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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  December 23, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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that's what we should be doing. >> thank you so much for your time and insights. that's all for "the ed show." i'm joy reid for ed shultz on "the ed show." "politicsnation" starts now. tonight's lead, republicans grinches launching fistful of coal. as americans gather around the dinner table across the country, many are facing economic anxiety that could have been prevented. it's due to republican stinginess on key issues. more than 1 million americans face losing their unemployment benefits in just five days. for them, these are urgent times. and it shouldn't be happening. republicans in congress are blocking an extension of
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benefits. even though they don't even have support from republican voters. new pollings show voters in five gop congressional districts support extending jobless benefits. despite what republican leaders say. that includes voters in speaker john boehner's own district in ohio. voters know this isn't a partisan issue. they know the well being of real families is at stake. >> it's going to be tough without unemployment. it takes money to get out there and go on interviews. you still have to provide for your family. >> i think it's really easy to condemn people when you're not in their shoes. >> it's going to mean that basically other people will have to feed me and my family. >> it's too big of a thing for me to pay attention. >> real people are hurting and the pain goes beyond extending jobless benefits.
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americans overwhelmingly support raising the minimum wage. 91% of democrats, 76% of independents. and even 58% of republicans. it's hard to get 58% of republicans to agree on anything with this president. but they back him on this issue. and yet congressional republicans won't take action. this is why the president is fighting to reclaim the american dream. a dream of economic. >> a growing inequality that has jeopardizes red middle class america's basic goal. if you work hard you have a chance to get ahead. i believe this is the defining challenge of our time. >> the defining challenge of our time. restoring opportunity. giving everyone a fair shot.
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that's the fight ahead in 2014. joining me now are joan walsh and ryan grim. thanks to both of you for being with me tonight. >> thank you. >> pleasure, reverend. >> joan, you wrote an article today called the gop's sad scrooge agenda. will republicans pay for letting long-term unemployment benefits lapse? only if democrats play tough. what to democrats need to do on this issue? >> i was saddened to see this not become a bigger fight during the budget battle, but they didn't think they had the votes. so we've sadly moved onto january. there are people sitting down to christmas dinner trying to shop for their kids and they're going to lose their benefits three day after christmas. it'sed a it's gotten to this point. as you referenced, there's increasing polling data that show people support an extension of unemployment. and the democrats are on the
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offensive on this. harry reid has said he's going to bring it up. it's going to be the top of his agenda in january. i think there's a real shot to make that happen. i think for a long time the democratic party has been on the defensive. there's a sense we have to stealthily help the poor. we can't be up front about it. i feel there's a real difference lately. there's certainly a lot more support for economic populism in journal, but also a willingness to say we can't do this to poor people any longer. we can't make people's lives that much more miserable. and i see a real -- >> joan, that's the real point that i'm making. and, you know, ryan. some people, some democrats are being up front about it. in fact, democratic groups are planning to launch a major messaging push into americans' lives rooms with tv ads over the
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christmas break. >> you know who had a merry christmas? the richest 1%? republicans made sure of that protecting billions in taxpayer giveaways. and stripped 1.3 million americans of jobless benefits. >> and ryan, here's what a new poll that looked at the five republican congressional districts found. five key critical congressional districts. republican. if these lawmakers cut off unemployment benefits, a majority of independents in each district say they would beless likely to vote for that lawmaker and more likely to vote for someone else. that includes speaker boehner's district, ryan. >> and that's great, but where were these liberal groups during the budget fight when this
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mattered? congress has left town at this point. and so you're going to have unemployment benefits lapse. if in the middle of the budget crisis you had liberal groups on the air saying this is the moment to save unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless. why aren't democrats making a bigger deal of it? then maybe we wouldn't even be going through this. now, it's terrific they're making such a big deal about it now. when they come back in january, it does look like there's a decent chance they're going to be able to get it done. and hopefully it can be done retroactively. you're putting these people through unneeded stress by putting them on the benefits, off the benefits, back on the benefits. then they have to file for all these back benefits. >> it's not only unneeded stress, but it's also an unneeded lapse in income. because even if they get it back later, you're dealing with people that live in many cases check-to-check from these
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benefits. if they miss a check or two and get it later, that doesn't help them during the gap period. you heard that man say we're talking about people may have to feed me. literally this is what people are facing. when you look at the fact, joan, that minimum wage is also a huge issue. two democrats in washington have introduced a bill that would raise the federal minimum wage. it would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 by 2015. and in the years after 2016, it would index the wage to the cost of living. this is something americans support by wide margin. 66% support an increase in the minimum wage, joan. >> well, it's long overdue. you know that. it's got to be indexed as well. we've really seen the purchasing power of low wage workers decline. and, you know, democrats haven't been blameless on this one either. i think it's great that we have pushed for expanded food stamp eligibility and expanded
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medicaid for low wage workers to help keep them out of poverty or out of the depths of poverty. some of them are still poor even with that help, but there's been a lag for pushing for economic rights and minimum wage and expanded union igt roos. we had strong unions. there's a way in which our good intentions in terms of creating a better safety net, still not enough. has had created this situation where one in four workers now makes so little that they are eligible for welfare. our ideas about the welfare poor versus the working poor, often they're the same thing. >> what we're talking about when you put all this together, ryan, is when the president was talking about when he called income inequality the defining challenge of our time. and here's the kind of thing he means.
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since 1960, the bottom of the 90% of earners have seen their increase increase by 22%. in the same period of time, the top 1% has had an income increase of 271%. this kind of gap, top 1% of 271% since 1960, bottom 90% only increase of 22%. this uneven gap, this uneven growth is all part of the challenge of our time. and as joan said when you look at labor, when you look at what's gone on with minimum wage, unemployment extension, all of this compounds this inequality. >> yeah. and that's why i think you're finally seeing this bubble up. because it reaches so many people that it's now undeniable.
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so many people lost good jobs in 2008 and 2009 and the years after because of the financial crisis and almost all of the jobs created since then have been very low wage jobs. and you've seen this pressure to push people off unemployment insurance so they get more and more desperate. so they're willing to take these $8, $9 an hour job. these are people in their late 50s who all their lives have made upper middle class salaries and are now in desperation. >> i'm going to have to hold it there. joan walsh and ryan grim, let me thank you for your time and wish you a merry christmas. but let me also say that it will be a christmas of anxiety for too many americans. because we are not taking seriously the fight for economic fairness in this country. and if there's anything we must do as a nation over all of our
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religious, racial, and geographical differences is we must seize this time to fight for economic fairness and economic equality. that's the agenda for the new year. coming up, developing news on the "duck dynasty" disaster. my question is why are so many on the right doing a duck defense? plus a key senator says president obama needs to be friendlier to republicans then things would get done in washington. has he met the birthers? you better believe i'm responding to him tonight. and a home coming 63 years in the making. an incredible love story that you just need to see. ♪
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republicans have spent months whining about how they have to rebrand their party if they have any hope of winning another national election. they say change is in the air. to reach out to minorities and young people, women, and gays. so who's their latest hero? phil robertson. the star of "duck dynasty." he's been suspended from his show after making anti-gay,
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racially charged comments to a magazine. this weekend mr. robertson to do by his statement saying, quote, i am a lover of humanity, not a hater. i will not give or back off from my path. what's strange is that the republican party, that party that says it wants to change has been rushing to his defense. here's louisiana governor bobby jindal. >> the bigger issue is not what he said or how he said it. the bigger issue is about the first amendment and the right to speak up and say what you believe. >> yes, yes, he had the right to say what he believes. but the company that signs his paycheck had the right not to subsidize it. louisiana's lieutenant governor went even further saying if things don't work out, he'll use his influence with the film industry to look for other
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producers. >> i certainly want to see this show continue. it's clearly increased our tourism in the northern part of the state. that's what i like to see happen. >> and former presidential candidate mike huckabee went back to the usual gop red meat, blaming political correctness. >> if you want to take a point of view that is traditional that holds to biblical christian values, which are also by is the way values of traditional judaism and even islam, then you're supposed to shut up and keep that to yourself. >> this isn't about silences christian values. and here's why this really matters. "duck dynasty" is one of the most popular shows on tv. and phil is right at the center of it. >> my idea of happiness is killing things bb boom boom bow
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bow boom. the first prerequisite for a man and a woman, can she cook. >> men are cooking too. it's not just going to be ladies. >> no shoes, no socks, no problem. everybody happy, happy, happy. >> ask he has the right to say what he wants on the show or off of it. but that doesn't make it right. and my question is, why are republicans so eager to defend hurtful comments? joining me now is clarence page. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here, reverend. >> clarence, if the republican party is interested in change, why are they defending this kind of talk? >> well, i think i have some special insight here rb reverend, because i happen to be a "duck dynasty" fan. unlike most of my friends, neighbors, family, they all -- >> and me. >> thank you. they all ask how can you enjoy that show?
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for one thing, it's funny. it's a well produced show. i normally don't watch reality tv shows. i turned this one on a few months ago out of curiosity, and it's well done. the characters, and i say characters but nobody's really real in reality television. but i'd rather watch this than the kardashians. and the republicans realize this is at their base. this is a cultural war going on here. by defending phil robertson, they can up here be defending a way of life that hits right at the cultural heart of the republican base. >> what about the rebranding? what happens the autopsy? if this is what they feel as their base, then they're not trying to rebrand and expand. >> this kind of reminds me of sister soldier in reverse. what do i mean by that? this is a wedge issue that republicans can use to appeal to their base without doing that
3:20 pm
much damage in their view to the crossover votes they're trying to get. because for that matter, as i mentioned most of my fellow liberals, they don't want the show that much. it wouldn't mean that much to them compared to the real emotional fervor that has arisen on the part of the "duck dynasty" viewership which i understand is around 14 million. >> but clarence, wait a minute. i want to remind everyone what phil robertson said about growing up in louisiana, for example, during the jim crow era. he said quote, i never with my eyes saw the mistreatment of any black person. i hoed cotton with them. i'm with the blacks because we're white trash. we're going across the field. they're singing and happy. pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say. were they happy? they were godly. they were happy. i mean, i can understand and deal with you wanting to watch
3:21 pm
them rather than the kardashians, but if the kardashians were saying things that were against gays and talking about bestiality, talking about people happy under jim crow, i think many of us would have the same reaction and their sponsors have the same right these span sors have to say you have the right to say it but we have the right not to subsidize it. >> that's right. i agree. i disagree on all counts with phil robertson on all this. in fact, i wish he would sit down with bill russell who also comes from monroe, louisiana. he'd give a different view about how black folks really felt back in those days which i can remember too. i'm the same age as robertson. but the fact is like i mentioned about the republican wedge issue, democrats haven't been rallying on this. and they're not like i to rally
3:22 pm
on "duck dynasty." democrats have more important fish to fry, frankly. at the same time what he said certainly is divisive in terms of both black folks and gay folks. >> now, this is really just politics. is that why they're not talking about the specifics of what he's talking about? because i notice they are defending his right, but they're not getting into what he actually said, clarence. >> that's right. because then they have to defend gay bashing, if you will, and racism or racial indifference which can be just as bad. but they're not going to defend that. they're going to constantly talk about freedom of speech and religious freedom. even though as you mention, first amendment doesn't apply here. that only applies to government suppression. frankly if you offend your boss by something you say, you're on your own. >> you don't have a right to have a sponsor. you don't have a right to put
3:23 pm
money behind it. let me show you what republicans are saying and what they're not saying. listen to this. >> who is being discriminated against here except phil robertson? who just lost a job because of his religious beliefs? phil robertson. >> what he expressed here was probably more old fashioned traditional christian sentiment and value, whether you like it or not. >> we like you at the blaze. we're not ashamed. we won't fold. "duck dynasty," we would be proud to have you. >> i mean, are we now in a culture where people are saying that you can say whatever you want and people have to support it and subsidize it with their money with continuing to sponsor you on tv? they don't have the right to listen to their own concerns and their customers' concerns? >> let's call this out for what it is. the narrative of conservative
3:24 pm
victimization. you don't hear glenn beck and limbaugh talking about alec baldwin, isaiah washington, and other liberals who lost their jobs over statements that were insensitive to gays, lesbians, african-americans, or other minorities. >> clarence, are you trying to suggest two days before christmas there's some hypocrisy here? >> i know you're shocked to hear this, reverend. >> it will take the holidays for me to get over you even suggesting that. clarence, page, thank you for your time tonight and have a merry christmas. >> you too, reverend. thank you. ahead, speaker boehner has company. the biggest name has signed up for health coverage. i'll tell you who next. and a member of congress says the president needs to be pals with the gop. wait a second. the president should be friends with the impeachment crowd?
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there's a notion that if the president only schmoozed with republicans more, then magically we'd start to see real progress in washington. suddenly the gop would love health care. they'd start blocking immigration reform. they'd support the increasing of the minimum wage. and speaker john boehner would even sing kumbaya on the steps of the white house. isn't that right, senator joe manchin? >> it's hard to say no to a friend. when you build that relationship and that friendship, you're looking for ways to try to work things out and try to find a compromise. that friendship means an awful lot. when you don't build those personal relationships, it's pretty easy for a person to say, let me think about it. >> personal relationships. i see. so it's the president's fault.
3:33 pm
does senator manchin know on the night of the president's first inauguration top republicans were plotting to stall his presidency? or that the top republican in the senate made his top priority perfectly clear? >> our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term. >> so if the president just had a cup of tea with senator mcconnell, things would be better? wrong. the gop isn't interested in working with the president. they're obsessed. not with getting along with him, but with getting rid of him. >> we want all tools available to use including that, the impeachment. >> if he continues, could that build up to make a case for possible impeachment? >> all options should be on the table. >> if we were to impeach the
3:34 pm
president tomorrow, you could probably get all the votes in the house of representatives to do it. >> tell me how i can impeach the president of the united states. >> you have to establish the criteria that would qualify for proceedings against the president. and that's called impeachment. >> that's what this president is up against. and that doesn't even include the deep enders who think he wasn't even born here. >> all i can tell you is that the general consensus is that he has produced a birth certificate. the question is, is it legitimate? >> i mean, if someone asked for my birth certificate, i'd go get it out and say here it is. >> all the president has to do is show it. >> yeah. hear that? all he has to do is show his birth certificate. then we can all be friends.
3:35 pm
sure. don't bet on it. joining me now are joe madison and james peterson. thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> joe, let me start with you. so that's the key to all of this. the president just has to be nice to republicans. that's all. >> yeah. and they take kindness for weakness. that's exactly what this is about. you left out one thing. remember, they called him a liar from the floor of the house of representatives. let's add that. look, let's be quite candid. these folks have resented the fact that president barack obama got the power that he has. in washington, personal relationships are based on mutual interests. the only interests that the republican party and the tea party has is ideological. and that's what their friendship and their power is based on. this is about power. now, here's the solution. you let the house of
3:36 pm
representatives be overtaken by democrats. let those seats turn into a democratic majority. and you see how personal relationships will be when they want something for a president that has the white house, the united states senate, and the house of representatives. >> but, you know, james, i think that people underestimate how far out a lot of this is. for example, just recently a sitting republican agreed that the president might be a secret muslim. listen to this. >> the situation of barack obama's religion is much vexed and very murky. probably intentionally so. whatever his personal beliefs are, certainly if he were a secret muslim, he wouldn't be acting any differently than he is right now. >> that's right. it wouldn't be any different. >> i mean, these kind of extreme views, james, is not missing a
3:37 pm
cup of tea or hanging out for dinner in the residence that heals a deep kind of feeling that's been demonstrated. >> you're right. just to be clear in this country it's okay to be muslim. there are plenty of muslim-americans. there's freedom of religion so people can practice whatever religion they choose to practice. part of the distaste about those kinds of comments and why the president doesn't want to associate with these like that, because if you're that ignorant you're trying to essentially demonize an entire religion, then whoever you associate with, that's an evaluation of them. but let's also be clear, rev, that this president has invited republicans to the white house to private screenings for hollywood films. he's paid for meels for them. he's invited them to dinners. he's played golf with them. they were invited to the march on washington. many of those invitations not a resounding no.
3:38 pm
zero republicans showed up for those. >> i think that's the real point, joe. and absolutely james is right there's nothing wrong with being a muslim. even saying one has to be a secret muslim infers they don't believe in freedom of religion. i don't know why it has to be a secret. but when you look at the president and how he has tried to reach out to the gop, they've just refused his invitations. speaker boehner chose not to be photographed with president obama at last year's christmas party. boehner has also refused invitations to five state dinners. gop leaders refused to attend the screening of "lincoln" at the white house. not only wouldn't they go to the march on washington. multiple house freshmen refused to come to welcoming reception. >> personal relationships are mutual. personal relationships are
3:39 pm
mutual. but i'm just going to say it. if nobody else will say it. they never dreamed that this african-american would be president of the united states, ideologically opposed to everything they believed in. they couldn't beat him the first time. they couldn't beat him the second time. they've tried to delegitimatize even his very existence as a citizen of the united states and quite honestly, they resent it. and that's exactly what's going on. and they're attempting to bring this country down. and most americans aren't going for it. they're speaking to a very small group of people. and most people -- and i think including the younger generation and their children think they're absolutely crazy. >> well, i think that when you look at the toxic culture that has come from a lot of the right wing media that has poisoned the
3:40 pm
atmosphere, let me give you an example. >> this president i think has expoessed himself as a guy over and over and over again who has a deep seeded hatred for white people. >> in obama's america, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering yea, right on, right on. >> "ed shoit's not a traditiona america anymore. there are the voting public that want stuff, and things. and who is going to give them things? president obama. >> he is the president of a country that clearly i'm beginning to wonder if he even likes. >> this man hates this country. >> so in this kind of toxic environment, james, these politicians are operating and none of the leadership has called any of these guys to task about it saying wait a minute. that's too far, that's too extreme, that's not true.
3:41 pm
>> rev, joe points out the primary problem which is the base is shrinking. but within that minority party loves this rhetoric and it speaks to them in certain ways. that's where they live and breathe. but another huge problem is what you're pointing out in that segment which is the entertainment complex of the right wing. drives a lot of their policy thinking and a lot of their political maneuvers. they also speak to that same sort of minority within the minority party of the republican party. that's invested in these racialized discourses. the president doesn't have time for that and doesn't want anything to do with that. it's not progressive but it's not productive. we could spend all day talking about the rush limbaughs and glenn becks of the world. >> they have influence on guys blocking policy. that's why we can't ignore them. joe madison, james peterson, both of you have a merry christmas and thanks for your time this evening. >> merry christmas to you too rb
3:42 pm
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about a close friend of mine and yours, joshua dubois. every morning he sends me via e-mail a daily meditation. snippet of scripture for me to reflect on. and it has meant the world to me. >> president obama speaking at the white house prayer breakfast earlier this year talking about how his faith keeps him going. in the toughest job in the world, that faith is the subject of a new book. the president's devotional. written by the man that "time" magazine called the president's pastor in chief. the former head of the white house faith-based and neighborhood partnerships, joshua dubois. i'm pleased to welcome josh to the show here tonight. josh, thanks for being here. >> it's my pleasure. thanks for having me on.
3:47 pm
>> thank you again. the president said the scripture e-mails you send to him every morning mean the world to him. how did this start? >> you know, i was not intending to be the spiritual adviser to the president of the united states when this got started. i was a young staffer on the 2008 presidential campaign. i had known then-senator obama for a couple years. and i looked at him and saw someone who had tremendous supports around him. he had political support, but i was wondering who's thinking about his spirit and soul. i decided to put together an e-mail for him. it was based on the 23rd psalm how to get restoration in tough times. got his e-mail address and sent it. didn't know if i was going to get fired. he wrote me back and said that's exactly what i've been waiting for. >> so do you think by him starting his day with these e-mails, it helps him get through all of the worldly challenges and problems of the day? >> i think so. there's something about starting with the words of scripture and with wisdom, something that's
3:48 pm
disconnected from politics and whatever is happening in congress. but really reminding yourself of god's love for you and the love he expects for you to have for other people. i think it does get his day started in the right point. >> you were with the president when he traveled to newtown, connecticut, to speak at the prayer vigil as you recall, for victims of that very terrible tragedy. here's part of what he said about the little children who were murdered. look at this. >> letted the little children come to me, jesus said. and do not hinder them. for as such belongs the kingdom of heaven. god has called them all home. for those of us who remain, let us find the strength to carry on and make our country worthy of their memory. >> when there's a national tragedy like that, the president draws on his faith to bring him and the country through that.
3:49 pm
is that right? >> absolutely. you know, i was with the president in newtown. i got a call the saturday after that horrible friday that he wanted me to join him while he sat with those families and tried to comfort them. >> you were there with him. >> absolutely. and i've never experienced anything like that. just the depth of sorrow when a father has to hold a picture of their son or daughter that they just saw a couple days ago and now they're no longer there. and the president has to comfort them. in that moment he absolutely relied on his faith and talked about the verse in corinthians helped him through. how inwardly we can be renewed day by day. >> at the prayer breakfast the president talked in very personal terms about his faith. listen. >> sometimes i search scripture to determine how best to balance life as a president and as a husband and as a father.
3:50 pm
i often search for scripture to figure out how i can be a better man as well as a better president. >> how important is his faith in guiding his decisions? >> you know, his faith is a central part of his life. these devotionals that are in the president's devotionals, start his day every day. he spends time and prayer. in the oval office he has a prayer call on his birthday to bless him for the year to come. it's not something he wears on his sleeve. he'd rather live out his faith than talk about his faith. >> have you seen his faith kick in in politics? >> i think so. that he may not agree with people on the other side of the aisle but he finds ways to come together with them. him and senator tom coburn have a great relationship. and it's not in policy agreement. they've spent moments in prayer together. they've spent serious conversations together. so i see his faith in the way he tries to extend a presumption of
3:51 pm
good will. >> the way he related to you and i've observed that in prayer breakfasts and other gatherings and other younger members of the staff, it's almost a big brother, young father kind of thing that i don't think is seen through the press. because he seemed to be, you know, not the touchy kind of guy. but in his own way, he seems to have built this kind of relationship with younger staff members. >> you know, he really believes in empowering young people and being there for them. i spoke about how he helped when my father passed away. he set a culture in the white house. they are quick to give young staff -- whether it's heather foster who you know is a young woman leading african-american outreach. this white house and this president believe in empowering young people to do important work. >> well, josh dubois, i'm going
3:52 pm
to have to leave it there. author of "the president's devotional." great book. thanks for coming on the show tonight and grgs on the book. >> thank you, reverend. appreciate it. still ahead, a powerful reunion 63 years in the making. that's next.
3:53 pm
nearly 70 years ago clara gantt met the love of her life on a train heading to california.
3:54 pm
he was a young soldier named joseph. after that chance meeting, he repeatedly asked clara to marry him. over and over again, she refused. that is, until the day she said yes. vowing in her words to remain his wife until the lord called her home. just a few years later and 63 years ago her young husband went off to war in korea never to return again. his wife now 95 years old never gave up hope that he'd come home to her. this past weekend, he did. >> i'm so happy it's a closure. and he is coming home. >> clara gantt has been waiting for this day for 63 years. it's the day her husband's remains are returning home. >> he was in two wars.
3:55 pm
he was in world war ii, got out in '46, entered the korean war. >> as the los angeles airport honor guard saluted the plane carrying the remains of joseph gantt arrived at l.a.x. in the predawn darkness, his 95-year-old widow stood on a tarmac and told reporters she made plans six decades ago for his return from the war. >> i got a gardener and then i bought a home. so when he came home he wouldn't have to do nothing but go fishing, whatever he wanted to do. i bought a home for him. and i am in that home now. >> as passengers watched from inside, gantt's casket was lowered from the plane. >> he told me if anything happened to him he wanted me to remarry. and i told him, no, no. >> their love, she said, was more than enough for one lifetime.
3:56 pm
>> i always did love my husband. we was two of one kind. we loved each other. >> that love was evident as she slowly walked to the flag draped casket grateful she lived long enough to witness this moment. >> and i am so happy that i was living to accept him. >> as she stood next to the casket, tears rolled down her face as she both welcomed her husband home and prepared to lay him to rest. >> that's a love that anyone would be frpt to find. ds' socks. but at least i can help keep their underwear clean. with charmin ultra strong. i'll take that. go get 'em, buddy! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture and its four times stronger than the leading bargain brand. enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong. where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.?
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♪ on friday the president sat down with talk show host steve harvey. and he talked candidly about his daughters and driving. >> malia's 15. she'll be 16 in july. and sasha's 12. will be 13 in june. they're doing great. but they grow up so fast.
3:59 pm
>> is she talking about driving? >> oh, yeah. now, the good news is that although in chicago you can get your permit when you're 15, in d.c. it's 16. but this shows that she may have potential as a lawyer some time. she said, you know, aren't we technically still residents of illinois. >> but if you think the commander in chief is going to actually be teaching his daughters to drive, think again. >> are you going to teach them to drive? >> probably not. you know, i have seen enough parents try to teach their kids to drive. and the combination of anxiety and hollering and, you know, both sides just leaving the car unhappy after the fact, i figure it is better to, you know, give it to a professional.
4:00 pm
>> something tells me minus the driving lessons, president obama will have enough things to keep himself busy in the coming months. let me wish you all a merry christmas. love to your family and don't forget fellow americans who also will be serving and wishing for a better christmas and better christmases to come. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. a . d-day for the aca. let's play "hardball." ♪ d-day for the aca. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening. i'm michael smerconish in for chris matthews. leading off tonight, it's deadline time for the affordable care act. tonight at midnight was supposed to be the last moment to sign up for health care coverage on the federal


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