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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 29, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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[ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, duck. [ male announcer ] when you're sick or hurt, aflac pays you cash. find out more at the right wing delivers a crazy 13. lets play "hardball." hello, i'm chris matthews in washington. politicians on the right have done some disturbing and destructive things this year. they derailed every major legislative item they could including legislation on gun control, immigration, the budget and workplace discrimination. when they did take up legislation, it looked like this. more than 45 separate votes to kill the affordable care act. abortion laws cooked up by extreme right and countless measures attacking the poor like
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slashing food stamps. they also advance bills in three dozen states to suppress the voting rights of minorities and nearly toppled the economy by bringing us to the brink of our first ever default. they shut down the government. but if you think that what they did was outrageous, just wait to hear what they said this year. the far right uttered shocking, offensive, disgraceful and crazy things you can expect to hear in politics. over the next hour we'll show you most of them. here is a taste. >> the president how bows down to allah. >> quite honestly we look like geniuses. >> administration's plan is simple, get everyone addicted to the sugar. >> i want to know are they using weapons to train or are they being taught to use syringes and health care items purchase for everyone that's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there that weigh 130 pounds and calves the size of cantaloupes because they are hauling 175 pounds of
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marijuana across the desert. in this special edition of "hardball" we can count down the most knuckle headed statements in these categories. hatred of the president, hatred of the president's agenda, denial of reality, ted cruz and a special section devoted entirely to u.s. congressman steve king of iowa. joining me our panel of all-stars, howard fineman of the "huffington post." jonathan capehart of the "washington post" and joan walsh of salon. lets get started with a look at had red. u.s. congressman from texas. the tea partier made headlines when he sided with a group of birthers in a town hall and ultimately discussed impeaching the president. an ardent supporter of ted cruz 2016 campaign for president. this is a clip from the appearance on "hardball" in
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september. it's remarkable. >> obama is president, ted cruz can be president. >> what do you mean? this is serious business, congressman. >> absolutely. >> you've been touting the guy, said he can run for president. explain. is he eligible? you brought it up, i didn't. >> i think he's eligible. i'm giving you a yes answer. >> if obama was born overseas to an american mother even if the crazy theory of donald trump is true eden eligible by that standard. >> we're talking about ted cruz. >> can't you an inch mentally, just an inch. >> i'm telling you president obama is the president. if he can be president ted cruz -- >> you brought this up. >> yes. >> is he legitimately like the president of the united states? >> i wasn't in congress to determine that. that was determined before i got here. >> howard fineman, he won't do it. i guess he's afraid of losing one or two votes out there by saying this is a duly elected united states.
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>> if you dig down to the very core, to the ninth level -- to the ninth level of the anti-obama movement, you find people who not only view him as from another party or another country but practically from another planet. the president is fully aware of this. i remember him saying a lot of these people don't even think i was born here and he wasn't even sure what he meant by here. that's the theology of it, chris. there's a theological belief at the heart of this that obama -- the president is somehow not only not legitimate, not american but not even from here. that's an element of theology with these people. that's where everything starts. goes back to birtherism and back to their rejection, sort of like tissue rejection of him from the body politic, they have never, ever accepted his jittery. >> i think that's cosmic thing is totally true you said. just down to the narrow
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conversation i was having with that u.s. congressman. i said if you're for ted cruz, we know he was born to an american mother born in canada. i believe he's an american. i'm a pretty liberal guy about this. most are. the most crazy case was donald trump saying he was born in kenya. therefore if you accept cruz as a legitimate president you should accept obama as president. that was a narrow question to put to this character and he wouldn't answer it, even in the narrow bounds i set it up. >> chris, you're asking for something they can't give you. you're asking for moral and political integrity, consistency. they don't have it when it comes to this president. just to continue what howard was saying, the reason they do this is because it works. for a year end piece i'm doing for salon, i'm looking back to 2009. the president takes office with approval rating in the '70s. approval among white voters in the '60s.
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the summer of joe wilson saying you lie in september. his approval rating plummets from the 60s into the 40s into the 30s and it's never budged. this strikes a chord beyond the narrow boundaries of the fringe. that's part of what scares me now. >> okay. lets take a look at number two on the countdown. congressman from michigan during a town hall meeting in august he told the crowd he wanted to impeach the president and couldn't tolerate the president's mere physical presence. a u.s. congressman responding to a question about impeachment. lets listen. >> if i could write that bill and submit it. >> do it. >> excuse me. it would be a dream come true. i feel your pain. i know. i stood 12 feet away from the guy and listened to him. i couldn't stand being there. >> i couldn't stand being there, david. you're going to get a shot.
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this thing about cooties, some physical presence that disturbs me. people go to work every day, they deal with people they don't know or like in some cases in business and sales. you've got to come up against all kinds of -- nobody says i couldn't stand being -- this is high school stuff. i don't even know what it is. what is it? >> everybody at this table has been in a room with barack obama. it's not hard to be near barack obama. >> he's a light presence, easy presence. >> he's smart, engaging, he does reach out to people he disagrees because he wants to win the argument. he can be fierce as a debater but by and large he's not a difficult person to be around. so it's really not about barack obama in reality. it's about what barack obama stands for and picking up on what howard and joan said a moment ago, pibbing up the objection, they believe in a cultural fight obama embodies everything they can't stand. >> he's the ultimate gentleman.
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he's charming. whatever you think of his politics, he ain't hard to take. my question, this is a great question as a columnist. are these people saying this because they feel kind of a yuck factor with them. i don't think they do. or they are selling yuck factor. yucky poos on the far side who need to be consoled every moment of their life. they won't let us down by hugging him like charlie crist did. >> it's a combination of the two depending which member of congress you're talking to. bent vollio, i think he believes it. he doesn't like the president. most of these folks don't like the president. we're talking about folks who have come to congress who aren't, a lot of them, terribly smart. the guy you interviewed, i wasn't here to determine whether the president was legitimately president. these are folks who failed
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school house rock. this is what's ridiculous about this. the level of disrespect shown by the president -- >> i remember dick cavender show, i only believe what i see. have you been to japan? no. do you believe there's a tokyo. number one goes to tea party activists lat s clayman. red hot rhetoric thanks to appearances by sarah palin and ted cruz. claman's wild rant. lets listen. comment on this, joan. >> a president who bows down to allah. this president is not a president of we the people. i call upon all of you to wage a nonviolent revolution, use sichl disobedience and demand this president leave town.
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disobedience and demand this president leave town.c disobedience and demand this president leave town.iv disobedience and demand this president leave town.i disobedience and demand this president leave town.l disobedience and demand this president leave town. to put the koran down, get up off his knees and figuratively come up with his hands out. >> my god, that's a hell of a demand, put your hands up, get off your niece, put down the koran and leave town today or else we'll have a nonviolent second american revolution. >> and we've elected the president twice. i love the way i throws in figuratively so we can't say he's inciting violence. of course he is. remember, this is a guy with a confederate flag there. they are outside the home of a black family. they are outside their home telling them to get out. >> an eviction notice, if you will. >> eviction notice. thank you, we've elected that man to lead us twice. they don't accept his legitimacy and they don't accept ours either. but there's something so deep
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and so disturbing about taking that to -- i know it's the people's house and our house but they live there. that was so deeply disturbing to me. no one, to my knowledge, i don't know that ted cruz was ever asked to disavow any of that. he was there at that rally. that was the same event. why aren't they asked to disavow that. >> i agree completely with that. clear to the crazy. if this president was a tyrant, imperial power dictating the world, why are you able to be such clowns in front of his house. coming up, attacking the man or attacking his plan? republicans saved some of the craziest talk for the affordable care act. this is "hardball," a place for politics. ep, featuring three cleaning zones that remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. guaranteed "wow" from oral-b. #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide. mom swaps my snack for a piña colada yoplait. and when mom said i was going out too much, i swapped it for staying in.
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panel howard fineman, jonathan capehart and joan walsh. this is the year republicans in the house of representative shut down the government and
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contemplated defaulting on the debt in order to get the president to abandon his signature legislative achievement, the affordable care act. a plan that had zero chance of succeeding but didn't stop the likes of ted cruz, michele bachmann and others holding the country hostage for the sake of political theater. many examples of misinformation campaign to turn the far right in the country against the health care law. three of the oddest moments. michele bachmann cheered on the shutdown even as the country turned against the republican tactic and warned the country if the law wasn't repealed it would literally kill women, children and senior citizens. but bachmann topped herself with this incredible victory dance on fox news after the shutdown was over and the troubled rollout. it's number three on our list. lets watch it. >> we hate to say we told you so, but quite honestly we all look like geniuses now because we predicted this would happen
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and we don't want this to happen because we want people to have the health insurance that works for them, their family. >> in what looking glass does the aforementioned look like genius. >> genius and michele bachmann don't usually go in the same sentence. these people remind me a little bit of the roadrunner cartoons where they keep slamming into the same mountain. yes, there are problems with this rollout. yes, it's complex. yes, the president has admitted problems. most of the american people still want to see it work. they till want to see health care reformed, reform of the health care system and that's what the president is doing. they lost in the congress, lost in supreme court, lost in presidential election. it seemed to me if michele bachmann, the generous had her way, and she may, republicans are going to run again in 2014
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and maybe 2016 slamming into the same mountain. >> chris cuomo on "good morning america" did a good job challenging ted cruz. he said, what's your plan? what's your plan? this guy was because the flat footed and had nothing. he said our plan is to destroy obama care. that's our health care plan. >> he got huffy he was being lectured by chris cuomo, he just asked him a couple of follow-up questions and did his job basically. ted cruz came out and said we're going to let people buy insurance across state lines. an absolutely ridiculous plan that doesn't save anybody money or get anybody insured. he did exposed they don't have a plan, don't feel like they have to have a plan. >> tort reform. >> warmed over plan. >> not much there. when it comes to affordable care act right wing always looking for a gotcha moment. if they can't find it, they are okay making it up. take a look at the epa oversight hearing.
9:18 am
epa, congressman paul broun tried to make news with this question for epa administer gina mccarthy. listen carefully to how miss mccarthy responds and watch how he distorts it. >> let me ask you one more question because my time is running out. are you signed up for obama care? >> no, i am not. >> well, because i'm lucky enough as a federal government i have health care available to me, which i've signed up for. in a few years when that's not the case i'll be happy to have other available health care opportunities. >> to be clear mccarthy is referring to the fact she's lucky enough to already have health insurance, not knocking affordable care act. a few minutes later right to her face congressman stockton chose to take her words differently. that's number two in our countdown. >> earlier you gave me my favorite tweet of the day, which is i'm lucky enough -- the quote
9:19 am
is from you. i love it. it seems i'm luckn enough not to have to sign up for obama care. that's wonderful. i wish my constituents could say the same. >> i think i was referring to i'm lucky enough to have access to good health care. >> i'll take your quote, i wrote it down. it's really good. >> snide, court reporter, he would have lasted three minutes, this guy. three minutes. he completely changed what he said and said it to her face and read it back to her. >> remember what i said in the last block, a lot of these people aren't very smart. exhibit b. that's not what she said. she's the environmental protection agency -- >> issue a press release when she wasn't around at least. >> right. >> now you tweet your distortions immediately. >> this guy did it in realtime on the same videotape so we can all see how he lied. lie is a strong word but he certainly distorted it.
9:20 am
>> there's a serious question here. when you look at what michele bachmann said, obama care is going to kill women and kids and grandkids, grandparents. this guy, this is what you said when it's not what you said. the fact they can get away with stupid remarks and outright lies again and again and again because they go on fox, tweet it out because their people believe it -- >> it's lines like fair and balanced. they giggle at this stuff. when it comes to an -- they mean balance compared to other networks. they don't mean -- never mind. it's the way people hear things and play games. anti-health care hysteria and misinformation there's a lot of examples, of course. this comment from the illustrious congressman takes the cake. affordable care act provides funding for reserve core of doctors and health care workers to help out in national emergencies. something sinister here. please try to explain this.
9:21 am
it's number one forever on this countdown. what's this guy talking about? >> it provides in obama care that this commission and noncommissioned officer corps will be trained, but i want to know, are they using weapons to train or are they being taught to use syringes and health care items? >> joan, what this army of people bearing syringes? putting syringes up over their shoulder? what are we talking about? what fear zone is he working here. army of people, invasion of body snatcher inoculating people with debt panel juice. >> we've got a theme here in that we've got three guys, stockman, farenthold and gohmert from texas. they believe these are fema camps, round us -- not us, them,
9:22 am
put them in fema camps. they play on the most base p paranoia of people and get elected and re-elected. >> the last word here they get re-elected. >> these are deep red distributes. the black helicopter theories of the world work there. by the way, when they are tweeting them out, most of the country isn't tweeting what that congressman said. he's reinforcing the base. most people follow him. he's giving more paranoid theories. >> i'm still here. >> this is paranoid stittdown transcribing in politics. >> constant booster shots that keep them in business. but syringes with an army. what are we worried about? up next, republicans flat-out deny reality. this should appeal to everybody possibly watching of these people are unscientific, don't you think? this is "hardball," the place for politics.
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we're back with howard
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fineman, david cornyn, jonathan cape capehart, joan walsh. kicking off this category, georgia congressman paul broun, creationiwho shuns science for a literal interpretation of the bible. this guy sits on the house committee on science, space, and technology. have a listen to what he told a group of his supporters last year. >> all this stuff i was talking about, evolution, big bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell. it's lies to keep me and all the folks taught that from understanding they need to say i hold the holy bible as being the major directions to me of how i vote in washington, d.c. and i'll continue to do that.
9:27 am
>> joan, i think he's speaking at the natural history museum of all places denying the connection of us all there. i don't know why we test medicines on animals. there seems to be rexes physically with us and the rest of the wormed. this guy denies all of that. he seems to believe it all happened exactly as it was in the bible, as he interprets the bible. that's how he decides to vote on the science committee and the house. >> these are lies straight from the pit of hell. even if you disagree with him, there might be other things straight from the pit of hell that doesn't have to do with evolution. he's incredible paranoia, he wants to be the senator from georgia. he thinks he's got a bright future in georgia politics. all we can hope is georgia slowly turns purple and blue and we don't have to deal with the paul brouns of the world. >> i'm glad he wasn't running nasa in the '60s. i don't know what we would have
9:28 am
done. next stop, number two. one-time presidential candidate host of christian networks "the 700 club," pat roberts, right wing televangelist went to jail law is known to stoke fear and anxiety about the gay community. this was a whopper of an accusation last khmer. so controversial the christian broadcast removed it from their website shortly after he spoke it. lets listen to pat roberts. >> you know in san francisco, some of the gay community they want to get people, so if they have got the stuff, you shake hands, the ring has a little thing where you cut your finger. >> really? >> really. that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder. >> your thoughts on this. where did he get get this wife's tale. >> a lie. this is a man who blames gays
9:29 am
for everything, hurricanes, earthquakes, name the natural disaster, whatever calamity. >> 9/11. >> i don't know if he went that far. >> he was close. >> so that he would accuse people with hiv, and gay people with hiv, intentionally going out with some sort of wicked decoder ring cutting them and giving them hiv is outrageous. kudos for them for taking that nonsense off the website. the fact he goes on the air and says what he says is outrageous. >> joan, i've never figured out if he's complete vaud rilian or whatever. he went to yale law school, incredibly small classes, hard to get into and he comes out with this over and over again. >> i think he's a vaudevillian. i think he knows better. i really do. he knows this plays. the particular demonization of
9:30 am
gay people is really kind of terrifying. but again these people are left behind by history. that fact scares them even more. to go out and say something like this, someone from san francisco, it's so beyond reality and so cruel. it's just so cruel. >> it's worse than trent lott used to talk about how people made their -- >> i covered pat roberts' presidential campaigns. he struck me as a guy willing to say and do just about anything to augment his role as a supposed spiritual leader. >> some of this incites violence. if you take him at his word -- gay people are killing people. >> you kick people so they can't get away with it.
9:31 am
>> republican congressman yoho. i think he shortened it, used to be yohoho. he made this claim that contradicted all over the earth. we need to have that moment where we realize we're going broke. i think personally it would bring stability to the world markets. your thoughts, howard. we're still suffering. i talked the other day, we're still suffering from the near miss of '11, near miss of '13 and he thinks we should go off the cliff. >> this isn't economic thinking, this is apocalyptic thinking, it's a piece of how the political landscape thinks. everything is apocalypse, and it's good. you want destruction, you want everything to fall apart. it's only when everything falls apart that you pick up the true belief, whatever the true belief is, whether it's the holy bible, gold standard. whatever simplistic notion there
9:32 am
is. >> coming up two republicans that stood out among the outstanding people this year standouts. one of them is ted cruz. the greatest or worst hits from cruz himself. you're watching "hardball," a place for politics. [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us. ♪ we'd see that almost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ and an industry that supports almost 10 million american jobs. life takes energy. and no one applies more technology to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently than exxonmobil. because using energy responsibly
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hi, every bed. i'm thomas roberts. here is what's happening. ten arrested as workers and activists protested low wages across the country. take a look, stocks rise as plaque friday shopping unfolds. 97 million people across the country expected to get a jump-start on white house deals.
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the white house christmas tree arrived. first lady, first daughter and first pooch all coming out to welcome the big douglas fir. back to "hardball." welcome back to "hardball." freshman senator ted cruz was set to make a name for himself and he did. no matter the issue, he turned it into a platform to showcase himself. we're back with our panel, the thomas crown affair, the best and the worst of ted cruz. here is number three from ted cruz. in july he made impassioned case at western conservative summit in denver. the concerns had to block the president's health care law at all cost. because of all things people might like it. lets listen. >> on january 1 the exchanges
9:37 am
kick in and the subsidies kick in. once those kick in, it's going to prove almost impossible to undo obama care. the administration's plan is very simple, get everyone addicted to the sugar so obama care remains a permanent feature of our society. >> this i guess the strangest acknowledgement. people might really like it. lets mess it up before it gets to them. >> he's saying they like being insured, people can go to the doctor when they are sick. one reason they are so desperate to stop obama care, what we fight about is whether the u.s. government has a role in social policy and making things better for the average americans. the tea party talking about disrupters, say no, government solution, we need less and less and less of it. if obama care works it provides
9:38 am
insurance to people in a way they appreciate. it blows the republican party -- this the alamo for them. >> this is great stuff. for one second i want to know this before the year is over. does the tea party want to roll back the safety net. if obama health care is wrong as an approach, do they want to roll back medicare in how far back do they want to roll it back? >> privatize. >> they want all that stuff. they love medicare. seniors love it. >> their constituency, they are older, white, senior base, which really is their base, they love that stuff but they don't think about it as something the government is doing for them. they take it for granted. it's part of their landscape. none of us remember what it was like to grow old and live in that kind of fear. there's a real disconnect, you're right, between what they preach. >> howard, why do they assume the center left, who built these programs, roosevelt over to the
9:39 am
left, built with some republican support, why do they feel there's always wrong. wait a minute. these guys are right about social security, helps poor, working poor and middle class. >> well, it's because these people believe that the role of fate and the role of markets can take the place of government. they do. i agree with you on one level they don't want to get rid of medicare and social security but they want to reverse history. they view this as a long-running program to reverse history. if they can stop obama care or dismantle obama care they will take the risk about another program obama care and social security. >> whenever you're making a comparison to the nazis you're losing, so was it during his 21 hour filibuster in september. number two on the countdown. lets catch the big mistake people make comparing anything to the third reich. >> if more politicians just listen to the people, we would
9:40 am
respond and avert this train wreck. and yet, mr. president, the politicians of washington tell us don't worry about it, obama care is peachy keen. if you go to the 1940s nazi germany, we saw in britain neville chamberlain told british people, accept the nazis. yes, they will dominate the continent of europe. that's not our problem. lets appease them. it can't be done. we can't possibly stand against them. >> 1930s, appeasement, czechoslovakia and german people. this guy knows nothing. why make comparisons to the nazis. >> when you're doing a faux filibuster you have to talk about something, something, green eggs and ham, faux
9:41 am
history. ted cruz falls into that other category of people. he's not dumb. he's saying things that plays to the base, that plays to his base, which are the money people who keep rewarding him, his bad behavior. >> cruz inglorious episodes of the year. happened at the confirmation hearing for defense secretary chuck hagel cruz used a deceitful receipt or cal style who reminded me and others of joe mccarthy. to insinuate hagel may have taken money from the communists in north korea. lets listen. >> it may be he spoke at radical or extreme groups or anti-israel groups and accepted financial compensation. we don't know. he could not even say that the $200,000 he received did not come directly from a foreign government. it may be perfectly appropriate. we might conclude it was benign, it was reasonable. but it is at a minimum relevant to know if that $200,000 he
9:42 am
deposited in his bank account came directly from saudi arabia, came directly from north korea. >> baseless, baseless innuendo. no reason to believe this guy is working for the reds in north korea. >> or anti-israel groups or anything else. it may have come from satan. >> may have come from the heritage foundation. >> probably not. but it shows there's no bottom line anymore. a responsible safety net for public discourse. you can say anything. there's no harm that can come to ted cruz for speaking this way, saying nazis that will be greater than the benefit he reaps. he's leading the pack, the money is flowing in. he gets on tv for this. there's no shaming anymore. who can tem him, have you no decency? >> we try. >> he is the product of our times and the product of the movement we've been discussing. there's no accident you're doing
9:43 am
a whole segment on ted cruz. ted cruz is like the summation of the whole thing you've been doing this whole hour. yes, he's only talking to his own people. there's no edward r. murrow, no senate committee that can shame him. i disagree with david. i don't think he's necessarily going to win in the end here. if you look at republican polls, who republicans like as a possible standard bearer, the average republican responding to that poll is smart enough to know that ted cruz is not translatable to the country as a whole. >> among republican candidates for president, in those round robin debates we see in 2016, even 2015, it's going to kill the republican brand to have that guy's face there. up next ted cruz may have gotten the biggest headlines but iowa congressman steve king, not the author, not the smart guy, may have found the most absurdist things to say. up next. this is "hardball," place for politics.
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back with our panel. just when you thought it couldn't get any better or worse for right wing there'sal tea party champion u.s. congressman steve king who never fails to
9:48 am
remind us why gop continues onalienate mainstream voters. here is a list of doozies from right here on "hardball." >> what does raising a family teach you about international finance? where do you get knowledge -- where does knowledge about international finance derive from raising a family? what's the connection? >> it's not my only source of information raising my children. there are many sources of information that i gather like you do. you have the judgment to be my critic. i could challenge you the same way. i'll say this -- >> do you trust "the wall street journal"? do you trust "the new york times"? >> i read "the wall street journal." i sometimes read "the new york times." i don't really trust it. i don't trust the words of any source. >> david cornyn. i don't trust any source but raised a family so understands international finance.
9:49 am
i don't know about raising my family to know what's going on in zurich. i don't know how it works. your thoughts. >> i don't know how it works either. i'm proud to defer to other people when there's things i don't know. that's not done on the right. it goes back, this is an old, old tendency. they called adlai stevenson egghead. they demonize smarts, elevate what they think is a common sense wisdom that comes from the family, that comes from the father, the head of the household presumably. it's crazy. this is what they think is going to let them take back the country and it's not. >> here is where the horse sense leads us. number two from steve king on the topic of president obama's birth. >> in any case, it would have been awfully hard to fraudulently file the birth notice of barack obama being born in hawaii and get that into our public libraries and microfiche they keep of all the newspapers published that doesn't mean there's
9:50 am
explanations how they might have announced that from telegram from kenya and how it goes on. >> this white woman from kansas decides she wants her son to be president. her son doesn't exist yet. she meets a guy from kenya. plans to have the birth announced in the hospitals in honolulu where she lives. gets on an airplane, spends the money to go to kenya to have the baby there so she can announce she had the baby in honolulu. all the time planning her kid which she will name after the father, barack hussein obama, first black american -- this really takes strategic planning on the part of this woman. this is a hell of a shot, a long ball. >> it's completely insane and feeds into the birther notice which we all knew was ridiculous. we all thought it went away once the president released his long birth certificate when short form didn't prove sufficient for
9:51 am
folks like donald trump. still there were polls that came out that showed there were still a significant chunk of people who still believe the birther lie. the fact that congressman king is out there talking about microfiche and birth certificates. >> the thing about the common thread is, the common thread is faith not logic. it's family not science. it's markets not government. >> black american president, why is that a matter of faith? >> we haven't openly discussed race or religion. >> why would that be a matter of faith he wasn't born here? >> he struck people from the very beginning both because of his name, because of his background, because of his color in part as somebody foreign, as somebody who wasn't quite american, as somebody who didn't belong -- >> wait a minute. and in a world where they see it's all either good or bad, there is no gray.
9:52 am
there's only faith or lack of faith. that's what they are going to say. >> he's also a protege of left wing politics, also part of -- >> a secret plan. >> chicago machine. >> the way to make this work really easy is with something like birtherism because it gets to the original sin. a plan, a telegram, later on links up with sol. gets to the root of the problem. not that he isn't like us, thinks differently but he wasn't born here. >> you know who has the ultimate secret plan? satan. that's what this is about. >> you give me that look, i'm getting worried. >> now number one from steve king. the republican party appeal to minorities. catch this. catch this one. >> some of them are val
9:53 am
valedictori valedictorians. some parents brought them in. it wasn't their fault. they aren't all valedictorians, all brought in by their parents. for every one that's valedictorian, there's 100 out there that way 130 pounds and calves of the size of cantaloupes because they are hauling 100 pounds of marijuana across the desert. >> i want you to develop some thinking. why the word cantaloupe. remember used to shoot cantaloupe where vince foster was killed or not. >> watermelon. >> no, cantaloupe. i remember a navy runner, great running back with big wide legs, calves, what is this about wide calves like cantaloupes. you did this by carrying -- by the way, marijuana doesn't weigh that much. you have to have bushels of it and it doesn't weigh enough to make your legs that wide. what is he talking about? how did he put these ideas together?
9:54 am
>> it's so icky. it reduces this alleged latino person to kind of being a beast of burden. he's an animal. you're looking at his body. i don't know, i don't go around staring at his calves. >> he does. >> something so elementary. obviously he does. but lets stay on otherism. this is part of otherism. otherizing these people, omega them bodies, making them mules. this is why the republican party is really -- >> mr. farrakhan with numbers here. 100 for every valedictorian. they weigh 130 pounds and carry 75 pounds of marijuana, calves the size of cantaloupes. this is a lot of information here. this guy put a lot of facts in here. >> a lot of information, wrong information. it all comes down to a matter of -- you talk about faith versus logic but also a tremendous lack of trust. one of the clups show a person i read "the wall street journal"
9:55 am
but i don't trust it. they don't trust -- >> "times." >> this is how under the circumstances a debt ceiling crisis when folks on the hill don't trust experts telling them if you don't do this all hell will break loose. there's no trust. that's how you get someone like steve king talking about cantaloupes and bales of marijuana and people believe it. >> lets remember, too, we can make fun of steve king because this is a level quite ridiculous and absurd. he comes from iowa. that's the first caucus beginning of the 2016, a lot of people he plays to will be played to by rand paul. >> what do they think? >> beyond iowa, beyond iowa and beyond the laughter, this is a serious issue and problem in american life. we just had an hour laughing at and enjoying the extreme
9:56 am
statements of these people, but these people are important in american politics and not just because of iowa but because they represent a strain in american life that is very large right now in which there's no faith in any source of authority. >> it's more fun to laugh. we'll be right back after this. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. tomorrow is small business saturday. get out and shop small.
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obviously doesn't hurt too much to laugh because we've had a lot of fun talking about craziness on the right.
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thank you to the panel. you have a smile on your face which is appropriate. thank you for being with us. if you're out shopping get a new book 'n' tipping the gipper" it will make you feel happier for this holiday. see you sunday night at 7:00 eastern for more "hardball." xxxx tech experts working over the holiday weekend to make sure the site gets fixed. the president is outraged over a drone strike that killed a child and could put the security deal between the two countries at risk. shoppers out in full force on one of the most important days. from the retailer, malls, this morning. millions of bargain


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