anywhere from north korea to paris. ♪


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