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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  January 10, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. welcome to the jungle. >> one inmate makes himself at home in very familiar surroundings. >> i've been in this jail more than 12 times. >> but that doesn't keep him off the jail's radar. >> why they would think me, i really don't know. >> accused of possessing a huge child porn collection, another inmate attempts to salvage his
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relationship with his daughter and her children. >> so now when am i going to get some pictures of the kids? >> approximately 10:00 inmate gomes urinated out of his cell door. >> and deputies take steps to contend with an inmate. >> they're going to transfer me out of here or take me out in a body bag. one way or the other. >> inmate gomes, are you going to comply? >> there's a certain anonymity among most people in big cities, but boston is a city of traditionally tight-knit neighborhoods where it really does seem like everyone knows your name. even behind the walls of the city's primary detention facility, the suffolk county jail. >> i grew up in the south end, part of the city of boston,
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which is our neighborhood, not far from the facility. within seven years of this job i found i knew most people that i should know from childhood, from high school, and just from the neighborhood itself. >> inmates, too, often find themselves among friends and relatives. >> we're brothers, that's right. >> though not all inmates are housed in the same facility, those who have only been charged with a crime and are awaiting trial are held at the nashua street jail until the resolution of their case. those who are convicted and receive sentences of two-and-a-half years or less will usually serve their time four miles away at the house of correction. >> top of the world. 15 minutes! i told you. i told you. it was going to be nothing. >> it's a place sal giuliano has become very familiar with over the years. [ bleep ] >> keep a small circle. >> my buddy shayne, mini me.
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>> south boston's in the house over here. >> we got one for you. >> what's up? >> these guys here, i grew up with them, from the same hometown. >> what's the table? >> what's up? >> i don't want to make any more friends. i have 13 commitments. i've been in this jail 12 times. my last court date i had 76 convictions. i'm doing the second half of a two-year sentence, i finished a year in may, went home on probation, placed me on a bracelet, house arrest. that didn't fit too good. i ended up cutting it off, the first of my own. i assisted a few friends before. >> giuliano's latest conviction is for breaking and entering. he says the crime was committed to support his heroin habit.
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>> that's pretty much my history. all of my crimes are drug related. i don't commit crimes for violent natures. it's drugs and if i can find ways to support my habit without hurting anyone, i'll take a shot at it. >> mattie? >> guiliano says even his childhood memories are tied to the drug trade. >> my father was an alleged cocaine dealer. i remember it before i was 10 years old bringing to school show and tell a homemade drug thing, the razors, the fake lines, a cut-up pepsi bottle. give these to phil. >> five years ago, giuliano was convicted of conspiracy to violate drug laws. >> welcome to the jungle. >> he served a three-year sentence in prison. >> that was for a charge i picked up here in this unit, as a matter of fact. cell 21. they alleged that i was smuggling drugs into the jail for profit.
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>> while guiliano wouldn't discuss the specifics of the case, he says that if drugs did make it into the jail, there would be a ready market. >> hold it down, kid. something that goes for $10 on the street goes for $100, a pack of cigarettes $100, very profitable. >> but these days, guiliano says he has a very different set of concerns. how are you? >> just do your job. >> you got it. >> a few years ago they caught me clean. >> i would never have been clean. you would have been in segregation a few years ago. >> all the water on the floor came from the toilet. >> that's right. >> guiliano says changes at the jail, as well as a lack of loyalty among most inmates, have forced him to try and do his time without problems. >> anymore there's no such thing as just keeping quiet. no sir, mother, honest to god, to not face any charges. i don't put myself in a
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situation where you have to worry about me telling or i got to worry about someone else telling on me. i just avoid it all completely. >> while guiliano may have decided the best way to do time is to lay low, up in the disciplinary segregation unit another inmate has chosen a different route. >> it's approximately 12:15 p.m., we're outside the 131 segregation unit, inmate ricardo gomes, 100653 being disruptive, refusing all orders from the security staff to cease his behavior. >> the sheriff's emergency response team or sert, has been called to the floor to deal with an inmate who has been causing problems since early morning. procedure requires they you videotape the interaction. >> at approximately 10:00 to 10:30, inmate gomes urinated out of his cell floor. he was spoken to not to do that again. or he would receive placement into a restraint chair. at approximately 12:00 again, he
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urinated out of his cell door once again. we're going to put him in the restraint chair due to behavior. inmate gomes, if you don't comply with me you're going to be sprayed with chemical agent and placed in a restraint chair. >> for what? >> i'm going to give your final order to place your hands through the trap. if you don't comply, you'll be extracted from your cell. turn around and put your hands through the trap. >> why are you doing this to me? >> turn around and place your hands through the trap. >> every week you ask me to do this -- >> i'm not going to answer anything because i'm giving you an order to put your hands through the trap. it's your last chance. turn around and put your hands through. turn around, put your hands behind your back. and put your hands through the trap or you're going to be extracted from your cell. open 2. >> the problem inmate is 50-year-old ricardo gomes, currently serving two consecutive two-and-a-half year sentences for assault with a dangerous weapon.
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>> he is a major behavioral issue, if he doesn't get his way or things don't happen fast enough, he tends to get riled up very quickly and everything is a problem for him. it's tough to get him to come down. and everything is a problem for him. nothing -- he doesn't do anything wrong, we do everything wrong. and there's some major injustice. >> i'm going to advise you to remain silent. >> no such thing as freedom of speech in jail? what happened to my miranda rights, my amendment rights? >> when inmates continually act out the jail can secure them in a restraint chair for up to four hours. as deputies place gomes in the chair they fasten a mask around his face to prevent him from spitting. >> [ bleep ] >> he is then secured at the waist, torso and ankles. >> you want to videotape the urination of inmate gomes out of his cell door, the saliva on his cell window. >> wait, when the [ bleep ] comes out of there. >> as you just documented on camera, he stated wait until he [ bleep ] comes out of there so
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we'll have to take him out of the chair eventually. he still continues to make threats and [ bleep ] act up and violate the rules of the department. >> lieutenant medeiros has a problem with me. >> you tell him. >> he's a [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> with gomes safely restrained, deputies conduct a search of his cell, checking for weapons or other contraband. it isn't long before they find cause for concern. >> we discovered inmate gomes tied multiple shoelaces around his shower head. inmate gomes has done this in the past to not only use the shoe laces to pull and activate sprinkler heads but he's also attempted on several occasions to harm himself by tying the shoe laces around his neck. >> deputies cut down the shoe laces and confiscate them. in the past, gomes and other inmates have caused floods by damaging shower or sprinkler heads. >> he'll tie the shoelace to the sprinkler head and yank the mechanism on the sprinkler head that allows the sprinkler to activate. it causes a lot of damage within the facility and the housing
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units. >> i'm going to take your blood pressure. >> jail regulations require that while an inmate is restrained, he receive a medical evaluation every 15 minutes. >> his general condition is stable, it's okay for him to remain in the chair. >> until his next checkup gomes is placed back into his cell. >> inmate gomes was secured inside the restraint chair, placed back in cell 2, medically evaluated with no treatment provided or necessary at this time and the camera is going to be turned off. >> they put me in this chair for one reason, one reason at all, just because they could! coming up, sal giuliano finds his reputation has come back to haunt him. >> he said they found some drugs in the bathroom. i didn't know what they're talking about. >> ricardo gomes cuts a deal. >> nobody in jail can say rick gomes ever broke his word.
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inside the disciplinary segregation unit of boston's suffolk county jail house of correction, inmate ricardo gomes has been causing problems since early morning. >> okay, sergeant medeiros, approximately 2:15 p.m., outside the 131 segregation unit where inmate ricardo gomes was placed in the restraint chair after being disruptive. >> after urinating on his cell door, threatening to throw feces on staff, and tampering with the shower head, gomes has been immobilized in a restraint chair. he's been there for almost two hours. >> i'm not going to go inside the housing unit and see if he's ready to comply and follow the rules and regulations, see if he's ready to follow the rules and regulations of the facility. if he's willing to do so, he'll be removed. are you willing to comply? >> yes, sir, i will. and i'll go a little bit further. i'm tired of getting in this chair. >> okay.
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>> i'm tired of giving you a hard time. >> all right. >> i told him that i'd stop this bull [ bleep ] i'd give my word. >> okay. >> nobody in this jail can say rick gomes ever broke his word. >> okay, all right, that's fair enough. listen, all i'm going to tell you is this. this isn't personal. i know you might think it is because you get angry. no one wants to do this. no one wanted to do this. but we need you to comply with the rules and regulations. >> can i get a drink of water? >> we'll get you out of the chair first. and we'll see what we can do. is that fair? okay. in addition to that, you understand that after being removed from the chair, if you urinate out of your cell door, spit on the window, activate a sprinkler head or tend to harm yourself, you know where you're going to go. >> i'm all done. >> where are you going to go, back in the restraint chair. i need you to acknowledge that. >> yes, sir. >> you're not going to do any of those things? >> no, sir. >> okay. >> inside here i only fight with the correctional officers. i call it their house. it should be our house. we sleep here, 24/7.
9:16 pm
back in the old days, the inmates ran the jails. these new jails, it's their house. i disrespected their house. just by urinating on the floor and spitting on the glass window. i gave you my word, lieutenant. >> let's go in there. >> inmate gomes, no moving your leg irons, no moving your legs around, no kicking your feet your understand? yes, or no, sir? >> yes, sir. >> okay. removed from the restraint chair cooperatively, medically evaluated, no treatment was provides, and now he is secure inside cell 2, cameras will be turned off at this time. >> gomes's stay at the suffolk county jail began five months earlier after a nighttime altercation resulted in a conviction for assault with a dangerous weapon. the type of weapon which earned gomes his nickname, bricks.
9:17 pm
>> i don't carry guns or knives. i carry a brick, a brick that you make a wall out of, a red brick. i usually get one of those, break it in half and put half in each pocket. all the cops know i carry them, the police in boston, station 4 especially, they know me, they pull up and they go, hey, how you doing ricardo gomes? where's the rock? i lift up the shirt and show them the brick and say, no, it is not a rock, it's a brick. >> but gomes says he uses his bricks to help others. like a vigilante. >> charles bronson is like my model. i love that guy. everybody has their own territory in the streets. i got from copley square to the top of landsdown street if i catch you in there breaking into people's cars, you get bricked. if you steal somebody's bicycle, you get bricked. if you rob the kids or any people i see robbing any people, you get bricked. so the cops don't mind me being in the neighborhood.
9:18 pm
because i stop a lot of the crime. >> but rather than a citizenship citation, gomes' latest brick assault resulted in two, 2 1/2 year sentences. since they must be served consecutively, he'll be in the house of correction for five years. but he's intent on serving his time at a different facility, and despite his promise less than an hour earlier he says he's willing to be a nuisance if it will help him get the transfer. >> i'm going to do my five years out of this jail, trust me. i'm going to get transferred. they're going to get sick of me popping their sprinklers. >> what's popping their sprinklers? >> that's when you tie a string inside the hole in the sprinkler system up there and you pull it and water comes out and the alarms go off and you hear all over the prison, doot, doot, doot, the lights flashing and the water is then pouring out. i've never seen so much water come out of one little sprinkler. you can fill up a cell in like ten minutes.
9:19 pm
like an aquarium. all you got to do is block the water from going out the door. that ain't a bad idea either. >> he tends to feel there's some major miscarriage of justice against him and wants to get transferred to another facility where he's not going to go because he creates so many problems and he's a behavioral issue so they're not going to take him as a transfer because of the way he acts. >> thank you, mr. gomes. >> i don't feel too good. >> i'm not doing five years here. that's the bottom line. they're going to transfer me out of here or they'll take me out in a body bag. one way or another. coming up -- >> looking at a bunch of dirty pictures isn't the same as molesting a child. >> the alleged owner of one of the largest child porn collections ever confiscated settles in in the protective custody unit.
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no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. at the suffolk county jail in boston, both men and women live in the house of correction.
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one of two facilities that comprise the jail system. they're housed on separate floors but that doesn't stop them from finding ways to communicate. >> it's 192, we get to talk to the guys downstairs. >> how do you talk to them? >> through the toilets. we clear them out and yell through the pipes. the vents, the pipes. you could do it this way which people laugh at all the time. >> what are you doing? >> i'm plunging the toilet with my ass. >> because you can't talk to them unless it's clear so you got to get all the water out. >> yo! >> yeah, say hi. >> hello! this is the only way they'll do an interview. >> this is the only way they'll do an interview. >> life for most inmates at the suffolk county jail is anything
9:24 pm
but fun and games. inside the jail's nashua street facility is a housing unit for those inmates whose charges have given them a reputation among other inmates. a reputation that could result in grave consequences. >> special housing unit, what we call the shu, is typically what most people refer to as pc, protective custody unit, the people who go to protective custody or special housing are those whose charges either make them very difficult to place in general population or quite often involves some sort of sexual crime charge. that individual is generally not welcome in any housing block. >> these inmates often become targets in general population. where other inmates consider it a badge of honor to attack them. george shipps has been in this special housing unit for ten months now. >> i am here for downloading child pornography on my computer. that's my charge.
9:25 pm
>> shipps, who has pled not guilty to charges of possession and distribution of child pornography, is in protective custody, not only because of the nature of his charges, but the notoriety. >> the day that i walked into the jail, there was a television on and i was on the tv, that's why i've been the shu, special housing unit. protective custody. >> according to news reports of his arrest, shipps allegedly had thousands of files of child pornography on his computer. authorities called it one of the largest collections ever confiscated. >> i never dreamed that i would be sitting here facing charges like this. i just thought it was harmless voyeurism. >> shipps does admit to having some child porn on his computer. he says he stumbled upon it through a file sharing network, an application that allows users
9:26 pm
to view the contents of each other's computers. >> i would go through somebody's file and they would have 1,000 files, and i would go and click on all these files, and then as they downloaded, i would view them. if they were my children, i would want to murder whoever it would have done this to them. so i knew that it was wrong, but looking at a bunch of dirty pictures isn't the same as molesting a child. >> shipps blames his battles with cocaine addiction and alcoholism for several prior convictions, including assault and battery on a police officer. he says child porn became another addiction. >> the addictive part was let's see what we can find that we're not supposed to look at. that was where the addiction part came in, the thrill part. i'm not supposed to have this, so let me get it. it, so that means it must be
9:27 pm
some reason why. so then i need to see it. >> but it wasn't just downloading child pornography that got shipps into trouble. he's also accused of distributing, something he blames on not understanding how file sharing works. >> once you have it on your computer, then somebody can come along and download it from your computer. >> if shipps is convicted, he could face up to ten years or more in prison. >> i didn't take any of these pictures or anything like that. i didn't assault anybody. if i had a camera and i was going around taking pictures of children or molesting children or something like that, then absolutely. but i didn't do that. >> while shipps' case works its way through the courts, he will remain in protective custody. >> there's very limited activity. i'd rather be out there. i watch the traffic and just
9:28 pm
imagine if it's somebody i know or if it's friends or family going to visit other friends and family. >> coming up -- >> hi, how are you? >> george shipps receives a visit from his daughter. >> i love my grandchildren very much. i don't want to lose them. >> and ricardo gomes breaks a promise. >> he's loading up on urine so he can throw it at someone if he's not getting his way. >> you know who that was for.
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she may have crossed over into syria. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised. at boston suffolk county jail, some inmates are better known to staff than others, mainly due to their many stays here. >> boston baby, beantown. bean town! >> sal guiliano, who is finishing up a year-long sentence for a probation violation, is here for the 12th time. it's a chance to catch up with buddies from his neighborhood. >> east boston baby, east boston. waitress. 2128, stay golden. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] how i grew up, just loyalty was a big thing. friendship was a big thing. don't find too many people who understand them words,
9:33 pm
friendship. friendship to me is, you know, i do for others, those that are my friends i would do before i do for myself. >> selfish. one coffee. there's six of us. you come in with one coffee. all right. i'll remember that. >> i didn't get canteened this week. >> i got your canteen. you hungry? you hungry? what you want? >> that's what happens -- >> all right, listen to me. >> it'll all be gone by tomorrow. >> we're going to take that but don't ask for it back later. when the camera leaves, don't ask for it back. >> we catch a lot of flak. we laugh. we joke, you know what i mean. we hang out with each other all the time. we become close. we have your zip code tattooed on your biceps. >> how am i getting home? i'm from east boston, 0212, send me on my way. >> while one of guiliano's prior
9:34 pm
stays here resulted in an additional conviction for smuggling drugs into the jail, he says this time he has a whole new attitude. >> going to work. what's going on? >> guiliano holds an inmate job as a runner. cleaning housing units and helping with meal and laundry deliveries. >> my little office right here. this is all new to me, cleaning, staying out of trouble, trying to anyway. >> it wasn't easy, wasn't easy over the years. i guess you could call him the problem child for a while. >> deputy boussa has worked at the suffolk county jail almost as long as giuliano has been frequenting it. >> years ago, always fighting, disrupting units. >> i was. >> he would leave segregation, come back to population and an hour later go back to segregation. >> i wasn't there long. that was me. >> were you on the ninth floor, the heroin? >> yep. i was there. >> you were there when they passed it through the door. >> the eighth floor. >> they passed it from the eighth to the ninth?
9:35 pm
>> i was there. those were the days, too. big change in this jail since then. >> yes. >> now you're lucky if you're getting a tylenol. now big brother is watching 24 hours a day. >> right. >> you can't make no moves. big brother, cameras all over the place. everywhere. >> while deputy boussa says he appreciates guiliano's current laid-back attitude, he's not about to let his guard down. >> i know how he operates. i've known him for a long time. he'll steal your wallet and turn around and help you look for it. so just be careful with him. >> me? me? oh. >> not sal! not sal! >> i gave it back to carl. i gave carl back his wallet. >> inmate ricardo gomes is a familiar face among staff as well. >> i kept looking out my cell and seeing the clock on the wall. this is what i wrote. ♪ i seen the clock on the wall, the rhyme is still ripping ♪ ♪ he got the mike [ bleep ] trippin' ♪ >> he's also known on the
9:36 pm
streets of boston where he performs as a rapper, some call the roxbury crackhead. ♪ roxbury crackhead cell phone ringer ♪ >> lieutenant medeiros has spent more than his share of time with gomes over the past seven months. >> he tends to ramp himself up over a wide variety of things that seem very minor to us but seem big to him. >> there's no free come of speech in jail? >> he's already pulled several sprinkler heads and activated the heads and attempted several times to harm himself and he's been extremely verbally abusive and threatening to harm staff. >> no sooner does night shift commander come on duty then he spots gomes standing on his toilet reaching for a sprinkler head. >> what were you doing up there? i saw you up there. what were you doing up there? you don't have anything in your cell, do you? >> like what? >> anything. >> you searched me five times and you still can't find no [ bleep ] that i have. every time they leave i break out a bag of coffee or [ bleep ]
9:37 pm
peach kool-aid and have a sip. okay? they never get everything. i got [ bleep ] you'll never find. >> want me to try? >> turn around. back up to the door, put your hands through, sir. >> the captain assembles a team of deputies to inspect gomes' sprinkler head and the rest of his cell for any other contraband. >> okay. we're going to take that down. >> within seconds of removing gomes from his cell, the deputies unravel the string from around the sprinkler head. >> he tied a piece of bed sheet up on the sprinkler head up there and he's ready to pull the sprinkler head. that's why we're going in there, doing a cell search, take it out and check his cell for any other type of contraband or weapons or anything because he's known to do this. >> because he's making threats to doing inappropriate things when i come on the shift we want to make sure there's nothing in here that would allow him to do, like for instance i'm looking down here beside this toilet and
9:38 pm
it seems to be a cup full of urine, and we'll have that taken out of here in a minute. the sprinkler head that we think he's looking for, the reality is he's loading up on urine. >> so he can possibly throw it at someone if he's not getting his way. >> you know who that was for, for lieutenant medeiros. >> we'll see about getting you out of the chair first and see what you can do. is that fair? >> he singled me out, he's the only one that comes to my cell, only one that writes me up, he's the only one that keeps hassling me. so i was saving him a little present. >> he made threats that he was going to use it to throw in lieutenant medeiros' face next time he comes around. that's a threat we take seriously. he'll receive a disciplinary report for tying the string onto the sprinkler head, the cup of urine on the floor, as well as making threats to the lieutenant. >> how much time do you still have to do? >> five years? >> five years in this [ bleep ] hellhole, no thanks. i'd rather do five years in a grave. >> for this incident, gomes
9:39 pm
could receive up to 30 additional days in segregation. if he continues to pile up disciplinary reports, he could spend the majority if not all of his sentence in segregation. >> i'm going to write the report. i supervised the search. this is what we come up with. we'll write a report on that and hopefully we have no more problems with mr. gomes for the rest of the evening. >> home sweet home, huh? >> coming up, reports of gambling and drugs trigger a massive search. and in the middle of it is a group of neighborhood buddies.
9:40 pm
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9:42 pm
this is, you know, canteen, what we call christmas, what we're surviving off of. >> according to the inmates at boston's suffolk county jail, christmas doesn't come just once
9:43 pm
a year. it comes once a week, on wednesdays when the weekly canteen orders are delivered. >> i told you, sweetheart, you got to send me more money. >> for the ten months george shipps has been held in the protective custody unit, charged with downloading and distributing a huge collection of child pornography. canteen is one of his few pleasures. >> that's the only thing i look forward to. i get trail mix, soups. i try to keep it very simple. i don't spend that much money. i don't want to call my children and say, can you send me some money? >> shipps' five children are all grown. today one of them has come for a visit. >> i'm going to see my daughter, who i haven't seen for over a year. i'm excited. >> it will be the first time shipps has seen his daughter, christine, since his arrest. >> not how you want to see your children. i'd much rather be meeting in a restaurant for dinner. but this will have to do for now.
9:44 pm
>> hi, how are you? >> christine has two young children and shipps' biggest concern is whether his charges might affect their relationship. >> it bothers me that she'll feel uncomfortable my being around my grandchildren. it's something i'm worried about. i have to reassure her that anything i did was all done on the internet and that's all i wanted her to know, is she doesn't have to worry. >> lockers are over there, straight ahead. >> are you nervous to see him? >> yeah. it's been a long time. >> what kind of relationship do you have? >> he's my father. he forgets my birthday all the time. but i don't know his either. so i guess we're even. >> face me, left hand. when you go inside -- >> he did it a lot. i don't remember how many times but a lot. >> shipps's past convictions
9:45 pm
were for disorderly conduct and assault tied to his drug and alcohol abuse but christine says his current charges came as a surprise to her. >> but then again i'm not sure any child really sees it coming or wants to see it coming. i think my mother -- i asked her if she saw it coming and she said no, too, so -- >> pull up your hair, please. >> i think the mother part of me wants him locked away forever, but the daughter part of me wants to help him, so. me, personally, i know that if i left my kids around him they'd be fine, only because we were fine. but it's hard to be a mother and a daughter in the same situation. >> just face me. open your mouth. lift your tongue. you can put your shoes back on. >> inmates awaiting trial are normally not allowed contact visits, but due to filming restrictions in the visiting area, jail officials set up a
9:46 pm
temporary space that could accommodate our cameras. >> hello. >> hi. >> my daughter. >> my favorite color. doesn't look that good on you though. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> i have the one-piece but that's for people that are in the hole. how are you doing? >> good. >> that's nice. >> how are you? >> terrible. >> so how are [ bleep ] and [ bleep ]? >> they're good. he'll be 3. >> when? >> march. >> march? >> 10th. >> march 10th he'll be 3. is he in day care now? >> yes. is that where he is now? >> yeah. >> so when am i going to get some pictures of the kids? >> all of my pictures are digital. >> yeah? >> all of the pictures are digital. >> you don't have a computer? >> i do. i just haven't put the pictures on the camera to print them out yet. >> oh, yeah. >> mommy was the picturetaker anyways, not really me.
9:47 pm
i'm not into it. >> well you can have a disc printed out at a cvs or print out the disc for the pictures. i know in the paper the charges that i'm here for, i just wanted you to know all of those, everything was on the internet. i just wanted you to know that what i did, i know was, was stupid, first of all. i never should have been downloading all that material from the computer, but i just want you to know i would never, never in a million years do anything to harm my grandchildren. i love them very much. i just wanted you to know that. not to worry about them being around me, that i'm some kind of weird guy. i just, i love my grandchildren very much. i don't want to lose them. >> well, i think you need help, but i haven't changed.
9:48 pm
you're still my father. it still never affected my childhood. >> i thank you. i still love you. >> when's my birthday? >> it is august 5th. >> how old will i be? >> oh, geez, come on, now you got me. let's see, jason's 21 -- 25. 24. no? wow. 26? >> close. >> time is up. >> all right. i'll see you in a couple of weeks. thank you for coming. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> it was great. i had a wonderful time. it was good to see my daughter. >> i've never heard him apologize for anything before. he drank a lot so he never really owned up to stuff, so when he did, it was kind of weird for me. like i heard him but it didn't really know what to make of what i heard him say, so. >> don't know how she'll react
9:49 pm
to my charges, if somehow she was afraid to let me see my grandchildren, which would be the worst thing going to jail. my grandchildren don't have to know about this. >> but moments later, another inmate reminded shipps that his position in the jail house hierarchy is known. >> you're a disgrace, pc. >> he doesn't know who i am, he's never seen me before but because i have this uniform on, you're classed as a pedophile or a rapist or -- >> does it scare you? >> yes, that somebody's going to want to get into a fight with me, not even knowing me or why i'm here or anything like that. just by, because i'm in a special housing unit. >> later, the inmate who insulted shipps made his feelings clear. >> there's some reason why he's
9:50 pm
in there, a child molester or something like that, maybe killed a baby, stuff you don't do. >> and if shipps is eventually sent to prison, he could have even more problems. >> there's no pc up state if that's where he's going, so he's going to fight for his life and he's no -- as i know he's a pc now, if i see him in another jail, word will get out, this is how it is, so we have to handle it. jail politics. >> coming up, a major shakedown for sal giuliano and ricardo gomes makes another promise. >> i'm going to give you 60 days. on day 61 i'm going to become awful upset if i'm still here. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family.
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hey, jennar fuzz mike trooawwwwww scram!g... i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. >> turn around. >> this could be anything from multipurpose cleaner to tile cleaner for the showers. that in an officer's eyes could be a bad day. >> anything like this, just pour
9:54 pm
it out, better safe than sorry. >> every inmate at boston's suffolk county jail knows cell inspections for drugs, weapons or other contraband are a way of life. >> they're doing their job. i can't complain. >> i'm not all right. i don't feel that way. i feel like i'm being violated, man. >> we do random cell searches every day throughout the facility. four times a year we'll do the entire unit. that's every inmate in the unit gets searched as well as all of their cells. >> today, 30 deputies are inspecting a housing unit of 180 inmates at the house of correction. >> we're bringing in two dogs today. one of them is a patrol dog, it's a german shepherd. he's usually pretty loud. he gets the attention of the inmates. let's them know we mean business, they'll follow the rules during the process, especially when we think weapons, et cetera, might be present. anything that makes them second guess their bad behavior is on our side. >> i want to talk to lieutenant medeiros.
9:55 pm
>> during the searches, we came across inmate danny smith who was in possession of a large quantity of canteen items. you know a lot of times inmates will swap canteen items for gambling or strong-arm another inmate in the unit. that's how they pay. they don't have currency. that's their currency, the canteen. >> five years ago during a prior stay here sal giuliano was convicted of a more serious offense -- attempting to smuggle drugs into the jail. though he claims he's cleaned up his act, reputations die hard and today his cell is one of the first searched. >> they said they found drugs in the bathroom downstairs that everyone in the joint has access to every day, but because i clean down there, they wanted to question me about it. i don't know what they were talking about, though. >> giuliano's cell comes up clean. while the search turns up plenty of minor contraband items no drugs or weapons are found anywhere else in the unit.
9:56 pm
>> however, it was a good opportunity to get a lot of excess property items they weren't entitled to or authorized to have in their cells. >> you got a [ bleep ] outlet. >> fire hazard. >> guiliano says he wasn't surprised to be at the top of the deputies' list. >> they target the ones they think know something first. why they would think me i really don't know, honestly, maybe before they had a reason to but i've been staying out of trouble so i don't know why they, you know. >> still, giuliano has no regrets about his past. >> i'm not ashamed of anything. i have the word tattooed on my back, "shameless." >> george shipps says he has plenty of regrets about downloading and according to him unknowingly distributing thousands of images of child pornography on his computer. he is innocent until proven guilty, but as an accused sex offender, he must spend his time in protective custody while he awaits trial.
9:57 pm
>> i would never in a million years hang around with anybody in here if i didn't have to live here with them so you have to get along with people because that's just the way it is. but these people -- and if i ever see them on the street, i would say hello, but i wouldn't say hello, let's go have a beer, or let's go hang out. i wouldn't hang out with anybody in here. >> though he could face ten or more years in prison if convicted, shipps is hopeful he will soon reach a plea bargain. >> what is a fair sentence for your crime? >> i think probation. i think i've been here now for well over a year. i think i've served enough time. i'm sure that i'll be able to live my life without porn. just as i'm able to live my life without alcohol or drugs. sometimes you get a craving or an urge, but i don't see myself having a problem with relapsing when it comes to pornography.
9:58 pm
>> ricardo gomes is also dealing with a reputation issue. he recently had a cup of urine confiscated from his cell. he says he was going to throw it at a particular officer, but an even more sinister concoction. >> i was planning on making a special remedy we used to do back in the old days called funky cold medina. it's kind of like skunk juice. it's made out of some really nasty parts, urine, feces, peanut butter and sour milk. and we mix it together until it's liquid. if you hit anybody with this, they ain't coming, they're not going to want to go home, trust me. >> bricks, i didn't finish coloring it in. >> a few weeks later, gomes had managed to avoid any more disciplinary problems. >> i told that lieutenant i promised him i wouldn't act up,
9:59 pm
keeping my word because i want to get my transfer. i got 60 days quiet, and i'm out of here. >> though officials deny reaching such an agreement, gomes says if he stays out of trouble for 60 days, he could become eligible for transfer to a jail in another county. >> i'm going to give them this 60 days, and on day 61, i'm going to become awful upset if i'm still in here. if i'm still in here, i'm going to act up so badly that they have to ship me out. i do things nobody else will do. i sit in this cell looking at all four walls. look about the people here all men call. look at this box and what can i see, a life in a fence is waiting for me. couple of blocks, sometimes a project, sometimes an entire
10:00 pm
neighborhood, certainly. in almost every case, every group has some sort of serious feud with at least four to five other groups within the city of boston. >> and over the past 10 years, the structure of those gangs has changed and that's had a serious impact on the jail. >> such as it was, there was a bit of a code about what you did and what you didn't do. and that seems to have gone by the wayside, and what that translates into is some of this wild west mentality and sort of shooting for any slight, real or imagined. >> that's just how it is. bank robber robs banks, a nurse helps patients, gang members shoot each other. >> back to the [ bleep ]. >> 22-year-old delshaun bloodworth says he spent much of the last are being held count bloodworth's be so i don' just m % espe >> delshaun has always been outspoken. n nothing. he's all about loyalty. he's going to be yo >> you touch me i'm pushing you on the streets. let's get it. >> in fact, it was that attitu less restrictive general population u another inmate. >> they brought a new g the unit which happened to be an enemy. what and we just stomped him. >> david peters hooked back up with a childhood friend delshaun bloodworth, a that had jumped him perhaps three weeks ago came into that unit. they fought each other. >> it all stems from they got us, now we got to get them. it's retaliation. you know what i mean? i you . . for many jail inmates, their stay behind bars can be relatively short and often their first visit is their last. for others, like 24-year-old nick bebonis, back-to-back arrests have led to a revolving door relationship with boston's suffolk county jail. >> the stays in here getting longer and the stays on the street keep getting shorter. i was in for three and a half months, i was out for eight days, now i've been back for two months. eight days. most of my record is armed robberies,


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