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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 25, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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the white house persuade skeptics who say iran cannot be trusted. we'll have national security adviser. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not an historic agreement, it's a historic mistake. >> a salute to president john f. kennedy. 50 years ago today the funeral, the nation said good-bye. we'll share the story behind one of the most enduring images from that dark day. >> good day i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the nuclear deal with iran reached over the weekend is the culmination of months of negotiations. those negotiations lasted longer than many people knew. according to a report by "associated press" which first broke this story, obama
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administration has been in secret back channel talks for many months. at least five high-level meetings have taken place since march paving the way forth agreement signed in geneva. joining me deputy security adviser. thank you for being with us today. tell me about back channel talks. they were done without most of our allies knowing, certainly without israel knowing and saudis. what was the reason for these secret negotiations? >> andrea, we've said all along that we would welcome opportunities to have direct contact with iran. over the years whether it's at the united nations through ambassador and other conversations. we said we prepared to have bilateral discussions. any contacts we had did not turn into anything that amounted to negotiations or discussions in substance until the last couple of months. we made it very clear to our
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partners in europe and the p5 plus 1 as well as israel that if at any point any contacts we had with iran actually turned into substantive discussions and/or negotiations they would be fully informed. indeed that's exactly what happened. all of this was done in the context of the p5 plus 1. >> doesn't that at any rate with israel make it harder for israel and the united states to have a relationship of trust when we say now, as the president did over the weekend to prime minister netanyahu yesterday that we will consult with them going forward, the prime minister can say to himself, wait a second, you didn't consult with us months and months while you were talking secretly with iran. >> no, again, what we said clearly to israel and our other partners is any of the contacts we had with iran got to the point of actual substance and negotiations they would be immediately informed. that's exactly what happened. when prime minister netanyahu was here some weeks ago, the president told him at that point
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in confidence about the contacts we had because they were actually starting to reach the point of a serious discussion. the prime minister came away fully informed and appreciative of that. >> let me ask you about the creative ambiguity, whether or not we have recognized iran's right to enrichment of uranium. the foreign minister said to ann curry it's definitely implied in the agreement. secretary kerry said it's not specified in the agreement. is this a case where each side is taking however they want to interpret the agreement? have we recognized iran's right to enrich uranium. haven't we the fact we spell out levels it can enrich uranium to. >> we have not recognized iran's right to enrich. we will not recognize iran's right to enrich. it's not in the agreement. the question is this. by the way, there are other countries that believe there's a right to enrich.
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iran believes there's a right to enrich in the nonproliferation treaty, for example. we don't and we won't period. the question is whether at the end of this process if there's a comprehensive solution could it include a very limited, very, very carefully monitored and inspected nuclear program in iran that includes some indigenous enrichment. that's what six months are about, to see if we can get to a place where such a program might be designed that would give us absolute confidence. it was exclusively for peaceful purposes and couldn't produce a weapon. we might not be able to get there. the iranians may not accept the extremely severe limitations that would be required to give us that confidence to give that confidence to our partners around the world. that's what these negotiations will be about. that's why the hard part is yet to come. >> what do you say to critics in this country, saudi arabia and israel, wherever, who said you
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had iran on the mat economically with the sanctions. you took, let them off, let them get up at the very point you might have been able to persuade them to give up centrifuges, do what libya did, turn the equipment over. didn't need all those centrifuges for a peaceful nuclear program. >> first of all, the sanctions continue, the pressure will grow over the six months. pressure on oil, banking, financial services will continue to be implemented. the modest amount of relief over six months will be dwarfed by impact of additional sanctions. the pressure is only going to continue to grow. second, remember the purpose of the sanctions. it was to see if we can get iran to the table to negotiate neengfully about the program. that's why other countries signed up to them. these sanctions don't work if we don't have others with us. president obama has done a masterful job in recent years bringing other countries along. if iran said, okay, finally we
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are prepared to negotiate, if we said, sorry, not good enough. you have to give everything up and we're not sitting down with you until you do, others we depend on to enforce sanctions would have started to walk. similarly if we tried to get into a discussion with them about giving up everything right away, that would have taken months. meanwhile they would have continued advancing their program. this interim deal stops the program in its tracks and gives the opportunity for a comprehensive deal without allowing iran to use the cover as talks to advance the program. >> harry reid has said today they will slowly study more sanctions. it's a lot of pressure. you've heard chuck schumer and others just yesterday. would the president veto a sanctions bill if it came to his desk in violation of the agreement. it specifies no new sanctions in the next six months. that would be the first veto. >> congress has been a critical partner in the entire process.
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the sanctions congress helped design have been instrumental in bringing iran to this place. again, the sanctions that are on the books will continue to be very vigorously implemented over the next six months. we think we need to give diplomacy a chance to work. we have to see if we can get to yes over the next six months. new sanctions now on top of the ones already in existence and continue to be implemented we fear would be taken as a sign of bad faith not just by iranians but indeed by partners in the p5 plus 1 and other countries around the world whose cooperation we require to implement sanctions and make them effective. so you know, if we don't get to yes, if we don't get a comprehensive solution that answers our needs and our requirements, then we're back to status quo and we'll be the first to go to congress and say lets do more. that can turn on a dime. congress can implement -- vote and implement new sanctions in
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days. lets wait until the end of the process to see if we can get a comprehensive solution. >> thank you very much. deputy national security adviser. >> thanks a lot, andrea. joining me more on the deal mark landler "new york times," robin wright fellow at senior woodson center and state department correspondent for bbc. welcome all. robin, first to you. you were saying a broader issue on "morning joe" you were saying today we shouldn't just look at this as a nuclear deal. this is the first time in 34 years at least there's a real conversation between united states and iran, with syria and other issues there could be a plus factor regionally and around the world. >> yes. geneva was about far more than the nuclear issue. this could change atmospherics to change domestic politically in iran, issues we have an interest in syria, support of
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extremist groups and so forth. remember, we have now had hostile relations with iran longer than we did with china which lasted 30 years of a its revolution and 30 years intentions with iran after we lost 15,000 men trying to prevent from taking control of the south. this is a moment that could begin to change things across the board. it's going to be long and painful. but the reality is that there is no military option that does not include diplomacy at the end of it. >> mark landler, is the white house positioned to take advantage of this opportunity or are there so many political hurdles, you've heard outcries from democrats and republicans and what we've heard from the arab leaders as well as israel. >> well, andrea, i think it's an unanswered question whether the president will pursue a relatively narrow nuclear deal
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even if ambitious and difficult or whether he'll use that as the opening act for broader diplomatic overture to iran that would include opening up to the people and establishing a normal diplomatic relationship that would lead to all the impacts that robin was just talking about. i think what the white house is likely to do at least in the early going is frame this very much as a nuclear deal responding to a serious security concern and not casted in broader terms because those broader terms are precisely what have rattled our allies in the gulf, israelis and friends of israelis in these arab countries on capitol hill. this idea that this could be the beginning of a much broader realignment of the -- of our interests in the region and approach to the middle east, that's a deeply worrisome idea to a lot of people. so i think the white house will try to keep it narrow but remain
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open to and alert to the possibility this could be the start of something broader. >> kim, the interesting things about secret negotiations, there have been back channel talks before, these started before the new regime of rouhani and zarif during ahmadinejad's days. >> i believe there was testing of the water before the end of last year before president obama's re-election. president obama made very clear during his first term that he wanted to reach out to the iranians. that was simply very difficult during the term of ahmadinejad in power. what we're seeing now is the result not only of the outreach done by the u.s. but also the outreach by the iranian people who elected rouhani. you need both parties to come to the table. it's not enough for u.s. to say we want to engage for the other party to reciprocate. we saw that with burma. it took time for the burmese to
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though their decision. they wanted to, indeed, engage. i think it's important to keep things in perspective as well. this is very much a first step. it is very focused on the nuclear issue. in the past it was iran who wanted to include all sorts of topics in the agenda of talks and the u.s. said new york city we want to stick to the nuclear agreement. but things have changed. you see what's going on in syria, hezbollah still involved there. you see iran backing president assad. the situation, context for these talks has changed. i made the argument on the bbc website that it's important to widen the conversation because time is of the essence. >> robin, time is of the essence, that's the zarif argument. what if this is all another game, they don't have to give up centrifuges. they are freezing but the plutonium reactor is there that can be fueled and started up at any time. they can break out.
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that is the concern in saudi arabia. it's a concern in israel. >> of course there's a danger they could break out. the reality is the kind of intrusive inspections that involve going daily to the disputed sites, the ones everyone has suspicions about as well as workshops where they are doing research and development, mine fields where they are looking for -- mining facilities where they are developing things for possible use in a nuclear program, it's going to be very hard for the iranians to break out without being caught. i think at the end of the day this six-month period, they are not likely to cheat conspicuously or in big ways because they know the cost means they lose everything. >> what are the political risks for the president, mark, and the political opportunities, obviously? >> well, the risk is pretty clear, you've seen it already. a number of members of his own party a problem with the deal that have come out against it. some very close allies chuck
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schumer said he doesn't think it's a proportion ate deal. you saw tony a few moments ago deflect your question about whether the president would veto sanctions if brought to his desk. he's got to head that off if he can. he'll try to do that to line up democrats to give him breathing room. has he a great deal of work to do with the israelis and some of our arab allies in the gulf. he has to persuade benjamin netanyahu enough to give him enough breathing space and take the prime minister's concerns on both for these next round of talks. an interesting question looking further out into the future is how this whole issue might play in an american presidential campaign. i'm sure that's something perspective candidates like hillary clinton are thinking through carefully now. i think for the president but more interestingly for future occupants of the oval office, this is going to be a very dominant issue with major
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domestic political repercussions for the next few years. >> exactly. the obama clinton matchup in the debates where president obama, then candidate obama first laid out aspirations for engaging with iran, at some point toxic at the time. clinton took a different posture. this is a define issue for the democratic party. mark landler, kim and robin wright right here at the table. in our sports break today turning a mess into a miracle. tom brady and new england patriots couldn't played worse during last night's epic matchup, peyton manning and denver broncos stumbling for a 24-0 hole. i tuned into the second half. things changed quickly with brady & company and a scoring frenzy that helped push the game into overtime. then denver, pats deferred to denver on winning the toss capitalizing on a big mistake
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what was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic
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agreement, it's a historic mistake. iran is taking cosmetic steps it could reverse easily in weeks. in turn, sanctions that took years to put in place will be eased. we cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the obstruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. >> netanyahu vongly critical of the deal with iran as the gap between israel and the white house widens. joining me israeli journalist and author of "my promised land, triumph and tragedy of israel." thanks for being with us. lets talk about israeli posture. do you think the prime minister is making a mistake? he's already been criticized by william hague in parliament in london. is he making a mistake taking this on so kfrtdationally. >> there's distortion when iran
10:21 am
becomes an israel issue or benjamin netanyahu issue. we have to look at the larger picture. iran is civilization, american, european, israelis, arabs for all of us. all of our lives will change if iran goes nuclear. we have to get this right. we cannot make mistakes. regretfully over the last decade we all made amazing mistakes, americans, israelis, europeans. we've gotten into a position we should not have gotten to. therefore, i plead we not go on with this partisanship approach to this. this is an issue, challenge to all of us, conservative, liberal, american all free people have to know this is a challenge for all of us. >> i was going to say, if it is an existential for all of us, not just israel. >> absolutely. >> what is the right approach? are obama and other allies taking the right approach by
10:22 am
this temporary agreement which does not require iran to dismantle anything but allows them to roll back and freeze for sanctions relief. >> andrea, if i may, i think some people attacked this as a terrible historic mistake as we saw the prime minister saying. it's great. i think we'll know whether it's a good deal or bad deal only in six month's time. why is that? if what this administration did will be turned into a process off a slippery slope, gradually accept nuclear iran and turn a blind eye to what is really going on there, then it will be. if the timeframe created, used to address the issue to look at what is really happening there, then i think this actually would become an achievement. to the proof -- let us not
10:23 am
argument about the deal of the deal is anyhow done now. lets use the time now in a proper way. again, if we look at what happened in the past, we western weakness, israelis, make many mistakes on this. now it's high time because iranians achieved a technological victory. they are at a point they should not have gotten into. god help us if they have the political victory. if the new policy would be to continue what president obama has begun in 2011, 2012 which was a conservative diplomatic approach which succeeded dramatically with a sanction in iran, if that will be promoted, then i think we will have success. if you will allude yourself, this deal used in order to turn a blind eye to what's happening, then we are facing a very, very dangerous situation. the argument should not be about israel. this is much larger issue.
10:24 am
it should not be left for mr. netanyahu. it's time for us to wake up because we all have to admit we failed. democrats, republicans, all of us. we all fail in dealing with this issue at the right time, in the right way. it's very late in the day. the issue with all due respect to some of the things mentioned is not relationship with iran. the issue is a nuclear world. if iran goes nuclear and middle east go nuclear, our entire waive life will change. it will first affect tel aviv but later new york, nebraska, los angeles. we have to deal with it not to buy aluges, to see it and see if real diplomacy worked. we just talked so much about president kennedy right now. what did president kennedy do in the crisis? he did not go to war on the other hand and surrender on the other hand. he looked for a third way for a
10:25 am
very assertive courageous policy to address a critical issue for the united states and free world. the kennedy approach is what is needed now. if the president will endorse such an approach and promote tough diplomacy he might have a chance of achieving a great historical achievement. if god forbid he does not, the legacy of this period of time, 2014 might be remembered throughout the century as the year when the world went nuclear. it's not only about iran. if iran will go nuclear, the world will go nuclear and the 21st century will become nightmarish. we must prevent that and address the issue seriously with intellectual courage and integrity. >> ari, briefly since the stakes are so high.
10:26 am
>> i think the great thing to be done in the final stage of the issue is address immediately, iranians should be put to the real test. if that's through secret negotiations, very well. i think the time must be we should not go for another interim agreement after this one. we should not accept things as they are. we should look the question in the eye. if iran is really willing to bend its nuclear program and really become a benign state for economic recovery, that's the best news one can think of. but if it is not willing to do that, we should know it now. we should not wait another six months and another six months and in one way it's too late, we'll wake up to a tehran that's turned nuclear and changed the world. >> ari shavit, author of "the promised land." for the people of newtown,
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10:31 am
very suspicious of this agreement but the american people are pretty much supportive of a diplomatic solution, anything that avoids a military engagement. >> on the public opinion side, you're right, you have two-thirds of people supportive of the basic constructs of this. at the same time lots of people don't think it will work. there's hope it works but scepticism whether it will. the senate. i don't know president obama and john kerry terribly surprised at the senate's reaction. i think their best case scenario is to hold the senate off for a period of time. i don't know if it will be that six months. hold them off for a period of time they will hopefully be able to demonstrate iran living by terms of this agreement, daily check inside into what they are doing in their nuclear capacity, that they can go to the senate and say, look, we understand your scepticism. we share it. here is what we can tell you
10:32 am
they have been doing and buy themselves a little more time. the senate -- foreign policies at times creates strange bed fellows. not strictly partisan lines. chuck schumer, many people expect to be the leader of the democratic party join with republicans voicing worry about this deal and saying more sanctions could come before the six-month waiting period is out. >> you've got schumer and menendez and others. menendez exceeded john kerry as senate foreign relations committee and fellow members gave kerry a hard time on the hill as they did joe biden, another chair of senate relations committee. don't have any of it. >> no, they are not. i really do think if there is someone who understood the scepticism that a deal like this would be viewed with in the senate it's john kerry who spent a long time there and chaired foreign relations committee. he knew the scepticism not just
10:33 am
among republicans but among menendez, schumer. these are not back benchers. these are people with prominent rolls to play. i really do believe what the white house, administration, john kerry is hoping for menendez signaled play, hold off for some period of time, some delay to show it's not just in name only. there are real actions being taken that are different from the way in which iran has reacted in the past. whether or not that's convincing i'm not hur. chuck schumer said when senate comes back in december they may well move forward in a bipartisan way on more sanctions. we'll see what pressure the white house can exert on them not to do so and if they do so anyway what that means for the agreement. john kerry said it right. he said after the deal was reached the next phase, next six months trying to sell the deal and make it stick is harder in many ways than the deal itself. he's right at least as it
10:34 am
relates to capitol hill and politics there. >> indeed. what he didn't say specifically but you can bet the president would veto a bill if it came to him. harry reid indicated today he's going to slow walk it at least do what the white house needs to be done. >> i think that's all they can ask for at this appoint, andrea, given the politics and where they knew the senate was on this going into it. >> thank you. i don't know if you're traveling this week, being with relatives but safe travels and happy thanksgiving. >> i am. same to you. thank you, my friend. and if you are planning to travel on wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year, be sure to pack your patience. a deadly storm picking up speed and dumping ice an rain across the south before taking aim at the east coast and turning thanksgiving travel into a nightmare. delays in hubs in atlanta, d.c., new york could create a domino effect in the country. the storm slammed texas. many flyers trying to get out
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10:39 am
but thanks to a special act of congress in 1966 it was made available to a nation still in mourning. these are remarkable images. >> as space vehicles became proven, manned flights started. from the white house the president, with vice president johnson, watched the first manned launch to be viewed around the world, the launch of alan shepard. >> i speak on behalf of the vice president chairman of space council and bears responsibilities in the field. members of the house and senate committee who are with us today and this decoration from the ground up. easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature.
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other by the experience of watching the burial of john f. kennedy on television, most cases small black and white. this report was filed from the white house lawn on that morning 50 years ago today. >> in the afternoon mrs. kennedy is going to return to the white house. here she will receive the heads of state and heads of delegations that have come to the funeral of her husband. there's just one other thing that should be said today, this is her son, john, jr.,'s third birthday. this is sandra van okayer, nbc's news, bhous. >> i'm joined by sandra. good to see you. tell me about the coverage of the funeral and the sense we all had, the country coming together through grief on television. the first real moment like that
10:44 am
with the new technology, the rather recent technology of television coming to its own. >> you've put your finger on what was different was televisi television. it was seen by many americans. i think it pd bound the nation together as they watched the funeral service, mrs. kennedy and her two children. after all, the president, his wife and two children were newcomers in the age of television but they created an age in television where people watched events as they occurred. not delayed but as they occurred. >> and michael, we now remember these images so vividly, it was all live, casket on thursday to the rotunda. i was very struck by something
10:45 am
clint hill, the secret service agent said yesterday, to bob schieffer which was how did you know or how did you react when he was killed. >> we didn't know for hours and hours because we were busy on the motorcade escorting the body to capitol hill. no cell phones, no walkie-talkies once they left the hard lines at the white house. >> just shows you how different things were as sandy said. that's what jackie kennedy was so sensitive to. when she did her famous tv tour of the white house, she said i'm trying to change the way the preside presidency is seen by the world. that's why i'm restoring the white house, why welcoming ceremonies on the grounds, "air force one" under eisenhower. she was so sensitive to the impact she could have if this was a ceremony that looked like lincoln's funeral, elevate jfk to the level of lincoln and
10:46 am
replace those sordid images from dallas. >> sander, you referred to the fact it was john kennedy's third birthday. that image when he came down and you see now, showing the footage of jackie kennedy leaning down and suggesting to him that he salute his father as the coffin was passing. the back story to that, head of her secret service detail, she had asked the detail to teach him how to salute in advance of going to arlington for veterans day, which he did for his dad. he kept using his left hand inappropriately not the right-hand. it was during the funeral at st. chris matthews, sander, a marine lieutenant at the request of the secret service because the child was getting a little rambunctious and they were practicing with him taught him properly to do a salute. he did it at her suggestion perfectly. sander, if you can think back to that image, it's imprinted in our hearts and minds, when you
10:47 am
saw it for the first time in realtime. >> well, i saw it. as you pointed out, television was not that old. it had been brought to this country from england in 1939, from the new yorker magazine, said it had the potential to become the place where great lectures were held. it was almost like central casting had designed mrs. kennedy and those two children to be front and center for the coverage after the assassination. >> i think the most memorable words that day spoken were by our own late colleague david brinkley at the end of the coverage of the funeral. lets watch david brinkley summarizing it. >> more than any other one person, it was she who raised
10:48 am
the level of it all from savage insanity up to the level of solemn grandeur. maybe no one will ever know how she did it, how she found the strength and self-control to do it but she did. everyone who has lived through all of this will remember these days and remember what happened and certainly will remember her. >> and the other memorable moment, there was so many, mike mansfield then the majority leader of the senate wanted to play the audio of his eulogy to jack kennedy. he was reflecting poetically about that moment at parkland hospital the previous friday when jackie kennedy had taken the ring off her finger and put it on the finger of her slain president, her husband. >> there was a father with a little boy and a little girl and the joy of each, in a moment it
10:49 am
was no more. so she took the ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. there was a husband who asked much and gave much. and out of the giving and the asking, with the woman what could not be broken in life and in a moment it was no more. and so she took the ring from her finger and placed it in his hands and kissed him and closed the lid of the coffin. >> when you think of the eloquence of the majority leader there in the rotunda, michael, that was is what jackie kennedy aspired to is having the nation remember her husband this way and creating really a different
10:50 am
sense of the horror of what had happened, transforming it. >> british officials said to americans after it was all over, she improvised this in basically 24, 48 hours. we british, we've been preparing for decades for winston churchill's funeral rns, you were able to do instantly. >> 34 years old. >> 34 years old. >> and john john was turning three that day. >> that day. >> thank you, michael beschloss for your expertise and wisdom and sandy, it is great seeing you again. thanks for joining us from santa barbara, california. >> and this final note, caroline is speaking out today for first time on the 50th anniversary of her father's death. caroline kennedy, the new ambassador to japan, said in an interview in an newspaper, people tell her they were inspired by her father, it serves asry reminder we have a duty to work together for a
10:51 am
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which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours, chris cillizza, back so soon. >> i couldn't stay away. >> but before we leave today, let's talk about the president's remarks in san francisco. immigration, is he trying to pivot from health care or is it time to talk about immigration reform and try to get something started in congress? >> i think he's definitely trying to pivot from health care, andrea and smart to do so. that's a very difficult topic for him politically and one that's hurt him. interestingly though, remember last week john boehner, i would say surprisingly to me, left the door open to immigration and
10:55 am
rejecting the idea it was dead. i still think it's very unlikely. if you look at the districts that republican members of congress represent, they are overwhelmingly white. there's a very small number of hispanic majority or even close to hispanic majority districts, which means the incentive to do a deal that can be politically difficult isn't there. that's a bad thing for the party at large which really needs to improve on their showing among hispanics in 2008 and 2012. president obama doing what he can to maybe begin spark a negotiation but color me skeptical. >> okay. color you skeptical and again, safe travels and that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow all of the latest news from iran and international rescue committee's president. and remember, follow the show online and on twitter. tamron hall has a look at what's next on "news nation."
10:56 am
>> hi there, as you mentioned, president obama is on the ground in san francisco, set to speak within the hour on what he wants to see in the battle over immigration reform. the remarks come just one week after the president said he would be open to a piecemeal approach as long as the quote, end game is the same. we'll carry the president's remarks live next. an update from weather channel on this dangerous winter storm affecting people on the ground and in the air. 13 people killed in this storm. we'll have the latest on where it's hitting next. tens and thousands without power, as well as hundreds of flights canceled days within thanksgiving. new charges in the steubenville rape investigation, after two teenagers were convicted in the case, the school superintendent and two coaches among the four adults now indicted. all coming up next on "news nation".
10:57 am
and then there's a mesh network that takes this information sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are. the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing; allow this small start-up to go provide a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredible source of advice, how to engage with municipalities, how to structure deals, and as we think about internationally, citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion, you reduce pollution and you provide a service to merchants, and that certainly is huge.
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"news nation" is following developing news, president obama in the grountd in san francisco where in 30 minutes from now he'll make new remarks on immigration reform. last week he told the wall street journal he would accept an piecemeal approach as long as the end result is the same. we will bring you the president's comments live when they happen. we're also following this deadly winter storm affecting millions of people and holiday plans as it tweaks across the country dumping rain and snow and ice. the storm system is being blamed for 13 deaths so far. most are due to treacherous road conditions, including ice covered roads in oklahoma and texas and new mexico. ice is also expected to blanket, virginia and parts of the carolinas tonight and into tomorrow. parts of utah and colorado are already covered in up to a


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