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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 13, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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good evening, americans. and welcome to "the ed show." live from new york. let's get to work. ♪ >> the american people can understand that you're only as strong as your weakest link. >> never fear the heart of the snake. >> our problem is the people you work for won't give us the documents. >> mr. chairman, we have staff who work just as hard as yours. >> i wasn't insulting your -- >> well -- >> protected by viper, stand by. >> you call witnesses who are being asked to fix a plane while it's in the air. >> i have had it with these monk key-fighting snakes on this monday to friday plane! >> those people were being
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obstructed by people at the white house. >> nobody for one second believes our good friend darrell issa wants to fix anything. >> why did it have to be snakes? >> don't answer yet. >> nobody in this room, nobody in this country, believes that republicans want to fix the website. >> protected by viper, stand back. >> could you please wrap-up. >> the american people do not want to see a kangaroo court here. >> kangaroo court is quite an accusation. >> i hope the gentleman from tennessee when he uses the term kangaroo court in the future will think better of making an accusation. >> protected by viper. >> this is a pattern that has to stop. ♪ good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. you know, i learned a long time ago in this business, if you're going to have any kind of longevity at all, you've got to have two things. you've got to have a great wife and you've got to have a loyal
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dog. because if you're in this business long enough, you're going to say things about people at the end of the day, those are the only people that are going to be left that love you. so tonight, i'm probably going to sever a few ties with some democrats. but i think it has to be said. now, would you agree that we are in a pr war when it comes to health care in this country? can we agree on that? i think we can. can we agree that the lies and misinformation bethe conservative media -- i mean, it is paramount, front and center. it is infiltrating the democratic talking points. case in point, former president bill clinton, who i happen to like. so president clinton gives an interview and says that the government should honor the commitment they made, that if you like your insurance, you should be able to keep it. well, it's nice to know that president clinton is out there fending and going after and taking care of the junk insurance industry. obama care is about making the market better. getting rid of junk insurance. there are a lot of americans in
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the private market that don't have very good insurance. and it doesn't cover very much. and when they get sick, the cost goes up for all of us. this is about reform. it's not about appeasing people when they get upset, when they get a cancellation notice in the mail saying you got lousy insurance. it doesn't meet the standards. go to the federal market. do we need like a health care summit so we can get all the good guys around the table to figure out what the hell to say to the camera? president clinton, drop me an e-mail. tell me what good that interview did when you said that there are three things wrong with obama care. there are people out there who were sitting on every word, wondering who do i believe. do i believe the lines of misinformation? well, is ed lying to me, or what's going on? is there really a junk insurance industry out there? absolutely, there is. and the whole point of this is that american consumers have had lousy insurance policies.
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but now we've got president clinton, things are so mixed up, he's out there saying, you know what, if we told people that they could keep their insurance, that's the way it ought to be. no. president obama said that. because there were a lot of people in this country who were on the fear fence worried what's going to happen to them. are we going to lose our insurance. yeah, if it's lousy, you are. just say it. instead we're mopping it up and now they're throwing out possible legislation that might fix this. you know what will fix this? people go to the website, be patient, sign up, and get after it and get covered. well, so i probably won't be talking to him any time soon. we begin tonight with i guess breaking news. now, don't throw up at the dinner table on this one. the department of health and human services has released the obama care enrollment numbers. holy smokes. we're 100% higher than yesterday? what? 106,185 people have enrolled in the private health care plans through obama care. how about that?
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and that's just for october. but here's the kicker. nearly 1 million people have been approved for a private plan under obama care. they're still shopping. they haven't chosen. it's the shopping season. they haven't chosen a final plan. this is the way the law was designed to work, to give you options. nobody is holding a gun to your head that you have to do it in the next six hours. then, of course, we have this guy. darrell issa. the wealthiest man in the congress. issa isn't going to like the last number we just brought up. he's a mean son of a gun, and he has a questionable past. check it out for yourself. issa is the chairman of the house oversight committee, but he's really the toxic leader of manufactured crisis in washington, d.c. the guy is a joke. he has wasted an enormous amount of taxpayer time and money. investigating bogus scandals. well, let's see. there is benghazi. there is the irs scandal.
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there's fast and furious. you know what came of those hearings? nothing. absolutely nothing. the list of fake scandals from issa is an attempt to do what, tear down the president of the united states. get the impeachment talk going in the house. earlier today, issa held another one of his dog and pony show hearings. his questionable hearing today was on the tech problems with obama care. it was an attempt to take away your health care. ironic that the richest member of congress wants to take health care away. is working better every day. i know that's positive news and i hate to break it to you tonight. but it really is working better every day. second, darrell issa, cherry-picks facts, cherry-picks them and will smear the reputations of good americans to get his way. and third, of course, darrell issa has absolutely no respect for his democratic colleagues. it all started last week when
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issa accused obama care's chief technology officer, todd park, of misleading congress. >> jay carney is paid to say things that aren't so. but in this case, todd parks and other people who knew the facts, who had to know the facts, and the facts were from documents we received, from lead contractors, that they slowed down to an unacceptable level at 1,100 users. well, in fact, todd parks was telling us that at 60,000 was the target we're going to have. todd parks and a number of other political appointees, who were part of this pattern of interference and false statements related to this site. and we're going to try to get to the bottom of why politics went ahead of best practices. >> well, issa has a habit of calling obama administration officials paid liars. this has the ranking member of the oversight committee, elijah coup cummings furious. he started correcting today and
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issa wasn't happy about it. >> your reputation precedes you. unfortunately, however, last week chairman issa appeared on fox news, and accused you and other political appointees of engaging in a, quote, pattern of interference and false statements related to this site, end of quote. that's a serious attack against your integrity. i don't want to get into anyone's intent or motives here. but i do want to give you an opportunity to respond directly. >> it was the case, absolutely. that was a key issue that hit the site. it's still an issue for the site. there are other key issues that have to be addressed with the site in terms of its spoerms, stability, functionalality. and there are aggressive efforts happening it to do that. it's getting better and better each week. >> did you engage in a, quote, pattern of interference and false statements, end of quote? >> no, i did not.
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i did my best understanding at the time, and i'll continue to do that and i will relay that, absolutely. >> hmmm. mr. park doesn't sound like a paid liar to me. thankfully, congressman cummings set the record straight today. meanwhile, darrell issa had a number of heated exchanges during the hearing today. he had no problem cutting democratic members their time short. >> well, i understand that the website -- >> the gentleman's time is expired. >> mr. chairman, i just asked for the same amount of time you had. >> i let you ask the last question after your time was expired and it was completed. we now go to the gentleman from florida. for five minutes. >> yeah, i know. >> mr. chairman, i think it was about almost four minutes you exceeded your time. is there -- >> i went to one question after the end which was mr. chow. >> four minutes. my only asking -- [ banging gavel ] the gentleman's recognized. >> so you're not going to run a fair hearing. you're going to do this all the way. >> no, he's not going to run a
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fair hearing. >> no, he's not never in his life. cummings didn't appreciate comments darrell issa made about his staff. >> let me be clear that we have staff who work just as hard as yours. it's not about self-serving. it's about getting to the truth. and i would not insult your staff. and -- >> i wasn't insulting your staff. >> well, i take it as an insult. >> what i said was -- >> it's not about self-serving. it's not about rehabilitating. it's about trying to get to the truth. period. >> today's hearing was typical. darrell issa. there he was, grand standing, misinformation and disrespect towards democratic members of congress who care about consumers. one thing we did learn. is growing stronger day by day. meanwhile, all of this negative press on obama care is starting to reach the president. a new poll shows president obama's approval rating at a record low of 39%.
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has a lot to do with the corporate media lap dogs out there, like fox news and all their talking points now infiltrating the democrats, because they're getting a little shaky in the knees on confidence. we told you about the bogus reporting on junk insurance. now we have another example. right after their botched reporting on benghazi, cbs news got another dandy problem. >> tonight we have learned that the project manager in charge of building the federal health care website was apparently kept in the dark about serious failure in the website security. those failures could lead to identity theft among people buying insurance. >> identity theft. now, if you want to scare the living hell out of the public, that's all you've got to do is say that on tv. but you know what, that's only half the story. their report on security risks was based on a partial transcript from none other than congressman darrell issa. cbs news failed to mention security risks relate to a part
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of the website that won't be activated until spring of 2014. plenty of time to fix the problem if there are any security concerns. i said yesterday on this program i think the mainstream media wants obama care to fail. i feel stronger about it today. this is a cultural war at this point. we have to find our moral compass if we are going to succeed. they are gathering every morsel of information in using it against obama care that will definitely save lives. why? because of corporate interests. more to come. get your cell phones out. i want to though what you think. tonight's question. does darrell issa want to hurt president obama or help americans? text a for hurt president obama. text b for help americans. to 67622. you can always go to our blog at we'll bring results later on in th on obama care oversight
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hearings releasing partial information, blowing it up and trying to find a scandal somewhere. and often it gets called out sometimes by elijah cummings and the democrats before thi root. in this instance, cbs fell for it, hook, line, sinker in the same way they fell for that phony report on benghazi. it's really time for there to be some sort of independent review of what's going on at cbs. and i hate to say this, because i like a lot of reporters at cbs. and "60 minutes" has done great things over the years. but they have really pulled off some bone-headed mistakes reasonable. and you've got to ask yourself why. >> do you think the mainstream media is grabbing for negative material on obama care? >> i don't think they do it from a political agenda. i think they like a fight. they like drama, and i think one of the problems we've had in washington over the past couple of years is they like to see everything on balance. making it symmetrical. if republicans come out and start attacking obama care or raising benghazi or a scandal,
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they like the heat. and so they don't consider it their job to douse scandals, phony scandals. it's a sort of take the drama and keep selling it. >> so the conservatives know the culture of the media and they're gaming the media, as best they can. >> darrell issa is the best gamer. he has released time and again partial transcripts on all of these terrible, you know, would-be scandals. i'm reminded -- there was a great line in the movie "social network" about facebook in which the mark zuckerberg character says to some of the guys, if you had invented facebook, you would have had invented facebook. and i feel like with darrell issa, if these are scandals, they would be scandals. you would have information. and a lot of these are incredibly important issues. what the irs does, what happened in benghazi, what's happened in obama care. and they all deserve oversight. but oversight is not the same as scandal mongering. >> let's talk about bill clin n clinton. what do you make of his interviewpointing out negative things about obama care which he
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was wrong on? he was simply wrong on. he says they have to go back and make an adjustment. if people like their insurance, they can keep it. fact is, the insurance industry has delivered junk policies to a lot of consumers, and that has brought the cost of health care coverage in this country up. what's president clinton up to? >> i don't know what he was thinking when he did that. i don't think he's doing anything deliberately to help the republicans and hurt obama. but i do know this. if hillary is going to run for president, and i make no assumptions here, she needs obama care to succeed. if obama care doesn't thrive, then the question will be, hey, what would you do about health care? and then, you know what? it's back in the time machine to the early '90s. '93, when bill clinton and hillary clinton really screwed up health care reform. they didn't get it passed. and they made it hard for anybody to deal with it for two decades. she doesn't want to revisit that past. she likes -- she would like to have health care off the table as a political issue. so bill clinton better figure
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out if he's the secretary of explaining stuff what stuff it is he's explain. >> he cuts right to the heart of the law by saying that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. that's not what it's about. what it's about is raising the standards, and making sure that the industry is going to be fair to consumers. >> right. >> how can -- are the democrats having a hard time talking about this? >> well, i think they get kind of nervous. they see the website not working. >> they're nervous about saving lives? >> they're nervous politically. members of the senate and others talking about legislation to put off some of the time deadlines and so on. and so they -- they see obama's numbers dropping. and they start looking, well, i'm not running -- they're not running to the hills yet. but they're looking for the hills. >> yeah. it's not about president obama's numbers, because he's not running for re-election. this has to go through. all democrats have to support this. because number one, it's good. there is a lot of misinformation that's out there. consumers are find south that this is going to be a better
2:17 pm
world for them. it's going to bring down costs. but the misinformation campaign seems to be infiltrating some of the most prominent democrats. >> but there is also a bigger issue here. the republicans have basically taken all their chips, and they have bet on the failure of obama care. >> no question. >> not just because they don't like obama care. this is about whether the government can do anything. and their whole line is the government can't help problems. if obama care works, there is no raising debt for the republican party. david corn, mother jones, good to have you with us. coming up, the food cuts will leave veterans very hungry. and more about bill clinton's comment about obama care. stay with us. [ pilot ] weather conditions aren't nearly as nice
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time now for the trenders.
2:21 pm and on the radio, monday through friday, sirius xm, channel 127. and tomorrow we make our announcement about the ed tour, 2014. ed show social media nation has spoken and decided and we are reporting. here are today's top trenders voted on by you. >> don't be jealous. >> the number three trender. reaching new heights. >> chicago's willis tower is stripped of its title as the tallest building in north america. >> the new world trade center. >> 12 years in the making, 104 stories of steel, glass and hope. >> it was officially named tallest in the nation. >> but chicago mayor, rahm emanuel, has tower envy. >> the experts decided the building's spire is an integral part of its design. >> if it looks like an antenna, acts like an antenna, it's an en
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ten a. >> number two trender, just nuts. >> time to make the doughnuts. >> the federal government plans to phase out transfats from the food we eat. >> did you hear they're coming after the transfat in your doughnuts. >> our official transfats represent a serious threat to health. >> rand paul isn't sweet on the fda's transfat ban. >> somebody might say we're going to ban the big gulp. how would that be? we're going to have annany state and everybody has got to eat the right thing and you can't eat a doughnut. maybe we ought to enforce it on the government workers first. >> mmmm, forbidden doughnut. >> in today's top trender, food fight. >> republicans don't want you to pay attention to the real scandal, because it is a real scandal they created. >> the government is talking about deeper cuts to the s.n.a.p. program. that means less money in food stamps. >> republicans wrap themselves in the flag. >> we are here to honor our vets. >> the republican national committee has put aside enough money to keep the worldwide war
2:23 pm
two memorial open for veterans. >> our veterans should be above politics. >> but are leaving veterans out in the cold. >> if republicans had their way, they would go so far as to slash another $40 billion out of the food stamp program. >> 900,000 veterans rely on food stamps. they were getting $200 a month. >> republicans are the ones shoving folks over the edge. >> we were there for them, they continue to be there for us. >> grab that number, folks. 900,000 veterans depend on food stamps. i'm joined tonight by senator bernie sanders of vermont, chairman of the senate veterans' affairs committee. senator, great to have you with us. how do you honor veterans by taking away their food stamps? i need to figure that out. >> you have to spend a long time trying to figure it out. it is an absolute outrage. the average veteran is not a wealthy person. the average veteran is elderly. and the average veteran is struggling.
2:24 pm
the reality is that 76% of the people who receive food stamps are either elderly, they're disabled or in families where there are low-income kids. and to cut those programs is to simply make people in this country go hungry. and i've got to tell you, ed, these are the same folks who are cutting food stamps for kids and for veterans who want to give huge tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations. that is not what the american people want. >> senator, on one hand, they wrap themselves in the flag, saying they support the vets shall they don't want to make it a political issue. but then again, willing to go ahead and cut the lifeline. 200 bucks a month to a vet who is down on his or her luck, having a hard time getting back into the economy. i mean, what do you say to these republicans? >> well, what i say to them is they have got to listen to what the american people want. and what the american people want, ed, is not to cut -- make these drastic cuts in the food stamp program.
2:25 pm
not to hurt our veterans. not to cut social security medicare, medicaid, education, the wic program. what the republicans are trying to do is balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable people in this country. and meanwhile, at the same time, they're working as hard as they can to provide huge tax breaks or maintain huge tax breaks for large corporations. one out of four corporations in this country does not pay a nickle in federal taxes. >> those are the numbers. and finally, senator, are there any republicans that are against this? >> we will see. i would hope that the american people can talk sense to them and to make it clear that we have got to create jobs in this country, we need a fair budget, and we cannot continue at a time when poverty, ed -- more people live in poverty today than any time in the history of the country. we can't keep beating down on people already hurting. that's veterans, the kids, the elderly. >> senator bernie sanders with
2:26 pm
us tonight. thanks for joining us. i don't know how the republicans can say that they are supporting the vets and then do something like this. coming up, president clinton is inserting himself into the biggest political story out there. this time, i think he should step aside. plus, members of the house are coming together to stall the momentum of a trade agreement that is bad for america and american workers. but i'm taking your questions next. ask ed live, coming up on "the ed show" on msnbc. stay with us.
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are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. welcome back to "the ed show." love this segment. love your questions, and thanks for all your questions. we love hearing from our viewers and our ask ed live segment tonight, first question comes from burn o'malley. how can we get our politicians out of the pockets of the lobbyists? well, it isn't going to happen any time soon. and the only way it's going to happen, as i see it, is if the liberals, the real liberals, were to take over the house, the senate and the white house.
2:30 pm
and make a pledge to the american people that they are going to go with public financing of campaigns. i don't know how else you would ever get the lobbyists out of the way. next question comes up from ephri ephriam. will former president clinton's suggestions on the affordable care act hurt hillary with obama voters? i don't think so. but i think there is a very interesting dynamic playing out right here. i don't understand why president clinton would pick a negative and throw it out there or say that adjustments have to be made when it's all about standards and making the bill better. is he giving hillary clinton a little wiggle room if obama care were to fail? maybe so. but i do think that there is such a big split in this country politically, and there's a lot of liberals, there's a lot of aggressives, there's a lot of centrists who are thinking we can't have those nut jobs in. they're going to vote for hillary. that's the way i would call it. that's the way it's polling right now. so i don't think that president clinton's comments on the
2:31 pm
affordable care act would hurt hillary in any way. still around. more on clinton's comments when we come back with our rapid response panel. i'm seema mody with your cnbc market wrap. the dow and s&p 500 both hit regard highs. the dow jumping 70 points. the s&p 50014. stocks driven by macy's third quarter earnings that topped expectations. macy's reported a 31% jump in earnings per share. and number of mortgage applications dropped last week, down 1.8%. volkswagen will unveil its electric car in los angeles next week. the e golf has a battery charge good for 70 to 90 miles. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month.
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we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back to "the ed
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show." words matter, right? words matter. no one can question the effort former president bill clinton made to reelect president obama. i mean, clinton did some heavy lifting on the campaign trail. time and time again. the focal point was obama care. clinton fought to keep the principles our president stood for firmly in place. couldn't have been a better guy on the campaign trail. every american needs access to health care. that's what the election was about in many respects. well, in the midst of a fever pitched battle to implement obama care, president clinton, i think, went off the rails and defended the junk insurance industry. >> i personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they've got oh. >> the commitment the president made that the federal government was going to allow you to keep your insurance if you liked it? i don't recall president obama making a commitment.
2:36 pm
he made a passing comment that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. guess what, the devil is in the details, just like mission accomplished on the aircraft carri carrier. sometimes people kind of screw up just a little bit, you know what i mean? bottom line here is that we are in a dog fight. a cultural fight to make sure that health care succeeds in this country. any word, any morsel of information, is going to be turned by the conservatives. so here's former president bill clinton now gathering a new fraternity brother. listen to dick cheney. >> i'm inclined to agree with bill clinton, that that's something that ought to be attempted. but given the complexity of the system, and you've already got people who have lost their policies, can't get new ones. these policies have been declared by law to be inadequate because of the standards that are written into the federal regulations. >> did he say lost their policies and can't get new ones?
2:37 pm
another cheney lie. simply not the case. here's the bottom line. these two gentlemen right here have something in common. they had bad hearts. they had the best doctors in the world. they got reworked. and now they're experts on junk insurance. now they're out defending the very policies that would have never covered them. what the hell is going on here? mr. president, step aside on this one. let president obama do the heavy lifting on this. it's obama care for a reason. it's not clinton care. you made a big mistake there saying this. we need to move forward with this law. we need to get rid of the junk insurance industry and obama care does that with standards. i find it hard to believe that former president bill clinton doesn't understand standards when it comes to this new law. we'll just chalk it up as kind
2:38 pm
of a lousy interview and leave it at that. i'm joined tonight on our rapid response panel by author liz winsted, the grio contributor, maxwell and joan walsh of joan, what was the mission here by bill clinton? was this just a misstep? what do you make of this? >> you know, i really do think of it as a misstep. and when you've got dick cheney agreeing with you politically, ed, that's always an occasion for a democrat to do some soul searching. because you just have to be wrong. and i think president clinton is wrong in this case. there are -- there are certainly true stories. there really are true stories of people who have lost -- who have lost policies they want. i don't know how many there are. but the kinds of fixes -- what president clinton did is only dangerous in the context of particularly red state democrats panicking. and you even have somebody like jeff merkley joining the clamor to do something about this. no one has shown how you do something about the truly unfortunate cases without
2:39 pm
upending the entire insurance pool. this might be another one where the former president comes out clarifying. >> i spoke with senator merkley today and he explained he thinks if they were to pass something that would allow people to keep their, quote, insurance, they would find out how bad it is and eventually end up in the exchange. i have to disagree with that. the private insurance industry makes up only 5% of the american people anyway. so why not just get done with it and put standards on the industry they have to it live with and push forward? zerlina, it seems like the democrats are stumbling on the way they want to communicate this. >> i think they are stumbling and i hope that president clinton clarifies and this isn't some sort of 2016 triangulation, trying to distance himself from bad obama care news. one of the things that he said and one of the things that president obama said last week in his interview with chuck todd was that this system is going to have to change. people are not -- i mean, he was -- he's streamlining the words he used saying, oh, if you
2:40 pm
want your plan, you can keep it. but that is not necessarily true, because there are changes that needed to happen. and that's what we're seeing here. >> i just wonder if dick cheney thinks that every american should have the kind of health care coverage he has had. >> right. >> liz? >> you know, the problem with these junk health care plans is that if you are even lucky enough to get anything close to what dick cheney's surgery is, you're going to get dick cheney's crappy old heart. and you know what, this is the kind of things they're offering. and so to defend that is really, really foolish. but -- go ahead. >> well, the thing is, they say you're going to, you know, get cancellation notices, lose your insurance. what do you think, that insurance companies haven't been cancelling any insurance policies up to now? >> right. >> you get sick, you get cut off. >> right. precision. that was something that happened before obama care. it's almost like before christ, before albuquerque obama care. you could get dropped. >> why couldn't bill clinton explain that in a short sentence?
2:41 pm
>> i think what bill clinton sees, and when i heard this was the case, right, i think the biggest fundamental problem that the president made when -- if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, was that they assume that small percentage was going to sound good to people. but when you parse that out to millions of people, that's where it got bad. and i think that that is where this whole thing went. it's like, yeah, at the time, it's millions of people but still goes back to what all of you all have said, which is oh, my god, they have been doing this way before obama care and this is going to stop. >> what about rate increases? we have seen rate increases in health insurance over the last 15, 20 years. and during the bush years, double digits, many of those years. people are acting now like well my insurance is going up a little bit under obama care. it must be bad. >> right. >> it's simply not the case. how do they fight back against this? >> i think they fight back, i think they've got good news today on the number of enrollments of the. >> you like the numbers? >> the numbers aren't perfect, but they're better than the massachusetts numbers were in the first month. they're higher percentage of the
2:42 pm
uninsured who bought insurance. a lot of people are browsing. we know they're going to buy, much later. so those -- that's -- those are good numbers. i don't -- you know, it goes back to what the president said, and that now that we parse it, it wasn't true. and that's what's causing the trouble. if those -- if those representations hadn't been made, i don't think we would be having this controversy. but for president clinton to make it sound like, you know, it was written into the law that -- if you liked your policy you can keep it, to make it sound like the federal government made this promise, that's really not what happened. >> i also think stupidity and stubbornness are a horrible recipe. and so i don't know where else in people's lives they would fight to keep some crappy thing they have to pay monthly for when they are offered something better for the same price. >> that's not what's happening with everybody though of the. >> i a lot of people don't realize their plans are crappy until you get an injury. >> you have got the fine print in there. oh, by the way, this is the way it really is. >> hey, what about setting up a
2:43 pm
public option for people? >> right. exactly. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. >> terrible -- >> that would fix a lot. >> i don't know. but i think the president has to entertain this. i think he has to have conversations with these democrats. but i just don't see a solution that's going to not up-end the entire -- >> get the people into the federal exchange and get it rolling. they're going to get a better deal out of that anyway. most people don't know they've got a rotten insurance policy until they get sick. they think oh, it's a low rate so i'm going to take it. geraldo rivera said president clinton is setting up his wife's candidacy with his comment. >> the toxicity bill you suggest is exactly why bill clinton aban toned the president. he is looking to his wife's prospective candidacy. >> is bill clinton abandoning obama care? i wouldn't go that far. but i do think making an adjustment to the law would be the wrong mix right now. >> i agree. >> and i mean, we all know that you have to have people enrolling in the exchange for the exchange to work.
2:44 pm
healthy people have to fund sick people. so to tell them to have a law that keeps people -- drives them out of the exchange -- >> something he did to help his wife. i think that's crazy. i don't think it helps -- i don't think it helps hillary clinton. i think obama care has to work. i don't think she has any capacity to put daylight between herself and the president on his signature accomplishment. so i assume he's freelancing out there, whatever -- >> i don't understand why some senate democrats don't stand up and say, we are going to stop the junk insurance industry in its tracks. that's what obama care is all about. it's -- that's not hard to say. >> no. >> i think it's because they are so mired in the website part of this, and they do not understand technology. i really do think it's a simple as that. we don't get this, and if they're talking about the technology, i don't know how to weigh in. i think it might be as simple as that. >> all right. great to have all of you with us. liz winsted, zerlina maxwell, joan walsh. coming up, yours truly seems
2:45 pm
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and in pretenders tonight, secret admirers, right across the street. the five. fox news has a little show called "the five." yesterday, all those people put their heads together and couldn't think of anything else to talk about, except -- big eddy. >> i want to play the first clip from ed schultz, because democrats are busy right now trying to figure out who to blame. listen to ed schultz. he says republicans should be apologizing for this. >> republicans should be apologizing for this. >> the way i saw the interview was the president was apologizing for the inconvenience people are having to go through to get to a policy for real coverage. >> you can tell why their ratings are so bad. i couldn't watch that except i read it this morning and then i had to watch it.
2:50 pm
>> they owe us an apology for putting that buffoon on our air. >> they still need me? look, actually, the show ought to be called the six. as far as ratings, we're doing just fine. ask cnn and headline news for that matter. the bottom line? the five, they need my material. the conservatives still owe an apology to the uninsured americans for obstructing their care. the five? they don't owe me an apology. maybe just a production credit. the five needs my material, apparently. if the five want me to believe that they're not big eddie fans, they can keep on pretending. by the way, eric bolling drinks cheap whiskey. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation
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welcome ba welcome back to "the ed show." the obama administration still fixated on approving the trans-pacific partnership known at tpp by the end of the year. the sweeping trade agreement with 11 pacific nations has been deliberately it negotiated in secret by the corporate boys. the light bulb is finally starting to turn on for some members of congress. some have signed a petition to stop the agreement. the tpp is bad for american
2:55 pm
worker, period. separate groups of democrats and republicans condemn the tpp and wrote strongly worded letters to president obama. tea party representative michelle bachman is monday the names on the petition. 600 corporate advisers have been given access to the content of this agreement. but the public has been kept in the dark about what's being negotiated on behalf of the corporations. the administration is asking for fast-track authority, which allows the president to send directly to the floor four a vote with no amendments or a debate. the lack of congressional oversight is generating major opposition. but can it be stoppestopped? good to have you with us. can it go through? >> i think it's going to be a
2:56 pm
big struggle to get it through the congress anytime toon. half of the congress and house of representatives has very serious concerns not only about the trade agreement but then about the fast-track procedure which takes members of congress out of the process where we can speak up on behalf of our local communities, our state, the citizens that we represent about the impacts of these trade agreements on them, their likelihoods for their jobs and their economic future. and this is the way trade agreements have been done in the past and american worker, american family, american industry has paid a huge price for these trade agreements. yes, there are some winners. big international corporations that are around the world directing governments what to do. they win. but a lot of local industries and manufacturers have been hurt ever since nafta. the job loss has been tremendous. >> if enough members oppose this deal -- and it's bipartisan.
2:57 pm
it's not often that you get them together, will the president turn on this? he's an advocate for it. he wants it. >> every president wants this trophy to bring home, but it's time -- we just went through the columbia free-trade agreement. that has turned out to be terrible for workers in columbia. the workers are, you know, they don't pay them, they don't have any right to organize. and so i think, you know, when we look at columbia, and you're talking about doing fast track on this one, without adequate protections for workers' rights, for environments, for people's access to courts they've got a big problem here. >> the main concerns are about food safety. interlek actual property, privacy and health and domestic auto industry. there's a lot of stuff here. and privacy on the internet is a big issue with this trade agreement, which i find
2:58 pm
unbelievably hard to understand how this would infiltrate into this. but when you talk about intellectual property, now you're tapping into the heart of entrepreneurial heart of this country. >> that's our engine of growth. the entrepreneurs, the discoverers. you want to make sure that they're free to participate. obviously, some of our competitors would like to be more restrictive. the europeans and the asians, because the asians are major competitors in some of these fields, but we're the leading entrepreneurs. and that's concern. what you do is get a group of people in secret, and they want to become an alternative government on all of these issues at one time on one agreement without public participation or congressional participation. i'm sorry. that's not our system of government. we're a democracy. we have a right to participate and know what's happening in the
2:59 pm
full daylight. >> one of the scary things here is that they are are going to be some provisions in this trade agreement that are going to force us to take foreign food without inspection, without standards. that's scary stuff. i think most americans care about what's on their kitchen table. >> well, you just saw the uproar over the chinese doggie treats that came in and were tainted, were contaminated, and the furor over that. imagine when you find out this is happening to your children as you're feeding these foods from overseas and they don't have to pass the same food standards. it's a kitchen table issue. >> there's no question about it. it is a kitchen table issue. >> i couldn't resist. >> thank you. politics nation with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. new numbers on how president obama's health care laws is helping real people across the
3:00 pm
country. the health and human service's department says the law has gotten more than half a million americans positioned to have health care. more than 100,000 have chosen plans from the federal and state health care exchanges. and nearly 400,000 have been deemed eligible for medicaid. that is the reality of the president's health care law.


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