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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 18, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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and bring you rob ford who reveals he would like to be prime minister of canada someday. let's try to have fun on a monday. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. brian slaktman, november the 18th. a very, very busy news day so we want to get you started right away and begin with irony. just over a week ago this was the headline. 2013 a tranquil year for tornadoes so far. that changed quickly yesterday when a series of deadly storms broke out all over the midwest. at this hour the death toll stands at 6. dozens more as you might imagine are injured. it struck from kentucky to missouri to ohio up into indiana and illinois. dr. greg forbes of the weather channel put a rough estimate at a possible 40 tornadoes across the country. >> those are our two vehicles
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sitting across in the feel. one of which was inside our garage at the time. >> in your garage. now it's -- >> the gray one. >> 100 yards away. >> probably close to it. >> it's amazing. this is your house behind us. >> this is my house behind us. >> i found possessions of mine at least half a mile over. but this town will come together. we always do. we'll come back. come back. >> perhaps no town was hit harder than washington, illinois. where the path of destruction was absolutely devastating. that's where nbc's jay gray is standing by. how do things look this morning? >> reporter: hey there, brian. good morning to you. tragedy really still unfolding here and we'll only see it get worse as the sun comes up and
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assess the damage. take a look. you can see what we're talking about here and this type of debris and the splintered wood stretches for miles in this area. all six of those fatalities came from the central illinois area. there is concern talking to officials here that as the recovery teams continue to pore through all of in that that number could climb so that's something they're concerned about. not only here but across that entire region that you talked about where severe thunderstorms and tornadoes as many as 40 actually just ripped across the nation's midsection leveling communities like this one. still hundreds of thousands without power. fema teams are on the ground here and across the region right now. we're told that the white house is continuing to update the president on the situation. we know that recovery teams are making their way into some of the hardest hit areas like here in washington, illinois. it's going to be a long and difficult recovery. one that, again, will begin in
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earnest as soon as the sun comes up. an hour and a half away from that, brian. a lot of work to be done but still a lot of people in shock wondering what, if anything, might be left of their neighborhoods and communities. >> of course, having spent time in more, oklahoma. it looks like a movie set but that's very real widespread flooding and downed trees in western michigan. more than 250,000 people are without power across that state. even broadcasters were impacted h is what happened at nbc affiliate week-tv in peoria, illinois. >> a am hearing things, chuck. i think we may need to take shelter right now ourselves. >> we do. >> we need to go off the air. we will be back when we can. >> we will ab right back. >> no one hurt there but the station suffered damage and even the chief meteorologist who you saw there said afterwards he was
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pretty shaken up. >> bill karins. i mean the images, just brings me back to last spring but pretty surprising to get this many this late in the year. >> mid-november. we do get november tornado outbreaks. it's not unheard of but what was very surprising was that it was this far north. if we get them usually they're in the southeast or maybe arkansas. this was the northern ohio valley. we had 81 reports of tornadoes yesterday. well, we'll probably end up with 40. a lot probably one tornado seen by multiple people and started yesterday at noon. of course, illinois and indiana hardest hit but now they've traveled to the east coast. these storms have been moving at 60 to 70 miles per hour as fast as awe drive on the highway and overnight we did see them roll through pennsylvania, new jersey, they've already gone through new york city and not going to see a lot more damage. maybe a few downed trees. new york city you're clear. now they're heading up through hartford and seen be in
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providence and boston come right around 7:00 a.m. the winds are very strong behind the front. up around buffalo still gusting to 47 so we still can get power outages from that. where you were very windy even behind the storm system yesterday. other travel won't be much of an issue. we were pretty much done with our tornado threat and done with all of our wind damage. mid-november, it was a pretty crazy outbreak. >> yeah, thank you very much. bill. let's stick with mother nature and turn to the tragedy in the philippines. after a week basically since typhoon haiyan struck, 3500 have been confirmed dead and 1200 remain missing. 13 million people have been affected by the typhoon including nearly 5 million children. nearly half a million homes have been damaged and the country's president say he will stay in one of the town s leveled and
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jason day's family revealed eight of his relatives were victims of the typhoon including his grandmother, uncle and six cousins. russian authorities are trying to determine what call aid flight from moscow to crash and burn killing all 50 people on board including the son of a local governor. cell phone video shows the moments after the boeing 737 crashed at the international airport there. the u.s.-built plane crashed after several failed landing attempts and the fuel tank burst into flames. investigators currently are searching for the plane's black boxes. some other news to get to. when it comes to obama care the white house's best case scenario may not be good enough. the internal goal have an 80% success rate by the end of the month. that means they only expect four out of every five people to be able to enroll for health care coverage through the website. while there are proposals in
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both chambers of congress to amend obama care, nancy pelosi says they're united. >> i don't think you can tell what will happen next year. i will tell you this, democrats stand tall in support of the affordable care act. this is an issue that has to be dealt with. but it doesn't mean, oh, it's a political issue, so we're going to run away fromit. no, it's too valuable for the american people. what is important about it is that the american people are well served. not who gets re-elected. >> of course, a large part of the focus is getting fixed but david plouffe suggests only a member of town where members of the administration are held accountable. >> once the website gets fixed you have to step back and say, okay, what do i need to have to have confidence, not just in the coming months but years answer that's the fundamental question. once you've stabilized how do you give confidence to the american people and to the president himself that you have
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under control going forward. this story could change and i do think once the website gets fixed i think the political notion, by the way that next year's election or 2016, the republican platform will be getting rid of health care millions will be signed up. >> today the toronto city counsel scheduled to take a vote to strip mayor rob ford of his remaining powers. leaving him little more than a figure head. the council does not have the power to remove him from office so doing everything but. ford who has vowed to run for another term in office spoke to american media reiterating not going anywhere. >> i've admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. okay. i've admitted to drinking too much. okay. so i'm dealing with it. i am training every day. i'm in a gym for two hours every day. i'm seeking professional help. i'm not an alcoholic. i am not a drug addict. have i had my outbursts in the past? absolutely i have, john but i'm only human.
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i've made mistakes. i've apologized. that's all i can do. >> ford also has ambitiouses for higher office telling fox "if people want to start bringing up personal stuff, that's fine and, yes, one day i want to run for prime minister." despite being asked not to attend by the league commissioner he showed up at the argonauts game. his favorite team. a lot of fans posted pictures of ford in the stands on twitter and on instagram although this picture wins the day. that's not what we were looking for. that's ben affleck. that's our twitter question. so we'll have to move on. that didn't work out. well, if you're wondering what the end game is, rob ford and his brother doug debut a new talk show called "ford nation." europe's most active volcano at it again. mountain etna over sicily.
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it tapered off yesterday only after causing airspace to be closed to flights. no evacuation was ordered and several villages near the volcano were spared from damage. its last major eruption was in 1992. now let's go to batkid. anyone who follows social media got a piece of the bad kid story last week. it was just awesome. so we had to do something about it on the air. people are still reacting. the latest coming from the actor set to play batman. that would be ben affleck who tweeted this message, bat kid, best batman ever, the inspirational 5-year-old who is remission from leukemia was made over into a superhero. more than 11,000 showed up to cheer him on. he stopped the riddler from robbing a bat and shut down the penguin as he tried to kidnap the san francisco mascot and president obama took to vine to thank the miniature hero. >> way to go, miles, way to save
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gotham. >> a great story and brings us to twitter. maybe go back to all the other feel-good stories. maybe not another one or not as economy econo complicated. i'm @bshactman. the chiefs needed late game magic to keep their undefeated record intack. they had a close call that helped their cause. was it enough to get the win? also an update to a story, the smoking toddler. remember that guy? well, he's got a new addiction. "way too early" will be right back. >> the bodies of 383 men, women and children have been found at
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is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. for a quick check on business. stocks on a hot streak friday. the s&p closed out its sixth straight week of gains. cnbc's geoff cutmore live for us. >> good morning to you, brian. we're keeping an eye on the dubai air show. big win for boeing. 225 new 777x jets sold to three middle eastern airlines so that's a big coup for the american carrier. not such great news out of the u.s. postal service. okay revenues up, that's a coup and also some stabilization in mail numbers but the company still looking at a $5 billion loss for fiscal 2013.
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of course, the big problem here is setting aside cash for the retirees at the postal service, brian so a bit of a mixed story. >> story across the board with some of these big government agencies. we reported late last week on the glitches with playstation. give us the sales number. >> yeah, this is phenomenal. i know we talked last time about some of the issues with the ps4 and whether they have got the insides of the box working properly. a million sold on the first day in north america, though, so that has outsold the ps3 launch. people in spite of some of these reported problems still seem to like this game's box. >> all right, geoff, thank you. to sports now. late night sunday football action. the undefeated chiefs at denver. let's go to the first quarter, peyton manning, julius thomas, nine-yard touchdown. 10-zip broncos. the chiefs answered at the start of the second.
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dwayne bowe and denver up. monty montee ball. to chicago, ravens and bears. we talked about the storms in the midwest. the game was delayed two hours as soldier field was evacuated. now to the game, fourth quarter, chicago trailing by four. matt forte, great power run, 14-yard touchdown. it goes to overtime. the bears kick a 38-yarder for the win. new orleans game in the fourth. 49ers punt and darren sproles hit as he calls for a fair catch. a 15-yard penalty. that gives them the shored field as they start their game-winning drive and booted a 31-yarder to win 23-20. those are two of the best in the nfc. redskins/eagles. philly fans not welcoming the
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rivals. they egged their bus. classic philly behavior. the photo of the damage. pretty hostile inside. mccoy takes the flag, ripped it, crumpled. to the game, mccoy had a pretty monster game and the eagles snapped a ten-game losing streak with a 24-16 ahead of the idle cowb cowboys. pretty odd painful play in this game. ellington, he's quickly swarmged by jacksonville defense. we find out jason babben emerges with a fist full of his hair. >> oly crap. >> i mean, i don't know if they're extensions but i think it was real hair he pulled directly out of his head. >> that's got to be painful. all right. nothing worth showing you from the jets/bills blowout, but pretty crazy action in the stand caught on tape. if you're squeamish don't look.
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an unidentified fan sliding on the side of the upper deck falls down to the next deck. now he suffered only minor injuries, the guy he fell on reportedly has a head injury. no more details than that but that, his wife in the upper deck, you don't want to drink too much. a look at the pcs standings. alabama, florida state, the top two spots. baylor moves up to number four behind ohio state and oregon rounding out the top five. they are the one-loss team and don't have much of a chance to get into the top two. coming up at the top of the hour. "morning joe" updated the tornado situation across the midwest where it may have been a record-setting day for twisters. how the storms compared to the worst we've seen this late in the year and we come back here, we will huddle around the cooler, rob ford, the gift that keeps giving for comedy writers. at least "snl" give their take on the mayor of toronto when we come back. we all have our tricks.
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♪ ♪ at the top of the show we talked point deadly tornadoes. if you wrantsz to sound smart tell your friends tornadoes as bill mentioned pretty rare in november but not unheard of. on average about 52 tornadoes are reported in the u.s. during november. the worst november tornado event
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in u.s. history between november 10th and 11th in 2002, a total of 75 tornadoes touched down across the tennessee and ohio valley region killing at least 36 people. we hope everyone is okay in the midwest of the u.s. right now. let's get rid of the news and louis and the cooler. >> "snl" where lady gaga may have been hosting but rob ford was certainly the star. >> again, i am sorry for how i have been acting. it is not indicative of my position of mayor in this great town of toronto. >> hey, man, i got what you asked for. >> hey, not here, okay. let's do it under the desk. >> okay. >> this right here is grade a -- >> no. don't say what it is. don't say what it is. >> all right. well, i got your stuff right here. >> whoa, that's a lot of crack. oof. that was not mayoral behavior
2:54 am
and, again, feel bad about that, but i apologize for it at a press conference just half an hour lateer. >> we have video of that, as well. >> i'm the best mayor of all mayors. i'm 9 best mayor in the world. your mayor can suck my -- >> "snl's" writers weren't quite done with the toronto mayor yet. take a look. >> toronto mayor rob forward on thursday denied claims he offered to give a female staff member oral sex and said he's happily married and got more than enough to eat at home. though after that press conference, i'm betting the kitchen is closed. >> ford this week also signed limited edition bobblehead dolls of himself outside city hall. interesting fact, bobblehead is one of the side effects of smoking crack. >> so many punch line, so little time. it's just too easy.
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now, i want to take you back to a story we did a few years ago. you may rathering about this toddler who smoked 40 cigarettes a day in indonesia. when it was posted in 2010, he received international attention. we have an update on him and it's good news/bad news situation here. the good news, ail aldi quit smoking. no more smoking baby. he's now addicted to junk food. aldi is now 5 years old and his family says he weighs about 56 pounds. the cdc says the average weight of a 5-year-old is 40 pounds. his diet con physicals of junk food and condensed milk but loved ones are working to get him to eat more fruits and vegetables. i guess mika would be happy. >> i think it's better to be addicted to junk food an cigarettes. >> i think it's all bid. the poor kid is 5 years old. >> thank you very much. still ahead on "way too early," on the heels of this, what other feel-good stories did
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season basketball game in 2006. team manager and senior mc mcelwain was about to get his first chance. >> he set the record for three-pointers. one of many great recommendations in terms of feel-good stories that could even come close to the bat kid. we got time for more. we have responses. >> tim submitted that and said he's seen that many times and it never gets old. another commission was jane richards singing the national anthem at the red sox game. pictured here, her name -- she's 7 years old and her brother martin was killed in the bombing. she lost her leg. >> anything after that in terms of emotion after the boston marathon bombing was great.
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if you missed the news block go on twitter or facebook right after the show and we will have all the news for you and, of course, "morning joe," we'll have you covered from the storms to the weekend political show w. "morning joe" starts right now. are you feeling depressed? run down? like you just can't win? are you the president of the united states? then you may be suffering from presidential depression. ask your doctor for paxil. second term strength. the only antidepressant strong enough for an embattled second term. so you can get back on your feet and start running the country again. with paxil you'l


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