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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  December 23, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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is not backing down, neither is his conservative support. neither is chary she know. he said your statements were and are unforgivable. those are charlie sheen's words. find out what's next for the duck clan. we've got that. plus, what's the one thing insiders want you to know before you head out for the last-minute shopping spree you might have to do? and where can you still get free shipping and delivery before christmas? we've got a strategy for procrastinators, you know, in case you haven't had time to come up with one yet if you're procrastinating on your procrastinating strategy. good morning, i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. the first critical deadline for obamacare ends at midnight tonight. that is if you want your health care benefits to begin january 1st. there's been a last-minute spike in demand. wait times can be up to two hours on the phone. it could be the result of the white house getting the word out to those who most need to sign up. that includes groups such as
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those who have pre-existing condition insurance plans that will end on december 31st, those who lost coverage when insurers covered 2013 plans, though they can now opt out of coverage without penalty for 2014, and people in states where medicaid is scaling back the affordable care act, where the main topic of conversation was on the sunday shows. >> obamacare right now causes people to spend more money, have less choice, have a higher deductible and have less freedom. >> there have been a lot of glitches, there have been a lot of problems but they're getting fixed. six months from now, many more people are going to see the positives rather than the negatives. >> we're joined now by philip bump and rachel smolken. philip, i'll start with you first. major stress test today, not only on the obamacare technology but also in terms of success today. >> yeah, absolutely. i think the technology is probably what people are sweating, if you work in the government, over the course of
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the day. i think tonight's benchmark of the midnight deadline for january 1st coverage is important, but i think the most important thing is the bol of it. that this is the first real, hey, we've got to get this done to have coverage by 2014. but if the websites don't hold up or the phone coverage collapses, it's a huge problem. >> and you're implying for republicans, they'd bring that up with regard to what the democrats have done and what the president has done and it may be more difficult is what you're saying. >> that's exactly right. there's a million people that have signed up for insurance coverage at this point already, before tonight's deadline according to the numbers released by the administration, and that's a lot of people that already have coverage. it's going to continue to grow which gives obamacare a lot of momentum. >> thursday the white house said people with cancelled plans can now purchase cheap catastrophic policies under the law's hardship exemption. and eric cantor said in a statement in reaction to that saying, quote, our entire health care system can't be
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fundamentally changed at any given time subject to the ran dol impulses of president obama. how have insurance companies handled these past five major delays or changes to the aca policy? we've heard them share some concern about errors coming from the government data servers over time. is it going to continue to be trouble for them? >> you're seeing the real push and pull here. the administration is doing everything it can to try to be flexible, to be responsive to the problems it's seeing develop, but at the same time each change creates further uncertainty, more uncertainty for the insurers who are trying to make this work and more uncertainties for the consumers who are trying to sign up and figure out what's going on with the new law. >> now, in a radio interview, senator rand paul said that obamacare problems could give the gop a major leg up in the midterms. let's listen to what he said. >> so it is looking to be a juggernaut in 2014, mainly because obamacare, i think, is
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not fixable, continues to get worse. >> so, philip, not reversible, as you were indicating earlier because you have a million signed up, how can you reverse that. but on the political side, as senator rand paul was saying, he believes it might help those up for re-election if you're republican. >> there's no question, the republicans are banking at this point in time on this being a campaign issue in 2014. but the question is if people continue to sign up. the administration hoped to have three million people signed up by january 1st. looks like they'll be half of that, maybe a little bit more. but that is a lot of people who suddenly have health insurance that they can afford that didn't have insurance before. you know, there are obviously -- you know, there are a lot of different populations. there are people getting it for the first time, people that have had to upgrade their insurance policies to meet the standard of obamacare. how that all plays out in 2014 is a giant question mark. right now republicans have the advantage but it's not enclosure that's still going to be the case. >> november, 2014, rachel, we've all suffered over the weekend. democratic senator joe manchin
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being consistent here. he has said he wants that one-year delay in the individual mandate. what do you think, what does that say about support from the president's own party? >> that's the real test. this is going to be a major issue heading into the midterms. many democrats voted for this law and you're seeing a real fight-or-flight dilemma. do they stand behind the law, do they abandon the law or try to stand behind it in part but push for some changes? and you saw a lot of unrest in the period that the website wasn't working well at all. democrats seem to have quieted down a little wbit now that the website is working better but real questions remain. we're going to continue to see those heading into january. that will bow a critical test period for the law. >> rachel, an independent panel recommending a third party hold on to a phone number and call duration logs gathered by the agency. here's what the head of the house intelligence committee had to say. take a listen. >> i'm reluctant because i think it opens it up to more privacy
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violations when the companies hold it. they don't have somebody directly controlling that information. >> so having a third party in jekted into this, would it make it more risky? >> president obama seemed open to some of those changes in his news conference that he had right before he left for hawaii. this has a dominant story of the past year and we'll be waiting until january to see what the president decides to take from the panel that made these recommendations, just how sweeping he'll be. but it was a real 1-2 punch for the law, for the surveillance policies over the last couple of days, as we saw a ruling from the federal judge calling many of these into question and the panel recommendations. >> i want to play a little sound here from colorado senator mark udall on this subject. take a listen. >> it's time to have real reform, not a veneer of reform. we've got to rebuild the american people's trust in our
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intelligence community so we can be safe. >> so, philip, what needs to be done and by when? >> there are a lot of subject i've answers. the nsa review panel said that they need to reform how this phone meta data is collected. president obama has one take. representative rogers had another. from a political standpoint, president obama is not up for re-election but he understands this is doing political damage to him. it's very unlikely the president will advocate any sweeping reforms and it's pretty unlikely congress will pass anything that substantially undermines the nsa. because the nsa can say what happens if we have a terrorist attack. >> thank you so much. a wild weekend of weather is being blamed for nine deaths across the u.s. and made holiday travel very difficult. at the height of an ice storm, 300,000 people in michigan were without power. that number is now down to 95,000 this morning. in oklahoma city, huge pieces of
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ice, watch this, crashing down on shoppers at an outlet mall. no one was hurt, good thing. in kentucky, five people drowned trying to drive down flooded-out roads. today the story is rain and a lot of it stretching from texas to maine. same-sex couples in utah have been lining up to get marriage licenses before the issue depogoes before a judge t morning. friday they ruled it violates their rights. "duck dynasty" star phil robertson isn't backing down from his anti-gay comments in "gq" magazine. while talking to his church group he said he's a lover of humanity, not a hater. but he also talked about how the human race can't pro create without a man and a woman. robertson is currently suspended from his a & e show and the family is in discussions with the network. louisiana's lieutenant governor is backing the family, saying the show is important for the
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state. he said he'll help the robertson family find a new tv network if they can't reach an agreement with a & e. a pr exec as well cleaning up her own pr mess this morning after tweeting this message. quote, going to africa. hope i don't get aids. just kidding. i'm white, end quote. justine sacco sent this message before boarding a plane for a 12-hour flight to south africa. once she landed, her company announced they, quote, parted ways with sacco. he was the communications director for the company that owns daily beast, and other websites. she released a statement this morning apologizing for that tweet. vin diesel saying "fast & furious 7" will be released in april. he made the announcement on his facebook page posting a scene he did with paul walker. he ended the post saying, quote, he'd want you to know first, allowedi alluding to walker. walker died in a car accident.
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universal has not said how the production will go forward without walker. will sticker shock turn young people away from obamacare. representative hakeem jeffries weighs in after the break.
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insurance experts are growing increasingly concerned that many first-time health insurance buyers will be hit with sticker shock at the initial cost for health care. it's a sentiment echoed by lawmakers. listen. >> if it's so much more expensive than what we've anticipated and the coverage is not as good as what we have, you've got a complete meltdown at that time. >> i'm joined by congressman hakeem jeffries from new york. a key to the affordable care act is certainly the numbers that will be signing up and the president, the white house going out with a campaign.
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they were even handing out small flyers at nightclubs where young people theoretically pick it up, sign up and get into their health insurance policy that the aca depends on so much. is this going to work? is it going to bring in these youth, these young people that are so much needed? >> i anticipate that there will be a robust enrollment. clearly there were issues with the initial rollout but those largely seem to have put behind us. over a million individuals right now have been enrolled in new york state. we've got over a quarter of a million individuals who have been enrolled and either have been assigned plans or been determined to be eligible. so those are all signs of progress and steps in the right direction, which i expect to continue in the new year. >> so as a member of the budget committee and you're watching all these numbers here, seven million is what the white house would like to have signed up. they don't get number, they get halfway, what does that mean financially? >> i think that eventually we
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will get to that number. it may not be on the timeline originally set forth by the white house, but it is clear to me similar to the fact in the 1930s there were issues initially with the rollout of social security. in the 1960s there were issues with the rollout of medicare. we've gotten past that. there were going to be challenges, but the fundamental concept of providing affordable quality health care to otherwise uninsured americans and preventing insurance companies from rejecting people with pre-existing conditions, those are things the american people will embrace. >> some of those are just prices. you've heard some of the concerns your fellow lawmakers are making. will that hold it up? >> there are anecdotal issues that do perhaps affect some people who may see an increase in insurance, but that also will often depend on the fact that these individuals were on a subpar plan. the law has been changed to elevate their coverage. >> some folks just see the price tag. what are you telling your
7:16 am
constituents that ask you that question? >> i haven't had a great deal of constituents express concern relative to an individual situation. we are saying take a close look at what is being offered, what you previously had, what you will now have under the affordable care act and evaluate the level of service and the service increase before making a determination as to whether this is a good thing for your family or not. >> the front page of the "washington post" talking about the aca and one of the implementers, cgi, who was the lead organization. and in that article they remark that 20 of the -- excuse me, some of the executives were involved in 20 other projects with the federal government that did not go off well. does this vetting process for these outsourcing organizations, businesses, does that concern you? >> overall i think the government can always be made more efficient and there's going to be lessons we can learn from the flawed rollout of the affordable care act and the individuals that are involved. i expect congress will take a
7:17 am
look at that moving forward. we should do that in a bipartisan way. not designed to kill the affordable care act but designed to improve the efficiency of government moving forward. >> i want to play a little sound here from senator coburn and what he had to say about the deficit and i want to talk to you and get your reaction about the budget right now. >> the reason we're in trouble on deficits and debts is not because we didn't agree, but because we did. so we pass a bill that raises spending and raises taxes and denies what we promised the american people and everybody says, oh, my goodness, how great. >> do you think it's great? >> well, i think it was a modest step in the right direction. for the first time in several years, we'll actually have a budget moving forward that provides some measure of stability and certainty. that's what businesses have been asking for. now, we do have to deal with our deficit issue, but we also have to deal with the fact that the economic recovery for working families and for middle class folks has still been stalled and schizophrenic. in order to get that right we've
7:18 am
got to investment in the american worker and the american economy. now, we do have to deal with long-term concerns approaching $18 trillion in debt. we also have to understand that the fundamental causes of that debt related to some decisions that were made by the prior administration and previous congresses, and those very same forces are now often the people who are critical of the situation that we find ourselves in. >> congressman, you remember this time last year we were talking the fiscal cliff and all of you were working very late, all the way through the new year. you finished the year with a deal. do you think that after the break we'll have a different congress? different tone? >> well, i'm hopeful. certainly the government shutdown was unreasonable, it was reckless, it cost the american people $24 billion in lost economic productivity. it would be a good thing if some of the extremism is out of the system of those in congress who have been purveyors of that and we can work on the issues of comprehensive immigration
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reform, gun -- >> 50-50. >> 50-50 shot. >> not a betting man, taking it down the middle. consumers take a swipe at target through legal action and the power of the purse. coming up, mandy drury will have the latest on the fallout for target after 40 million credit and debit cards were compromised. ♪
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[ squeals ] ♪ and you do the best you can ♪ i got lost in this old world ♪ ♪ and forgot who i am another weekend, another winter storm. parts of the country dealing with freezing rain, snow and ice over the last few days. the conditions brought down trees and power lines, as you see there, causing outages for thousands of people. it also made for some dangerous travel conditions as well. joining me now is weather channel meteorologist mike bettes. nice to see you. you guys were busy this weekend and today. >> we've got a lot of things to cover. take a look at the radar, it is colorful to say the least. a lot of rain from the florida panhandle all the way through the deep south so interstates like i-20, i-85 and i-95 will be rain soaked across the south.
7:23 am
it is drying out right through the carolinas and right into the district watching for some showers including baltimore, richmond and right through philadelphia. we have heavy rain right now and it's all showers for us in new york with incredibly mild temperatures, in the 60s this time of year, almost unheard of. boston, we're all rain right now but just north of town there's a little ice we're dealing with. that includes manchester, concord, portsmouth and east maine, heavy ice expected through the midday up toward bangor. we have freezing rain warnings in effect for us. highlighted in dark purple. please be advised 295 and i-95 will be very, very slick for you. a little snow around caribou, 1 to 3 inches. are you dreaming of a white christmas? well, we say the midwest is the place to be now through christmas morning. look at the snow that's coming from us from des moines to chicago, milwaukee, green bay an back toward the twin cities. 3 to 5 inches of brand new snow is coming, richard. i think all the kids getting
7:24 am
sleds will be pretty pumped for this one and smooth sailing for santa and his reindeer. >> over the weekend i was thinking i should come in shorts and a t-shirt today the way the weather was. >> now we're going back into winter in some parts of the country. >> mike bettes, appreciate it. to politics now, where drug dealers are capitalizing on the word "obamacare." massachusetts police confiscating hundreds of bags of heroin. on those bags it was stamped with the nick and a quarter oba -- nickname obama care. the first family spent time cheering on oregon state. the first lady's brother is their head coach. they lost 83-71. meanwhile as new york city mayor michael bloomberg gets set to leave office, he made his inaugural appearance on snl. >> what's next for you, mayor
7:25 am
bloomberg? >> i'll be enjoying a lifelong dream of enjoying a small soda on a nonsmoking beach. and a way to raise campaign cash. well, senator al franken wrote a poem to help raise money. it was the week before christmas and all through the state attention was focused on one single date. our fund-raising goal that we've set with such care, by 12/31, all the cash must be there, end quote. again, his words. franken is a favorite to win a second term. today's tweet of the day for you comes from country singer scotty mccreery. up early and headed home to start my christmas shopping. last-minute shopping is what it's all about. makes it interesting. and we'll get some strategies, by the way, to help you scotty for last-minute shoppers like you coming up next. ll help me ga beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee.
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it's christmas crunch time, you know that. and if you're hoping to score a bargain, you still might be in luck here.
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store traffic was down friday and saturday by 7% over last year. analytics firm said that translates to a drop in sales to 4% to 6% from a year ago and that's why some stores are keeping open through christmas eve. among those that have these shop till you drop hours. busy time how, heatha. >> yes, a very busy time for me. i have to apologize for my voice, i'm getting over a little bit of a cold. i'm channeling scarlett johansson over here. >> so is it worth it for them to stay open 24 hours? >> it is at this point because we saw all this inclimate weather that happened over the last season. last weekend was not -- well, not this past weekend but the weekend before the huge snowstorm, the weekend before that another huge snowstorm. also a lot of these customers don't like to stand in line, so paypal came out with a study saying how 53% of people don't want to go into stores.
7:30 am
they want to just go on their mobile devices, go online. so stores are combatting that. >> that's me. >> and so right now we're seeing about 40% of people still going out there and shopping last minute. >> that's what i do in the breaks. i'm buying stuff. >> exactly, on your phone. >> exactly. so tell me this, though, what kind of deals when we do go out to go shopping might we see? >> because these stores really want to get those customers in, you're seeing everything from 30% off to 70% off. so old navy you're seeing a 75% discount. coldwater creek is 50%. this is what i love, bloomingdale's have a procrastinators have all the fun sale. 25 to 50% off. toys r us, some of the stuff is 40% off. for some that need to get their toys now as opposed to tomorrow. >> the 40% off you and me dolls. >> and the doll houses.
7:31 am
>> that's good stuff. >> what are the shipping opportunities to get it before christmas? >> you have to act very fast. so we're looking at nordstrom. you have until 3:00 today to get that free shipping. urban outfitters, you have until 1:00 p.m. today. >> just hours. >> just literally hours. and amazon prime, it's 11:59 p.m. today to get that free shipping. >> so if you haven't bought, in other words, get on it right now. >> immediately. >> right, right, right, right. watch this and then go online. >> so this is interesting. gift cards. and there's some incentives that some gift card companies are offering. >> you can do a bulk buy and certain cards they'll give you an extra bonus. so applebee's. if you buy a $50 gift certificate, they'll give you a $10 gift certificate. itunes, for example. so that's one thing. if you can't bought for a bunch of people, bulk buy gift cards and get something for yourself. >> you're effectively getting a discount on them if you think
7:32 am
about it that way. after christmas, i'm always looking at the after christmas discounts. i'm frugal like that. >> you and me both. on the older merchandise you'll see more of a discount on that merchandise because they're trying to get that out of the stores. so if you don't mind not getting a gift or your loved ones don't mind getting a gift until christmas, i would wait until after christmas. also on winter items and of course on christmas items, they're trying to clear that out of the store. >> see, mom and dad, that's a good reason why you might get your gift a little later. >> i'm going to join that band wag an too. >> great stuff. heatha, appreciate it. checking the news feed. community leaders in california want prosecutors to investigate the case of an oakland girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery. the family of jahi mcmath got a judge to keep children's hospital of oakland from removing her from a ventilator. the judge said an independent doctor must exam her. jahi had severe bleeding after what was supposed to be a
7:33 am
routine surgery and went into cardiac arrest. the united nations is working to evacuate people from its compound. violence has escalated in this area. the u.n. says at least two peacekeepers and 11 civilians were killed last week and u.s. military aircraft also came under fire over the weekend while trying to evacuate all americans. all americans are out but some 3,000 other foreign nationals are still there. former nba star dennis rodman on his way home after four days in north korea training that country's basketball team of the one of the bigger surprises of the trip was rodman being snubbed by the guy he once called his friend for life, kim jong-un. the two never met during his trip and rodman brushed off questions about the snub. he said he plans to see the north korean leader soon. just when things were looking for up olympic skier lindsey vonn, another setback.
7:34 am
vonn's surgically repaired knee gave out during a world cup race over the weekend. she said she didn't hurs herself any more than she's already hurt. vonn had surgery in february after a scary crash and partially retore one of the ligaments in november. sorry, tom brady, you're no longer the single season touchdown leader. that belongs to peyton manning. he threw his 51st touchdown against the houston texans. that pass was his fourth td of the game. peyton has a chance to set that record again, even higher, if he wants with one more game left in the regular season. so many records peyton manning has. more fallout for target after a massive debit and credit security breach. good monday to you, mannedy. traffic down this weekend. lawsuits piling up. >> yep. the number of transactions at target slipped compared with the final weekend of christmas last year. that's at least according to the
7:35 am
estimates from customer growth partners. before you think that was across the board, you know, the weather or something was playing havoc, no. transactions at many other retailers were actually strong. i should say though, richard, that target did try to mitigate the fallout by offering a 10% discount to all of its customers in its u.s. stores over the weekend, but still, you know, it did somewhat dent the sales. as for the financial institutions, they're also trying to offset the potential losses stemming from that target data security breach. after all, you had 40 million customers, their credit cards and debit cards compromised by hammers. so, for example, jpmorgan has put daily spending limits on debit cards that had been used at target stores during the period that was affected, but you've also got the lawyers cancelling n circling now too. four state attorneys general are seeking answers from target and there are four class action suits seeking at least $5
7:36 am
million in damages. most importantly they want to know is when exactly did target know of the breach so this certainly is not finishing any time soon. >> something that maybe is a little bit more positive. >> yes. >> we haven't been able to bring this up in the three or four years we've been working together. we haven't been able to say santa claus rally. this year we might be able to say that. >> i think so. today so far so good. so five out of the last six years, the market has rallied into the last two weeks of the year. from december's post-christmas trading sessions to the second session of january, the s&p has posted a 1% gain on average, rising 71% of the time. this, as you say, this is known as the santa claus rally. but that term actually technically refers only to the generally positive performance of stocks in the last five trading days of the year and the first two of the new year. and it was discovered this particular trend was discovered all the way back in 1972 by yale hersh and it is one of the
7:37 am
reasons that once investors finish selling off all their losers to avoid paying capital gains tax on the winners, you have these professional traders swooping in. it's a great opportunity to snap up stocks at bargain prices, so a big professional buying spree. but be careful. i should also say don't necessarily think because we're talking about a santa claus rally that you should get in there and buy, buy, buy. also at this time of year, richard, you know there can be a lot of volatility because there's low volume and you never know what else can be thrown at you, so just be careful. seek advice. >> we had a great year, though, overall. >> unbelievably amazing year. whether it can be rep li katd next year remains to be seen but it's been a great year so far. among the year-ending lists, here's one that might make you feel a bit, well, old. the "san francisco chronicle" has a list of celebrities who turned 50 this year. brad pitt turned 50. johnny depp is on that list too. these guys look like they haven't aged a year, a day.
7:38 am
lisa kudrow. look at that. vanessa williams. elizabeth shue. i think that's the key here. my producer is saying good genes. john stamos. pretty much the same. for a link, head to so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service,
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check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app.
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it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card.
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it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. now tell me, what's in your wallet? real estate has been one of the bright spots in the economic recovery this year, but in the new year ahead, owning a head will be less affordable. prices are up more than 9% from a year ago with the median price reaching just over $196,000 in november. let's bring in chief economist jed kolko. jed, good to see you. let me start with your housing barometer. how's the housing market doing, according to your barometer?
7:42 am
>> right now we're seeing that sales volumes and prices are getting closer to their normal levels. but construction is actually still lagging behind. even though we've seen an increase in new construction over the past few years, construction starts are still well below normal and the biggest concern is young people aren't getting back to work yet. that's very important because young adults age 25 to 34 are that key age group for housing demand. that's when they decide to form their own households and decide whether to rent or buy. >> what's normal? >> normal for them is that we see almost 80% of them working. right now it's about 75%. and by normal we don't mean 2006. that wasn't normal in the housing market. we mean what the housing market looked like before the bubble. >> and when you're looking at markets and this normalcy and also this increase, this 9% that we're talking about nationally, that's the average, which markets are seeing the fastest recovery? one of them, i maimagine, is whe you're at?
7:43 am
>> exactly. some of the markets include san francisco, where i am right now. many markets in texas actually, austin, houston, they avoided the worst of the housing crisis so they're getting back to normal more quickly. >> seattle. >> yeah, seattle is also back in normal range but places are still struggling like las vegas, detroit. construction levels are still well below normal in those markets. >> now, as we look at this gain in value over the last year, consumer sentiment is certainly a part of that. but what's fueling this recovery? what's pushing it up to this 9% rate that we're looking at? >> the price increase over the past year has mostly been a rebound after the big price declines that we saw when the bubble burst. part of that rebound is for investors who have come in and bought a lot of homes and rented them out. also inventory has been tight. when there's tight inventory, that helps push up prices as well. >> so you are predicting less
7:44 am
affordability next year when it comes to buying a home. why? >> i expect we're going to see prices continue to rise low not as much as they did this past year but also mortgage rates should be higher next year than they were this year. higher prices and higher mortgage rates make houses -- it turns out buyers do a little better if they wait a little later in the year. that's because a lot more inventory comes on to the market later in the year, even though a lot of buyers are searching early in the year. so sellers might do better if they move their listing up a little bit in the year, whereas buyers often do better if they're a little more patient and wait until summer or fall. >> okay, good stuff. jed kolko, appreciate it. now turning to some breaking news we're just getting into msnbc. new york state police spoping to a shooting in cooperstown, new york. that came in from the seventh
7:45 am
inning stretch store on main street. police are not sure if the shooter is still in the building or took off, but they are asking everyone to stay away from that scene at this time. you may know cooperstown is home to the baseball hall of fame and we'll continue to follow that breaking story right here on msnbc when we get more information. stay with us.
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president obama's relationship or lack of relationship with congress has been the subject of debate over the years on capitol hill, but it's not every day a fellow democrat criticizes the president's frosty relations. >> it's hard to say no to a friend. when you build that relationship and that friendship, you're looking for ways to try to work things out and find a compromise and that friendship means an awful lot. when you don't build those personal relationships, it's pretty easy for persons to say, well, let me think about it. >> joining me now, angela rye and chris wilson, a republican pollster. good day to both of you.
7:49 am
angela, how prevalent is this idea that manchin is bringing up with congressional democrats? >> well, we do know, as you said, this has been a point of discussion for years. what we also know is when the president initially came into office right after the 2008 election, the president's focus was on trying to fix some of the dysfunction in washington and trying to focus on policy. over time we've seen him make several changes, whether it was appointing chief of staff daly to be the relater in chief and delegating more of that to the vice president. he's done even more after he appointed chief of staff mcdonough to do more of the relationships. he started doing more golf outings and dinners. when we've seen on the other side is relationships isn't necessarily its end all, be all. he has relationships from being in senate just a little while and his manchin-toomey amendment didn't succeed because of the
7:50 am
relationships but because of the power of the nra lobby. so it's not just relationships, it's definitely a mixture of both. >> chris, what do you think here, is this more of what angela was just mentioning a second ago, about them wanting more attention? perhaps some lawmakers are just saying, hey, we want to get more attention and they're instead pointing the finger at president obama? >> yeah, i think to angela's point. obama did in her office with this promise of a new type of politics. what we've seen is the opposite. at least in the past with clinton or bush or reagan or carter, you saw them have a solid relationship with their own party. and what manchin pointed out, a democrat senator from west virginia, he's pointing out that they don't even have a good relationship or obama doesn't have a good relationship with his own party. what that brings about is probably the earliest lame duck presidency in american history because he doesn't have that relationship. last week he didn't even trust his own party to fix the hardship exemption. i think when you see that a
7:51 am
president doesn't even have the type of relationship with his party to be able to govern, then it really brings about this breakdown we've never seen before between the president and the senate. >> when republican leadership, and you see this both of you, angela and chris, when you see republican leadership in the house that is also not working with the president, one might say, well, hey, it's the speaker's problem here. >> sure, chris -- >> you're right. you don't often see the president work with members of the other party, that becomes a difficult factor as it does with bush and the democrat senators and clinton or the republican senators. you kind of examine that, although you hoped obama would fix it. this isn't a case of obama not being able to work with republicans, it's a case of obama not being able to work with democrats. as democrats are risking losing the senate when you've got races in arkansas and louisiana where you've got democrat members of the senate in north carolina who are disavowing the president and his policies, i think that makes for the most dysfunctional senate and congress we've seen in american history.
7:52 am
>> angela? >> what i was getting ready to say is that we saw speaker boehner have a meltdown about these very politics. i disagree. this is not about the president's inability to work with democrats. we've seen him do that in several different ways and most recently he appointed a new head of affairs, so again we'll see some evolution happen again, trying to meet in the middle of the washington dysfunction and part of that is about meeting folks where they are. again, he's working with both sides of the aisle. hopefully they'll work back. >> i want to read something david hawkings had written earlier in the month. he said inviting clusters of lawmakers over to watch a move owe or to jawbone on the truman balcony has his predecessors did is not obama's style. something of a surprise given that he was the first sitting member of congress elected president since john f. kennedy. instead he steered almost entirely clear of socializing with his one-time colleagues this year beyond the obligatory state dinner invitation and that
7:53 am
handful of meals earlier in the year with clusters of senators, end quote. chris, if the president did do these things, would republicans be more willing to work with him? >> well, i don't know is the answer. it's difficult to say. i think they'd be more willing than they are now. again, i'd point out the problem isn't with obama and republicans, it's obama and democrats. when you take a signature piece of legislation -- >> to that question, do you believe if he did do those things as suggested that was written by david hawkings, would republican leaders be more willing to engage with the president? >> well, if he had -- if you're asking if he had a personal relationship with republican members of the senate, i think the answer is yes. in the same way you saw ronald reagan go out and build very strong relations with the tip o'neills of the world and they were able to push legislation through and work together. because that sort of environment doesn't exist, because you don't see obama trying to socialize with republicans or democrats for that matter, because he has
7:54 am
built in insular relationship and doesn't reach out to members of either party, you have a presidency that has such a bad relationship with both parties, republicans and the democrats in the senate and the house it makes it hard to do anything outside of executive order or fiat. >> angela, you alluded to his charm offensive that he had brought on earlier in the year. what can he do to turn this situation around if it were up to him? >> i think we're all human beings and we continue to evolve. so part of this is when there's a complaint, he can answer it. there's a new head of legislative affairs as we just discussed. one thing members of congress do often, whether it's for fund-raisers or to talk to other side of the aisle is call time. but again we should definitely give his new legislative affairs chief the time to see how these relationships pan out with her being there. it's been ten days, so let's just give her a chance. >> they also have a bipartisan budget deal that made it
7:55 am
through. we're reaching the new year 2014. the president in his year-end speech, in his briefing he sounded a little bit upbeat about what might happen. do you think that's going to be the case? i want to get both of your reactions. chris, you first quickly. >> i think the problem is just the way he's going about fixing obama care is burning more bridges than is helping. the right way would be to give it to some democrat members in the senate. they have tough re-election in the republican southern states but he's not doing that, he's pushing it through through executive order and giving his own party little credit for fixing the problems that are going to cost them three to five seats. >> angela, real quickly. >> i think with the budget deal it was more of a republican-leaning budget. he met the republicans where they were but i think it is a step in the right direction. it sounds like speaker boehner might be willing to push things and we just have to see what happens in 2014. >> thank you, both. angela rye and chris wilson.
7:56 am
have a very good monday. that wraps up this hour of "jansing & co." craig melvin is up next for thomas roberts. stick around. [ female announcer ] skin looking tired? wake it up with olay regenerist. formulated with a skin energizing complex, it penetrates 10 layers of the skin's surface, because energized skin is younger looking skin. ♪
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[ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. good monday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. leading our show this hour, it is deadline day. i did not talking about the deadline for buying those christmas presents, although if you have not done that, you should probably get cracking. i'm talking about, of course, obamacare. today is the last day to sign up if you want coverage to kick in by the first of the year. if you wait until the last minute, you're in pretty good company. president obama himself will have signed up for health care by the end of the day we're told, multi tasking, while on vacation in hawaii. one of the big questions is whether the website can handle a last-minute rush. the site has not had the best track record so far. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are still debating whether the issues with the site and the law are even fixable. >> the president is working to fix it.
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we are working in the senate to fix it. we urge our republican colleagues to join us in fixing it. >> what i would say is we need to change health care, but what they have done, you can't fix this mess. >> one red state democrat even went so far over the weekend as to say this. >> if it's so much more expensive than what we anticipated and that the coverage is not as good as what we've had, you've got a complete meltdown at that time. >> mark murray is the senior political editor for nbc news. good to see you as always, sir. since the aca became law, americans of course have heard a lot of conflicting information, a lot of important dates have been thrown around. how important is today's deadline and for whom is it most critical? >> craig, it's not all that important, but it is important if you need that coverage to kick in starting january 1st, january 2nd, if you feel like you're going to get sick on those days. soay


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