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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 15, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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hi, everyone, i'm tamron hall. the homeowner charged with shooting an unarmed african-american woman in a detroit suburb is expected in court any minute. the man just identified today as theodore paul waver shot mcbride on his front porch the early morning of november 2nd. her familiar believes she was looking for help after a car crash. i'll talk with mcbride's parents in a few moments and we'll have more on the events taking place in michigan. in the world of politics, just minutes ago the house of representatives voted to approve
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the so-called upton bill written by fred up ton of michigan. it allows insurance companies to keep offering plans that would be considered substandard under president obama's health care law enallows insurers to sell policies to new customers which the white house says is designed to undermine the president's health care law. it was 261-157 with 39 democrats voting with republicans to approve the measure. many of the democrats are frustrated over problems to fix problems with the health care website and the law. most argue the upton bill was designed to sabotage the president's health care law. >> i vote for the upton bill is a vote in favor of everything the american people say that they hate about the health care system in this country. >> it comes today disguised as a sheep in wolf's clothing. >> it is not about giving access
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to health care, it's about sabotaging obama care zpl yes, it's hard to get it right but this is an effort that history will judge, not by the number of computer errors but by the number of lives saved. >> the upton bill will not go on to senate, he's already indicated he would veto it. two are offering fixes to the health care bill. mary landrieu would require health insurance companies to continue offering existing plans indefinitely. a bill by udlall allows them to keep it through 2015. joining us now, bill nelson. >> hey, tamron. >> the developments out of the house, the president said he would veto this. it is not expected to be taken up by the senate. do you believe there needs to be legislative changes considering
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some of the factors right now or are the words of the president and his discussions with insurance executives enough at this point? >> his words are enough. my own state of florida administration has agreed to go along. there's an administrative problem because we're close to january the 1st that these insurance companies have to refile these old plans. but where there's a will, there's a way. and they will get it done and the old plans can be in effect as the president announced yesterday, they can be in effect for another year until the president's promise basically is fulfilled. these are subpar policies. i understand that, tamron. >> from your perspective, why 39 of your colleagues, democrats, would vote for a plan that you and the white house have deemed
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from upton as subpar, not effective, not what the american people deserve and what the health care law is supposed to represent. >> you're talking about 39 of the democrats -- >> in the house, correct. >> but they are still colleagues and still democrats. can you help us understand why they would vote for this? >> that's a small percentage of the house democrats. somewhere around 200 house democrats and i suppose that they need to show a vote that they are agreeing that they want to let people keep their policies if they are satisfied with them. what's going to happen is as this goes along, and as it gets removed from all of this partisan politics, people are going to compare the two. they are going to see what they have is subpar to what they would have, much more comprehensive, even though it might cost a little bit more.
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and people are going to want to have that more comprehensive policy. >> do you believe that if the website is functioning for the vast majority of people who go on by november 30th, that all of these issues will be cured? >> well, personally, i'm not sure that the website is going to be completely working by november the 30th. but it will get working and particularly if they reach out to some in the private sector who can help them, that are already helping negotiate policies that comply with the health care standards, but at the end of the day, this is going to work. and right now it's just very political. >> but it is very political but it is accessibility and a lot of politics may follow away if the website is working. you're saying you don't believe by november 30th the vast majority of people who go on
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will be able to find deals are touting and administration hopes they see on this website? >> i think most of it will be working. >> i want to make clear there. thank you so much, sir. >> yes, ma'am. >> joining me now, sara cliff, health policy reporter for the "washington post" and michael smerconish. thank you both. you heard senator nelson say it's a small percentage with 39 house democrats who went along with the upton bill. we know a good number of democrats, 22 voted for a one year delay of the individual mandate and 35 voted for a one year delay of the employer mandate, both july 17th. percentagewise it's a small number of democrats but they are obviously attempting to sends a message and define request of the leadership not to support the upton bill. >> you're right. i think so. and there's obviously a lot of frustration about the cancellation.
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i think the members are congress are hearing back in the district from the people they represent who are not happy if they lost their policy. it's a tricky area for members of congress to navigate, especially those who are in swing districts and who may have been a little hesitant about getting behind the affordable care act in the first place. this rollout does not give them faith that things are going to be fixed any time soon. >> to your point, it is a tricky dynamic but it seems when you listen to senator nelson, for example, and some other democrats who have stood with the president, they explain it as you will see the benefits in the near future. the plan that you think you like when you compare this plan to what's available and subsidies that help if you're not able to afford the new price are available as opposed to voting for a bill that essentially would repeal without using the word repeal, the health care law. >> i think it would be an easier message to deliver that there's great new options and this is
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going to help you out if the website was working better, where people could log on and could compare options. i think one of the reasons this cancellation narrative has become so big and overwhelming, is the fact that most people aren't able to go to and see how much they would pay for a health insurance policy. >> someone keeps telling you there's a deal but you can't sink your teeth into it until it's on paper. let me play with jay carney said in the last hour. he is meeting with insurance executives today. let's play his remarks. >> the president looks forward to the meeting he's having later this afternoon with insurers and we'll talk about ways we can work together to help people enroll from the marketplace and efforts we can make to minimize disruption for consumer as at the transition to new coverage. >> the reality is, many people perceive these insurance
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executives not personally but the insurance industry as a deal with the devil. and here again, these are companies that would drop people for preexisting conditions, not cover your child after a certain age and wouldn't give you coverage in some cases depending on your health issue. the president back at the table with some of these very companies. >> well, the president is in a tough position now because the appearance that he has greenlighted for the people to hang onto it, that doesn't mean they are going to get to do so. those insurance executives have to play ball and agree to that extension. and then it's still left to the state insurance commissioners to say, no, we're not going to go along with it. there were two important hurdles and there's a very real likelihood, even individuals receive a cancellation notice, despite what the president said yesterday, may still have policies cancel. >> it's still unclear what incentive or what measures can be taken that are not
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legislative that would require these insurers to go along with this, right, michael? >> i for one don't want to be standing here rooting for ability of people to be under insured. one of the aspects so per plexing to me, that bill, which was just passed into house today is really advocacy for underinsurance. you've got the republican party fighting for right, for you, to have not hospitalization, but just enough insurance to get you a couple of doctor visits. god forbid, we'll have to pick up the slack for this. the white house doesn't want to call this out for whatever reason as a matter of personal responsibility and yet that was the whole origin of this idea when it was at the heritage foundation. i think it needs to be said. >> michael, why do you believe you're able to say it and we're not hearing it from the other 39 democrats in the house -- even some of the republicans who talk about personal responsibility but they know if you don't have
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insurance, you go to the emergency room. you don't have the money, people who have been putting dollars into the pool are paying for your coverage. i talked with a trainer the other day who doesn't have health insurance. what happens if you go to the hospital and injure yourself training someone? she shrugged off, i don't know. you're not paying for it but somebody else is. >> maybe it's because of my background as a trial lawyer and having represented folks who had catastrophic injuries, i know what those penalties can be like and how they can bring down entire families. it's the part that needs to be expressed so often. society is at risk when any of us don't have insurance. >> we're at risk if we don't have insurance because you're faced with bankruptcy and other issues. but what are we looking at is the likely next move here? >> we might see from the senate that a movement on the landrieu legislation, kind of a lighter version of upton but goes a
11:12 am
little farther than the white house. might think of a middle ground. as you mentioned, this upton legislation, the white house said they are going to veto it. that is not going anywhere. and i think michael mentioned, the really important action right now is in the states where you have insurance commissioners scratching their heads and trying to figure out, do we want to make this work? even if we want to, can we make it work? >> it's a great pleasure having you both on. thank you so much. >> still ahead, more on breaking news i mentioned at the top of the show, the man who shot and killed killed an unarmed detroit woman is making his first court appearance, charges were announced a couple of hours ago against him. we learned his name following that. we'll have an exclusive interview with mcbride's parents. >> let the facts and evidence guide us and the only thing that guides us and steers us are the facts in evidence. >> another breaking story we're following right now. officials in california are
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we are following breaking news out of a detroit area, where wafer is making his first court appearance. let's listen in. >> 81-year-old mother -- may we approach the bench briefly?
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>> yes. >> attorneys have asked to approach the bench here. but the suspect here, 54-year-old theodore paul wafer has been charged with multiple counts, including second degree murder in the shooting death of 19-year-old renisha mcbride. this is his first court appearance. he's being arraigned today. this case goes back to november 2nd when police say mcbride crashed her car and according to her family, she was seeking help at the time when she approached theodore paul wafer's door. the details of the situation, at least according to prosecutors, they believe warrant the charges. right now that are being d
11:18 am
discussed. we'll also speak exclusively with mcbride's parents in just a few minutes. the other developing story we're following, it's been one week since typhoon haiyan caused widespread devastation, workers are tackling the daunting task of burying hundreds of bodies, thousands left by the storm. ian williams is following all of the developments and joins us from manila. one week later, give us a progress report on getting water and some supplies we talk about daily to the people in the most remote areas. >> reporter: hi, tamron. well, the death toll pab revised up sharply to more than 3,600. but there's still some confusion with seeing differing variations of that, which is a measure of the chaos that still exists down there. let me give you a couple other statistics which i received recently. 13 million people impacted by the typhoon, 1.9 million di
11:19 am
displaced. that gives a real sense of the challenge being faced by the aid effort. there's plenty of help coming into the philippines and a lot from it but the amount getting into those areas is still pretty patchy. now, we have seen today the first delivery of aid from the uss george washington. helicopters bringing ashore water and food, very welcome in some of those devastated areas. don't forget the george washington has the ability to purify 400,000 gallons of water every day. that's a huge contribution in areas that haven't seen drinking water in many cases for a week. now, the philippine government's over efforts are also beginning to get up to speed. there are still huge problems, bottlenecks we're told of lines of strucks, three, four, miles long waiting to get on ferries to bring them to leyte island, the epicenter of this disaster and complaints within tacloban
11:20 am
that they can't get trucks and fuel. still huge challenges but the aid is beginning to flow. >> thank you so much for the latest information there. obviously our hearts and thoughts and prayers are with those still struggling. we continue to follow breaking news out of the detroit area, where the man now charged with shooting death of 19-year-old renisha mcbride just left the courtroom. 54-year-old theodore paul wafer, first identified today and charged by prosecutors. this was his arraignment. we'll have the very latest on what happened even i'll talk with her parents exclusively right after a quick break. ♪ ♪
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[ female announcer ] used by more plumbers, i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. the homeowner accused of killing renisha mcbride has been arraigned on multiple charges. prosecutors announced the charges this morning. mcbride crash the her car just before 1:00 a.m. november 2nd near wafer's home.
11:24 am
her family maintains she knocked on his door looking for help. wafer told police he thought she was trying to break in and his gun went off accidentally. the prosecutors found no evidence of forced entry. >> we obviously do not feel the evidence in the case feels the defendant acted in lawful self-defense. >> renisha mcbride's parents, monica mcbride and walter simmons join us by phone. thank you so much for your time. >> you're welcome. >> obviously our thoughts are with you in the loss of your daughter, 19 years old, a year out of high school. what is your reaction to this first court appearance? we know they were discussing bail in this arraignment. we don't have the completion of that hearing at this point but what's your reaction to charges? >> we're happy with doing a thorough investigation and him being charged with the murder of
11:25 am
our daughter. and they took their time, gathered all of the evidence that's needed so he can thoroughly be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. very happy about that. >> mr. simmons, i know that you and miss mcbride avoided the media spotlight and speaking about this publicly. did you want prosecutors not to be affected by media coverage so they could to your point focus in on the facts here and come to their own conclusion without any outside pressures. >> yes, ma'am. >> but it has taken now since november 2nd to this point, what have those days and nights been like for you? >> very -- >> was there ever a point that you believed that charges would not be filed? >> no, we did not.
11:26 am
we knew the office would take their time and go through the evidence and prosecute because they knew that this was not an attempt break-in or anything like that. but it was murder. that's what he did and he should suffer for that. we're looking forward to taking him to trial and a conviction. >> miss mcbride, what can you tell us about renisha, for those people who never had an opportunity to get to know her. what can you tell me about your daughter? >> renisha was a beautiful young lady. she was very hard working, outgoing, family oriented. and she never never wanted to bring any problems to anyone. she always wanted to help. and at the time of need that she needed help, i wasn't there to
11:27 am
help her. but i would think that the community would be able to help her instead. she didn't get any help. she didn't get any help. she's a beautiful young lady, very beautiful and outgoing, hard worker. loved her family. >> mr. simmons, obviously this is now in the hands of the court. from the details that police have gotten in their investigation and what you and the mother have discussed, you believe that she was in this car accident, the medical examiner's report indicates that her blood alcohol content was up high, three times higher than the limit, so she was in this accident and you believe she went to this home looking for help in the middle of the night. what have you been told regarding what investigators found happened after that? >> we know that she went looking
11:28 am
for help and she knocked on the wrong door and this man shot my daughter in the face and killed her. and that he will be convicted and we're happy with the charges that have been handed down today in this case. and we look forward to the trial and him being convicted. >> mr. simmons, mismcbride, thanks for talking with me again today. the loss of your daughter, unimaginable and unimaginable circumstances and i thank you and our thoughts are with you and your family as you grieve the loss of your child. thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to bring in former criminal prosecutor faith jenkins, let's get to the legal part of this, that is the emotional/legal, it's their child and they know their child
11:29 am
and they believe that she walked to that door looking for help. prosecutors today also indicated that there was no sign of forced entry. mr. wafer maintains his gun went off accidentally when he opened his door. >> right, prosecutors obviously don't believe mr. wafer's version of events so then they look at, is this a justified shooting? is this really self-defense? every state has some version of what we call the castle doctrine if you are in your house, you don't have a duty to retreat if someone is trying to break in. there's a presumption there that if someone is trying to break in, you are in fear for your life or serious bodily injury. here, the prosecutors did their investigation and looked at the facts, they said there were two doors to this gentleman's home. he opened one of them himself and the shot was then fired through a closed and locked screen door. so the question then becomes, how is it that he made an
11:30 am
assumption that this young woman was trying to break into his home when he's the one that opened the door and fired the shot through the screen door when she's on the porch. you cannot shoot someone just for being on your property or shoot someone just for being on your porch. trespass is not a reason to shoot and kill someone. >> the prosecutor noted again that the weapon the safety was taken off the weapon. the three charges are second degree murder which carries years up to life in prison, manslaughter and felony firearm here. in the case of his defense, his maintaining that the gun went off accidentally would seem to be a difficult defense with those details that you pointed out and prosecutors point out the second door and shooting through the door and how you define a threat if you can't see the individual. >> right, so i think this case is going as more of the facts come out, i think that he's
11:31 am
going to make the argument that he thought someone was breaking into his home and get into his home and he acted as a result. but, i don't think that -- i think the 911 call he made came after the shot was fired. so he chose to open his door, shoot at someone in this case in the face, then call 911 afterward. >> that was notified prosecutor as well today, that prior to the shot, a 911 call could have been made if the individual believed that he was in danger somehow. >> right. >> there are a lot of details but that's why we have a legal system and whatever the opinions are to hear that family talk about the loss of their child. >> thank you very much. >> miami dolphins, jonathan martin telling his side of a bullying story. we'll have the very latest on this story.
11:32 am
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after a week of growing pressure on president and his administration to make good on his health care promise, mark murray joins me now. we talk about the 39 house democrats who voted for this bill. it's not the majority but being honest here, these people are sending a message. >> they were. some folks were sending a message. i think there were two big groups of categories of the democrats, 39 who voted for the upton legislation and these were democrat that's voted in the red or congressional districts or swing districts, some of the most vulnerable could be up for re-election in 2013, the other group is a smaller number, a
11:36 am
couple of folks running statewide in iowa and michigan. so this had to do more with politics than on policy than anything. i think the white house can breathe a sigh of relief that it could have been a lot worse for this administration. what the president did by announcing his fix on the insurance plans was just an effort, tamron, as you and i have to buy some time. really that time only lasts now through november 30th, that self-imposed deadline to get that website operational for a vast majority of americans. they have two weeks and they have to get the website up. >> mark, when ip say a message, what i exactly mean is the message that the health care battle is all about politics. these 39 people were not making a moral stand. many of them were making a political stand about survival and less about the health care law itself. >> that's right. there's a big difference between the policy and politics.
11:37 am
tamron, when it comes to politics, that's what i cover a whole lot more than the policy. once the website is fixed, the policy does work. look what happened in massachusetts over the last several years since that was implemented. look what's happening in states like california and kentucky, where the website is working there. people are able to get it insurance, able to get cheaper insurance due to the fact there's now a bigger pool of folks. the policy does work. the politics has been what's very difficult and one of the reasons it's so hard, change is very hard, even in our system when everything becomes a political football. this is why it's so difficult for democrats right now and having a website that doesn't work has made them even difficult working for house senate democrats and democrats over at the white house. >> mark, another look at what will fuel our monday conversation and the rest week. thanks. >> jonathan martin is telling the nfl his side of the story
11:38 am
while his alleged tormenting fights back against the team. martin was surrounded by the reporters of the nfl special investigator looking into the bullying accusations against the dolphins and richie incognito. the nfl players association confirms incognito has filed a grievance against the dolphins challenging his suspension from the team. joining me, nbc sports radio host rob simmelkjaer. thank you for your time. let's start with richie incogni incognito. that is about his money, he wants to be paid. >> that is what it's about. dolphins have suspended him for four games for conduct detrimental to the team. that's the longest suspension they can get him as a team. this grievance filed by the union is basically to challenge that suspension to say, i wasn't doing anything. he'll basically be doing, all he was doing was the back and forth locker room stuff going on for a
11:39 am
long time. she's going to show text messages that john man martin sent back to incognito after which he left the team, you're pinning all this on me, it wasn't me. i want to be paid for four games which elements amounts to over dollars. >> was he asked or toild by the team to tough rn up martin. he didn't answer that. >> there's a chance that comes up in the grievance hearing. that is more an issue for ted wells and the investigation going on there. because if ted wells finds that the dolphins does ask incognito to toughen martin up, that will lead to a lot of liability for the miami dolphins, legal or nfl liability such as potential suspensions and fines against the team, draft picks being taken from the team. >> what do you think of this going beyond the dolphin, with
11:40 am
bountygate, this locker room toughening up, some of the language? we've been around athletes and know the score here, if they will go beyond the dolphin snz. >> i think it will. you'll see the nfl and players union coming together to basically initiate a new policy. >> we'll see psa bullying? >> psas but a code of conduct for players, that's going to say, here's what is okay and here what is not okay. they'll define all of the things we read about in this ugly situation as being not okay. i think that's going to really lead to real changes in the way the nfl locker rooms operate. >> thank you. always great to talk to you. speaking of sports, sundays at 8:00 a.m. eastern on nbc sports radio or by downloading the nbc sports radio app. thank you so much. we'll be right back. d not a num? scottrade.
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welcome back. digging in his heels as the toronto city council voted overwhelmingly to strip him of some of his powers. obviously i can't support this and have no other options but to challenge this in court if someone else steps out of line like i have, it's going to affect counselors and the mayor i think for years to come. >> since the council is unable to remove him from office they are using a series of motions to transfer his power to the deputy mayor. today's vote bars ford from apointing or removing committee chairs and curbs his authority in states of emergency. a week of bizarre antics following his admission that he smoked crack cocaine. >> i might have had some drinks and driven which was absolutely wrong. >> mr. mayor, have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two
11:45 am
years? >> yes, i have. i really -- i'm humiliated by it but i did not change the past, counselor thompson. >> joining me now, an addiction specialist whose background comes from own experience. thank you so much. it's easy to look at the clips and say, he's practically a cartoon character. one thing that struck me, we say the substance abuse is a disease and that we mock and people have mocked this man without acknowledging that he obviously is dealing with serious issues. >> he's ripe for late night comedy and headlines because it couldn't be any more colorful. but you know as you look deeper that his sister has struggled openly with addiction. his brother struggled with addiction and he took whether he wants to call it addiction or afflictions with drugs or
11:46 am
alcohol, it kills so many people. seven out of ten people that struggle with addiction will never seek treatment. that's what it makes me think of. here's another family. this one in the headlines that are melting down in front of you. >> how complicated does it make the situation where you're in front of the cameras, marion berry and others have dealt with this, you have great power and still have people willing to do everything you tell him to do. and trying to grib on that power and deal with this addiction. in this case it seems denial still. >> that's the big baffling part. you're so in it you can't see any way out of it. i know when i was addicted to drugs, tamron, and it just changed everything in my life and changes your ability to tell the truth. you're craving and obsessing about the addiction. >> you see from the behavior signs and this defiance in stepping down, are those signs of in the world of addiction?
11:47 am
>> i think they are classic signs of avoidance. he hasn't really it seems taken it head on. his mom even says, he's not a drug addict. he's not a drug addict. i thnk he has a problem with food. so even that -- that's the most obvious sign. it seems he eats too much, he's obese. so i think people try to opt in on the lowest level. if he's a food addict maybe that's something they can wrap their heads around. but a crack addict, who wants to cop to that. you somehow remove yourself from the ability to do the job. my hope is that he'll go on and do something about it. it's really hard when you're addicted to a drug to stop on your own successfully. >> thanks so much. >> helping so many people including your own life. >> from the rubble comes good stuff. >> absolutely. we're following breaking news, police in california confirm remains found in a desert are those of a san diego family
11:48 am
missing for more than three years. this is incredible. a motorcyclist found skeletal remains. investigators later located more remains 6 to 8 feet away. mcstay and were last seen with their children, 3 and 4. went missing february 2010. fbi investigators believe the family traveled across the border. they are classifying this obviously as a homicide. family members were on hand as police made the announcement. >> not really the -- the outc e outcome -- we were looking for. but it gives us courage to know
11:49 am
if they are together and they are in a better place. ♪ [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda
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all it week "today" show has been presenting a series called inspired by. they share stories of people who made a major impact in their lives. today i got an you want to reveal my inspiration, my stepfather, the man i call my dad. >> my journey with my dad started in a way that a lot of people can identify with or understand. my parents had divorced and like so many other kids, i was about 7 or 8 and all i could think about was my parents getting back together. that didn't happen. my mom introduced me to the person that she loved and we knew him interestingly enough because he was our landlord. and i knew this person as mr.
11:53 am
newton. i was rambunctious. he was entering a home where this kid was a handful. >> mom -- >> i vividly remember one day i called home, i was about 16 or 17 at the time, keep in mind i call him mr. newton from age 7. he answered the phone. i said, hey, dad, is mom home? one day tamron said dad and i said, yes and i don't know where it came from or what prompted it. but he was my dad at that moment and forever. >> from one family member -- >> i think when i got my first job in tv in brian, texas, i was surprised but he wasn't surprised. you expect your mom to root for you and believe in you. but my stepfather, he didn't have to. >> from my daughter tamron. >> yet he saw me as his.
11:54 am
♪ >> my parents have a huge age gap, 20 years between my mom and dad. we would talk about segregation and his perception of the world from the military. he would always say to me i was on the battle field with guys from alabama, mississippi and we were fighting together. he always loved the military for that reason. every home we've lived in has had an american flag right out front. that's something we learned from my father. that flag should fly and you should look at it and you should think about all of the blessings that we have. >> good morning, everyone, while we begin with a difficult start to the holiday rush -- >> i had just started with nbc when my dad got sick. and he was in the hospital and said he was sleeping and he heard my voice on the tv. >> a true war between israel -- >> he was so happy to see me.
11:55 am
i got a phone call from a nurse saying hurry up, he wants to say good-bye. i jumped in the car and drove to the hospital. and i watched the man who started out as mr. newton, and who turned into my dad leave this planet. but what he has left me with and what he inspired me to do and what he's given me the confidence to do will never leave me. >> in the hospital, he said, tamron, i want you to take care of your brother. and his children. >> my dad fell in love with those kids, particularly my nephew, isaiah. even now it feels good to be able to be there with isaiah, be there with my mom and
11:56 am
sister-in-law and nieces and my brother cheering him on as a family. because if my dad were alive, that's exactly what he would be doing. >> i think i would want people to understand for my life that sometimes thing happen that we don't want, divorce. no one wants that. it's easy to feel like life has shortchanged us somehow, but i don't look at life that way at all. you never know what's around the corner. and for me, it was a great dad. >> and of course, you can still go to the "today" show website inspired by, the hash tag and let me know who inspired you or go to our news nation page or twitter. it was an honor to share my dad's story. is that does it for this week. s had an honor to be in the same spice with these great people. a lot of them identify with the story. we talked about parents and boo hooed and celebrated. can we have some champagne, it's friday? elias, home sick.
11:57 am
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i'm tour'e, obama care, the plan to change the aca changes again. no one is happy. >> i'm ari melber, it would take john boehner 13 hours to read the immigration bill. it's cool, we get that. >> the mayor of toronto spoke words again today. that's all i u need to know. >> plus the guy who found steve jobs and we ka walk our way to recovery and the winner of the cor cor cornacki challenge. ♪ >> house republicans just pushed through a bill allowing insurance companies to sell individual companies even


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