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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  December 31, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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for everyone ♪ ♪ from christie to clinton ♪ ♪ from kanye to clooney ♪ ♪ the rev is ready and willing ♪ ♪ soon he will pick out the winners ♪ ♪ he'll treat them already ♪ ♪ the rev is awarding the revvies tonight ♪ welcome to the last word holiday party where we will choose the year's rising star, the biggest winner and of course person of the year. >> traffic problems in ft. lee. >> i am heart broken. >> i am sad. ♪ >> welcome to 11:30! >> the jumbo jet has disappeared without a trace. >> it was something we don't really understand. black holes.
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>> a mile high experiment is underway. >> a whole new world. >> i am retiring. >> what this means now is that paul and i can be married. >> the facts on the ground are deeply troubling. >> no nation has the right to simply grab land from another nation. >> the plane has crashed -- >> near the ukrainian russian border. >> another one of our colleagues was discovered engage in the inappropriate action with one of the staff. this is not a frat house. >> i have never estimated the difficulty in moving forward this year. >> the goliath of the gun lobby. >> all the way to the green room of msnbc. >> one more thing i know. >> it's disappointing, sure. >> massive upset. >> i grew up castrating hogs -- >> americans have opened their
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eyes to the world's most popular sport. >> i believe that we will win! >> a doctor has been hospitalized here in new york tonight. >> we've got hundreds of americans from across the country. >> he is just back from treating ebola patients. >> they deserve to be treated like the heroes they are. >> tensions ran high. >> tear gas and rubber bullets. >> you wonder what year this is. >> there will be no indictment. >> are they looking at the same video the rest of the world is looking at? >> too many americans feel deep unfairness. >> people all over the country are lifting up their voices. the value of peaceful protests. it reminds society, this is not yet done. >> our first category of the night is best political move. it would not be an election year
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without one. joining us for the best political move of the year. thomas roberts, best political move of the year. >> i think it has to be what we saw in october, coming from the supreme court which is not supposed to be political. they are just strictly about the law and that was that they said no to taking up the seven cases before them about marriage equality. opening up so many states to have full marriage equality. we now have marriage equality in 35 different states and the district with certain counties in missouri so simply by saying no. they did a swift political action and they're letting the country slowly ignite on its own accord until they finally get to a point where they have on make some time of federal recognition. >> it was a huge decision. richard wolfe. >> i took this literally. political move. >> okay. >> i have barely begun there
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fight. >> okay. the president on immigration, the executive action on immigration, why? and i'm not saying about the rightness or the wrongness although i agree the civil rights measure historic the question is the political genius behind it. because it boxes in republicans who want to get elected. how can they go after him and somehow separate themselves out from whether or not they like latinos and immigration in general. of course the bulk of the republican base is going to say, well, they don't like him and they don't like latinos and immigration in general. he has slice asked diced the political hand scape which is why it is so important. >> if you're taking it literally, i believe it has to be physical movement. >> thank you. joy reid? >> i don't think we could have done that from all the way across this table. i too picked barack obama's
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administration on immigration. great minds think alike. richard is right about the genius of it. it does divide republicans in the worst way for them going into 2016. it forces them to reckon with a base that is uncomfortable with the kind of immigration, the people coming into the country and it forces them to declare that. at the same time it was a belated political move a lot of people would have argued it wochb better before the election now. republicans are left to argue over process. over executive action and they're having a fight among themselves over how to defund something they can't defund. there is nothing they can do about it. and it solidifies what had been a huge move solidly into the democratic camp. >> i think the best political move of the year was the move that one, the senate for the republicans, getting the crazies out of the senate races, including mississippi where i think we have video of the crazy who almost was the republican
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nominee. >> this is how bankrupt can we get? just how broke can we become? so help me i will take it a stem further. >> vowing to commit a federal crime as a candidate has never been, no one has ever really won that way. >> no way to continue trying to get the vote out. >> it is not the way to do it. let's go across the room. best political move of the year. >> well i'm with you on the immigration action although i think of it a little differently. i think the president's approach mid terms in general has been the best political moves. there is thought talk about the shellacking. he came out strong and said it's this what i'm doing on immigration, on climate, i'm moving forward. i have these priorities and i'm not letting them stop making
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progress. >> i would say the best political move was when president obama was between two ferns. and i like that move because with all the hype about the broken website and about how no one would you sign up for obamacare, not even young people, that went viral and 8 million people did sign up. so i think it was a very smart and savvy political move to get young people to pay attention. >> so worth taking another look at between the two ferns. let's take a look. >> hi. let's take another look at between two ferns. i'm your host and my guest is barack obama. president barack obama. >> good to be with you. >> first question in 2013 you pardoned the turkey. what do you have planned for 2014? >> so do you go to any went that's are dot comes or dot nets
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or just stick with dot govs? >> actually we go to dot gov. have you heard of health care dot gov? >> here we go. what did you come here to plug? >> quickly worst political move? thomas? >> it has to be the grimes not saying who she would vote for. she would only talk about hillary clinton. >> worst political move? >> without a shadow of the doubt the president's action on immigration. wait a minute, wait a minute. because he delayed it. he should have done it before the election. the worst move was having this ace in his pocket and saying maybe not. >> i get that. >> joy reid? >> i went to the state of missouri. i think it would be st. louis county prosecutor bob mccoupling on's late night announcement trying explain the grand jury's decision tonight indict. if you could have scripted a
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worse act of political teeming, i don't think you could have done better than him. they had already told people they didn't want them protesting because that's where it would flare up. the thing that would enrage people the most, at night. >> for that me on worst political move. i did go kind of literal. it is a move and we have video of it. a freshman congressman. put the video up. show this move. it is a little makeout move with a staffer and that was the move that actually ended his congressional career. vance mccallister didn't read the rule book about the moves not allowed the move was successful in the moment. >> it did seem to work in the moment. >> we'll take a break. up next, the pics for rising star.
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now for the rising star of 2014 not counting thomas roberts. okay, thomas roberts? >> the first black woman from utah elected to congress and first black republican elected to congress. and i think she is going to be around for a long time to come. she has a huge following, a huge fan base and she brings a diverse voice to a much needed group of white privileged men. >> she will get a huge am of attention. >> i went with someone who is well known to people on the west coast, camala harris. now the epic struggle to power.
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two rising stars. >> governor or senator. >> i don't know which. >> as they argue that out. joy reid? >> i went all cnbc with my pick and went uber. a lot of people really hate on oober and think of them as quite evil. but they have trans formed the way people move. they. if you cannot get a cab, uber will always be there, it will always stop. it is really a brilliant business model and love them or hate them a $40 billion company in a very short amount of time. >> my choice in 2014 he's been at it for 40 years. and this is year's rising star michael keaton in bird man. let's take a look.
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>> is that true? is that true? >> no no. my father was. my father was a mean [ bleep ] drunk. but my -- okay. hey, hey, hey. i didn't know. i'm sorry. that's horrible. i'm sorry. >> it's also not true. >> why don't you get your wings and your [ bleep ] bird suit? >> from batman to bird man. he was the first -- was michael keaton the first movie batman in the current -- >> there was an adam west film. >> but in the modern series. >> it was michael keaton. and he's playing a guy who played a super hero in a movie and that kind of condemned his movie career as being labeled as
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that. here necessary birdman. fantastic. >> but still. he was on the front page. for all, this he will live forever in our legend hall of fame fame. >> what about mr. mom? >> coming up the thing or the person that you believe we talk about too much. or not enough or for a very short time. 15 minutes of fame.
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welcome back. the next category 15 minutes of fame. thomas roberts, who gets 2014's 15 minutes of fame? >> the fan, charlie crist. i love a good fan. and florida is hot. and i wish i had one right now. but i thought that the fangate and the whole thing that happened with rick scott was hilarious and it almost shut down the whole debate. and the cutaways you see the little breeze, who doesn't like a cool breeze? and i am pro fan. >> it was so weird. >> so weird! >> it probably won't happen again. >> i had a tough one. the story was easy but the individual was hard for me. i went with phil who is a republican from georgia. two letters after his name is m.d., he is medically trained. he was for me the most egregious
4:18 pm
of the people who earned 15 minutes of fame by saying there were all these illegal immigrants crossing the southern border of the united states bringing ebola. that story he wins out over all of them. >> joy reid, the 15 minutes of fame award for 2014. >> i too picked a doctor. i would say that comparing your own country to nazi germany puts out minute 14 1/2. when you do it because your own country has health care and you're also a doctor, i think you go right to 15. he wants to be president. >> very unlikely that he would be president. all right. 15 minutes of fame doesn't have to necessarily be a human being. >> it can be a fan. >> the 15 minutes of fame award this year goes to the official award goes to the beard. here it is. >> joining us now, my friend
4:19 pm
lawrence o'donnell and his beard. >> this is a medically induced beard. i'm not more bearded. i went through a real the, during my motorcycle years with the long hair and the long beards. it was one of those duck dynasty beards. >> is this the new you? >> now, that's when i was still recuperating. i was sneaking on to shows almost unannounced. do you see how relaxed i was? i hadn't worked in like two months. i miss that period. >> it looks so soothing. >> we actually did one month of tv beard right here how did it feel? >> i was a different person as the audience noticed. it will come back. we don't know when. absolutely. >> i think you vowed on twitter to keep the beard. i think i might have that tweet somewhere. you vowed it stays. >> it stayed that day.
4:20 pm
the question was like every day. >> he kept the with hissers the. >> it will come back. we'll do it together. >> i think the beard looked good. like a grizzly adams photo. >> it was crazy. up next, the best and the worst political theater of 2014. daughter: do you and mom still have money with that broker? dad: yeah, 20 something years now. thinking about what you want to do with your money? daughter: looking at options. what do you guys pay in fees? dad: i don't know exactly. daughter: if you're not happy do they have to pay you back? dad: it doesn't really work that way. daughter: you sure? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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now for the best political theater of 2014. thomas roberts? >> it would have to be the extensive reporting that's been happening on bridge gate. it started in 2014. it dates back to when the george washington bridge was actually closed down. all the sourcing and all the things that have been revealed through the year now we get to the end of the year. and it continues with the fact now we'll get into 2015 in january with the potential of indictments. the one interesting fact in all this is that bridget ann kelly's name is not being kicked around for indictment so that means she is talking somewhere and people must be very worried. >> i hadn't thought of that. >> richard? best -- >> the tragic comedy i'm going back to the protagonist you raised earlier. chris mcdaniel. because his epic moment when he
4:25 pm
refused to concede to thad cochran complaining about it rally to people who voted. to me that was priceless. >> best political theater. >> i would stay goings on in the house oversight committee have been highly entertaining. particularly elijah cummings. darrell issa has been vowing to bring down the obama white house with scandals for which he has no proof and elijah is only too happy to let everyone know. >> let's watch the best of elijah cummings right now. >> mr. chairman you cannot run a committee like this. you just cannot do this. this is, we're better than that as a country, we're better than that as a committee. i have asked for a few minutes to ask -- >> wow! >> he cut his mic. >> for best political theater, i went with the fan, went with the
4:26 pm
debate charlie crist and the fan. the cool thing was that rick scott will to explain something that no one in the history of tv debates had to explain before. hey, why didn't you come out on the stage when the debate began? let's listen. >> we figured out if he was going to show up. he said he wasn't going to come to the debate. so why come out until he's ready? >> and florida reelected that guy. i mean -- my former state, go figure. florida. >> the thing about politics is it is very predictable. everybody behaves in a very conservative range of possibility. when something like that hams, something surprising you can't take your eyes off it. crystal? best political theater. >> i have to go with the hog castration ad. >> we all remember that. >> the now future senator from
4:27 pm
iowa. unforgettable. >> worst political theater of the year? >> the worst? i would have to say is the trial that took place for virginia governor, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his family and what came out of that and how he tried to throw his wife under the bus with her crush on a big donor and how the daughter got stuff paid for at the wedding. what a mess. then the governor's sister comes out against the sister-in-law. and all this family soap opera is played out in front of everybody. but they still got convicted. >> richard? >> the one we're living through right now. >> this show? what? i'm so mad. >> the one i am personally living through, no all of us. the great national nightmare of yet another talk of government shutdown. please. worst political athleter is repeating the same old failed show. >> the thing about, that you can put that on your index card
4:28 pm
every year. every year and every other month of governing. worst political theater of the year? >> to me because ferguson was such an important and big conflag ration i had to go with president obama's very rushed press conference when he flew back to washington. the reason i picked it i think people had such high expectations and really needs for this particular president to speak to ferguson at that moment in a way that was more heartfelt. if you talk to people who know the president, he really actually does deeply feel. in that moment he wasn't able to bring that. >> what would you have suggested? >> i think that the, first of all it should have happened sooner. i think the president's spogs to ferguson ultimately made sense. i think eric holder's decision to go made sense. and on the policy level, this president gets a lot of the policy right but i think even he admitted in an interview that
4:29 pm
sometimes he doesn't get the theater right. i think ferguson was one of those cases where the policy made essential but he didn't get the theater right. >> inchose as worst political theater, showing you the fine line the chris christie press conference. especially the very first one after they all get caught on trying to close down the lanes. he says two things that end his career. he says i delegate enormous authority to my staff and to my cabinet. that's all you need to do to kill you in a presidential campaign. then he said my staff humiliated me and embarrassed new jersey. he has both of those in the same press conference. all you have to do when you're running against him in the presidential primary, put those two quotes in the 30-second ad and he's gone. the worst political theater and possibly for some the best political theater. >> we are going to be back. the next category we're sorry
4:30 pm
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>> sorry to see you go white southern democrats. with this election mary lost in the senate, john barrow lost in the house. what this reflects is the complete racial polarization of politics in the south. white voters in mississippi now vote as republican as black voters vote democratic in that state. because the south has a white majority that means black voters getting totally boxed out in state houses and more broadly, it can't an good thing for the country where party edification is pretty much entirely aligned with race. >> i put the one and only michele bachmann sorry to see you go. she is the gift that keeps on giving. as a writer when you start writing a story about her, there's always something crazier by the end of your time writing. i'm sorry to see her go because
4:34 pm
she's entertaining. >> i took this literally and earnestly. robin williams. obviously, iconic actor, comedian, and i haven't come to grips with the fact that he is actually gone. >> it is really sad. >> in no business it was a hard year. mike nichols, phillip seymour hoffman. that was such a shock. >> shirley temple black. >> also in the entertainment category, sorry to see you go. stephen colbert. let's take a look at how it all began. >> truthiness. now, i'm sure some of the word police the wordinistas would say that's not a word. anyone who knows me knows that i'm no fan of dictionaries or reference books. they're elitist. i don't trust books. they're all fact.
4:35 pm
no heart. i know some of you may not trust your gut yet. but with my help you will. the truthiness is anyone can read the news to you. i promise to feel the news at you. >> that was the very first colbert report. very first. now, next year i can do my sorry to see you go for next year. it will be david letterman. he will wram it up on may 20th. an amazing run. i have a very personal sorry to see you go. one of the writers who helped make dave dave in the early year, my friend sandy frank who left way too early this year. he was one of the great early writers for dave when they started this show. right here in this building. and here's an example of what sandy did for dave that made dave the cutting edge late night place to be. let's take a look at velcro man.
4:36 pm
>> have you ever done anything like this? >> i haven't, no. >> a drum roll. theoretically -- i'll hit the wall and stay there, right? >> yes. theoretically. >> go high. as high as i can go. okay -- [ cheers and applause ] >> he hasn't done anything quite like that in a while but that's what he was doing right here in this building when he was doing the late night version of that show. >> next year's year ender maybe. >> letterman changed what people expected was possible in that kind of show. it was really amazing and the writers had a lot to do with it. but dave was the guy who had the eye for that stuff. when he saw that in the pile of ideas, oh yeah velcro man.
4:37 pm
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welcome back. it now time for the biggest surprise of 2014. >> the biggest surprise is the economy is finally coming back. we got this jobs report at the edge of the year. 321,000 in a month. americans are buying new cars again. back at the rate of recession. this is being driven in large part by falling gas prices which nobody expected them to fall so much. and we've had washington fighting for years about how to fix the economy and being unable to reach agreement and being so ineffective. and now just out of nowhere, things are starting to get better. ultimately we've had declining
4:41 pm
unemployment. this will mean rising wages and better fortunes. it is a positive surprise. i was very surprised. >> the big surprise is that it is being ignored, how strongly the economy is coming back. >> eric cantor working. i think every political observer was completely stunned. he is the leader in the house. i think it showed that politics you can't predict too much before people actually go out and vote. >> biggest surprise of the year? >> that same pick. eric kantor. it was historic and unbelievable. for all time every long shot candidate will say remember eric kantor. i have a chance. i'm going to win. >> my biggest surprise of the year, very personal. i was very, very surprised that i briefly enjoyed watching soccer. in the world cup.
4:42 pm
i actually waxed almost a whole game. >> you had me almost trying to convince you. did it work? >> i don't know. it eventually got to me and i actually really did watch it. joy reid? biggest surprise of the year. >> you know it probably shouldn't have been a surprise given that the state is always full of crazy surprises but i have to say rick scott winning re-election. the fan incident was crazy, his awkwardness, his strangeness and the fact that he is so deeply unpopular. the fact that he was reelected. i was surprised. >> we're going to be back with the biggest loser, biggest winner and person of the year. we'll be back.
4:43 pm
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the next category is biggest loser of the year. >> the biggest loser of the year is the political press. >> i beg your pardon! >> we've had a great run the last six years. watching washington has been like watching a slow motion train wreck. even though it was depressing people thought they had to pay attention. we couldn't look away because something new was getting destroyed. now we've achieved something approaching normalcy. it came after the government shutdown ex weighed two-year budget deal that gave us pretty good clarity. the government wouldn't shut down. i think it gave people permission to look away. washington is still depressing so people don't watch the political news. they also don't watch because of the sense of crisis. it is a challenge for me as a reporter, i've been writing about honey dew melon and taxis. >> that melon piece was eye
4:46 pm
opening. >> it the scourge of honey dew is important. important things are getting done in washington and people need adult supervision there. i think it is unfortunate the public has decided to take their eye off the ball. >> they have no hope that anything will get better. they voted for change in election after election after election. all they see is more gridlock. >> the biggest loser of the year. >> i say women. we're right on the couples of possible hillary announcement but we have the supreme court making two anti-choice decisions. and then the scourge and epidemic of domestic violence. i think women are the biggest loser but we fight back. >> pretty much as a woman in the political press, i am actually the biggest loser i guess. >> i'm not taking it lying down.
4:47 pm
>> yeah. >> biggest loser? >> i would say mary landrieu. he touched on a couple of points earlier. the whole way she went out was so sad pulling the money before the runoff even really began. then this pathetic gambit with the keystone pass. it was very sad. >> i thought the biggest loser was eric kantor. in terms of a future i think the biggest loser was chris christie. i think he lost his political future this year. he lost in it bridgegate and not having good answers. talking about delegating to his staff. then he kind of lost it out there behaviorally on the street. >> all you've been doing is flapping your mouth and not doing anything. so listen you want to have the conversation later. i'm happy to have it. until that time sit down and
4:48 pm
shut up! so he's going to have to resist that sit down and shut up impulse in iowa and other places. >> and he'll have a hard time. new jersey is a different cultural place. than south carolina. >> they're very polite in new jersey, we're not so polite. i don't think you can be bully and be president. >> joy reid the biggest loser of 2014? >> continuing along my theme, i have to go with governor 9/11on. he was once thought of as a potential running mate but his state is a mess. no one respects the judicial processes. he is term limited out and now there's no possible of being on that ticket. i think that he is finished over and done. >> having the last name nixon was tough enough. he had an up-hill fight. >> biggest winner of 2014. >> i think we have to give it to mitch mcconnell. >> do we have to?
4:49 pm
>> picked up nine seats in the senate. not only that. he will have a majority that actually work with him. john boehner has been in the majority for four years but working with a caucus that he could not wrangle. it is more or less ted cruz. basically mitch mcconnell will have a working establishment majority that he'll be able to set the agenda with. so he has a big win here. >> i think he is the biggest winner in politics but politics isn't everything. so i have a bigger winner than him when my team comes. >> i put social media and i put that we waxed the arab spring happen. and everyone wondered aloud if it happened here. and it did. and then we had bring back our girls. i think social media is the tool in which people began organizing and starting movements. >> i also went sort of outside politics. i chose laverne cox, the first openly trans woman to win a
4:50 pm
cover magazine. and she sparked the conversation in a very political way. i think she had a major impact this year. >> >> i think i'm with zerlina, social media, black lives matter, the ferguson movement huge win. a way that organizing is going to happen going forward. >> i want to remind you all. this is run like the united states senate. you can change your vote right up until the commercial you can change your vote. that's basically the senate rules on changing votes. you might want to think about that as i announce the real biggest winner of 2014. monet davis, ladies and gentlemen. there she is. she showed us just how to throw the ball and if anybody ever tries to use that phrase "throw like a girl" again, just remember this is what they mean. watch this pitch.
4:51 pm
monet davis. little league world series. amazing. amazing. >> so my daughter actually after watching monet davis, told me you know mommy, i think when girls are on the team they're usually the best player. >> they kind of have to be don't they to even get there. i love the little league world series. it might be the last sport event that i care about. >> soccer. >> the place i always wanted to get to when i was 11 years old. but watching her was just incredible. >> she penned a book so she could be next year's biggest winner. >> anyone want to change their votes? >> i'll go with monet. i'll get on board. >> that settles it. monet davis, biggest winner of the year. person of the year that's our next and final category. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line. ♪ ♪ i love my meta health bars. because when nutritious tastes this delicious i don't miss the other stuff. new meta health bars help promote heart health. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and now it is time for the person of the year of 2014. josh barro person of the year? >> i picked jack ma he's the richest man in china. he was actually on "time's" short list for company of the year. alibaba went public this year. it signals the rise of china to a place where it's not just a market for u.s. companies and a
4:54 pm
place that's becoming a middle-income country, it's for companies that are developing things. this is a great thing for the world and the u.s. because as china gets wealthier and more prosperous it will have more and more shared interests with the united states. there will be more reasons for us to work cooperatively with china. the president's been talking about the pivot to asia for a few years now. this signals better relationships. >> there's always reason to suspect the fortunes that develop in these communist regimes that start to open up to capitalism. there always tends to be some putin-like inside deal involved. do we see any of that here? >> i think less there than in russia. first of all alibaba is a company that does real things that people use. the ebay and amazon of china. it's making money producing services that people find useful. in russia, basically, the government owned all these useful assets that they gave away for free to political cronies so he became a billionaire in russia by being
4:55 pm
the lucky guy that received the oil company. in china their economy is not free but people like jack ma are getting rich doing things that are useful. >> zerlina maxwell, person of the year. >> the survivors turned activist carrying around her mattress to sort of demonstrate that she's carrying the weight of sexual assault. and i just think that people who put themselves out there, particularly at such a young age, a lot of these activists are 21 22 years old. they're very brave. i wanted to give them a shout out. >> krystal ball person of the year? >> i chose what i feel like is both a sad and a hopeful selection. i picked eric garner. >> yes. >> because i'm hoping that his death will not be in vain. i think that after ferguson people could look at the circumstances there through their own lens right? there's a he said she said witnesses saw different things. but with eric garner with that video, no one could look at that and say that this was okay that
4:56 pm
this was acceptable that the grand jury made the right decision. and in a sense, i think it was a coalescing of a national conversation that needed to happen. and i'm hopeful that it's actually going to lead to some change specifically police departments arn ss around the country. for that reason i chose eric garner. >> joy reid, the person of the year? >> well along the same lines as krystal, i picked michael brown. because i believe that it was his death that galvanized the initial conversation that made people pay attention to eric garner and tamir rice and john crawford iii. even the fact that people question the accounts and the memories of the 16 witnesses versus 2 who say his hands were up even that conversation is sad as it is about people's representations of young black men. i think it's real. i think it's raw. i think that we can't believe what intuitively is true unless we see it on video. says something not so great
4:57 pm
about the country but that needs to be said. >> what do you think, what would the eric garner attention level be without michael brown coming first? >> i know that here in new york city it probably would be on very, very high but nationwide i don't think people at berkeley would be protesting if eric garner didn't happen right after ferguson. >> there was a cumulative effect that happened there. my person of the year and the first time i've done this i actually agree with "time" magazine, the ebola doctors, the ebola nurses. these people bring a daily bravery to their work that is absolutely extraordinary. one of them was attacked by the government of new jersey. let's listen to what she had to say. >> i hope that one day we as an american culture can get over this fear and can learn to show compassion instead and we can continue to listen to the medical experts about ebola and this disease and most
4:58 pm
importantly fight it in west africa. that's the only way we'll be free of this threat. >> nurse kaci hickox who came back and had her life turned upside down because she made the mistake of landing in new jersey. i mean this was unbelievable what happened to her. >> it was. i love the "time" pick and your pick as well lawrence because we didn't treat with respect some of the returning caregivers. we treated them from this place of fearp. the governor of new jersey treated them from this place of politics, which was very disgusting. and kasey hickox was very determined and courageous in the work she did in west africa and what she did here to make sure we remember. these are people who are risking their lives to fight this disease at its center in west africa. >> a great last word. we're going to wrap it there so we can have time to roll the credits to show you who really puts this show together. thanks to my guests joy reid krystal ball zerlina maxwell,
4:59 pm
josh barro richard wolf. that's it for 2014 and "the last word." >> cheers. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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