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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 19, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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council chamber and oh, was stripped of all of his power. just an average day in toronto politics. on a much more serious note, george zimmerman in the news again for all the wrong reasons. we have the 911 call from his girlfriend that does not sound good. and while you were sleeping there was a classic football game that didn't have a classic ending. the controversial call that had tom brady cursing out the ref after the game. this is way too early the good morning, everybody. brian shactman. i have a confession. i stayed up and watched the whole game. the entire game. yeah. so don't judge. i'm fired up. got plenty of energy this morning but i did. we'll have highlights on that game later in sports but i want to get to some breaking news overnight because the death toll is rising after a pair of explosions yards away from the iranian embassy in beirut.
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lebanese officials are saying 23 people have killed. 100 people are hurt and several buildings are damaged. a guard at the embassy said he saw a motorcycle bomber drive up to the gate before the first explosion. the guard says the second blast which caused much more damage was a car bomb. lebanese officials say security camera footage shows both attacks. in just a few hours george zimmerman will aware in court to face his latest round of legal problems. he was arrested yesterday at the florida home his girlfriend. she had called 911 in a panic saying zimmerman pointed a shotgun at her. >> you just broke my gas table, just broke my sun gases and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out. no. get out of here. >> second time zimmerman has been accused of domestic violence since he was acquitted
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over the summer of trayvon martin's murder. he said his girlfriend became violent as he was moving out. >> at first she was letting me pack my stuff so that i could go, we could go our own ways amicablely. when she changed, she just started smashing stuff, taking stuff that belonged to me, throwing it outside, throwing it you want out of house. >> zimmerman is being held without bail. we're used to the circus surrounding toronto mayor rob ford but yesterday we may have seen a peak. the city council voted to strip the mayor of his official responsibilities. he loses half of his staff and most of his legislative duties. he doesn't plan to go quietly. he appears to be the mimicking
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drinking and driving. the mayor's actions ironic because ford the other day acknowledged himself he may have driven drunk in the past. yeah you can make it. you then this. people screaming shame, shame, shame from the public gallery and later ford takes off right into a female council member and later said he was trying to help his brother who was a council member and in an alter case. mayor apologized but ford was defiant over the moves to undercut his theory and took a moment to plug his new tv show with his brother which had its debut lasting night. >> it's nothing more than a coup de tat. and that means overrule a government. some people said this is a democracy. what's happening here is not a
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democratic process. i want people to listen to me tonight from 8:00 to 9:00 on sun news. you'll get my side of the story. okay. unfiltered. >> what your going to do, rob, moving forward. the gentleman asked you what will you do in >> what i'm doing with the health care professionals -- >> no. the question is what's the game plan. we're building subways in the next election. >> how are you going to basically change -- we're going to work out -- if i'm not 2k30ur7x 40 pounds in the next six months i can eat my words. i haven't touched a drop of alcohol. >> his brother just looks like him minus 40 lbs. we'll move on to more serious topics. rob ford is funny enough. i want to get an update on the tornadoes. a long time before things are
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back to normal in the midwest especially in towns that took a direct strike from the weekend's deadly storms. view from above shows how devastating the path of these storms. still images captured from a health tell part of a story of an ef-4 tornado that smashed its way through washington, illinois. just unbelievable. entire neighborhoods destroyed. and as you see with a tornado sometimes just half a block away nothing. the tornado packed winds from 170 to 190 miles per hour. the storm ripped open a path five miles long, destroying hundreds of homes. amid the destruction you hear stories of survival like andrea who held her sleeping 3-month-old daughter in her arms in their basement as the storm rumbled overhead. >> i'm very blessed. when the windows blew out we just huddled together and laid on top of our daughter and everything started falling in. >> glad they are safe.
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the storms are fairly rare this late in the year and this far north but it was unseasonably warm. at least seven counties have been declared disaster areas. there are grim reports out of the philippines where officials believe the death toll will don't rise this week. as of yesterday government officials announced they have confirmed 3,976 deaths related to typhoon haiyan. u.n. officials say rescue workers have not made it to some of the more remote islands suggesting the number much dead will increase. the world bank has offered the philippine $500 million emergency relief loan to assist in the rebuilding effort. in washington the white house doing anything kit to get people signed up for obama care. yesterday press secretary jay carney telling reporters the administration is working directly with insurance companies toby pass the program's flawed website but according to politico the problems with go back to the early months of spring. administration officials received a report highlighting
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six flaws of the website including not having clearly identified needs, not defining success, relying too heavily on contractors and not providing enough time to properly test the system. last night during a conference call with organizing for action, president obama leaned on some 200,000 grass root supporters suggesting they make this holiday season political saying in part quote we have to remember the conversations that we've got around the dinner table. when we're talking to co-workers at christmas parties and when we're out in our communities, our churches, our synagogue, all our places of worship. now is the time to remind people that we've got make sure that everybody takes advantage of the opportunity to get affordable care for the first time. former vice president dick cheney and his wife lynn is break being their silence over the feud between their daughters. liz cheney discussed her
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opposition to marriages between gay and lesbian couples. that want led to mary cheney and her wife to respond on facebook criticizing the remarks and highlighting the fact that liz only notified wyoming recently a potential vulnerability in her campaign. the cheney's parents got involved in the feud over gay marriage releasing a statement that want reads in part quote this is an issue we dealt with privately for many years and pained to see it become public. since it has one thing should be clear. liz has always believed in the traditional definition of marriage. she has also always treated her sister and her sister's family with love and respect exactly as she should have done. vice president cheney said he supports same sex marriage at the state level. walmart in hot water this morning over a thanksgiving food drive. a store in canton, ohio running a food drive for its employees. there's a sign that says please donate food items here so associates in need can enjoy
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thanksgiving dinner. critics say it's proof walmart doesn't pay its employees enough money and area walmart workers went on strike yesterday to protest their wages but walmart may disagree. the company writing in part these are people that have had some unforeseen hardship in the last year, maybe their spouse lost a job or expensed the death of a loved one or a natural disaster impacted their home. things you just can't plan for. it's a chance for associates to look out for and help each other. now to business. later this morning we get earnings from home depot and best buy. yesterday stocks finished mixed but for a point the dow was above that historic threshold of 16,000. did finish at its fourth consecutive closing high. we want to go out the cnbc in london right now. good morning, steve. >> about 16,000. karl icahn scared a lot of
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investors. tesla was down. twitter was down as was facebook. jpmorgan could be set to announce a deal with the department of justice to settle civil liabilities. that one could be a $13 billion settlement. all right. you know so much fascination about bit coin and what the future of currency is. we will start getting regulation over these type of currency? >> well, the concern is that these could be used by traffickers, all kind of criminals. people are confused. even the senator in charge of the homeland security, government affairs said look it's confused the heck out of us. when you have a dollar bill you know what you're going to get. it's signs by treasury secretary. with a bit coin it's an
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algorythmic currency. this thing has gone ballistic. >> it was up to 900. currency has value if everyone uses it and assigns a value to it. once they don't the value can just plummet. fascinating to see what money will look like if anything. good to see you have a u.s. dollar in your hand. appreciate it. >> just the one. before we go to break this story. chicago commuters interesting trip over the weekend. a woman stripped down naked and announced she wanted to take over train. yes, it's a true story. police were able to take the naked 31-year-old into custody but it made for a memorable ride. it got us thinking because we've had strange commuting stories. let's hear a couple. #waytooweird. best answers later in the show.
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>> no naked stories. >> in boston you don't want to see -- you don't want to go there. still ahead on way too early golden boy not too happy with the final play. tom brady yelling at the refs. oxford english dictionary named its word of the year. miley cyrus has something to do with both of the finalists. and we'll check on the weather when we come right back.
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carolina trailing, cam newton captures a drive. cam newton was awesome with his legs more than his arm. brady and the pats get one last chance with three seconds on the clock. >> here's the game's final play. brady steps up. throws -- intercepted! now the panthers running away. celebrating. game is over. no foul, game over. and the panthers with the win. >> i don't know if we'll show the replay. gronkowski was draped. absolutely draped by a guy. was it a catchable ball? was he going to be in position to catch it? i'm not sure. that certainly looks like he did -- either long lost cousins or passing interference. brady was frustrated. didn't get one. >> sorry. >> too bad.
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>> i have the power. the pats lose 24-20. >> i'm going to come over and interfere with your forecast. >> seriously. that's terrible what's going on in st. louis. basketball. number six duke got a little bit from the ball boy. hughes goes for the fast break. ball boy was drying up the floor. pretty quick getting off the court in time for the clear basket. pretty good first step right there. most exciting movement of last night's k.c. denver game happened at halftime. nothing but net for 20 grand. that's awesome. seriously. they should make it 40. thunder beat the nuggets 115-113. bill, i'm sorry the mic cutting.
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i watched the whole thing. >> i had to bail at halftime. you think you could have -- i don't think gronkowski made enough effort to turn around and get to the ball. >> either way heck of a come back. carolina panthers are for real. >> today's forecast, very quiet day out there. we need a couple more quiet days in the midwest. still trying recover from just the devastation of those pictures that keep coming in of the tornadoes and aerials from above incredible. chilly morning but not horrible. coldest spots up there around chicago, minneapolis in the 20s. breezy and chilly in new england too. a lot chillier than what we dealt with yesterday. definitely bring the winter coat. only storm is on the west coast. watching some rain and then maybe some snow, boise also the mountains of montana especially up there in glacier national park. san francisco will get the first rain in nearly two months.
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today's forecast looks very tranquil but the next big weather event will be a huge arctic blast this upcoming weekend. be prepared. won't be horrible but just cold. >> thank you, bill. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe" just when you thought rob ford story couldn't go any further that happens. pr guru donny deutsch is in the house on how rob ford can deal with his battered image. when we come back here we'll huddle around the cooler. steven colbert watching conservative gloating about obama problems and one gloater is in his cross-hairs. way too aearly will be right back. orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down
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at the top of the show we talked about the tornadoes which tore through the midwest over the weekend. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends illinois has not seen an ef-4 tornado since 1950. according to the enhanced fujita scale a tornado can produce wind gusts between 168 and 199 miles per hour. it's only a matter of time before the excellence of ron burgundy would be recognized.
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emerson college to recognize ron burgundy. >> do you know who i am? >> no, i can't say that i do. >> i don't know how to put this, but i'm kind of a big deal. >> really? >> people know me. >> he's got a lot of mileage out of his promotion for the next movie. let get to late night where steven colbert noticing a trend among conservative leading talking heads. >> all of a sudden when obama care stops being this abstraction, it turns out to be a disaster. i think that conservatives and republicans get to gloat a little and say we told you so. for me i'll just sit back and refrain from saying we told you so. >> i hate to say we told you so. >> we told you so. >> i hate to say we told you so
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but now we look like geniuses now. [ laughter ] >> self-certified genius like bachmann if she was right about obama care she must have been right about anything. >> planned parent shood a billion dollar entity. they want to being the lens crafter of abortion. the very founders that wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the united states. >> what else you got einstein? >> there isn't even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas. that's classic. jimmy kimmel always stays in the local news especially for those minute details. >> local cbs news in chicago was covering the damage on their
2:55 am
broadcast yesterday and see if you notice anything out of the ordinary here. >> well, you're take a look at washington, illinois photo here. some very dramatic photos that have been coming in from that area. >> first of all that area is not from washington, illinois it's a photo of a storm that hit oklahoma last may and they must have just grabbed this off the internet if you zoom in you can see a sign warning drivers to slow down for a man on sleep love make. somewhere there's a 19-year-old high fiving the hell out of his college roommate now. >> a lot of buzz making the rounds. oxford dictionary chose one above the rest. the word selfie beat out others. it got its start on instagram and twitter before become being mainstream. i'm serious. it gives me the willies.
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celebrities, world politicians getting in on the fun. martin o'malley shared his selfie with julia dreyfuse. and brett michaels on a tour bus with the donald. what a country we live in. just lowering the bar. still ahead on "way too early" the strangest thing you've seen during your commute and we have some pretty interesting ones. use the #waytooweird. "morning joe" just moments away. clay. mom? come in here. come in where? welcome to my mom cave. wow. sit down. you need some campbell's chunky soup before today's big game, new chunky cheeseburger. mmm. i love cheeseburgers. i know you do. when did you get this place?
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a little low brow. 31-year-old woman gets naked on a chicago train and tries to take it over. we thought we would find interesting commuting stories from you folks. natalie has some good stories. >> on the boston green line a man tells me i'm sitting in god's seat. i said i couldn't see him. he said honey it's me. >> another one, i accidentally
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cut off a guy on the freeway and he threw his sand wip at me. >> another one, a guy got naked on a bus in china. >> "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> folks, remind me when i was watching with my brother when saddam attacked kuwait. and president bush said i warn you, i warn you, i warn you, do not. well, folks, if you think american style politics is nasty, you guys have just


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