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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 19, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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the truth. >> defiance, embattled toronto mayor ford won't go quietly even after admitting to using illegal drugs and his city council strips him of his powers. >> all i can say is that actions speak louder than words. i invite you to come back, give me five or six months, if they do not see a difference, i'll eat my words. good day, i'm luke russert in washington for my friend andrea mitchell. the midwest has begun a massive cleanup after the devastating storms that tore through the region yesterday. at least 59 tornadoes have been confirmed in that area as new cell phone video emerges taken near washington, illinois. eight deaths were reported, six
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in illinois, 86,000 homes without power as residents are left to grapple with the devastation. >> i was in shock, which i think i still am. >> nobody has anything left. it's all gone. it's just all gone. >> this is the deadliest series of tornadoes illinois has ever had in the month of november. our mission now is to recover. we will recover. we will preview. >> joining me now ron allen. what is the latest on the ground in illinois? do we have an idea of the number of homes affected? are residents able to come back at all? >> yes, luke. we now know based on a press conference here a little while ago officials here essentially doubled the number of homes they think were damaged, as many as 1,000 or more.
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the other day 250 or so. they have had a chance to do an assessment. this was hit by ef-4, took 15 or 20 seconds we're told by the residence to do damage. can you see in the background already returned. they are ready to let people back on a limited basis. it's controlled because this is a hazardous area. boards sticking up has nails out of it. that's the least of it. there are still utility crews out trying to secure downed power lines, gas lines. they are hoping to restore power to areas not as devastated as this. we've seen people come back. they have taken possessions, clothing, other supplies to salvage. when you look at this you wonder where do you possibly begin. all this looks like a complete and total loss. a curfew in place from 7:00 p.m.
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to 6:00 a.m. in the morning because of security concerns. they don't want people in here. it's dangerous. they will let people backoon a limited basis to start salvaging things but such a long, long road to go. >> long, indeed. thank you so much from illinois. before the storm hit washington, illinois was swept up in friday night fever. after the win, the football team heading to the illinois state semifinals. when the tornado rips through their community the coach and players had a much bigger play they had to run. nbc's kate snow has that report. >> reporter: it was just saturday when panthers took there record to 12-0, a victory that would send them to the state finals. >> you're riding on top of the world. >> yes, our town, first time to get to the semifines since '85. huge day that day.
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by 11:00 the next day, this. >> one coach and eight of his players have lost their homes, including his starting quarterback. casey is the starting running back. this afternoon he was helping a thankful home owner recover clothing. >> everyone comes to games. it's packed. >> you're coming out for them. >> it's the right thing to do. >> talking about@election, how are you going to handle when things get difficult, how are you going to have something that's a major disaster. we have one now. talked about leaders step up and they did. >> tomorrow they will start practicing again preparing for saturday's big game, a reason to cheer for this battered town. >> jim artis is the mayor of peoria. he joins me now from nearby washington, illinois. mayor, the images coming in are striking. it almost looks like what you see in the philippines right here on our own soil. how are you doing? how is the community?
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how is peoria? >> peoria is lucky. we took wind damage, water damage, nothing like our friends in washington. worry over here lending everything we can to the mayor and the washington community. >> we understand your family was affected by this directly. your mother-in-law lost her home in this storm. >> yeah. my mother-in-law's home probably 200 yards right behind me. she weathered the storm and the house blew away around her. thank god she's still here and doing good. >> so far seems like the system has worked. they have had to turn away volunteers who want to help in the recovery efforts. things are moving along quite well. give us how it's going on the ground and is everything working up to your standards?
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>> just understand peoria is right across the river. it's not our operation. we're here to help. i know the mayor has been up almost straight through this whole odeal. he's working really hard with his local staff plus the other government officials here to help. considering the breadth and depth, by all accounts i think they are doing a fantastic job. >> i know you're the mayor of peoria and you guys have a little bit of a rivalry on the football field with washington. is it safe to say everyone is pulling for washington in the state semifinals this weekend? >> yeah, it's real safe to say, luke. we were rooting for washington before the tornado this weekend. we don't have any of the peoria schools that are still in the playoffs, so we're supporting the washington panthers in a big way. >> mayor of peoria, illinois, thanks for joining us. best of luck to you guys in the
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recovery effort. we'll be watching and praying. >> thanks, luke. this morning the house of representatives held two more hearings on, the political gift that keeps on giving to congressional republicans. a broken promise and botched website could be the key to big electoral gains for gop. how will they carry their message into the new year? utah congressman jason chavitz. i want to ask you about an interesting point out of the "l. a. times" this morning. says the following quote, despite disastrous rollout of the health care website enrollment is surging in many states, a number of states that use their own systems are on track for 2014 because of a sharp increase in november. several other states including connecticut and kentucky onoutpacing enrollment estimates
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even as states on the federal website lag far behind. does this not prove there's an appear tied for affordable health care? the federal government -- if there wasn't obstruction from governors and exchanges were not up, this would work way better? >> no. i think it's way too early to prove one way or the other. i think the worst is yet to come. when people can see those plans, pay a higher rate and getting less for it, i think you'll see the majority of people exacerbated by the fact washington was not listening to them and their concerns this one size fits all solution out of washington, d.c. is not the palatable experience they were hoping for. so you're going to have success stories. you're going to have horror stories. on the whole of it, most people find it costs more, get less and they have less choice. that's totally in contradiction what the president ran on. >> "new york post" said the
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following, quote, obama administration's fumbling is a good excuse to do nothing, gop, on immigration reform, budget agreement and any other initiative coming out of the white house. do you worry as someone who follows house gop politics quite closely that because you guys don't really have any substantial legislation moving forward for the rest of this year that all these gains you could make are going to go by the wayside january 15th and go back down to ted cruz mike lee rabbit hole that was so bad for your party last month? >> that was a loaded question there, luke. come on, we can walk and chew gum, too. we have passed a number of things out of the house. harry reid and democrats signaled they want nothing to do with, don't bring up legislation past the house. i passed a piece of legislation that senator obama, when he was senator sponsored. it's a good bipartisan piece of legislation that says federal contractors should not be able to get contracts if they haven't paid their federal taxes.
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they can't even seem to bring that up. no, look, we have a lot of things we've gotten done. when you have a president and harry reid who suggests they are not going to talk to the republicans, then we've got a bigger, broader problem on our hands. >> you're confident moving into next year that these gains you've now made through the terrible rollout of the enrollment will still be there. you guys are not going to try and force a shutdown over this health care law? what we're hearing from heritage action and a lot on the right, hey, this proves how bad the health care law it. we should shut down the government to make sure it guess funded. this is awful. we need to save america on this. you don't worry it will go in that direction? >> we don't want a government shutdown. we want government to work for american people who desperately need things. but there also has to be some limits and some fiscal restraint in this town. i was elected at the same time president obama was elected.
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the debt was nearly $9 trillion, now $17 trillion. i think most reasonable people understand we've got to change the trajectory. you can't keep on with business as usual. of course, we have a lot of things that house republicans have foreshadowed were going to happen. unfortunately they are happening. we've also got solutions on a whole host of things. it's not going to be good enough for democrats to say these people want to push grandma off the cliff. i think american people are waking up to the fact that wasn't true, not true. when you start to wake up and see the bills due with obama care, that tide is going to shift and it will continue to shift to the republicans' favor. >> congressman from utah, chaffetz, only individual that kicked field goals, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> embattled mayor ford isn't going quietly after his drug use even though city council voted to strip him of many of his
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remaining powers and slash his budget. ford charged across the room and accidentally knocked over a councilwoman. in his new show, ford nation, also premiered. he hosts the public affairs show with his brother who is a city councilmember. last night ford also sat down with "today" show's matt lauer. ford told matt he does intend to run for re-election in october. >> your brother brings up something interesting, mr. mayor. your brother said you go out on a weekend and go on a little binge. not every weekend. i said every once in a while. i said your brother said you go out on a weekend you may go on a binge every once in a while. not every weekend. >> absolutely. >> lets say you go on one of those binges and the phone rings in your office at 3:00 a.m. saturday night and something terrible happened in the city of toronto, terrorist attack, are you equipped?
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will you be comfortable and stable enough to handle it. >> i'm very fortunate that hasn't happened. it's isolated incidents that happened. i'm fortunate that could happen. that use happen any time. say you go out drinking, you're a drunk -- say your daughter got killed in a car accident at 3:00 in the morning, are you able to handle take. >> i take personal responsibility for my family. you've got taxpayers and people of this city depending on you. >> i take responsibility for them, too. ncer ] this is pam. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs.
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the president broke a major
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promise to the american people and now it is hard for them to trust any assurances under this law. >> house majority leader underscoring a big political problem for democrats and uphill battles to win the majority next year, hawaii congressman joins us to talk about the health care law. thanks very much for joining us. >> hello, luke. >> i want to play a clip from robert gibbs, press secretary for president obama and he said this on the "today" show this morning. >> i think if this were to happen in the private sector, somebody would have probably already lost their job. i think the only way to restore ultimate confidence going forward to make sure whoever was in charge of this isn't in charge of long-term health care plan. >> you're a house democrat. a lot of your colleagues are quite upset at the white house over this botched rollout, should heads roll because of what happened? would that make you feel better, improve the prospects for your
10:18 am
party come 2014? >> luke what i'm concerned about is the frustration people across the country are feeling both with the glitches and this botched rollout that we've seen but also with the uncertain they are facing with their plans, the original intent of this legislation. yes, there are a lot of things about this rollout that are, quite frankly, indefensible. those responsible should be held account able. there's really no excuse given the amount of time that was there to be able to plan for this the very high-level of expectations created. really i think the most important thing is for us to focus or energy collectively across the board on productive fixes and improvements that will allow us to get to that stated intent and objective. >> it's fair to say you'd like
10:19 am
to see one fired. if its indefensible, someone should be fired, right? >> i think there are people who should be held accountable and lose their job for not doing their job. to your question, what's going to make me feel better is when we have the ability to deliver this affordable health care to people all across the country. that will make me feel a whole lot better. >> i want to talk about another issue you're well qualified to speak about, being an iraq war veteran, that's the prevalence of sexual assault in the military, an issue that got a lot of attention after the increase in assaults over the past year. there's a battle now happening in the united states senate from kirsten gill grand and claire mccaskill about what exactly should legislation look like. should they take prosecutions outside of the chain of command. you put yourself on the side of kirsten gillibrand on this issue. i want to read you this, "under kirsten's scenario, those cases would not go forward.
10:20 am
the new regime of lawyers would have all the power around these prosecutions. they would also be the last word. the missouri democrat said she had to make the case undecided lawmakers voting for our reform doesn't make you anti-woman. do you think that people that don't support the kirsten gillibrand legislation are anti-woman? that is a fair characterization? that is a bad split for the democratic party? >> i'm actually going to take your question just one step b k back. it's important for everyone to understand wherever they fall on this issue, it's not just a woman's issue. there are more men assaulted than women. this is not men versus women or anti-women this is sexual violent crimes occurring today in our military that need to be stemmed and prevented and those perpetrators brought to justice. we see two leaders in the senate, senator gillibrand and
10:21 am
mccaskill have done tremendous work on the issue towards preventing sexual assaults occurring in our ranks. i commend them both for that. for me personally given some of the experiences i've had and listening to the victims and what they have been calling for, they are calling for a bold step, senator gillibrand and i have advocated for, taking this decision would to prosecute violent crimes out of the chain of command and putting it in the hands of a skilled, trained, military prosecutor who understands all of the issues that go along with these horrible crimes. >> representative from hawaii, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. aloha. >> 50 years ago this week the world watched in horror as president kennedy was assassinated in dallas.
10:22 am
earlier andrea mitchell sat down with the white house reporter for westinghouse radio, served as corn-of- correspondent, pool reporter, for all the networks on that fateful day. >> you were in the motorcade. what did you hear? you were several car lengths behind the limousine. >> we were eight car lengths behind the president's car. interesting thing was it being eight car lengths behind the president's limousine, we were just about under the window where oswald shot from, sixth floor window. the president was ahead of us. we heard the full impact of the shots, i heard three shots. >> did you have any doubt as the decades past that it was a single shooter, there was nothing come from the grassy knoll, a wider conspiracy. >> none whatsoever. oswald did it.
10:23 am
he bought the gun, a mail order gun for $19.95. he card it -- it was called a curtain rod. he took it to the -- >> cool book depository. >> there was no question about it. powder burns on his hands. nothing surfaced in the years that anybody was slightly close to being indicted or tried. >> in your notebook you noted as the pool reporter for all the broadcasters, your notebook noting john f. kennedy died. >> stunning. i learned earlier with three or four white house correspondents. there was a priest at the local parish. the father was talking to a group of reporters while i was on the air. i ran down to hear what he was
10:24 am
saying. when i got there father huber said, he's dead all right. i've given him the last rites. i told mrs. kennedy i believed his soul had not yet left the body. i remember that. i ran back to the phone and talked to the bureau chief and said i think you better take me off the air. they cut me off the air. i said, jim, there's a priest here who says the president is dead. what do you want to do? he said what do you want to do? i said it's too important. we both agreed we would hold it until the official announcement was made. it seemed lying an eternity. future the beat you go for it. in this case it was the president of the united states. we held it back. only a few minutes but seemed like an eternity. he came out -- >> the deputy press sblgt. >> associate press secretary. he could barely get the words out of his mouth.
10:25 am
he had been crying. his cheeks were smeared with tears. he said president kennedy died of a gunshot wound to the brain. i have nothing further for you. all hell broke loose and we charged for the telephones. >> you were uniquely the reporter representing all of the broadcast world on the airplane, on the 707 when lbj was given the oath of office. >> yeah. technically two other reporters, chuck roberts and merriman smith. i chose to get off the airplane and give the pool report. it was my broadcast all over the world. we three agreed to the report, johnson's behavior, what mrs. kennedy looked like. i sat down with the three of them and talked about what i was going to say. all three of us were in agreement that johnson's behavior was exemplary. it was a tragic scene, miss kennedy displayed great patriotism and courage leaving
10:26 am
the casket 10 feet away from another compartment to come forward and appear at the swearing in. at the invitation of president johnson he sent his secretary back to talk to mrs. kennedy to say the president would like you to stand with us. she said if you give me a few minutes to compose myself, i would like to do that. she came forward. >> her dress was covered with blood stains. >> i was standing in the back. i got closer. when she came into the foreground i could see blood caked on her stockings, heavily congealed on her right wrist, hand. i could see flecks of flesh on a raspberry -- a woman reporter told me mrs. kennedy wouldn't call it pink. there were parts of the skull. you could see flecks of it on her dress. >> we've known each other for a long time. you trained me as a reporter. how did you keep your composure?
10:27 am
>> i was scared to death. i knew i was going to give the pool report. i kept writing. i just kept going. i counted 28 people in the room. i counted 28 seconds for the oath. i saw what president johnson was doing. he asked for ice water, more ice than water. i tried to get every detail i could. i knew it was going to be a good one. i was going to have the whole white house press corps with me, probably go all over the world. probably the first announcement that the new president was sworn in. >> and at 4:00 in the morning after the return to andrews, the body was taken to bethesda for the autopsy and returned to the north portco to lie in the east room. you were standing near there broadcasting. i want to play that broadcast as i think what happened that day finally got to you. >> i think one of the things
10:28 am
that might be appropriate at this time, he liked to quote from robert frost many times on the campaign. mr. frost was one of his favorites. mr. frost died earlier this year. one of the president's favorite quotations, and i believe it went something like this, i have promises to keep and many miles to go before i sleep. with that, this is sid davis reporting from the white house. >> sid, even today 50 years later listening to that. it was 4:00 in the morning. you had been up straight through. you had experienced the most tragic day in american history at that point. and you held it together pretty much. >> thank you. >> well, you ar newsman's newsman in every sense of the word. it's an honor to work with you and for you.
10:29 am
thank you. >> thank you, andrea. >> stay with us all week for more of our special coverage of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. small business saturday is november 30th.
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get out and shop small. some breaking news now from sanford, florida. we're waiting for george zimmerman to appear in court where he'll face domestic violence charges. zimmerman was arrested yesterday after his girlfriend said he threatened her with a shotgun.
10:31 am
nbc's kerry sanders joins me from outside the courtroom down in sanford, florida. kerry, i understand this is the first court appearance. this is not necessarily an arraignment. correct? >> that's correct. this the first court appearance. it is expected under the way things work in florida among the charges he's facing is aggravated assault with a weapon. under the standard rules in florida, it would be a $4900 bond requested. he'd have to post that and be released out of jail. he spent the night here in jail. of course this the same jail he was eventually placed in after he was arrested in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. that was a rather sensational trial with a lot of attention. he was acquitted on those charges. he now finds himself back in jail. again, the officers executed a search warrant at his house last night and not only took away what we believe was a shotgun
10:32 am
but semiautomatic ar-15 from the home. it's not a home where he owned. it's a home he was staying with his girlfriend. apparently he and his girlfriend got into a fight. she dialed 911. that 911 call she talks about george zimmerman doing among other things breaking her glass plate table. he then called 911. this is sort of unusual because he dialed 911 after she was outside of the house and was with officers. so the 911 operator was like if the deputies are there, why are you calling me? he said he wanted to tell his side of the story. he's been arrested. he's being held here. he has a public defender jeff dowdy who is going to be representing him in court today. you may remember it was a rather expensive trial he had, even though there were donations coming in in the trayvon martin case, according to his public
10:33 am
defender he's $2.5 million in debt, so he's requested the services of a public defender. so what will take place in here in addition to setting a bond, the judge will hear a claim of indige indigentsey, so the public defender can be placed in the roll of defending him. clearly the public defender has already made steps toward that. those processes in place. as we look at the courtroom, see the cameras set up. we're waiting for all of the inmates who have been arrested overnight and brought in. among them george zimmerman will be there. this is not the first time george zimmerman since his acquittal found himself engaged with law enforcement. he was pulled over in texas where an officer pulled him over for speeding. he notified the officers he had a weapon with him. it turns out that even though he
10:34 am
haven't have permission to have that concealed weapon with him in texas, there were no charges filed there. he was again pulled over in florida for a traffic violation was the windows in his car were too dark. he notified the officers he a weapon. just four months ago he found himself in -- two months ago, sorry about that, found himself -- domestic violence. >> in an altercation with his wife. so they are now divorcing. so as we're waiting for him to enter the courtroom, we'll just sort of leave it there and hear and see what develops. >> kerry, real quick, i just want to ask you, do you have any idea from your knowledge following the case and florida law what the possible bond could be in a case like this? can you speculate on that. >> each state works it differently. the standard bond in this case would be $4900. we believe a bail bondsman has
10:35 am
already visited to get some of those wheels in motion. if he's indigent, i'm not sure, i guess he gets the money from the parents, $4,900 moons you put $490. you put down 10% when you put up a bond. he'd probably make good with that sort of money through his family even if he's indigent. if he were convicted on these charges -- >> kerry, he's walking into the courtroom right now. that's george zimmerman here for his first court appearance on these new charges. >> should i begin? >> you can begin, your honor, we're all set. thank you, judge. >> good afternoon, mr. zimmerman. today we're having first appearance. everybody arrested in the state of florida is entitled to see a judge the day following their arrest. the initial purpose of this hearing is to determine whether there's probable cause for the arrest itself. that means whether there are reasonable grounds to believe a
10:36 am
crime may have been committed and you may have been the person who committed the crime. there are certain things we have to accomplish today. the first is to make sure you understand the reason or reasons for your arrest. the second is to make sure you receive a copy of the charging document. in your case it will be an arrest report so you and/or your attorneys can prepare for a trial of your case. the third is to make sure you clearly understand all of the rights you're guaranteed as a citizen of this united states. first of all you have the absolute right to have your case tried by a jury of your peers. six individuals will be chosen to decide whether you're guilty or not guilty of the offense or offenses as alleged. second, you have the right if you do not agree with the decision of the jury, which is called a verdict, to appeal that decision to a higher court for perhaps a better or more favorable result or outcome. third, you have the right to be represented by an attorney at all stages of the proceedings
10:37 am
including throughout your trial and on all of your appeals. you have the right to hire an attorney of your choice. if you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you by the state of florida. fourth, you have the right to remain silent, which means at your trial if you choose to say absolutely nothing, it cannot be held against you by any jury or any court. fifth, you have the absolute right to confront your accusers, which means you or your attorney will have a right to cross-examination the state's witnesses and try to impeach their evidence so they cannot prove the case against you, and you have the right to bring in your own evidence and witnesses. if your witnesses will not come voluntarily, the judge assigned to your case can force them to come through the subpoena power of the court. you also have the right to reasonable communication with your family, friends, and attorney. if you ask to do so or have the means to do so, reasonable means will be provided for you. finally you have the right to be presumed innocent, which means
10:38 am
you cannot be found guilty of any charge or any crime unless and until the state with prove beyond and to the exclusion of any reasonable doubt each element of that charge against you. do you have a question about these rights, mr. zimmerman? >> no, your honor. >> do you understand all those rights? >> yes, your honor. >> okay, good. the next thing we have to accomplish is to make sure you understand when your next court proceeding is going to be. you're responsible for any information you were given in writing today or told here today especially as it involves dates, times, and places. if you do not appear for your next scheduled court appearance, you can almost guarantee the judge assigned to your case will issue a warrant for your arrest and wind up back where you started today. the final thing we have to do today is to discuss bond and reasonable conditions of bond based on the offenses as alleged. and so mr. zimmerman, do you understand that the reason for your arrest is that it has been alleged that there was a domestic violence related
10:39 am
aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a domestic violence related battery and criminal mischief. do you understand that? >> yes. >> did you receive a copy of the arrest report, sir? >> yes, your honor. >> i did as well. i do find probable cause for all three allegations and for the arrest. i'm going to appoint the public defender's office to represent you on all three of these criminal charges, mr. zimmerman. your next court appearance will be an arraignment with judge rex seedler january 7th, 2014 at 1:30 in courtroom 1, a. now we'll discuss bond and reasonable conditions of bond. i will hear from the state first. >> your honor, the state of florida. your honor, we had the opportunity to speak with the victim in this case. she's in fear for her safety. she would like there be no contact and no return. we have two exclusionary zones
10:40 am
to include 1308, field court apopka, topfield. also additional address of 1010 sand lake road in altamonte springs, florida. in addition, your honor, we're requesting no possession of firearms or ammunition and that any new address that he is to live at also be weapon-free. we're also requesting that he not be allowed to travel outside the state of florida and also to relinquish his passports. >> okay. >> your honor -- >> go ahead. >> your honor, if i could just put some other things on the record. the victim had indicated there was a prior domestic violence that occurred approximately a week and a half ago that involved a choking she did not report to the police. she's in fear of her safety on the day of the incident. she indicated they had been discussing breaking up. he also has mentioned suicide in
10:41 am
the recent past. due to those factors and the defendant indicating at the time he was threatening to commit suicide, he nothing to lose, we feel the victim's saflt and community's safety is of paramount concern, the state is requesting $50,000 to ensure his return to court. >> okay. i'm not going to go anywhere near that. mr. dowdy, would you like to make an argument on behalf of your client. >> on behalf of our office, he will address the issue. >> on behalf of mr. zimmerman, regarding the issue of bond, our client doesn't have an opposition to some of the other conditions mentioned, no return to the address, no weapons, and not having any contact with this particular person. judge, pursuant to the bond schedule, mr. zimmerman should be set at bond at $4900. he's a longtime central florida resident. does not have any failure to appears, criminal convictions,
10:42 am
he does have significant ties to the community. mr. zimmerman would have some locations in the central florida area where he would be able to stay at that does not involve having any contact with that particular person. so our client is asking for a $4900 bond in this matter. >> all right. mr. zimmerman, do you still have any personal possessions? i read the arrest report and it seemed like you were getting ready to move out of the topfield court address in apopka. do you still have any possessions there? >> yes, sir. >> here is what we're going to do. i'm going to set the bond at $9,000, $8900 on the aggravated assault and $50 for each of the misdemeanors for a total of $9,000 with numerous special conditions. the first is that you cannot return to 1308 topfield court in apopka, other than you are committed to go back one time if it's in the accompaniment of law enforcement to obtain any personal possessions you may
10:43 am
need or want. you will have to have law enforcement accompany you there. >> yes, sir. >> second, you cannot go to 1010 sand lake road in altamonte springs. third, you cannot have any contact at all with samantha scheibe. in case you weren't aware, mr. zimmerman, no contact means not by person, by phone, mail, fax, blog, tweet, through facebook, no contact at all. next, no possession of any weapons or ammunition while you're out on bond. that's in part for her safety and in part for your own safety it may seem like. i am going to order the impact monitoring device to keep you away from her and away from those particular locations just to make sure there aren't any further altercations between the two of you. as far as the passport, did you ever get your passport back after the last trial? >> i'm not sure, your honor. my former attorney may have it. >> okay. i'm not going to worry too much
10:44 am
about your passport, but i will put as a condition no traveling outside of the state of florida while you're out on bond. those are the special conditions that i believe to be reasonable. i think that's a reasonable amount based on the additional allegation of a previous unreported, potentially battery by strangulation. that's the reason for increase in the bond amount. i'm not increasing your bond because of anything that's happened in the past, because as far as i'm concerned this is a brand-new case. >> yes, sir. thank you, judge. >> we're going to go with the increased bond, those special conditions. the judge will see you january 7th, 2014. we do take your case first in order to accommodate the folks in the press who i want to be able to get out of there in a timely fashion. madam state attorney, anything you'd like to add. >> requesting if you can modify one return of law enforcement, indicate a third party go to the residence to receive the belongings instead of him going
10:45 am
to the actual residence with law enforcement. that would ensure the safety. >> that would be wise anyway, because i think one of the things that might still be there is a weapon or ammunition. so it's better if it's not in mr. zimmerman's possession at all. so you'll have to have a third party go to the residence with law enforcement in order to get your personal possessions that may remain there. mi miss state attorney, anything else you'd like to add? >> nothing, your honor. >> regarding that, mr. zimmerman would prefer to go by himself. he'd be accompanied by several law enforcement officers. he would not be touching the weapons or ammunition. i'm not sure there's another person 9/11 area that can accompany him to retrieve his personal belongings. he's asking the court if he would be allowed to go there himself. >> no, i think it's bess if somebody else goes there. this is a volatile situation potentially. i'm going to leave that as a reasonable condition of bond.
10:46 am
>> judge, excuse me. regarding the impact monitor. the court took notice he's indigent. we're asking the court to reduce or waive the cost of that device. >> i'll waive the cost. >> thank you, judge. >> thank you, your honor. >> the exclusionary zone, to be clear, was how many feet? >> 1500 feet to those two areas. >> thank you, your honor. >> thank you, your honor. >> you're very welcome. see you back january 7th, 2014, mr. zimmerman, best of luck to you. we're going to take a five-minute recess everybody. >> that was george zimmerman's first appearance before a florida court on new charges of domestic violence against his girlfriend. a lot of information coming out of that hearing specifically from the judge on what george zimmerman must abide by in order to be out on bond. the judge says he's not allowed to have possession of a firemen or any ammunition, must stay 1500 feet away from addresses. we presume that's where his
10:47 am
girlfriend lives. no travel outside of the state of florida. i'm about to talk to kerry sanders here. perhaps the most interesting, kerry, new revelations from the state attorney right there that last week the state attorney claims george zimmerman's girlfriend did not report a choking incident and that his girlfriend fears for his life, telling the state he's suicidal with nothing to lose. something we did not know before. >> we did not know that. the actual word used was threat of strangulation. certainly new developments there. that explains why they upped the bond, what would have traditionally been $4900 up to $9,000. it's interesting talking about them returning to the house where there may be weapons. a search warrant conducted on the house and the deputies left with a soft sided gun case.
10:48 am
we believe inside the shotgun he owns as well as an ar-15, which is a semiautomatic rifle as well. they are suggesting there may be more weapons inside the house. so that could be interesting to see when they do go to the home and retrieve items if there are indeed even more weapons inside that house. we're going to hear from jeff dowdy, the public defender, when he comes out, we'll hear a little bit more. before he went, he did tell us his client is in debt to the tune of $2.5 million and that's why he's asking the state of florida to represent him now. >> kerry, we were informed in that hearing george zimmerman must wear an electronic monitoring device until his next court date which is january 7th, 2014, something that i presume in a domestic violence case like this is probably standard procedure in florida? >> it's not uncommon. interestingly, of course, george zimmerman has had ankle monitors before -- >> sorry have to interrupt. we're going to george
10:49 am
zimmerman's attorney right here. >> what's the reaction to the accusations made? >> that was news to us. >> you met with him. do you think he's suicidal? >> no, ma'am. >> we do not get that impression at all. >> what about the allegation there was a strangulation. >> once again, that was not contained in the arrest report and that's the first we heard of it. >> how does he have the money to pay this fine? >> apparently he is broke, how can he get the money for bail? >> he can make arrangements with a bondsman, typically they require a 10% down payment. theoretically off a $9,000 bond, assumeing a bondsman takes his normal conditions, mr. zimmerman, or somebody from his family or friends, will be required to post 10% of that amount, which would be $900. >> he needs himself to go get
10:50 am
his belongings. >> right now he's only been preliminarily arrested. the state hasn't filed charges get. a preliminary arrest for aggravated assault,battery. [ indiscernible ] >> the judge factors different things into his bond. it was increased from the normal schedule. we're confident mr. zimmerman can post the bond and be released. >> talk about his demeanor, how he appears here. >> the both of us spoke with him. mr. downie spoke with him this morning. and both spoke with him this afternoon. he's back in jail and that causes a certain amount of stress and anxiety on somebody. i would not characterize him as meaning that he's suicidal and volatile. we do not get that impression from him. [ indiscernible ] >> hopefully he'll be out by
10:51 am
tomorrow morning. >> you were a guest along with george zimmerman's brother, is there anything in that conversation that we can draw in terms of your own personal beliefs about ownership of guns that allow possession of guns. >> i don't have personal impressions. i helped him arrange it, that was all. >> in terms of george's legal ability to have a gun, the judge has told him he can't have a gun. emphasis on -- incidents with his wife, had a gun when he was in a car in texas. it seems like every time he has a weapon involved. >> there seems to be a pattern. as of yesterday the sheriff's office removed all of the weapons. that's not a concerned. >> why were they talking about him returning to the home and possible other weapons being in there? >> that would been incorrect
10:52 am
statement. the sheriff's office removed weapons from the house. he wanted to go back to get his personal belongings, that's all. >> have you been able to brief mr. zimmerman about the serious of these and mandatory minimum prison time? >> we have not had that conversation with him yet -- i'm sorry, what? [ indiscernible ] >> whether zimmerman obviously has had issues before with people looking for him and issues of his safety and location. the places he intends to go to are in the area. we can't talk about where he's going to be going, how far away or anything like that. but hopefully once he is released he'll be at that location and be secure from anybody who wants to have any improper contact with him. >> what was that?
10:53 am
>> does it appear to you to be suicidal, there has to be some level of concern. anything being done to suggest -- >> i can tell you i've represented thousands of people and a lot of them have mental issues in some form or fashion. part of what we do as defense attorneys is to identify and those red flags regarding mental conversations. my conversation with him, i didn't get the impression he was suicidal [ indiscernible ] >> because he's been arrested? there's been no contact. >> the general public census is that this is a loose cannon, do you think your client is a loose cannon? >> i would not characterize my client as a loose cannon, we're confident he's going to be
10:54 am
acquitted. we ask go through the normal channels. >> with the run-ins, been able to have the conversation with him that he needs to keep his nose clean at this point? >> i can assure you -- >> right now, this kind of -- what do you think is going on? >> i think it's really a meltdown, but we'll find out. we'll talk to him. >> did you have any contact with him before today? have you met him before today? >> i met him briefly. mainly represented robert in the past. i'm familiar with the family, have a relationship with robert. i don't know him that well enough. >> the only time i met him, i worked in the building at the courthouse other there, his trial took some time coming in and oust building, i've not had a conversation personally until
10:55 am
today. just arrested recently so -- >> going to be released, go home, regroup and get ready to address the charges. i did not look at him and that was the first i heard about it. i was surprised myself. >> is his girlfriend pregnant? can you clarify that? >> i can't clarify and don't know whether or not she is. i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> right. right. i think any time somebody is arrested for charges, it brings a certain level of anxiety and stress. my impression again of speaking to mr. zimmermaner man, he didn't appear to be a danger to
10:56 am
himself or anybody else. it's a stressful event for him? probably as it would be for anybody here. i didn't see anything and i don't believe mr. downy saw anything that caused us immediate concerns for his safety. i don't think he's going to hurt himself or anybody else. [ indiscernible ] >> if there are issues regarding his mental state, we have an obligation to have him evaluated. in speaking with mr. zimmerman, it's very clear, very coherent and understands what's going on. i'm not a psychologist, i don't have training in psychotherapy or anything like that. whether or not he decides to seek treatment will be his choice. that will be a conversation we'll have to have with him later. >> sorry, ma'am. we as attorneys are here to defend and help him with this
10:57 am
matter. law enforcement's responsibility to address any concerns if someone is violating the law. the sheriff's office and police department are well equipped to handle matters like that. [ indiscernible ] >> we discussed his financial affidavit. sme time they are appointed to the office of public defender, they have to fill out a sworn affidavit, how much they have, whether they own anything and whether they have liability. and in this situation, he did have some liability that exceeded his his income and the judge decided to appoint our office. >> gentlemen, have you heard the 911 calls -- his girlfriend smashing the furniture. is it still his contention, he's trying to get out of there, she's the one smashing the furniture, he never pointed the gun at her? >> at this point i've not had a discussion with him.
10:58 am
i did review the arrest warrant and it indicated that that scenario you said. but i cannot confirm whether or not it's true. >> no, it's too early. that was the first time this morning, about 45 minutes. we met him. i introduced myself as chief of the pds office and mr. miguel as assistant. that's where we're at. we haven't gotten in depth in the -- [ indiscerniblible ] >> i don't know if it's true. it was not disclosed nor was the last police incident. when we were in the courtroom, that was first time we heard about it. >> did you have any conversation with him about pointing the gun at his girlfriend. >> at this point i can't comment on -- >> rationale why he may have put
10:59 am
the furniture in front of the door, this sort of barricade and call 911 to explain his side, while law enforcement is outside? >> unusual fact scenario but we did not discuss it with him. >> i'm sorry, what's that? >> he's maintained his innocence, i can tell you that. [ indiscernible ] >> of course he's sorry about what happened. he maintains his innocence. >> hopefully it takes until tomorrow. they have to fit him for electronic monitoring and confirm land line and residence and around bond conditions and bondsman. there's stuff that has to be taken -- i'm thinking tomorrow. >> we don't anticipate this case taking longer than any other normal case. >> do you guys feel you are -- >> no, mark o'mara is a good
11:00 am
friend of mine, my mentors and my early in my career. and they've done their job and now it's ours. [ indiscernible ] >> i'm unaware of that. i don't know -- i would think it would be rather difficult for george zimmerman to get a job in central florida. robert is trying to get a job. i spoke with him and he's attempting to get employment. he's having a difficult time. >> excuse me. [ indiscernible ] >> a lot of times things are included in the report that don't end up being true. whether or not the sheriff had certain items of evidence is going to be developing over time. we have the same police report that you all have. we have


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