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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 30, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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while the population has become older with longer sentences. its survival is dependent on its ability to meet challenges and its ever-changing role in history. that's our report. thanks for watching. i'm john seigenthaler good wednesday morning. a broken water main near ucla sends millions of gallons of water shooting into the air. >> israel sets u on-air strikes gaza. two women on a railroad bridge survived a run in with a train. another close call as a car barrels into a auto shop. and the sequel you've been waiting for is finally here. hello. thank you for joining us. commuters who typically use l.a. sunset boulevard are going to have to find another way to work this morning. crews are still cleaning up after the massive water main break near the ucla campus.
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and it couldn't have come at the worse time. the city suffering from a historic drought. kurt gregory has more. >> the water pressure is still blasting out of there. >> reporter: a water main break along los angeles iconic sunset boulevard near ucla late tuesday afternoon sent water gushing 30-feet in the air stranding cars and flooding parts of the university. the 30-inch water main blew out a 10-foot wide section on the roadway sending a torrent of water on to the north end of the campus flooding athletic fields and underground parking garages. >> the two parking structures h. >> reporter: it showed the water flowing outside the campus buildings and into the underground garages. they reported it did make itted in two buildings including the basketball facility.
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>> we refurbished it few years ago. it's a beautiful structure. it's symbolic structure for the entire campus. we have to let it cry out. >> reporter: two hours after the break began, the flow of water coming from the sight slowed as officials began the process of shutting off valves in the area. officials estimate between 8 and 10 million gallons of water escaped. the section of pipe that bursts dates back to 1921. no cause has been determined yet. the l.a. area has seen numerous water main breaks in recent years due ageing infrastructure. officials in the u.s. an europe are hoping a new round of economic sanctions will have a deep affect on russia. president obama upped the ante targeting major banks as well as energy and defense companies. europe is imposing similar sanctions. officials say the new penalties
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should have an impact on russia's recent actions in ukraine. i'm joined by nbc's tracy pots. what is the consensus on the new sanctions. are they going to be tough enough? >> they're tougher and they're idea is to cripple the russian economy to the point where they back off in ukraine. we're waiting to see the reaction from russia. in the past they snubbed actions from the u.s. and europe, but these could have a bigger impact. instead of just targeting individuals close to vladimir putin, these new sanctions will hit whole sections of russia's economy, technology, weapons, and arms embargo and the country's largest banks. >> it didn't have to come to this. it does not have to be this way. this is a choice that russia and president putin, in particular, has made. >> vladimir putin is a man yak. this is about power for him.
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he doesn't care about the russian economy. >> the u.s. followed similar sanctions by the european union. the europeans were fed up with russian separatists interfering with the investigation of the malaysian airlines flight 17 and firing on ukrainians. >> we will make it absolutely clear that russia's behavior in destabilizing another country, ukraine, is unacceptable. >> 1100 people have died in ukraine since april. rebels accuse the government of hitting a retirement home killing five people there. >> if russia continues to go down this path, however, russia will leave the international community with no choice. >> president obama insists this is not cold war. that even if russia funnels weapons to the rebel, the u.s. won't be arming ukraine. ukraine's foreign minister said he welcomes the sanctions and promising that his country, his government will not target
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civilians. still a lot of violence going on there. >> we'll be watching. to the middle east, day 23 of operation protective edge, and it's getting louder. israel hammered hamas early wednesday morning, palestinians claim a shell at the u.n. school used as a shelter took place over a doesn't were killed and 90 hurt. on tv it's a seering image showing hamas fighters using a tunnel to attack israeli soldiers. as for a cease-fire, hamas said it's up to israel. the u.s. is amping up talks with leaders. >> i talked to prime minister netanyahu, two, three, four times today. we continue to talk. >> so far more than 1200 have died in the gaza conflict. ebola fears hit close to home once again. patrick sawer a liberian government worker died on
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friday. he became sick on a flight from liberia to nigh year ja. 59 people came in contact. 20 were tested and the results were negative. sawier has family in minnesota was planning a u.s. trip. as the virus spreads there's a concern. a shortage of much-needed medical supplies. >> gloves and hand sanitizers. >> it killed over 600 people since february. and it was like a scene from a movie. >> train! >> check it out. two indiana women run for their lives as an oncoming train speed toward them. they lie flat on the tracks and you know what?
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it actually works. they walk away from the scene uninjured except for a stubbed toe. the situation isn't as uncommon as you think in the u.s. one person or vehicle is hit by a train every three hours. they may have escaped with their lives but they are facing criminal trespassing charges. we shift gears and talk about sports this morning with my friend francis. good morning. >> hi, betty. i can't get over the stubbed toe. i get those on a weekly basis. two of baseball's best offense is taking off. orioles taking on the angels. takes a weird bounce. look where it goes. right there in the catcher's gear. it you don't see that every day. o 7-- 6. a pop fly hit to center. not so much. didn't work for either of them.
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it bounces off the glove. look where it goes. knocks the other one in the head. oops. yankees score. go on to win it 12-11. the l.a. dodgers made a special announcement during tuesday night's game. >> what they're trying to say is vince is coming back for another year of dodger baseball! hall of fame broadcaster ben skully will return for an unprecedented 66th season. he began broadcasting in 1960 and couldn't saying goodbye. saying, quote, i soul searched and this is not my time. eagles line backer decided class in the meeting room. he had his teammate's faces photoshopped. he photoshopped infamous you know that guy.
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kramer of seinfield! >> bill karins is here for our wednesday forecast. you may work in one of the photos. photoshop the head in there. >> for jerry? >> elaine? >> who knows! >> we have flooding concerns today. it looks like another gorgeous cool day in a lot of areas. as far as the horrible weather goes, we avoided it last night in colorado. we were afraid of dangerous light threatening flash flooding. it didn't develop which is fine with everyone. we have a lot of heavy rain that heads through kansas and oklahoma. you can see the ball of rain starting to spin over the southwest corner of kansas. that has to slide down slowly over the top of watch ichita, oklahoma city. so far the rain has been pretty light. it's an area especially dry the last couple of years. we could use a good soaking. four inches of rain in one cay that will cause flooding
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problems in many areas. highways included and streams and rivers. that's the concern with the forecast today. otherwise if you are on the eastern sea board, great lakes, hoeflt, everyone just a big buzz is where is summer? why does it feel like fall? >> i wore a sweater to work today it was chilly outside. >> it's typically the hottest time in the summer. >> this is july still? just ahead. forget the paintings. why people are flocking to see rats. yes, rats. ♪
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let's get down to business. good morning, jackie. >> good morning! the future is higher this morning after stocks fell on tuesday. investors awaiting today's fed decision. that could provide clues about when we'll see interest rate goes up. we'll get data on private sector jobs and second quarter gdp which should show that the
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economy rebounded a bit. watch twitter today. they surged 30% in after hours ratings last night. adding millions of new you users. the world cup actually helped. people interacting with each other during the game. and the chevy volt is the only small car to earn the top safety pick rating from the insurance institute for highway safety in new frontal crash tests. it comes with an optional front crash prevention system. the mazda five was the worst performer. back to you. >> good to know. stories making news this morning. visitors to yosemite national park in california are getting a different kind of view this morning. smoke high in the sky. a sign of a nearby wild fire that has burned 5 1/2 square miles. four hot shot crews, and a dc-10 flame being used in the effort. the fire is only 34 % contained.
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a 90-year-old man is dead out of an out of control vehicle slams into an auto shop. the passenger was killed. the driver injured. free talibaned prisoner bowe bergdahl is expected to be questioned next week. according 0 his attorney. will have to answer questions about the events leading up to the capture. in paris rampaging rats. dealing with a huge rodent problem. they scampered around the gardens feasted on food left by visitors. animal lovers are reportedly trying to save them by giving them water and digging up poison. a massive payout for jesse venn terra and the most beautiful list. we'll tell you who is on that. scrambled politics is next. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them.
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folks here is your helping of scrambled politics. several high profile republicans talked about impeaching the president, but house speaker john boehner said the whole idea was cooked up by the white house. he said, quote, we have no plans to impeach the president. it's a scam started by democrats at the white house. former secretary of state hillary clinton is the latest democrat to say the washington redskins need a name change. in an interview with fusion, she said i think it's insensitive and i think there's no reason for it to continue as the name as a team in our nation's capitol. former minnesota governor
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jesse ventura has been awarded $1.8 million in the lawsuit against military sniper chris kyle. he wrote he punched venn taur are a after the navy seals were to lose a few. gabriel giffords has a a new book coming out. she talks about how she opposed pursuing the death penalty for her shooter jared lee loughner. president obama enjoyed barbecue last night in kansas city. he was having din we are several people who had written him letters. he got half slab of ribs, beans, and a bud light. when he heard the restaurant was out of coleslaw he said you didn't save any for me?
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the site releases annual list of cutis and employees. rand paul came in at number nine. he came to twitter to call out another politician. congratulations to cory booker. i have to tell you this, rand, i think we were late pity ads to the list of young and gorgeous. in washington i'm joined now by politico reporter. thank you for joining me today. >> so is the talk about impeachment by republicans helping the democrats? yeah. it's helping them raise a lot of money. they have been using the message as their main driver of fundraising messaging for the past few days. they've been bombarding people about the possibility of impeachment. i'm sure individual democrats are doing their same thing.
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for them it has been a way for them to raise a lot of money very quickly from small dollar democratic dollars. >> that's what we've heard boehner say. how much are we talking about? and how successful has it been? >> it has been successful. the dccc said they raised, you know, hundred of thousands of dollars approaching the millions of dollars range from just impeachment talk. >> is it a scam as boehner says it is. >> boehner said it started in the white house, which isn't totally true. it did start with congressional republicans but it started with people like steve stockman who aren't important congressional republicans. they have no influence within the party. they're not looked to by their colleagues as leaders. at the same time with the exception of boehner he said it's a scam. but the majority was on fox news sunday this week and said didn't totally rule out impeachment. republicans didn't really respond to the impeachment talk but the firm know they should
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have. it gave the white house an opening to make it a bigger thing. >> i want to shift to michelle obama. she's the most popular member. she can help democrats during midterm. why are we not seeing more of her doing that? >> the simple answer is michelle obama doesn't like politics all that much. she's never been incredibly political person. if you read obama's memoirs she talks about she was skeptical of the times when he wanted to run for higher officer and things like that. she's not by nature a political person. she doesn't have the extensive relationship on the hill that maybe a hillary clinton had when she was first lady. so it's a different set of relationships. that means she's not as willing to fly out to different state and do a fund-raiser when you maybe compare it to a hillary clinton or even laura bush. >> we'll see if it changes as it gets closer. thank you so much. we you joining us today. bill karins and francis are coming back for the first buzz.
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premiering tonight on the si-fi channel sharknado two, the second one. watch as sharks dissent on new york. what else? a sharknado. i know, you can't wait for that. i saw the first one. funny. time for first buzz. we have a sad one we're starting with. >> it's really cute. a 5-year-old girl and a little brother. all the sudden you realize he's not going to be so little anymore. take a listen. >> i don't want him to grow up.
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>> oh! >> i don't want him to grow up. >> you want him to stay little forever? >> yeah. he's so cute. >> and i don't want -- >> that's a lot of reality there. >> look at the brother. he's laughing. >> what are you -- look at him look at her. >> it's okay! >> he is super cute though. precious! >> that's the difference between a 5-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy. he would be like whatever. >> he would be pulling her hair. >> it's getting inting 1.5 mill views. >> you can see why. somebody here at this little table of ours is five days in their wedded bliss! >> i did it.
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took the plunge and got married over the weekend on saturday. was really amazing. i actually got to enjoy it. >> i can't stop looking at your pictures. look how stunning you are. >> look at this! doesn't it look fake? >> that looks like -- >> you know the funny thing? i couldn't wait to sit down. i was like come on, let's go. my feet were killing me. >> people are going to see your pictures and this place. >> let's tell the behind the scenes story. >> you planned it quickly. >> we got engaged in december. >> but you planned new york city wedding in literally seven or eight months. that's unheard of. >> it went off so beautifully after the planning. i was not a fan of it. the planning not so much. thankfully we had a lot of help. >> that's one of my favorite photographs. >> they're going to go to the apartments and why don't you change the frames out? that's how classic they are. >> we had a terrific
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photographer. it went by fast. >> congratulations, betty. that's awesome! thank you for watching, everybody. in is first look on msnbc. way too early starts right now. shouldn't be off on the tracks of impeachment. we should be legislating. >> talk about impeachment is coming from the president's own staff. and coming from democrats on capitol hill. >> if that's the case, then i suspect that there may be republicans to the republican conference that didn't receive the memo. >> it's all a scam. >> impeachment typically a dirty war for any sitting president. why are democrats see it as a money making opportunity. are the republicans unwittingly helping the left with the future of coach hencive immigration reform? the new policy that can corner the gop. break out the chain saws!
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the big apple needs help! sharknado is about to take over your flat screen! this is "way too early." hey, everybody. good morning! i'm thomas roberts. it's wednesday, july 30th. welcome to "way too early." we're going to start out with the lead story today. we begin in the middle east health officials say a u.n. school packed with refugees was blasted this morning with shells from an israeli tank in gaza. at least 15 people were reportedly killed. 90 others injured. witnesses say the classrooms were blown to pieces as hundreds of palestinians took cover from the nearby fighting. so far there's no immediate comment in the israeli military. it follows a fierce day of air strikes in gaza which knocked out a


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