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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  August 15, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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involved in the shooting of michael brown was darin wilson. >> this is not a black and white issue. >> he's been a police officer six years. >> the focal point here remains. figure out how and why michael brown was killed and get justice appropriate in the situation. breaking news this hour involving the shooting death of michael brown. new questions after ferguson police finally release the name of the officer who shot and killed the unarmed teen. along with inann incident report of a robbery for which police say brown was the primary suspect. while police gave member of the media video and still. it shows michael brown strong arming a convenient store worker and walking out with a box of mini cigars along with a second man. what they did not release raises more questions. police did not release a picture of the officer who shot michael brown. nor did they release the incident reports detailing the shooting itself. we have just learned ferguson police chief thomas jackson will hold a news conference at 3:00 p.m. eastern. todd johnson is joining me live from ferguson. what was reaction from ferguson
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among the people you have spoken to about the release of the incident report but not the incident report about the shooting? >> joy, people were unsettled. they had more questions than they had yesterday. people want to know what were the exact circumstances under which michael brown died. the fact the ferguson pded pd did not release the officer's name in question and waited until releasing the incident report which implicates michael brown in a robbery to release the name that's raised a lot of questions. people are questioning why, why, why family members have said assassinate michael brown's character, the same day and same moment you release the officer's name. are they trying to distract the community from what the officer did and focus on what michael brown may have done inside that convenient store. people are unsettled. it's an active and engaging day. again, the press conference this morning from thomas jackson raised more questions than
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answers. hopefully the press conference within the hour will give us an opportunity for the members of the media, community and family to get more answers. >> it is interesting you have the ferguson pded pd jumping back in to this case. they were, as we understood it, being sidelined at first by county police, by st. louis county police who were supposedly taking over the investigation. were you surprised it was the city ferguson local police who came out today and what they came out with was all implicating michael brown in a crime? >> i think everyone that was gathered was surprised and also a little confused. i'm sure you are aware of the role of captain ronald johnson with the missouri highway patrol and how much of a hero, so to speak community members have seen him as. people want to know from him, does he know information. at his press conference later today he said he was out of the loop on the investigation that
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the ferguson police department is involved in and wants to be brought up to speed. basically between ronald johnson trying to bring security to the community, that's a good thing but people don't have answers. and he, at this point, doesn't have answers either. >> lastly, what is the mood on the streets? are there still protests happening? what is going on that you have state police controlling at least security? >> people are still gathered. people are still asking questions throughout the day. people have been here holding signs, saying honk for michael brown, honk for justice. there have been activist and community leaders talking among the residents of ferguson trying to clue them in on what happened today and trying to make sense of it all. again, people are upset that the main frustration and the main point people want to know, the circumstances under which michael brown was killed and shot by police is still unknown. until that is revealed, until that is settled, this community
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will still be in a state of unsettled -- they will be unsettled and not comforted. >> all right. the grio's todd johnson, thank you very much. i want to remind everyone there will be a pres press conference. the ferguson police chief will hold a question and answer session. joining me is the attorney for michael brown's family. i want to get your reaction or the family's reaction, i should say to the release of an incident report that details a robbery that took place shortly before the fatal shooting of michael brown. >> joy, the family simply is outraged. they are outraged at the chief of police continue to disseminate information in a piecemeal fashion. they believe in an attempt to assassinate the character of their child, just like they assassinated him in broad daylight. they are very upset, joy. >> ben, in reading the incident
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report -- we have been going through it. it's fairly lengthy. it details what seem to be more than one officer discussing the actually robbery response. there's precious little here other than one page that says four to six shots were fired in the killing of michael brown. a couple that stand out because you are an attorney maybe you can help us make sense of it. there is a line in the incident report that says this incident related to another incident detailed under ferguson police report 2014-12391 as well as st. louis county police report it names 2014-43984. in that incident broin was fatally wounded involving an officer in the department. we don't have those two reports. is the family attempting to get the hands on those reports that actually detail the shooting? >> absolutely, joy. because really what this is about is about the death of a young man in broad daylight. the facts that they have placed
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before us do nothing to justify the execution style murder by police of this teenager in broad daylight. he had his hands up. he was surrendering and yet the officer continued to shoot as the witnesses said. beyond that, joy, that's why we are pressing so hard to get independent autopsy and independent ballistics reports so we can look at the trajectory of the bull lets. so it will be clear to all of the world that this police officer executed, i mean executed this child. >> do you have a time line on when there will be an autopsy so we can get an answer to really one of the most basics questions which is how many times was michael brown shot. do you have a time line when we may get an answer to that question? >> very soon, joy.
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it's beyond how many times he was shot but the amount of time he was shot at and where he was shot at and the trajectory. all of the witnesses have said his hands were up and he was on his knees the police officer kept shooting. >> thank you very much, ben crump. appreciate it. coming up, we will speak to a cousin of michael brown about the family's reaction to today's development. and we will continue our breaking news coverage of the michael brown shooting. and up next msnbc host reverend al sharpton will discuss the information released by police today and what it means in the search for justice for brown's family. and the lieutenant governor of missouri will be here and i will ask what the state is doing to respond to this unfolding controversy, including the changes to how and who polices ferguson, missouri. that and your questions to the lieutenant governor coming up.
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i want to remind you that thomas jackson the ferguson chief of police will hold a press conference at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. we will bring that to you. i want to get to three things you need to know today. we start in ukraine. nato confirmed nato forces destroyed a column of military vehicles coming from russia. no confirmation whether they were from russians or pro-russian separatists caught crossing the border. this comes as what conveys call humanitarian aid are stalled awaiting inspection. to the middle east where clashes between the iraqi army and a group believed to be supported by former iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki erupted in northern baghdad today. this follows nuri al maliki's
11:12 am
belated announcement he will step aside. his successor will assume the prime ministership. iraq moves forward to form a new government. the israelis opened a border crossing today. half way in to the five-day cease fire between israel and the palestinians for now the peace is still holding up. we'll be right back. this is bill.
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not long before he was fatally shot by a police officer. lawrence o'donnell spoke to a woman who said she witnessed the shooting. she said she didn't see the events that began the confrontation, she says while still in her car, as she was about to pick up a co-worker who with lives near the shooting scene. she saw the officer in his car struggling with brown who was outside of the car trying to pull away while the officer tried to quote pull him in. tiffany mitchell said she was no more than 20 feet away and heard the first shot fired through the window of the patrol car and saw brown take off running. listen to what happened next. >> the officer gets out of his vehicle and pursues him. as he is following him he's shooting at him. michael's body jerks as if he was hit. he turned around and put his hands up and the officer continued to shoot him until he goes down to the ground. >> when he turned and faced him and put his hands up, was he
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standing still at that point? >> yes. >> do you know how many more shots you think the officer fired after he stood and put his hands up? >> several. i didn't count. >> reporter: several al sharpton is president of national action network and the host of "politics nation." the story we heard that young woman give last night on "the last word" is very similar to the story that dorian johnson gave on several tv programs, similar to another person who said that michael brown was running away, turned his body and had his hands up. several people corroborated that and said the same thing. anything you heard said by police today change that fact? >> not at all. in fact, when dorian was on my show, "politics nation" he referred to cigars. even if it is true, what does that have to do with the
11:18 am
policeman that fatally shot michael and caused his death? i mean one has nothing to do with the other in terms of justify ing a fatal shooting. at worst, you are dealing with an over aggressive policing of petty crimes, alleged petty crimes like a man choked to death by a new york city policeman over selling lucys. are we saying police have the right to use deadly force if they assume you did a petty crime? that is illegal and a violation of one's civil rights. in fact, i told the family when i was out there on tuesday and wednesday, they are going to try to smear your son. frankly, i thought they would come up with something better than that. stealing cigars. are we see serious, joy. is that what they are going to use to discredit this young man. the young man was shot. you have three or four witnesses
11:19 am
say shot with his hands up and you are going to come back talking about stealing cigars. i don't endorse stealing cigars but it is not in the same realm as shooting a young teenager. >> in the dints report that du not get to the shooting it labels the value of the cigars reportedly stolen as $48.99. we still don't have the answer about the shooting itself. i want to ask you one other question. we had on the sheriff of the county police, who i thought were the investigating authorities at point. >> right. >> i want to play what you he said about the incident itself. take a listen. >> he pospoke to the individual about getting off the street and perhaps taking the sidewalk. one individual complied. the other did not. as the officer got out of his car to continue the conversation he was pushed back in the car and there was a physical confrontation in the car where in fact this was a struggle over the officer's gun. we know, for example, there was
11:20 am
one shot fired within the car. we're taking a look at the rest of the details of the investigation at this point to determine exactly what happened once the police officer exited the car. >> the st. louis county police, he spoke to the individual about getting off the street and taking the sidewalk. does that sound like an officer responding to a robbery? >> i think that is very important. this story about getting out of the street didn't come from the family. they didn't know what happened. it came from the chief of the police for the st. louis county. so when people start to say, whoa, wait a minute, this wasn't about getting off the sidewalk, this was about cigars. we didn't put get off the sidewalk. the chief of police did. are we supposed to agree with what they are saying today or the other day in either way they have not explained why this
11:21 am
young man died as a result of the policeman shooting him several times, which is why we are rallying on sunday to say keep your eye on the prize. we want justice. they can't tell two different stories and try to put it on those of us who are pursuing a fair investigation. we're not jumping to conclusions, but it appears they have jumped to at least two. none of them concluding on what happened to cause these multiple shots. >> yes, indeed. thank you very much. the reverend al sharpton. thank you very much. >> thank you. he will have more coverage of ferguson on "politics nation" here on msnbc at 6:00 p.m. and this news here's a look at how ronald johnson is helping to bridge the gap with protesters in ferguson.
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>> we're a community and we're in it together. >> love you. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> i have frustration in my home. sglit means a lot to me personally to praek the cycle of violence and build trust. >> i think they are finally getting the message we are trying to get to them. i know for sure -- i ain't going to say i think. i know for sure we will get justice. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. let that phrase sit with you for a second.
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how much fun is this? what? what a beautiful sunset... if you like sunsets. whether you're sweet or salty... you'll love nature valley sweet and salty bars. continuing our breaking news coverage of the shooting of michael brown. here's the latest. police sheaf jackson will hold a news conference at 3:00 p.m. after releasing the identity of the office who are shot and killed michael brown. police chief says wilson is a six year veteran of the force with no disciplinary actions against him. police released 16 pages of documents detailing a strong armed robbery that police are
11:26 am
trying to connect to michael brown. it took place less than 16 minutes before brown was killed. it mentions four to six shots fired but doesn't name the shooter or the person shot or give theirtive about the shooting or what led up to it. none of the officers who filed reports are named. in fact we don't know how many officers responded because the section where their names would be normally in the report are redacted. brown family attorney benjamin crump told me the family is outraged. that the police released an incident report on the robbery that they say involved michael brown but not darren wilson. joining me is less is a bloom, attorney and league analyst and today show contributor and the author of "suspicion nation." it deals with bias and the criminal justice system. thank you for being here. no one i'd rather talk to about
11:27 am
this than you. >> thank you, joy. >> i want to play what i just played for reverend sharpton. this is an interview with chief of the st. louis pded pd who in theory were in charge of the investigation. take a listen. >> spoke to the individuals about getting off of the street and perhaps taking the sidewalk. one individual complied. the other did not. in fact, as the officer decided to get out of his car to continue the conversation he was pushed become in the car and there was a physical confrontation in the car where there was a struggle over the officer's gun. we ino, for example, this was one shot fired within the car. we're taking a look at the rest of the details of the investigation at this point to determine exactly what happened once the police officer exited the car. lisa, when the chief of police is talking about the police telling the individual, spoke to the individuals about getting off of the street and taking the
11:28 am
sidewalk, what does that have to do with the potential that an officer was responding to a robbery? >> consider the evolution of this story. from monday to friday. on monday, mike brown was guilty at most of jaywalking. the police officer was telling him to get out of the street and walk on the sidewalk. now friday, he's being accused of strong arm robbery, a very, much more significant type of crime. of course none of this has anything to do with the police tactics. that's the core of the issue. that's the central issue. with ve three witnesses who say mike brown was running away from the police and he had his hands up at the final moments when he was shot. what happened 15 minutes, a half hour before that is really not particularly relevant. >> to that point, i want to quickly play three witnesses we have heard so far come forward. listen to tiffany mitchell describing what she said she witnessed on the day of that shooting. >> he was out of his vehicle and
11:29 am
he pursues him. as he is following him, he's shooting him and michael's body jerks, as if he was hit. he turned around and put his hands up and the officer continued to walk up on him and shoot him until he goes down to the ground. >> when he turned and faced him and put his hands up, was he standing still at that point? >> yes. >> do you know how many more shots you think the officer fired after he stood and put his hands up. >> several i didn't count but several. >> lisa, bear with me. i want to play dorian johnson, who's the other person allegedly in the robbery who's not been arrested but i will go ahead and play dorian johnson. >> the death was horrible to watch. it was horrible to be front and center to the whole situation. i sensed in his eyes -- it looked like it hurt him a lot
11:30 am
it hurt him a lot. i seen it in his eyes. it hurt him a lot. it wasn't registering because he's trying to tell the officer he's unarmed and he cannot do nothing to stop what you are doing -- he can't do nothing. he couldn't -- like he couldn't feel the shots but he knew he was being shot and he told him to stop shooting him. he continued to shoot him at point blank range. he is not reaching to his belt, or running to the officer. he turned with his hands in the air. it was like shot as an animal, like putting somebody through execution without remorse. >> another eyewitness talking to john yang on monday. take a listen. >> it looked like he was trying force him to the police car or stop walking. the turns his body this way, hands in the air.
11:31 am
being compliant. he gets shot in the face and chest and goes down and dies. >> lisa, three similar stories he stood around and turned with hands in the air, he turns around with his hands in the air. three people independently saw the same thing. >> i have a sick feeling watching these three witnesses describe an execution-style killing of a young man. i was on with lawrence last night when tiffany mitchell was on. she, in particular, really impressed me. she did not know anyone involved in the incident. she is a very careful witness. listen, i handle civil rights cases like this one, sadly, every day as a litigator. i assess witnesses for a living. tiffany is so good because she is careful. she doesn't overstate or embellish. when she doesn't know the answer she says i don't know. she just says what she knows and is careful about it. i don't know how the state is going to get around it. listen, the state of missouri you have three witnesses who are talking about an execution-style
11:32 am
killing of an 18-year-old citizen of your state. why hasn't there been an arrest? that's the central question here. >> and if they are putting forward the robbery is a relevant case on the same incident report it says the robbery is exceptionally clear. i talked to police officer friend this morning who said that means they are not toing to make an arrest and they know where dorian johnson lives. he's been on television and on this air. you have also had the would be prosecutor in this case, bob mccullen has spoken to st. louis dispatch reporter and said st. louis county prosecutor bob mccullough called me and said nixon replacing chief bell mar with captain johnson to oversee the investigation was illegal and disgraceful. you have mccullough saying nixon, the governor, denigrated the men and women of the police department for what they have done. opposing the idea of replacing
11:33 am
the local police. is that appropriate for the potential prosecutor in this case to do? >> this is a huge problem, folks. we can all be out there demonstrating. we can be talking and sweeting and we all should. i will be demonstrating here at 3:00 p.m. on sunday. everybody should come. we can't get inside the prosecutor's office. we can't make them do their job. that's the president bush in the trayvon martin case. it was a bungled prosecution that led to an acquittal of the killer of trayvon martin. i hope it doesn't happen again. which is why the feds shouldn't just be investigating, whatever that means. we don't know who they are talking to. it shouldn't be alongside the locals. they should be taking over. now we have clear statements from the local prosecutor that are troubling that raise red flags. i'd like to see the feds take this over entirely. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> coming up, the lieutenant governor will be here to discuss the state's response to the michael brown shooting.
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nothing should deter figuring out how and why michael brown's killed. that's not the task with which the colonel was given and he assigned responsibilities. there's a lot of steps between now and when justice is served. there will be a lot of other balances along the way. >> that was governor jay nixon just hours ago telling the community in ferguson, missouri, the process of figuring out how and why michael brown was shot and killed last saturday by officer darren wilson is far from over. joining me now is missouri's lieutenant governor peter kinder. thank you for being here. >> thank you, joy. >> i want to start by asking you, in your opinion, was it appropriate for the local police department to release what does appear to be allegations that in
11:38 am
the sense indict without actually bringing to court the deceased in this case, michael brown? >> joy, i don't -- i'm not in the business, at my level of second guessing tactical decisions or decision made by line commanders there of a local police department. it would be good to have the chief on or to ask him that at a press conference that i think is coming up, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> the state of missouri is committed to seeing that justice is done here. joy, justice, as the governor just indicated in the comment that you excerpted, the wheels grind slow and fine. it's our guarantee that they will be operational in that sense in this case. now, they -- that timetable does not always conform to the need to the needs of 24/7 cable
11:39 am
programming. so, i don't know all of the factors that went in to the release of that information. i have not been briefed on it. so, i'm thrilled to death with the performance of captain ron johnson. i think we can all be proud of him. that's really the focus of the state of missouri right now, as we have a pending fbi investigation, a u.s. department of justice investigation over the top here and also i can tell you probably before this is done yet another investigation launched at the state level. >> sir, you do, as you mentioned, captain ron johnson of the highway patrol has been put in place in charge of policing the community there and being in charge of policing the rallies. who's in charge of the investigation in to the death of michael brown. which of the various police agencies that we have heard from is in charge of the investigation itself? >> if i understand correctly, it
11:40 am
remains today as you and i speak with the ferguson police department. i want to make an important legal process point here. in the time i have had your ear piece in my ear i have not heard made. that is this. missouri law differs from many other states. in texas and many other states, a crime may be charged only by a grand jury. that is not the case in missouri. where prosecutors -- individual prosecutors can make that decision on charging or not charging on what is called the prosecutor's information. i want to applaud the county prosecutor here for announcing a day or two ago that he will take this to a grand jury. that means the people of st. louis county acting through the grand jury procedure with all of its protections for everyone involved will have a say as to whether the charging decision goes forward. we haven't had that decision yet. we cannot have had it because
11:41 am
the grand jury has not been impanelled and the evidence not presented to them yet. but it will be, every last scrap of evidence will go to that grand jury. >> we did ask our viewers what they would want to know from you when we knew we would have you on the air and several did ask on the night when we saw this highly militarized response to protest over michael brown's death, where were you? where were the other elected officials in the state? and why, sir, did it seem to take quite a long time before anyone in officialdom took action. >> i learned about it through social media. i was the first statewide official to put out any kind of statement calling for prayers for michael brown, for his family, for all involved and stating my certainty there would be an investigation beyond the ferguson police department, at least by the st. louis county
11:42 am
police department and by the united states department of justice, and probably the fbi. then i had plans for a year to attend a meeting in milwaukee. i left on sunday, midday for that meeting in walk and returned on wednesday afternoon and came over here. >> sir, i want to ask you about that militarized response. senator carl levin said the senate will review the militarized response to the protests a couple of nights ago. so i want to ask you, who approved that particular deployment of police in that fashion, that kind of response? >> this is a very god question, joy. i'm not in the line of command on that. i will tell you that it is a concern that i think brings many civil libertarians together from the conservative end of the spectrum, as well as our more liberal friends that we should not have military vehicles,
11:43 am
police officers in camo, pointing machine guns in citizens as we are in the worst war zone on theette. that's not what we want to see. it has been an alarming trend that proceeded the last 10 to 15 years and this incident has served to heighten the concern about that. and i hope to begin to bring down the curtain to end it. >> leave it. there thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. . we are awaiting a 3:00 p.m. news conference. as we mentioned before with the ferguson police chief. with we are told he will be taking questions. stay with msnbc live when coverage of that happens. broken trust between police and the people who have sworn to protect and serve and what can be done about it. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything.
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the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old michael brown and the aftermath put race
11:47 am
relations and the relationship between police and black communities in the national spotlight. how do you rebuild trust between a predominantly white police force and a population that is majority black after an incident like the brown shooting? joining me is dekalb county police chief cedric alexander an the president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives. the director of african-american studies at the university of connecticut and on the phone is a hip hop artist and active vis. i want to start with you. you have been on the ground all week in ferguson. give me your reaction when you heard police released an incident report today but not the incident report about the shooting. >> right. i have been talking to people here. what happened when the report came out, it became a reflection of the underlying distrust between the community and the ferguson police. they immediately pretty much
11:48 am
rejected the information presented at the press conference saying they thought it was an attempt to taint michael brown. it was an after-the-fact attempt to justify whatever may have happened between him and officer wilson. you know, with the with implication that excessive force would be warranted if he was guilty of a petty crime or something beforehand. the other thing you will -- if you can hear the sounds behind me, there are a lot of people driving by, honking their horns in support of michael brown. it has not done anything to dim people coming and showing support. a lot of people have not accepting on the face of it that this video is even indicative that it is michael brown. there are people who have questions about attire and various other things i have heard. and has not done a lot to diminish the trust for that
11:49 am
people have for the police department. >> you have had a lot of outrage that i have seen in my social media about the way that police appear to be in advance defend ing what happened by putting out information that is, we can just say, not positive about this young man and essentially accusing him of an armed robbery. talk about how you have seen that reaction unfold and whether or not there's enough of a ground swell of people in your position, prominent people in the industry speaking broadly about this issue. >> i think there's a lot of -- i want to say peace to everyone on the panel first of all. but i think we are people who have the knowledge and you see them sharing it. you see them on social networks and people even on their way to ferguson, myself i'm going to head to ferguson. i have been talking to artist like murphy lee and they are going to meet me at ferguson on tuesday. i think it is -- the problem
11:50 am
that has me outraged is the blaming of the victim and shaming 0 of the victim. we saw it with trayvon, eric garner and davis. this blaming of the people. communities feel victimized by this. the story shifted from the murder of an unarmed black teenager to the -- people who have been fed up with this and have no crime in their community other than cop cans executing them in the street. >> i think that's what a lot of people are reacting to this sense of in advance trying to establish a baseline of criminality about the victim here, rather than addressing the basic question people have, which is what did the officer do, and why did he do it where's the incident report. are you troubled by this reaction today to release essentially derogatory
11:51 am
information about the dead? >> i think it's certainly raises a lot of questions. the police have not acquitted themselves particularly well over the past week swrechl seen a real mishandling of the situation, especially with the militarized response that we saw on the streets over the course of this week, which is something we have seen increasingly in the united states, especially following 9/11 sort of as an outgrowth of 9/11 programs that were intended to fight terror. we have seen the militarization of police where the pentagon is transferring hundreds of millions of dollars of military surplus equipment to local law enforcement every single year. these programs were designed to help fight terror. instead, as we have seen, they have helped to create terror in our communities and it shows a distrust with the police. makes the relations between communities and police even more strained than they already are. >> indeed.
11:52 am
go on. >> can k i add one thing? >> absolutely. >> the previous segment the guest said it was the pace of the investigation was not -- could not conform to the demands of a 24/7 news cycle. the real demands for information that are going on are from the people behind me. there are, not hundreds, possibly thousands of people who have been out here by this point saying we want answers, we want information. that -- people said -- one of the young men i spoke to said it would have been one thing if they said at the outset that the police were responding to a robbery call in the community but they are highly suspicious they did not make any reference to this alleged robbery until the time at which they were disclosing the officer's name. it goes to the idea that people are closing ranks around the police officer. >> when you combine what peter
11:53 am
was talking about, this essentially almost military response to the outrage of the shooting and the under response in terms of providing information that may calm the protest down if it was put out in a reasoned mapper, you have this huge spending on police paraphernalia to essentially almost fight a war on the streets of america. wouldn't it be cheaper if you spent $100 an offer on a body camera so we would know what happened? >> i think that's one of the relevant questions here. there are so many layers to what's going on here. they boil down to one thing, which is a fundamental lack of accountability that people see in the police department whether from the people asking questions here, the journalists arrested or the al jazeera crew which people seen the tear gas canisters directed at them. earlier in the week i posed a question to the police county chief asking him --
11:54 am
>> i want to ask you about that. you are heading to ferguson yourself. the issue of trying to get body cameras to police is one of the things you are working on. >> yes. you are speaking to me directly? >> yes, cedric alexander. >> yes. but let me back up if we could here. i think historically we have to remember in this country police and community -- particularly community of colors have had a strained relationship. it continues to be strained. however, there's a lot of great work being done with police, community and other parts of the country. but there in particular in ferguson, it is very evident that there's been some strain in that relationship, maybe it hasn't been much of a relationship between police and community.
11:55 am
so body cameras, yes, is one piece of determining as to what happened at a scene, on a call for service, whatever the case may happen to be. beyond that, those two entities, both the community and the police will have to find a way to work together. here's what is important to remember, the community is not going anywhere. the police department is not going anywhere sflchlt right. >> part of what we want to do and part of my reason for coming in tomorrow -- i'm meeting with chief jackson and a other chiefs in the surrounding community as well, too. is we talk about in dialogue how to move forward. for us, beginning to help them change and create a new relationship with that community. they are going to have to find way to coexist beyond what is currently taking place. another piece that is very important to remember too, is every day you are still having police service provided by ferguson police.
11:56 am
so we have work to do. the chiefs there that i spoke to are open and amenable to change and to help that we are trying to give them, as well. >> wish with we had more time. one of those times where we had another hour to do it. thank you very much. that does wrap it up for the reid report. the cycle is up next with live coverage of the ferguson police chief news conference at the top of the hour. over 20 million kids everyday in our country lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy, affordable, kid-inspired, chef-crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success? making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business
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12:00 pm
brown involved in a strong arm robbery at a convenient store. officers responded to that call when it turned in to a fatal encounter. the images along with the arrest report are public record. president obama is being briefed on the latest developments during his vacation ta turned out to be anything but in martha's vineyard. we will have more coming up. as well as the chief's remarks as soon as they happen. let's start on the ground in ferguson. we are about to hear from police chief jackson. >> after the calm of last night, the tone here, people are angry. they feel while they have been waiting for the release of the officer's name, it came with more of a smoke screen than anything else. they released pieces of avi


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