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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 15, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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washed and rubbed salt pickle, lime juice and bird pepper, made negro joe piss in his eyes and mouth. i could go on. but you get the point. when mrs. palin invokes slavery she doesn't just prove her rank ignorance. she confirms if anyone truly qualified for a dose of discipline from thomas thistlewood, she would be the outstanding candidate. thanks so much for watching. ed schultz is next. good evening, americans, suspect welcome to "the ed show," live from seattle, washington. let's get to work. ♪ >> working families across america were counting on this president. >> cancellations today, sticker shock tomorrow. >> the real problem the president has is a broken promise. his dishonesty. >> 47% with him, depend upon him.
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>> literally -- >> the real problem the president has is a broken promise. is dishonesty. >> not familiar precisely exactly what i said. >> and that's, of course, what's really striking. >> i stand by what i said, whatever it was. >> believe they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. >> literally, literally, literally -- >> we all look like geniuses now. >> you must have a -- 160! >> they never said they had any concern at all, and never had a plan. >> knit really -- >> for the 30 million people that every day are waiting for this plan to go into effect. >> and that -- ♪ >> that's, of course, what's really striking. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. coming to you live from seattle, washington. where in the state of washington, the exchange is working. positive country. okay. so we've got 39 democrats who
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have decided to side with john boehner. i think it's a deal with the devil when it comes to legislation. president obama gave him the opening. i think he made a huge mistake thursday by caving to the republicans, and giving junk insurance a new life in the affordable care act. it's going to be an extension. i think the president needs to stand firm on this. this is obama care, it's not clinton care. it's not reagan care. it's obama care. own it. he needs to remind everyone that this is the law of the land. we're not turning back. house and senate democrats need to stop worrying about the mid terms, and rally around this law, which is going to save american lives. well, president obama, i think, is giving the republicans an opportunity to get a bunch of bullet points and a narrative that will play all the way to the mid terms. for example, republican congressman fred upton, he's the new hero, proposing a bill on the house that takes the president's, quote, fix one step
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further. not only would junk insurance be extended, it's a trojan horse, but insurance companies would be allowed to sell new junk policies with things like lifetime limits on coverage. this totally goes against the affordable care act. the bill would gut the consumer protections put in place by the law known as obama care. well, earlier today, here we go, upton's bill passed the house with the support of 39 house democrats. and the liberal community across america, they're wondering, what the heck are these folks thinking? upton said today he thinks the bill is a better fix. >> what our bill did was it brought it back, brought the attention back, and yes, we can resolve oh this issue for millions of folks who have found their premiums are going up, double, triple, even 400%. and being stuck with the policy that, frankly, they don't want, they cannot afford, and they want to retain the choice they had, which was really, when you
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go back to the debate, back in 2010, i don't think it would have passed, had they not been able to make this promise that we know now as really not accurate. >> come debate me upton. you had about four lies in there. i've only got an hour show. i don't have time. going to be some legislative fix to junk policies. what they have done is given an open highway to the insurance industry to add more stuff so they can make more profits and screw the consumers. that's how i see it. do you really think that you can do a deal with a group of people who have voted 43 times to gut the entire bill? after yesterday, john boehner saying you can't trust the white house. there's no fix to this bill. boehner says there's no fix to the bill, so 39 democrats go and vote with the republicans. go figure. it is stunning.
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if junk policies like things like lifetime caps still exist, obama care will not work the way it was supposed to work. meanwhile, failed republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, is also seizing on the opportunity to slam the president. the middle class millionaire had the nerve to call the president dishonest. >> the real problem with the president's plan is not just the rollout. that's implementation, and glitches of various kinds. it should have been done better, but it wasn't. but the real problem the president has is a broken promise. is dishonesty. >> well, romney needs to stay hidden in his car elevator, i think. i think we should remind the midster, 47% dishonesty cost him the election. we don't have enough hours in the day to run all of the tape on that story, either. up next, here comes michele bachmann. she wasted no time running to fox news this morning, to slam obama care.
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>> it's panic mode. and it's anybody's guess. because i think if democrats are really listening to what the president said yesterday, they know that the american people are going to be just as bad off today as they were before the press conference. >> then we have geraldo rivera. geraldo came out this morning and compared problems with obama care to george w. bush's handling of hurricane katrina? >> is this like weapons of mass destruction. is this like president george w. bush after katrina. this is a president who has stumbled so badly, but he's the only president we have. i hope we can find a way -- >> so here comes the "new york times." the "times" also made the truly unbelievable comparison this morning. a headline on their website read, quote, health law rolls out, stumbles. draw parallels to bush's hurricane response. give me a break. unfortunately, this isn't the
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first time these comparisons have been made. the chattering class recently managed to compare obama care to katrina and iraq in a matter of seconds. >> obama, to continue to speak about the actions of his administration as a guy with a great seat but no responsibility, is totally off-putting. and it does not have a whiff of leadership in it. >> if i could, on credibility, just like on ckatrina, the big problem president bush had, dmip diminishing the significance, way to go brownie. you had the president yesterday talking about glitches and kinks. >> katrina was a storm. the health care law was of obama's creation. >> true. >> so i'm not defending my white house's handlinging of katrina. but it was a natural disaster. this was a disaster of obama's creation. and imagination. >> maybe they were at war is a better analogy. >> comparing a law that will save countless lives in this country to these two dark events
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is absolutely despicable. president obama's health care law will provide 30 million americans will health care. george w. bush's negligence and the handling of katrina cost american lives. the botched war of choice, may i remind all americans and iraq resulted in over 4,000 american soldiers being killed. for what? comparing these two horrible chapters in american history to a law that will save lives is truly unbelievable. let's reel in what is happening now. what's happening now is that the democrats seem to be at a crossroads. they need to get in caucus and get their confidence back. get a little hitch in their step, so to speak. the democrats need to figure out what they're for instead of worrying about what they're against. boehner is no ally. cantor is no ally. they have no solution. this is a time for the democrats and the house to be strong and to speak out in their districts
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to make sure that the american people know this is a positive, social step forward for the security of the country. you won't find boehner doing that in cincinnati. you won't find cantor doing that in virginia. bottom line here is, democrats, if you want this, whether you like the rollout, whether you like the website, whether you agree with anything at this point, intestinal fortitude is what it's about right now. you're going to have to get behind this president. you're going to have to speak in total support of the president. because yesterday in washington in front of the media, the president to me looked like he didn't have a whole heck of a lot of confidence. he looked to me like he wasn't walking as sure as he should have been. yet when he goes out behind the steel workers, in front of the steel workers in ohio, it was kind of a different president. there is strength in numbers. and if the democrats don't hold together on this, and fight back against the junk insurance industry, we will lose obama care. this is a crossroads for
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america. this is a vital time in american history. we're going to find out if the private sector in government can work together. but i do believe that the 39 democrats who were good people, and some of them my friends, i think they made the wrong choice. thinking that there's going to be some honest brokers over on the other seed, and we're going to be able to have a legislative fix to this. this isn't the house democrats' problem. this is the president's problem. but the president needs the house democrats right now across the country. basically, what these 39 democrats have done is given boehner and the republicans about the best bullet point they could ever have for the next year going into the mid terms. why? because now it's a bipartisan bill coming out of the house to fix something the president diplomat get right, because he said something about a promise of who could keep what. the bottom line is, the president has given all americans a chance to get better
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insurance. and rid the insurance industry of the crap that they have been able to put out on the market. do you want it, democrats? do you really want it? don't tell me. show me. get together as a team. and mary landrieu, you're not a democrat. you're not. you're more concerned with what's happening in louisiana than you are with what's happening around this country. we have an opportunity as a progressive movement in this country to see something through. just like social security, just like medicare, and medicaid. real change to save american lives. and to run away from this at this juncture is the wrong move. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. do conservatives have any right to compare obama care to katrina or eric? iraq? text a for yes, b for no to 67622. or go to we'll bring the results later on in the show. for more this time, let's bring
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in wendell potter of the center for public integrity and dr. corey hebert of lsu health science centers. mr. potter, you first. how much of a setback is this? how much of a win is this for the insurance industry? how damaging to obama care? your thoughts. >> first of all, ed, thank you so much for what you're doing and calling it like it is. i appreciate you and your work. it's so important. this had is i think a temporary setback. the president was hemmed by people of his own party who should have known better who as you said are more interested in getting re-elected than the best interests of their constituents. some of these are the same people who cost us the public option, ed. so it's regrettable. it's pretty disgusting to actually watch t to tell you the truth. but i think it's temporary. i think that some insurance companies will take the president up on this offer, because at the end of the day, this is about profits, and if they think they can continue to
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keep people in junk plans, they'll do it. until they can no longer do it. i think, though, if the administration and democrats can actually get their messaging right, they can convince these people who are in these policies to dump them and to look in the exchanges, to get coverage that will be available to them that will be better coverage at a lower cost. unfortunately, the president was also failed by his own people by screwing the exchanges up, as bad they as they have done. that will be fixed. so it's just a matter of a few days, actually maybe a couple weeks, before things will get better. but you can't -- what are we going to do about these democrats? >> well, there's no question that the rollout of the website has propelled us to more conversation about what's wrong with the bill instead of what's good about it. >> exactly. >> the fact is, were the exchanges operating, were the state exchanges operating? there is no negative stories coming out of those states. dr. hebert, insurance companies
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claim now that they have to raise rates to reenroll people. and i think what we need to realize, is that the insurance industry is chipping away at the edges of this, as best they possibly can with lobbyists in washington. they're going to take any opportunity they possibly can to raise rates. what does this mean to the providers? >> well, the interesting part about this is that insurance is bought yearly. so the char will he tans that run the insurance companies knew they were selling junk policies because the affordable care act was enacted two years ago. so they knew that when they sold it. so why couldn't we just get mad at the people trying to do something proactive to save lives, as opposed to being mad at the char will he tons that actually enacted this garbage. it means something for the providers, because if the people do not have insurance, because the rates are too high, because these mongers are not doing what they're supposed to do in the insurance industry, it is going to be a problem for providers, and it's not going to be good.
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i mean, you have to think about this in a more global sense. because providers are the people that are on the front lines taking care of the patients. and if they cannot get the money they deserve for taking care of the patients, they're not going to do it. and i totally agree with you, ed, that the democrats should not have caved yesterday. that was horrible. >> if the president wants to admit a mistake. if the president wants to admit a misjudgment or inartful set of words that he put out in front of the american people, let him own it, and the president did. but that's no -- that's no reason for the house democrats or the senate democrats to all of a sudden buy into this right wing thinking that, oh, we've got to have a legislative fix. the legislative fix has been done. we are reeling in the junk insurance industry that has been screwing big-time consumers in this country for decades. now i want to talk about the state of washington here. here in this state, the exchanges are working. by january 1st, 77,000 people
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will have medicaid or private insurance through the state exchange. and earlier today, washington state insurance commissioner mike diedler said this. >> you can't change the game or rules middle of the game. and we're in the middle of the game right now. >> wendell, what's your reaction to that? >> well, you're right. the washington side is working just good -- just fine. and so doing the same thing in vermont. made the same call. it will vary from state to state. in california, a good commissioner there, dave jones, said he thinks the policies should continue to be sold. so we're going to see a mixed bag around the country. but i really think, quite frankly, that we will not see all that many people who continue to stay in these junk plans. once again, if democrats can really figure out how to do the right messaging, they can save these people from staying in junk plans. that's going to be -- should be goal number one, in my view. >> well, there's no doubt that the democrats need to decide
2:17 pm
they are going to push for what they're for, instead of being worried about what people are against. and i think that really is a big cross rhodes at this point. the other thing is you've got 35 republican insurance commissioners across this country that do not want to see this succeed. but that doesn't mean that the rest of the country should have to suffer if there are successful stories that are out there. eventually, that will grow, and i'm sure that's what the president is banking on right now. gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight. dr. hebert and also wendell potter, thank you for your time. i appreciate it so much. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts on twitter at ed show and on facebook. we always want to know what you think. coming up, bachmann's preexisting condition. one of the affordable care act's loudest opponents inadvertently admits the law will help her family. plus, fox news conjures up more phantoms of obama care. presentsers is next. stay with us.
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time now for the trenders. "the ed show" social media nation has decided and we are reporting. here are today's top trenders voted on by you. >> the champion of get repealing obama care. >> number three trender, change of plans. >> i lost my health insurance under obama care. i'm forced to go into the dc health exchange. >> michele bachmann says her insurance plan is getting junked. >> i have a husband with very significant health issues. we have to have health insurance. so we are forced to go on the website and purchase the health insurance plan from the dc health exchange. >> hello, computer. >> i'm not going to waste my time and frustration until they get the thing fixed. >> shall we play a game? >> the number-two trender. food for thought. >> how would you feel if you had
2:22 pm
to tell your kids at the age of 10 that you were never coming home? >> that wouldn't be good. >> that's what happened to me. i thought i was never going to see my dad again because of being an illegal immigrant. >> well, i'm trying to find somebody to get this thing done. >> house speaker john boehner can't stomach immigration reform. >> we have no intention of ever going into conference on the senate bill. >> no, i'm not doing that. i'm sorry. >> there are hundreds of issues involved in dealing with immigration reform. we're going to move on a common sense, step by step approach in terms of how we deal with immigration. >> you are driving me nuts. >> today's top trender, fact checkup. >> earlier this month, hannity had a panel on the show, panel of guests, with so-called real stories about obama care, causing them all kinds of harm. >> our new policy that we can have won't have the same benefits to it. >> we don't even have insurance for our daughter. >> we are jumping through more hoops. >> well, it turns out those real
2:23 pm
stories were simply not accurate. >> hannity only wants people on his show to agree with him. >> fox news brings on more faux victims of obama care. >> bill, i know you built this car wash company up. bubbles enterprises. and you sold the business, you say, because of obama care? >> the math was somewhere around $400,000. >> we could not afford to pay almost $400,000 in either penalties or fines or insurance premiums. >> fox news channel. we report, you decide. >> it's not reporting. it's lying. >> well, joining me now is eric stern, contributor, reporter for eric, good to have you back with us on the program. i remember when megyn kelly started her program, she said it wasn't going to be like the other programs on fox. but oh-oh, it's a lot like hannity. tell us about megyn kelly's guest. this guy, bill lawrence, and why his story doesn't pan out. what can you tell us? >> well, he owned a -- he was on
2:24 pm
megan -- he posted on his facebook page a few weeks ago he sold his business because of obama care. naturally he was invited on megyn kelly to talk about his ordeal caused by obama care. he had a car wash with 290 employees, 13 locations. did 13 -- he says it did $13 million in revenue a year. we have to trust him on that. because he told me that as an off the record figure. he didn't show audited financials nor did he give to megyn kelly. and claimed he had to shut down because of obama care, because of the cost of the employer mandate. he will be subject to the employer mandate. when i called him, he told me there were a lot of other reasons he was selling his business. >> such as? >> many. well, he basically started ticking off all of these problems that he's experiencing in texas with the business climate. taxes, fees, permits. he was complaining about this permit, that permit. he needs a permit to, you know, display air fresheners in his car wash checkout counter that costs him $300. and he was talking about the headache of managing workers.
2:25 pm
and he's been doing this 22 years. and he wants out. and so there were a lot of reasons he is selling his business. he does still claim, and he is sort of insisted obama care was one of them. but if you sort of take a snapshot of his business, i don't think that it makes much financial sense for him to be selling out because of obama care. and keep in mind, a huge private equity firm bought his car wash. and they see enormous up side in that business, with or without obama care, because they approached him three or four years ago. >> so a multitude of reasons is why this guy is baling out of his car wash business. but he's using obama care as the linchpin to tell everybody how bad things were. but oh, by the way, a private equity firm thought enough of it to put some money into it. also find it interesting in your answer that there were regulations in rick perry's, texas? how could that ever be? are you surprised as a reporter that -- are you surprised as a reporter that fox didn't go further with more rigorous fact
2:26 pm
checking on this guy? >> no -- am i surprised? no. i mean, this is sort of what fox does. and you know, megyn kelly, incidentally, when she wants to be, she can be a very good journalist. she's a lawyer, she understands how to interrogate somebody and how to ask questions. but this is obviously a show where that's not what the game is. they want somebody just to come on and sort of give the republican line, and she is just there to sort of cheerlead. and, you know, there were no -- there were -- it's pretty clear there were very few probative questions asked either by megyn kelly or the people that prepped, the producers. >> what's par for the course. what's happening here is fox news is bringing people on with excuses. not with absolutes about the health care law. and they are, as i can see it, big-time bending stories to present to the american people as absolutes. what's your take on it? >> that's correct. that's correct. i mean, it's just not the case that this somehow the employer
2:27 pm
mandate is going to make his business not vital. it's just not -- that's not reality. he does have to absorb a cost. there is no question about that. but it's just -- for him to be able to sit there and say that he's selling his business because of obama care, you know, he told me he attended seminars and talked to lawyers and accou accountants for a whole year and came to the conclusion that obama care is going to make his business unviable and he's got to sell now. and it's just more of the same, and, you know, fox is not going to stop any time soon, and it's just a fact of life right now. what are you going to do? >> well, i don't think there's going to be too many people across america who are going to feel sorry for a guy who is grossing $13 million a year, and whining about having to do something for his employees. eric, great to have you with us tonight. thanks for joining us on "the ed show." still ahead, joe biden's fight for working americans. but first -- >> santa, if you will, i understand you don't like to say happy holidays. why? >> 'tis the season for fox to
2:28 pm
ininject itself into the christmas story. there's a new ammo in the war on christmas. but next, i'm taking your questions. "ask ed live." stay ahead. we're right back on "the ed show" on msnbc. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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2:32 pm
hill who want to be players. they're upset with the rollout, they don't want to go home and have to defend it. and they'll go so far as to side with republicans as they did 39 of them, so oh they can go home and say you know what, there was a flaw in the law and i voted to try to help you to try to fix it. it still has to be done over in the senate. we don't know how that's going to play out. and so this is going to be a legislative dog fight. but i do believe that there are a lot of democrats that aren't ready to embrace obama care until the website is fixed. and go home with a real fever pitched attitude that this was the best they think since sliced bread, which i think it is. our next question is from joan swanson. can republicans ever win elections without dirty tricks? well, i don't think so. notice this is the party that has no vision. they have no plan. and the only thing they make news with right now is any kind of democratic perceived misstep that is out there. stick around. the rapid response panel is
2:33 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." let's talk about the war on christmas. the you know, we all have holiday traditions.
2:37 pm
and in our family, everybody comes to the lake house on christmas eve. and then there's this tornado of 11 grandkids that comes in the door, and they open presents on christmas eve. and then, of course, we have this big meal. and then on christmas morning, we, of course, go to church. wendy wouldn't have it any other way. over on fox news, there's an annual call to arms. that's their tradition. that's right, folks. 'tis the season. i'm talking about the war on christmas. did you know there is one? this year, america's queen of quitting, half-term governor, sarah palin. well, she's taking the lead. palin joined sean hannity earlier this week to push her new book, "good tidings and great joy, protecting the heart of christmas." let's take a look. >> there are double standards being applied to those who wish to celebrate christmas, for instance, in a traditional way. those who would -- i refer to
2:38 pm
them as scrooges. they are usually angry atheists armed with an attorney, and they want to tell us, they want to tell patriots. they want to tell traditional americans that no longer can you acknowledge that jesus is the reason for the season. >> nothing shows your respect for jesus and the traditions of christmas like manufacturing a political conflict to make a quick buck. but that kind of hypocrisy is nothing new for the folks over at fox news. >> now we have secular progressives trying to remove christmas, the word, the displays, even the federal holiday. they would love to have it rescinded from the public arena. >> we're not nuts, are we? there is a war on christmas. >> separation of charlie brown and state. >> that ju dayo christian tradition is under attack. >> the war on christmas is very, very real. and if you ask me, in addition to some grouchy, you know, miss
2:39 pm
antrhopic heath an agentists, it has to do at the root of it, two things. abortion and the gay rights agenda. >> what religion is involved in christmas? what religion? >> christianity -- >> is not a religion. that's a philosophy. >> suddenly i started showing up at christmas parties and was told that they were having holiday parties. and so therefore, they didn't need a santa anymore. >> it isn't silly. >> what's not silly? >> my campaign. >> no, it's not at all. >> i don't consider them well in the head. god bless them. >> joining me now for our rapid response panel, liberal comment at a timer and comedian, john fugelsa fugelsang, and barry lind, americans for the separation of church and state. is there a war on religious freedom? reverend lind, would this exist without fox news propaganda? >> no, it would not exist. because there is no war on christianity in general. and there certainly isn't this
2:40 pm
new, according to sarah palin, kind of the bloodiest battle like in our civil war it was an teatum. for her, the bloodiest battle, phony battle, is this war against christmas. if it wasn't for the drudge report and fox news, these stories would never come out. we researched these stories year after year. they're almost inevitably phony, from your kids can't wear green and red in schools. we investigated that a couple years ago. it turned out the memo from the school to the parents was, we try to be inclusive, your kids can wear red or green or yellow or purple. in other words, just being inclusive, something fox hates. in dodgeville, wisconsin, fox news and liberty council associated with the jerry fall well empire said a school teacher had removed the words from silent night and turned them into secular words. we looked into that. it turned out the guy who wrote oh the play they were performing
2:41 pm
in december in that little school district, himself changed the words, because it wasn't about jesus. this was a play about homelessness. dodge well superintendent of schools sent a bill for $20,000 the day it expended on public relations to try to fight this phony attack on them, and they had done nothing wrong. sent it to liberty council and said send us the money. we called them and they said we never got a dime. guarantee. the envelope was not lost in the mail. phony. >> reverend, remember, bill o'reilly is looking out for us. john fugelsang, bill o'reilly, and sarah palin. you know, it's interesting. they have a stake in this fake war. they have things to sell. why don't they get called out on this hypocrisy often? >> well, bill, i don't want to badmouth lady blah, blah. but the fact is, when it comes to governor palin, if ignorance was hair, she would be a wachoviay. now, as far as the war on christmas goes, if happy
2:42 pm
holidays offends you, you need to take a serious look at a difference between christianity, and christian supreme see. because even on his worst day at the end, jesus never once played victim. when businesses say happy holidays, ironically, they are trying to use kindness to help their business. they are extending a warmth to just -- to more than just christians. the irony of all of this, happy holidays is a lot more christian than merry christmas because you're extending goodwill to people beyond your own club. my question for sarah palin, if she is so offended at businesses saying happy holidays to expand their client base and not offend their nonchristian customers, ed, why does sarah palin hate capitalism? what has she got against the free market? >> good question. as a result of the war on christmas, here we go down into the state of texas. now they have passed a merry christmas bill to protect public school teachers' right to say merry christmas or call it a christmas tree. reverend, your response to that. >> you know, this whole thing
2:43 pm
about the language used is so bizarre. and normal people would not care about this at all. sarah palin's excerpt from her book on the back cover says she wants people to say "merry christmas" to her. does she have so few friends she needs some anonymous greeter in a big box store she'll never see again to say "merry christmas?" if this man or woman says "happy holidays," why does this create appear owe plekty on part of bill o'reilly or sarah palin? this is absolutely insane. and i think if this is a foreshadowing of the 2016 republican primaries barecause,f course, rumor has it ms. palin may decide to run again, it may mean another soaked political campaign, soaked with religion to try to figure out who is the wettest candidate at the end to attract itself to. >> that's why it's completely sane. >> john, what do you think they think they're accomplishing with this stuff? >> well, it's, you know, look,
2:44 pm
'tis the season for rooub fleecing, ed. john mccain was once the truth-teller of the gop. he was like the chuck d. and sarah palin is the flavor flav. if you want to spread christian values, you don't go being mad at people for saying something inclusive. you take care of the poor, sick, the least among us. the only problem is, if you talk that way, christians like sarah palin will call you a socialist. this is all about her trying to rebrand herself, until the day comes she is finally an announcer for world wrestling. because she has completely exploded herself out of any career. i was going to write a joke about sarah palin's future but i got bored and quit halfway through. >> john fugelsang, reverend barry lind, good to have you on "the ed show." appreciate your time. thanks so much. still ahead, rick scott. victims are anxiously awaiting for the second coming of governor crist. stay tuned for the first chapter of our exclusive series in florida. we're right back. road closed? there's a guy...
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and in pretenders tonight, brain wizard, michele bachmann, the minnesota wonder, strapped on her thinking cap and went on fox news this morning. >> house republicans voted 38-plus times to repeal obama care. during the government shutdown, showdown, they were accused of being everything from terrorists to arsonists because they were holding health care hostage and how dare you be so mean to the american people, that you don't want to cover them with health care. you know, how do you feel about that? >> we hate to say we told you so, but quite honestly, we all look like geniuses now, because we predicted this would happen. >> here are more michele bachmann genius moments. >> planned parenthood is a billion dollar a year entity. they want to become the lens crafter of big abortion. representation was bad.
2:50 pm
what would they think of representation with taxation? i don't know what's going to happen. there isn't even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide dioxide is a har. there's a woman who came up crying to me, tonight, after the debate, she said her daughter was given that vaccine. she told me her daughter suffered mental retardation as a result of that vaccine. i haven't had a gaffe or something that i've done that has caused me to fall in the polls. >> i need another hour to show you the rest of the highlight tape there, folks. michele bachmann definitely a piece of work from the north country. but if the congresswoman believes she's also a genius at work, she can keep on pretending. [ male announcer ] every day, millions of people rely on unitedhealthcare
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let's get back to work. it's been a huge week of news here in america and progressives need to stay focused. so here's a look at the top three stories ahead next week in fast forward. coming in at number three, infrastructure in focus. >> cutting infrastructure. >> we want to fill these containers and turn this economy around we have to recommit to manufacturing. >> to help fuel the manufacturing growth. >> vice president biden will travel to the port of houston. >> the port of houston handles 42 million tons of cargo every year. >> that number is going to do nothing but grow. labor built this country. >> fast forward to number two.
2:55 pm
the tpp fight continues. >> i'm out there negotiating the transpacific partnership. >> this is another nafta disaster waiting to happen. international negotiations hit salt lake city. >> all of these issues, one-time agreement without public participation or congressional participation. i'm sorry, that's not our system of government. >> and our number one story to watch, the sunshine state of obama care. >> we always knew this was going to be hard. there's a reason why folks that tried to do it for 100 years and haven't done it. >> the best way to get insurance is to get a job. >> on monday, i'll talk exclusively with charlie crist. >> americans deserve health k coverage and i'm glad the president pushed it forward. >> mike joins us now on "the ed show." we're going to be down in florida later on this weekend. it's the fight for florida. it's charlie crist going against governor rick scott, who scott is criticizing president obama's
2:56 pm
announcement extending junk insurance plans for yet another year. he says, what happens to these families in a year, will these families still see their insurance costs go up? president obama's changes to his own law will likely be the first of many. it's a bad law. mike, what do you make of rick scott going down this road? he's trying to make some amends? what's happening in florida? >> he certainly knows about insurance corruption. as you know, he was run out of texas by, interestingly enough, for $1.4 billion scam that he tried to steal, basically, taxpayer money. now he was excused of that, ed. the person that excused him, very interesting back story here. senator john cornyn gave him a free pass. cornyn was the a.g. in texas at that time, didn't prosecute scott at all. instead -- after, interestingly enough, after scott had to plead the fifth amendment 78 times. now the fifth amendment is what somebody does when they're
2:57 pm
afraid they've committed some kind of criminal act and they're going to be prosecuted. unfortunately, ed, we ended up with rick scott down here. the reason he's getting so much money from people like sheldon addleson, the casino tycoon and donald trump, i think he had $250,000 from addleson, thousands and thousands of dollars from trump, is because they want him to build a casino business down here. but the real reason they love him, ed, is he -- he cut florida education by about 20%. he cut 10,000 jobs in florida. basically in the government sector in places like schools and prisons because he wants to privatize both of those things. he's cut medicaid by $4 billion. he wants to move it to the private sector. charlie crist is the guy to beat him. the numbers are staggering right now. charlie has a great chance here. he's about 12 points up, depending on what day you look at it. scott's approval rate is 24%. it makes scott the least popular
2:58 pm
governor in 190 years of florida history. >> well, let me ask you, mike, does charlie crist have the confidence of democrats, of independents, after making this move from the republican party? is it too soon for him to run? the polling, as you say, looks pretty good right now. but will they vote for this guy? will they work for him? >> he has some work to do. there's no question about it, any time you change parties like that, you've got the naysayers who say, thank you that you know -- why are you coming to us now? charlie is -- charlie has great, great ability. the contrast between charlie crist and rick scott is going to be startling. it's not going to be anything like we saw with alex sink who ran against him last time. charlie is a seasoned politic n politician. he knows how to overcome issues like that. i think it's going to be really interesting. >> how does obama care play in florida? you think charlie crist can go out there with confidence and say this is good for the residents of the state and beat
2:59 pm
rick scott? >> it's going to be a mixed bag to be real frank with you. i think parts of south florida it's going to be a mixed bag. you have nan rich in the race right now. she's a democrat running and she's running strongly behind obama care and how important obama care is for the florida voters. charlie at this point hasn't really committed on that. i think he probably will. he's great friends with this president. he helped this president get re-elected, if you recall. was one of the important voices in florida who said obama is one of us, and we need to support him. and hurting, tragedy hurting then, the republican party. but it might be the best thing that happened to charlie crist is to have his eyes wide open and understand, he hasn't left the party, the party left him. i think you'll haveage interesting interview with him on sunday. >> great to have you with us tonight. we're going to be florida, going to have a sit-down exclusive interview with charlie crist in florida this weekend. we'll have that for you on monday as we come to you from
3:00 pm
miami on monday. looking forward to it. that's the ed show, i'm ed schultz, "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >> thank you, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, a new gop attack from an old republican hack. today, the right wing is trying to link one of the worst events in american history, hurricane katrina, to president obama trying to help millions of people. and as the president met with insurance executives to continue to fix the health carolout, former vice president china was playing ugly. >> we look at the mess that has been created out of obama care, by the president having said you can keep your policy if you like it, guaranteed, period. that turns out that was a lie. and he repeated it over and over and over again. >> can


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